“Their malice is matched only by their stupidity and incompetence.”

Graham Power Produces a Commentary

On the Actions of Jersey’s Public Authorities:

Read the full document here:


“I hope that this information is of assistance to those with an interest in these events. In particular I hope that they will be of value to the most important people in the whole affair, namely the survivors of the long running and systematic abuse of vulnerable children which was conducted in establishments run by the Jersey Government and which went unchallenged for decades.”

Former Police Chief Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.

In response to recent articles by Jersey’s independent journalists, the former Police Chief Graham Power agreed to explain the chronology and key facts involved in the illegal actions taken against him and survivors of child abuse, by Jersey’s public authorities. That full statement can be read here:


I urge readers to go to the Voice For Children site, and read the full statement; it is clear, succinct and forensic in its deconstruction of events.

To give a flavour of it, I reproduce a few quotes, below.


Excerpts from Graham Power Commentary 1st February 2012

“6: On 10th November 2008 the Chief Officer was off the Island attending to an urgent family welfare issue in the UK. The Deputy Chief Officer, David Warcup, wrote a letter to the Chief Executive to the Council of Ministers (Bill Ogley.) He said that he had that day received an “Interim Report” from the Met which documented their “Initial Findings.” He did not attach a copy of the Met report which he said was “restricted” due to the sensitivity of the information it contained. (Subsequent readers of the alleged “Interim Report” who have offered comment have not been able to identify any content in the report which justifies it being withheld by Mr Warcup, or which could not have been addressed by simple redaction. Those expressing this view include Brian Napier QC who was commissioned to review the matter and whose report is in the public domain. Mr Warcup resigned shortly before the publication of the Napier report.)”

“7: On 11th November 2008 the letter from David Warcup was considered by the then Minister for Home Affairs, Deputy Andrew Lewis. Mr Lewis was about to leave office. He had not stood for re-election in the 2008 Jersey elections which were reaching a conclusion around that time. It was the last, and perhaps only, significant issue he had to deal with during his short political career. In a subsequent statement to Wiltshire Police, prior to which he signed a legal declaration making the statement admissible as evidence in Court, Lewis claimed that he had no concerns regarding the Historic Abuse Enquiry until he received the letter from Warcup on 11th November 2008. The report by Brian Napier QC makes it clear that this part of his statement is untrue. Napier established that for some months Lewis had been meeting secretly with others, including the Chief Executive Bill Ogley and the then Chief Minister Frank Walker, in an effort to devise a means by which the Chief Officer of the Force could be suspended.”

“9: The Jersey Government quickly publicised its actions. The Chief Officers elderly mother learned of his suspension by means of a news item on her local TV station in Yorkshire. The Chief Officers daughter learned the news on her car radio in Sydney. With hindsight the Chief Officer now sees these actions as those of a corrupt and malicious administration resolved to trample over every rule of fairness and justice in an effort to break the spirit and resolve of an individual who is an obstacle to their plans and intentions. It did not work. What they in fact achieved was to initiate a long running and divisive controversy which is alive more than three years afterwards, and which in terms of reputational damage and cost exceeds anything which they may have been seeking to avoid. Their malice is matched only by their stupidity and incompetence.”

Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.

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