Below is a pretty self-explanatory – albeit lengthy – e-mail to Mr Warcup – as of yesterday morning, Jersey’s acting Chief Constable – and his sidekick, Mr. Gradwell – the officer now leading the investigations into the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

I will leave the e-mail from me to speak for itself; but a few preliminary observations.

In collusion with Jersey’s establishment politicians, Warcup & Gradwell used yesterday to set about trashing the work of the historical child abuse investigation team, the enquiry, the evidence, witness testimony – and in particular, Lenny Harper.

As I predicted – this call to arms by the Jersey oligarchy was enthusiastically met by Jersey’s indigenous media.

For example – I watched the Channel Island’s independent TV network this evening (known as Rankine Television) – and virtually every one of the dopey hacks participating in their OTT coverage repeated – mantra-like – “the previous claims and evidence have now been proven to have been false!”

The whinge from the media is:

“we were mislead by that nasty Mr. Harper who made assertions to us – which we took at face value – but for which, at the time, we were shown no actual, detailed evidential reports.”


How many Jersey hacks – do you suppose – have recognised the fact – for it is a fact – that the stuff they were fed with yesterday by Warcup, Gradwell, Walker and Lewis – is actually far worse than anything allegedly said by Harper, in terms of being nebulous?

What was served-up yesterday was completely unevidenced, unproven, vacuous – and simply not backed by any scientific – let alone credibly scientific – studies.

That doesn’t mean, of course, what was said was necessarily wrong – it may be correct.

But if you’ve just been having a big-time strop as a journalist – for supposedly being fed allegedly unevidenced material – surely – unless you’re a complete halfwit – you learn the lesson?

You don’t – immediately – run crying into the arms of people who are simply dishing out an opposite – yet at least equally questionable – ‘line’?

But – that’s what happened.

Two cops – Warcup & Gradwell – presented a five page press-release – written by a spin-doctor – with no accompanying, forensic, scientific evidential papers – and talked to a few PowerPoint slides.

And suddenly – in the eyes of the assembled Jersey hacks – “this is the kind of hard evidence and facts they were previously denied!”

Just how thick do you need to be to be a journalist in Jersey?

Look – all Jersey hacks – I’m a carpenter. I left school at the age of fifteen with no academic qualifications.

I have had no training in journalism or investigation.

Yet the issues I raise with Officers Warcup and Gradwell in the e-mail below just seemed kind of obvious, you know?

Well – let’s see if as much as one, single, solitary Jersey journalist takes up the questions below – and demands answers for them?


From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 13 November 2008 16:17
To: Warcup, David; Michael Gradwell
Importance: High

Mr. Warcup & Mr. Gradwell

Notwithstanding repeated efforts by me to gain answers to some key questions over a period of some weeks, you have both steadfastly refused to respond to me – even with so much as an e-mail of acknowledgment.

However – given that you both willingly became public components of a political spin-campaign, which was mounted yesterday by yourselves and Jersey establishment politicians – you must both, surely, now recognise that it is no longer credible for you to refuse to answer the questions I ask on behalf of my constituents?

To persist in refusing to communicate with me would now constitute an even bigger example of politicised and biased behaviour than that which you displayed yesterday.

You will – no doubt – have read my blog postings on these issues, so some of the questions I have raised there I will be putting directly to you in this e-mail. But I will begin with some additional questions.


1: You chose to issue a 5 page press-statement – one couldn’t credibly describe it as a ‘report’ – which consists largely of unevidenced assertions, a number of lacunae, a great deal of overtly political spin, some clearly misleading errors, some issues which are rapidly and glibly skated over, misrepresentations of what has actually been said in the past, and a number of diversionary and irrelevant issues.

A number of journalists have agreed with me that the approach you have both displayed in issuing such a blend of politically motivated spin, misleading assertions, and wilful and deliberate misrepresentations of previous comments – is – as a matter of obvious fact – far worse than the very supposed errors in approach and methodology you criticise Mr. Harper for.

In fact – far worse – because your comments have been plainly politicised and co-ordinated with the establishment politicians in the desperate political attempts to divert attention away from the report of the Howard League for Penal Reform – which, I’m given to understand – concludes that the so-called “Grand Prix” regime of punitive and coercive solitary confinement – which could see children being kept in solitary confinement for weeks and months at a stretch – was unambiguously abusive and illegal. Contrary to all Jersey oligarchy assertions.

Please explain why you engaged in such a politically motivated attack upon the previous investigation, why you did so on the basis of empty assertions – and no published evidence – and why there are so many obvious flaws in your 5 page document?

2: You and your political allies, in a carefully co-coordinated PR stunt, have now shown to the world that you are not “non-political police officers” – focused only on the investigation – but are, instead, highly politically partisan.

For example – no matter that the approach adopted by Mr. Harper has been condemned by yourselves and your political allies – he kept press-conferences and public pronouncements entirely within the bounds of policing – and did not engage in the partisan, political alignment with senior political figures – of the kind you both displayed yesterday.

Given that you have – effectively – destroyed your credibility by displaying such overt politicisation – could you explain how you imagine survivors, whistle-blowers and real journalists can now regard you both as anything other than political components of the Jersey oligarchy apparatus?

3: Who actually authored the 5 page press-release which was issued by you both?

4: Why does it contain so many brazen misrepresentations of what was actually said by Mr. Harper – as opposed to what may have been said by some parts of the media?

5: Why does it repeat certain statements made by Mr. Harper – as though they were your own – and thus imply that what Mr. Harper had said was somehow completely different?

6: Given that much of the overt criticism of his approach made by you both – and your political allies – alleges that Mr. Harper was “premature” in his various announcements – that some of the evidence was not yet firmed-up – how can you consider it even faintly credible for you to have been briefing against Mr Harper for weeks – and making your public pronouncements yesterday – when neither of you – or your review team from the Met – have carried out even an initial interview with Mr. Harper? Not one?

If there have been any ‘premature’ announcements during the whole investigation – the general view amongst survivors, and it is a view I share – is that your exercise yesterday has been by far the worst.

7: Though very cleverly and equivocally worded, the clear purpose of your press statement is to convey the notion – as though it were demonstrated fact – that there were no unexplained child deaths at HDLG – nor any attempts made there to dispose of human remains. You use such phrases as “do not indicate”, and “nor is it believed” – thus providing yourselves with equivocal ‘get-out’ clauses.

I very much hope – as I have done throughout this aspect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – that we could prove to ourselves that there had definitely been no unexplained child deaths at HDLG. Which is why I am deeply concerned with the fact that you have appeared to make your assertions on the basis of a few pages of deeply politicised PR material – and a few PowerPoint slides – as opposed to detailed examples of peer-reviewable evidence. Evidence which could, presumably, be made public – now that the possibility of child deaths has been dismissed by you both – and your political bosses?

Presumably – as you are both such consummate professionals – as opposed to Mr. Harper – who you would have us believe rushed into making premature and misleading statements – all conceivable scientific and forensic tests have now been completed?

That you now have – in peer-reviewable form – a definitive set of scientific documents which completely discount the possibility of any unexplained child deaths – and any attempt to dispose of human remains?

8: Is it not the case that if the answer to the last paragraph of question 7 is, ‘no’ – you have committed a grossly premature blunder – far worse than any Mr. Harper is alleged to have made?

Indeed, far, far worse – in that your premature and half-cocked media stunt was engaged in, in an entirely politically partisan manner?

9: Are you really quite certain that the items referred to as shackles were not, in fact, ever used for such purposes?

After all – iron implements which may have been used as improvised shackles would, indeed, be “rusty lumps of metal” – after laying in the ground for 30 years.

What of the bed-spring which has plainly been straightened – and had the two end-loops adapted in such a manner as they could have been used to restrain human wrists or ankles?

10: Are you really quite certain that there is “no witness evidence or intelligence” which describes these items as possible shackles? Because that is not my understanding of what the police have been told in certain statements.

11: Again – your press-statement strives to give the impression that the bath under the floor voids was never used in any offence or offences against children – but the wording you choose is very careful and equivocal when you say “there is nothing suspicious about the bath”.

Of themselves – baths are not customarily suspicion-raising items.

But are you confidently able to state that the bath was not used in any offences against children – and that you have “no indication” that it was used in any offences? If so, is this not somewhat surprising when you have witness testimony which accurately described the bath in the voids and the uses to which it was put?

12: Your references to the space beneath the floor being voids – and as being of insufficient height to enable an adult to stand up in – is one of the examples of irrelevant, diversionary and misleading twaddle in your press statement. No one – to the best of my knowledge – has ever claimed these spaces were high.

So why put this irrelevant and diversionary assertion in your press statement?

Are you seriously attempting to suggest that because an adult in these voids would have to bend down a little – that fact renders the abuse of children in these spaces somehow impossible?

That it is only physically possible for an adult to abuse a child when the adult is stood in a fully upright position?

13: The most serious, evidential material which emerges from the search are the 65 teeth. Yet you skate around this is in 5-and-bit brief lines of text.

Are you seriously suggesting that finding such a concentration of human teeth in one location – a quite mystifying find – can be brushed aside in one, brief paragraph?

But even what is said in your paragraph could hardly be described as a confident dismissal of the possibility of foul play being behind this discovery.

The teeth come from children – possibly a large number of children – who’s age-range may have been between 6 to 12 years. “There is ‘wear’ on ‘some’ of the teeth”; is this fact not a matter of concern? If signs of wear exist on ‘some’ of the teeth – but not on others – does that not suggest a most curious set of circumstances – which would lead to a significant number of human teeth being discovered – with no appreciable signs of wear?

14: Have all of the bone fragments been subjected to multi-laboratory, independent testing, when attempting to determine whether they’re human or animal? If not – why not?

What methodology was used in assessing the age-range you quote for the bone fragments?

15: Have all the bone-fragments been subjected to radionuclide dating – which would demonstrate whether the remains come from animals or people who were living before – or after – the dawning of the nuclear weapons age?

16: Do you really expect to be taken seriously when you duck around the issue of the two mystifying pits – in one-and-a-half lines of text in your press release?

Why would the institution commission a man with a digger to come and excavate two holes in the grounds – with the instruction to come back the next day and fill them back in again – once a layer of lime had been placed in the bottom?

Even though these pits – in your own words – “are unexplained” – you still feel sufficiently confident to deliver a political press conference dismissing their relevance – even though this problematic and deeply mysterious feature remains totally unexplained?

You assert “nothing suspicious was found in them” – but surely the greatest “suspicion” that arises from these two pits is the actual fact of their bizarre construction and existence?

17: In your summary, you list 5 bullet points in which you seek to dismiss and discredit the notion that any murders may have taken place. The five bullet-points in your press release are:

• No people are reported missing

• There are no allegations of murder.

• There are no suspects for murder.

• There is no specific time period for murder.

• We are satisfied that there is no indication or evidence that there have been murders at HDLG.

Do you not accept that the first 4 of these bullet points are simply statements of the obvious – and could apply to a 1000 examples of potential crimes, such as murder, which are initially not evidenced – nor even apparent – but are subsequently shown to have occurred?

In respect of the 5th bullet point, do you not accept that absence of evidence – is not evidence of absence? And do you not accept that notwithstanding your assertion – there remain a number of deeply mystifying and concerning issues in respect of HDLG? For example – the 65 human teeth, the unexplained pits excavated in the grounds one day – then filled-in the next?

Could you explain to me how the claims made in those five bullet points contradict what was said by Mr. Harper? Because, going from memory, I do not recollect him ever making statements which contradict the views expressed in the bullet points?

On the contrary – my recollection is that Mr. Harper was always careful to draw a distinction between saying what possibly may have occurred – those possibilities being the point of the investigation – and statements which categorically said “we have murders”?

18: Remaining with the subject of your bullet-point summary – you state “no people are reported missing”. As police officers, you cannot claim ignorance of the interpretation that people will place on this statement – which will be that – ‘oh, that’s OK then – because if no one is missing – there can have been no murders.’

I know this – so I’m quite certain you both must know it as well – it is entirely feasible for children to have disappeared – for there have even been no official record of their existence. Do you accept that that is so?

Do you agree that vulnerable children – especially orphans – who may have been moved around the country in, say the 1950’s, 1960’s and even 1970’s – could very easily have vanished off the radar-screen – especially given how poor to non-existent record keeping was then?

19: Why do you make the particular assertions concerning Jersey’s Crown Officers – when it is a matter of documented, public record, that the Attorney General, William Bailhache, did obstruct the charging of certain individuals – just as he has failed to extradite certain suspects?

20: Do you not consider you own credibility to be at risk – well, what little of it remains – in being quite so friendly with an Attorney General who is hopelessly conflicted in these matters – because he was the senior partner in the law firm which, in 1998, was – supposedly – representing the interest of the victims of the abusers who he will not now extradite – at the time of the second (judicial) cover-up of that case?

Do you not consider that this monstrous and brazen conflict of interests should have made him withdraw from any involvement in these cases?

21: Given the unevidenced assertions you both have made in yesterday’s politically motivated stunt – combined with the glib, brief assertion made in your press release that “There will, however, not be the number of court cases or prosecutions which were originally reported” – do you fail to see just how catastrophically you have damaged the trust of survivors and whistle blowers in the investigations?

Perhaps that was, precisely, your intention?

I will now turn to the subject of radionuclide dating – this being an area of enquiry I have been – unsuccessfully – pursuing with the States of Jersey Police for many weeks.

There is a central – and definitive question – which arises from the human remains found at the site – fragments of human bone and around 65 teeth.

Were the individuals who these remains originated from living in the period prior to WW II – perhaps even far earlier?

Or – were they living in the post-WW II era?

In modern decades?

Are the remains pre-war – or are they post-war?

For this – central – question has been at the heart of the debate over the remains.

Why is this question important?

If the remains predate World War II – whilst still something of a mystery – we would then be justified setting aside the concerns we have that children may have died through foul play at Haut de la Garenne during modern times.

However – if the remains originate post- WW II – then we, as a community, have to confront the possibilities of what may have happened to vulnerable children in HDLG.

For if we are faced with the knowledge that the remains originated from people who were living, say, during the 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s – Jersey faces an altogether more serious – and deeply disturbing – situation.

This is why that simple question – are the remains pre-war – or post-war – is so important.

If pre-war – we can gain some form of “closure”.

But if post-war – we cannot so easily set the matter aside.

But to gain that “closure”, we need – I need – hard evidence; evidence that is reasonable, and within the bounds of being practically able to be produced.

Deeply disturbingly, the States of Jersey Police Force has – so far – refused to state whether these tests have been carried out – notwithstanding repeated questions from me.

You both – Mr. Warcup and Mr. Gradwell – will now – presumably – have no difficulty in answering the questions – now that you’ve shown yourselves ready and willing to engage with politicians?

I will describe some of the forensic tests which would need to be carried out in order to make us reasonably confident that none of the children’s teeth found on the site originate from the post-war years.

Human remains – such as bones and teeth – can be readily assessed as originating pre-war – or as originating post-war – because of the use of nuclear weapons.

From the first megaton nuclear explosions – and for a sustained period during the 1950’s and 1960’s – the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons spread around the world a range of novel, radioisotopes which, prior to the nuclear weapons era – were present in the Earth only in minute quantities – or were not present at all, instead being the ‘man-made’ isotopes introduced into the atmosphere via nuclear bomb detonations.

Traces of these novel, radioactive substances are now found in all of us – in our bones, our teeth and other parts of the body.

By way of contrast – if a person was living, and died, before the onset of the nuclear weapons era – no internal contamination with these novel isotopes would be found within that individual’s bones and teeth.

Therefore – testing for radioisotope contamination of human bones and teeth is widely recognised as a forensic method of determining whether the remains are pre, or post the nuclear weapons age.

Due to my environmental campaigning against nuclear installations, I have specialist contacts who have been able to furnish me with some observations and questions concerning radionuclide contamination.

22: Plutonium 239 is a man-made transuranic – with a half-life of 24,100 years.

Small traces of Pu239 would have been distributed to a limited extent through the very early nuclear detonations of 1945. However, Pu239 will not have been heavily and widely distributed through the atmosphere until the first megaton explosions around 1952 or possibly later, through to the 1960’s.

It is, therefore, possible to test for the internal presence of Pu239 in bones and teeth and conclude – definitively – whether the remains come from people who were living after the dawn of the nuclear weapons era.

Pre-war – no such internal contamination with this isotope would be found.

Post-war – especially if the individual were living in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s – then yes, such internal contamination would be present in teeth and bones.

Has this test been carried out? If so – will the scientific papers be published in peer-reviewable format?

If not – why not?

23: Strontium 90, I am told, would be an even better ‘tag’ for determining whether human remains such as bones and teeth were from the modern era. This isotope was also spread throughout the planet’s atmosphere via nuclear weapons testing from 1952.

The highest levels of this contaminant would originate from the years 1960 to 1965.

Strontium 90 is also easier to detect and analyse than Pu239 – especially in bone fragments.

Have these tests been done? If so – can the papers be published?

If not – why not?

24: Carbon 14, although occurring naturally – was very widely distributed – in a heavily detectable ‘spike’ of contamination, during the period, mid-1950 until mid-1960.

However, I’m told that the detection or measuring of Carbon 14 is more challenging as it has to be done by concentration, which can prove problematic.

But nevertheless, man-made volumes of Carbon 14 appearing in human bones and teeth are used as a measure to approximately date the remains to the pre – or post – nuclear weapons era, by forensic anthropologists.

Have tests for anthropogenic quantities of Carbon 14 been undertaken?

If so – can we have the scientific papers?

If not – why not?

25: We can be categorically certain that any human remains which have internal contamination of the above-described isotopes originate from people who were alive during the nuclear weapons era. Do either of you dispute this?

If so – please explain your argument?

26: In the event of bones being burnt, it is strongly probable that any Strontium 90 would remain incorporated within the bone-matrix. Do either of you dispute this?

27: Burning any human remains would be most unlikely to remove or destroy the radio isotopes described above. Do you agree?

28: The sample size required to test for Strontium 90 or Plutonium 239, I am told, is around 20 grams – perhaps 3 or 4 teeth, or a similar weight of bone. Do you dispute this? If so – please explain why?

29: Many labs would undertake testing for Strontium 90 and Plutonium 239. Do you agree that laboratories capable of undertaking these tests are readily identifiable?

30: My understanding is that it would costs around £300 to undertake alpha spectrometry to detect Pu239 in a few teeth. Could the States of Jersey Police Force afford this sum – or might that mean eating into the Chief Minister’s £300,000 budget for spin-doctors?

31: A similar sum would be required to fund the chemical separation and Beta spectrometry needed to detect and measure Strontium 90 within teeth or bone matrix. Maybe a little more costly – but again, presumably if the Attorney General who earns approaching £300,000 per annum can be given a free parking place – we could scrape the funds together somehow?

32: If the tests I describe above – which are crucial to determine that key question – are the remains pre-war or post-war – have, in fact, been carried out – why the secrecy?

33: If the tests have not been carried out – why not?

34: If the radionuclide tests I describe above – or similar such tests – have not been carried out – do you recognise that it will appear in the eyes of many – that your political press-conference of yesterday – would be the most disastrously premature and ill-judged action the SOJP will have displayed since the beginning of this entire episode?

As I have said throughout this whole episode – I really hope for such definitive, scientific evidence which would show that the human remains did not originate from the post-war era.

But I do not believe we can gain “closure” on the question of whether the human remains recovered from Haute de la Garenne are pre-war – or post war – until such tests have been undertaken – and the results published in peer-reviewable form.

I hope very much that all such tests would prove to be negative.

But they simply have to be carried out.

35: Have they been?

36: If so – where are the peer-reviewable results?

37: If not – why are the Jersey establishment so indecently – and prematurely – ready to seize upon a few vacuous sound-bites, five pages of rubbish cobbled together by a spin-doctor, and some PowerPoint slides – as grounds for dismissing the whole episode?

Mr. Warcup and Mr. Gradwell?

We await your answers to all of the above questions.

Thank you for your time.

Senator Stuart Syvret
States of Jersey.


  1. Anonymous

    Stuart, don’t stand on one leg waiting for a reply will you.

    Meanwhile have a glass of wine, a good nights sleep – tomorrow will be a long day. Lets hope tomorrows report will be so damming that Frank will heed his own words and catch the first boat out on Saturday morning.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh yes Stuart, very well put. Sadly I doubt we will ever see a credible reply. The spin is reaching orbital proportions now but even more sadly most of the poplace seem oblivious and are too ready to believe their leaders lemming like (if you watch the CTV footage of ‘what the public think’). Everyone seems to have forgotten the suspicious lime pits and more focus given to the bones being those of rabbits, as reported. Maybe one of those in line to be prosecuted is someone so high profile this has had to happen to divert the proceedings and railroad the whole child abuse case? Well, will it seriously continue in the same format? People are going to lose faith and trust in the new ‘dream’ team: W & G, Lewis et al. It’s more a disaster than ever now.

  3. Anonymous

    They are now all (the COM, politicians, the civil service, judiciary, crown officers, police) in such a state of denial, they cannot anymore even imagine a point of view other than their own & reality no longer within reach.

    We will wait for ever for an answer as they won’t even read it Stuart.

    May I please draw your attention to a different view of Jersey’s problems?

  4. Anonymous

    They are probably all wearing brown trousers – they know what is coming. There is no way they are going to escape justice.

  5. Dave

    With regard to Warcup and Gladrags, don’t just sit by your computer, waiting for an email reply.

    For all we know, they both might be avid haters of email and avoid it like the plague.

    Ring them up. All calls to Police HQ are recorded. Ring them up and demand to talk to them.

    These days, too many people send email and say “Well, I sent you an email”. So what. What if they say “I didn’t receive or read it. Why didn’t you phone me?”

    Phone ’em up. Even better, tell them you are recording the call.

  6. Anonymous

    Warcup and Gradwell are so eager to rubbish Harper and paint him as incompetent yet he received no fewer than 4 commendations for his detective work whilst in the Met.
    I wonder how many commendations these puppets received ?

  7. donchais


    All very good questions, indeed.

    Just a word of caution – don’t hold your breath waiting for answers – clearly, they have none!

  8. Anonymous

    Stuart is there public admittance to the HL press conference. If so where is it to be held and when.

  9. Anonymous

    They will probably just look at the e-mail and wonder how much meddling you are doing in this enquiry now.

    I understand from sources that one of the problems was your close relationship with Harper. All you have done with a rude e-mail like that is cemented it.

  10. Anonymous

    So Lenny Harper got it all wrong did he?-
    If thats the case then should the Chief Police Officers -who took part in the 3 “ACPO reports” on Harpers investigation- now all be suspended for their huge errors of judgement they made in those reports?.

    Of couse not!!,however,because the
    recent States Police statement condemns Lenny Harpers conduct of the investigation then are we to assume that the author/s also condemn the 3 ACPO report findings?.

    I would hope the officers involved in the 3 reports made objective and measured comments about the conduct of the enquiry without any thought to political gain and personal advancement!

    The Establishment/Beregrac wannabes cant have it both ways Stuart….would someone kindly give Jack Straw a nudge,Jersey deserves better and-more importantly -this is getting the survivors of abuse no nearer to justice!.

  11. Anonymous

    I cannot understand why you bother rattling off such e mails, and I am not at all surprised when you do not get a reply! As usual you are just too verbose!

    You should address your queries through the Home Affairs Minister, but don’t expect a reply from him either!

    I deduce that patience is not a virtue bestowed upon you!

    Eventually this fiasco will be thoroughly examined – just look at The Howard League report – it is an objective report albeit from a liberal stance, it is now on the table – WILL IT BE IGNORED? I am confident that such a report will come through on HDLG and people will be vindicated.

    You just have to accept that you live in an island of Daily Mail readers who are Conservative with a Capital C…………I’d imagine quite a few would like the birch reinstated.

    You have to accept that certain politicians and citizens are not suitably equipped intellectually to comprehend restorative justice and to accept a liberal view.

    I was going to say that a majority of the electorate were conservative however that would be wrong as a majority are apathetic, cant be assed, are not bovvered!

    I cannot understand why the police launched their press conference, it is just another botch up!

    As for the two cops in charge they just have not been here long enough to understand how this island works….and it looks to me as if they have been set up – the press conference was totally unneccessary – it was completely unprofessional to do down Lenny Harper………….and I am FURIOUS that Graham Power was offered retirement for allegedly mismanaging the whole saga………….

    So whilst you politicians fight and squabble amongst yourselves – and the police fight and squabble among themselves…………and politicians resign and policemen are suspended……………the victims wait patiently for justice!

  12. TonyTheProf

    I saw Lennie on the Channel 5 clip, and it was very interesting what he said about the ACPO (Accociation of Chief Officers Review) – that they were happy with the way the investigation was proceeding, but they would make certain recommendations, and apparently they were amazed at the speed Lennie’s team took those on board; they’d never seen their recommendations taken on so fast! Apparently, also the way the press release was done on one of the tooth (with a coin to show scale)was also in fact on their recommendation as to how to do that. Could you contact ACPO and see what they make of it? I think it is extremely important because it contradict the image of Lennie as a rogue officer doing his own thing with complete autonomy.

  13. Anonymous

    Watching CTV report extra on HDLG
    from my armchair in Germany last night.
    I could not help noticing Mr. Franky W´s. eyes, It looked to me that he was laughing as he explained to “The World” that his government is squeaky clean.
    He looked more like a weasel.
    Dose he not realize that a couple of million people around the world are laughing at him and Jersey after the cock-ups and cover ups that has gone on over the last year or so.
    I try not to say that I come from Jersey any more as I find it just a little embarrassing.

  14. Anonymous

    I still want to know what has happened to Wendy Kinnard.

    Her disappearance smacks of a woman who has been bullied, and perhaps told to change her way of thinking to suit the establishment way, or just plain ‘shut up’.

    I fear she has chosen to shut up becase she just hasn’t the energy left in her to face the wrath if she doesn’t.

    Wendy Kinnard was a good, caring politician and I know she stabbed you in the back Stuart, but maybe she regrets that and hasn’t the courage to say so.

    Has any member of the government bothered to find her to enquire as to her welfare?

    I would think not.

  15. Anonymous

    Perchard has given his views on the report already in an extensive coverage on BBC radio Jersey.
    Clever move, to get in there prior to the press release……… Kings of spin. His interview was poor though … he was habbering on trying desperately to deflect the facts.

    What a sham.

  16. Anonymous

    Warcup, Gradwell and the States of Jersey

    It really comes as little surprise that Warcup & Gradwell have sided with Walker et al. The States of Jersey Police along with its employer the States of Jersey have a long record of manipulating the truth and outright corruption. Men and women of honour like Mr Harper are a rarity for Jersey. Most (not all) in any position of authority on this godless island are brought and sold like cattle in the market place!

    It is equally clear that had anyone held doubts about the claims of the Jersey government and its organs of state being corrupt, their doubts must by now have been overcome by the revelation of the truth. The eyes of the world are now fully open. Of course, there will be those who will continue to live in denial there always is! They have to much to lose by accepting the truth!

    As many people are saying, and to use Walker’ own words. He (Walker) along with many others Warcup & Gradwell to name but two, have `shafted Jersey internationally’.

    Only fools would have attempted what the SOJ & the SOJP attempted yesterday. They have shown to the world how criminally insane they really are. Because only the insane would have published the rubbish they did, and expect in the light of scrutiny for it to be accepted.

    The criminality is their bending and twisting of the truth, their refusal to accept that they can be wrong and, like children, their spiteful and malicious hounding of people who are trying to protect our children and bring to justice those who have harmed them.

    As a once proud Jersey man with no particular bones to pick, it is with shame and great sadness that I watch the spectacle unfold. I (along with many others I talk to) firmly believe that for the people of Jersey to regain any self respect. We as a community must mobilize and force the Likes of Frank Walker, the AG, Warcup and many others to resign.

    They have made it clear beyond all doubt that they do not believe in notions of right and wrong. They have made it clear that in jersey democracy is dead. They have made it more than clear that we the people of Jersey who are not multi-millionaires do not count.

    It goes to say, that the people of Jersey knowing what they know now, must in order to safe guard and protect what little rights and freedoms are left to them, take to the streets and by ballot or force, remove from all public office the cancer like sickness of deceit, corruption and wickedness that has for so long held a giant like grip on the Jersey people.

    Only when this is done can we as a people hold our head up and say with pride we did what we had to do. We are no different from any other society that has experiences crimes committed against them. So, we to must now prepare for the struggle of right over wrong.

    Light over dark and Selflessness over self! We must start atoning for the evil that has been perpetrated against our children by this sick State. Because, if we do not then we are as guilty as those who perpetrated the crimes and those who have covered up their evilness.

    They are few and we are many. The eyes of the world are upon us. And, the peoples of the world expect us to do the right thing.

    It is time !

  17. Disgusted of St.Helier

    I was disgusted by CTV last night, who have gleefully accepted what’s been spoon fed to them from the Spin Dept.

    At the moment we have unsubstantiated (and apparently wrong to my eyes) claims against Lenny Harper’s handling of the enquiry amongst a sea of evidence both inconclusive and promising, and truckloads of victim testimony which is being willfully ignored.

    Using words like “incredible” and “utterly wrong” at this point is extremely poor journalism. I have lost any respect I had for CTV.

  18. Anonymous

    If I grasped all that correctly, this nuclear testing is a relatively cheap way of putting peoples minds at rest.

    If the fuzz have concluded that these teeth are no longer suspicious I take it that they have finished with them and they are no longer regarded as evidence.

    Why then can’t they be handed over to you Stuart, in sealed bags of course, and funds found – privately if necessary – to have these teeth tested independantly?

  19. sally robinson

    For the first time in my life I put a comment on the JEP website in answer to the letter by Stephen Ross about you returning to be a carpenter. I am so annoyed that they have decided not to print the whole letter, just the last paragraph as if I was critizing you. How much more manipulation by the JEP have we got to tolerate?

    This was my reply in full:-

    ‘Stephen Ross, you say that you are “amazed at some people’s limited understanding and comprehension of issues over the current year”. What you are actually showing is that you misunderstand more than most people.

    The press conference you are referring to was the beginning of public knowledge of HDLG. Senator Stuart Syvret had been sacked several months before this for raising present day child abuse issues at Le Chene/Greenfields.

    To this day, after two internal and two external enquiries, we still do not know for certain who has been telling the truth. Tomorrow we will finally know when the Howard League for Penal Reform is published. (This being a charitable institution which has not been influenced by anybody’s money!)
    Let us all hope, when we finally know the truth, that the appropriate action will be taken against both those culpable of mistreatment of young children AND those that conceal bad practice. ‘

    Sally Robinson

    I feel that the ONLY honesty has come from you and Simon Bellwood.

    I am disappointed to see how many people are involved in the spinning and fudging that is going on at the moment. Its almost as if they assume that the victims have no feelings.

  20. Anonymous

    Just in relation to the quite frankly dumb suggestion of handing over the evidence to Stewart for “independent” analysis. Nope never going to happen. Chain of evidence, the police and the prosecutors have to have control of the evidence from start to finish otherwise they are useless in the event of any court case. If you want justice, at least in the form of convictions, suggestions like this are not really helpful.

  21. Zoompad

    “Its almost as if they assume that the victims have no feelings”

    They don’t care about our feelings at all – as far as they are concerned, we are just “useless eaters”. They probably have a part every time one of us commits suicide.

    Well, we’ll have our own party – street parties – when they get what is coming to them!

    Don’t give these bas*ards cause to celebrate – please don’t any of you survivors even think about killing yourself – if you don’t have any other reason that you can think of to stay alive, do it to spite them!

    I’ve just recieved a letter this morning which has filled me absolute disgust – I was expecting a very humble apology, for the awful way I have been treated over the years – instead I have recieved a letter full of spin and excuses.

    Spite these bas*ards – stay alive, we’re all supporting each other here – we don’t say “alleged” abuse here – we KNOW what went on, and some of us know darned well what is STILL going on too!

    We will DEFINATLY get our justice – and so will the abusers!

  22. Anonymous

    Paul Smithe
    | November 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thought you would not put Mario Lundy’s name up and as said before in the post above. Yes you are as bad as jersey when you censor your have your say page on line and choose what to place there and more to the point what you don’t.

    Unless you allow the people of your own Island there say on this matter you will be painted with the same brush and that is with the paint of cowards.

    I have the screen shot of my comments and they appear on Senator Stuart syvret web-blog and this screen shot of my posted comment will soon be there to…

  23. Anonymous

    To the poster who thought my idea of handing the teeth over was dumb.

    You said. “Chain of evidence, the police and the prosecutors have to have control of the evidence from start to finish otherwise they are useless in the event of any court case.”

    If you were intelligent enough to actually read my post rather than lurching into an assumption you will have noted that I said that this was an idea IF the police no longer considered the teeth to be evidence.

    It also shows how ignorant you are of procedure. The police and prosecution do not have to have physical control of the evidence from start to finish.

    Even if they were still considered to be evidence the teeth could be collected by a representative of a specialist company in a controlled manner and returned afterwards. This procedure occurs often when defence lawyers want prosecution evidence examined by their own experts. The chain of evidence is preserved.

    Learn a bit before you slag off someone else.

  24. Anonymous

    They can make it up……
    What a shame for Fritzel that he hasn’t got W***up and Gabwell on his case!
    1. That wasn’t a cellar it was just a void under the house.
    2. The celings were far too low for a full grown man to rape or abuse anyone. It wasn’t him m’lud it must have been the Gnome of Zurich!
    3. A dead baby? Burned in a furnace years ago? – where is the evidence?
    4. Bone fragments? Everyone throws rabbits in their furnace!!!

    Anyone outside Jersey who has a brain cell can tell this is a crass attempt at cover-up by the government. Hopefully it will all come out now

  25. Anonymous

    Paul Smithe
    | November 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thought you would not put Mario Lundy’s name up and as said before in the post above. Yes you are as bad as jersey when you censor your have your say page on line and choose what to place there and more to the point what you don’t.

    Unless you allow the people of your own Island there say on this matter you will be painted with the same brush and that is with the paint of cowards.

    I have the screen shot of my comments and they appear on Senator Stuart syvret web-blog and this screen shot of my posted comment will soon be there to…


    Guernsey spin as well as choose what to place on their have your say

  26. Zoompad

    Howard League report p7

    “the convention requires that “the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration” in all courts of law (Article 3). We shall recommend that in legislation and policy, the welfare of the child should be paramount in criminal justice matters as well as in civil matters.”

    I can tell you right now that not only was the best interests of the child the primary consideration of the past, it is also being blatently ignored RIGHT NOW! I have cast iron rock solid evidence to prove this too – I have shown this to every MP in the UK – but they don’t want to know!

    For instance, is it in the best interests of any child to be forced to visit a pedophile? I would not have thought so. Yet the Government feel able to use a body of work written by the man who said just exactly that in the secret family courts to force children to visit people who have not just been accused of child abuse but been convicted of it!

  27. Anonymous

    Here is a Sound bite from Little Jimmy Perchard from the BBC.

    Jersey States said many of the recommendations were already being enacted following an independent report earlier this year by UK expert, Professor Andrew Williamson.

    Jim Perchard, Assistant Minister for Health and Social Services, said: “We view this [Howard League report] as a validation of the policies for children which we are already working on.

    “We have started the process of signing up to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, and are well on the way towards implementing plans for a new whistle-blowing policy, independent inspection, a lead minister for children and an independent advocacy system.

    “Some of the report’s recommendations will require both professional and political debate, but they all provide a helpful contribution to the development of Jersey’s children’s services.”

  28. Anonymous

    Having read through the Howard League report I have to say that although it finds fault with the Jersey system to some extent it is not as damning as it was trailed to be and it does find areas of good practice within the island.

    On balance I think Haringey would be delighted if they got a report that was anything like this when the inspectors finish there.

  29. Anonymous

    “Download the long awaited Howard League Report”

    Sadly dear BBC, error, file not found.
    Like lots of other things, apparently.

    Can someone put it somewhere else?
    Thanks in advance.

  30. the truth will out

    VFC, the spin tactic is to publically welcome the report, bluster their way through all the positive points and to attempt to divert attention away from the negatives.

    Perchard on the radio this morning set off down that path fairly successfully at first, so that any listeners struggling to make sense of it all would get the impression that the report hasn’t damned them whatsoever.

    Then, miracle of miracles, Roger actually pressed him on a few touchy issues and Perchard started flustering and getting tongue tied and lost for words. It was quite amusing.

    Sadly, the sheeple of the island will get the impression that the report was complimentary unless ways can be found to point out just how much it has proved Simon and Stuart to have been correct.

  31. A qualified professional


    “In particular, it is vital that various measures are taken to address welfare and safeguarding concerns. The recent history of Greenfields secure care home suggests that there is a very real risk of vulnerable children being mistreated and that stronger accountability is required to prevent future difficulties.
    “We are concerned that given the unavoidable development of powerful interlocking relationships in small island life, Jersey does need more independent checks and balances, and methods of redress that will ensure that accusations of ‘cronyism’ are kept to a minimum and that no one outside of these networks is excluded. Deprived, disadvantaged and powerless children in secure accommodation are particularly in need of a system that recognises their vulnerability with in-built mechanisms to protect, monitor and represent their concerns.
    “At the very least, Jersey must now urgently ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and end the anomaly that sees the island isolated from this international gold standard in the rights of children.”

    I dont think this is going to appear in the media very much. It looks like positive change for the future – do these guidelines have to be followed though? Or are they just suggestions?
    I really hope that this stops the abuse continuing. Im sure many people will be upset that nobody is being brought to justice at the current time but perhaps that can happen in the future if the pressure is kept up.

    Keep up the good work.

  32. Anonymous

    having just read the howard league report how is it that john le breton is allowed to work with vulnerable children after the sharpe report?

  33. Anonymous

    How could people be reported missing when there has been no record of these people, or if the records of these people have been destroyed?

  34. Anonymous

    Stuart, Like some of the others here I am disappointed by the tone of the report. From reading posts in your blog I was expecting this report to kick some asses. But it just looks like at the most there will be a few changes to the way things work. Please try to reassure some of us that heads will roll.

  35. Anonymous

    Another sad frigging nignt on this ever so cristian island, hick!

    Mund you the St Emillion ere aint half bad, hick!

  36. Anonymous

    I have read the report on the Radio Jersey web site. It is an objective report that acknowledges good practice where applicable and also non acceptable practices.

    The reccomendations should herald the start of a constructive way forward for children’s services in Jersey.

    What concerns me is the will of our political elite to work together to bring about the changes that are so certainly required.

    Will we be told that budgetry restraints will not permit such change?.

    Take for instance the uphill struggle Wendy Kinnard had in securing funding to ensure that La Moye was upgraded to an acceptable standard, it has taken her years and several damming reports by HM Prisons Inspectorate to get the government to act, it was not for the want of trying, and today whislt progress has been made the prison remains far from satisfactory. Thank goodness for the dedicated staff at La Moye.

    Such underfunding has probably contributed to the underachievement of many people who have had the misfortunde to end up there.

    Will underfunding mean that our children will be failed, because that is what we are talking about here CHILDREN.

    Am I alone in thinking that our government are so concerned with enhancing the reputation of Jersey as an international finance centre that the FUNDING of the reccomendations as outlined in the report will be secondary to FUNDING the promotion of Jersey abroad, will be secondary to debating social policy that will facilitate a waterfront of internaltional acclaim and other such whimsies of the oligarchs.

    I suggest that the money raised from selling off the waterfront is used not for reinvigorating St Helier but for ensuring that we, the people, get a decent child care service, a decent prison and some decent living accomodation – but most of all a decent government – that will ensure political reform .

    In order to get political reform the people of this island – the 50% that do not vote must get mobilised and we must get a governmenmt that is fit for purpose – if not this report will go the same way as a load of other reports.

    Finally thank you to SENATOR Stuart Syvret for commissioning the report, I have lost count of the investigations that are going currently being sought on HDLG but that is a whole different issue in my opinion.

    WHEN will the guilty br brought to justice?????????????????????/

  37. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    The importance of independent scrutiny of what goes on in the public services in Jersey is demonstrated so absolutely with recent events.

    I refer to the Williamson report – requested, paid for and undoubtedly doctored by the establishment, and the Met’s report into the HDLG investigation – not in the public domain (actually from what you and others say not even finished)

    Compare this to the Upex report into the sacking of Simon Bellwood and today’s publication of the Howard League report into Youth Custody in Jersey. Both of these were out of the control of the establishment – Upex was overseen by JACS (one of the very few independent and uncontaminated agencies in the island) and the other was requested by yourself before the establishment could get their hands on them.

    The former have no clearly structured evidential base that we the public can examine. The latter set out their methodology and policy framework. The former relies on vague, non specific, non attributable opinions the latter have clear and detailed descriptions with robust principles and recommendations that the island should adopt.

    Surely this confirms why Jersey needs independent scrutiny of its public service?

    Furthermore scrutiny must be outside the control of those in charge who have a vested interest and something to lose, be they politicians or civil servants. Independent review must be that – Independent.

    Give it to Scrutiny to oversee – at least there they have nothing to cover up!!!

  38. Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower

    Dear All

    The Howard League report was published today.

    I have decided to revisit my blog in roder that I can keep you informed of events as they unfold in the coming days, weeks.

    It is my belief that the report exposes a huge cover up by the States of Jersey.

    It is my intention that those responsible should be made accountable for the lies and deciept that have fed the public over the past 18 months.

    They intended to bury the Grand Prix sustem for ever. But their plan today backfired and has come down like a pack of cards around them.

    You can view my blog at http://www.simonbellwood.blogspot.com

    Simon Bellwood
    The Whistleblower

  39. Anonymous

    Haringay would be quite happy with a report like that.

    Really, children in custody given less rights than those held in American Prisons on death row have more rights than those who were held in the “Pits” Held in “illegal” conditions, my god, get a life. Have you any idea whatsoever of the further damage which was caused to already disturbed children. Children held in Prison, thats ok is it. Those who imposed these sanctions on these kids ought to suffer some of their own medicine.

    Your living in cloud cuckoo land if you think this is not a damning report. The civil servants and managers who santioned these punishments should be “sacked” immediately, they are a disgrace to Jersey.

    Incidently if you have children, would you be happy for your children to be placed in the hands of these so called civil servants and managers, I think not.

  40. uruisg

    “We believe the States’ members and agencies should be the servants, not masters, of Jersey citizens, through a written constitution that promises everyone the right to freely vote, speak and assemble; the right to protection from injury, theft and invasion of privacy; the right to know all the doings of its government and its agencies, with all the sources of its members’ incomes, since a public servant’s income is the business of the public.”

    This (with obvious changes) was originally written about Scotland, by writer and independence campaigner Alasdair Gray. Surely it is worthaspiring to in Jersey too – which already `enjoys’ independence, of a kind.

  41. Anonymous

    The below is an extract of the report.

    “9.47 The current residents of Greenfields who we interviewed (in contrast to
    previous residents) did not feel unsafe, and did not have serious complaints
    about the way they were treated (apart from the reference to unnecessary
    searches, referred to above). They were concerned with such things as not
    being allowed to smoke, frequency of allowed phone calls to family and
    friends, and perceived unfair systems of privileges.
    9.48 While these issues certainly need to be looked at we do not regard them to
    be of a serious child protection nature.”

    I have to say I thought it would be a lot tougher

  42. Anonymous

    Look, You all have computers and printers right. So decide on a format. Everybody print out 100 hundred copies and hand them out in king street. Put them between the wiper blades of cars, post them through letter box’s. But, get the message out!

    That’s the only way you are going to get the truth out! How many times has the question been asked `how do we tell the people’? It so simple for god sake!!

    Please,please somone take the lead and organise this! All you need are email addresses. Someone take the lead and compose the message, send it to the faithfull, get them to copy it onto paper and then hit the streets, OK!

    This is your golden opportunuty! If you are really interested in justice then do it!!!!!!!

    I would but I no longer live there or in an english speaking country!

    Please, please, please do this now or never. This is your/our chance!

    I am in the process of writing to the French authorities asking them to help by puting an embago on any, aircraft, sea going vessal and car that is registered in Jersey from entering France.

    I am basing my request on the fact that Jersey is regularly in contavention of many human rights legistlations, as laid down within the framework of the EU.

    I believe that the French authorities will act where the UK authorities have failed us. I ask every one to either write or email Sarkozy and demand that he intercedes on our behalf. This ought to get the ball rolling!

    Writing from exile

  43. Anonymous

    Computer Nerd, please can you set up a website/blog for people who want to actually do something constructive and put an end to this ‘terror by the oligarchy.’
    We need to start getting organised, to mobilise and unite together. Its time to end the Jersey Way so we can all move on confidently and without fear.

    I fully support the anonymous person (09.45a.m-14.11.08) who says we must take to the streets… and remove from all public office the cancer like sickness of deceit, corruption and wickedness that has for so long held a giant like grip on the Jersey people. Only when this is done can we as a people hold our head up and say with pride we did what we had to do. … So, we to must now prepare for the struggle of right over wrong.

    Well said anonymous…..Stuart has done so much in this respect. Surely we owe it to Stuart and ourselves too, that we start to assist in this struggle to make Jersey a better place for everyone.
    Computer Nerd, you have an important job to do. Are you up for it???

  44. Anonymous

    Jep fri 14 nov…
    Children ‘may be at risk’ at Greenfields

    By Elaine Byrne

    THE ‘extremely troubled’ history of Greenfields suggests that there is a real risk of vulnerable children being mistreated because of a divide among staff, according to an independent report released today……

    My comment:
    It seems that the only people who are unaware of the dysfunction within the Greenfield unit are the politicians responsible for child protection. Everyone else who has anything to do with Greenfields is only too aware of the internal strife that has been endemic in this institution since solitary confinement of young people was introduced as a form of punishment and control.
    It is not through lack of warnings that Senators Shenton and Perchard have done nothing to address these issues. These problems were flagged up long before the sacking of Simon Bellwood. Their failure to act is nothing short of negligence and they should resign along with the managers who introduced the illegal and abusive ‘Grand Prix’ system in the first place.
    If a society is judged on how well it looks after its children then Jersey falls short. The people responsible must be held to account.

  45. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    This might sound an odd question but how many of the 160 abused children who are now of working age earn the average wage stated in the report based in 2003?

    Quote: the average
    Gross National Income per head was £34,000 End quote:

    Not many I’d wager.

    This equals approx £653.84 a week or approx £16.34 pr hour based on a 40 hour week.

    Maybe those on income support, pensions or whatever should have their SS (Social Security) payments based on this so they can live on the correct average wage?

    Plus of course the basic wage should also be based on the average in order that people are not expected to live below the average wage on this wealthy island.

    As it is most working class (for want of a better word) people in the island are living in relative if not actual poverty (Many of course are living in actual poverty living well below the bread line), especially those who have been abused and not had the benifit of a good education.

    I feel that those abused should have a lump payment in compensation at least equal to that which would give them the average wage of today, especially after all the s**t they have had to put up with.

    Just one of my many wonderful thoughts

  46. Glen

    Ten quid says Warcup didn’t finish the email, I know I tried and failed. I think you need to simplify your questions Stuart, cut out all the verbal abuse and clever words. Get down to the bones of it (…no pun intended).

    Perhaps the time has come for an outside investigation, do you think this is possible?

  47. Anonymous

    Go for a long holiday and relax – there is nothing, nothing you can say or do that will make a difference now.

  48. Anonymous

    At the Press Conference on Wednesday, David Warcup, also said; “What everybody wants to see is that fair trials are conducted and if people are guilty that they’re found guilty and sentenced appropriately. With all the speculation and rumour and innuendo that has been going on, then there is a possibility that that process could be obstructed.”

    Maybe the Stuart Syvret and Lenny Harper “double act” are really oligarchy “double agents”, employed to screw up the possibility of gaining convictions.

  49. voiceforchildren


    Shouldn’t our local media “lead stories” be something along the lines of “SIMON BELLWOOD AND STUART SYVRET COMPLETELY VINDICATED”?

    It is no wonder the Jersey public vote the way they do! The “JOURNALISM” they are subjected to has one agenda and it’s that of the oligarchy.

    Simon Bellwood has the right idea, we must print flyers and advertise “the Blog scene” our media are just keeping the general public ignorant and only telling one half of the story.

    I have copied and pasted just a couple of items from the report by the Howard League of Penal Reform. Not that you would know that the particular items exist if you were just listening/reading “news” headlines in our local media.

    Grande Prix system

    Our view was that the system would not be “acceptable or lawful in England
    and Wales” and that “it is doubtful that it would be in compliance with
    international obligations under human rights legislation”

    9.12 A particular problem relates to the care of female children at La Moye. The
    Criminal Justice (Young Offenders) (Jersey) Law 1994 stipulates at article 4
    that a custodial sentence is “detention in a young offender’s institution”.

    9.13 Of course, there is no young offender’s institution for females and so girls are
    held in the adult female wing. We believe this to be in breach of Jersey law,
    as well as in breach of article 37 (c) of the UNCRC. This concern of course
    applies to young women up to the age of 21, and not merely female children.

    As we have previously stated at para 1.1, we certainly believe the Grand Prix
    regime was unlawful. However, some of the most serious allegations we
    heard, related to events prior to the establishment of Grand Prix.

    10.2 Children who get in trouble with the law, and children who have unmet
    welfare needs, which require welfare provision from the state, are broadly
    speaking, the same group of children. There is evidence that in the past,
    Jersey children have been badly treated in both systems.

    You and Simon Bellwood deserve one huge apology from “the powers that be” The children so badly let down and mistreated by our goverment deserve compensation whether that be financial or otherwise.

  50. Anonymous

    All nicely put to bed-not. This was predictable by the Jersey establishment. They have been on the back foot for most of the year. They had to get the upper ground somehow. It is good to see they can still rely on the local media to report things in their favour. Nothing changes.

    However there are many still unanswered questions from this sorry saga. Lime pits, teeth and some bones. Also all the eye witness accounts that hang together. I will be interested to see how they propose to explain all this away.

    Here is a selection I cobbled together that may be used to explain this.

    Maybe group false memories or night mares?

    These stories couldn’t be real as they are too extreme for Jersey.

    People are making them up for compensation.

    The people they are accusing wouldn’t have sunk to those levels of abuse because they were well respected members of the community and of upstanding character.

    It happened to long ago to be sure.

    Things were different then.

    There is no proof.

    No one saw anything.

    We don’t believe it could happen.

    The big question is do people really believe nothing happened at HDLG? I would have to say no. It also appears that we will never know what happened there because of vested interests. Does anyone believe the establishment anymore? I sure as hell don’t. I wonder why?

  51. Anonymous

    Stuart I cannot begin to express my respect for you and the unrelenting energy and passion you have for justice and change. I wish your voice were heard louder and more prominently, but the repressive powers that be ensure it is heard only in a limited and distorted way.
    Did you read the letter in the rag by a ridiculous man called Stephen Ross on Thursday? Why do they continue to print such negative and unhelpful rubbish. It only creates mis-information and ignorance. How can anyone justify saying that you are trying to ‘glorify your position and elevate yourself in the light of child abuse issues’.
    Without you would we even know about these issues?
    11 months on, how can people still believe that your Christmas speech ‘eroded the very nature of the Christmas message’. Child abuse obviously offends some people who enjoy a warm and snuggly, oblivious and self-centred festive season.
    He also believes that you have ‘become alienated from your collegues and electorate’. What a complete lack of insight! You have made it clear that you would not want to be part of the old boys club and choose to prioritise the needs of the electorate. You are among the very few who are willing to give the people of Jersey a voice.
    You are a pillar of strength for many disenchanted people. Thankyou. Nx

  52. Anonymous


    Police started excavating at HDLG ,after bringing in Eddie the dog, Eddie indicated the presence of human remains or blood in more than one area.

    Did Eddie correcly identify remains or was he looking for a possible rabbit dinner followed by a piece of coconut?

    Polititions are demaning that Eddie be suspended pending an expensive (sorry) extensive investigation by an indepenant expert who will look into the dogs nose.

    Did Lenny bring in the dog with good reason or was it a publicity stunt,to give the media a photo opportunity, Eddie is so a cute and takes a lovely picture.
    Is Eddie really a police dog or a mole,we should have brought in Syd Syvret who I understand is very good at seeking out moles

    The Tooth Fairy

  53. one of the nerds

    What exactly are you after? If you want a blog to leave anonymous comments on, this one is doing nicely (well done Stuart).

    If you want a forum, may I suggest the Jersey Forum which is well run and won’t track you down and bully you if they disagree with you 🙂

    And don’t forget Simon Bellwood’s Blog

  54. Anonymous

    Stuart, it is no coincedence that you, Mr Harper and Mr Power have all been subjects of victimisation by the SOJ and now SOJP.

    I’m sure you do not need enlightening as to what you three have in common!

    There are whispers that if you guy’s get your act `together’, there is a very, very good chance that you will succeed (united)in you fight aginst injustice.

    I hope that this is already happening!

  55. Anonymous

    Warcup and Gradwell or Wallace and Gromett, either will do but one wonders how much and who has paid or what these puppets of the Council of Ministers have been promised in the future for this absoloute load of tripe they have given us. With the ease that a cover up is being instigated it is obvious the truth will never come out. I am in complete agreement with one of your other correspondants that the reason for all this cover up is the implication that there are either one or more high profile individuals involved in this child abuse.

  56. Anonymous

    Would anyone believe me that I have a series of cases dotted throughout the UK (with an exception of one in Oz)in which the various police forces have refused to investigate? All these cases involve the murder of children, besides their severe prolonged abuse. All cases are well documented. SS are usually involved in the cover up, including NSPCC SIS in one. Also, well documented.


  57. Póló

    There is a recent BBC interview with Lenny Harper here

    I had never heard of Lenny until this interview a few days ago. He impressed me enormously, particularly as I felt the interviewer was very hostile. Having now read myself into the situation, I feel the interviewer may have simply been influenced by the stream of propaganda referred to by Stuart, or simply felt obliged to put all the points to Lenny.

    Let’s face it. A Protestant from Londonderry married to a Catholic from Derry can’t be all bad!

    I hope the court proceedings on HDLG really bring this to a head and turn out right.

    Jersey has for too long been a convenient backwater for the UK Government in its financial dealings with the rest of the world.

    There are strong parallels with Northern Ireland where, for many years in the past, that Government purposely avoided tackling the malpractices that existed there. These eventually spilled over and the UK Government was forced to act.

    Hopefully, Stuart’s two-step will bring Jack Straw out of his hiding hole and lead to the introduction of civilised standards in Jersey in the areas of human rights and financial dealings. Roll on a Freedom of Information Act. These days, the lack of such an act is almost the equivalent of running up the skull and cross-bones. But then there has been a long history of pirates in Jersey waters. N’est ce pas?

  58. Anonymous

    Haringay would be quite happy with a report like that.

    Really, children in custody given less rights than those held in American Prisons on death row have more rights than those who were held in the “Pits” Held in “illegal” conditions, my god, get a life. Have you any idea whatsoever of the further damage which was caused to already disturbed children. Children held in Prison, thats ok is it. Those who imposed these sanctions on these kids ought to suffer some of their own medicine.

    Your living in cloud cuckoo land if you think this is not a damning report. The civil servants and managers who santioned these punishments should be “sacked” immediately, they are a disgrace to Jersey.

    Incidently if you have children, would you be happy for your children to be placed in the hands of these so called civil servants and managers, I think not.

    Two men found guilty of causing Baby P’s death

    Thre are plenty more details in the above article and elsewhere but I quote;

    ‘The 17-month-old died after months of being used “as a punchbag” and then having his back and ribs broken, the court heard.

    He was seen 60 times by health or social workers during that period, around twice a week. However, close to his death he became unrecognisable, had more than 50 injuries or bruises, and an attempt had been made to cover up the crime.

    A postmortem examination revealed the boy had a broken back, eight fractured ribs, missing fingernails and toenails, multiple bruises and an injury to the inside of his mouth. He had also swallowed one of his own teeth. The court heard that his back had been broken by slamming him down over a bent knee or a bannister, which would have left him paralysed.

    It is claimed he was taken to hospital three times in the months before his death after being repeatedly beaten and abused. The child was last seen by social services on July 30 – when his mother and her boyfriend had smeared him with chocolate to cover up his injuries, according to Owen – and by a paediatrician two days before his death.’

    I am not saying that everything in the Jersey child justice system is OK, far from it, but no children at La Moye or Greenfields were systematically beaten over a period of months before being killed despite the oversight of the Jersey Social Services Department.
    Rational arguement and proposals to reform the system is what is required.
    Demands that perpetrators ‘suffer some of their own medicine’ are crazy. What would you do in the Haringey case, beat this young woman and her boyfriend to death?

  59. Anonymous

    To those who offer a counsel of despair, urging Stuart to give up his efforts as nothing will ever change:

    Think about the fall of the Berlin wall.

    Think about the overthrow of Ceaucescu’s regime in Rumania.

    Think about an African American US President.

    Have a dream! There is always hope!

  60. Anonymous

    I have read the Howard League’s Report at length and it seems to be a balanced report within its remit.

    I found the examination of the judicial process for children extremely interesting.

    It is sad to learn that despite previous recommendations for reform of the justice procedures for children by other authors, the island has not moved towards these.

    I am disheartened to read that the Island has not signed the convention to recognise the rights of the child.

    The Greenfields saga – surely the COM realised that an institute without inspection, scrutiny or policy would be criticised.

    As a taxpayer I would like to know why the build went ahead when previous reports suggested it was policy and judical reform rather than an new building that was needed. The underuse suggests that somebody/committees decision needs to be raised in the States

    The use of unnecessary body searches on children – illustrates the unpleasant attitude of a toxic organisation which shames the island

    Close it down, save money and dismiss the incompent senior managers who tolerate, encourage and maintain such places

    I hope Whitehall intervene once again and put pressure for immediate reform

  61. voiceforchildren


    I have “had my say” on here.

    I strongly urge all your readers to do the same this is some national exposure we desperately need.

    I am also digusted BBC Radio Jersey has refused your invitation to appear as a guest on the talkback show. As you will know I have e-mailed Matthew Price which I will copy below.

    Again I strongly urge your readers to do the same.

    e-mail to Matthew Price. Although I accept it might not have been his decision to deny your invitation but as far as I am aware he is a senior editor.


    Mr. Price.

    Could you please give me a believeble, half credible reason (excuse) for denying Senator Syvret a slot on your “talkback” show?

    Senator Syvret is (arguably) the most popular politician we have over here. He is (unarguably) the most vocal and contreversial politician we have possibly ever had.

    It was he who instigated the report from the Howard league of Penal reform into the possible ILLEGAL and ABUSIVE regime of the “Grand Prix” system practiced at Greenfields.

    He and Simon Bellwood ultimately lost their jobs.

    This report to my mind is nothing less than totally damming to our goverment and completely vindicates Senator Syvret and Simon Belwwod.

    You (BBC Radio Jersey) have no plausible excuse to deny Senator Syvret’s invitation to be held to account by your listeners on this show.

    Simon Bellwood and Senator Syvret should be invited on, along with, Senator Perchard, (soon to be) citizen Mike Vibert, Senator Ben Shenton Joe Kennedy, Frank Walker to name but a few.

    I will be publishing this e-mail and any reponse on Senator Syvret’s Blogsite. It is my humble opinion you are trying to brush under the carpet the “real issues” of Jersey in favour of having a couple of Deputy candidates to talk about things like speed limits, mains drains.

    If BBC Radio Jersey are not in the pocket of our dictatorship, then start proving it!!

  62. Anonymous


    OMG below is the view of the recent senatorial poll topper, good christian man who wants to be Home Affairs minister. He is the Voice of Jersey – those who voted for him should hang their heads in shame!!!!

    I cant express properly how angry I am – what are the people of this island thinking!!! Shame on you all.

    From Channel 103

    “Howard League Report ’Naive’

    The man who wants to be Jersey’s next Home Affairs Minister has criticised a report into the island’s youth justice system.

    Senator-elect Ian Le Marquand says calls to stop locking up children are naive.

    The former magistrate has been giving Channel 103 his response to the Howard League for Penal Reform’s findings.

    He thinks punishments need to be tougher.

    He’s been complaining for years that existing provisions are not strong enough and the courts have no effective enforceable punishment for children under 15.

    “We’re getting groups of youngsters who consider themselves absolutely untouchable under law who just carried on offending and offending and the courts could do absolutely nothing about it.”

    ” I want to go in the opposite direction – but in a controlled and measured way.”

  63. voiceforchildren


    Copied and psted this little bit from the link I put on here earlier
    They havn’t published mine yet but so far what they have published is in favour of you and LH.


    I’m afriad that now Mr Harper and Mr powell have gone we will never ever see justice. To many people are involved in this cover up for it to ever get to court. The head of education in Jersey is a number one child abuse suspect who is still in charge of children whilst people like Mr Harper, Mr Powell and senetor Syvret who have tried to protect our children are portrayed by authorities as the deamons! Why??

  64. Anonymous

    The issue of peadohile rings possibly involving people in ‘high places’ rears its ugly head again in relation to the baby ‘Peter’ case,


    What with this and big name high street chains trying to sexualise children at every chance they get, one can only conclude that there are influencial sickos who are trying to make sexual relations bewteen children and adults ‘acceptable’ in our societies and they have the government, the police and the judicary in their pockets. I am weeping inside at the evil of these people and all those who support them.

  65. Anonymous

    Tried to post on the NOTW site but it wasnt printed…nothing untrue or inflammatory…just wanted to point out that even if we never know about unlawful deaths at HDLG there most certainly was child abuse.
    This recent development from the police/states is just their whitewash starting to talke effect.
    I also urged Jack Straw to act…but wont be holding my breath.
    Lastly I pointed out that the average people in Jersey know that the abuse has gone o and feel powerless to do anything,which is just the way Walker and his chums want it.

  66. Anonymous

    Ian Le Marquand is right.
    There are too many louts on the street terrorising decent people.

  67. Anonymous

    Hi one of the Computer Nerds,

    Thanks for replying. I agree that Stuart’s blog is supurb and the Jersey Forum isn’t a bullying domain (thank you JF moderators). But the JF isn’t focused on any specific subject area and Stuart is busy enough with his relentless work. (thank you Stuart).

    I imagine a new site to focus on uniting people who want to contribute ideas and actually do something, so that we can project our energies together for a common cause. It would give people a chance to be pro-active, rather than just sitting at home reading blogs and feeling depressed about Jersey’s downsides.

    Obama started off with no money but he used the internet to unite a broad base of people together, many of whom had never voted before in their lives. He started a movement, it grew and eventually it defeated the ‘more of the same’ politics. A breakthorugh was achieved. Surely we could achieve the same too if we aspire to this? If we asked Obama he would ‘yes we can’!

    I would hope it could encompass radicals and moderates, people of different backgrounds and ranging views but fundamentally it would be anti-establishment.

    I know this is optimistic but if we remain pessimists, the status quo will roll on for ever. Surely this is a good time to create something new because in our eyes, the old ways have failed our parents, us and our children.

    I would be interested in your views on this Computer Nerd, and anyone else’s views too. Are we going to unite or sit back and do nothing?
    What do you think of it Stuart?

  68. Póló

    One of the Anonymous above said:

    I have read the Howard League’s Report at length and it seems to be a balanced report within its remit.

    and I agree. Has anyone yet wondered what drove the League to range quite as far as the limit of its remit?

  69. Póló

    As an outsider I am very struck by the number of serious and balanced comments posted under “Anonymous”.

    To me this speaks volumes about the current repressive nature of Jersey governance.

    I know the island community has always been tightly knit and I am not sure how many generations it takes to move beyond runner status. That, however, is a separate question which applies to communities all over the world. What I am referring to here is the sinister undertone of a society where reasonable comment dare not speak its name.


  70. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Re: “Ian Le Marquand is Right”

    No he isn’t.

    The man is an utterly irrational and dangerous clown.

    The policies he advocates – and quite unlawfully pursued when he was a magistrate – such as abusing the remand process as a de facto means of imprisoning children – simply do not work.

    The evidence is plain – and has been shown time after time in national and international studies.

    Imprisoning children just doesn’t work.

    There will certainly be some children who are off the rails. I recently had my old car stolen from a private site by a kid.

    Do I think putting him in kiddie jail would be – even faintly – likely to turn him into a well-adjusted member of society?


    Funny – isn’t it – just how a child riding a bicycle whilst drunk is some monstrous villain – who needs imprisoning – but a ‘learned’ magistrate – who routinely breaks the law by imprisoning children in order to satisfy hid Old Testament religious cult views – is just fine?

    If the young people of our society are getting out of control – maybe it is because of the rampant greed, materialism, poverty and neglect which are defining features of Jersey society?


  71. Anonymous


    Re Le Marquand – can’t he be referred to some professional body for misconduct. How can he be allowed to take part in public life when he openly states that he thinks that opposing “locking up children is naive” and that they (children) should have even tougher punishment. His views remind me of that abusive phrase – this is for your own good and going to hurt me more than you – sanctimonious b*st**d

    He beggars belief and clearly has little compassion for children (as young as ten remember)or respect for the rule of law. He has no right to hold any responsible position within society with such beliefs – and certainly not in any ministerial capacity.

    I suggest an anti Le Marquard for Home Affairs petition – that should be sent to Jack Straw when the sheeple in the States vote him in regardless

  72. Anonymous

    “If the young people of our society are getting out of control – maybe it is because of the rampant greed, materialism, poverty and neglect which are defining features of Jersey society?”

    At last.

    Yes it is.

    We are living in a society where a persons worth is determined by how much they make, what car they drive, the value of their house and which school they went to.

    The Jersey ruling party and their friends have shown that the needs of business are all important to them. Even more important than the protection of children.

    Nothing must be allowed to tarnish the image of the finance industry,even by association.

    When the HDLG story first broke there was no possible way any one but those involved could have known what happened. But within hours frank walker was all over the media ridiculing the idea that these crimes could possibly have been committed.
    Even though there was no way he could have known for sure, he automatically went on the attack.

    If only he was as committed to the island and it’s people as he is to the finance industry.

  73. Anonymous

    “Look, You all have computers and printers right. So decide on a format. Everybody print out 100 hundred copies and hand them out in king street. Put them between the wiper blades of cars, post them through letter box’s. But, get the message out!”

    By all means do so if you feel like it. I’m gpoing to print out a couple of pages of the ‘highlights’ from the report and put them in public places. But to be honest if people want to know they can look on this site or will have read one of the interviews with Lenny Harper.

    But more importantly tell people. Tell everyone you know about the things you have read on here. It’s a small island and everyone knows everyone. Lets make that work for a good purpose for once.

    The jep and ctv won’t tell the truth so let’s make sure everyone knows.

  74. Anonymous

    Perhaps, in light of the report, what is now needed is for a raft of these kids (many now adults) to take legal advice and sue the states.

  75. Anonymous

    Just remember this.
    For decades the abused were ignored and denied justice.
    They still have no justice but at last people know what happened.
    This would never of happened if it had not been for Stuart and Lenny Harper.

    Even now our politicians, judiciary, media and the states are doing all they can to put the genie back in the bottle.
    But they can’t.
    The truth is finally out.

    It’s a measure of these peoples arrogance that they are being so blatantly biased and destructive.
    They are so used to getting their own way on everything that they just don’t know what to do when someone doesn’t follow their orders.

  76. Anonymous

    I don’t watch channel news but I do look at the headlines on channel teletext.
    You know whats strange? They still haven’t put anything up about the Howard league report. Maybe they think the half hour of black propaganda they broadcast the day after the police spin session was the end of their job.
    Combined with the 11(?) pages of hatchet job in the jep it was truly a beautifully co-ordinated pr blitz.

    I’m sure all those concerned must be very proud of themselves.

    I mean that’s why you become a reporter or a policeman so that one day you can do your bit in destroying an investigation into crimes against children.

    One to tell the grandchildren about hey?

  77. Anonymous

    If anyone who is reading this is shocked by the cost of the invstigation could you please tell us how much should have been spent?

    What is the monetary cut off point in a potential murder investigation?

    I would really love to know because I had always assumed that police investigations were conducted until they reached a conclusion or ran out of evidence.
    But I was wrong.

    On a not too unrelated note, how much did Walker and co’s jolly to Paris cost? I know that it’s very important for Frank to have his picture taken with one of Sarko’s chief underlings but did they have to take Guy De Faye?
    Why? Was there also a drinking competition as well?
    I can’t quite see how the odd job minister fits into the picture. Maybe it was for his goodbye party.
    Here’s a fun little game, try to find anyone who says they will be voting for him in the election. It’s a tough one.

  78. Anonymous

    Stuart – I heard you on Radio Jersey this morning (Sunday ) …….I do hope that you will get the opportunity to answer your critics.

    I find it quite INCREDIBLE that you have to go to such lengths to get your point across,


  79. Les Dirouilles

    Re:Lastly I pointed out that the average people in Jersey know that the abuse has gone on and feel powerless to do anything,which is just the way Walker and his chums want it.

    Get a life, the average person in Jersey just doesn’t give a toss!

  80. Anonymous

    Ian Le Marquand is right.
    There are too many louts on the street terrorising decent people.

    But not half as many in the States Chamber!

  81. Anonymous

    A commentator posted the following:

    Senator-elect Ian Le Marquand says calls to stop locking up children are naive.

    ” I want to go in the opposite direction – but in a controlled and measured way.”

    I did not hear the interview but I would like to ask how he defines the term measured an controlled and how they relate to recommendations of the reviews of the judiciary system referred to in the HL report.

    As for children roaming the streets of Jersey being antisocial – where is the evidence.

  82. Anonymous

    I think Le Marquand should be removed from office ASAP. He is a very dangerous individual! Here we have an elected states member (and magistrate) taking the time to argue why he believes kids should be treated much more harshly.

    Yet, he remains silent and turns a blind eye to the fact that the head of education in Jersey is a number one `criminal’ suspect in a police investigation regarding `crimes against children’.

    I wonder what other clubs le Marquand is a member of?

    Stuart, as you would say,
    “you just could’nt make it up”!

  83. Anonymous

    “If anyone who is reading this is shocked by the cost of the invstigation could you please tell us how much should have been spent?

    What is the monetary cut off point in a potential murder investigation?!

    Yes, money. Well, it has cost the Great British Tax Payer (aka MUG) £100,000 at least to allow a man who raped me (and apologised to me twice in court, under oath, for what he did to me) to stalk me in court for seven years. I have letters from MPs, Rape Crisis and the police which are very apologetic about the fact that unfortunatly in this country rapists have paternity rights. You see, when I was raped, I was unfortunate enough to become pregnant. I have been told that people in my position usually have an abortion. So I guess it’s my own fault for getting raped, and then not having an abortion. Once you become a victim of child abuse you seem to lose all your rights – I have less rights than a rapist!

    It seems that there is plenty of money for some things, but for others the purse strings are drawn tight shut.

    But the Great British Tax Payers (MUG) do not seem to mind digging deep – they can’t, can they, or else they would be moaning about this instead of just meekly coughing up!

  84. Anonymous

    There is a big difference between kids who are unfortunate enough to be in care and those who go binge drinking, vandalising, intimidating and so on.

    I agree Le Marquand is right to clamp down.

  85. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Kids in Care vs kids who binge-drink.

    I’m afraid what you write is utter rubbish.

    The two categories of children are pretty much interchangable – so the distinction you draw is spurious.

    When substantial numbers of children are leading what are pretty much feral lives – on and around St. Helier’s streets – getting drunk, getting involved in trouble – does it not occur to you that what that demonstrates is a sick society – a society which is failing families and children?

    However – it is till the fact that imprisoning children simply doesn’t work.

    It has an 80% failure rate.

    I’m afraid the Hell Fire and Brimstone approach of Mr. Le Marquand and his fellow cult members is as intellectually bankrupt as it is deeply strange.


  86. they made me cynical

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people with zero tolerance or patience for unruly violent vandal kids (and I can sympathise with that).

    But they don’t want to be bothered with the inconvenient truths of why these kids turn out that way, they just want the problem to go away and be dealt with without them taking any responsibility.

    That accounts for a large section of the community, I believe. Good luck tackling that, because I’ve no idea how……..

  87. one of the nerds

    The Jersey forum can be used to discuss anything you like. Set up a discussion thread on the topic of your choice, and away you go.
    It does provide all you’re calling for.

  88. Zoompad

    I have had trouble ho;lding done a job, because of PTSD, I have panic attacks and flashbacks, but I did manage do a years placement at a Primary school in Handsworth. It was very hard for me, because the attitude of many of the teachers was that they didn’t seem to have any belief in the kids – they were just going through the motions.

    There was one little boy who was struggling to produce any work at all, the teacher found him irritating, she shouted a lot at him and actually called him a “moron” in front of the whole class. I felt sorry for this boy, and made an effort to give him a little, only a little, extra attention and encouragement.

    By the end of the year, the teacher was astonished at this child’s progress in reading and literacy – she said that it was like a miracle. It IS a miracle what a little tiny bit of compassion and understanding can make.

  89. Anonymous

    When substantial numbers of children are leading what are pretty much feral lives – on and around St. Helier’s streets – getting drunk, getting involved in trouble – does it not occur to you that what that demonstrates is a sick society – a society which is failing families and children?

    I am not sure that the youth of today are a lot worse than the youth of the 1970’s when I grew up.
    Purloined cigarettes and the odd bottle of drink, home made catapults and ball bearings for petty acts of destruction and terrorising seagulls.
    Most of us are responsible adults today.
    Complaining about the next generation is one of the signs of getting old!

  90. Anonymous

    I agree with the last anonymous about the young. We only see the most visible troublemakers (there always has been a minority like that) and fail to notice the vast majority of decent kids.

  91. Anonymous

    Vibert has again entered the desperate cover up. Seemingly, the grand prix was not used at Greenfields. The policy was, he agrees, badly written but was not used. He has had previous reports which he believes!!!! these reports looked at the childrens records and validate that the grand prix was not used. He said “shame the Howard League did not think to check the note”

    The arrogance, ineptitude and barefaced lying in this whole episode beggars belief. He is probably just ensuring that he gets some work as Executive Director or other in some charity in the future, sponsored by his COM brothers.

    After all, no more money coming in after November. Thank God Otherwise, it could be income support.

  92. Anonymous

    Ian Le Marquand is right!

    Yeah far right – am surprised he hasn’t suggest we bring back the birch!

    I suspect Mr Le Marquand would advocate ‘punishment’ for all those nasty little social housing kids, with uncaring parents – whilst the kids of so called ‘middle Jersey ‘ will be dealt with in a much more genteel way befitting the status of their parents or post code….no stigmatising of these kids just demonise the trailer trash eh Mr Le Marquand……………He will be advocating conscription to the militia next!

    Mr Le Marquand and his like are responsible for metering out punishments that were ‘not legal’,but what do we expect from a banana republic – tehy couldnt even get the employment laws right – havent they just had to repay fines imposed on employers who fell foul of the employment law! Lets face it this island is in a right mess…is it any wnder 50% of the electorate don’t vote!

  93. voiceforchildren


    Have you seen the rag’s editorial? Are they seriously trying to palm that off as objective and unbiased journalism?

    I believe the sole purpose of Lenny Harper going to the national press in the first place was because he was all too aware of the relationship of our press with our powers that be.

    Our press and our goverment have made me feel ashamed to say I am from Jersey. Anybody reading this Blog from outside the ialand please don’t think our goverment or press are representative of the good Jersey people.

    This whole debacle stinks to high heaven. Lenny Harper, Graham Power, Stuart Syvret and Simon Bellwood have done right by our children and have exposed our goverment and local media for who and what they really are!!!!!


  94. Anonymous

    Ian Le Marquand is not a member of a cult anymore than you are of the Communist Party.
    C’mon Stuart if you want to be taken seriously stop all this name calling.

  95. Anonymous

    Does anyone recognise this style?

    There is an interesting thread discussing house prices here.

    House sales lowest for six years

    A recent contributor has offered us the following pearls of wisdom 😀

    Posted November 17, 2008 at 3:52 pm
    What a lot of short sighted views on here.
    The problem with tunnel vision is that it only sees one way which is straight ahead.
    Those looking for cheap houses and give away prices are in for a shock.
    If the persons here present could see further than the short term they would instinctivly know this is a mere blip on the house measuring monitor.We have had recessions since time began, things do naturally go up and down.
    The over zealous attitude to put a damper on things is an artificially created over hype.
    Things will resume as normal shortly.
    Rest assured.

    Any suggestions as to the author?

  96. Póló

    @anonymous 4, November 17

    A rapist claiming paternity rights.

    Is this for real? If so it’s a very sick society. And I’m not limiting this comment to Jersey. This never even occurred to me before and for all I know it’s widespread.

    How sick can you get?

    Adding insult to injury!

  97. Póló

    @voiceforchildren above

    I am reading this blog from outside the island and I am in no doubt whose side I am on in this conflict.

    I have had the pleasure, forty years ago, of meeting the ordinary people of Jersey who are the stock of the earth.

    I have also had the trying experience of being involved in financial services regulation at EU level and know well the strategic importance of the the island to the UK powers that be.

    I am also following the saga in the non-island press, in particular the BBC and the Belfast Telegraph, and can clearly see the trivialising of the issues in the island media.

    Like yourself, I hope they don’t get away with it; that they are seen through; and that the “mother of parliaments” (pace Saddam Hussein) takes appropriate action.

    There is a precedent in Northern Ireland, though this was not a Crown Dependency but an “integral” part of the “United Kingdom”.

    May the force be with you.

  98. Zoompad

    Rapist claiming paternity rights:

    Here is the letter I recieved from Eric Metcalfe:


    Thank you for your email. However, I am not aware of any cases in the UK involving rapists taking victims to court for paternal rights. As such, we don’t have any plans to address this issue.

    It seems to me to be an extremely unusual situation to begin with as any pregnancy resulting from rape would most likely be terminated by the mother unless it was contrary to her religious or ethical convictions. In any case, disputes concerning parental rights are always governed by what is in the best interests of the child: I strongly doubt a British court would consider that it is in the best interests of the child to have contact with the biological father in such circumstances. However, it is possible that the father could be liable for child support.

    Sincerely, Eric Metcalfe


    I’ve got other letters, just as unhelpful, from the NSPCC, Rape Crisis, MP’s ect. I begged and pleaded with so many people and agencies to help me. As I’ve said before, my own solicitor was also working for the man who raped me. I believe this is not even legal. In the courtroom, everyone was all chatty and jokey except me. I wanted to go and read my Bible, so I went into a small room, but a woman made me get out and I had to sit near the man who had raped me, and listen to everyone being chatty and jokey. I was treated like sh*t. That’s the way they treat people like me in those secret family courts.

    It’s bad enough being abused as a child, then horrible to have been raped, but it’s unbelievable to have been taken to court by a rapist. Tony Blair was right to sing that song “Things can only get better” – they could hardly get any worse, I reckon!

  99. Anonymous

    A good tactic to use is to protest to the firms/banks etc who do business with the Jersey government – protest to them about them doing business with a corrupt government, protest to the businesses that the elite senators own/run, protest to other countries who do business with the Jersey government. Organise yourselfs.

  100. Anonymous


    I see Simon Crowcroft has cancelled a visit to Germany following your email to all States members about the scandalous misgoverning of the island.

    Hopefully he will be able to muster support from some of the least worse members to finally call into question the behaviour of senior civil servants and stand up to Franks spin.

    Surely this cannot go on indefinitely, we have the summary dismissal of and disinformation about Simon Bellwood, yourself, Lennie Harper and now Graham Power – put this together with the Upex report, the Howard League, the ACPO and to a much weaker extent the Williamson report. The facts stack up that you were correct and those in power were found wanting.

    It is time to start questioning whether this island is fit to govern itself and I find myself thinking that it surely is not. The politicians do not have the competence to ensure the safety and well being of the people of the island and perhaps the time has come to relieve them of this burden.

    The alternative of continued maladministration does not bear thinking about – as each scandal errupts and is spun out of control, one wonders to what extremes this government and its corrupt civil servants would go to – Marshall law? – if not stopped in their tracks.

  101. Anonymous

    Constable cancels twinning visit

    The Constable of St Helier has cancelled a twinning visit to Germany because of what he calls an “unprecedented crisis” in Jersey’s leadership.

    Simon Crowcroft was due to go to Bad Wurzach where Channel Islanders were interned during World War 2.

    But following the publication of the Howard League for Penal Reform report into childcare he says States members need to get together to discuss the fallout.
    From Channel Online

    The independent report was presented on Friday and criticised the running of Jersey’s childcare services – in particular systems in place at the Greenfields residential home.

    There are calls for a number of senior civil servants to be suspended as a result of the report.

  102. Anonymous

    Posted November 17, 2008 at 3:52 pm
    What a lot of short sighted views on here.
    The problem with tunnel vision is that it only sees one way which is straight ahead.
    Those looking for cheap houses and give away prices are in for a shock.
    If the persons here present could see further than the short term they would instinctivly know this is a mere blip on the house measuring monitor.We have had recessions since time began, things do naturally go up and down.
    The over zealous attitude to put a damper on things is an artificially created over hype.
    Things will resume as normal shortly.
    Rest assured.

    Any suggestions as to the author?

    I don’t know who that is but i’m pretty sure they must be on drugs.

  103. Anonymous

    How wonderful Greenfields being used as a gym for the disabled
    My god how nieve do they think we really are.

  104. Anonymous

    Of course everyone who hoped for justice is let down, just now. You don’t think Americans felt hopeless and decieved for the past eight years? Still, there is a distinct, underlying yearning to do something more, expressed within so many of these comments. Put that to good use.

    Within my medium sized US city, the Obama campaign managed to knock on one millionof our town’s doors just during the weekend prior to the election. One published statistic showed that for every twelve front door contacts they made, one vote was changed in Obama’s favor.

    Who knocked on all those doors? Mostly young people who found a new sense of purpose. Kids in the US are just like their peers everywhere else. They are only apathetic until they feel empowered by inspiring leaders who place enough confidence in the young.

    These kids were so convinced they could do it, they did it. And they actually did it while behaving like model citizens.

    Adolescents without decent, sober role models at home respond especially quickly to charismatic leaders, for better or worse. Channeling that youthful need for recognition and a higher purpose into political efforts can change society in ways adults alone seldom can. Kids should never hear “No we can’t.” Why do you think the youngest voters are the least likely group to show up to cast a ballot?

    On an island the size of Jersey, long term change will (only) be achieved when the effort becomes inspiring to the young. Oh, but how very appealing to a rebellious adolescent to become valuable, and to know he or she can accomplish what adults alone might not, politically hoisting the Olly bastards out on their own petards!

    Just see if there are not plenty of potential young advocates there for the fair treatment of abused kids. THIS IS ALL ABOUT KIDS! Just witness how energized and indignant they can be if they are called to the side of the truly great fight. If they know you respect and trust them to do what is right, they will show remarkably disciplined behavior.

    Think you don’t have enough interested kids to create an unstoppable movement? We have a few here in the US, some who would very gladly go to Jersey to help. They have taken training sessions and learned to organize other kids, work with rock bands to establish fundraisers, canvass door-to-door and to create and use social network sites to get word out. It would be instantly global.

    I know kids who would follow Stuart anywhere, because they adore hearing him heroically speak truth to what they think of as evil power, and they have only seen him on U-tube!

    That is only one single school group of teens in one little far away place, who feel they owe something back to those many students from UK who joined the forces here to help elect Obama.

    Never bet against even those kids who appear to be the most hostile to society if they can just feel they have a real purpose and trusted value. Why not start with some of the kids and young adults who have experienced prior mistreatment at the hands of those men still in charge?

  105. Anonymous

    I don’t know who that is but I’m pretty sure they must be on drugs.

    You could not possibly be suggesting that a regular and respected correspondent of the Vile Rag is taking their coke up the nose 😀

  106. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Good luck on talkback today. Of course you should have been on Sundays when the majority of people can listen and are not at work, I feel it is wrong to put this on a weekday to try and keep down the number of people who can listen, just another example of the BBC bias in action.

    Make sure you record the program because I bet they will cut out any good bits on the replay version, this way you can still put it on your blog so people can actually here it later.

    I was so angry with the media bias and manipulation of the situation the I have sent a complaint into the BBC, use it any way you like. I know I am not alone, but maybe am one of the brave who put my name behind my words and thoughts.

    You can read my complaint on my blog and print it out and use if you want to.


  107. the spin don't work

    Did anyone see Rob Shipley’s pathetic attacks on the “conspiracy theorists” the other day, ridiculing those of us who can see through the Old Boys Network spin, bringing SMERSH into it?!
    What a $%£*@#!

  108. Warcup's Pay Check

    ‘I have had trouble ho;lding done a job, because of PTSD, I have panic attacks and flashbacks, but I did manage do a years placement at a Primary school in Handsworth. It was very hard for me, because the attitude of many of the teachers was that they didn’t seem to have any belief in the kids – they were just going through the motions.’

    Boo hoo. You seem to spend a fair bit of time moaning Zoompad.

    A great man once said – ‘No one gives you anything in life, you have to take it.’

    Who could argue with that? (OK, it was Jack Nicholson, but he’s a bit of a legend, no?

    I agree with Stuart on Le Marquand… locking up 13 year olds isn’t good for anyone.

  109. Senator Stuart Syvret


    Not sure what you’re referring to – as I haven’t been invited to go on Talk back?

    Although – obviously, as is now plain – against my better judgement, I tried to make some constructive approaches to BBC Jersey – and did – miraculously – get written agreement with Denzil Dudley that there would be a Talk back about the Howard League report and subjects such as Grand Prix.

    Of course – doing the bidding of their mates like Frank Walker & Pip Ozouf – BBC Jersey reneged on the agreement.

    So There won’t be a Talk back on the subject. Not sure where you got the idea from?

    Obviously – such a program couldn’t deal with matters such as HDLG or any other criminal aspects of the whole Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – but it could, certainly, deal with the Howard League issues and the so-called Grand Prix system.

    But Frank & Co. have decided it ain’t to be – so BBC Jersey have buried the idea.

    Yet another clear beach of broadcasting law – and the BBC Charter.


  110. Kraków Crapaud

    Linda, do you know who will deal with a complaint to the BBC about BBC Radio Jersey?

    Denzil Dudley will of course, sorry but you just wasted your time.

    BTW I also heard Roger Bara say that all this week Jersey Today would be analysing the Howard League Report & maybe Stuart would be invited.


  111. Anonymous

    ‘A great man once said – ‘No one gives you anything in life, you have to take it.’

    Like just taking the innocense of young people?

    some people are strange in their idea’s.

    Zoompad keep it up you are every bit the hero stuart is and don’t let people drag you down to the level of the idiotic like the poster who posted that comment….

  112. Anonymous

    Quite absurd letter in the filthy rag today from Kim Noble calling for you to be thrown out of the States because…. she doesn’t like you!
    Democratic, isn’t it?!!

    Naturally it’s the main letter.

    It’s not fit to wipe my backside on.

  113. Zoompad

    Stuart, thanks for leaving the nasty comment on here. It’s nice to have the chance to see what these people are saying, it’s just nice to have this nastiness out in the open, it’s very healing for me!

    If they have the gall to come on to an open forum just to attack abuse survivors, it just shows what sort of people they are.

    I hope all you other abuse survivors will take note. You’ve probably been like me, blamed yourselves for the abuse. Well don’t – you were not weak or inadiquate in any way. The people who abused you were though – all bullies are weak, and all abusers are bullies.

    They can’t bully us when we stand together – and they don’t like that one little bit!

  114. Anonymous

    Personally I want Guy de Faye out of the States and I think the electors of St Helier No 3 will do us a favour next Tuesday and boot the rancid little puffin killer through the door.

  115. Anonymous

    Some people revel in unsetting others they are just sad individuals who will learn some day that this is all wrong. Maybe if someone they knew had of been raped they may have had a bit more compassion. Another option is that these sad comments are coming from an abuser or have been sanctioned by those with vested interests in keeping things as they are?

  116. Anonymous

    The vile Rag………Yes in good old betrayal tradition the rag has yet again (as it did in WW11) sided with the enemy of the everyday Jersey person.

    The article “attempting to defend the indefensible” demonstrates just how poisonous the rag really is! Even after Stuart Syvret and Lenny harper have been vindicated. The rag as usual continues to peddle its fantasy induced poison.

    If I didn’t know better I’d say that the article was written by no other than Franky Howard……sorry should be Walker, but both being first class comedians I often get them confused with one another. Sorry Mr. Howard no insult intended!

    Oh yes, comedians for do they really think that the average person following this ghastly state of affaires does not remember what the JEP themselves printed not so long ago, with regard to what Lenny Harper actually said?

    Do the directors and managers of this ghastly excuse of a newspaper not realize that the eyes of the world are upon them.

    Surely they must! However, by continuing to publicly pander to the lies, deceit and delusions of Walker, they continue to embarrass and shame the good people of Jersey.

    The people of the world do not find his attempt at covering up for his and his governments failure to protect vulnerable children any longer tolerable.

    The rag, by opening it’s vile mouth is just going to make the falling of Walker et al that much harder for them when they eventually hit planet earth!

    I genuinely hope that Walker et al have plan B ready cos they sure as hell are going to need it! Franky doesn’t Africa or perhaps China look more attractive with everyday that passes? They could sure use someone with your talents!

  117. Anonymous


    Are there any other countries in the so-called civilised west that so ardently advocate child abuse as the ruling sadists of Jersey?

    800 years of quasi ‘independence’ and they still can’t get it right.

    They really are making a show of themselves on the world stage but they would see it differently …. they attack everyone who doesn’t agree with ‘their way’ of doing things like their way of doing things is so right and scared (perhaps even devine instruction from their ‘god’) and has the support of the majority of the Jersey people – what bulshite

  118. Zoompad

    A very interesting and enlightening thing to do is to look at the names of the journalists who contest that there was no abuse/murder at Haut de la Garenne. You can find out some really interesting things if you look very carefully. There are some journalists, for instance, not naming names, who seem to follow every “alleged” institutional abuse story, and are quite dismissive of any allegations, even before there has been a trial!

    Personally, I don’t think that is the sign of a good investigative journalist, as I thought investigative journalism was supposed to be all about sticking to factual evidence rather than personal hunches.

    It seems a bit odd, to dismiss every institutional abuse story that is reported on. If I were an national newspaper editor I do not think I would want that type of “reporter” working on my newspaper – I would want people who were a bit more professional and unbiased than that. And as a newspaper customer, I would not want to fork out money for a national newspaper that employed such unprofessional reporters.

  119. Anonymous

    poor roger bara couldn’t do phone in today as he was preparing for an interview tomorrow morning. Yes you guessed. It is with big frank. Today the radio could not get a spokesperson from health to present the counter argument so big f has oviously volunteered. Be prepared for the biggest lot of bull to date. It has been well rehearsed. Coulnt make it up. 7.05 ty

  120. Anonymous

    We have had the Howard league report.
    We have had the SOJ police press stunt.
    We have had the demonisation of Lenny Harper via the JEP leader entitled ‘Attempting to defend the indefensible’.
    We have had slick haired Jim Perchard attempting to put a positive spin on the situation.

    What more can the oligarchs do to obstruct the course of JUSTICE,,,,,,,I just get that feeling that they are cornered, the game is almost up………….The SOJ Police force will just have to start bringing people to justice.

  121. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Could I ask readers to note that I am occasionally subjected to attempts to smear and damage this blog – and bring it into disrepute – by the occasional nutter who submits racist, abusive, meta-conspiracy garbage – either directly in comments – or more subtly as links to other sites.

    For example, a comment submitted this evening – probably by Jersey oligarchy spin-doctors – contains a link to a foul anti-semitic blog – riddled with garbage and poison.

    I’m inclined to think such attempted submission to be the work of Jersey establishment spin-doctors, because I happen to be in dispute with a States member who happens to be Jewish – so what better way of attempting to sabotage my reputation than submit links to racist, crypto-Nazi sites?

    You know, Glenn, you always were a really thick bastard.

    Whilst I am not Jewish, I do have Jewish ancestry; my mother’s maiden name was Gould.

    So to the occasional scum-bag and nutter who attempts to use such methods to attack me – get it through you really thick and obnoxious skulls – it ain’t going to work on me.


  122. Anonymous

    “It is time to start questioning whether this island is fit to govern itself and I find myself thinking that it surely is not. The politicians do not have the competence to ensure the safety and well being of the people of the island and perhaps the time has come to relieve them of this burden.”

    Well said my friend.

    The HDLG investigation was the first truly independent action by the Jersey Police in decades.
    The reward for those who stood up for the abused is villification and whispered slanders.
    Our media and politicians complain about the cost as though the investigation was an optional expense.

    The states have lost hundreds of millions of pounds from the states workers pension funds and from the general state pension account. In the 2007 report they claimed that the high cost of living in Jersey meant that the funds had to take a greater risk in equities than standard pension funds.
    That’s the high cost of living the states policies encouraged folks.
    So the states created the problem and then gambled on the stock markets with our pensions to try and make up the difference. Hmmm

    The waterfront will stand as a monument to the idiocy of our politicians and their friends long after they have all sailed off into the distance.
    Built on toxic landfill, sold off at bargain prices to outside developers and looking more like a blue peter project come to life with every new building, the blank slate of our reclaimed land has been disfigured for ever.

    So we have corruption, incompetence and an inability to think further than the next balance sheet as the benefits of autonomy.

    So tell me what would we lose if we gave up our independence and became a full part of Britain?

    We would lose those stamps in our passports that deny us the benefits of the E.U.
    We would lose the establishment party deciding our futures behind closed doors.
    We would gain the financial security and laws that the U.K. takes for granted but we can only dream of.
    We would gain a police force that works independently and a judicial system that demands accountability from it’s members.
    We might even live in a society where child abuse is investigated impartially.

    But who would want that?
    I have always been a supporter of the island remaining autonomous but now I have changed my mind.
    Am I missing something or do others agree?

  123. Zoompad

    Well, I did look up David Warcup, and his friend, David Jewell.

    David Jewell was interesting. The first thing I found was that he had beeen convicted for molesting a 16 year old boy in a public toilet, which he appealed against and which was overturned on a technicality.

    The next thing I found was a book called “My new master – bound and determined” by David Jewell. I don’t know if it is the same David Jewell, but the main character is a policeman, Detective Brad Williamson, and my eyes nearly popped out when I read the excerpt – it really is a scorcher, the person who wrote it is obviously a complete power freak.

    I don’t think it is a very nice book, I won’t be buying it in any case.

  124. Zoompad

    Another David Jewell “masterpiece” is “Training Wives”, this time the hero is an ex cop from Southern California called Frank Richardson, he has become a clergyman. After reading the short extract I assumed that it was about cannibalism, to my relief I quickly realised that it was not.

    “My wife my slave” is also about a policeman, in fact, most of them are about policemen, the one that made me nearly fall off my chair laughing was called “I will obey, my husband”, this one is a bit different, as it is about two policemen.

    Whoever has written these books not only has a one track mind and a rubbish view of women, he is quite obviously a lad from the North, as he uses Geordie lingo throughout the books.

  125. Anonymous

    I just wanted to congratulate Stuart and Simon for their dedication and sheer hard work that they have done and are still doing.

    Keep it up never give in, eventually they will crumble x

  126. Anonymous

    A POLICE chief has come under fire after it was revealed he retired with a £300,000 lump sum . . . and walked straight into another top job.

    David Warcup was deputy chief constable of Northumbria Police before he retired earlier this year at the age of 50.

    He has since taken over as deputy chief constable in Jersey, where his role includes heading a high-profile investigation into alleged abuse at a children’s home.

    Mr Warcup is in line to become the island’s chief constable in just over a year.

    But it has been revealed that he has received a lump sum of around £300,000 from Northumbria Police.

    Mr Warcup is also receiving £60,000 a year from his old force as part of his retirement package. The pension — which lasts for the rest of his life — represents half of the £120,000-a-year he received from Northumbria.

    It is being paid on top of the £100,000-a-year he receives from the States of Jersey Police.

    Due to the fact that the island is a tax-haven, he only pays 20 per cent on his Jersey police salary.

    In the year before he retired, Mr Warcup also received an undisclosed share of a £47,000 bonus split between Northumbria’s five chief officers.

    Mr Warcup has done nothing wrong and both Northumbria and Jersey police have defended the deal.


  127. uruisg

    “For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.” (H L Mencken)

    For example: Problem of unruly children – lock them up!

  128. Zoompad

    Uruisg, that’s all very well, but how would you tackle the problem of unruly adults who cannot keep their mitts off children?

  129. Anonymous

    The next thing I found was a book called “My new master – bound and determined” by David Jewell. I don’t know if it is the same David Jewell, but the main character is a policeman, Detective Brad Williamson, and my eyes nearly popped out when I read the excerpt – it really is a scorcher, the person who wrote it is obviously a complete power freak.

    There are several David Jewells who write books, not all of which are concerned with exotic sexual practices.
    This type of book has a small but avid readership in the S & M scene. If you care to look around you will find plenty more.
    It is not my thing but it seems to float a fair few peoples’ boats.

  130. SSS is vindicated

    I heard FW on the radio. Suspensions all depend upon evidence. If it’s an abuse case with no evidence other than one (or many) person’s words against another, that’s not enough evidence, so the suspension doesn’t happen.

    Whereas if it’s a Police Chief they don’t like and they think they have some sort of evidence (will we ever hear of it?), suspend away!

    I was also amused to hear him admit that croneyism and Old Boys Networks are inevitable in small communities, but it’s not a problem here.

    Whatever you say, Frankie….. don’t let the States Chambers door slap you on the backside on the way out.

  131. could make it up

    You like leaks, don’t you? Here’s an amusing one, the BNP members list complete with Jersey names on it.

    I wonder how proud they are to stand up for their beliefs?

  132. Anonymous

    You like leaks, don’t you? Here’s an amusing one, the BNP members list complete with Jersey names on it.

    I wonder how proud they are to stand up for their beliefs?


  133. Zoompad

    “There are several David Jewells who write books, not all of which are concerned with exotic sexual practices.”

    Yes, that’s true, there are.

    There’s only one of them who writes non stop in a very English overgrown schoolboy style about power freak SandM bondage police officers though, “My Pet” Mind you, from what I saw on the free previews, the story is always virtually the same in all of them.

  134. Anonymous

    Today’s rag editorial is another anti-Syvret one that has to be seen to be believed!

    They’re having a go at you Stuart for taking so long to take action while Grand Prix was happening “on your watch”!

    Well at least it’s good to see they’re admitting things were badly wrong…. so how about calling for justice against the “civil servants” involved? For some reason they don’t mention that angle……..

  135. voiceforchildren


    I have been “having my say” on the rag just recently and they haven’t been publishing them again.

    Thought i’d ask you to publish my latest attempt. It is to the link I posted earlier.


    Another wonderful Priceless piece of “Journalism”
    Totally unbiased and objective with none of your own agenda.

    You people at the JEP really are a marvel, you must tell us where you learnt your trade of “journalism”

  136. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Rag

    I’m writing another, brief post, which I’ll get up later.

    Don’t worry about The Rag – I’ll do a fully detailed examination of their performance, what they’ve said – and the pro-active role they performed in the cover-up.

    But do look out for my post later this evening – because I’m terribly, terribly curious about a few issues – which may well explain the irrational, crazed, bias of The Rag – so I’ll be asking for some good, community networking.

    The people who may be personally interested in the issue may need directing to this blog – and asked to contact me – once they’ve read the posting.

    Whilst I write, I don’t have time to plow through the BNP list for the Jersey Nazis – they I’ve always known who a few of them were, anyway.

    If a reader would be kind enough to post a list of the Jersey Nazis from the BNP, I’ll be very happy to post it.


  137. Anonymous

    CI members on BNP list http://www.bnpmemberslist.co.uk/

    Posted here under condition that you accept full responsibility for publishing this comment, Stuart.

    Mr Carl Bougourd
    Belle Cottage 2 Les Granges
    Rue de Longfrie
    St Peters
    GY7 9RZ
    07781 123853

    Mr F. G. Stoodley
    22 Victoria Place
    La Route Du
    Port Elizabeth
    JE2 4ER
    01534 875918

    Mr Matthew Green
    3 Linden Flats
    La Rue de Jambart
    St Clement
    JE2 6LA
    01534 630382
    07797 739091
    Change of address 12/10/05

    Mrs Joy Goldingay
    Mr Ray Goldingay
    Clifton Cottage
    La Route Du Mont Mado
    St John
    JE3 4DS
    01534 861524

  138. Anonymous

    Not having your say on the JEP(Jersey Establishment Press)

    This is a pointless have your say because it the post don’t agree with your opinion they don’t post it at all so were realy not having our say.

    I have written to a barrister at the european courts and he claims that the news group will face sanctions when these cases of proven abuse evetually get to a court.

    Anyone who was abused in Jersey will be welcome to side step the Jersey Court just as soon as the human rights concerns a ratified.

  139. Zoompad

    Concluions that few will argue with

    THE Howard League’s review of the Jersey youth justice system has been described as an ‘apocalyptic’ document.

    Anyone taking the trouble to read the whole report on the league’s findings with an open mind will discover that that is not an accurate description of its content.

    It is certainly true that the review is critical of practices and policies that were once or still are prevalent in the Island, but its whole tone is measured, balanced and reasonable.

    It is also true that the Howard League’s initial position – set out clearly in a section entitled Underlying Principles – meant that its review team was always going to conclude that almost any level of youth detention was going to be unacceptable.

    However, although the review recommends fundamental revisions of present policies – such as the immediate ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, raising the age of criminal responsibility to 14, and the appointment of a minister with lead responsibility for children – there is likely to be little resistance to its conclusions. They match objectives which a great many States Members, children’s welfare professionals and ordinary Islanders would regard as desirable.

    Meanwhile, those who insist on characterising the review as utterly damning will want to overlook the praise it extends to certain aspects of Island practice, notably the parish hall inquiry, which, it says, serves as an effective means of diverting young people from the criminal justice system.

    Such critics will, on the other hand, dwell on the notorious ‘grand prix’ system, a method of enforcing discipline which should never have been seen as acceptable and which the Howard League considers to have been illegal. But that system is now a thing of the past, though it is surely significant that it was still in use when the person who commissioned the review, Senator Stuart Syvret, was in charge of Health and Social Services.

    The Senator can certainly be credited with launching an independent and insightful inquiry into youth justice, but just why it took him so long to form the impression that an unacceptable regime was being run on his watch remains an enduring mystery.

    Article posted on 19th November, 2008 – 3.00pm


    The enduring mystery for me is how could Lenny Harper have kept his temper for so long with the grief he was given during the investigation – I count to ten when I get stressed, I bet Lenny had to count to a million every day!

  140. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart two web addresses for you to look at. What do you think?

    The link above if copied and pasted into the address bar at the top of your page will give you access to a cached page about David Jewell. The page has been deleted from google for some reason.


    Copy and paste the above link to find out a bit more about our new deputy chief police officer.

  141. Senator Stuart Syvret

    If you don’t mind, guys – I think we’ve probably had enough now of the mysterious police officer porn writer thread.

    I’m sure it gives people a good laugh – but we do need to concentrate on more serious matters now.


  142. Les Dirouilles

    The only justice that seems to be left to the people of Jersey is to put all the evidence in the public domain so that the perpetrators of crimes against children can be named & taken away from positions where they can further harm children or in any way influence what is left of the rule of law in Jersey.

  143. Anonymous


    The response from Warcup and Gradwell,which flies in the face of reason and evidence gathered to date, has all the hallmarks of a Masonic cover up and use of smear tactics against Lenny Harper and your good self.

    The campaign must continue to obtain justice for the victims and prison for the perpetrators of the murders and abuse. These two, and their masonic brothers must be exposed for what they are – corrupt.

    Out of interest, Wrexham Council bars access to your site on the computers in use by the public there. This is curious as it was in Bryn Estyn, the children’s care home near Wrexham, that some of the worst abuse in North Wales was conducted on children living there by the Freemasons in Police, council and others. It appears that they try to conceal what their brothers have been up to on Jersey.

    Mason Buster.

  144. Póló

    @mason buster

    Are you sure Stuart’s blog is specifically targeted by Wrexham Council?

    I use the internet in my public library in Dublin and there is a rake of blogs that can’t be accessed. I am quite satisfied that in the Dublin case they are simply collateral damage arising from the library’s IT security settings.

  145. Anonymous

    To Polo and Stuart,

    Re: Wrexham Council denying access to Stuart’s Blog.

    I have never been unable to access Stuart’s Blog anywhere else in the UK when I have been away on my travels. Wrexham public computers are the first to restrict access to this site. A notice comes up to say that the site content is considered unsuitable. In the last 12 months I have used very many other public computers and never encountered this before.

    In view of the background and the history of the North Wales Care Homes child abuse cases, I do feel that there is something deliberate and sinister about this.

    On organised paedophile activity in the UK, which has been mentioned in a couple of posts.

    There is considerable evidence which supports the existence of systematic child abuse in the UK and beyond. MPs have admitted that they are aware of this and yet do nothing about it.

    An investigative journalist was researching this with a view to making a TV programme. She had already made a programme into the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium. Information she found when looking into this indicated that there were links to paedophile groups in the UK. There has been no further word about the investigation into the UK side of things. It is known that there is substantial evidence of the existence of organised paedophile activity at a high level within the UK.

    A fact known to me is that for some years before his death, Paul Foot, the investigative journalist, was enquiring into a number of premature and mysterious deaths of victims of the North Wales Care Homes child abuse. I had had contact with him regarding this and I am aware that he had collated considerable material to support his cause for concern on this.

    It is possible that the same dark forces are at work in Jersey. There could well be connections to people in the UK who fear exposure from an extensive investigation. The usual influences will be used to cover it all up.

    Mason Buster.

  146. Póló

    @ mason buster

    I’m on your side. I just wanted the angle covered.

    I wonder if a freedom of information request to the Wrexham Council would produce anything interesting?

    Not sure if UK Local Authorities are covered under this legislation.


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