Andrew Lewis – Candidate for Deputy in St. Helier 3/4 District

Andrew Lewis – the man who lied to the Jersey parliament to help sabotage a child-abuse investigation

Andrew Lewis – right – the man who lied to the Jersey parliament to help sabotage a child-abuse investigation

The Man Who Sabotaged the Rule-of-Law
By Illegally Suspending the Police Chief –
Then Lied to the Jersey Parliament about it.

“With hindsight the Chief Officer now sees these actions as those of a corrupt and malicious administration resolved to trample over every rule of fairness and justice in an effort to break the spirit and resolve of an individual who is an obstacle to their plans and intentions.   It did not work.

“What they in fact achieved was to initiate a long running and divisive controversy which is alive more than three years afterwards, and which in terms of reputational damage and cost exceeds anything which they may have been seeking to avoid.   Their malice is matched only by their stupidity and incompetence.”

Statement by Graham Power, Queens Police Medal, 3rd July 2012.

In some ways the candidacy of Andrew Lewis in this “election” epitomises all that is rotten – all that is oppressive and fundamentally anti-democratic and unsafe – in the Jersey body-politic every bit as much as the candidacy of Philip Bailhache.

Both men have abused power – abused power for plainly corrupt purposes, geared towards the suppression of the proper investigation of crimes such as child-abuse, the illegal suppression of political opponents, and the unlawful sabotage of, and political hi-jacking of, Police power.

Those facts are evidenced. Indeed, for example – as Voice for Children has previously reported – the evidence proves Andrew Lewis lied to the Jersey parliament: –

“The Former Home Affairs Minister [Andrew Lewis] told the island’s Parliament (in a secret session that was never meant to see the light of day) regarding his suspension of the Former Police Chief, –

“As far as the accusation you raise about the Metropolitan Police, when I saw the preliminary report I was astounded. So much so that my actions, I believe, are fully justified. If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal.”

That statement, From Andrew Lewis, one can only surmise, is telling the secret parliament session that this “preliminary Report” by the MET Police into the Child Abuse Investigation is a damming indictment on the investigation under Mr. Power’s control and he [Andrew Lewis] had no other choice other than to suspend Mr. Power.

But running alongside that statement we have, in the subsequent Napier Review in paragraph 101, –

“As previously has been noted, neither Mr Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it.””

Andrew Lewis is seeking election as a Deputy in St. Helier 3/4 district. Jersey residents might wonder what Lewis is doing in St. Helier? He formerly represented  his home parish, St. John, so why isn’t he seeking election there? The answer is that  to stand any chance getting elected in a rural parish you have to have the backing of at least one of the two or three factions that dominate.  Today, in St. John, Andrew Lewis could not garner the support of any of them. It was made plain to him that he was not wanted in his home parish, & that if he ran he’d get no support or endorsement  from the traditional factions. A fact which would have seen him come a distant last in the St. John Deputorial election.

His own people see him for the shallow, self-serving and corrupt fool he is – a man who lied to Jersey’s  parliament and who played a central role as a “useful idiot” in a reprehensible and disastrous episode in Jersey’s history.

But St. Helier 3/4 district – unlike St. John with its single Deputy – has four Deputies – four seats available – four simultaneous chances to dupe the public and con them into unwittingly  electing a fool and a villain. Thus it is that a garbage candidate, liar, “useful idiot” and crook – Andrew Lewis – tries to sneak in unnoticed – with the assistance of Jersey’s mainstream media which has failed to report the evidenced facts concerning his reprehensible conduct.

The voters of St. Helier 3/4 district have been failed by the establishment’s media  – so, yet again in Jersey, the island’s citizen media is the only place where the public can find the facts.

And it is not as though the heritage media was alone in helping Andrew Lewis to escape from scrutiny and accountability. The same protection has been given to Lewis by big-time Freemason and fellow St. John’s resident, Constable Phil Rondel – a man directly & expressly conflicted in ways that put him at odds with the public interest. Phil Rondel chaired the last St. Helier 3/4 district hustings and refused throughout the meeting to take my question even though I’m a district resident. The Freemason Phil Rondel failed to declare his conflicts of interest, closed the meeting early, and even refused requests by several candidates to take more questions.

Seeing me in the audience, Lewis & Rondel will have known perfectly well the subject of the question I intended to ask – and were thus determined that I shouldn’t do so.

This is the question I was going to ask – and it is an important question – one which is fundamental to good-governance – and which goes to the heart of the very integrity of Jersey’s parliament: –

“Assuming the candidates to be serious in their support of effective child-protection and proper, objective policing – and understanding how important those issues are to the public – how could the candidates genuinely represent the community in the States if a fellow member and Home Affairs Minister, lied to them in the Jersey parliament concerning a matter of such fundamental importance as child-protection investigations and objective policing in Jersey – as former Deputy Andrew Lewis did?”

There’s only one credible and honest answer to that question – namely that no sincere  politician genuinely motivated by the public good could possibly expect to effectively represent the public in their parliament if those in senior positions lie to that parliament. No honest politician could come to reasoned & well-informed judgments on crucial matters if the Minsters are so devoid of integrity that they reply to important questions with brazen falsehoods.

That is what the candidate Andrew Lewis did – when previously elected as Deputy – and when he was, for a few weeks, Home Affairs Minister.

This is what Andrew Lewis said to the Jersey parliament in an in-camera debate in November 2008: –

“I have read an alarming report from the metropolitan police which led me to this decision in the first place. I can do no more.”

And this: –

“As far as the accusation you raise about the Metropolitan Police, when I saw the preliminary report I was astounded. So much so that my actions, I believe, are fully justified. If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal.”

But the truth is that Andrew Lewis had not read a “preliminary report” from the Metropolitan Police.

In fact – the so-called “Interim Met Report” – which Andrew Lewis falsely claimed to have read – didn’t even exist.

As the subsequent investigation by Brian Napier later noted: –

“”As previously has been noted, neither Mr Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it.””

As Police Chief Graham Power noted in a 2012 statement ( –

Paragraph 7 –

“7. Lewis states that I was not “asked to resign.” All parties agree on at least one thing. That is that at the start of the meeting I was asked to “consider my position.” I leave it to others to decide what is commonly understood to be meant by this statement. Interestingly Mr Lewis states “I am not at liberty to disclose the contents of the Met Report.” According to his statement to Wiltshire Police he could hardly do so given that he claims “I never saw the Metropolitan Review Document.” (Paragraph 14.) Again, it is hard to reconcile these two statements.”

And paragraph 8 –

“In his recent statement Lewis refers to the typed notes which are alleged to be a true record of the disciplinary meeting and says “Mr Power has never corresponded with me to the effect that they did not reflect the meeting.” In a letter addressed to the Minister dated 1st December 2008 I begin “Dear Minister.” I then go on to list a number of issues. In paragraph 5 and 6 I refer to the alleged typed notes of the meeting and list areas of the notes which I consider to be untrue. On 5th December 2008 I received a reply which had been sent on the Ministers behalf. I have copies of both letters. The recent claim by Lewis that “Mr Power has never corresponded with me to the effect that they (the notes) did not reflect the meeting” is a further transparent falsehood and can be shown to be so.”

Graham Power was the best Police Chief Jersey has ever had. A man of intelligence, compassion, bravery – and impeccable integrity. How else can it have been that the decades of concealed-child-abuse we are now hearing of, from the survivors, were never investigated by any previous Police Chief or Police Force in Jersey’s history?

The unfortunate public of Jersey – lied to by the establishment – and kept in-the-dark by the Jersey establishment media – now runs the risk of having a liar & a spiv – Andrew Lewis – again in our parliament – and again a fool and an enemy of the public good and an enemy of the vulnerable – a man who epitomises inadequacy as much as Graham Power embodies integrity.

Mr Power goes on to say in his 2012 statement: –

“Having concluded my comments on the recent release by Andrew Lewis, I now offer the following thoughts: 

Among all of the conflicting accounts and confusion a number of things appear to be evident. Nobody appears to dispute that important evidence, in the form of the original record of the suspension meeting was wilfully destroyed.

There is evidence that suspension documents which bore the date 12th November 2008 and which claimed to be in response to information received the previous day, were, shall we say, deficient in authenticity.

There is an apparent conflict between things said in the legally admissible statement made by Andrew Lewis and the things which he is saying now. There might be an explanation for this, although none is immediately apparent.”

In fact – as the evidence already discovered and published by Jersey citizen media blogs such as Voice for Children, Rico Sorda and here shows – the Jersey establishment were secretly planning the suspension of the Police Chief for months before November 2008.

If you are interested in the truth – in evidence – you  can read it in the postings at the links below; postings in which Jersey’s citizen media journalists have defended the public-interest & reported the facts.

If you live in St. Helier 3/4  district – and you were to allow yourself to be hoodwinked into voting for the low liar and crook Andrew Lewis – not only would you be failing yourself, you would be failing the community of Jersey. It would be another sad case of the-government-you-deserve.

We must have people of calibre – and of integrity – in our parliament. Andrew Lewis possesses  neither of those qualities.

Support objective policing – support vulnerable children who need protection – support the proper and impartial rule of law – begin to gain a parliament of integrity: don’t vote for Andrew Lewis.

Stuart Syvret

Sunday, 26 September 2010
Tuesday, 3 July 2012
SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012


  1. VFC.


    You will recall that Warcup apparently did not show Lewis the alleged “interim report” because he (Warcup) claimed that it contained operationally sensitive material ( Although Napier says that this was not true)

    So Warcup did a letter containing extracts of the negative bits and excluded the qualifications/caveats and positive aspects and this is the document that Lewis saw. (The Warcup Letter) But he could hardly report to the States that he had taken such action on the basis of a letter, which told him bits about a report that he had never seen so it appears he led States members to believe that he had seen the Met report.

    He also told Wilts that he had no concerns over Mr. Power’s leadership of the Investigation (Operation Rectangle) until he saw the letter from Warcup and then caused the suspension documents to be prepared. Then after a 12-month legal battle Graham Power obtained disclosure of when the suspension documents were created and it turned out that they were typed four days before Lewis saw the Warcup letter!

    So things were done in reverse order, the decision to suspend Mr. Power was taken first and then Warcup was tasked with coming up with a letter to justify a decision which had already been taken and then sticking to a cover story to pretend things had been done in the correct order until they got rumbled!

  2. Anon

    There are three voters in my family in St Helier 3/4. We will never, ever, vote for Andrew Lewis.

    The good news is that there are strong candidates in the district. Hilton, Higgins and Rondel will be elected. As for the fourth place, Laura Millen is a good candidate. Even Christian May, despite the whiff of the establishment about him, would be preferred to Lewis.

    I’m a betting man, and I’m prepared to bet that Lewis will fail on Wednesday.


    who invited Rondel to chair the meeting & did the other candidates not object to the shortened meeting?

  4. Frank "the plank" Walker's Liar

    Why did the Home Affairs Minister – Wendy Kinnard resign from her ministerial post on the 21st of October 2008?

    Was Deputy Andrew Lewis prepared to do what Wendy Kinnard would not, that is to lie for Frank Walker and his pro-finance industry oligarchy chums?

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for this timely information Stuart. My family and I were planning to vote for Lewis after we attended an earlier hustings. Now we certainly won’t do so and I will try and persuade my neighbours not to vote for him either.

  6. Anonymous

    For those still naïve enough to believe that Lewis is not a crook but merely a misguided idiot then there is another aspect, which could be looked at. That is the cost of Lewis to the jersey taxpayer. Even his closest supporters would have to admit that he made a shambles of Graham Power’s suspension. And his ineptitude had a price tag. So far as we are able to discover the full cost of the Wiltshire enquiry was between £one and two million. The judicial review proceedings, in which his conduct was strongly criticized by the Royal Court, would have cost in the £hundreds of thousands has never been revealed. Napier was called in to review the mess that he had created at a cost of around £100,000. Now we have the committee of enquiry, (£6 million) which we understand will also be taking a look at his decision to suspend the Chief Officer when other less drastic and costly options appear to have been available. Whatever side they are on in the child abuse debate Islanders might rightly ask whether Jersey can afford another dose of his ineptitude or whether someone with a bit more common sense and respect for public finances might be a better representative?

  7. Anonymous

    This is the Lewis who would turn up for role call at the start of the States session and then as soon as he had ‘clocked in’ head off to Bond Street to the day job and ‘listen’ to the proceedings on the radio and when it was time to vote scuttle off back to the chamber to “vote for the people of Jersey”. Any politician who leaves the chamber (when paid to be there) should have double their income deducted and given to charity. How is it possible that this man can present himself as a Deputy for St Helier when he lives in St John? and has the gaul to state his postal address as Bond Street, his business premises. Vote for him if you must but rest assured there are better.

  8. I can't believe it's butter!

    Andrew Lewis is a self-serving lying scoundrel who should in fact be facing a prison sentence rather than standing for Constable of St. Helier No. 3/4!

    The only reason why Andrew Lewis was able to get away with lying and cheating the people of Jersey is because he was a useful “tool” acting on behalf of an equally corrupt inner rotten core which runs the States Chamber for finance industry ‘big business’ interests which is supported by an equally rancid and parasitic Judiciary pimping our government like a prostitute on behalf of the Monarchy and City of London Corporation.

  9. Road Runner - Beep Beep!

    It seems the smoking wreckage of the Reform Jersey party this morning, ran into the establishment juggernaut last night…

    Montford Tadier managed to hold onto his seat by a margin of 130 votes against new-comer Natalie Duffy. And the worm (that turned), Geoff Southern only managed to retain his seat by a margin of 98 votes against his rival Bernie Manning, not exactly a landslide victory for Southern who just scraped back in again on an unimpressive 566 votes (guess the electorate of St Helier No. 2 must have a soft spot for this particular left-wing worm).

    Andrew Lewis was elected into St. Helier District No. 3 & 4 by 1126 votes! Words fail me on this one…

    It seems people are more than happy to vote again for Senator Sir Philip Bailhache (poll topping at 13,770 votes) and Senator Philip Ozouf (10,062 votes), as well as all the other establishment figures of Gorst, Maclean, Routier and Farnham.

    The only real surprise of the night was the election of Zoe Cameron (10,412 votes). Good Luck Zoe!

  10. Paedophile Establishment

    The Cabinet Office cannot find yet another dossier about paedophilia and child abuse, given to Mrs Thatcher in 1989, according to the reply from a Freedom of Information Request.

    The dossier was given to the Prime Minister by Anthony Gilberthorpe, an ex Chairman of Stroud Conservatives

    This is far from the first documentation to go missing.
    It appears that 3 dossiers from Geoffrey Dickens and 2 Scotland Yard PIE dossiers have gone missing.

    as well as over 100 files from the Home Office.

    With thanks to

  11. Nottingham Children's Homes

    Actress Samantha Morton is to meet police over claims she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of care home workers in Nottinghamshire.

    URL: BBC

    The Rotherham scandal has awakened painful memories for actor Samantha Morton. She talks for the first time about being sexually abused in care – and why she thinks the police took no action

    URL: The Guardian

    1. Mandatory Reporting .....a step change in child protection

      All credit to Samantha Morton for speaking out about what she saw and what happened to her and her friends. It has been difficult for her to do judging how he details have come out bit by bit.

      Child abuse is EVERYBODY’S issue, especially anyone who has children of their own. Humans tend to ignore inconvenient problems which they don’t think affect them. (hence Jersey’s recent election results, re-electing/appointing the same paedophile friendly in-crowd ….. even Liar LEWIS)

      The Vic.Collage abuse and cover-up saga demonstrate how flawed this “I’m alright Jack” attitude is. Paedophilia is a small but significant issue across all socio-economic groups. The more vulnerable and disadvantaged are inevitably most at risk from the worst abuse with some parent-less children in government care, both in the UK and Jersey being subjected to appalling abuse and sexual predation usually only meted out to the most unfortunate of human trafficking victims.

      It is so valuable for people like Samantha to speak out because it brings home to the complacent majority that anyone can be affected. I imagine that Samantha Morton can also be a role model and inspiration to younger abuse survivors that they can make some measure of success in their lives in spite of the duff hand that life has dealt them. Samantha may well have been dealt an ace or two in her otherwise duff hand because success such as hers relies on luck as well as hard work.

      Something to note is that Samantha Morton’s success has given her a platform so what she says is now taken seriously rather than ignored as it clearly was when she was a “nobody” ……just another problem child with a criminal record and a tendency to self harm.

      Slowly things are improving but the concerned public must keep the pressure up as the authorities are still hell bent on damage limitation.

      A blind eye is still turned and victims are still ignored -all the easier if the complainant can be undermined or discredited or given a criminal record.

      Tomorrow’s “Historic Abuse” is happening today ….cover up guarantees recurrence. Pleading ignorance of the issues no longer washes.

  12. Melanie Shaw - jailed whistleblower child abuse victim

    What makes you think Jersey is any different from any where else in ‘Great Britain’?

    Under CORRUPT COUNCIL- Beechwood Children’s Home whistleblower (see Operation Daybreak 2011) unlawfully imprisoned and held without trial in high security Peterborough prison for ’71 days’ with no evidence!

    Abuise victim remanded – no evidence presented

    Melanie Shaw Paedophile “Whistle Blower” Unlawfully Imprisoned!

    Peterborough Telegraph fails to report the full facts!

  13. The UK Column - Article: July 11th 2014

    Melanie Shaw – A key whistleblowing witness and victim of child abuse at Nottingham Beechwood Children’s Home is effectively missing after sending a text to the UK Column starting…”pls ring urgent, something has happened n I don’t trust the police and I may be locked up tomorrow…” Sent at 21:22 on Wednesday 9th July 2014 the UK Column has been trying to locate the witness ever since.

    Nottinghamshire Child Abuse Witness Taken By Police, Now Missing

    Do the following quotes sound familiar in the Jersey context of ‘modus operandi’ ex-Senator Syvret?

    “On Monday Nottm court Beechwood children’s home abuse. No prosecutions for 100 victims. County Council denying liability.”

    “No answer yet on how many files destroyed by Notts County Council involving child abuse.. Notts County Council offering £9000 to child abuse victims but admitting no liability.”

  14. Agenda 21

    The Commonwealth Is The British Empire

    Contrary to rumour, the British Empire never went away. Commonwealth nations never, in reality, obtained independence from Britain. Instead, they simply went through a process of devolution; home rule instead of direct rule. Puppet presidents and prime ministers to replace Viceroys and Governors.

    In any case, the British Empire was never really about Britain, and has certainly never been about the British people. It was, and remains, a corporate financial “empire”; an international trading empire based on the looting of nations and the trafficking of drugs. For a while, that corporate infrastructure was effectively nationalised, and took on the appearance of being a British political empire, rather than a corporate financial one.

    After the second world war, however, “empire” became unfashionable. It was time to move to the next phase of the globalist agenda, so the empire shrunk into the shadows. The colonies were restructured and the embryonic institutions of World Government were formed.

    Today it has raised its ugly head above the parapet once again with renewed vigour, and once again, we stare into the jaws of a now truly global, corporate, communitarian monster.

  15. Hanora Brennan

    Good to see you back on line Stuart. I briefly contacted you over the child abuse allegations back in 2007 but subsequently became very ill and only now have caught up with you. Reassuring to see that you’re still ‘having a go’ and I hope you yield results for your tremendous work. Your name will grace the Jersey history books when the corrupt pollies are all dead, gone and forgotten.


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