A Public Hearing:

Graham Power;

Stuart Syvret;

Giving Evidence to the Sub-Panel:

Friday, 28th October, 11.00 a.m, the States building.

Some months ago, a Jersey parliamentary committee was established to examine how a major accountancy firm, BDO Alto, came to be engaged to “review” the financial management of the historic child abuse investigation in Jersey, but then undertook this “review” without interviewing – at all – the key, centrally involved person, former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

The Sub-Panel is also examining a number of closely related issues – not least the nature of that “review” -and how it, and its subsequent presentation, was used by certain media outlets to falsely undermine the child abuse investigation and to attack its integrity.

That Sub-Panel will be hearing evidence – in public – from two witnesses, this Friday, 28thOctober, from 11.00 a.m, in the Blampied Room of the States building.

Those two witnesses are Graham Power, and me.

Mr. Power is giving evidence from 11.00 a.m, via live-link, and I will be giving evidence in person, once the Panel have concluded hearing Mr. Power.

These are the terms of reference of the Scrutiny Sub-Panel:

·         To examine the instructions under which BDO Alto was engaged to review the financial management of Operation Rectangle and their methods for gathering evidence for this review;

·         To clarify the connection between the BDO Alto review and the review on the same matter separately commissioned by the Acting Chief Officer of Police;

·         To identify the reasons why the Senior Investigating Officer for Operation Rectangle was not interviewed by BDO Alto and was not given the opportunity to respond to the report’s findings;

·         To clarify the liaison between BDO Alto and the Wiltshire Police, in particular the references in the BDO Alto report to the Senior Investigating Officer’s statements to Wiltshire Police;

·         To investigate how details of the review into the financial management of Operation Rectangle came to be published in a national newspaper in October 2009; and

·         To consider the implications of the Sub Panel’s findings.

Regular readers will be aware that former Police Chief Officer, Graham Power, Queens Police Medal, produced a 94 page statement as a submission to the Wiltshire police inquiry. Certain parts of that document are of direct and very significant relevance to the work of the Sub-Panel – and I imagine that evidence, and the issues that arise, will be the focus of the public hearing this Friday.

Certainly – for my part, being in possession of a copy of the report, I can say now there are a number of matters I will be addressing, that fall foursquare within the Sub-Panel’s terms of reference – and which are supported by the evidence of the document.

Additionally, there are other matters in my knowledge, which will form a part of my live evidence to the Sub-Panel.

This will be the Sub-Panel’s final live, evidential hearing before it concludes its report.

As the hearing is open to members of the public, I recommend attendance if you have time.

It promises to be most interesting.


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