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Not Sublime – Certainly Ridiculous.

Battle lost – predictably.

But – Now for the War.

Well – there we go – was I right? – Or was I right – in my predictions concerning the great debate?

As I said – 6 to 8 votes was my expected tally.

I’ve had lots of messages of despair – but I wouldn’t let this result get you down too much.

Christ – the last bloody thing I wanted to happen was a victory. Indeed – the fewer votes the better!

Mission accomplished.

Now – dear Jersey resident – the die is cast – you have both the voting predilections – and the – err – intellectual ‘standards’ of your elected representatives on clear display – for you to ponder.

And to do so in a particularly focused and clear manner – only a few months before an election.

I’m too tired to write at length now – but I will deliver the detailed autopsy in the next day or so.

For now – all I would say is this: the people of Jersey are now going to have a clear-cut opportunity to be rid of the stagnant era of traditional Jersey politics – and finally take charge of our destiny.

But – will the people take up this rare opportunity?

There is an old saying: you can take a horse to water – but you can’t make it drink.

If I may expand upon my metaphor, the people of Jersey are going to be taken to the river – from which they can – if they wish – drink the elixir of meaningful democracy.

Of course – the people may not wish to.

But after these forthcoming elections – the community can have no further great objection to the stale and rancid oligarchy, which, seemingly, 85% of the population despise. The chance for meaningful change will be there.

Whether you take it – is up to you.

Watch this space.

And by the way Syd, the cat, didn’t catch the mole – but I fear it’s only a matter of time.




The Battle Continues.

Well – the great debate is underway. And predictably – it is taking a very long time.

We adjourned, and will continue tomorrow.

Ooh! Can you bear the excitement – the suspense?

Actually – in truth it’s all pretty tedious. I find when preparing for a major debate, you focus your attention and energy on the preparation – and, often, by the time the debate comes around – you’re simply bored by it all.

Especially when the outcome – and even the speeches – are utterly predictable – as in this case.

Though, in fairness to the Jersey parliament – it does exhibit a certain unpredictability when contentious and close debates occur. On such occasions – it can be quite engaging.

The debate will almost certainly go far longer now that it has spread to a second day. Members overcome the boredom – to some extent – and seem to find a ‘second wind’ on the following day.

But hopefully, there will still be two or three interesting speeches.

I have received a lot of messages, comments and expressions of support – which I just don’t have the energy to plough through right now.

But I will – as promised – provide a detailed autopsy in due course.

My blog would appear to be having some effect – which it wouldn’t do, of course, without you, my dear readers. Even the one who calls me “c**t” contributes – unwittingly, I guess – to the viral-like spread of my ramblings.

Now no significant debate passes in the States without some member or other referring to the blog – though they rarely name it. They wouldn’t want to encourage even more people to read it. Which is, I guess, understandable – as I now have a greater readership than The Rag – AKA – the Jersey Evening Post.

For example – Big Frank referred to it – when listing the number of high, Jersey establishment people I had administered kickings to in my various writings here. Though he can’t have been paying that much attention – as he said that the Dean – the head of the Anglican Church in Jersey – and who sits in the island’s parliament, bizarrely enough – had escaped my – err – attentions.

No – he hasn’t. Regular readers will recollect that I have pondered in these writings – just why he should have failed to support me – when the oligarchy stopped my Christmas speech of empathy to abuse survivors.

Especially when he used the very same biblical quotes a few months later – that I had been prevented from delivering in the assembly.

It is, though, a comparatively minor criticism; proportionate, I feel, to his involvement. I do try to proportion the scale of my metaphorical batterings according to the de-merits of the targets.

For example – the oligarchy have suddenly decided that Jersey should become completely independent from Britain. And guess who are the driving forces behind this move?

Why – the Bailhache Brothers – of course.

I described this cracker-barrel madness to the JEP as “the self-aggrandising fantasy of a couple of obsolete, spoilt, over-grown school boys.”

To my astonishment, the JEP actually printed it. Maybe they’re seeing the light – in which case I might have to stop being quite so – err – blunt about them.

But as I said – it is the readers which have made this blog such a great success, so thanks.

Hell – I’ve even achieved an ambition I long-held – namely to get the word “oligarchy” into common usage in Jersey – such is its succinct and entirely apposite descriptive accuracy of power in Jersey.

When you get Big Frank using the word ‘oligarchy’ during his speech – you know you’re having an effect.

And please spread word of this site’s existence.

We are many – they are few.

The greater becomes our communication and contact – the stronger we will be.

Right – I’m off to sample some Shiraz-Cabernet – and watch my monster cat digging moles out of the lawn – the vicious brute.

Don’t worry – if I see him catch any, I’ll rescue them and let them go.

Watch this space for the autopsy. (of the debate, that is – not the moles.)