A Brief Illustration of

The Jersey Oligarchy at Work.

Sorry – still haven’t done the lay-person’s guide to the Sharp Report yet.

Look – what the bloody hell do you expect? Reliability or something? I’m a politician for Christ’s sake.

Instead you’ll have to make-do-and-mend with these speculations upon my brilliance.

Or perhaps not.

Consider my last posting:

In that analysis I described just how tediously predictable every move of the Jersey oligarchy was.

Apart – that is – from those occasions when their stupidity exceeded all rational surmising or inference – like some hallucinatory coalescence suddenly assaulting the otherwise rational landscape across which we travel.

I predicted, and explained why, the Jersey oligarchy and its house-journal – the Jersey Evening Post – would do all it could to attack and denigrate Esther Rantzen.

Such is the great good she has done for child protection, her stature, her international repute – her influence – that our spivs – err – sorry – Our Glorious Leaders – would be utterly terrified of her.

Survivors, whistle-blowers and campaigners like me – all can be easily stamped upon by power within Jersey – and depicted to the local population as – choose your epithet – trouble makers, enemies within, communists, anarchists, people who have ‘lost the plot’, threats to society and – oh such damnation! – people who simply aren’t “polite” – etc, etc, etc.

But a person like Esther?

Though she be but a single woman – in the eyes of our oligarchy it is as though Godzilla had risen – dripping and colossal – from the sea at Havre des Pas – mutated by toxic ash – 300 feet tall – and really – really angry.

The Jersey establishment are wide-eyed with terror.

As any thinking person knew they would be. So – yeah – I confess – there was no brilliance or great insight on my part in predicting that Jersey’s only newspaper – as befits the island’s equivalent of a “news” publication by the Burmese junta – would do all it could to depict her as an “enemy of the people”.

Actually, the analogy with state-controlled media is disturbingly accurate. Though – in the Jersey context – the description would, more truly, be ‘media-controlled state’.

Like Pravda in the old Soviet Union – patriotically boasting of record harvests and ever increasing production figures from the tractor factory – or the junta “news” in Burma – the Jersey oligarchy plainly nor longer cares – if it ever did – just how manifestly absurd and obviously wrong it’s assertions will appear to the external – real – world.

That just isn’t the point. All that matters is keeping the indigenous great-unwashed convinced of the essential superiority of their society, their leaders – by extension, themselves; to ‘patriotically’ fuse people together in that toxic verb – so beloved of dictators – “teamwork”.

That the oligarchy’s words and spin are palpably absurd to free-thinking people is irrelevant; just so long as the “target audience” – the local population – believe it – that’s all that matters.

And so it is in Jersey – all pretence at cogency abandoned, as a crack-addict might abandon their dignity.

No matter that those well-noted anarcho-commie journals – The Times and The Daily Telegraph – heap justifiable damnation upon authority in Jersey – as long as the local power-spivs can hunker down in their bunker – hoping they’ll survive all smart-bombs and tactical assault – until the storm has passed over them – they will plough on with what is, by any clear reckoning, a desperate last-stand.

And it is – beyond parody.

Though it required no great divination on my part – I predicted that The Rag would do all it could to attempt to rubbish Esther Rantzen; I predicted that they’d be sufficiently uncertain of their ground to not dare to attack her directly. Instead – as I predicted – they’d use their letters’ page to do their dirty work for them. Printing every ignorantly insular attack upon her – and printing as little as possible in support of her work on behalf of Jersey’s many, many betrayed children.

Strange though it may seem – in the last 20 months I have not bothered writing a letter to The Rag dealing directly with the specifics of my position – notwithstanding so many lying, biased, festering and crazed assaults upon me.

So, finally, I am writing such a letter. I’m prompted to do so by the spectacle of their letters-page propaganda as published on Friday.

The Rag chose to ‘high-light’ three letters – all of which attacked me with the expected ignorance and stupidity.

And two of which – in another example of that hallucinatory absolute degree of stupidity – attacked Esther.

The three letters actually serve as a ‘good’ example of just how the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster was able to happen.

Ignorance, errors, insular and shallow arrogance – and straightforward lies.

All in the name of what a model of perfection Jersey is – and how our qua-paradise is threatened by the anarcho-commie assaults of people like me.

As I said – I’m going to write, for the first time, a detailed response to The Rag’s allegations against me. They almost certainly won’t print it – just as they didn’t print my subsequent response letter to the profoundly disturbing and deeply equivocal and obscure assertions of former magistrate – and election candidate – Ian Le Marquand.

The man who wants to introduce direct political control of the Police Force.

But – let us not be worried about the editorial decisions of The Rag – and the obsolete, ignorant, ethically bankrupt chain-smoking pond-life behind them.

If they don’t print it – I’ll post it here.

But – let no one say I’m not reasonable. Here are the web-site addresses for the three letters I referred to above.

Being merely a run-of-the-mill nerd – and not a computer nerd – I don’t know how to place these addresses as active hyper-links within the post – so you’ll have to select and copy them – and paste them into your browser.

Have a good read of these three missives.

As I said – it will be a good illustration of the culture of insularity, ignorance, errors and out-right lies which underpins the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

Look out for my detailed response – on this site – if The Rag refuses to print it.

In the mean time – let us ponder the stark contrast between meaningful and honest public discourse – and the comically obsolete kind of opinion management we observe as peddled by Jersey’s oligarchy.

Watch this space.


25 thoughts on “BEYOND PARODY:

  1. Kraków Crapaud

    As evidenced in my post on the JEP article about policing at Jersey Live and the response from the SoJP, anything you read in that ‘newspaper’ should be regarded as suspect.
    Letters to the editor as you say are weighted in favour of approved doctrine and probably subjected to editorial ‘enhancement’.
    The worst thing about ‘the rag’ is that it doesn’t even attempt to present an unbiased viewpoint, such is its contempt for the people of Jersey.

  2. voiceforchildren


    Not that I, or most others need any more convincing of the rags propaganda tactics and reluctance to publish letters that go against the party line.

    You have said you have a pile of un-published letters (to the rag) from surviors of abuse and, among others, yourself.

    Could you not publish them on here?
    This would be a win, win situation. The survivors and others get their voice heard, which is what they wanted from the rag.It would help show any “non believers” that the rag could possibly be part of this horrible cover up.

  3. Stuart Syvret

    The Rag and Non-Published Letters

    I’d be very happy to publish them here – but those authors who copied them to me did so just by way of illustration of the utter, ethical bankruptcy of the Jersey Evening Post and its North Korean-style propaganda tactics.

    I would need to get permission from the authors of the letters first before I could just stick them on this blog.

    For example – you all know just what a climate of fear prevails in Jersey? People worried about their jobs, their housing, their tax-bills mysteriously going up, being ‘blacklisted’ by landlords, suddenly finding it very difficult to get jobs for which they are well-qualified for, that expected promotion just not materialising etc, etc.

    Nevertheless, many have written to The Rag – perfectly decent letters – only for The Rag to reject them. Indeed – the Jersey Evening Post has been so despicable as to even refuse to print letters written, with obvious difficulty, by survivors because those letters expressed support for me.

    However – getting a letter published in The Rag is one thing; having your letter appear on Stuart Syvret’s blog is quite another.

    It shows the oligarchy that you’ve been fraternizing with “the enemy” – writing to that trouble-making Syvret bastard.

    If you’re worried about the above issues – please note, I’m happy to publish without putting your name and address if that is your wish.

    So as I said – I don’t feel I could just randomly publish such letters here unless their authors gave me permission to do so.

    If you’ve had a letter of an anti-establishment nature rejected by the Jersey Evening Post – and whether this was some time ago – or more recently; and whether you’re one of the people who have already sent me your rejected letters – or whether you haven’t previously done so – if you want them posted on this blog, contact me, e-mail or post me rejected letters, and just let me know you’re happy for me to print them.

    And don’t feel restricted to the one subject of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – any anti-establishment letters rejected by The Rag are welcome.

    And I include in that comments you may have submitted – but had rejected under The Rag’s so-called “Have your Say” “facility” they have – belatedly – introduced to their sorry excuse for a web-site.

    Obviously – communications for publishing in this blog have to be within the bounds of reason; for example – anything that is out rightly defamatory has simply furnished The Rag with a ready-made excuse not to print it. So, unless you can supply some corroborative evidence – I can’t print such things either.

    But the vast majority of those rejected communications I have seen have not been defamatory – so the rag should have printed them.

    So get in touch. We could have a regular feature called “Truth the JEP Would not Print” – and having your thoughts produced here could be worn as a badge of honour.


  4. Anonymous

    Re …tax-bills mysteriously going up

    How can tax bills go up above what they should be anyway? You can’t be taxed on more than you earn.

  5. Helen

    Tom Jordans letter ” If senator Svyret was health minister why didn’t he do something about the situation when he was boss?”
    Well he did he stated he had no confidence in childrens services they closed ranks and got rid of him! Then his christmas speech giving support to the victims was cut!!! derrr are you thick Mr Jordan?

  6. Stuart Syvret

    Tax Bills

    Ah – such innocence.

    I know a good deal about what goes in the tax department as – over the years – various moles have spoken to me about it.

    Sure – the rate of tax can’t be altered. But what of all those things one might claim as allowances – business expenses, work costs etc etc?

    Some such claims are accepted – some aren’t.

    And did you know – you could – though I’m not advocating such illegal activity – right pretty much any old garbage on you tax form (within the bounds of reason, obviously) – and only run about a 1 in 50 chance of you return be seriously scrutinised?

    The vast majority of returns are just rubber-stamped – and only a small given percentage of all returns get pulled out for specific close analysis.

    Unless – of course – the department’s bosses decide that the tax affairs of X or Y individual should be ‘called-up’ for very close analysis.

    Whilst on the subject of tax – if you’re a Jersey tax-payer, would you like to know how to dramatically avoided huge swathes of income tax?


    Become a farmer.

    Establish some faintly plausible horticultural or agricultural business – and bingo!

    Suddenly 90% of what would be normal, household expenditure – and attract tax – suddenly becomes “allowable business expenses” if you’re a farmer.

    That cottage you want to build on your bit of land? Write it down as “staff accommodation” – at a stroke it’s an allowable business cost.

    That £50,000 SUV your wife wants to pose on the school-run with? No problem. You need a big four-wheel drive to – err – tow a cattle trailer – or maybe to pull a horse box – or so you can be sure of getting around your property to keep an eye on your livestock in times of bad whether.

    There you go – that’s another £50,000 taken care of.

    I could go on – but I’m sure you get the picture.

    In fact – of all the issues I’ve had drawn to my attention by angry whistle-blowers from the tax department – the outrageous laxity of taxation upon farmers is second only to the ability of multi-millionaires – including 1(1) K tax-exiles – to pay no tax whatsoever if they choose.

    So – yep – don’t be so naive.


  7. Anonymous

    nljbhnTom Jordan’s letter “If senator Svyret was health minister why didn’t he do something about the situation when he was boss?”

    Someone has lost the plot here!! Stuart did not have the ability or the strength to fight the Then oligarchs on anywhere near an equal footing, and if you think of the myriad of mechanisms put in place to prevent leeks, now!!! Then you can see that it was, and still is very hard to get these leeks out into the public.

    Stuart I believe was forced to choose the time as apposed to just being able to tell people what was going on, add that to the need to feel you can speak to some of your workmates when you don’t quite know who you can talk to about such things or whether they are part of the “Jersey way” or not.

    They all conspired to one end and make sure that the party line is followed through to the last letter, Blinkered to their periphery where the rest of us live and abide by the laws and a Borg like network of doing what your told or you will become the fall guy for us all.

    MP Stuart Syvret, does have a certain ring to it and I for one would vote this man to office and higher as he would stop the things that have been poisoned for decades, perhaps giving a chance for all those victims now in the 40’s 50’s some closure and the wherewithal to repair some of the damage and allow them to rest and start the healing process.

    I wish you Stuart all the luck that can be in your fight against these outdate overrated toss-pots and all the best wishes for the many victims of what is obviously a condemnation of all those involved in the torture of children, and further torture by the state of Jersey in the ongoing lack of justice.

    I wish you well

  8. Chris Close

    Over the years Stuart, I have been pursued by New Labour for attacking their apparent policy of colluding with abuse.

    From Colin Wappatt in Newcastle to Martin Locklin in Sedgefield(Tony Blair’s constituency) New Labour Councillors committed serial abuse of children and were protected by the party.

    The Shieldfield abuse case in Newcastle was another murky case involving the leader and deputy leader of Newcastle City Council being caught up in the web of abuse that was going on.

    I believed and do still believe the children and have been hounded for it.

    Another case concerning a serial abuser called Chris Jones in nearby Rookhope, recently came to the fore and again he had the protection of the local mafia of politicians.

    Locklin was a social worker at Aycliffe Young people’s centre abused two young people in his care; eventually received 15 years reduced to 12 on appeal continued claiming Council allowances for up to the first year he was in prison he was so brazen, and Tony Blair openly supported him.

    They are evil.

  9. st-ouennais

    “Whilst on the subject of tax – if you’re a Jersey tax-payer, would you like to know how to dramatically avoided huge swathes of income tax?


    Become a farmer.

    Establish some faintly plausible horticultural or agricultural business – and bingo!”

    If only it were that simple. To begin wiht you have to go through the hoops with agricultural dept to get permissions for a new business and occupy agriculturalland.

    Quite a few of us smallscale farmers and smallholders don’t earn enough gross income to pay tax, regardless of any allowance.

    It’s not a matter of allowances and expense -we have to minimise those to live on the little income we have.

    If you look at the recently produced agricultural statistics you’ll readily see there is a huge disparity in size and scale between the small number of big growers and the smaller land holders.

    As you should well know from other aspect ofthe jersey set up, the little people don’t benefit from the system like the big guys do.

  10. Anonymous

    I’m a bit puzzled.

    You are happy to leak confidential internal memos which name alleged offenders, but are not prepared to publish letters you have received.

    When did you suddenly become so coy and reserved Stuart?

    I don’t recall the JEP being so reserved either when Lenny was in full cry. Is it simply that they decline to print everything you send them? I am sure they have other correspondence.

    So far the reporting of the whole sorry tale (by the BBC and others) has been decidedly biased.

    I can’t understand why you are so miffed at the BBC – they have been very much supporting your and Lenny’s line (in breach of editorial guidelines I think). What more do you want? Conviction without trial? Trial by Syvret?

    Oh, silly me/

    Let’s hope that one day it is not YOU they are pursuing without evidence. btw, where DID you get that memo?

    Yes it’s Anon – can’t be bothered to invent a username

  11. Anonymous

    StuartChange of subject !From what I remember did not The Howard League visit the Island earlier to look a Greenfields are we going to see a report of their findings or did I miss it ? 

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    I arrived back in Jersey today following a couple of weeks holiday and what a dispiriting feeling it was. I had an overwhelming sense of dread as we neared Jersey airport and an almost physical aversion to the last step off the aircraft. Later on I went for a walk along the cliff paths and remembered what a beautiful and idyllic island this is, however it is contaminated by those who run it and by association I too feel contaminated, soiled and dirty.

    I know there is a belief that the sleaze and corruption is limited to those who rule us and that the people of Jersey are good honest citizens – but you know what – I just don’t buy it. It is the people of Jersey who elect the establishment, it is sufficient numbers of the people of Jersey who profit and do very well thank you out of it who are also culpable.

    Despite the beauty of the island I have come to the conclusion that I can no more collude with this and have no alternative but to leave. Things are not going to change – too may do too well out of the self serving corruption, the ‘Jersey way’ of which they are so proud.

    I now have the difficult task of trying to persuade my family that we need to leave – they too have bought into the Jersey lifestyle, have been seduced by the good life – but at what cost.

    For the sake of my sanity and integrity before it is too late I must leave this place.

  13. Stuart Syvret

    In Response to St. Ouennais

    Yeah – you quite right. It’s the big guys who are able to really take advantage of such things.

    I know a number of small-time farmers who have held out against ‘The Empire’ – and it certainly hasn’t been easy.

    I know Tom – and I can see the rationality of his “economies of scale”, ‘big player in the market’ philosophy.

    But I don’t think it’s going to pan-out as being good for Jersey in the long-run.


  14. Anonymous

    when the poor of Jersey were eating soap, old shoes and plants from the hedgerows and spent evry penny they could get on the black market…what were the Authorities and journalists on the JEP eating !!!

    If the Canadian red Cross ship had not arrived how many more would have died !!!!

    apart from the Slave workers that is

  15. Anonymous

    Re ……“Dear Stuart I arrived back in the Island” ………… are right with regard to the corruption and contamination of this Island being much wider than just those who run it! I left the Island Twenty odd years ago because of the very same reasons.

    Even today, whenever I return (even if just for a day or two) I feel repulsed and am over come by nausea, and can’t wait to leave again (the sooner the better).

    It’s a great pity, that the natural beauty of the Island is not reflected in it’s people. The social climbing, the backstabbing, the envy and the greed of many (not all) of the Islands inhabitant just want to make me throw up!

    I used to work for a blue chip finance house/bank, and, at one stage in my life thought that yes, this is what I want! Fortunately for me however, I woke up! And realized what a shallow, superficial back-stabbing load of social climbers most of my colleagues and clients actually were.

    I came to the conclusion that most of them cling to the rock and what it stands for, for the simple reason they would not make it in the `real’ world!

    When ever I visit (and I try to make this as infrequent as possible), and I happen to catch a fleeting glimpse of a former colleague , I must confess I want to throw up! The last thing I want is to have to shake their hands and pretend that I’m glad to bump into them!

    This is the same morally and ethically corrupt lot who trot out their DJ’s and ball gowns every year to attend the likes of Trafalgar Ball and try sit as close to Phil as possible (or at least try and get on to the top table), the very same who give publicly to charity. But who keep quite about how they get it all back a hundred times over through their tax evasion measures etc, and how in fact, it is the Jersey poor who really do the giving!

    The very same lot who publicly preach friendship, integrity and compassion but are clueless as to the meaning of these words! Yes, I know what you mean! You are not wrong or alone in your observation!

    The incurable disease of greed, corruption, arrogance and treachery which has raged rampant within the Jersey States for century after century, has I am afraid, become highly contagious, and will need major surgery if it is to be removed from the Island!

    I wish you luck in your search for a new life

    From my self-imposed exile!

  16. Anonymous

    I don’t think that many people in Jersey can really comprehend how bad Jersey’s reputation now is amongst well-informed members of the public outside of Jersey (I’m not talking about people in the finance industry, since they have their own special contacts and agendas).

    I grew up in Jersey but left in the eighties, partly to pursue a career but partly because the political culture there infuriated me.

    The last thing that really annoyed me before I left was when the police chief banned Greenpeace from entering a float in the Battle of Flowers because it might cause a disturbance with the local population. Pure fascism. When I wrote a reasoned, but slightly satirical, protest letter to the JEP, they returned it to me saying they would consider printing it if I wrote in a different style, ie with less loathing and cynicism.

    Despite all that, I’ve always been proud to tell people I was from Jersey (they normally assumed Australia or South Africa, from my accent). But recently, a typical response is, “Oh, that island full of paedophiles and corrupt businessmen.”

    And sadly, that is now the image of Jersey for many many people outside. It’s not true and it’s not fair but it has been brought about because of the culture of arrogance and concealment you talk about on your blog.

    I know that people criticize you for being angry, bitter and vituperative but I’m sure that any person in your position who had been sat upon by those smug power barons would be equally incensed and would smoulder with a sense of injustice.

    Like a couple of your other correspondents, returning to the island and seeing how it is run, and watching events from afar, makes me boil with indignation still.

    The main reason for that is not just the folly of the establishment’s reaction to recent events and their blatant attempt to smear Lenny Harper and undermine the independent police investigation. It is because I know that the people I grew up with and the Jersey people in general deserve much better than that.

    Oh, and in the town I now live in, you can be who you like and say what you like without feeling disempowered or worried that your life prospects are going to be negatively affected because you publicly criticize an elected representative or civil servant.

  17. its all the same wherever you go

    When you see the island from the air like in this pic from Google maps you realise just how small and inconsequential the island looks, and it’s easy to imagine it being dominiated by a cabal of shysters.

    However, maybe I’m just depressed but I really think it’s just human nature and things would be very similar wherever you go. Investigate thoroughly, before you leave, exactly how things are wherever you’re planning to relocate to. You may be leaping out of the frying pan and into another frying pan. Might as well stay here, enjoy the convenience of all you need within one handy scenic area, and try to work towards changing things? Good luck, whatever you decide.

  18. Nick Palmer

    its all the same wherever you go said…

    re shysters etc

    “However, maybe I’m just depressed but I really think it’s just human nature and things would be very similar wherever you go.”

    This is a very important idea. Is it true? I don’t think it is.

    There is something very concentrated in Jersey that, although it is found elsewhere, is here not moderated by the greater variety of attitudes, political, moral and spiritual that one finds in more diverse societies.

    What, I think, makes Jersey “special” is the uniformity of belief which gives those in power, and those who support them, a spurious sense of their own omnipotence. If everyone around you supports the Status Quo, or won’t rock the boat for fear of damaging their own personal situation, then things will end up as a textbook example of a self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating system.
    I would like to see more discussion of this “it’s the same everywhere you go” point because it is often used to knock back criticism

  19. Anonymous

    Anon :- “Oh, and in the town I now live in, you can be who you like and say what you like without feeling disempowered or worried that your life prospects are going to be negatively affected because you publicly criticize an elected representative or civil servant.”

    Bloody hell mate, don’t be cruel.

    Tell us where that town is and see if it can accomodate 90,000 more…


  20. Anonymous

    I think you are right, Jersey is different for the reasons you expressed.

    But the abuse that happened at Jersey has been covered up, covered up, covered up.

    I obtained my Social Services records this mornng (it’s only taken nearly 40 years!!!!) and someone has altered the dates on all the pages. It’s so crafty what they have done. Luckily, I can prove that the records are false, but what a lot of effort has been put nto this falsification and cover up!

    Different departments have got together to attempt this futile cover up. If this would have happened in Jersey I would probably not have been able to prove this falsification, because of the cosy relationship of all the departments. My abusers were just as wicked as the Jersey abusers, but they did not have such good means of achieving a fool-proof cover-up.

    I won’t rest until I have done everything I can to expose these wicked bas*ards, wether they be in Jersey of England. hey’re still hurting children right now and it’s going to stop!


  21. voiceforchildren


    Just “had my say” Not sure if they will publish it but just in case thought I’d share it with you and your readers.

    Quote; “No doubt the world is watching. I would hope that by now it is beginning to see the truth”

    Never a truer word written. Much to the dismay of our oligarchy people are beginning “to see the truth” and we don’t like what we see!

    Quote; “People have been arrested, but conflicting witness statements meant that there was insufficient evidence for the police to act further”.

    Do you mean because the natural children of the accused said they were good people they should be let off?

    Quote; “I was also surprised that Ms Rantzen felt that there was ‘nothing particularly sinister about child abuse having occurred’. I am sure that those who were abused would hardly agree.

    Ms Rantzen is an “expert” in her field and has no doubt been privy to some pretty horrific information. What has gone on in Jersey is almost pretty “run of the mill” to those who take the time to “investigate” Child abuse and subsequent cover ups. Do you think the victims are going to agree with what you’ve written or Ms Rantzen? I know who my money’s on!

  22. Anonymous

    “Guard against the prestige of great names; see that your judgments are your own; and do not shrink from disagreement; no trusting without testing.”

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    “There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion.”

    “Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”

    “The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.”

    “It is bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it is worse to be oppressed by a majority. For there is a reserve of latent power in the masses which, if it is called into play, the minority can seldom resist. But from the absolute will of an entire people there is no appeal, no redemption, no refuge but treason.”

    Lord (John Emerich Edward Dalberg) Acton


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