Let’s Drink a Toast to Citizen Media!

Just a brief post to mark an historic milestone. But before I get onto that, some news of a forthcoming attraction.

I am writing a substantive post on yesterday’s States debate on taxing food and energy costs.

Regular’s readers of this blog will not be surprised in the least to learn the Jersey oligarchy has decided to persist in placing sales tax on basic foodstuffs and domestic energy costs.

At a time in human history when energy and food costs are increasing at a colossal and unprecedented rate.

At a time when they themselves admit that the tax-take from the Jersey rich is falling dramatically.

Yep – don’t ever think I’m too harsh on these clowns; they really are an inchoate, roiling herd of the ethically dead, the intellectually atrophied and the chronically deluded.

So look out for my substantive post on the subject.

In the meantime – I thought I’d mark the passing of an historic moment.

The Jersey Evening Post – more commonly known as The Rag down here – the island’s only “newspaper” – and deranged and incorrigible mouthpiece and cheer-leader for Jersey’s increasingly frail, demented oligarchy – claims a readership of 55,000.

I say “claims” – because I doubt very – very – much whether the production of the readership and circulation figures claimed could be, even faintly, regarded as methodologically convincing.

Instead – The Jersey Evening Post’s claim of a readership of 55,000 looks about as reliable as most other things The Rag produce – which is to say – not very.

The Rag is clearly a failing journal – being left behind by the tide of history. But as long as it is produced – it has to suck in money from advertisers.

Hence the certainly fictitious and overblown claims for its readership. Given the comically excessive advertising rates it charges – it just wouldn’t want the average business proprietor out there to know that – in truth – only a tiny fraction of the claimed audience will ever actually see their very expensive advert – let alone read it.

I recently conducted an informal, mini survey amongst people I know under the age of 40. It was about 20 people I spoke to.

More than half said they never brought The Rag. Of that number, about 60% said they’d quickly glance through it if someone else had a copy lying around.

About 12 of the 20 people surveyed said they never even bothered to read The Rag at all – even if it was freely available. Fascinatingly, of all those who did read The Rag, I asked how long they spent reading it.

The average was 4 minutes – and that’s being generous.

So, fortunately for Jersey’s future, The Rag’s days are numbered.

But sometime last night my unique site users exceeded that 55,000 figure which the JEP claims. OK – I know there are methodological factors which have to be taken into account with such site use counters. For example, if a person visits my blog from two different computers – that will count as two unique site users, even though it’s one reader.

But by the same token, I know many households in which they have only one, family computer, which is used by many members of the same household to visit my blog. So swings and roundabouts.

But whatever technical counting issues exist – I’d still wager with confidence that my figure of in excess of 55,000 users – is a good deal more accurate than that of The Rag.

And hey! It doesn’t cost me a penny to produce! Unlike The Rag which must be losing money hand-over-fist.

You know – now I come to think of it – you can place advertisement sections on a blog. Maybe I should start doing that?

I could offer Jersey businesses some very competitive advertising rates, I’m sure. 😉

And they’d probably get read by a load more people that those which appear in The Rag.

What do think? Any business proprietors out there who might be interested?

Look – I’m stony broke fer Christ sake. It’s got to be better then the customary methods used by politicians in – err – “supplementing” one’s income. :d)

But in all seriousness – thanks to most of my readers. We’ve created a powerful campaigning voice – one which frightens our stagnant establishment. (I say “most” of my readers, as I know some of the bad guys – like the Jersey establishment oligarchs – read it as well, and I wouldn’t want them running away with the idea I was thanking them.)

We’re even developing a new lexicon. I think the wonderful phrase supplied by a reader – “oli-dollies” – is definitely here to stay. So apt, so perfect a phrase.

Why don’t we see what other new words and phrases we can come up with – to verbally arm us for these troubled times?


36 thoughts on “BEATING THE RAG!

  1. Anonymous

    Why is it called the Jersey Evening Post it comes out at midday?

    I remember not many years ago this paper used to come out after 3.00pm and people would be waiting for it to be delivered to buy it and it would nearly always sell out.

    Now it comes out at midday and doesn’t sell out.

    You go into any shop the next morning and there is piles of this paper unsold. Most people only buy this paper out of habit not for anything that is in it. When they realise there is nothing in it they stop buying it.

    I stopped buying because I think it is a waste of money. The sales of papers is falling all over the western world Jersey is no exception.

    If the JEP thinks it is immune from this it must be mistaken, If papers like the tabloid red tops have declining sales what chance does the JEP have? Especially a paper that is very mediocre like the JEP.

  2. Anonymous

    You do realise the difference between readership and circulation don’t you?
    A regular UK journalist reader.

  3. Anonymous

    stuart according the circulation of the rag is 21100. i have not bought it for four years now because of blatant lies it prints.keep up the good work

  4. Laughed my cotton socks off

    I played back the CTV goof again last night, to enjoy it once again
    (mistaken playback of Frank freeze-framed on the screen instead of a VT report – followed by Kristina saying sorry about that problem).
    It was even funnier that I had thought. Guess what the actual story was about, that they were trying to run a tape about?
    Domestic abuse!
    You couldn’t, as you say, make it up… bwahahahaaaa!!

  5. TonyTheProf

    If it wasn’t for the politicians gaffes and ineptitude (esp. G De Faye!) my News from Nowhere column would run out of ideas, so I am one of the rags readers, not perhaps for the right reasons…

  6. voiceforchildren


    How many hits is your blog getting a day? And let’s not forget about the people who “have” to buy the rag.

    People coming to your blog do so by choice.Blogging is fast becoming the mainstream media. Keep it up!!

  7. A Holiday In The Sun

    I stopped buying the JEP earlier this year in disgust of how I was seeing them behave – and I know I wasn’t alone in taking that action.

    I believe a lot of people on this island still buy the JEP purely out of habit. It’s certainly no longer the essential daily neccessity of years gone by.

    Much like the first person to have commented today, I remember 10 or 15 years people queuing daily in the newsagents at 3.30pm for the paper.

    Sadly for the JEP,the proliferation of media in the modern age is rendering them obsolete. If the use of technology amongst the populace continues to expand at the current rate (and technology itself continues to advance in parallel), the paper can probably count the lifetime it has left (in its current format) on less than 10 fingers.

  8. Stuart Syvret

    A reader has sent in a comment in which is the blog address of a Senatorial candidate in the forthcoming elections.

    I’m going to be very cautious about allowing my blog to promote candidates.

    There’ll be some – for sure; but not just anyone.

    A first Glance the candidate’s blog looked OK – pressing all the “right” buttons for the 21st century. But then I read he thinks the manufacturing-consent exercise that was “Imagine Jersey 2035” was basically a good idea.

    Oh – my – God!

    Sorry – anyone just so naive, stupid, ill-read and ignorant won’t get a boost on my blog.


  9. Anonymous

    I buy the JEP every day! (except on Sundays – market gap anyone?)

    Although I must confess that being so laid back I only buy it just to check the ‘Deaths’ column to see if I’m still alive.

  10. Anonymous

    In order to attract advertisers advertisers newspaprs dupply the ABC ( Audit Bureau of Circulation ) figures of daily sales, they then make available information on daily sales for National and Regional Newspapers……….I’ve googled them and the following is what I found – note the dates……….but for more comprehensive information you do the google and the math!


    Nerdess…………read on

    Press Gazette Journalism Today (Google) 8th March 2008

    The next best performing evening title by growth was the Guernsey Press and Star, down 0.3 per cent to 16,196, followed by the Jersey Evening Post on 21,100, down 0.6 per cent.
    The total circulation of Britain’s 72 regional evening newspapers was down 5.3 per cent year on year in the second half of 2007 – from 2,777,041 to 2,629,193.

    Regional Audit Bureau of Circulation 28th August 2008
    • Jersey Evening Post: 21,098; 97.9%; Paid; year-on-year change: -0.2%
    • Guernsey Press & Star: 16,023; 94.7%; Paid; year-on-year change: -1.4%

  11. Anonymous

    They produce it earlier to catch the footfall in King Street during the lunch hour – it really is as simple as that…………just a bit of smart thinking on the part of the Managing Director and nothing to do with editorial staff.

  12. Res Nullius

    Garchaic- An Oli policy (an Olicy?) which has been made redundant due to a forthcoming election.

  13. Anonymous

    ooouccchh the people at the JEP who monitor you site are not happy

    still cannot run of the the Nazi’s in the hierachy or the the Quisling leaders of Jersey

    then again

    now where is the photo of the official censor at the JEP jking with the journalists

    we never will forget the JEP role and its failure to apologise, it attacks upon the honest and good members of the resistance movement

    Why wont you apologise !!!!! at the JEP

    you got it wrong then and you are getting it wrong now

    Long live the memory of Norman Le Brocq

  14. Anonymous

    Lets have a real Liberation day this year without the out bursts attacks

    lets focus on the role of the brave Liberation movement, the plight of the slave labourers and the jews on our Island

  15. Res Nullius

    Oli G –

    The minister (or Oli Dolly doing his bidding) who pretends to be in tune with the islands yoof in a desperate attempt to win the 16 – 18 year olds votes.

    E.G. Ben ‘Skate Park’ Fox


  16. Kraków Crapaud

    Hi Stuart,
    It was never my intention to promote said Senatorial candidate.
    I felt that it was unfair that his website address was incorrect in the JEP article about him.
    In the light of a recent post about states members and .com addresses I thought it was appropriate to place that comment on your post about the ‘beating the rag’.
    Kind regards,

  17. Anonymous

    I had The Rag sent to me overseas for yerrs, and yerrs very expensive,
    but it kept me in touch with my vaterland.
    But I realised that it was 25% ads, 25% in Porchagese, 25% in Polish and 40% selling Houses, I don´t buy it anymore while in Jersey, and I cannot think of anyone who does..

  18. obiterdictum

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

    Dear Senator Syvret

    I do think you are a brave man, and frankly I’m amazed you (and Mr Harper for that matter)are still around to tell the tale!

    We lived in Jersey for two long years- and frankly a little like one of your other posts I just wanted out! I won’t deny it’s pretty-sure it is, gorgeous even. But I couldn’t stay because it gave me the complete creeps. I didn’t know what, where or how, but I just KNEW there was something very very bad, downright sinister going on; in that atmosphere there just had to be.

    Having grown up in pre-Mandela South Africa, (another oli-dollie dictatorship) dominated by ruthless greed, boundless corruption and endemic dishonesty, all kept in power by a combination of enormous fear, sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity, I was shocked to find myself in the midst of more of the same, “out of the frying pan…” .So we washed our hands of it, and moved on instead.

    And yes, I do feel like Pontius Pilate as my life post SA and Jersey is quiet, normal and nice.

    For what it’s worth I qualified as a lawyer over 20 years ago so I could probably answer some legal queries posted here. The question must reveal no identities so it’s just theoretical, as is my answer. I am limited of course in the context of this particular fiasco, as I practice real law not make believe, but I’ll do what I can to help. For instance a good defence in the real world to a charge of defamation/slander/contumelia such as slanging one of your Glorious Leaders off is “truth and public benefit”.I’ll say!

    Obiter Dictum

  19. Anonymous

    In my opinion if you are stupid and believe anything you are told by all means carry on buying it, because there can’t be any other excuse for wasting your money can there!

    If you have any intelligence at all you wouldn’t buy it! Which camp do you fall into? Are you an automaton doing the authorities bidding (a model citizen) or are you a free thinker (not what the establishment wants)who is able to see reality and all which it entails?

  20. Anonymous

    A relative in Jersey used to send me the Weekly Post and selected JEP’s until she moved away herself. I miss them as they used to fit the cat’s litter tray perfectly!

  21. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    I’ve just used the listen again option on Radio 4 to hear the woman’s hour story on HDLG. What a cringe inducing experience that was. I refer of course to Mike Pollard’s contribution – how many times did he say that the victims of abuse were these ‘wonderful people’? How many times did he say that his job was to ensure that his department provided services to meet these ‘wonderful people’s’ needs? I felt sick listening to him.

    I’d be interested to know how many times he has actually met with these ‘wonderful people’ (AKA the victims of abuse) Once, twice,never?

    I was also alarmed to hear that the psychotherapist advising the victims was encouraged by Pollard’s interview – a word of warning – DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN! HE WOULD SELL HIS MOTHER TO GET HIMSELF OUT OF A STICKY SITUATION.

    If I could presume to give some advice to the Care Leavers group in Jersey – Do not meet with Mike Pollard on your own. Take Stuart with you and if you can a lawyer. Oh yes and record everything he says – he cannot be trusted!

  22. Danrok

    Recently, I saw a Connex bus with a sticker on the back of it claiming that the JEP is read by 9 out of 10 islanders!

    Are there any laws in Jersey to cover false or misleading advertisements?

  23. Anonymous


    It may be ‘read’ by 9 out of 10 adult, literate islanders but it is certainly not bought by that many.

    I read the office copy. So does everyone in the office. None of us buy it. That’s 20 people who read it and only the company who buy the single copy.

    If what they are saying is true thier circulation would be in the region of 80,000 copies a day.

  24. Rob Kent

    Re anonymous, “If you have any intelligence at all you wouldn’t buy it! Which camp do you fall into?”

    Soviet citizens became experts at reading Pravda against the grain and between the lines. Doing so tells you how power, propaganda, and influence are manipulating the news.

    Because you already know the basic facts about what is happening in Jersey, reading the establishment spin on it is very revealing – what stories are covered or not covered and how they are covered.

    I can understand you not buying it because you don’t want to help its profits, or because it infuriates you, but to call people unintelligent for continuing to read it is not giving credit to people’s power of discrimination over what they read.

    I would have thought the JEP would have reprinted Lenny Harper’s recent articles/interviews from the Guernsey Press but I haven’t seen much mention of it in the online edition, which is incredible considering their content. That alone give you insight into the editorial slant of the paper.

    I have the same critical approach to the Guardian or Telegraph as I would do to the JEP – I don’t wholeheartedly trust what they are telling me and I question their editorial line.

  25. Anonymous

    Stuart, not wishing to belittle your achievements as 50,000+ unique visitors is great figure to achieve, But your regular readership per day is another matter.

    When you ran that poll, you didn’t have loads of votes for or against for instance?

    I’d bet that your site probably gets a few hundred returning readers daily. But keep it up- this in no way reflects my (good) opinion of what you are doing.

  26. Anonymous

    Unfortunately by buying it you are giving credance and financial support to something which is not in the islanders interests. Only by not participating in this colouring of news will those in charge get the message that the public are wise to their goings on and you will also hit them where it hurts in the pocket! Money rules now so use it as a weapon against all this spin, otherwise you are giving it the oxygen it needs to keep peddling government spin.

    Nothing will change if people like you go along with it. Vote with your feet and make sure they get the message that you will no longer pay for spin. Your constant support by the act of buying the paper gives these people the green light to carry on, surely you can see this?

    I urge you to read it online for free even if it is a day late (but surely you must have better things to do with your time and money) and give your money to a charity of your choice which will use it to much greater effect than it is being used now. Why pay for something you know is not doing what it should? Would you put up with this in any other purchase you made I think not. Use your head and make a difference. Are you a model citizen or a free thinker?

  27. Anonymous


    Perhaps get to listen to the very co-ordinated speeches made by the Band of Brothers this morning at the Assize D’Heritage….

    It will please all the victims (not)

  28. Anonymous

    If you buy the rag you are a contributor to the silence!!!

    Whether you read it online or in print like the previous poster said you give it oxygen when starving it of the public conscious and advertising revenue is the only way to eradicate the plant at its roots.

    The propaganda tools used by the oligarchs are as old as Jersey itself as written on this blog earlier, in “I dare you to publish this…” fascinating stuff by the way.

    Before people start shouting about Jersey people I would remind everyone that Jersey is not alone in the political, judicial skulduggery and or political ineptitude stakes.

    Time and all countries are littered with episodes of Olli-Follies, not that this is indicative of only rich people, as many are hangers on who are not particularly wealthy but want to be or wish to remain in their current position in their comfortable jobs, so for both sides the Status Quo must be maintained. They just refuse to see it any other way and only when the penny finally drops and of course it’s too late!!!

    Now for the recrimination!!!

    Unfortunately deals will be done out of sight of the public scrutiny and bets will be hedged, mirrors will spin and smoke will rise then bosh! All of a sudden some big story in Jersey will take the publics mind away from the things that the oligarchs don’t want them to dwell on… The whole episode will dwindle away to nothing and although never forgotten not spoke about!!!

    Or the full unabashed truth!!! The oligarchs Nemesis!!! Actually ends the Olli-Follies reign over the good people of Jersey can put away their Olli-Brollies.

    90’000 people and you allow a hand full of weird old duffers and gene pool dysfunctional inbreeds to rule?

    Well so do the United Kingdom, most of Europe and America as well as most other countries in fact.

  29. Anonymous

    Oberdictum, is not “truth and public benefit” an Australian legal viewpoint?

    I believe In Jersey “public interest” would cover the same ground.


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