confidence game”  – any elaborate swindling operation in which advantage is taken of the confidence that the victim reposes in the swindler.

Encyclopedia Britannica

We call those who run “confidence-games”, or “confidence-tricks” – con-men, con-artist or grifters.

Their targets – the “suckers” – known  as “marks”, will often be manipulated by very elaborate cons, involving impressive locations, and “shills” – smartly-dressed people who appear plausible but who are “in” on the racket.

Indeed – some “confidence-games” are so elaborate – so staged – the spectacle is not unlike a piece of theatre.

The gold, phallic mace representing the British Crown’s power, and the Queen’s Lieutenant Governor, and Her Bailiff, sitting in control of what passes for a “judiciary” and a “court” in the off-shore Crown tax-shelter of Jersey.

The potential diversity of racketeering swindles – the invention and sale of fake services – is virtually boundless, and as old as organised society. And by no means limited to small-scale, “private-sector” confidence-men. Entire state-agencies can be rackets.

But not, of course, those authorities we look to for public safety – for our protection – for the rule-of-law – for basic honesty and truth. At least, not here in the West – not in respectable Britain.

As a society, we pay for – and we cherish – a complex policing, prosecution and judicial system that is amongst the best – if not the best – in the world.

But if, say, hypothetically, your wife or daughter was raped – or murdered – or your child was abused – and this vast, elaborately expensive “structure” that you had placed “confidence” in – that you had been duped into believing was a real “criminal justice system” – in fact turned-out to be a confidence-game run by grifters and their shills, and instead of protecting your loved-one, was in fact a scam, that actually covered-up for rapists, murderers and child-abusers if that’s what it took to protect the “image” of the racket – then you would be a “mark” – a sucker.

But you’re not like that, are you?

You’re smart – you’re no fool. Some poor schmucks might fall for such racketeering – but you’d see through the flim-flam a mile away.

So when you read this –


– but then you hear someone who looks and sounds plausible – the Monarch’s Solicitor General in Jersey – and who claims to be an independent director of public prosecutions on the side of the proper rule-of-law and of the truth – asserting that those evidenced, secret interferences by Crown Advocate Stephen Baker with the Nursing & Midwifery Council  – and his subsequent lies in court – were not, in fact, evidenced, secret interferences by Crown Advocate Stephen Baker with the Nursing & Midwifery Council  – nor lies in court – why, then you’ll be quite certain that there must be  – really, really must be – a genuine reason just why black-is-white?

Because you’re no fool.

Meanwhile – those of us a who aren’t dupes – who are not “marks” – have to ask, “are the Crown functions  in Jersey – such things as the judiciary, the prosecution system – anything other, in truth, than a racketeering operation?”

After all, when we listen to our grifter telling a collection of idiots (the Jersey parliament) that “black-is-white”  – we look at the facts – like the letters – the transcripts – the evidence, there to be read in that link above –  those of us who are not schmucks can see as clear-as-day that there is only one thing the Crown could have said in the Jersey parliament on Tuesday 4th June 2013 in answer to the stark fact of the Crown’s corruption – the Crown’s perversion of the course of justice – so as to conceal the most serious of crimes – and to oppress democratic opposition politicians – and that was – “it’s a fair cop”.

Or words to that effect.

The Crown, of course, didn’t say that – because the Crown – its delegated power in Jersey at least – is a “confidence-game” – and no matter what the plain facts are, if enough men with received pronunciation and wearing suitable fancy-dress assert the opposite of the plain facts – then the hallucination will be maintained.

At least, that is, in the eyes of fools.

But remember, this is not merely the conduct of some local party boss – or a few “bought-and-owned” hick-town grifters. This is the conduct – these are the behaviours – of shysters  who have been expressly gifted the power and immunity to enact such corruptions  via the personal – executive – grant of “Letters Patent” by the British Queen.

So when we listen to crooks like “dim” Tim Le Cocq (Jersey Attorney General – expressly appointed by the Queen) or Howard “blunt” Sharp (Jersey Solicitor General – expressly appointed by the Queen) – in response to questions from Deputy Trevor Pitman, lying to the Jersey legislature on Tuesday 4th June 2013 – to the ultimate purpose of attempting to criminally conceal the fact that a number of my former constituents were subjected to murder and attempted murder – and that those crimes have been criminally concealed – it’s important to understand the “chain-of-agency”. Whilst it’s individual holders of “Letters Patent” who are lying to us, they’re  merely links in that “chain-of-agency”; the ultimate power – the “authority” – that is, in fact, conning us with a Jersey “law-enforcement” system that is, in truth, little more than a racket, is the Crown.

At least, that is, if the highest Crown authority knows the truth of what is being done in the name of the Crown?

If the Crown authorities in London have been “suckered” – like so many “marks” have in Jersey – then that would be a different matter.

But the Crown has to be able to show – at law – that it has exercised proper oversight – due-diligence – of the use made of its delegated powers; due-diligence because the truth could never be expected to be actively passed up to the Crown by the Jersey oligarchs. Even in the case of those not personally conflicted in the corruption, so insular – so insulated from reality – so crazed with Groupthink are the local collection of flim-flam men and grifters – they’ve actually succeeded in even conning themselves into buying their own shtick  – into believing their whole confidence-routine is reality.

Of course seasoned Jersey watchers are already familiar with the antics of these local nutcases; These spectacles are ever entertaining, but not so surprising. The fascinating question, and it’s one that’s going to become more and more of a curiosity, is just how on Earth the Crown – the very British state – and all that it’s supposed to represent in respect of “values” – of “democracy” – of the “rule of law” – came to be in a position whereby its name, authority and fiat was being so abused by a collection of manifest villains and halfwits, so as to cover-up child-abuse, attempted murder, murder, rape and assorted examples of conspiracies to pervert the course of justice – including the evidencedly illegal suspension of the Police Chief?

It has to say something powerful – and not a little alarming – about decadence – of stagnation – of decline and fall – of the failure of what should have been the self-protecting robustness of the British system. As I’ve observed before, the manifest criminal anarchy the Crown functions in Jersey have descended into in recent years is “too-big-to-be-too-big-to-fail”. If, that is, the “system” has any sense of respectable self-preservation?  The usual way – with the British system – and the British establishment – is that scandals – even very, very serious ones – can be “discreetly” “parked” – kept on the back-burner – fiddled with by one or two defective, ‘make-believe’  “inquiries” – until sufficient time has passed – a couple of decades maybe – when the various culpable officials – and establishment villains – have passed away. Then, eventually, something like the truth is permitted to emerge. As with Hillsborough, Orgreave, the murder of Daniel Morgan, the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Mid-staffs, Savile, the BBC, Stuart Hall, Dolphin Square  – and many other, though lower-profile, examples of the endemic – but startlingly unacknowledged – corruption in  British society.

It is in such cases that we see that the ultimate “safeguard” we’re supposed to enjoy – that “thing” known as “the-rule-of-law”  – can fail, often disastrously. But then an even bigger illusion – that the UK actually has the effective rule-of-law – can carry on being projected to an hallucinating society via the occasional – decades-too-late – major “revelation”.

But is the stark collapse in the rule-of-law, of democracy – of basic public safety – in Jersey in that category of scandals, in which the truth can be held at bay for a couple of decades until the various gangsters and shills – bent judges, bent cops, bent civil servants – responsible for it are dead?

The Crown has sleep-walked into permitting self-interested factions, such as London & Jersey’s Freemasons, to run this conveniently “self-governing” – and lucrative tax-haven enclave – as a de facto mafia-state – with corruption actually worse than you find in Sicily – on open display; the local potentates & their hired-hands performing just as brazenly and with all the icy nerve – all the “confidence” – you’d expect from  skilled con-artists. Corruption hiding-in-plain-sight. For example – the Crown’s Attorney General answering questions in the Jersey parliament – straightforwardly lying – to the purpose of covering-up dramatic crimes – and further covering-up the corrupt cover-up of those crimes – and further compounding all of the evidenced conspiracies to pervert justice.

Something that would have seemed extraordinary – did we not now know that actual United Kingdom Attorney Generals – such as Sir Michael Havers – concealed child-abuse  – supressed investigations and charges – so as to protect the British Establishment from scandals. Just as the Jersey Attorney Generals have striven to protect the Jersey Establishment – and frequently themselves – from the same scandals.

The delegated Crown power in Jersey is a racketeering operation – a confidence-game – in which the key grifters, empowered by Her Majesty’s “Letters Patent”, are conducting themselves in ways in which all pretence – even any attempt at subtlety – has been abandoned, and claims are made that “black-is-white” to a local applauding claque of foot-stamping lackeys most of whose place in the Jersey parliament has been carefully engineered precisely because they are a-moral, pliable cretins.

Still, as much as we may marvel and be grimly fascinated  at the parallel-universe antics of Jersey’s crypto-feudal fantasists – for the public good, they have to be  – sooner  – or later – confronted with reality, stopped – and made accountable.

The facts and the consequences are going to out.

As they always, inevitably, were.

And British state-power must needs be on the right side of that history.

And quickly – for the hour’s getting late.

Stuart Syvret

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  1. Alastair Morgan

    It’s true. The public has been hypnotised by titles, robes, wigs, gowns and the mainstream media into believing in an illusion. But the cracks, more and more of them, are showing, and we are waking up from our long slumber and beginning to see the shabby reality.


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