We’ve Had Two Weeks of Jersey Oligarchy

Lies and Spin.

This Weekend, Straight Cop

Lenny Harper Will Respond

With the Truth.

A brief posting – to give you notice of a forthcoming attraction.

During the last two weeks or so, Channel Island residents have been subjected to an utterly unprecedented campaign of spin, propaganda and lies – the objective of which has been to rubbish the historic child abuse investigation.

Predictably, perhaps – such is the stupidity and ineptitude of the Jersey oligarchy – so extreme, incredible, excessive and obviously dishonest has been the propaganda – that it’s actually had the opposite affect to that which it was intended to achieve.

Far from the average islander now believing that there was little, if any, truth to the accounts of abuse by over a hundred survivors, instead, people are having their suspicions raised.

All of what passes for the traditional news media in Jersey – and the supposed journalist who work within it – have passively parroted the Jersey oligarchy spin.

True, some of them sought comment in response from Lenny – but why on Earth should he want to bother responding to the Jersey media – when we all know full-well he wouldn’t be given a fair reply.

And – more significantly – why should Lenny bother responding in such pipsqueak non-entities as the traditional Jersey news outlets – when he can respond with a guest posting on this blog instead!

And achieve vastly more readers!

Just ranked ninth! – Ninth! – in UK Councillor local government member blogs!

Just think! The “Quite Vile Blog” – in the Top Ten blogs of local politicians in the country – from amongst hundreds – hell, maybe thousands!

Here’s the link to the rankings on Ian Dale’s Diary, a great site, incidentally:


And here’s the link to Ian’s front page:


Sorry, I’m still no good at hyperlinks – but hopefully Computer Nerd or Web Meister can sort the links for us.

This blog is the Channel Island’s main source of pithy, challenging, independent thought and opinion.

And it’s read by an awful lot more people than the Jersey Evening Post!

(Not that that’s actually saying a lot – R.I.P The Rag – but allow me my little moment of schadenfreude.)

Read this blog – to be ‘in’ on the inside-track; the leading source in the Channel Islands, nationally – and around the world – of Jersey intrigues.

So – it is here – exclusively – sometime this Saturday – you will be able to read the detailed, in-depth response of Lenny Harper to the Jersey establishment’s spin.

Lenny will be explaining some facts – and a few home truths – which our stenching oligarchy are not going to like.

Not one little bit.

And he’ll be addressing us on this – the ninth ranked local politician’s blog in the country.

With 198,556 unique site users.

I’m going to drink some more wine!

Before the power goes to my head!


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