So-Called “Grand Prix” system deemed

Illegal and Abusive by Howard League.

Why you should never vote for Mike Vibert

Nor any other Minister.

Just a very brief post, as I’m trying to get a load of tasks completed before flying out to London tomorrow morning.

I’ll be staying as a guest of a very important ally in the child protection battle – as will one or two other notable campaigners.

But I thought I should alert readers to the imminent publication of a report by the highly respected, independent organisation, the Howard League for Penal Reform.

In the teeth of Jersey oligarchy opposition, I – when I was still Minister for Health & Social Services – invited the Howard League to come to Jersey to enquire into the island’s child custody arrangements.

I’m given to understand that their work is complete – and will be published imminently.

I’m also given to understand – that unlike the Jersey authorities – and unlike their poodle Andrew Williamson – they come to the entirely reasonable and plain and obvious conclusion that locking children up in solitary confinement for weeks and months at a stretch – as under the Grand Prix system and its even worse forebears – was abusive – and therefore illegal.

I’ll try and do a substantive post on the subject by Tuesday evening, but until then, look out for any national media coverage – and in particular the web site of Community Care Magazine.

I used to do an occasional column called “Anatomy of a Spin”, in which I dissected opinion-management at work.

I’m going to revive that concept – later in the week – as the Jersey oligarchy spin on this is, indeed, going to be a thing to behold.

How do you spin the fact that you were 100% wrong – dangerously and appalling so?

I’m sure we’ll see a few fascinating attempts in the coming days.

But there just isn’t going to be any escaping the fact – Vibert, Ozouf, Walker, Ogley, Baudians, Pollard, Lundy – the entire wretched shower – were wrong.

Watch this space.


25 thoughts on “BELLWOOD & SYVRET:

  1. Anonymous

    Good on u stuart, show this lot for what they really are!!
    I look forward to the lies they will conjure up, normal run of the mill for this lot!!! i think the worst thing is they think the people of jersey cant see through there lies! and the old boys network which has served them and there pockets well, it makes me sick to see our island run by this lot, good luck stuart u have real balls taken on this corrupt bunch of power mad dicks

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck tomorrow, Stuart! My thoughts will be with you and all the victims of abuse and cover-ups.

  3. Anonymous

    Sadly – the people responsible are still all in post, regardless of any reports

    Will anything change?

  4. Anonymous


    One of the other posters expressed concern that you might not be recieving email posted to you.

    I have also posted two emails to you, some things I wanted to show to you about that American psychologist I have mentioned, and Jack Straw’s and Bridget Prentice’s letters concerning this man. I just wondered if you had recieved them? Just a yes or no will do, thanks.


  5. TonyTheProf

    I’ll bet that what they will spin on is how the system was ended by the time Bellwood was there in the newer buildings. What philosopher David Stove called “the cave man” argument – it was there once, it’s not there now. Quite how they’ll spin on the fact that JK – the architect of the scheme – is still in charge is another matter!

  6. Anonymous

    Good luck tomorrow Stuart, I hope and pray we can get rid of Vibert and the other ministers in the election they are all a disgrace to our island!

  7. voiceforchildren

    Good luck in London.

    I just phoned Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert to ask why he won’t answer my questions I have e-mailed him publishied on my blogsite.

    He has told me “it is not States policy to discuss individual cases” and I said “what…..even when a highly ranked civil servant is named as a suspect of child abuse”?, he gave me a bit more waffle and hung up on me…….AGAIN!!

  8. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work, Stuart. Have you published any information anywhere about how expatriates in the UK can help your cause?

  9. Kraków Crapaud

    How do you spin the fact that you were 100% wrong – dangerously and appalling so?

    Easy they’ll just rearrange this:
    “In addition to this three stage response, the Council of Ministers fully supports the appointment of June Thoburn, an expert with considerable experience and expertise, as head of Jersey’s Child Protection Committee and has provided every assistance to the Howard League for Penal Reform during their review of the Island’s penal system and youth custody arrangements.”

    Of course while many of the council of ministers & its civil servants seem to be either in bed (literally or figuratively) with the Jersey press/media or at least incestuously involved, they will probably get away with ignoring the whole thing.

    There can’t be a cover up, if there was the BBC/JEP/CTV would expose it!

    It’s probably all you fault anyway Stuart (:ptcrvoyi

  10. Anonymous

    Community Care magazine


    I do hope you are not involving yourself with social workers, especially those who jump on the bandwagon of cock ups by other social workers, etc.


  11. Anonymous

    “Community Care magazine


    I do hope you are not involving yourself with social workers, especially those who jump on the bandwagon of cock ups by other social workers, etc.


    Or if you are, to make sure you arm yourself well with a pistol with a solid silver bullet, a large cross, and a plentiful supply of fresh garlic


  12. Anonymous

    I suppose i should’nt be suprised if the rag dont print my response to the claim made by by Mike Vibert at the St Brelade hustings that he was easily accessible to the electorate…..
    Mike Vibert easily accessible !! your having a laugh aint ya he refuses to comment when asked why he hasn’t suspended Mario Lundy when made aware of the police investigation into violent child abuse by Lundy. Most of the Jersey
    public are aware of this disgusting state of affairs, and if the J.E.P dont follow it up then the british media certainly will, which would obviously look like yet another cover up

  13. Anonymous

    You spin it by saying you thoughtful report, welcome the conclusions and will need time to see how best to implement the reccomendations

    and sit back

  14. Anonymous

    The worst thing the JEP or ministers can do is slag it off so they wont

    they just wont do anything with it and hope it goes away

  15. Anonymous

    Vibert is finished.

    Stuart, what are your opinion on Routier, Maclean, Troy, Ferguson and


  16. Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower


    As we wait for the publication of the report and its findings I thought that your readers may wish to know when and why the Grandprix system ended.

    When – 8th October 2006 the day that we moved from the old building to the new.

    Why – Because, as the manager with responsibility for Greenfields I would never have condoned a regime such as the Grandprix system which I belived was unlawful and abusive to children.

    I removed it from practice and replaced it with a an up to date, tried and tested behaviour management system which I had been using in the secure children’s home which I managed in the UK for the past two years.

    I was heavily criticised by Joe Kennedy and Phil Dennett for removing the Grandprix system (I bet they’re glad that I removed it now aren’t they!)

    As some readers will know, it was the Grandprix system which I had formally complained about in January 2007, some 4 months before I was sacked.

    Phil Dennett, Coordinator of the Children’s Executive, was one of those commissioned to investigate my complaint and compile a report on his findings.

    Although there was much to criticise about his report for the purposes of this post I would like to point out just one of his statements.

    At the end of his report under the section ‘Findings’ Phil Dennett stated,

    “12.7 There are no signs or reports of an abusive regime being operated at either the former of present Greenfields”.

    Just remember these words – ‘no signs or reports of an abusive regime…’

    Remember this statement and lets see what the Howard League say about the Grandprix system.

    Also consider this, Phil Dennett is paid over 80K per year with responsibilty for children with social, emotioanl and behavioural difficulties in Jersey. He was formally manager of the Children’s Service.

    This is the guy responsible for Greenfilds and has been for a number of years.

    Simon Bellwood
    The Whistleblower

  17. Anonymous


    “I love what you stand for”

    And am glad you have dropped your blunt sword in favour of even sharper tools…

    The light of truth in your Web-Log affords no defence or dark place to hide for those who abuse power in our government and its supporting apparatus!

    All true thinking Jersey people are with you Stuart!

    In truth, tenacious endurance to the end…


  18. TonyTheProf

    I rang Mike Vibert for help the day after he became Senator, and he couldn’t have been less helpful. See your Deputy, your Constable, but not me. So much for easy accessibility! So much for an Island wide brief! I’d never vote for him again after that “don’t bother me, I’ve joined the ranks of the mighty” attitude.

  19. Anonymous

    as i mentioned earlier the rag is still saying my letter is awaiting moderation, (thats what they always say) whats the odds on it getting through…I’ll paste it here…
    SydPosted October 6, 2008 at 6:57 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Mike Vibert easily acessible, your having a laugh aint ya. He refuses to suspend Mario Lundy who the police have sent a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.
    Vibert does nothing about it. Make no mistake most of the public in Jersey are now horrified about this state of affairs and are wondering when the J.E.P will report it. I do know the National press will do so shortly, and wouldn’t it look like there was a cover up if they did so first.

    wont hold my breath.By the way its good to detect that you have got through your “pissed off, had enough,gonna give up stage” we’re all behind you 100%


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