TV Documentary today,

Monday 25th April

9.00 p.m

Crime & Investigation Channel.

I invite readers everywhere – but especially those in Jersey – to watch the TV documentary I refer to above. Perhaps some kind person might copy it to YouTube for future viewing by those who don’t have access to the channel?
I refer to the program because – with reluctance – I’ve had to take quite a detailed interest in the subject of killer nurses; a category of murderer more common than I’d ever imagined.
Some people in Jersey still don’t really understand what happened to my career in politics; one moment, I was the poll-toping Senator and ‘Father of the House’ – next moment I’m subject to massed police-raids, arrest, searches without a search-warrant, charges, prosecution, and harassment from political Office by a judicial system that suddenly decided my entire defence case was “inadmissible” – three days after they’d received the reports written by my expert witness. And of course with the local media being as ethically bankrupt as it is, the truth has never been properly reported to the local population.
A lot of people in Jersey labour happily under the delusions that the above chain of events occurred because of a non-renewed driving licence, and because I had “been rude” about people on this blog. Yes – actually such is the carefully cultivated and fostered degree of political illiteracy in Jersey – some people still believe it is a criminal offence to be “impolite”.
The policing action taken against me is illegal on a number of grounds. And when William Bailhache and David Warcup – and others – planned it – it also had several different – improper – motivations. All of which will be made fully clear in due course.
However – ostensibly the raid, arrest and prosecution was conducted because I exposed a killer nurse; “nurse M” as we must refer to him – for the time-being.
One of nurse M’s long-term protectors – Freemason and fellow male nurse, Mike Wavell died recently – and another of nurse M’s long-term protectors, Freemason and States Deputy, Phil Rondel has a spot of bother of his own, along with Senator Ferguson, due to their attempts to rig the endorsement of an appointments process to a local property development quango. But it hasn’t only been bizarrely motivated individuals who have protected nurse M over the years; Jersey’s actual prosecution and judicial systems have done the same. The motivations for such a cover-up will be obvious to any thinking person, and are pretty much the same as the motivations for the concealment of so much child abuse. The overriding consideration in Jersey is to maintain the ‘image’ and reputation of the island’s public administration. Serious crimes are often routinely covered-up to protect the reputations of oligarchs and to maintain public confidence in the status quo. For example – just recently in Jersey, there was a very serious case of causing death through dangerous driving. A young woman was killed. Where are the charges? Where is the prosecution? Where is – even – the name of the driver?
The “official” reason for the illegal repressive actions taken against me is because I began writing journalism outside of the customary ‘omerta’ of the local mainstream media – and began reporting that which the Jersey oligarchy normally keeps secret. I named as a killer, the rogue male nurse – when the island’s authorities and their state-controlled media had already determined that the nurse in question would be protected.
When the TV documentary to be broadcast this evening, was drawn to my attention, I was struck by certain profound similarities between the case of Colin Norris in Leeds – and of nurse M in Jersey. Certain similarities – but the nurse M case is far – far – more disturbing.
Here is what a TV listing says about Angel of Death:
“In 2002, nurse Colin Norris was arrested on suspicion of murdering four elderly patients in the Leeds hospitals where he worked. Suspicions had first been aroused when the narcissistic Norris had predicted the exact time of death of one of his patients – but finding the evidence to convict him would take a further five years. This documentary looks back at the case, and features the original police recordings of interviews with Norris while he was in custody.”
Another on-line TV listing describes the program thus:
“Former colleagues and relatives of the victims discuss the case of nurse Colin Norris who administered lethal doses of insulin to four elderly female patients in 2002.”
Eventually – in January 2010, the results of an inquiry into the Norris episode were published. On the 26th January 2010, The Yorkshire Post reported some of the key findings, saying this:
“According to an NHS Yorkshire and the Humber independent inquiry report, problems including relatives’ concerns going unheeded, staff knowledge of clinical governance policies and systems, record-keeping and medicines management, all contributed to the opportunities Norris had to get hold of drugs and murder patients.”
The Yorkshire Post goes on to say:
“Today’s report stated: ‘Colin Norris was a trained nurse who had access to drug cupboard keys and the means to administer lethal injections to elderly and vulnerable patients.
‘There is evidence to suggest that the systems in place at the trust to monitor the supply and administration of drugs at the time of the incidents were not robust enough to identify and prevent malpractice.’”
If I’m able to, I will watch the Angel of Death documentary – watch it with great interest.
Because, so far, every relevant factor I’ve been able to discover concerning the murders committed by Norris – applies in the Jersey nurse M case – save for the fact that in the case of nurse M – it’s all far – far – worse.
Perhaps later in the week, if I’m able, I’ll write a comparison of the key points in the two cases.
In the mean-time – watch the documentary – and bear in mind that if there is one thing that has become starkly clear during the differing controversies of these last four or so years – it is that the very rule of law is broken in Jersey.

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