Let your views be known by voting on my newly added poll feature.

Hate Jersey’s present government?

Here is your opportunity to say so.

Should Big Frank face a vote of no-confidence for his disastrous leadership?

Should the collection of passive non-entities who comprise most of our parliament be forced to nail their colours to the mast – with only five months to go before the first round of Jersey’s general election?

Just so the public can see whose side they’re on?

I’d really rather not be wasting my time on such exercises, when I could be working on my novel instead (expressions of interest from agents or publishers welcome) but as I explain below – it is actually a serious matter.

And someone has to do it.

There are a number of quite entertaining pros & cons in taking forward a vote of no-confidence – a few of which I will explore below.

But before going onto them – let us refresh our memory as to the seriousness of the cabinet failure we are considering.

So – Jersey – presently facing up to a child abuse disaster which has been described as unprecedented in scale for such a small geographic area.

Additionally still, at time of writing – and contrary to the impressions given by certain media reports – facing the possibility of child murders having been committed. Let us hope not – but we are still left with the abuse disaster.

The island’s oligarchy making the right noises about supporting the police – but in reality making fundamental attacks upon the investigation – as Frank Walker and Phil Bailhache did when hi-jacking Jersey’s national holiday, Liberation Day, to make partisan political speeches to attack the investigation, the national media and, by imputation, people like me who have fought for the survivors of abuse.

A Chief Minister and Council of Ministers which – last July, basically decided to have me sacked for giving an honest answer in the island’s parliament – when I said I had no faith in the child protection apparatus of Jersey. Apparently “publicly criticising” the child “protection” system in this way was – “undermining staff moral”.

And, of course, “undermining staff moral” – as we all know – is a far more profound and heinous offence than those staff exhibiting gross multi-agency failure to save a child from 18 months of appaling abuse at the hands of two paedophiles.

And publicly criticising the service – for not preventing the institutional abuse of children in custody by subjecting them to lengthy periods of punitive and coercive solitary confinement – is obviously of far greater concern than keeping a self-harming child with severe emotional difficulties in solitary confinement for two months.

Of course – the real events I describe in the above three paragraphs are all appaling, grotesque – and completely unacceptable by any civilised standard of child protection.

But – not, apparently, as far as Frank, his Council of Ministers, their carefully selected ‘expert’ advisers (advisers who are so ‘expert’ they have no grasp of the principle of ‘in loco parentis’), senior civil servants and the great majority of States members are concerned.

The evidence for a range of profound failings on the part of Jersey’s child protection apparatus was – contrary to the assertions the oligarchy made at the time – there to be seen and absorbed – ten months ago.

Yet Senator Walker and his council of Ministers and most members of the States chose to side with a clique of manifestly corrupt, incompetent, idle, dishonest and over-paid senior civil servants.

The above-described catalogue of misjudgement, stupidity, ignorance, irresponsibility – and cynical political opportunism on the part of all these clowns unfolded before they, or I, knew of the covert Police investigation.

I had reached my own – accurate – conclusions quite independently. I did this on the basis of clear evidence, and of personal testimony provided to me by whistle-blowers, witnesses and victims.

Much of this evidence was available to the Jersey establishment back then – but they simply were not interested in the facts; even to the point of “fast-tracking” a Council of Ministers’ meeting to decide to seek my dismissal – precisely to make sure I had minimal opportunity and time to accumulate further evidence.

As events have shown – I was right.

They were wrong.

But – let us be extraordinarily charitable and assume that the well-documented ignorance and stupidity of the Jersey establishment led them astray.

So – let us bring the narrative forward to late November – when the States of Jersey Police Force first publicly announced they had been conducting a covert investigation into systemic and historic child abuse.

Surely – it became clear, that instant, that the Jersey oligarchy had “backed the wrong horse”?

Surely – one would imagine – a little contrition, at least, from the Council of Ministers and from those States members who voted with them?

But, no – there has been expressed not one iota of recognition that they had, essentially, sided with a corrupted, disastrous and catastrophically failed child “protection” system.

But did they – in the coming weeks and months – at least have the common sense and decency to remain silent on the subject?

Not a bit of it.

In what was the lowest, most foul, despicable and disgusting event in the entire history of the States assembly – I was shouted down, stopped from speaking and had my microphone switched off – whilst I was attempting to give, as Father of the House, a speech of recognition and empathy to abuse survivors.

My speech being the very first occasion – ever – that a member of the States had stood to acknowledge the suffering of the victims.

But the assembly proceeded to disgrace itself – utterly.

But that episode was, in many respects, symbolic of what the States of Jersey has become. It was appalling enough – but of less concern than the practical considerations insofar as child protection is concerned.

And it is in this respect that Frank Walker and his Council of Ministers – and I include Senator Ben Shenton and his Assistant Minister, Senator Jimmy Perchard in this analyses – are still exhibiting a disastrous and dangerous incompetence.

As has been explored on this blog and elsewhere on numerous occasions – there are a variety of well-evidenced examples of dishonest, manipulative, professionally negligent and dangerous conduct on the part of a number of senior civil servants.

This evidence is well-known to Frank, Ben, Jimmy & Co.

Yet they have chosen to side with these failed – and very expensive – senior civil servants – rather than with the public interest.

Even to the point of exculpating Joe Kennedy – the boss of the Greenfields secure unit – who they have allowed to return to work.

Let us remind ourselves of what the evidence concerning Mr. Kennedy is:

He designed and ran a regime in the child secure unit which was barbaric, harmful – and clearly unlawful – no matter what Frank’s poodles, like Mr Williamson, may say.

This so-called “Grand Prix” regime included such practices as automatic strip-searches, compulsory showers, initial 24 hours in solitary confinement for all admissions – regardless of need, the use of extended periods of solitary confinement – on a punitive and coercive basis – frequently for three days – but with some victims being kept in such isolation for two months – to the point of mental breakdown.

Kennedy bullied and oppressed staff.

He lied to politicians and the media concerning his Grand Prix regime.

He quite improperly gave a post to a candidate he was having an affair with – rather than the better candidate (Kennedy being a notorious womaniser, though married).

He placed his employers – the States of Jersey – in a position in which they were hours away from taking the stand at Simon Bellwood’s employment tribunal – on the basis of a raft of perjured evidence – much of which Kennedy was responsible for. (This, incidentally, is why the management case collapsed.)

The Jersey civil service – and their poodle-politicians – set up a supposed enquiry into Mr. Kennedy’s conduct. The terms of reference – which Mr. Bellwood and I objected to at the out-set – were clearly designed to exculpate Kennedy.

They were so rigged because – if Kennedy had been found to be culpable – on similar grounds so would Phil Dennett, Linda Dodds, Marnie Baudians, Madeleine Davies, Mike Pollard, Mario Lundy and Bill Ogley himself.

This because the chain of failure in this case spread so far upwards.

So Jersey’s finest politicians – such as its Ministers – including Ben Shenton and his Assistant, Jimmy Perchard – have exhibited themselves utterly incapable of enforcing anything remotely approaching accountability on the island’s senior civil servants.

They have allowed Jersey’s so-called child “protection” apparatus to remain in the hands of a clique of defective senior officers – many of whom have been on-the-scene during the various episodes of appalling child abuse over the last couple of decades.

People who – at best – failed to stop the abuse.

Therefore – this is not a Council of Ministers which is taking child protection seriously. For all that they will assert the contrary – talk is cheap when it comes to child protection; everyone – indeed, even un-exposed paedophiles if asked – would claim to strongly support child protection.

So we cannot judge people – especially politicians – on the basis of mere assertion.

We must judge them on their actions.

And on this basis – this Council of Ministers must go.

Senator Ben Shenton has proven to be hopeless – to my great disappointment. I used to have some confidence that this man could be an effective politician – a more centrist counter-weight to the far-right market-fundamentalism of people like Walker, Ozouf and Le Sueur.

Instead – not only is he incapable of suspending a few civil servants who have demonstrably lied, schemed, manipulated and been dangerously incompetent. He has also denigrated the Police investigation – making insulting and disparaging remarks about Lenny Harper.

And this is the politician who carries legal and public responsibility for child protection in Jersey.

Christ help us.

As somebody famous once remarked – ‘people never cease to disappoint me’. I plough through the festering midden that is politics for 18 years – hoping – very occasionally – I’ve met someone of the same kind of strength and integrity I attempt to exhibit.

And so rare are such encounters, one often – out of sheer desperation – takes them at face value – only to always be let down; always disappointed.

So it was with Ben Shenton.

But what of his new-found political ally, friend and boss, Senator Frank Walker?

For there is no prospect of acceptable performance from Frank Walker.

For all his, rough, tough, hard-man of financial rigour and efficiency image, Senator Frank Walker always was, ultimately, a week, spineless and pathetic little man – witness his inability to even assert enough authority to deal properly with Joe Kennedy. Walker is utterly lost – without some senior civil servant to hold his hand and steer him. I strongly suspect this dependency of his may well explain his simple inability to ever stand up to the Jersey civil service and in doing so, defend the public good.

Think I’m too harsh?

Frank Walker has played an absolutely central role in both public sector finances and employment policies and practices pretty much from the year he was first elected nearly 18 years ago.

The result?

A public sector which has a bloated, inefficient, out-of-control and wholly unaccountable senior civil service.

A public sector spend in excess of half-a-billion pounds per annum.

And terrifyingly vast public sector pension scheme debts.

This particular emperor is naked.

But what, then, are we to make of the response of the average member of the States?

Given that in any respectable democracy the Government would have fallen over such a catastrophic catalogue of misjudgements – where have our back-benchers been?

Where are the demands for the resignation of Walker & Co?

Where has been the vote of no-confidence, which would have been tabled months ago in any respectable legislature?

Nowhere – of course.

Just as there has not been so much as one, single public apology or recantation from any of those members who, effectively, chose to side with child abusers and those who would conceal child abuse.

So – all-in-all – the polity of Jersey is in its most wretched state ever.

And not only because of the Jersey child abuse disaster.

There are a variety of other woes which beset this community right now – in addition to a range of profoundly problematic issues in which this community will reap what its Glorious Leaders have sown during the last three decades.

And believe me – the prospect of that particular ‘harvest’ does not make for pleasant contemplation.

I won’t bore you now with the all these other reasons why the current regime have failed disastrously. If you want an idea of what I’m referring to – check out my post called “The Horsfall/Walker Years”, posted on the 22nd February.

But being politically realistic – let us reflect upon one or two of the pros & cons of bringing a vote of no-confidence against Frank & Co; these being pretty obvious, but you might want to consider them before casting your vote on my poll.

Actually – thinking about it – some of them are both pros & cons. For example:

The proposition has precisely zero chance of being carried. I might get five, or seven votes at a stretch – out of an assembly of 53 elected members.

So – this could be seen as a negative. This outcome will be promoted, and perceived by the more gullible – as a resounding vote of confidence in Frank & Co. Me and the other reprobate scum will be depicted as marginal and irrelevant.

But it could also be seen as a pro. For even though we know a victory for Frank is guaranteed – it forces the elected representatives of the Jersey people – all those States members – to openly align with one side or the other.

And as we approach Jersey’s general election – what better guidance could the average voter wish for – than seeing which sitting members are pro-establishment Walkerites?

Now, the forthcoming elections are going to be a ‘night of the long knives’ in any event – quite without the prospect of sitting members being seen to have supported Walker. To those familiar with Jersey politics – it’s clear and obvious that at least two thirds of the present members must be regarded as at risk of defeat anyway.

Add to this scenario members having supported the most unpopular political leader Jersey has ever had – and one could quite easily imagine only about ten or twelve of the present members being returned to office.

Turning to one of the negatives – I will be accused of political opportunism; of “using” the situation for political purposes.

To which I say three things –

Firstly – I couldn’t give a monkey’s.

Secondly – the Jersey oligarchy is already pro-actively running such a smear campaign against me – and has done so from the very day the Police first went public with their investigation; so nothing new in that respect.

Thirdly – it, apparently, doesn’t occur to Frank, his Council and the average States member that they all used the situation politically – quite cynically – to get rid of me.

Back when they thought – in typical Jersey culture-of-concealment mode – “get rid of Syvret – problem solved”.

At a time when we were not aware of the Police investigation.

But – turning to another positive; such a vote has to be tabled. It would have happened months ago in any respectable legislature; and I have waited in vain for another member to take it forward. But none has.

It therefore falls – un-avoidably – to me to bring the no-confidence motion; and I say un-avoidably – because the public interest requires that there be such a vote.

So, there are just a few of the considerations relevant to the bringing a vote of no-confidence against Frank Walker and his crew.

Should we do it?

Yes or no?

And remember – the victory of Walker in the vote could be the historic catalyst for finally breaking the oligarchy’s monopoly of power.

Who knows what effect the outcome of the vote could have on Jersey politics?

Possibly a credible, organised opposition?


Watch this space.

In the mean time, cast your vote in my new poll feature at the head of the blog.

I promise I will take your views just as seriously as Frank & Co and most of the rest of the States did with the 19,000 signature petition which sought a delay in the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax.



53 thoughts on “A READERS POLL!

  1. Anonymous


    Can the island honestly believe that the Grand Prix system is now resolved.

    I hope Mr Kennedy has had time to reflect during his paid time off.
    I wonder if Mrs Baudain has started to embrace the need for checks and balances in her service.

    Mr Kennedy will have difficulty returning to work after all the exposure he has received. Well he seems to be the author of his own misfortunes. He is lucky that he works in Jersey.
    He has been exonerated for an illegal regime and he is able to promote a very close colleague with impunity. Perhaps in the UK he would be facing the dole queue but not in Jersey.

    Mrs Baudain will find that she will not be able to attract good quality staff.
    Who wants their CV tarnished by a stint in Jersey?

    I do wish there were simple solutions to this problem but there isn’t.

    Frank Walker is not popular and the Ministers will be tainted by association.

    I look at the Island and it’s pretty beaches and long sandy beaches. This is a beautiful small island. It is now over populated, over developed. GST has been introduced without any attempt to hold public spending in check. This tax will bring in approximately £40 million. Why on earth did we not go for spending curtailment before a such a complicated tax was introduced.

    The Auditor General tells us that the States spends money efficiently.

    He’s obviously a gentleman with a developed sense of humour.

    He cannot be serious surely?

  2. Res nullius

    “You can vote and manipulate
    I will add 50 no votes to demonstrate”

    Not so easy to demonstrate if the system is set up to recognise your IP adress pal. You would need to have 50 different IP addresses to do that.

  3. Anonymous

    I think we need to build a
    “Popular Front” which includes the widest possible spectrum, from Green, Socialist, Communist, Labour, Liberal,independants and even lefty Tories (even Ted Heath supported the Spanish Republicans in 1936)

    We need a few 5 or 6 key policies

    recognising injustice in the past both in wartime and recent scandals but also a statement on how we see Jersey in the future (maybe min wage)and support for sociale enterprise/co-ops/affordable housing.

    also recognising the vital role of migrant workers

    all State contracts over £1,000 to be posted on the web, all petitions of over 500 to be heard

    A government for the many not the few

  4. Anonymous

    While I am tempted to vote in favour of a no-confidence move in Chief Minister Walker, I think our energies would be much better spent finding a few good candidates for the October elections with a sound platform of alternative policies an dattitudes to offer the electorate.

  5. voiceforchildren


    I have been asking Deputy Ian Gorst, my parish deputy, to bring a vote of no confidence against Senator Walker since October last year.

    I have this all documented in kept e-mails. If (which is very rare) he replies to an e-mail he completeley ignores my request.

    I am compiling a set of e-mails ready to publish on my blogsite where I have been struggling to bring a vote of no confidence against Senator Frank Walker and Senator Mike Vibert.

    Also I have been attempting to report a breach of ministerial code of conduct against them both but to no avail.

    I will be publishing as much as I legally can involving my struggle with Deputy Gorst Senator Mike Vibert and Senator Frank Walker.

    Here is just a very slight extract from a couple of exchanged e-mails, involving connetable Derek Gray, Deputy Ian Gorst and myself

    From Gorst to me.

    “If you believe that Senator Vibert has breached the Ministerial code of conduct then “you need to write to The Chief Minister” outlining the details of where you believe the code has been breached.

    from Gray to me.

    “I understand that you should address your complaint in writing (not by email) to the Council of Ministers and “not to the Chief Minister”.

    After all this time I still don’t know where to take a complaint against either Walkers or Viberts alleged breach of ministerial code of conduct. If I am to believe Deputy Gorst, I have to complain about Senator Walker to Senator Walker!!

    Senator Mike Vibert and Deputy Ian Gorst are up for election later this year. Closer to the time of the elections people will have a pretty informed choice on who to vote for via my blogsite.

  6. TonyB

    I fully agree with the anonmyous poster who said that we need to find good candidates for the October elections with a sound platform of alternative policies. So far, there has been little sign of these, perhaps they are keeping under cover.

    What is more, everyone knows Frank is leaving, so I suspect the attitude of most members would be like that of the Labour party to Tony Blair after he set his leaving date; the idea that he was a lame duck now, and it wasn’t really worth the effort of knocking him out and wasting time putting someone else in for such a short time.

  7. Anonymous

    The best way to beat these people is in the ballott box, for all your words and supurb deeds, they still sit there ignoring the victims cries and the outrage of us all. look buddy ,they are evil, words fall on deaf ears. power corrupts, total power correupts totally. I suggest you people like you, obtain power via the ballot box. dont think you cant win!! There are a lot of people supporting you, they just need to feel they can change things. your blogs are great, but they wont and have not changed things, that can only be done in the ballot box, go and do it. jersey is in distress, the good people are drowingin a pool of sleese and depravation.Stand for power, then my friend you will see some real reaction from the scumbags who control your beautiful Island. for they will feel real fear,Whowould have thought 20 years ago that eastern germany would see the wall crumble? the idiots in power will wonder what if you win! mobalise your support, print the truth in leaflets, funding wont be a problem. I am sure the rich Jewish community ,who have thier own memories of the War, will support you.use the system,against the system, understand? do it!! and change Jersey for good , it may take you 2 elections or more,but god its worth it.

    keep up the good work , and may god protect and bless you.

    by the way my bank accounts are all closed

  8. Anonymous

    Is it also possible to bring a motion of no confidence against Shenton?

    It is just incomprehensible that he would allow Kennedy to return to his job.

    If Simon Bellwood’s account is correct, Kennedy was suspended not for devising and implementing the Grand Prix system, but for unfairly promoting a woman with whom he was having an affair.

    Such behaviour should have led to his immediate dismissal.

    I voted for Shenton and I can tell him here and now that I will not repeat that mistake a second time. Either grow a spine and work for the people of this island by reforming H&SS, or resign and let somebody else take your place.

  9. Anonymous


    Can you provide any more details about the “perjured evidence” given by Jo Kennedy.

    I thought a Tribunal was a court of law and if so why has this matter been left to another internal inquiry and another paid flunky to give an “expert view”

    I also thought the courts were reforming the role of experts given the miscarriages of justice that have arisen form spurious views.

    Seems the internal investigations within the States of Jersey is keeping unemployed experts in the money.

  10. Drew Peacock

    It’s all well and good saying vote for change, but we need to see exactly who (currently in the States) supports Frank and who doesn’t… after all that has happened.

    And it may help motivate new candidates to come forward. No point saying vote for change if there’s nobody new putting themselves up there for our votes.

  11. Anonymous


    See your readership continues to increase 27602

    The JEP will be offering you a job to help with their circulation

    You could be the resident political editor

  12. Anonymous

    Looking at the poll so far, its bye bye Big Frank.

    Just don’t move to Liverpool mate, you are not welcome here.

    Lets have a party made up of some of the survivors who know how to speak the truth and fight for other survivors, Stuart you go for leadership of the Government mate, there is no two ways about it, you WILL win.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  13. Anonymous

    Re Using the ballot box to change matters. The people who are in power tend to be the puppets of the real power wielding set. It will take more than the ballot box to change anything for the better.

    There is one view that if voting changed anything, they would make it illegal. The IRA rejected the ballot box for the armalite.

  14. Stuart Syvret

    Re: The Ballot-Box

    In response to the above comment, I must state that violence is not the answer.

    The commenter suggests that the IRA abandoned the ballot-box for the armalite.

    And what, precisely, did that achieve – other than at least 30 years of bloody and murderous carnage?

    Atrocities in which the victims were mainly civilians?

    I should also point out, that the IRA – having fought itself to a standstill after all this bloodshed – gave up the gun and returned to the ballot-box.

    W.B. Yates may have written of the “the lords and ladies gay – that were beaten into the clay – through seven heroic centuries” – but the mundane reality is that violence has caused Ireland to be a crucible of tragedy for generations.

    I am opposed to the use of violence. It solves nothing.

    A famous author, an historian, I think – I forget his name – wrote that “Europeans tested war to destruction throughout the 20th century”. And how true.

    Just look back at the 20th century – it tells you all you need to know about the horror and futility of violence.

    Political change can be won – if it is really the will of the people. And it can be done through peaceful means.

    Just look at the examples set by Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.


  15. Stuart Syvret

    Why have I slagged-off the JDA?

    Because they are a failed organisation. Probably always would have been – but certainly and obviously became so just as soon as Ted Vibert had to retire.

    Frankly – the failed, discredited and ineffectual rump of the JDA is actually a distraction from effective, organised politics.

    Let me put it this way – Frank & Co love the JDA. It is the red-under-the-bed “threat to society” that the oligarchy needs to frighten people in to carrying on supporting them.

    The JDA is serving precisely no purpose right now – other than to fulfil the “monster” part of the five-filter media model as described by Chomsky – to the great service of the Jersey establishment.

    And – the very fact that the JDA’s Glorious Supreme Leader cannot, and will not, see that says all you need to know, really, about why it isn’t a credible organisation.


  16. Anonymous

    Great reply stuart. may i also add.

    Drew Pecock

    27602 people read this blog and rising!! To say the ballot box will not change things is rubbish!! this is Europe not Africa and what keeps the scumbags in power is the kind of views you have expressed. stuart took the words out of my mouth re the IRA, who was it who said “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing” I promise you, the so called leaders of Jersey fear the ballot box far more than any amount of sounding off and name calling. jersey is not a democracy in real sence of the word, the recent liberation day speach proves that, they think they can do and say anything. I hope enough good people will stand up and be counted, keep the fight up Stuart and be preperd for a lot of negaive put downs, should you and your supporters decide to fight via the ballot box. for sure you wil win in the end

  17. Anonymous

    How I agree with the comments about Shenton he has no guts he has rapiply become part of the establishment.

    I new his father, I did not always agree with him but he stood up for the working people of this Island!

    Certainly not a case of like father like son!!

    Like your other correspond I voted for him what a mistake never again

  18. Dan

    Quote from Res nullius:

    “”You can vote and manipulate
    I will add 50 no votes to demonstrate”

    Not so easy to demonstrate if the system is set up to recognise your IP adress pal. You would need to have 50 different IP addresses to do that.”

    I’ve just checked this and it is very simple to cheat, simply by clearing your browser cookies. Multiple IP addresses are not needed.

  19. Stuart Syvret

    Re Vote Rigging.

    Just tried your suggested technique.

    Can’t make it work. Bugger.

    I was going to add 19,000 odd votes to get rid of Frank – you know? Kind of equivalent to the number of petition signatures.

    Oh well – back to the drawing board.

    But in all seriousness – I am aware that these kind of polls can be rigged – which is why they cannot be taken necessarily as an accurate reflection on what people think.

    But the rigging doesn’t even need to be done by some kind of techno-fiddle.

    Spin-doctor firms have systems with thousands of different IP addresses on them precisely to manipulate public opinion – or give a false impression of public opinion.

    A common indicator of such a scam is a sudden and vast increase in votes – against the run of opinion – just before the poll closes.

    So if we suddenly get 900 votes for Frank on the last day – we’ll know why.


  20. Anonymous

    I am beginning to realise why Frank Walker chose the flying banana it truly represents the Establishment They are floating on nebulous clouds of fantasy and are bananas, the fruit portrays them well!In this banana club is obviously FW his cronies and the Bailhache boys and now a new member for being bananas – Mike Pollard. Yes he who decided the fate of Joe Kennedy thus making him a full and incompetent addition. How he managed this decision is just amazing he obviously ignored all the evidence and has retained extremely untrustworthy devious and manipulative person on the States payroll what a severe abuse of public money.Well decided Mr Pollard enjoy the elistist membership being bananas is so you

  21. Anonymous

    The IRA rejected the ballot box for the armalite.

    An attack of the trolls perhaps?

    Vote rigging – I’ve voted no several times – fairly easy to do
    (you have to discount 10 of the no votes)

    These are distractions of course – the real issue is what is happening with the police investigation.

    I was hoping that it wasn’t murder.
    The prospect of unnatural children’s deaths as well is something really mind numbing especially as nobody has noticed.

    I do hope the children found get a decent burial. It is all terribly wicked, somebody somewhere must know something about these remains.

  22. Anonymous

    Burning and now possible signs of dismemberment …. hmmm! One could now begin the personality profiling of some of the perpetrators from afar. And don’t forget the fires outside! … Stuart mentioned these, previously unmentioned, after my prompting a couple of weeks ago.


  23. Anonymous

    What I admire about Lenny Harper is his ability to show his critics for the fools that they are.

  24. blueflash

    You can only have a coconut inquiry in a banana republic
    I hope that deputy Sean power and John Henwood are reflecting this evening
    Keep up the good work Stuart and I must say Simon Bellwood is doing a great job too I am concerned for the children at greenfields now that Joe Kennedy is back in charge I cannot believe that there is such a deafening silence from the deputies no support for the victims

  25. Anonymous


    Readers of this blog may be interested to read the following open letter sent by Ben Shenton to H&SS staff.

    I understand that his missive has gone down very badly with staff in the service.

    Ben you are clearly out of your depth – do yourself a favour get out of the pool

    Here is the letter, draw your own conclusions:

    Open letter to all Health and Social Services Staff
    19 May 2008

    Dear All

    It is now seven months since I became Minister for Health and Social Services and I would like to thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication during this period. I would particularly like to thank Senator Jim Perchard, my Assistant Minister, for his commitment in strengthening Social Services and providing political leadership in this vitally important area.

    We live in a strange world. A world where speculation gets mixed up with fact, where personal agendas can highjack policy, and where sound bites are more important than substance. Our job at Health and Social Services is to always to serve our customers and clients to the best of our ability, to move forward, raise standards, and provide a high quality cost effective and efficient service.

    At a political level may we assure you that we value all of our staff, we appreciate their commitment and dedication, and we understand when things sometimes don’t go as planned. We are committed to improving working conditions, updating facilities, and providing full support. We expect high standards, as do the general public, and we are rarely disappointed. We are fortunate to have a strong management team in place – one that has had a number of distractions to contend with.

    The Williamson Report, coupled with input from other esteemed independent individuals and bodies, will enable us to lay the foundations for a high quality children’s service. Investment in Social Services will help us enhance an area that often has to deal with very complex and difficult issues involving a number of parties with very strong, forthright, and different views.

    We shall continue to push Health and Social Services forward, continue to strive for ever higher standards of service and performance, we will deal with the facts and not speculate, and we thank all of our staff and the people of Jersey for their commitment and support.

    Senator Ben Shenton

    Minister for Health and Social Services

  26. Anonymous


    No word from the Deputy of St Brelade about Lenny Harper’s most recent press conference.

    Do you think he will have the grace to be quiet and let the police do their job.

    Do politicians in the UK behave in this manner during an ongoing police investigation?

  27. Anonymous

    all quiet from the authorities
    after yesterday

    or just waiting for more spin

    we need an effective, focused response

    and the excellent campaigning must….must me matched at the ballot box…with real change

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make life better for the people of Jersey and to shine a light on our past

    We can only move forward once we have recognised past injustice…

    The occupation, child abuse and the systamatic harrassment of those from outside or simply those that dared to speak up for working people liike Norman Le Brocq and Les Huelin etc…

    Lets build a legacy we can be proud of, lets ring in the changes the majority now want

  28. Anonymous

    90 Years of TGWU on the island this year
    for most of which its either been illegal to be in a union or illegal to take action

    Another tool in the workers response to power

  29. Anonymous

    Sean Power is desperate to get re-elected.
    Can’t use the ferries this time, so he chose to run with the ‘how much the inquiry is costing the tax payer’ scandal.

    Bet he wishes he hadn’t now!

  30. Anonymous

    Lenny Harper is a very smart man, very smart and very close. He reminds me of the policeman in Bleak House.

    I think if I were Wa*ker and co I would be looking for a nice quiet desert island right now, as far away from the British Isles as I could possibly scuttle to.

    They are knackered!


  31. Anonymous

    i have hoped this past few monthes,that no evidence of murder would be found, having been the victim of child abuse myself, i know what the victims have gone through, belive me unless you have been there you have no idea of the effect it has on your life. and now this: Lenney Harper was on the BBC news for a few minuets last night, his outrage ws there in his eyes for all to see, it was not what he said ,but his manner.

    People of Jersy, you may now have the blood of children, on your hands,not your children, but some ones. Dont run away with the idea that becuase you did not do it, or “had no idea”that you will be excused blame,and save you from guilt. dispite the so called elite and thier attempts to discredit the victims and protect the criminals, the truth is comming out , Jersey is seen for what it is , a haven for the scum of the earth, People who have been proved to be abuseers have been allowed to get away with it and now murder is suspected, what ever any one says, the milk teeth found belong to some one, i cant imagine the fear that child went though in thier last days .or weeks, for gods sake Jesey bring the guilty to justice, and get rid of the scum who protected them. the world is watching you.

    i have closed my accounts on JERSEY, MY HOME WIL BE SOLD, A SMALL GESTURE BUT IT IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN SHOW MY DISGUST, you can do the same, in the ballot box , if i was a resident on jersey now , i would stand,

    god bless you stuart, you are not alone, any attack on you is an attack on the decent people of Jersey ,and the victims and thier familes, I pray you will the will win the day.

  32. To Zero


    I’d be inclined to vote for any candidate who promised to support

    1) the rapid implementation of a freedom of information law

    2) the rapid implementation of an independent judiciary

    These two changes alone would propel Jersey towards an inclusive democracy, away from the Enron-type corporate secrecy that now steers us. (And we know where that ended!).

    Also, if 1) were retrospective several current key players could well become customers of 2).

  33. Davros

    As a Jersey born person, it does sadden me that all of us appear to be ‘tarred with the same brush’

    I am ashamed of the so called leadership in this island.
    Self interested and greedy.
    Thank god for Lenny Harper!

  34. voiceforchildren


    I have blogged my thoughts on Deputy Sean Power on my blogsite today.

    What are your thoughts on him? what is his game? why would he want to discredit Lenny Harper and his investigation? Should he now make a public apology? is he only following orders from “big Frank”?

    One thing that didn’t go un noticed by me at the press conference yesterday was the venom in Lenny Harpers voice when he had to entertain a pathetic attempt of a balatant establishment question from I think it was Diane Simon from the JEP when she asked something on the lines of “are you trying to sensationalise the facts”?

    I think it was very apparent he is not best pleased with our local media but has the good sense not to make an enemy of them as it must be difficult enough having to fight them privately let alone in the public domain where it might detract the focus of his investigation.

    To my mind Lenny Harper deserves a knighthood, not the slagging he gets from our local media and Deputy Sean Power.

  35. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    Sean Power is a disgrace!!

    His attitude to the Police investigation is appalling his credability is zero now!

    What a contrast with the honest and straightforward approach of Lennie Harper

    Sadly I believe that Lennie Harper retires in August this year

    Cant he be persuaded to stay on?

    Or better still stand for the States of Jersey, we desperately need people with integrity in our Goverment

    There are so very few members who are prepared to fight for what is right for the ordinary people of this Island

    Keep up the good work Stuart

  36. Anonymous

    Don’t worry, because Lenny isn’t going to leave a stone unturned in this case.

    He must know by now how much support he has amongst the survivors of abuse.

    Like I said, he remnds me of the policeman in Bleak House, a proper copper, dedicated, determined, meticulous, cunning. A real pain in the backside for these bad men and a godsend to us survivors.


  37. Anonymous

    “The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”: Aldous Huxley

    I think local media and some politicians are attempting to do this.You do not manipulate us as easy as that,those days are gone!

  38. Anonymous

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

    Keep up the good work

  39. Sigmund Fraud

    Obviously Integrity, honour, and probity are things of the past on the island of Jersey or have they ever existed?

    It is simply staggering to think that these oligarchs who have all the power on the Jersey have consistently ignored the multiplicity of complaints made by both victims and other members of the government.

    People of Jersey is it not time a vote of no confidence in your entire government who have abused, used and manipulated the people who they are meant to stand up for in times of injustice.

    Those who have had nothing to do with these horrors can sit in their comfortable homes and think that “it’s ok we didn’t do anything wrong so they won’t be coming for us, however you are doing something wrong right now!!! You are allowing this to continue by your ignorance when you all should be united out on the streets of Jersey as this could so easily have been your children, Your Child!!!

    Imagine the absolute wretched pain and suffering a young child was put through to be sexually abused, Raped then murdered their little helpless carcass burned and dismembered and concealed beneath a concrete floor.

    Entombed in the place of horror where their soul could not ever escape even when the fools attempt to lighten their plight by referring to these abuses as “Historic abuse and we should forget it and move on”

    Who ever said that on the Island should be burned alive like the young charred remains of the foundling now revealed.

    For pity sake stand up and fight as the might of what is right will always win over the rights of might.

  40. Anonymous


    Sigmand Fraud provided the following comments:

    “Obviously Integrity, honour, and probity are things of the past on the island of Jersey or have they ever existed?”

    I do not agree with you, there is integrity, and honour within the people of Jersey and this will push for change.

    What we have seen in the last few weeks is that our systems are not robust. The Kennedy affair, the Bull, Sharp and Southern report show that the childrens service has failed and has been allowed to fail.

    The people (politicians and employees) who have allowed this to happen need to explain themselves. We have had a lot actions and poor decisions exposed in the last few weeks.

    The police investigation continues and arrests are likely to happen.
    Wendy Kinnard has been steadfast in support of Lenny Harper and this island owes her a debt of gratitude. Her support means that other politicians have been kept from interferring with the police investigation.

    The local elections this year will be the focus of change.
    The events that have unfolded have taken place with the two sysytems Committees and Ministerial. This needs to be looked at.

    The people do not need to take to the streets to show their disgust. They need to make sure they are registered to vote, attend the hustings to question the candidates and then to vote.

    That is the momentum for change.
    It is a small powerful force which will bring complacency to it’s knees and will determine how we deal with the problems with child protection in this island.

    The need to vote is driving force for change on this island and it should not be wasted.

  41. Res nullius

    To Zero said:-

    “I’d be inclined to vote for any candidate who promised to support

    1) the rapid implementation of a freedom of information law

    2) the rapid implementation of an independent judiciary”

    I would add to that,

    3)the democratic election for the post of Chief Minister

  42. Sigmund Fraud

    Hi Stuart my comments were directed primarily at those who have done nothing to help and not those who have done their level best. I also wished to generate, stimulate discourse.

    I myself was sexually abuse and in the UK the ignorance is palpable and the worst thing about it is those who one would think should be at the forefront of any fight for children’s rights either are so corrupt, inept and down right criminal and bordering on a desensitisation to the horrors of others that it defies any logic.

    I.e. Social services, the so called care system and many of these people have actually been involved directly with the abuse of children and vulnerable people.

    I personally know many people who are now in the 40’s and 50’s who were abused as children as a result of being in the care system and I have proved that those around them, other members of staff new perfectly well what was happening and did nothing.

    Statement of a fellow worker who worked with the man who I believe was responsible for thousands on victims in his 27 years in youth custody.

    “There were always very strong rumours that N—— H—— was homosexual and that he was sexually abusing boys who were working for him in the kitchen.

    This was general knowledge amongst staff and boys in the centre.

    “On a night time H—— would usually keep one boy back with him after the others had been dismissed and we all felt sorry for that boy.


    We have had suicides of victims attempted suicide of one of them as late as just last week you may hold to your beliefs and I will hold to what I know to be true.

    Saying that my intention was not to get at the good people of Jersey of which I’m sure there are many including yourself who I believe do have the requisite “Integrity, honour, and probity however as for the “taking to the streets” I was referring to the recent liberation day where the liberation seemed to be used to bolster up the oligarch’s at the expense of the abused.

    I do apologise if my comments have offended the good people of Jersey as it was directed at the bad people who are sitting in the Comfortable homes as the poor and many of the victims do not share this comfort.

    When your victim the anger can drive you to maybe say something that on reflection may have been said in error I do again apologise.

  43. Anonymous

    I would also add

    minimum wage
    full Recognition of the Jersey Resistance Movement during Nazi occupation and a full apology to the Jewish families and Slave labourers who suffered and perished on our island during occupation


  44. Anonymous

    Lenny Harper is going through hell right now, with all the threats and intimidation he is recieving.

    I wish there was a way we could get our support for him voiced.

    Lenny, you have so much dupport from survivors of abuse everywhere, not just Jersey. Keep going please, and get those nasty letters fingerprinted as well!

    Surely only abusers would want to block the work you are doing – so nail the bas*ards Lenny!


  45. Anonymous


    Sigmand Fraud blogged earlier today with frankness and passion.

    I disagreed with the view expressed and placed my own view as an alternative. I did this not out of anger but in the interest of fair play.

    The purpose of debate is to argue on a subject. As the topic is about child abuse, there is no opposing view but there is a need for solutions.

    People need to know that their power lies in the vote.

    Candidates who are prepared to strengthen child protection systems on the island and ensure such systems are fit for purpose should be elected.

    Voting is so simple and yet so powerful.

    So Sigmand, don’t apologise keep posting but be prepared for an argument.

  46. http://justice4survivors.com

    I understand the ballot or bust and I agree “Voting is so simple and yet so powerful.”

    I do believe that the bible reflects the peace harmony and love that one would expect from those who created us all, however I don’t believe the conventions of the religious organisations, in turn I believe in democracy and the balance of society for the greater good. But we have seen very little of that in recent year, (oops did I say recent?) I meant to say since the dawn of time, remembering that many people don’t live the opulent life styles of those in high places wherever they maybe.

    I also understand that there are times in history, both ancient and recent, where these votes have been rigged and many would say that about Bush n Blair’s last elections.

    I also feel there is little option but to use the mechanics of the system to beat the system.

    This will take courage and determinations and the integrity honour and probity I spoke of before.

    I truly believe that Senator Stuart Syvret, Wendy Kinnard, Simon Bellwood as well as Eileen Fairweather the journalist who exposed the child abuse scandal where12 children’s homes were infiltrated by a child sex-ring in Islington.

    All these people are heroes to me and thousand’s victims of institutional abuse across the world, they are, I believe, deserving of that title in spades, I can do nought but reiterate.

    I can’t take back thing’s I have wrote, nor change typo’s and in some cases I would do so, however I never retract an apology as I made it honestly believing my intended comment to be an aid to discourse as well as for the good people who I still believe there are many.

    (Concept of apology) re: Alien language to the oligarchs, an anathema to think of by the “Bailhache Bros, Walker and those of that ilk.

  47. Anonymous

    Well, I have had as much as I can stomach of all this disgustinbg institutional freemason abuse nonsense.

    There’s quite a few of us getting together now and we are going to take the entire British Government to court for human rights abuse.

    They have allowed me to be systematically psychologically tortured, and I have met others who are saying the same. We are meeting up at dwp.corruption.co.uk and taking the whole flaming lot of them on.

    It’s an eye opener to see the way these other people have been treated. These abuses are not “individual cases” at all, it’s systematic torture both physical and mental. They kill us off, they p*ss us around so much that we end up having a stroke or a hart attack, it is appalling.

    Hope to see you there, anyone else who has had enough of this cr*p.


  48. jim browne

    Morning Stuart.

    I agree with what Sigmand Fraud says in his post, there are many people on the Island of Jersey are not doing much to help the victims, but there is a small amount of strong people like yourself who are standing up to what they believe in, thats being the truth. I do feel sorry for the good people of Jersey who still don’t know the full story due to your local press and they still believe that there has been no wrong doing on their Island.

    Some people can be like sheep and can easy have the wool pulled over their eyes by people in power, but we as survivors and victims of abuse know different, we have had the wool pulled over our eyes for years, but we are now winning the fight, its a long road, but we will get to the end of it soon.

    Sigmand Fraud, I understand where you coming from mate,and I also carry a lot of anger inside when I see people getting away with what they have done, don’t worry mate, we will win .

    Jim Browne (survivor)

  49. Anonymous

    i am disgusted with ben shenton, i will never vote for him, i didn’t first time around and i certainly won’t this time, another one is sean power, and of cause the ones at the “top table ” ha ha they are all idiots. this election will sort them out. lets get lenny harper to stand with stuart, F merton


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