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Jersey’s Only “Newspaper”

Exposed by Citizen Media!

Well – wouldn’t you know it? I said I’d be intermittent with my blogs – but here I am already – writing another, less than 24 hours later.

But I just couldn’t resist.

In my last posting, we had a mini Readers’ Quiz called:

“Spot the Fake Manufactured “Letter” in the Jersey Evening Post!”

This will be a continuous quiz, so readers can send in any examples they think they’ve spotted of fake, manufactured letters; organised campaigns run by spin-doctors and embarrassing biases in the JEP’s letters’ page.

But to start the ball rolling, I asked the question with specific reference to last night’s Rag.

Could my – extremely well-informed, extensive and erudite readership spot the fake, manufactured letter in yesterday’s JEP?

Within moments, the first answer nailed it.

And the accuracy of that finding was added to and expanded upon by further readers.

Even to the extent of sending in an example of another fake letter “written” by the same non-existent “author”.

But – it gets even better, as I’ll explain shortly.

The “letter” was – purportedly – from a “B. Riantz”.

This “B. Riantz” being a rabid, pro-oligarchy, anti-poor, pro-the millionaires, hard-Right market-fundamentalist – notwithstanding the fact “they” – supposedly – “live” at 29 Belmont Road – poverty-stricken bed-sit land not far from the chippy and handy for a few of the back-street pubs.

A curious paradox of – apparent – very working-class living conditions – and political and economic views which would make Augusto Pinochet seem like a member of Fidel Castro’s fan-club.

This is an illustration of just how utterly lost, obsolete, out-of-their-depth, incompetent and desperate The Rag is.

For as I explained in a comment – the whole – very traditional – practice of the Jersey Evening Post in lying to its readers and manipulating them via the “letters’” page was investigated, exposed and dissected on certain web-sites months ago – even to the point of “B. Riantz” being outed as non-existent.

You know – if I was the owner of The Rag I’d be firing Chris Bright and Rob Shipley; I mean, you own this “newspaper” – essentially, the sole purpose of which is to act as the house-journal and propaganda rag for Jersey’s corrupt, entrenched oligarchy.

And they can’t even get their opinion-manipulation, spin-doctoring and lying – their core-function – to work in a faintly credible manner.

Instead, using not only a tactic – but a specific, non-existent “author” – which was exposed as imaginary by citizen media months ago.

So – naturally enough – this particular Soviet Union-style example of propaganda and opinion management was exposed by readers within moments of me doing the post.

But – as I said – it gets even better!

The person who actually manages 29 Belmont Road, and who is a part-owner of the property, happens to be one of my readers.

This is what they’ve said in a comment:

“I think I can nail this one, Stuart.

I happen to manage 29 Belmont Road! I It has 4 flats and I know all the tenants and none of them or their partners are called B. Riantz!”


Finally – overwhelming and conclusive proof of The Rag lying to its readers.

The Jersey Evening Post – caught-in-the-act!

The oligarchy’s propaganda-machine – exposed!

The reader – who I spoke to this morning – is not a happy bunny – given the purported “letters” “from” the supposed “B. Riantz” – apparently “resident” at his property – are utterly fake and mere establishment spin and lies.

He’s spoken to The Rag – and naturally enough, got the predictable brush-off.

But – hey! – The Rag just doesn’t matter any more – as this episode shows.

We can expose the truth here – where more people will read it than read The Rag!

And whilst so doing – deliver savage blows to the Jersey Evening Post’s “credibility” – well, what little – if any – The Rag has left.

Don’t buy the Jersey Evening Post.

Don’t be a mug.

Don’t hand over your money – just to be lied to.

The Rag is dreadful – in so many ways, there just isn’t the space to go into them all. The JEP has always been, simply, an enemy of this community.

But – a slight detail remains; was this “letter” one of those they produce ‘in-house’ – or was it manufactured by a spin-doctor and submitted to The Rag?

It could, quite possibly, be the latter – but even if so, in no way can that excuse the JEP – which is responsible for what gets printed on its pages.

There is a reasonable expectation that The Rag would take some rudimentary checks on the bona fides of “letters” they receive

Especially so – given that both Chris Bright and Rob Shipley have been repeatedly warned about fake letters they publish.

But let us – just for argument’s sake, for a moment – assume that the “B. Riantz” “letter” was not an ‘in-house’ job – written by The Rag themselves.

Who could be the spin-doctor behind the manufacture of the “letter”?

We have clues aplenty – just consider how bloody stupid, incompetent and thick this stunt was; being carried out so brazenly at this sensitive time – and by someone who is so dumb and out-of-the-loop – they just hadn’t noticed this particular pseudonym had already been exposed – months earlier.

So – we’re looking for someone really, really thick.

Here’s our prime suspect.

Glenn Rankine – husband of Karen Rankine, the boss of Channel Television – and incompetent, failed would-be spin-doctor to the oligarchy. He and his wife are a pair of utterly rabid social-climbers and inimically toxic to the public good. For example – both are very, very good friends with Frank Walker and Philip Ozouf.

I rarely watch CTV these days – but when I did, I estimated they were breaking broadcasting legislation in the extremity of their pro-establishment bias – about three times-a-week on average.

Glenn still likes to dabble in his fantasy of being some kind of all-powerful media-manipulator and spin-master – so look out for him should you go to any of the present round of hustings meetings. He’s invariable skulking at the back of the crowd – watching how things are going for the establishment candidates he’s supporting.

Why should Rankine be a lead-suspect? Well – he’s ‘got-form’ in using this technique. He used to work – maybe still does – for present Senatorial candidate, Deputy Alan – vote-for-me-for-GST-exemptions – MacLean.

MacLean is a text-book Jersey oligarch; a multi, multi-millionaire estate-agent and property speculator. Now – to be really effective – the whole fake-letter strategy needs to, at least, use real – but vacant – addresses.

And who would know of lots of vacant addresses – if not an estate-agent?

You’re there already.

When times were slack – or some pro-oligarchy case needed making urgently – Glenn – ‘half-brain’ – Rankine would churn out fake letters to The Rag, frequently using vacant addresses on his boss – Millionaire-MacLean’s books.

Lest you think I’m being paranoid about Rankine – consider the following – quite extraordinary – e-mail:

—–Original Message—–
From: Glenn Rankine []
Sent: 05 February 2007 10:26
To: Frank Walker
Subject: FW: The Letter
Importance: High
This e-mail has been received directly from the Internet: you should
exercise a degree of caution since there can be no guarantee that the
source or content of the message is authentic.

If you receive inappropriate e-mail from an external source it is your
responsibility to notify Computer Services Helpdesk (telephone 440440).

The Full States e-mail Usage Policy can be found here:


I send you this in complete confidence so you get an insight to what Stuart’s up to behind the scenes… Hope it helps.


From: Stuart Syvret []
Sent: 03 February 2007 11:57
To: Allan Watts
Subject: The Letter
Importance: High

Though I haven’t bothered reproducing it all, the e-mail from me to Allan Watts on the 3rd Feb 2007, was a message of complaint to CTV concerning some of their heavily-biased – and therefore illegal – ‘news’ coverage.

My e-mail went – not unreasonably – from Allan Watts to his boss, Karine Rankine. But then things go badly wrong. It went on from her to her husband, Glenn – and – as the e-mail evidence proves – from him “in complete confidence” to his friend Senator Frank Walker, by the 5th February.

Frank – not being terribly bright – published in error an entire e-mail folder, simply called “Syvret” – on the public folders section of the States of Jersey Outlook system. Naturally – within minutes of it appearing – I was inundated by messages from the decent middle-ranks of Jersey’s civil service, informing me of its existence.

I complained to the States IT department immediately – after, that is, naturally first taking the precaution of down-loading the entire folder – wherein lay Glenn’s fateful e-mail. Along with a load of other stuff.

And fascinating reading it all makes, too.

Incidentally, this little episode was one of several Data Protection complaints made by me, and Simon Bellwood to the gorgeous, pouting Emma Martins – Data Protection Commissioner and daughter of Bergerac actor, John Nettles. This being Jersey, naturally enough none of the complaints made by Simon or me were ever upheld by her – and 90% of the oligarchy’s complaints against us were.

Funny, that – aint it? You’d think the law of averages would militate against such an outcome.

But to conclude – let all decent Jersey people cherish this moment.

The Rag is responsible for what it prints.

And it’s been caught – red-handed – printing a load of fakery and lies.

So – be it Glenn Rankine, or some other spin-doctor, or an ‘in-house’ job by The Rag itself – it makes no odds.

The fact is the Jersey Evening Post either knowingly or recklessly – simply lies to its readers – as it has done throughout its 118 year history.

But this time – thanks to the networking and community voices as found in citizen media – they’ve been exposed; had their cover blown.

The Rag lies to us – it always has done – and now we’ve finally exposed them.

The Jersey Evening Post – liars by appointment to Jersey’s corrupt oligarchy.

Like I said:




What’s happening?

What’s Coming-up?

And a Mini Reader’s Quiz.

A reader asks should I do a new post around now? To which the answer is yes – but sorry – the blog is something I do in-between times – whilst most of my time and energy is going into the child protection battle. And even then, I frankly admit I’m just not keeping pace with all that needs doing.

A good deal of my child protection work materialises on this blog in the fullness of time. So watch this space.

Hopefully our work will bear fruit for the survivors, and kids today and in future, so you’ll have to forgive me if the blog becomes a little intermittent. Be assured – it’s not because I’m lounging around on a floating gin-palace or jetting off to Martinique – as is the wont of many Jersey politicians. It’s simply a question of priorities.

Actually – the only way I’m getting a free ride on a £6 million motor-cruiser is when I’ve been fitted with the concrete boots and I’m off to sleep with the fishes.

But as a teaser for some forthcoming attractions – here is what I plan to cover – amongst other things:

Jersey is in the midst of the first phase of its general election – so watch this space for my recommendations to the voting public as to:

Which politicians you should vote for.

Those who don’t merit a strong view either way.

And those you should only vote for if someone is standing over you with a Glock pressed to the side of your head and your family in chains in the back of a van doused with petrol.

May I ask readers a favour? Please spread word of the existence of this blog and the forthcoming electoral recommendations.

I’ll also be providing a guide to tactical voting – given that each voter can cast – up to – six votes.

During the course of the election I will also, occasionally, be offering some commentary on the hustings meetings – and the various words of “wisdom” from candidates.

So – the battles continue – and in the momentary quite bits in between the gun-fire – I’ll do the occasional blog.

I said at the head of the post we’d do a mini Readers’ Quiz.

Our first two quizzes have proven to be extraordinarily popular – as well as being very important.

How about that? Entertaining and revelatory!

You’d never get that in The Rag.

But today’s quiz is a little less important – but should be a bit of fun

I also think we’ll make it a continuous competition – but I’ll kick things off with a specific question.

Our quiz is:

Spot the Fake, Manufactured Letter in the Jersey Evening Post!

In today’s edition of The Rag, there is at least one fake, manufactured letter.

Which one is it?

As I said – I invite readers to assume this is a continuous competition. I’m asking about the contents of today’s JEP – but from now on, I invite readers to monitor the letters’ page of The Rag – and each day let us know if a suspiciously mysterious letter has appeared upon its pages? You know the kind of thing – “letters” “from” “people” – who no-one knows or has ever heard of; curious addresses – which don’t quite stack-up; people who have never appeared in the phone-book; sudden bunches of pro-establishment letters which share an “amazing” consistency of theme – you know what I’m getting at.

To those of you who are new to this topic – it has long been known that the letters’ page of the JEP has been a readily manipulative propaganda device of the Jersey oligarchy.

I mean going back decades – to even pre-war days.

The Rag occasionally prints letters from non-existent people it has actually made-up itself – when it feels a need to spin on behalf of the establishment by printing “letters” which appear to have been written by ‘ordinary people’ – proclaiming undying love for our oligarchy and damnation upon those who oppose them.

The Rag also prints the same kind of letters, when it receives them – without making any robust check that the supposed “author” of the letter – or even the address they’ve “written” from – exists.

Spin-doctor firms actually offer their clients organised letter-writing campaigns – sometimes using the fake-author tactic – but more commonly using colleagues, friends and family to put their signatures to pre-written letters.

But even with real letters, the JEP also massively biases the contents of its letters’ page in order to give a totally fake impression of public opinion.

Take the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, for example. I’ve accumulated a stack of letters sent to The Rag in the course of the past year in support of the survivors and those campaigning on their behalf like me. The – real – disappointed authors of many such letters have then sent copies to me expressing anger and bewilderment that The Rag should have refused to print them.

I’ve personal experience of The Rag refusing to print letters from me.

For example, readers may remember a while back that present Senatorial candidate and former magistrate, Ian Le Marquand, when announcing his candidacy, said he wanted to bring the States Police Force back under direct political control.

Essentially – a return to the bad old days when the Force was, basically, a politicised entity. Fortunately, in recent years, the Force has become like every other police force the length of the nation – political independent.

Which is why – at last – decades upon decades of appalling child abuse is finally being exposed.

I wrote a letter to the JEP pointing out just how alarming and quasi-fascistic was Mr Le Marquand’s pronouncement. The Rag – quite properly – printed a letter from him in reply.

His reply was riddled with sophistry, and almost as worrying and as ambiguous as his original comments.

I wrote a further reply – in the naive hope we’d have the type of debate which sometimes occurs – even in the pages of The Rag – but they refused to print my letter.

After all – they couldn’t possibly have some uppity prole pointing out that the Jersey oligarchy’s latest “champion” – and key pro-establishment hope in the forthcoming elections – was asserting a load of really quite dangerous and intellectually bankrupt nonsense.

Not with the elections in the offing.

So, that’s a brief introduction to the spin and manipulations which have been a stock-in-trade of the Jersey Evening Post throughout its 118 year history.

The letters page has always been a key tool of the Jersey oligarchy.

Manipulating public opinion – by giving a fake, rigged and manipulated impression of public opinion.

The Jersey Evening Post has always been simply an enemy of this community.

So come on readers! Let’s be having punts at identifying the dodgy “letters” – as and when they appear in the coming weeks.




A Readers’ Quiz.

Following the immense popularity of my last Readers Quiz, I’m going to offer you another teaser; another little ray of lightness and entertainment during these grim times and amidst the tedium of the elections.

Regular readers of this blog will have seen mention, from time-to-time, of a mysterious character known as “The Pinball Wizard”. I’ve mentioned this arcane figure occasionally – as have many readers. Indeed, one suggested that the identity of “The Pinball Wizard” be the subject of our next quiz, so here goes.

This time the questions are going to be a little more difficult than last time. I want readers to answer the following questions:

1: Who is “The Pinball Wizard”?

2: In which job did they earn the nickname?

3: Where & when did they earn the nickname?

4: Explain in detail just why the name “The Pinball Wizard” was applied to this person; how, exactly, did the person’s actions earn such an appropriately descriptive name?

5: What other possible – err – career embarrassments might afflict the individual concerned?

There are also bonus points available to anyone who experienced the actions of “The Pinball Wizard” first-hand – or witnessed such actions.

Should you want to contact me privately in connection with these issues, here is my e-mail address:

There you go, readers – get your thinking-caps on!




In Action Once Again

In All Its Toxic Inglory.

Well – was that fun?

A reader asked if we can do another quiz – guess the identity of The Pinball Wizard. I think that’s a great idea – but don’t send in your suggestions just yet, I’ll do a dedicated blog on that most fascinating of topics.

What a knowledgeable set of readers I have. A big response – lot’s of very accurate hints – and the correct answer from a reader.

The identity of “The Two States Members” who were able to so readily persuade Jersey Attorney General William Bailhache into pulling the prosecution against a man who had admitted the offences against him – under oath – in court?

Not only are both ‘active politicians’ – both are involved in elections – right now.

They are:

Deputy Colin Egre of St. Peter.

Deputy Sarah Ferguson of St. Brelade.

These two Jersey politicians exhibited “The Jersey Way” – in a text-book example of all that is rotten, stagnant and corrupt in Jersey politics.

There may well be a number of people in Jersey who believe that there’s nothing wrong with “The Jersey Way” – as displayed in this – and many other similar cases.

They’ll agree with the bent cop who phoned me up last November – and spent 20 minutes trying to convince me that there was nothing at all wrong with a bit of graft.

‘Selling a bit of number plate data? Taking bribes from people in exchange for information? Using your policing position to obtain sexual ‘favours’?

‘Nah – nothing wrong with that. That’s The Jersey Way of doing things.’

‘A bit of you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours. It helps people to get along OK.’

‘These bloody “outsiders” – bringing their damn rules and bureaucracy to Jersey with them? They just don’t understand how we do things in Jersey.’

To any Jersey resident who is persuaded by such view – I say four words:

Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

Just how were such atrocities able to happen – and remain unexposed – and unpunished – for decade after decade – after decade?

Could it be anything to do with the knee-jerk closing-of-ranks?

The nepotistic giving of improper support and protection to colleagues, constituents, family members and friends?


The abuse of power to help one’s own little clan?

The Culture of Concealment?

Yes – it is. The very culture of implacable mutual support, cover-up and privileged treatment – The Jersey Way – underpinned and enabled the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

And whilst the case of these two States members and the Attorney General – using their privileged positions to abandon charges against a man who had already admitted to committing the offences – in court and under oath – does not involve child protection issues – the underlying syndrome is the same.

We are already pretty familiar with Attorney General Bill Bailhache, and his various misfeasances. So let us, for the time being take a look at the two States members concerned.

Bill Bailhache deserves a dedicated post of his own in the near-future. Let’s face it – it was quite bad enough that two politicians should intercede in this manner – but far – far – worse that they were even entertained by the AG – let alone gain agreement from him.

Jersey’s elections are underway now, and both politicians are seeking re-election. But not only re-election to their present seats; each is seeking ‘promotion’ to higher positions.

Deputy Egre is seeking election to the position of Constable of St. Peter.

Deputy Ferguson is seeking election to the position of Senator.

And what are we, then, to make of these two candidatures?

Deputy Ferguson is seeking election on a platform of “high standards of performance”. “Efficiency”. “The application of proper standards of regulation and discipline”.

But the reality is that this Jersey politician will intervene in a quite extraordinary manner – to gain favourable treatment for a constituent of hers – who had plainly been engaging in criminal activity.

But this being Jersey – the complete disconnect between the spin, the public appearance – and the seedy reality is remarkable.

But it’s even worse in the case of Deputy Egre. The ancient post of parish Constable – to which he seeks election. – carries with it the leadership of the parish’s honorary police force. The parish constable still – to this day – is a seriously empowered police officer.

Yet this man – who would seek to become Constable of St. Peter – makes private interventions on behalf of his associates to Jersey’s Attorney General – in what was a successful attempt to prevent his acquaintance from facing justice.

Deputies Sarah Ferguson and Colin Egre – each seeking election to higher public office, but both doing so on a platform utterly incompatible with their day-to-day conduct.

You couldn’t make it up.



More Shocking Revelations of Cover-ups.

Watch ‘Inside-out’ on BBC 1, South-West

Tonight, at 7.30.

Read the Transcript of a BBC Interview;

Lenny Harper – on the Obstructions He Faced.

Reproduced Below.

Below this post, I reproduce a transcript of an exclusive BBC interview with Lenny Harper, tough, straight cop who until his recent retirement led the investigation into the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

It really is extraordinary stuff.

I’m grateful for the efforts of fellow blogger A Holiday In The Sun (see my links list) from whose blog site I’ve lifted this transcript.

The interview with Lenny was recorded very recently, and was broadcast on BBC television breakfast news on Tuesday 16th September.

And – wonders will never cease – the interview was carried by BBC Jersey radio yesterday morning. Indeed – quite staggeringly – BBC Jersey have even trailed and publicised today’s up-coming BBC South regional television ‘Inside-Out’ documentary which looks again at the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

How different – from January this year, when BBC Jersey bosses actually attempted to get the first regional TV piece on child abuse in Jersey spiked – and having failed to do so – took the pro-active decision to give the January broadcast near-zero publicity.

But that is all – well documented – history now.

If you’re able to watch tonight’s program, do so. But don’t worry if you can’t catch the broadcast, I’m sure it will be viewable on the web through BBC iPlayer for a week.

These obstructions by the Jersey establishment are yet more rock-solid evidence of a breakdown in the rule of law and the good administration of justice in the island.

Corrupt cops? Bent business men? Their politician friends – going to see the Attorney General William Bailhache at a private meeting – who then agrees to abandon the prosecution of the business man?

And some people feel I exaggerate when I say Jersey’s oligarchy has brought all aspects of public administration in Jersey to a state of utter corruption and decadence.

Sadly – if only it were an exaggeration.

Many years ago, I described Jersey as, “the last bastion of openly-practiced corruption in Western Europe.”

This statement was met with the predictable howls of outrage by the local power-spivs.

But my statement was correct then – and it’s even more correct now.

Take a look or listen to Lenny’s interviews of yesterday.

Here are the links, which you’ll have to copy and paste, as I haven’t worked out this hyperlink placement thingy yet. Maybe if Computer Nerd is reading, they could post them in a comment?

The fist is to the TV interview; the second is to the much longer radio interview.


Exclusive BBC Interview with Lenny Harper: transcript.

With Acknowledgments to A Holiday In The Sun.

BBC: “A marked reluctance to get behind the investigation into historic child abuse and to prosecute cases rigorously”. That’s the considered opinion on Jersey’s legal establishment from the former Deputy Chief Officer, Lenny Harper. In an extensive interview with the BBC’s Robert Hall for BBC Jersey, Mr. Harper is critical of the island’s Law officers and the relationship between them and the States Police.

Lenny Harper: On a personal nature, we got on with each other, we talked civilly to each other, but professionally we were a gulf apart. Myself and the enquiry team felt that we were not getting the service that we should have been getting. We felt that we’d not been given the specialist assistance that we’d been promised. I felt the advice was not available to the same extent as I had been promised, and I felt that everything was taking too long.

So, nothing moved quickly in that respect. But we were submitting files and we were told earlier on that we would get turnaround in a day or two, and this simply was not happening, so professionally it was not a good relationship.

And it wasn’t just me. If it was just me it could have been put down, in fact some people have tried to put it down to a clash of personalities, but it wasn’t me. It was reasonable, professional, detectives who were getting increasingly frustrated, and I was the one who was carrying their concerns. They were not getting the service that their work deserved. They were carrying out a professional, thorough, investigation and it was not getting the support it deserved.

I personally believe that there is a marked reluctance to wholeheartedly get behind the enquiry and to prosecute rigorously and vigorously the suspects to the extent where the victims are given their day in court. I think that the public face of some of the politicians who have called the victims “people with criminal records” and “disturbed people” underlines a more fundamental attitude that these people should not have been allowed to make complaints against people who are involved in the establishment. Yes I do believe that, I think that’s the case.

I think it’s a marked reluctance to rock the boat in respect of that, and I think the victims interests have been sacrificed, for whatever reasons, and I don’t have an answer to that, but I do think the interests of the victims have been sacrificed for some reason, and that there has been a marked reluctance to vigorously pursue the allegations to a natural conclusion in court – as there would have been I think perhaps maybe in jurisdictions in the UK.

BBC: Mr Harper told the BBC’s Robert Hall that his frustration with the Law officers in Jersey predates the historic child abuse enquiry. He says there are cases of corruption within the States Police for which there are strong evidence, but which failed to come to court.

Lenny Harper: It really came to a head when we started dealing with a small number of corrupt Police officers, and other employees that were working within the organisation. We were investigating them internally and I had young officers doing superb jobs investigating wrongdoing – and again, I emphasise it was only a small number of bad cops and employees. But we began to have some success in dealing with these people, and we started submitting files. We had a couple of detectives who we caught passing over sensitive intelligence files on criminals in return for sex with informants, and even admissions from them, and prosecutions were not being mounted.

BBC: Some of the subjects of the internal investigation into corruption within the States Police in Jersey instigated complaints against Mr. Harper.

Lenny Harper: As far as I’m aware, there were five or maybe six of these people who we know were meeting together and also meeting with local politicians, and a local businessman, who all made complaints. And I think three or four of them have been already ruled as being malicious.

BBC: What sort of complaints?

Lenny Harper: Well there were complaints that we over-reacted, that we were hounding and interfering with their human rights, that we were fabricating charges against them. Basically that we had indulged in a witch-hunt.

BBC: Where there personal allegations about you and your conduct at the time?

Lenny Harper: When the child abuse allegations were just going public, and were starting, a close relative of one of this group who’d complained about me – who had no involvement with me at all – circulated a letter to a number of news desks in the UK, accusing me of being involved in, it says “abuse”, didn’t specify what type of abuse, and also warned them to beware of myself and other staff that were working with me on this enquiry. And so there was a thread, running through from this anti-corruption business through to the child abuse enquiry.

BBC: Were you cleared of such wrongdoing?

Lenny Harper: I don’t think that all the complaints have been dealt with as yet, I think most of them have, and they’ve been declared as not only unsubstantiated, but as malicious.

I just find it astonishing that in any jurisdiction that I’ve worked in before, crooked Police officers were treated with contempt, but here it was myself and my staff who were taking the abuse in trying to hunt down these cops.

I should emphasise that when I’m criticising politicians and the establishment that our department always had total backing of Graham Power, the Chief Officer, who had a very difficult situation with some of the politicians, but always totally supported what we were doing and was 100% behind our efforts. And also the Home Affairs Minister and the Assistant Minister who supported what we were doing – but who themselves came under bitter attack from some of the politicians who sided with these corrupt cops.

It was a totally bizarre situation where we felt under attack every day.

BBC: Former Deputy Chief of Police Lenny Harper also claims that some local politicians here in the islands seemed happy to countenance corrupt practices:

Lenny Harper: There were criticisms, and those criticisms eventually took the form of the Attorney General trying to get us to reduce our media circulation. It first arose at a meeting, which I didn’t attend, and that meeting was attended by the Chief Officer of Police, the Assistant Minister – who actually was the in charge of dealing with the child abuse enquiry.

BBC: And Mr. Harper is concerned that the corrupt practices seem to be countenanced and maintained:

Lenny Harper: What I found particularly distasteful was the involvement of some of the local politicians, who sided with corrupt Police officers and their associates, even to the extent of interfering in the charging process.

I think it’s fairly well documented that we were due to charge this businessman, and we were due to charge him with an offence which he admitted under oath in court, in which he admitted inciting a Police Officer to carry out illegal checks on computer systems. We eventually got the authority from the legal advisors to charge him with the offence of inciting this Police Officer to commit the illegal computer transactions. We were due to charge him at six o’clock one evening. At five thirty, two local politicians who were friends of his went to see the Attorney General. As a result of that we received a phone call from the Attorney General instructing us not to charge.

BBC: Do you know that it was a result of that, or is that just your belief?

Lenny Harper: Yes I’ve had conversations with the Attorney General about it. The consequence was that we received instruction not to charge.

These two politicians had been involved throughout this series of enquiries and in fact were two of the politicians who criticised us for wasting public money.

BBC: Are they still in government? Are they still active politicians?

Lenny Harper: They’re still active politicians, yes. In fact, I’m not sure which one of them, but one of them made a comment that “Lenny Harper just doesn’t understand the way things are done in Jersey. He’s talking about corruption as if it’s a big city. But the type of corruption he’s investigating, a little corruption never did anybody any harm”.

The charge was pulled. You can imagine how angry and frustrated we were on that, but the reason came back the Attorney General wanted to examine the file. So weeks went past, and we hadn’t heard anything. I sent an email to the legal adviser who had advised charge in the first place, and I told him the media were sniffing about and asking questions about this businessman, and that it might be best if he informed the Attorney General that this was happening.

He forwarded my email straight on to the Attorney General, but it was ignored and we heard nothing about it. About 3 or 4 weeks later I went a bit further and sent another email, saying I was doing an interview with the media in the morning and they had already asked about this businessman, the reason why he wasn’t charged. They knew politicians had visited him and the Attorney General, and that they were going to ask me about it, and that they were linking it with the efforts to obstruct the child abuse enquiry. I told the legal advisor that I would reveal everything in the interview, because if I was asked a question I wouldn’t lie, and that he’d best inform the Attorney General. Within a very short time we got the instruction to charge the businessman with the offence.

BBC: Could it be anything to do with the fact that the procedures used in dealing with him and investigating him were in some way not correct? That the allegations of some of those of who made them against you and your team had been proven? Is that not possible?

Lenny Harper: I completed a lengthy statement under caution, which I handed to the Devon & Cornwall investigators at a very early stage. The allegations were in essence the same as the others were making, which had been proved to be malicious. I mean I’m quite happy for anybody to look at the files, and for anybody to look at what we did, and for any examination of what we did anywhere, to open up any files. we behaved throughout, professionally and honestly.

BBC: Now we must point out that the case against that businessman was withdrawn once the Assistant Magistrate had determined that some evidence which was essential to the prosecution case was inadmissible. The man in question says he intends to pursue his official complaint against Lenny Harper.

BBC: Mr. Harper says that he did not feel a joint sense of purpose was – or indeed is – shared between the States Police and Jersey’s prosecutors:

Lenny Harper: It goes back before the child abuse enquiry, it was even more pronounced in fact during the Police corruption investigations, where overwhelming cases I saw were being put forward, without any problems of corroboration, without relying on similar fact, and the public interest reason for not prosecuting that they brought out. So no, I have not detected that same, shared, sense of purpose with prosecutors.

And I’ve been asked loads of times about the Judiciary, and I’m not including the Judiciary in this. None of these cases have got that far yet, and to be fair to the Judiciary, whenever they do get drugs dealers and the like they do seem to have caught the public mood in respect of that.

But the question relates to the prosecutors, and no I do not – and have not – sensed that same strong determination to get offenders into court and deal with them.

But in the child abuse enquiry, this again goes back to the nonsense of the delays in the decision in respect to the couple in France, the inexplicable change in the instructions in respect of the couple who were in custody and then released, the attempts to stifle the openness with the media, and the blatant passing of false information by a small number of politicians to sections of the media.

And I think more significant than the small number of politicians who have openly criticised the enquiry and criticised myself and some of the officers involved in it, is the silence of the vast majority of politicians – and I exclude, as I said, the Home Affairs Ministers – but the vast majority of politicians have remained silent, many of whom you would have thought were natural allies of this enquiry, and many of whom quietly have stopped me in the street, at functions and said “Look, your team are doing a brilliant job, keep it up”. One even went so far as to say it was a pity about the other expletives that he was working with.

So I think that’s significant, the fact that they don’t feel able to publicly support the enquiry, though privately many of them have said they do.

BBC: Well, Lenny Harper has left service with the States of Jersey Police, and he’s left the island. He says he’s not as optimistic as he was that justice will be seen to be done in Jersey.

Lenny Harper: There just seems to be a thread running though of people interfering, and people obstructing, together with a series of delayed decisions, which all very, very, easily lead amongst victims to an even stronger suspicion that they are not being supported, and that people are actively trying to delay the enquiry.

Now even if I look at it from a cold and clinical investigator’s point of view, there were a vast number of decisions which just totally escaped me, in respect of a rationale for them. And whilst I emphasise I have no evidence that anyone was deliberately trying to block or delay or hinder or bury the enquiry, it’s very difficult for a member of the public looking at all of that not to think that there was some other agenda to it.

I really do hope that justice will be done. If I was to go by decisions made in the last couple of weeks then maybe I’m not as optimistic as I maybe was a year ago.

Exclusive Interview of Lenny Harper by the BBC.



A Reader’s quiz.

Just a very brief post.

I thought by way of a little entertainment in these grim times, we’d hold a reader’s quiz.

Read through the dynamite transcript of Lenny Harper’s exclusive interview with the BBC – as re-produced in my previous post.

Observe this section in particular, in which Lenny is speaking of the general and widespread corruption which dominates in Jersey. This particular incident didn’t involve child protection – but sadly, it’s the very self-same syndrome behind this episode.

Lenny Harper: What I found particularly distasteful was the involvement of some of the local politicians, who sided with corrupt Police officers and their associates, even to the extent of interfering in the charging process.

I think it’s fairly well documented that we were due to charge this businessman, and we were due to charge him with an offence which he admitted under oath in court, in which he admitted inciting a Police Officer to carry out illegal checks on computer systems. We eventually got the authority from the legal advisors to charge him with the offence of inciting this Police Officer to commit the illegal computer transactions. We were due to charge him at six o’clock one evening. At five thirty, two local politicians who were friends of his went to see the Attorney General. As a result of that we received a phone call from the Attorney General instructing us not to charge.

BBC: Do you know that it was a result of that, or is that just your belief?

Lenny Harper: Yes I’ve had conversations with the Attorney General about it. The consequence was that we received instruction not to charge.These two politicians had been involved throughout this series of enquiries and in fact were two of the politicians who criticised us for wasting public money.

BBC: Are they still in government? Are they still active politicians?

Lenny Harper: They’re still active politicians, yes.

So – here is your question:

Who were the two politicians referred to by Lenny?

The two politicians who so easily gained full co-operation and compliance from Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache – when it came to the leveraged abandonment of charges – which the man had already admitted under oath in court?

Hell – it’s remarkable.

I can’t get Bill Bailhache to answer rudimentary questions on behalf of my constituents – but establishment politicians can get him – at the drop of a hat – to pull the charges against an individual – who’d already admitted the offences – under oath – in court.

But – anyway – let’s entertain ourselves with a guess-the-identity-quiz.

And, yes – before you ask – I’ve got the goods. ;.)

I’m just curious to see how widespread this knowledge is amongst our community.

Just who are these two active politicians – who can so readily persuade Jersey’s Attorney General to pervert the course of justice?

So come on – take a shot at identifying the two politicians in question.




Taxing the Food
In the Mouths of the Poor;

Taxing the Energy Use
Of the Poor;

Just when the Cost of Both
Soar globally;

Just when Jersey’s Millionaires
Are Finding it Ever Easier to Avoid Tax.


Right! – No more Mr. Nice Guy.

This posting provides a really fascinating and telling insight into the “philosophy”, “ethics” and “social conscience” of Jersey’s oligarchs.

I’ve been writing this blog since January – and I think it could be said that I have been reasonably forthright in expressing my views.

But I have tried not to be too nasty to the accretion of idiots, which by happenstance, error or stealth have agglomerated in the island’s parliament. But the events of the past few days have demonstrated to me – again – that there simply is no point in humouring these clowns with ‘politeness’ or restraint.

So close your eyes, Pip Le Brocq – it’s time to set aside “politeness” and grasp the cudgel of the truth.

Below this post I am going to provide a list of how each of the 50 States members who were present on Friday – voted.

Which of our elected representatives were for – or against – the proposal to remove sales tax from foodstuffs and domestic energy consumption?

If you live in Jersey – or know someone who does – please distribute this blog post as widely as possible – as the island’s two-stage general election occurs in October and November.

The people of this island never cease to express dissatisfaction with their politicians – yet many never bother to vote – feeling they’ll make no difference. Well – all that is changed now.

Changed utterly.

Now – at last – there is a real opportunity for Jersey voters to exercise some effective power.

This time – a real difference can be made. But only if you actually get out there and vote.

If you don’t – and we end up with the same old faces and the same old problems in the newly constituted States assembly – the Jersey public will have no one but themselves to blame.

Never has public dissatisfaction with the Jersey oligarchy been greater.

Yet such is the sheer arrogance – and sense of complete invulnerability – felt by most of these establishment people, that – a matter of weeks before elections – they think they can tax the food on your table – tax the energy required to warm your children’s bedrooms.

And still expect to get re-elected.

It is an incredible spectacle – but sadly, an accurate one. I hypothesise that there is no more intellectually and ethically bankrupt democratic jurisdiction in western Europe than Jersey.

By some margin.

In recent years, Jersey has been obliged to radically alter its tax structure. Where previously, there had been no sales tax – such as VAT – it was decided that we must introduce a ‘Goods and Services’, Tax, GST as its known.

But differing fundamentally from UK VAT in that there are few exemptions or zero-ratings. In the UK, tax is not charged on bread and milk. In Jersey – it is.

Since this tax was fist suggested a few years ago, I have fought with implacable determination to get certain essentials exempted from the tax – such as food, and domestic energy, for example.

Each such attempt failed.

The States of Jersey – presiding over a jurisdiction which, they boast, has the second-highest GDP per capita in Europe – decided that – as we are so rich – as a result of their ‘brilliance’ – what we really needed just now was to tax fruit, bread, vegetables, meat – and the energy needed to heat your home.

And – to add insult to injury – the same oligarchy has admitted that resident millionaires are dodging more tax than ever.

The GST was introduced earlier this year – but, as I had predicted in each of my earlier attempts to get exemptions from the tax – energy costs – and consequently food costs – have skyrocketed.

Just consider the vast increase in energy costs the world has seen during the last year alone?

And consider the even vaster increase in the costs of foods over the same period?

Absolutely staggering increases in price.

Just briefly consider these figures.

Oil prices have increased by 400% since 2001.

Any increase in oil prices invariably drags the cost of all other energy sources up with it.

Oil hit an all-time high value of $147 per barrel in July. Since then prices have dropped back to, at time of writing, $109 per barrel. But this downturn in oil prices is largely driven by what is known as ‘demand destruction’ – the reduced demand for oil at times of economic downturn. The instant the world’s economy begins to grow – those oil prices will rise again.

Perhaps dramatically so.

We have seen inflation in fuel prices of 26% – over the last 12 months alone.

And in the Jersey context, the island’s electricity supplier, Jersey Electricity, has announced there will be a further 25% increase – yes, 25% increase – in electricity costs during the next year.

And let us contemplate food-cost increases. Food inflation runs at an immense 13% average. But many individual food commodities have shown increases dramatically greater than that general average.

For example, the annual inflation rate of ingredients for home-produced food was 36% – just reflect on that – 36% – mainly due to soaring wheat costs. Bread prices rose by 7.5% last year, while milk, cheese and eggs surged by 15%. Pasta has increased in cost by around 50%. In one year.

Many places around the world have seen the streets boiling with rioters because of these cost-increases and the inability of people to live adequately under such a burden.

Moreover – a burden which is only likely to ever get worse, given peak oil.

Now – against that background, let us ask a simple question:

‘Under those circumstances – what kind of government chooses this particular moment in human history to begin taxing all food and domestic energy costs?’

Which administration could possibly be quite so cretinous and decadent?

Sadly – it isn’t the most challenging of questions, is it?

Is there any other democratic jurisdiction – on the face of the planet – that would press ahead right now with new taxes on food and energy?

Only in Jersey.

As I said – the time for “politeness” is over. Now – we must speak frankly.

The type of regressive, punitive and absurd tax regime chosen by the Jersey government cannot be put down to stupidity alone.

There is also a strong degree of naked self-interest. Let there be no more pretence about that.

Jersey has been run by the rich – for the rich – for centuries.

So many tax dodges and loopholes – it would be difficult to summarise them.

But interestingly, there is another characteristic of Jersey’s legislature, which you just wouldn’t find anywhere else in European democracies.

A significant majority of States members are millionaires.

Cash or property millionaires – and in many cases both.

And so far as I am aware – not one of them is self-made.

This dominant grouping – who feel that because they’re rich, axiomatically they must be economic and entrepreneurial geniuses – merely had the good fortune to inherit the farm, the millions, the properties, the family business etc. etc. etc.

And many of them – like Philip Ozouf – have never actually done a day’s real work in their lives.

We have a cock-eyed tax system which means the more wealthy you are – the more opportunities exist for you to avoid tax. I know that could be said of many jurisdictions – but in Jersey, it’s taken to a degree which could only be described as surreal.

Just by way of one, single example – the rich have a favoured tax-avoidance mechanism in Jersey; capital role-up.

The island has no capital gains tax whatsoever – so if you’re rich – all you need do is structure your wealth-stream in such a way that it accrues as a “capital gain” – as opposed to “income” – and bingo!

Zero tax bill.

Not one penny.

A local company was sold for a capital sum of £125 million. That sum was shared amongst the three owners.

How much tax did they pay?

Zero. Zilch – not – one – God forsaken pound.

Yet our struggling pensioners will have to pay tax on their apples and their bread and the energy to heat their homes.

And it gets worse.

Jersey is a small island – with a captive population. You can’t just commute 50 miles up the road to somewhere cheaper to live.

Instead – the population of Jersey are entrapped in an environment which already has a cost of living at least equal to – probably greater than – central London.

So – “obviously” – when we face a public finance challenge; when the government needs to increase its revenue – the States of Jersey chooses to impose on top of an already astronomically expensive cost-base – a tax on food and domestic energy.

In any normal society, the first place to start would be with those tax-loopholes and dodges enjoyed by the rich. The government would require those who could afford to pay a little more tax – to do just that.

But – but – but – who are those people who would then face the prospect of paying their just and proper dues to society?

Yep – that millionaire-majority of States members – and their various puppet-masters.

So – at a time when the world riots in the face of huge food and energy costs – the States of Jersey decides to introduce a tax on such essentials such as – food and energy.

As I said – stupidity alone just cannot account for such madness.

The forthcoming elections afford the people of Jersey an unambiguous opportunity to route-out those smug, wealthy, idle, rich, self-interested shysters.

Essentially – your elected representatives – who have introduced these taxes on your food and home energy costs – in order to avoid just and equitable taxes on themselves.

You can read the full results of Friday’s votes below this post. But I really feel a few States members deserve singling out for special attention.

For example, consider Philip Ozouf. A man who has inherited a vast fortune in properties and business in Jersey. One of that strange breed one finds in island politics who believe that having had the good fortune to inherit a king’s ransom – gives them some kind of high insight into economics and entrepreneurial skills.

No, it doesn’t. On the contrary – it renders them into some kind of dream-world – in which they have been utterly insulated from the realities most of us face.

Ozouf worked in cahoots with a similar example – Deputy John Le Fondre – in order to sabotage Friday’s vote. Le Fondre tabling a nonsensical, bureaucratic nightmare of an ‘alternative’ proposal – which would have us carry on taxing people on their food and energy costs – then have them go through the absurd burden of making claims for rebates or social security in order to get it back. Rather than just leaving the money in their pocket in the first place – as Friday’s proposals would have done.

John Le Fondre’s late father was also a States member – though as I recollect was reasonably intelligent – unlike his son – who possesses the IQ of a breeze-block – and all the personality of a bowl of stale custard.

Le Fondre junior also inherited the family fortune. Amongst which was a substantial portfolio of properties – including the extremely valuable ‘El Teco’ coastal site in St. Ouen’s Bay. He is, like Ozouf, one of those multi-millionaires whose wealth has fallen into their lap – yet have the sheer temerity to support policies which tax the food bills of struggling families.

Another of the guilty parties in the despicable farrago was the Deputy of St. Ouen – James Reed – who was implacable in his support of the Le Fondre stalking-horse proposal. Reed is one of those people who – like Senator Jimmy Perchard – believes in such concepts as “people having to stand on their own two feet – and not look to the state to support them”.

Err – unless of course you happen to be a farmer. Like Reed and Perchard.

Then – naturally – you’ve needed a range of tax-payer provided benefits to flow into your bank account over the years. Market distorting subsidies – from which you’ve been able to sponge for decades.

‘Social security for the rich’, as Chomsky calls it.

I have to ask St. Ouen residents – if you actually like the politics of Reed – why not just cut out the middle-man and elect Advocate Richard Renouf as Deputy. Let’s face it – he does the research and writing behind Reed’s proposals and speeches – and would at least have the advantage of being moderately articulate.

And whilst we consider St. Ouen – what of that parish’s Constable – Ken Vibert?

Yet another millionaire land-owner and former farmer – and thus another beneficiary of social security for the rich. Once the States of Jersey Hansard of last week’s debate is on the States web-site – check out Ken’s speech – in which he poured damnation upon the propositions – and rabidly supported taxing the food in the mouths of the poor.

I think in many ways, Ken Vibert’s contribution was note-worthy in that it captured all that is decadent and broken in Jersey’s power structure.

This man epitomises the smug, insular, ignorance and arrogance which is the defining characteristic of Jersey’s oligarchy. But worse that this – here is a man who has never faced so much as one – single – contested election in his life.

As a parish grandee – it was simply “his turn” to be Constable – so he succeeded into the post – unchallenged when his predecessor retired. And many terms of Office later – there he sits – in the States chamber – bellowing about how we must tax the poor – yet not having faced so much as one contested election in any of his terms of Office.

You know, it must take a special kind of man to be quite so arrogant, haughty and self-satisfied – in his votes against the island’s poor – when he actually possesses no credible democratic mandate to even be in the chamber.

And if that’s not bad enough – this character with precisely zero democratic endorsement – has a seat at the table of the Jersey cabinet.

You just couldn’t invent this stuff.

Consider another of those members of Jersey’s traditional ruling elite; those who believe – like the feudal robber-barons who were their forebears – simply being rich confers an automatic right to a seat in the Jersey parliament.

Senator Jimmy Perchard – multi-millionaire land and property owner, big-time farmer – and naturally therefore – yet another one of those beneficiaries of social security for the rich – otherwise known as ‘farming subsidies’.

Jimmy’s never bee terribly bright, so he forgets the things he said and the way he voted mere days after the event – let alone any greater passage of time.

Jimmy – multi-millionaire – Perchard – who spent much of last week shouting-down the proposals – in a manner that would have made Margaret Thatcher look like Che Guevara – suddenly, realising that taxing the bread and apples of the poor might just have been a little unpopular, sends around e-mails this weekend in which he claims he would support exempting food – but only if it were a simple list of ‘healthy’ foods.

It, apparently, eluding all grasp or recall that I tabled just such a proposal, which was debated in October 2006. Now – can we guess which way Jimmy voted on that occasion?

I know, I know – these questions and answers just get boring after a while – so lacking in challenge are they. But here goes:

“25th October – 2006 – P86/2006/ Goods and Services Tax – Exempt or Zero-Rated Items – paragraph (a) – basic foodstuffs. Senator Perchard – CONTRE”!

‘Contre’ – that’s ‘against’.

And people wonder why I’m sick of this wretched occupation.

It’s one thing – always being on the losing side – but quite another having to be in that position in the face of such awesome stupidity and hypocrisy.

And if still not convinced at the mutually-exclusive stumblings and bumblings of our Glorious Leaders – consider St. Brelade Deputy, Sarah Ferguson.

In these elections – she’s seeking elevation to the Senatorial benches. And is doing so on a ticket of – supposedly – bringing high-performance, rigour, efficiency and accountability to the public sector!

The absurdity is she expects this platform to be taken seriously – when only last Tuesday she voted against the establishment of a Committee of Enquiry into the massed-dumping of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of toxic incinerator ash into the sea-porous land-reclamation sites around St. Helier.

An utterly monstrous and unmitigated disaster on the part of public administration in Jersey; gross incompetence, dishonesty, ignorance and collusion on the part of every relevant States department in an attempt to hide the truth.

A situation so overwhelmingly well-evidenced – that not even the Official Comments of the Council of Ministers could argue against the central premise of the proposition – and, indeed, even went so far as to accept that the law had been broken over a period of many years.

How much greater an example of inefficiency and incompetence by the public sector do you need?

Yet Sarah – ‘efficiency’ – Ferguson couldn’t even bring herself to vote for an enquiry into how things can have gone so catastrophically wrong.

Yet she will – without embarrassment – hit the Senatorial election trail – proclaiming herself to be some kind of enforcer of “efficiency and accountability”.

Christ help us.

But – of the above-described States members – we have to make this observation. Their actions and votes cannot be regarded as surprising. Oh, for sure – in some cases their votes may bear no relationship whatsoever to their manifesto – but that isn’t surprising; just as it isn’t surprising that a grouping of entrenched, power-welding Jersey fact-cats would want to tax the food on the tables of the poor – rather than alter the tax policies which have rendered them and their families so well-upholstered over the decades.

But what of certain other States members? Those elected representatives who are supposed to be on the side of the general public – but who vote with the fat-cats?

In many ways – they’re even worse.

For the time-being let us look closely at one such example who voted against the propositions last week:

St Saviour Deputy Rob Duhamel.

Obviously – it’s up to the people of his district – but my recommendation is:


Every time he gets re-elected – it’s always regarded as a great surprise in political circles. He does a great deal of very plausible canvassing during elections, lot’s of door-knocking, so I guess that’s how he cons people into voting for him.

But if there were a States of Jersey prize for the most indecisive, directionless, un-productive, time-wasting, unconstructive dithering member – it would have gone to him every single year since he was elected. And that’s saying something.

His voting is utterly inconsistent, often to the point of irrationality. There was one notorious occasion when a vote was taken – and he changed his mind just before the result was declared.

Sure – on the face of it, his candidacy may tick some of the right boxes. For example – he likes to promote himself as an environmentalist. But even if this were true – is he any bloody use at it? Does he succeed in driving forward such policies? Nope. I remember years ago, he took over running the Jersey Friends of the Earth group. We all knew it’d sink without trace as long as he was responsible for it. Sure enough – that’s what happened.

Last week I was amongst a random group of about 7 States members who went for lunch on Thursday. Rob Duhamel was amongst that number. During the lunch, as we discussed the ongoing debate, he said he would be voting in favour of exempting food from the tax.

How did he vote on Friday?

Of course – you know the answer:

Rob Duhamel voted against the proposal to exempt food from tax.

As a result of Duhamel’s actions – the vote was tied – 25 for – 25 against. Procedurally, a tied vote counts as a negative – and thus the proposition fails.

Had Rob Duhamel been faintly reliable, trustworthy, consistent and rational – the vote would have been 26 for – 24 against.

We would now be making preparations to remove the sales tax on food.

I do – and make no apologies for it – single him out for utter condemnation.

This episode was merely the latest – but in terms of impact on people, the greatest –example of his unreliability and inconsistency.

And as explained d above – for all the policies he espouses – he is utterly bloody useless at delivering on any of them.

Enough is enough.

If voters in Jersey want to politically sacrifice a few of the dithering, directionless, unreliable, inconsistent and untrustworthy clowns – who always seem to creep, back in at election time, unnoticed – Duhamel must go.

As I said – it’s bad enough when our elected representatives insist in trampling upon the poor in the name of what they imagine to be “good economics” – but at least when it’s the multi-millionaire fat-cats doing it , like Ozouf, Le Fondre, Perchard, Reed etc – it is, frankly, to be expected.

But when a States member who represents a predominantly poor, urban area – as does Duhamel – joins in with them – it’s time for voters to act.

And in the same category as Duhamel are three other pseudo ‘working class heroes’.

Terry Le Main – whose “man of the people” act has, throughout his career, been just that – an act. Another is Jacky Huet. She too has carefully cultivated that ‘ordinary, down-to-Earth’ image, but in truth is as Right-wing as hell – and always votes with the establishment when the chips are down. And Ben Fox – another man who represents a poor, urban district – yet who always votes with the fat-cat oligarchy. And in these two crucial votes – in what is perhaps worse, a display of utter spinelessness – contrived to be absent – so he could approach the election with the claim he hadn’t voted to tax islander’s food and household energy bills.

It never ceases to amaze me when such obviously crusty, useless, burnt-out, class-traitor old dinosaurs carry-on getting elected.

It’s bad enough that we have to fight the oligarchs – without having to fight traitors as well.

The proposition debated last week was tabled by Deputy Carolyn Labey, of Grouville. It had, essentially, two components. It asked that the assembly agree to not tax food; and secondly, to not tax domestic energy.

The proposal to remove tax on food was tied at 25 for – and 25 against. Procedurally, this means it fell.

The second proposal to remove tax on domestic energy was defeated by 19 votes for – and 31 against.

A typical States of Jersey “performance”.

Jersey’s indigenous millionaires – and the tax-exiles – able to avoid even greater amounts of tax.
A global crisis in food and energy costs.

And a parliament which chooses this precise moment in human history to introduce a tax on food and domestic energy.

In many ways, we can’t really be surprised that Jersey has harboured such dreadful horrors as the Child Abuse Disaster.

Or the creation of waterfront land reclamation sites which are giant toxic waste dumps.

Voters of Jersey – are you happy with this inchoate hotchpotch of clowns, fat-cats and class-traitors – or have you finally had enough?

In these elections, there is going to be an awful lot of information out there on the “performance” of your elected representatives – far, far more so than at any other time. Citizen media has finally ripped away the pro-oligarchy biases of the local traditional media.

Take a good, long look at the results below. When Frank Walker votes in favour of removing the tax on food – and members, such as Rob Duhamel and Jacky Huet vote against – finally, the time has come to wield the axe in these elections.

If we can’t get rid of a load of these idiots this time – frankly, even just replacing them with a fresh load of idiots would be preferable – then there’s nothing more to be done.

Nothing will avail.



The following vote was tied – 25 – 25 – therefore the proposal to remove tax from food was defeated.

1: To Remove Tax From Food:



Stuart Syvret.

Len Norman.

Frank Walker.

Wendy Kinnard.

Terry Le Sueur.

Paul Routier.

Mike Vibert.

Ben Shenton.

Freddy Cohen.


Simon Crowcroft.


Alan Breckon.

Gerard Baudians.

Peter Troy.

Celia Scott-Warren.

Roy Le Herissier

Judy Martin.

Geoff Southern.

Carolyn Labey.

Colin Egre.

Jacky Hilton.

Paul Le Claire.

Deidre Mezbourian.

Shona Pitman.

Kevin Lewis.

Ian Gorst.



Terry Le Main.

Philip Ozouf.

Jimmy Perchard.


Ken Vibert.

Ken Le Brun.

Tommy du Feu.

Derek Gray.

John Gallichan.

Geoffrey Fisher.

Dan Murphy.

Mike Jackson.

Silva Yates.

Peter Hanning.


Rob Duhamel.

Jacky Huet.

Bob Hill.

Sarah Ferguson.

James Reed.

Guy de Faye.

John Le Fondre.

Anne Pryke.

Sean Power.

Alan Maclean.

Andrew Lewis.

Julliette Gallichan.


Patrick Ryan.


Ben Fox.

Graeme Butcher.

The following vote was lost – 19 FOR – 31 AGAINST.

2: To Remove Tax From Domestic Energy.



Stuart Syvret.

Len Norman.

Ben Shenton.

Freddy Cohen.


Simon Crowcroft.


Alan Breckon.

Gerard Baudains.

Peter Troy.

Celia Scott-Warren.

Roy Le Herissier.

Judy Martin.

Geoff Southern.

Carolyn Labey.

Colin Egre.

Jacky Hilton.

Shona Pitman.

Paul Le Claire.

Kevin Lewis.

Deidre Mezbourian.



Frank Walker.

Wendy Kinnard.

Terry Le Sueur.

Paul Routier.

Mike Vibert.

Philip Ozouf.

Terry Le Main.

Jimmy Perchard.


Ken Vibert.

Ken Le Brun.

Tommy du Feu.

Derek Gray.

John Gallichan.

Geoffrey Fisher.

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Let’s Drink a Toast to Citizen Media!

Just a brief post to mark an historic milestone. But before I get onto that, some news of a forthcoming attraction.

I am writing a substantive post on yesterday’s States debate on taxing food and energy costs.

Regular’s readers of this blog will not be surprised in the least to learn the Jersey oligarchy has decided to persist in placing sales tax on basic foodstuffs and domestic energy costs.

At a time in human history when energy and food costs are increasing at a colossal and unprecedented rate.

At a time when they themselves admit that the tax-take from the Jersey rich is falling dramatically.

Yep – don’t ever think I’m too harsh on these clowns; they really are an inchoate, roiling herd of the ethically dead, the intellectually atrophied and the chronically deluded.

So look out for my substantive post on the subject.

In the meantime – I thought I’d mark the passing of an historic moment.

The Jersey Evening Post – more commonly known as The Rag down here – the island’s only “newspaper” – and deranged and incorrigible mouthpiece and cheer-leader for Jersey’s increasingly frail, demented oligarchy – claims a readership of 55,000.

I say “claims” – because I doubt very – very – much whether the production of the readership and circulation figures claimed could be, even faintly, regarded as methodologically convincing.

Instead – The Jersey Evening Post’s claim of a readership of 55,000 looks about as reliable as most other things The Rag produce – which is to say – not very.

The Rag is clearly a failing journal – being left behind by the tide of history. But as long as it is produced – it has to suck in money from advertisers.

Hence the certainly fictitious and overblown claims for its readership. Given the comically excessive advertising rates it charges – it just wouldn’t want the average business proprietor out there to know that – in truth – only a tiny fraction of the claimed audience will ever actually see their very expensive advert – let alone read it.

I recently conducted an informal, mini survey amongst people I know under the age of 40. It was about 20 people I spoke to.

More than half said they never brought The Rag. Of that number, about 60% said they’d quickly glance through it if someone else had a copy lying around.

About 12 of the 20 people surveyed said they never even bothered to read The Rag at all – even if it was freely available. Fascinatingly, of all those who did read The Rag, I asked how long they spent reading it.

The average was 4 minutes – and that’s being generous.

So, fortunately for Jersey’s future, The Rag’s days are numbered.

But sometime last night my unique site users exceeded that 55,000 figure which the JEP claims. OK – I know there are methodological factors which have to be taken into account with such site use counters. For example, if a person visits my blog from two different computers – that will count as two unique site users, even though it’s one reader.

But by the same token, I know many households in which they have only one, family computer, which is used by many members of the same household to visit my blog. So swings and roundabouts.

But whatever technical counting issues exist – I’d still wager with confidence that my figure of in excess of 55,000 users – is a good deal more accurate than that of The Rag.

And hey! It doesn’t cost me a penny to produce! Unlike The Rag which must be losing money hand-over-fist.

You know – now I come to think of it – you can place advertisement sections on a blog. Maybe I should start doing that?

I could offer Jersey businesses some very competitive advertising rates, I’m sure. 😉

And they’d probably get read by a load more people that those which appear in The Rag.

What do think? Any business proprietors out there who might be interested?

Look – I’m stony broke fer Christ sake. It’s got to be better then the customary methods used by politicians in – err – “supplementing” one’s income. :d)

But in all seriousness – thanks to most of my readers. We’ve created a powerful campaigning voice – one which frightens our stagnant establishment. (I say “most” of my readers, as I know some of the bad guys – like the Jersey establishment oligarchs – read it as well, and I wouldn’t want them running away with the idea I was thanking them.)

We’re even developing a new lexicon. I think the wonderful phrase supplied by a reader – “oli-dollies” – is definitely here to stay. So apt, so perfect a phrase.

Why don’t we see what other new words and phrases we can come up with – to verbally arm us for these troubled times?



Read the Views of Lenny Harper

As Published in the Guernsey Press.

“I DO not wish to get involved in any political arguments about the relative merits of the islands’ legal systems, nor do I wish to get involved in a slanging match with the chief minister, but there are a number of points in his letter which need challenging”, writes Lenny Harper.

“Firstly, I would challenge his view on the priorities of all those involved.

Although the two Home Affairs ministers in Jersey were unstinting in their support for the enquiry, the minister and his assistant who had responsibility for child welfare spent all of their time sniping at the enquiry from the sidelines and engaging in petty insults to officers involved by sending childish emails to States colleagues.

According to the journalist, David Rose, one of them leaked an official States email to him and one of them or the small band of politicians sympathetic to them, called the victims ‘people with criminal records and disturbed minds’.

Someone in the States leaked to the media that the enquiry had cost £6m. when in fact it was half that and the other half consisted of other departments claiming costs, including somewhere in the region of over £1m. for legal fees.

This is also in an environment where, in the presence of the Home Affairs minister, a senior politician tried to instruct me to remove the word, ‘victims’, from a press release as ‘nothing has been proved yet’.

The Home Affairs minister, as she has been throughout, was supportive of our stance and I refused.

Let me make it clear that only the two Home Affairs ministers have continually supported the investigation in public and in private.

The chief minister made whatever resources were needed available and stated so publicly early on. A number of politicians approached me privately and expressed support and thanks but for whatever reason did not feel they could do so publicly.

A small number could not disguise their hatred of what was being uncovered and did all they could to discredit us, even joining forces with a number of corrupt ex-cops and their associates.

The chief minister is also wide of the target when he states that it is not unusual for lawyers to join police investigation teams in the UK and Jersey.

Lawyers and police work together as investigators in serious fraud cases in both jurisdictions, such as the Serious Fraud Office. Police investigators work closely with CPS lawyers in the UK, but the lawyers are not investigators and only have a role in police stations in charge rooms.

However, that is not what was being asked by the Attorney General in Jersey. What he wanted was a blurring of the role between investigator and prosecutor. He wanted a lawyer sitting in the incident room where raw data in the form of intelligence and information was coming in.

This was nowhere near the stage where a file was being drawn up for submission for possible prosecution. This was a live police investigation where sensitive intelligence was being provided by victims highly suspicious of the legal establishment in Jersey.

Some of the intelligence provided contained allegations against members of the legal establishment. To have allowed one of the AG’s lawyers in the incident room would have totally destroyed the hard-earned confidence that the police had gained from the victims. If you are in any doubt about this ask some of the victims or their representatives.

Furthermore, as much of the material did not relate to pending prosecutions, it is debatable whether or not the AG and his staff had a right to even see it. That is why I took the stand I did.

I emphasise that I am not accusing the AG of any dubious motive. I have no evidence as to what his motivation was, nor why he thought it was proper to seek the arrangement he did. Only he knows that.

I did not leak my report to The Times newspaper and I do not know who did. I did not even speak to the paper. However, the article was accurate in everything it said about the report which I had written.

If the chief minister thinks that state of affairs shows a relationship based on trust and mutual aims to help victims, then he is looking at it from a different perspective from me and, I suspect, many others.

I note that the States of Jersey has said that the leaked memo was genuine. I can confirm that from what I saw. Someone, a politician I believe, said that the source of the leak was being investigated.

I hope that more effort is expended on investigating this leak than was when the States Police complained to the chief minister’s office of the leaking of an official email by Senator Perchard (the minister responsible for child protection) to Mr Rose, the anti-historical abuse investigation journalist.

Mr Rose admitted that Senator Perchard had leaked the email to him and we complained, but the allegation seems to have been buried without trace in the chief minister’s office.”

Lenny Harper
Former Chief Investigating Officer
Jersey Historical Child Abuse Enquiry.


The Jersey Evening Post

Ever More Absurd.

A brief post.

Ever get that feeling, like in Groundhog Day? Where everything just seems to repeat itself indefinitely?

Another day – yet more proof of my thesis concerning the Jersey Evening Post – and how it would use its letters’ page to do its dirty work in attacking and undermining Esther Rantzen.

No matter how absurd such tactics appear to thinking people in the real world – just so long as The Rag can keep its core – that’s local – audience brainwashed into believing the polar opposite of the truth; that Frank Walker is some wise and great leader – and Esther Rantzen is some kind of anarchic threat to society.

As I said in my previous two posts – The Rag’s tactics are as palpably absurd and self-discrediting as the out-put of North Korean state media.

Check out The Rag’s latest letters’ page offering. Here’s the address:

And – wouldn’t you know it! – The Rag isn’t allowing reader comments on its propaganda.

Now there’s a surprise.

But if you really want a stark contrast, visit the next two addresses. These will take you to two editorial leader comments of the newspaper of Jersey’s sister island, the Guernsey Press.

(Computer Nerd – if you’re out there, could you stick all three as active hyper-links in a comment, please? Thanks.)

These comments – in dramatic contrast to the propaganda Jersey’s population gets fed – actually address the stark reality of the crisis gripping Jersey – and its implications for Guernsey.

So if you’re a Jersey reader of this blog – wistfully contemplate the superiority of Guernsey’s newspaper. For even though owned by the same company – it has the great good sense to not be merely an uncritical cheer-leader for the resident oligarchy.