Tuesday 24th June

Committee Room 7 – House of Commons

6.30 to 8pm

Open Meeting – ALL WELCOME.

Really sorry for posting so irregularly; I’ve been very busy concentrating on political work – mainly for my constituents.

Though I have enjoyed the occasional light relief with political ventures such as tabling a vote of no-confidence in Jersey’s Council of Ministers, battling to save Habeas Corpus and seeking a public enquiry into the massed dumping of toxic incinerator ash in Jersey’s Waterfront landfill sites.

And I’m not even up for election this year!

But should you be missing my fevered ramblings, I have begun – belatedly – to post on the Channel Islands Forum, or Vue Des Isles to use its formal title. There is a link to the Channel Islands Forum on my links list, down on the right.

My first Vue Des Isles post takes a hard look at the unacknowledged limits of economic ‘growth’ in the Channel Islands.

The site looks really promising; the people of the Channel Islands have needed their own forum in which to compare & contrast the various attractions of our islands – and/or the respective absurdities of our governments.

The CI forum appears to be largely free of the near-constant flamings and trollings which have come to dominate exchanges between proponents of Is This Jersey, and proponents of Planet Jersey. Whilst I’m the last person to object to a bit of bare-knuckle politics, as I’ve remarked elsewhere – it seems to be an awful lot of effort going into a pretty negative endeavour. As a reader, I would prefer these sites to lessen the flamings and concentrate a bit more on the real issues.

Though, by all means keep producing the occasional metaphorical battering; politics in the Channel Islands is too polite for the public good; truths that should be spoken aren’t – because to do so just wouldn’t be “polite”. But if all you’re doing is attacking each-other – important policy discussions just aren’t happening.

I promise to resume posting more frequently on my blog from later this week, but from Monday until Thursday morning, I’ll be in London attending the Jersey Care Leavers Association meeting at Westminster, the details of which are at the head of this post.

I’m not a member of the organisation, having never been in “care” – but I am a supporter of the CLA and will hopefully establish, with like-minded individuals, a ‘Friends of Jersey CLA’ group to support and assist those who have been through the system.

The Jersey CLA representatives, in co-operation with the UK CLA, will be giving a presentation to MPs concerning the whole wretched saga of child endangerment in Jersey.

I will be speaking to some MPs about the manifestly failed administration of justice in Jersey – and what can be done about it.

So watch this space; I’ll report back in due course.

Later this week, I’ll write about how I think things have gone in London.

And I will also be addressing survivors directly.

Many of the survivors know, just as the Police know, and just as I know – that there are survivors and witnesses out there who have chosen, so far, to not contact the Police and give statements.

I make a plea to those people to re-consider – and to contact the Police and give statements. Even if you think your evidence is insignificant – the Police still want to hear from you.

I’ll write in more detail later this week about the importance of people coming forward. Meanwhile, if you’ve had any of these experiences – or you witnessed strange things – or you know of people who did – please contact the States of Jersey Police. You can call their dedicated Historic Abuse Enquiry team on:

0800 735 7777

Or, if you’re nervous about speaking directly to the Police, please contact me in confidence. I’m ready and willing to meet with you should you wish. My number is 01534 610833. I’m often, of necessity, away from my desk, so if you get my answer phone, do please leave a message. Or, you can e-mail me at: st.syvret@gov.je

Well, I’m off to get ready to go to London, so I’ll be away from my desk for a few days.

But as I said, you can read some of my extraneous ramblings on the Channel Island Forum, where I posted earlier this evening.

And hello to any readers in Guernsey who may wander into these regions. Look – St. Peter Port may be pretty – and St, Helier a squalid dump – but our rugby player, Matt Banahan, is bigger and nastier than any of your rugby players.


14 thoughts on “A FEW DAYS IN LONDON

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart, I used to be a member of isthisjersey but I have abandoned this forum now because its attacks on Planet Jersey and its owner have gone over-kill. This is all really down to a popularity competition and you do get this sometimes, but poor moderation is partly to blame. isthisjersey needs to get its act together quicky.

    How are you preparing for the big vote in a weeks time?

  2. BlogFan

    Please keep blogging rather than use forums. The blog is a much better way to reach your audience, and we can post comments here.
    The forum in question has a really ugly layout, and your messages will get lost in the noise there. We can’t easily see what’s new (since the last viewing) without all the hassle of registering.
    Best wishes

  3. Frank

    I e-mailed Jack Straw at the ‘ Ministry of Justice ‘ in support of your claim for an independent enquiry a couple of weeks ago . I never received a reply.
    In your article you asked for anybody who may have seen ‘strange things ‘ to go to the police .Is there another facet to this apart from being an abuse and possible murder enquiry .

  4. Anonymous

    Just to balance a couple of the comments about Planet Jersey & ITJ?
    Then I think the whole thing should be ignored

    The war of words is indeed stupid and I will not use either forum, for fear of getting flamed.

    From my observations the whole thing was started on Planet Jersey and then dragged on to ISJ?
    Unfortunatly the admin on ITJ? is next to useless.
    There are attacks and Planet Jersey is not as innocent as they claim.
    Out of fairness it should be pointed out that Planet Jersey have reproduced emails on their site that were not meant for publication and one of Planet’s members did likewise on ISJ?

    This was used as an attack on Time4Change. All very strange.

    I agree Stuart, avoid the forums they are infiltrated by people with suspect values.

  5. Anonymous

    Two held over Jersey abuse allegations

    Tuesday, 24 June 2008 10:27
    Two people have been arrested in connection with the long-running child abuse investigation centred around a former care home in Jersey.

    A 70-year-old man and a 69-year-old woman have been arrested by detectives investigating the allegations.

    However police said the allegations against them did not relate to crimes that occurred at the home.

    AdvertisementThree men have already been charged in connection with the inquiry at a former children’s home called Haut de la Garenne.

    One 76-year-old man who used to work at the home has been charged with indecently assaulting girls under 16 between 1969 and 1979.

    A 68-year-old man has been charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on Jersey between 1971 and 1974.

    And a 45-year-old man was charged with one count of sodomy against a boy and two counts of indecent assault against two other boys.

    The charges relate to three separate children and are alleged to have been committed between 1977 and 1980.

    A massive investigation has discovered widespread allegations of abuse of the home’s former residents and police have unearthed the remains of more than one child in cellars underneath the imposing granite building.

  6. Anonymous

    Just to give my thoughts on the Forum battle. IsthisJersey today has a number of personal attacks yet again against named Planet Jersey members. I have been informed that Niccola M is actually Time 4 Change groups spokes person Nick Le Cornu. Nick therefore is fuelling this war by not doing anything about it.

    The published e-mail, which I understand has since been removed form Planet Jersey, whilst nothing has been removed from IsthisJersey to date, was circulated all over the place weeks ago. So the cat was already out of the bag.

  7. Derek

    Hi Stuart,
    Just to clarify, Channelislandsforum.co.uk & Vue Des Isles are not one and the same.

    I am a member of both (having joined Vue des isles to read your posts)and just wanted to make you (and others) aware of the difference.

    While i enjoy reading all you have to say as it’s usually interesting, thought provoking and not without a sense of humour i have to say that i do enjoy CI Forum more has it has a wider range of topics available from the serious (politics) to the fun (Joke threads etc.).

    No offence intened to any Vue Des Isles Uber-Fans out there!


  8. Georgina Watkins

    “Anonymous said…

    Hi Stuart, I used to be a member of isthisjersey but I have abandoned this forum now because its attacks on Planet Jersey and its owner have gone over-kill. This is all really down to a popularity competition and you do get this sometimes, but poor moderation is partly to blame. isthisjersey needs to get its act together quicky.”

    It’s only right to remind readers that in the few short months they have been active, Planet Jersey have created more strife and division within the local online community than EVER existed before.

    Please remember that when reading posts which paint Planet Jersey as an innocent victim and her detractors as vultures and heathens.

  9. Anonymous


    I agree absolutely with the comment about keeping this blog rather than using a local forum.

    I have stopped buying the JEP and instead every night when I get home I log onto your blog to find out what is being said. Much more interesting and in accordance with my own thinking and beliefs

    I also appreciate that you let us comment without having to register and offer a safe outlet for our thoughts. I very much enjoy reading other’s views without the whole thing deteriorating into a slanging match, because I guess you remove all the crap before posting.

    Keep up the blog it sustains more people than you can imagine.

    Looking forward to your next comment – 1st July States sitting is going to be an interesting one – I’m sure you’ll have a few things to say about the proceedings.

  10. Stuart Syvret

    Re: web site wars.

    IsThisJersey vs Planet Jersey.

    I have had a number of comments from different supporters and opponents of the above mentioned two sites.

    I have decided to not publish any further such comments – as I believe the whole web site war thing has become completely out of hand, excessive and just not constructive.

    I think its bad enough that people with clear political views appear to be more interested in using 80% of their time attacking each other – rather than debating the issues – without letting my site become just another battle ground.

    Look, guys – it would be better for political discussion, better for the community, and better for yourselves if you all turned down the flamings.

    Like I said – a bit of bare knuckle stuff is quite healthy in politics – but when it becomes the dominant mode – you have been diverted from the real issues.

    Please could both sites get back to promoting their thoughts and ideas in constructive manner?



  11. Anonymous

    Jersey ‘a step away from independence’

    I find this statement from the Channel TV web site really quite frightening in the current circumstances, surely this can’t be allowed to happen while people are calling for the “heads” of the “Bayleaf” his Brother “The General” and Chief Frank

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart
    i am very curious about your interest in setting up a ‘friends of the CLA’. Forgive me but i must ask why?
    Most people in the human race with an ounce of decency will be sympathetic to people brought up in care and are utterly appalled by some of the stories that have unfolded in the media over these past months. But setting up a group of ‘friends’ seems patronising and humiliating to them in the extreme.
    i am sure they can get some of the strength needed from their own organisation. They will be empowered and will be part of a national network. So why on earth would you set up a parallel group to latch on to, and ‘voyeur’ a group of vunerable people?
    Who do you imagine joining such a group? People who enjoy ‘helping’ vunerable and damaged people perhaps. Would you be apart of this group? Chair it perhaps?
    Please explain.

  13. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Friends of Jersey Care Leavers

    The proposed Friends of Jersey Care Leavers is not – in fact – contrary to your assertion a “voyeur” group.

    And, frankly, only someone profoundly ignorant – who just hadn’t been paying attention to events – would make such remarks.

    As has been reported publicly – on many occasions – for months – the Jersey CLA has been established as an independent self-support group – which is indeed run by care leavers – for care leavers.

    They are getting strength from their own organisation – and are becoming empowered, with the help and support of the national body.

    You ask “why should a ‘Friends’ of Jersey Care Leavers group be established?”.


    Because the members of the JCLA have asked us to – that’s why.

    Might I suggest that it is “patronising” and “humiliating” of you to imply that they shouldn’t make such a choice?

    Not only have they freely done so – the Jersey CLA has been – and is being – closely advised and supported by the UK CLA. So there is no question of the care leavers being becoming beset by voyeuristic nutters.

    Not least because the Jersey CLA members are more than capable of looking after themselves – and would tell any such person where to get off.

    The kind of people who will become members of the Friends of JCLA group will be friends and family members of care leavers, campaigners, some politicians and hopefully, one or two lawyers who are giving freely of their time to be of assistance to the JCLA and its members.

    I trust these facts make the situation plain.



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