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Victims of the Crown in Jersey continue to accumulate.

I could say “I told you so” –

So I Will.

I reproduce below a press-release issued by two opposition members of the Jersey parliament.

They, like me – and many other people – have been corruptly oppressed by the stark and evidenced criminal racketeering enterprise that the Crown syndicate has long-been in Jersey.

Alas, not one of the corruptions inflicted upon these two politicians and, in extension their constituents, comes as any surprise to me.  I’ve been pointing out the manifest ultra vires and corrupted state of the administration of “justice” in Jersey for years. For a long time people liked to say that that was just me – “being difficult”.

But facts-are-facts. The Crown’s “eyes & ears” in Jersey – the “Lieutenant Governors” – and their staff – are permitted to take lucratively financial benefits and settlements from the Jersey oligarchy.

I guess the question for readers in the United Kingdom and the international community must be “just what does the British Establishment have going on in the tiny, secretive, corrupt, oppressive tax-haven of Jersey – where children get abused, and their attackers are protected – that it will so casually protect and support such overt corruption of the very mechanisms of justice – yet whilst happily engaging in wars in other jurisdictions in supposed opposition to such corrupt denials of democracy and the proper rule of law?”

Stuart Syvret

PRESS RELEASE: issued by Deputy Trevor Pitman and Deputy Shona Pitman.

Jersey Corruption: UK Government fails constitutional obligations on “good governance”.

Date: February 27th 2013 – Authors: Deputies Trevor & Shona Pitman

Two Members of Jersey’s Parliament have today called for the UK government – which has overall responsibility to ensure “good governance” in the Channel Islands – to urgently investigate what they describe as the “spiralling evidence of the wide-spread breakdown of law within the island’s justice system.”

Child Abuse Scandal

The Deputies say that “justice in the island” (which came under the global spotlight with the unfolding of the ‘institutional’ child abuse scandal in 2008) “is being betrayed by a mixture of top level incompetence, corruption and intimidation. Much of this being a direct reaction from those in the island’s Establishment desperate to bury any dissenting opposition to getting to the truth about decades of child abuse cover-ups.”

“Far from ensuring justice for the people of Jersey our Law Office has become the tool of choice for the clique at the apex of power to try to silence and, if necessary, drive from office or ruin those who dare challenge the established order; or persist in fighting the cause of the ever-growing number of people coming forward to complain of corruption; whether relating to child abuse or abuse of the legal process.”

This has already seen the former Chief of Police (the initiating officer of the child abuse investigations), Mr. Graham Power QPM forced from office by an illegal suspension that failed to result in any disciplinary charges. It has also seen a former Health Minister, at the centre of revelations about the abuse, ousted; and currently being [REDACTED DUE TO DISCRIMINATORY JERSEY GOVERNMENT REPORTING RESTRICTIONS DIRECTED AGAINST STUART SYVRET] by a blatant misuse of the Data Protection Law within [REDACTED DUE TO DISCRIMINATORY JERSEY GOVERNMENT REPORTING RESTRICTIONS DIRECTED AGAINST STUART SYVRET] Royal Court  [REDACTED DUE TO DISCRIMINATORY JERSEY GOVERNMENT REPORTING RESTRICTIONS DIRECTED AGAINST STUART SYVRET] – all being paid for out of the tax coffers. Files and records relating to children abused within the Jersey care system have conveniently ‘gone missing’ from within both the Police system and government departments. Evidenced cases against abusers have inexplicably not been pursued by the island’s Law Office.

Banning of US Journalist

This manipulation of justice has even seen the contrived banning of a respected US journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, from the island once it became apparent she was researching child abuse cover-ups and the island links to Jimmy Savile. A ban only lifted following the intervention of UK MP John Hemming and an international petition campaign initiated by Deputy Trevor Pitman himself. Trevor Pitman states that along with two other political ‘backbench’ colleagues the number of complaints alleging corruption received from members of the public has reached deeply disturbing proportions in recent months.

Legal System – Corruption

These complaints have included alleged tampering with court transcripts; destruction of and refusal to look at evidence; inconsistency in sentencing; and even perjury and collusion between lawyers. The recently leaked “BARTON REPORT” of a disciplinary hearing involving police at the centre of the illegal bugging allegations in the ‘Drug Baron’ Curtis Warren case even revealed claims of falsified and unsigned statements being presented instead of original documents.

Yet the Deputies say the cold, hard evidence of the justice system being in desperate need of external investigation; and the depth of the obstacles facing victims of the cover-ups was only brought home to them after they pursued the island’s only, and hugely influential, pro-establishment newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post to court for defamation along with one of its millionaire clients. The newspaper and its estate agent client Broadlands had mocked the couple after Trevor Pitman’s election, falsely claiming they had increased their salary four-fold by entering politics when in reality they had taken a drop in income of thousands.

Jurat Supports Paedophile in Previous Job as Vice-Principle

“It was shocking enough given the evidence that we then found ourselves losing the case,” say the Deputies; “we subsequently then discovered that the Senior Jurat (lay judge) John Le Breton had been allowed by the Bailiff’s Office to sit in judgement of the case even though he was a personal friend of the newspaper’s longest-serving Director; the two regularly socialising together and even going to dinner at each other’s home. All of this being evidenced”.

An even bigger shock for the Deputies was the subsequent leaking of a government suppressed report (the 1999 Sharp Report) into another horrific child abuse scandal at the island’s Victoria College (an exclusive ‘fee-paying’ secondary school). The report revealed that John Le Breton, as Vice Principle had refused to look at evidence against a friend and colleague, the predatory paedophile, Andrew Jervis-Dykes.

He instead wrote in support of him claiming amongst other things that: Jervis-Dykes had served the College in an ‘outstandingly competent and conscientious way’; that unless police decided to prosecute, the abuse would be seen as ‘an unsubstantiated allegation’. Le Breton even appealed for the paedophile to be allowed to stay on at the school and if he had to resign be allowed to do so with ‘some dignity’. Incredibly Le Breton was put forward for the Jurat role by a politician who was both on the College’s Board of Governors at the time and a former president of the government’s Education Committee!’

The Deputies add, “when you bring this to the attention of the Chief Minister, Bailiff (Head of Judiciary and Legislature) and Deputy Bailiff, where both Crown Officers just happen to also be friends of the Jurat in question – you are told: ‘if you don’t like it – appeal’. The Crown Officers know full well, that the above information not only came to light after our case and has implications far beyond this alone; but that it would necessitate at least another £30,000: monies that most ordinary people do not have.”

Jurat Le Breton was allowed to sit by two successive Bailiff’s for a period of 14 years – including sitting on some child abuse cases until retiring just after the Pitman’s’ case. “This demonstrates just how unfit for purpose Jersey’s system of election and monitoring of Jurats is”, says Deputy Shona Pitman, adding “how in the 21st Century can Jurats be elected in secret by only politicians and lawyers – many of whom will regularly be friends of those proposed?”

UK Justice Minister fails obligations of good governance

Yet even with the backing of around a dozen equally appalled fellow politicians and prominent justice campaigners, the Deputies say that the injustice they have been dealt is as yet failing to be adequately dealt with as it should by the UK justice Ministry. “The evidence in our case is overwhelming,” say the Deputies, “just as it is in many other cases. Yet even when presented with all of the details (as outlined above) and letters of support from other concerned public figures, the excuse from Lord McNally has been that as ‘Jersey has its own justice system we can’t really interfere’” (see enclosed correspondence).

“Most absurd of all perhaps’, add the Deputies, “is that ‘the Justice Minister instead offers to ‘forward our concerns’ to the Bailiff – the very individual who has allowed all of this to happen! What this shows is the deeply troubling attitude to justice from those holding power within the justice system here and the UK Minister responsible for ‘good governance’ in a small and apparently ‘insignificant’ jurisdiction’.

“At the bottom line”, conclude the Deputies, “if these failings are allowed to continue, if successive Bailiffs and other Crown Officers can allow an individual who refused to look at evidence against a predatory paedophile yet supported him – to sit as a Jurat for 14 years; including on subsequent cases of abuse what hope, we ask, have the victims of Jimmy Savile and the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal of getting justice here? What hope has any ordinary citizen who rocks the Establishment boat? The answer must be a resounding none. It is time the UK government stepped up to the plate and fulfilled its obligations. Should they not do so then it can only be concluded that Westminster must be complicit in all of this.”


Jersey Bloggers Publish Evidence

Of Attempt by Jersey Attorney General

To ‘Fit-Up’ Police Officers.

(A not entirely un-ironic occurrence.)

Rico Sorda:

Voice For Children:

It’s a good thing that the average I.Q of Jersey blog readers is so much higher than that of the audience of the Jersey Evening Post & BBC Jersey. Though Jersey bloggers publish evidence and provide detailed explanations, still our readers have to have that intellectual capacity necessary to piece certain things together for themselves – to take the material we provide, and derive the obvious conclusions. Our readers know-the-score – and can do some self-assembly; are open to a little res ipso loquitur, as it were.
I was speaking of such matters with friends recently, and they were, with chronic optimism arguing that most people had that capacity to put 2 and 2 together – that ability to see the bleeding obvious. As is my miserablist wont, I scorned such foolishness, suggesting that people have the government they deserve, were intellectually lazy, and would readily fall for the most crude and obvious media-manipulation campaigns, even when the propaganda was against their own interests.

And let’s face it, my theory is certainly testable. Well, I mean if I was right, and people weren’t smart, they might fall prey to a spin-doctored astroturfing campaign; one designed to whip-up the gullible and foolish in “patriotic” outrage at a suggestion that Jersey was so backward, even in the 21st century, that it banned books the oligarchy didn’t like. You know? Just like the astroturfing PR campaign of the last ten days whipped-up against American journalist & author Leah McGrath-Goodman? And if there were so many people in Jersey who hadn’t yet understood the true nature of what’s going on, they might even need a full, book-length explanation of the evidence, the history and the facts?

Alas, you shan’t be able to read the book I’ve written – because it’s banned in Jersey.

And ask me not to explain why.

Because that’s banned too.

I recently resumed the discussion with my friends who tentatively asked me what I made of the spectacle of a section of the Jersey population being led by the nose – on a witch-hunt – against an investigative journalist – against an author – in an expensive professional astroturfing PR campaign – funded with their own taxes – designed to conceal child-abuse – fed by internet “outrage” about as real as Donald Trump’s hair – because she suggested the Jersey establishment bans books? I replied saying I’d put a fuller explanation in the book, and promised to try and smuggle few copies in once it’s printed, but to be going on with, I said it was funny. Like Samuel Becket “funny”. On Tuinal.

So, as there isn’t much point in waiting for the books in Jersey – as I’m sure Leah McGrath-Goodman’s will meet the same fate as mine – let’s do a little more intellectual self-assembly via Jersey’s bloggers who happily continue to provide the truth as shown in some recent postings.

And just what dynamite postings they are.

So good, in fact, that even Channel Television plagiarised the story – even though they did actively try to con their viewers by falsely claiming it as an “exclusive”, when in fact it could be read in full on the blogs for the previous 36 hours. Still, I suppose we mustn’t complain; for an operation that usually exhibits about as much familiarity with the truth as a Lance Armstrong deposition, we should be grateful they ran the story.

Thanks to Jersey’s independent media – the bloggers – you can read some sensational key evidence concerning attempts by the Jersey Attorney General to fit-up three police officers as scapegoats in the face of legal doubts over an operation that saw the arrest and conviction of drug-gangster Curtis Warren.

And make no mistake as to the apocalyptic nature of what is revealed to have gone on behind the trumped-up disciplinary-charges against the officers. For example – original, signed witness-statements being “transcribed” – and then only being supplied in unsigned, “transcribed” format. Predictably – serious questions concerning the “veracity” of these copies then arose.

And more sensational yet – an expert witness – whose expert-witness report is – reputedly – damning of the Crown position – being excluded from the process – along with his report. (Now, this seems familiar?)

And it is no small curiosity that the public moneys used to pay this expert witness – cannot be identified, traced and accounted either.

If you want to read the facts for yourself – and let’s face it, there’s little point in waiting for it all to come out in book-form, as it would be banned in Jersey – it is to the bloggers you must turn, and in this case in particular, Rico Sorda, and Voice For Children. The relevant postings can be read here:

And when reading the explanations and facts at those two postings, remember – this is dramatic public-interest evidence that your government and your Crown Prosecution Service has attempted to conceal; conceal from you – conceal from your elected representatives.

This story has yet to run its course. More evidence will emerge. Indeed, it now must.

In the mean-time, things are clear enough already to begin asking some serious questions about the cohesion, direction and health of policing in Jersey.  And – even more so – the very lawfulness of what passes for a prosecution function in the island.

This much can be said with certainty of the States of Jersey Police Force; at present it and its officers are directionless, demoralised, ethically adrift, morally confused, legally ignorant and jeopardized, uncertain of purpose, and have been – plainly – wholly devoid of competent, honest, leadership since the criminally illegal suspension of the fine Police Chief Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.

Meanwhile – for those able to distinguish evidenced facts from astroturfing (see link below) do read Jersey’s bloggers.

And make the most of us whilst you have us. For it may not be long before locally based bloggers are banned – just like dissident books.

That is not a joke.

Stuart Syvret.

Astroturfing: what every user of social media needs to know: