Just a brief post which I thought my readers might find entertaining.

A group of Jersey citizens – representing a broad-cross section of our community – recently gathered at an event organised by a new group, Time4Change. This Sunday gathering elicited some very interesting discussions; observations and ideas driven by the present unprecedented wretched state of the Jersey polity.

Naturally, the gathering attracted the predictable de minimus coverage from The Rag – you know the kind of thing – as little as they thought it could get away with.

The piece was buried in the in the paper and used a photograph of one of the organisers briefly speaking with me about the timing of contributions to the discussion – but framed and used in a way quite calculatedly to appear as though we were discussing some foul, conspiratorial plot.

You know, I remarked in a recent post how the Jersey Evening Post happily – and very profitably – churned out Nazi propaganda and diktats when the island was under Nazi occupation during World War II. I also suggested that it was during this period The Rag learnt all its Nazi-like propaganda skills.

And I wasn’t joking.

A few of my commenters have submitted pieces concerning the occupation – and the money-raking, Nazi-arse-kissing habits of the Guiton Groups finest – owners of the JEP – back in those dark days.

I’m including those submissions in this post below my refused letter which I am posting – and would invite any other such submissions; they make fascinating reading, don’t they?

I’ve read a great deal about spin, propaganda and the calculated manipulation of public opinion by the rich and powerful. So I spot the tricks quite easily.

For example – the coverage The Nazi Rag gave to the Time4Chang meeting ticked many of the boxes on the Joseph Goebbels propaganda check-list.

Minimise the relevance of the gathering?


Minimise the public exposure of the event?


Calculated use of photographs to make people look conspiratorial and evil?


Focus the article on the peripheral and irrelevant?


Ignore the real issues that were being discussed?


Convey the impression, obliquely, that the organisers are some kind of dark and dangerous “enemy within”?


Indirectly and obliquely link the meeting with “the enemy without” – in this case the national media?


And refuse to print letters from the organisers, attendees and supporters?


The Jersey Evening Post uses this methodology time and time again whenever an anti-establishment story emerges. And it is the very methodology as used by the Nazis.

For example – whilst some Nazi propaganda was simply out-right crude statements of hate – people like Goebbels realised that to be really effective – propaganda had to be faintly credible; that it had to subtly massage people’s already extant prejudices.

The Rag has this approach off-to-a-T.

It doesn’t do anything so crude as to state “Syvret and Tadier Will Eat Your Grannies”.

Or, “All the International Media are in League With Syvret!”

No; what they do instead is simply imply a few subtle key “messages” – lies, in effect – deliberately designed to work with and upon peoples fears.

For example – it is hinted and imputed that people like me are simply dangerous trouble-makers whose only wish is to destroy the economy – thus implying “and all you decent people will be bankrupted if these people are not crushed.”

Or, as the coverage of the Time4Change gathering demonstrates, the message is: “these are just a tiny minority of disaffected and bitter trouble-makers. Really – 90% of people in Jersey actually love the island’s government.”

I suppose one of the things I’ve always found so puzzling is why the average Jersey Journalist should be so spineless, so devoid of ethics, so morally decayed, so weak, so fearful, so ignorant and so cowardly as to just not stand up to their bosses.

I mean – you’d think there might be one or two?

But no.

For example – why – when Denzil Dudley, Roger Barra, Mathew Price and John Uphoff decided that BBC Jersey was going to calculatedly and wilfully do all it possibly could to minimise publicity for the first BBC regional documentary program on the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, in order to support their establishment friends – did not the other staffers at BBC Jersey say: “this marginalising of the up-coming broadcast is bloody appalling – it’s disgusting pro-establishment bias – and we won’t put up with it!”?

But no – I guess as long as the pay-checks keep rolling in, it’s a case of just keeping your heads down and not upsetting the bosses.

The Jersey climate of fear – on open display amongst its journalist – in the year 2008.

Likewise at The Rag – most of the journos and sub-editors there exhibit about as much journalistic integrity – actually, about as much human decency – as a mob embarking upon a pogrom.

There are one or two honourable exceptions.

But, sadly Ben Queree isn’t one of them. He quite shamelessly does whatever is the bidding of his pay-masters; tries to entrap and stitch-up anti-establishment people – and writes the kind of crap described above in the report on the Time4Change meeting.

What is it with these people? If I worked there – or anywhere so devoid of ethics and of human decency – I’d tell them to shove their job.

I’d take my chances elsewhere – actually – as I have done with the cess-pit which is politics.

But not people like Ben. Maybe he hopes that if he plays his cards right in the service of his bosses he too will be able to settle in a retirement cottage on Sark?

You know – in a strange kind of way, I really hope these people are just being ‘bribed’ with huge ‘performance bonuses’.

It would be pretty disturbing if they were exhibiting such ethical betrayal of this community – and kissing their bosses arses – just because that’s what they wanted to do.

Anyway, returning to Queree’s article, in writing it he deliberately ignored most of what I had to say – but made a point of reporting my comment to the effect that ‘most States members were a bunch of idiots’.

So – all one can really do is just laugh at these clowns – Jersey journos and politicians alike.

Here is the letter I submitted to The Rag – which they didn’t print.

And below my letter, check out the very interesting submissions from readers of this blog on the ‘performance’ of the Jersey oligarchy and its Rag in the service of the occupying Nazis.

I know from my family some very interesting things concerning the Nazi Occupation.

Here’s just one little item: The Bailiff of Jersey during the occupation was one Alexander Coutanche – made a ‘Lord’ no-less – this in order to propagandise the angry population into thinking these Nazi-supporting and profiteering shysters were actually good leaders. The Jersey oligarchy propaganda surrounding this despicable clown is that he was some kind of towering beacon of wisdom – guiding this community through these difficult times.

Indeed – a simply vast portrait of him hangs in Jersey’s Royal Court.

This supposed heroic leader was, in fact, viewed with contempt and loathing by the average person in Jersey, especially the working-classes – to whom he was simply known as “The Ja, Ja-man.”

The man who always just said ‘yes, yes’ to the Nazis.

Please keep similar submissions concerning the Occupation coming.



Senator Stuart Syvret
6 Ralegh Court
Ralegh Avenue
St. Helier

E-mail: st.syvret@gov.je
Tel: + 44 1534 610833

28th April 2008

Letters to the Editor
Jersey Evening Post
Five Oaks
St. Saviour.


I note that Ben Queree in his report of the Time4Change meeting quoted me as describing the vast majority of States members as ‘idiots’.

I am disappointed he should have chosen this quote to include in the article.

Personally, I thought my description of the States as “largely a collection of gangsters and half-wits” was far more representative of my comments.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Stuart Syvret.

The Jersey Oligarchy and its Rag, the Jersey Evening Post:

In The Service of The Nazis.

From Anonymous:

Ad in Jersey Evening Post July 1941


A reward of £25 will be given to the person who first gives to the inspector of Police information leading to the conviction of anyone (not already discovered) for the offence of making on any gate, wall or other place whatsoever visible to the public the letter “V” or any other sign or any word or words calculated to offend the German Authorities or soldiers.

This 8th July 1941.

Victor G Carey


From Anonymous:

who will buckle first – the politicians or the JEP

I would suggest the politicians…but only at the behest of the electorate….

A number will simply not stand others will feel the electorate’s wrath

But it’s the JEP we need to sort out

One hundred years of telling people what to think and who to vote for is a hard act to give up.

We must help them look in the mirror.

Admit their failings (such as its role in the Nazi occupation, its condemnation of the resistance movement and its historical role in protecting the elite against the masses.

We are many they are few…..

From Anonymous:

What mention of the BRAVE Jersey resistance movement to the Nazi’s on Liberation Day?

What mention in the JEP of its role during the occupation and its role in allowing the Collaborators to escape justice (not one person convicted)?

Yet nearly every Jewish person on the Island sent to concentration camps…many to die in the final solution?

Our resistance movement should be national heroes as in the rest of Europe

Europe got de-Nazification

Jersey still hides from the truth

Justice must come…..soon…

From TonyB.

Confronting the Past” is a good theme for liberation, if one considers (a) how brave ordinary islanders helped Russian slave workers and Jews to hide (b) how Clifford Orange, Aliens Officer, and Duret-Aubin, Attorney-General simply followed the line of least resistance in obeying the German authorities regarding the registration of Jews, and the passing on of information about radio sets. Just doing their jobs!

Perhaps Sir Philip should read “British Channel Islands Under German Occupation 1940-45” by Paul Sanders on “The Parameters of Collaboration” which detail these matters, and consider how he might have behaved. His current conduct does not appear promising as an indicator.

From Anonymous:

“All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal.” so says…..Phil Bailhache

Reminds me so much of the JEP after Liberation…..

Collaboration during the occupation was scandalous but the Jersey Liberation Movement denigration of the Jersey government during the war is the real scandal


The scandal was that hundreds of people died in slave labour camps on our islands, that Channel Island Jews were forced to wear the star of David (Guernsey) and sent to concentration camps, many to die and our freedoms curtailed by the Nazis

It’s a scandal the JEP attacked the Liberation movement

And now it’s a scandal that the JEP in 2008 still backs the elite, scared of losing its control and patronage.

It’s a scandal that young children were abused.

Confronting the Past

Winning the future.

From Anonymous:

When mainland reporters tried to get onto the Island just after Liberation from the Nazi’s in 1945 to investigate growing anger against the war-time leadership focused on a petition signed by thousands of islanders, the Jersey authorities delayed permission for them to land.

Below is a report by Sam Russell dated 8th April 1945 (St Helier, Jersey)

The Angry Island – Out with the States

I have arrived here two months after the liberation on the only parts of the British Isles ever occupied by Germans, to find the Island seething with discontent.

For five years the people of Jersey looked forward to the day when they would be rid of the Germans. They hoped that with the British troops would come men from Britain who would inquire closely into the actions of those who were in charge of the Government of the Island during the occupation, and particularly into the action of
the States—the Government of the Island.

Two months has gone by and nothing has happened.

The men whose slogan during the occupation was “don’t do any-thing to annoy the Germans” are still holding the same positions and high office. They are the same men who discouraged even such minor manifestations of resistance as the showing of the V sign, the cutting of telephone wires and the keeping of radio sets. They are the same men who assisted the Germans in their mobilisation of the Island’s manpower and who used all their police forces to round up the English inhabitants of the Island for deportation to Germany.

Recruitment for the Germans was encouraged, I was told, by the States by methods such as these:

A man applying for employment was told, for example, that the only work available was “gardening.” When he went to the job he discovered that this “gardening” consisted of cutting and relaying turf to camouflage German strong points and gun positions.

When in early 1942 the Germans ordered the Island to surrender their radio sets, one man with a few courageous companions issued a leaflet calling upon the people of Jersey to resist the order and hold on to their sets by any means.

The Germans retaliated by taking a dozen hostages. Instead of helping the men who had shown such courage or at least shielding them, the Island officials conducted a whispering campaign which finally forced the leader of the group to give himself up to Germans.

He was immediately sent to the concentration camp in Germany, where he is still recovering from the terrible effect of his imprisonment.

But this man, together with many others, will be coming back to the island. Many have already returned, although there is great indignation at the slowness of the repatriation.

The boat bringing people from the mainland regularly comes to the Island more than half empty. Jersey men who have been prisoners of war in Germany have had to wait as much as six weeks before getting a permit from the Home Office to go home.

Wherever I have gone I have found the people here determined to deal with the injustices of all sorts that abound in this Island with its out of date constitution. That is why the Jersey Democratic Movement, an organisation formed illegally during the occupation, is getting widespread support. Headed by a baker, a doctor and a teacher, this organisation is strongly supported by the working people of the Island.

In the two months since liberation it has reached a membership of nearly 2,000. Its meetings are always packed no matter in “which part of the Island they are held”. And this has been achieved in spite of the most blatant and vicious intimidation by-the-powers-that-be.

There is only one newspaper on this Island (The Jersey Evening Post) and it has refused to give any publicity at all to the movement. Not that it needs any, for wherever I go I see chalked on the walls the slogan, “Out with the States.”

Before I came to Jersey the Daily Worker received a letter from a woman whose father is a member of the Jersey Democratic Movement and enclosing a letter from him. “Should his name or mine be printed,” she wrote,” he would be liable to be beaten up and my sister would lose her job in the Education Office.”

“I am asking for this letter to be posted in England,” wrote the father. “I should not like a letter addressed to the Daily Worker to be posted here.”

From what I have seen since my arrival I have no doubt that the States are using their position here to intimidate supporters of the Jersey Democratic Movement.

A young woman teacher of the Jersey Democratic Movement Committee was told that if she continues her activity she would be deprived of her post, so she resigned.

The Secretary, Mr. A. L. Robson, also a teacher, resigned before he was threatened, to devote himself entirely to the growing needs of the organisation.

The British soldiers on the Island are amongst the most indignant at what is going on.
“The great majority of us Tommies of the Liberation Army,” wrote one soldier to me,” are wondering when justice is going to assert her rights, and bring to these despicable informers, collaborationists and ‘ Jerry-bags ‘ their just deserts.

“These traitors,” he continued, “knew the type of bestial race they were helping. They also knew to what horrors they were sending patriotic Jersey people when their informing caused these citizens to be deported to Germany.

“There is no reason whatever why these traitors should not be brought to trial and punished now.

“After meeting the people who have done so much during the occupation to help escaped Russian prisoners and who had their own little resistance movement, it makes me wild to see the traitors enjoying the fruits of liberation and living easily on the money of their German masters.

“Can’t these traitors,” he asked,” be dealt with now, in the same way as in Holland, Denmark and other countries? “

And this is the question that is being asked by the overwhelming majority of the people of Jersey.

Sam Russell 8th April 1945


  1. donchais

    I truthfully knew nothing of Jersey until I found out about the heartbreaking abuse scandal and have followed the horror stories closely.

    What absolutely stuns me almost as much, is the governing elite and JEP, their arrogance and the length they will go to in their complicity.

    I do not pretend to understand Jersey, but the more I find out about it’s past and present behavior, the more I worry about the future.

    How tragic all of this is!

    Keep fighting the good fight and know you have support abroad.

  2. Anonymous

    could you please place Ben Queree in his report of the Time4Change meeting quoted me as describing the vast majority of States members as ‘idiots’. on here as some of us dont get these stories.

    Thanks & keep it up m8 your a true gent sir. Keep sqeezing those maggots

  3. jim browne

    Hi Stuart.

    First of all well done at the meeting mate, and what a wonderful name Time4Change.

    The JEP is trying the old trick of Character Assassination, trying to blame you for things they have done, it’s typical of any council or Government, they push the blame onto someone else and try and make the people turn against them, but you are in a strong position, as you have many supporters both on the Island and here in the UK.

    What you may find soon, is that they will start stabbing eachother in the back and blaming eachother, thats when we sit back and watch the fireworks.

    The JEP will NEVER print the truth, as they are that used to telling lies or just allowing the public to read what they want them to read, all is rosy on the Island of Jersey. I mailed the RAG a few times only to get no answer, why was that I ask, simply because I told them what real life was all about.

    Next time you have a meeting with Time4Change have someone video it, that way they can’t tell lies. What they are also doing is, talking about the Nazis and forgetting about the child abuse, they are turning the story around by talking about Liberation Day, its a clever ploy mate ‘Lets get them all talking about the Nazis, that will take the pressure off the child abuse’

    Walker and co’s names are mud now amongst the people of Jersey and will be for many years, they will go down in history as the people who helped the alleged cover up of child abuse on your Island, angain I used the word alleged for legal reasons, even though I think they are covering it up.

    Jersey was never Liberated and never will while these people run the island, they are still Nazis but in different cloths. Stand at the next election Stuart and Liberate the Island once and for all.

    Jim Browne

  4. voiceforchildren

    Thanks to your blog and others the Jersey public are bocoming more aware of the JEP’s little games and not only are they a mouthpiece for todays “dictators” but appear to have always been.

    The most unfortunate thing about it is, they really see nothing wrong in it as they know no other way, it’s the way it has always been and has served them well for decades.

    What they didn’t take into account was the internet turning up. Before the internet, the entire local media, had a captive audience and no doubt quickly learned, if they all towed the party line in unicen they would be an extremely powerful tool, a lesson that never escaped the powers that be.

    They could publish and print whatever they wanted and the audience and readers had no way of knowing any better.

    Now we have the internet and are offered different view points and guess what? the Jersey residents are now finding all these coincidents and suspicions about our local media aren’t quite the coinsedences and suspicions they thought they were.

    Times are changing and fortunately our establishment and media can’t keep up and try and hide in their denial, they just can’t accept they have been rumbled.

    We have no, what most would call, “journalists” over here, only what would appear to be ethically and morally bankrupt lap dogs that tow the party line in order to pick up a cheque at the end of the month.

    Your blogsite is a lifeline to many, including myself, keep chipping away it won’t be long before your readership tops that of the JEP’s and the difference is readers come on your site out of “choice” not out of neccessity like the JEP’s.

  5. Anonymous

    The Jersey Democratic Movement was established as peoples “Popular Front” against the Nazi occupation to co-ordiate the growing discontent on Jersey in the winter 1942

    Those at the initial meeting included A.L. Robson; A. Jehan; D.J. Queree and Norman Le Brocq (and Les Huelin, Les Perkins)

    By 1944 the JDM had become a definiative power in the island in spite of its cloak of secrecy

    It’s leaflets being produced on the TGWU union duplicator and set out how to fight the Nazi’s, and how Jersey needed to change after Liberation

    Despite bitter attacks during and after Liberation by the JEP and victimisation of its organisers made it difficult for the JDM to make progress, despite 2,000 supporters
    and winning its 12 candidates in 1945 42% of the town vote and 23% of the rural vote. Senator Venables being the only JDM candidate to be elected. Norman Le Brocq was not elected until 1966

  6. Anonymous

    Where is the statute to this brave people of the JDA?
    And to think they have denigrated this movement,who have alway stood for justice and the man on the street.
    The Venom in Ozouf’s voice on Sunday talkback when he mentioned the JDA .Does he really know the history of the Island?
    Anyone who dares to criticise the Government are referred to as JDA,ATTAC.The new pariah will be Time4Change.
    Do not underestimate us,or try any of that sort of manipulation .We know your games,and the days of the GST party are numbered.
    As Stuart has said in previous blog,we might not be able to say backside in Latin, but we are pretty good at making “V” signs!

  7. Anonymous

    Another Liberation Day
    and no withdrawl by the JEP of it’s editorial of 19th May 1945

    which not only condemned informers and collaborators during the occupation, but also stated that

    “Better known residents, whose subversive activities against our own authorities is another shameful story and deserving of the strongest condemnation”.

    A direct statement condeming our Resistance Movement for daring during the occupation to the Authorities for implementing Nazi rule.

    When will the JEP or the States ever say sorry


  8. Anonymous

    For those who are interested.
    Planet Jersey ( the tool of the establishment) has imploded.
    JTM has been found out.

  9. Anonymous

    “The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life … A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors… Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same.”: George Orwell, 1984

  10. Anonymous

    Would it be too paranoid to wonder if the JEP is now accepting comments on its news stories so that they can get the IP addresses of people commenting and track them down? There are a lot of connections between the JEP, local ISPs, Foreshore, JEC, JT, etc.

  11. Anonymous

    Morning all.

    Would it not be a good idea for the good people of Jersey to stop buying the JEP like we did in Liverpool with The Sun newspaper because of the lies the printed.

    Stop buying it and put them all out of work, that why you may get someone who can control the press on your Island who will print the truth.

    How many people from Jersey read this blog ???.

    Is there anyway that we could all pool together and make a News letter that can be given away free to the public, I’m sure that is not a crime, all we need is the news from someone who can speak the truth, I’m sure we all can someway donate something to get it off the ground, there are some clever folk on this blog who could greate a double page news letter, even if they came from the mainland. It only has to have a news update from the home and each survivor group could have a small piece of their own to show support for the victims and Stuart. Nothing nasty just common sense.

    It could be called Time4Change, we could have a mailing list of people who we could send it too every week and they each in turn could print out just a few and pass them around to their friends. News from you could be sent to an email addy then added to the News letter, once the news letter was full, Stuart can see it and see if he did need to edit something that may be liable.

    We need to move folks, we need to get the news out far and wide, we have to win this battle, Jersey NEEDS to be Liberated again, but this time for real.

    Jim Browne

  12. Anonymous

    Can someone please explian in a bit more detail the posting below.

    For those who are interested.
    Planet Jersey ( the tool of the establishment) has imploded.
    JTM has been found out.

    Who are JTM

    Jim Browne

  13. Anonymous


    Yet more grubby dealings with Jersey media reported today in the Sunday Times see: “ITV is set to escape a seven-figure fine over scandal involving Ant and Dec because of a Channel Islands legal loophole”

    Apparently not content with providing a haven for dodgy money, we also are now being used by ITV to launder dodgy TV.

    God what an amoral cesspit of an island we live in. Everywhere we seem to turn is dirty, cheating and self serving.

  14. Res nullius

    “Mike Vibert Radio Jersey
    Guy Du Faye CTV

    Nuff said raelly!”

    To be fair, I am not sure Guy de Faye would be too biased towards CTV. Wasn’t he sacked following a conviction for drug possession? Or am I getting him confused with another presenter who liked Puffin….

    Someone out there will be able to put me right on that and I will apologise if de Faye was innocent on that one.

  15. Anonymous

    I have just been posting on Planet Jersey and now JTM has locked the thread because I was getting support from fellow posters, this I find very strange, who is this JTM. I only stated a few facts, was I wrong in what I posted.

    Fact :1 Lenny reported being intimidated by ex-coppers.

    Fact :2 Witnesses reported being harrassed and intimidated by some of the abuser’s.

    Fact :3 The Beast of Jersey working at most of the homes doing building work.

    Fact :4 2 pits dug with lime in the bottom in recent history.

    Fact :5 You would not be saying this about the Jews who were forced to wear the yellow star of david and the death camps. The fact that it is Historic just means they have been able to hide from the Sheaple of Jersey.

    Fact :6 Why was the Child Protection Policy Not enforced.

    Fact :7 Why was Stuart Syvret not allowed to speak or even attend Frank walkers Last Speech.

    Fact: 8 What was the idea of the Lime Pits.

    Fact :9 If the home was classed as a Historic Buliding, why were the floorboards taken up and replaced with concreate and Lime.

    Fact :10 Why was the builder told to dig a big hole then fill it in the next day, and when he asked why, he was told it was nothing to do with him ??

  16. Anonymous

    no corruption in Jersey ????

    why not follow Italy’s out going government and publish everyones tax returns (totals not itemised) on the web

    to see just who and how people are avoiding tax ….no doubt its the rich who are paying less than the super rich as recently disclosed by City of london bosses

  17. Anonymous


    Re Planet Jersey – I thought JTM had given up moderating because he was being criticised so much and quote “will not be partaking in anymore political discussions for the time being”.

    He’s been very dismissive of the child abuse investigations and any criticism of the establishment stance on this – most importantly he supported the bayleaf’s liberation speech.

    To be honest I think he secretly wants a job with the JEP, he’s got all the right credentials.

    I must be honest and say that I’m not impressed by Planet Jersey – for two reasons, the quality of the comments is generally very poor and secondly, you cannot post anonymously. You at least give us this security and I think your blog is all the better for that.

    Thank you for giving us a voice.

  18. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    I read with interest on Simon Bellwood’s blog that an informer has told you of a meeting chaired by Bill Ogley saying that Joe Kennedy is going back to work.

    Are you happy about this, what else can be done, these people are unstoppable.

    The link to his blog is: http://www.simonbellwood.blogspot.com


  19. Anonymous

    that City report
    showed cleaners in City of London paying more tax than the bosses

    I guess same here on Jersey

  20. Anonymous

    “I have just been posting on Planet Jersey and now JTM has locked the thread because I was getting support from fellow posters, this I find very strange, who is this JTM. I only stated a few facts, was I wrong in what I posted.”

    What did you expect? If you tell the plain truth, you will get gagged, especially if you are getting support.

    It’s the same old story. Hey, I’ve been telling the truth for nigh on 40 years, and still getting gagged!

    Only thing you can do is to keep on telling the truth. That’s all anyone can do. It will all come out in the end. I think things will change pretty soon, people are more aware of the cover ups now.


  21. donchais

    Just a note of interest – we have had a few snarky comments left on our blog that pretty much dismiss the investigation and cover-up.

    In true JEP fashion (ha), we have not published them as they make light of a very serious situation!

    I know we are read by some of you fine folks. My question is, who from over there is reading a blog in the US and feeling the need to denigrate the victims and investigation?

    Go figure!

  22. Anonymous

    I understand there is a rumour circulating that Jo Kennedy is being returned to work on the quiet. I cannot comment on this rumour but I would like to comment on the focus of the rumour – J Kennedy

    J. Kennedy is the Head of Home, he is a middle manager and he may find that he is scapegoated for Greenfields as he instigated an abusive regime. That is isolation of children without any risk assessment.

    From your blog it appears that J Kennedy had no formal qualifications to work with children. He was by profession a
    prision officer and had worked with adults.

    Who appointed him and what training did he receive given that he was not a qualified social worker.

    Simon Bellwood has described the recruitment of staff in Greenfields.

    Somebody line managed j Kennnedy, somebody knew that the Grand prix system was in place.
    Who was responsible for J Kennedy?
    Who condoned the Grand prix system that he instigated?

    Why did Professor Williamson provide a press conference before his report was completed?

    Simo Bellwood also described the incident in which a child was detained without a court order. This is extremely concerning, the Children’s Law in Jersey is very specific about the need for court involvement. It appears that the children’s service has knowingly acted outside the legislation set up to protect children.

    More worringly, there has been silence on this matter. The Assistant Minister has been remarkably silent on this matter. I always thought illegal detention was something a civilised society did not do.

    I remain extremely concerned and would like to hear more from the authorities on these matters.

  23. Anonymous

    Well the BBC on the mainland told the story today of the amount of bones that have been found, yes they ARE human bones some of which had been burnt. Lenny Harper did a good speech and it sounds like he is not giving up. Well done Lenny keep up the good work mate, and get it in the open mate.

    Jim Browne

  24. jim browne

    Just a few words that may help the survivors from Jersey, remember that I have walked in your shoes and I have been in that place called Hell, but I bounced back and I will never allow it to happen to me again.

    The greatest asset of civilization is its children.

    When a child is abused, a foundation stone of this civilization is destroyed, until, eventually, civilization is no more.

    For civilization is not owned, but inherited, and if there is no one left to inherit, then civilization is no more.

    When a child loses faith and can trust no one, when he sees danger in all and cannot rest, to be a child, then civilization has no purpose and we return to the wild beast from where we came,

    and civilization will be no more.

    The End

    A small child all on his own,
    Sent miles away and put in a home,
    Your better off the man in charge said,
    Now get upstairs and make your bed.
    I remember small faces all looking scared,
    Most cried themselves to sleep,
    But nobody heard.
    Looking back we were like sitting ducks,
    Especially the boys with the girlish looks.
    We were made to believe,
    We were his special boys.
    Given extra money, all part of his ploy’s,
    He didn’t need to use force,
    It was all part of a plan.
    What chance of lonely scared kids got,
    Against an evil cunning man.
    You may ask why we didn’t grass on the man
    Why didn’t we point the blame?
    But who would have believed us,
    We couldn’t handle the shame or the pain?
    We just got on with it and got through each day,
    We made ourselves small and kept out the way.
    The years have flown by and now I’m a man,
    But I’m a survivor and proud that I am,
    I’ve picked up the pieces and now love life,
    Proud of my two sons my daughter and my understanding wife,
    I now face the world,
    With a smile on my face.
    Because I’ve now put behind me,
    What happened in that place?

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  25. Anonymous

    probably not the appropriate forum but feel I just have to mention how toe curling I find this nonsense that has erupted after The Mail on Sundays article. I find the whole approach by Power, and the local media an embarassment – I feel that a dignified silence should be observed until the investigation is concluded. Tabloid journalism being jumped on by a States Member is just so unproffesional – if that article had appeared in The News of The World, would Power and the local media have latched on to it – this island is fast becoming a JOKE – a MICKEY MOUSE KINGDOM…………underlying all of this are the many victims of child abuse but what do we now get offered , a argument about how the story was covered, obviously our ruling elite are more interested in keeping the lid on the can of worms – I could go on! Stuart why don’t you once a week open up your blog for rants – such as this …………..

  26. Anonymous


    The awful thing about all of this is that there are people right at the centre of this event.

    These people suffered as children and they continue to suffer as adults.

    You can silence the critics with a carefully orchestrated campaign, you can manipulate the media, you can bring over “experts” to provide a view.

    But the most important thing you should be doing is helping the victims. No email/press release/press conference/carefully crafted report will eradicate their experiences. Their experiences stay with them and continue to blight and haunt their lives.

    So it is not about politics, media manipulation or witch hunts, bailiff bashing or expert views. It is about putting things right for today’s children and assisting those who continue to suffer.

    It is about decency, integrity and the need to account.

    Remember the people, their experiences and consider what is right.

    The whole point of placing their experiences in the public arena is to reduce the risk of such things being allowed to perpetuate.

    The Sharp report, the Bull report and the Southern report need to be placed on the internet.

    We can then see ourselves as others see us.

    Then we can judge for ourselves and use the information to make decisions at the ballot box.

  27. Anonymous

    There was a story in the Daily Mail yesterday called “Jersey probe farce” which states that a “fragment of child’s skull” found at care home is a piece of wood or coconut, but police kept it quiet”. The journalists name is Arthur Martin.

    I think it is always a good idea to see who is saying what in these speculative stories, and to keep a sharp eye on the journalists names as well. That’s what I do, anyway. You can find out some surprising things just by looking.


  28. Anonymous

    Well, I agree with everything Jim has just said. I’m a survivor too, and I suffered decades of depression due to the abuse. Like Jim said, the abuse does not stop, in my case it took the form of weeping, I must have cried every day for years. I used to put my daughter to bed and spend the whole night crying, hours and hours of crying. And people knew, they used to call me “nutter”, because sometimes crying at night wasn’t enough, I used to burst into tears in the street, so they called kicked me in the gutter by calling me “the nutter”. And some of the people who called me that knew full well why I cried, because I have never covered up the story of my abuse, I have been rying to tell people for almost 40 years.

    Like Jim said, about feeling like Peter Pan, well, I feel like a Weeble, they wobble but they don’t fall down, because no matter how much sh*t I’ve gone through, here I am, still here, still fighting for justice, still an embarressment to thoose who abused me, because it means they have to keep up their lies which they covered the abuse up with. And I intend to go on and on fighting for justice, all my life if needs be. I laugh every day these days, because I just know that I’m going to get justice.


  29. Helen

    Sean Power just keeps popping up chipping away at the investigation. When the Skull fragment was found I can remember Mr Harper stating that it could be a “red herring” ok so that is what it has turned out to be. We should be happy that is the case its not some poor little lost soul thank god! That still doesn’t take away the fact that so many people have come forward with stories of abuse are they all lying? I don’t think so! These are the people who should be supported and listen to not Sean P who seems to forget that this is about the victims and not the image of Jersey. I am a proud Jersey born girl and I could not care less if people who read the gutter press tar us all with the same brush as long as the truth comes out. Do we all believe everything we read in the papers??
    Keep up the good work Stuart!


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