Secret Police Reports on Politicians

And Members of the Public.

So – I can now confirm that the “second individual” behind the “Operation Blast” secret files on Jersey politicians is – Bill Ogley.

The Chief Executive to the Council of Ministers and the island’s senior civil servant.

Following the revelation of the existence of these secret files, Graham Power wrote a memorandum to the Home Affairs Minister explaining why the files existed – and who had asked for their compilation.

He said that there were two individuals expressly behind the request for the files to be compiled – former Senator and Chief Minister, Frank Walker.

And Bill Ogley.

Ogley – knowing that this information effectively terminates his career – has taken desperate and futile steps to keep his identity secret. This has even included threatening the JEP with injunctions and legal action if they named him.

Well, I said it was a plainly doomed attempt on the part of the “second individual” to keep their identity secret.

And sure enough – thanks to the Quite Vile Blog – Jersey people can now know that the man we pay £250,000 a year – as a – supposedly – non-political head of the civil service is, in fact, more akin to something from the old East German Stasi.

As I said – this is, effectively, the end of his career. How can we have a head of the civil service who is politicised and demands that secret files are kept on all politicians and certain members of the public?

And it is not as though the Operation Blast exercise is his only failing.

The man is an extremely well-documented liar – as I will demonstrate with some powerful evidence in a later posting.

He is incompetent, unethical – and in classic Jersey civil service fashion – always puts the support and protection of his senior civil service colleagues over and above the public interest. No matter how grossly incompetent, dishonest and unethical they are – he supports them through thick and thin.

To the profound detriment of the public good.

And to those who might be tempted to think senior civil servants wanting to keep intelligence files on all your politicians is no big deal – just remember – Britain hasn’t fought consistently and steadfastly to be a free and democratic society only to have unelected functionaries effectively usurping your democratic power and undermining your democratically chosen representatives.

And – let us not forget, the Operation Blast files are not confined solely to your politicians – they might well have a Blast file on you.

Ogley must go now.

And, frankly – it will be a case of good riddance.

I shall write in more detail about this subject later this week.


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