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This is the ‘free speech’ site of Stuart Syvret. It is not owned, controlled, or in any way administered by Stuart Syvret. Should Stuart wish to contribute new articles, he can do so by contacting the site administrator. Note that the blog is missing many of the original comments; this is regrettable but is the result of the web crawling process used to copy the content from the original blog before it was taken down by Google. If Stuart or anyone else has access to a complete copy of the blog, we would be pleased to receive it.

Stuart Syvret, a former politician on the island of Jersey in the Channel Isles, has been imprisoned for refusing to remove controversial posts and comments from his blog. Most of Stuart’s blog content is related to a large child abuse investigation that was begun in 2007 while Stuart was the Minister for Health and Social Services. Stuart, as the H & SS Minister, exercised his legal powers & duties under the Children (Jersey) Law 2002 to undertake an investigation into his own department. It was necessary for him to do this because of lies & obstructions by his departmental senior managers who were determined to obstruct Stuart. He informed the island’s parliament in July 2007 that Jersey had a massive child-protection failure on its hands. Later that year the Jersey Police Force revealed their own covert investigation into decades of child-abuse. The Jersey authorities, concerned that the publicity of the investigations was damaging the image of the island, removed Stuart from his position as Health & Social Services Minister. Later they did the same to the Chief of Police at the time, Graham Power. Stuart then began releasing evidence documenting the some of the child-abuse, other very serious crimes, the many cover-ups, and the shutting down of the police investigation.

These actions led him into head-on conflict with the Jersey authorities who, since 2008, have been trying to silence him. In February 2014, Google blocked public access to Stuart’s blog at the request of the Jersey authorities, even though no defamation action has ever been taken against him. This site was created so that the Jersey public can read the important evidence that the blog contains.

For further information about Stuart, please consult the following:

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  1. Florin Niculae

    hi, how can I contact mr Syvret? I need some advice rearding a few free speech issues that I had


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