Come to Sunny Jersey!

The North-Korea of the English Channel!

Hi all.

Just a brief post as I am doing yet more legal work – and as I’ve commented elsewhere, the police raid and search of my home on on Monday was – most definitely -unlawful.

Notwithstanding some feeble assertions made by some; assertions which fail to take into account at least half-a-dozen other laws.

Not to mention the European Convention on Human Rights.

But,enough of that – the legal explanations shall have to wait for another day.

For this evening I just wanted to alert all my readers to the fact that the cops are trying to hack my blog in an attempt to take it down or remove certain postings and comments.

They’ve been too thick to quite get there yet – but I imagine it’s only a matter of time. I expect they’ll have to get someone in who knows what they’re doing.

To illustrate the stupidity of the Jersey plod – consider exhibit 1.

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So using my personal data they stole from my home in their unlawful raid – the Jersey cops are now trying to hack and take down my blog.

It was an inevitability – but one many of my readers have taken precautions against, through the expedient of copying everything I have ever posted.

So if this blog is taken down – or any specific postings are removed – you know what to do team!

Just stick it all back up on other sites.

Given it takes about 4 minutes to open a blogger account, I’ll establish several others, under slightly different names – so if you return to this site and find it vanished – just google – or look at a few other Channel Island sites – and I’m sure you’ll find links to my new blogs.

Should it be necessary to establish them.

I have posted a great deal of controversial public interest disclosure information on this site – in addition to certain items of documented evidence – all of which has infuriated the Jersey oligarchy – but their prime motivation is fear.

Here we have an entrenched and corrupt Establishment – utterly unused to any meaningful dissent, criticism or defiance.

Suddenly – in the age of citizen media – after 800 years – the Establishment of this rock have lost control of the means of managing the opinions of the island’s population at large.

The culture-shock is palpable.

They’re terrified.

We need only consider the intellectually bankrupt rant of demonstrable lies in the leader comment of tonight’s edition of The Rag.

According to the said journal – I and my supporters merely engage in “wild allegations and conspiracy theories”

The Rag again attempts to assert that I didn’t blow the whistle on any child protection failures.

I have destroyed all these assertions from The Rag in previous postings, so for tonight, I won’t go into detail all over again.

Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow?

If The Rag has the courage to put the leader comment in question on its web site?

So whilst I wait for a moment in which to re-state the evidence, just consider this one fact.

In answer to a question in the island’s Parliament – in July 2007 – I gave an honest answer – which reflected information I had stealthily gathered for the first 6 months of that year.

For the fist time ever an elected member of the States stood up and said our child protection systems had failed.

And even then, exposing the abuses had to be done in the teeth of opposition from the civil servants and the Jersey Establishment Party.

And in the teeth of opposition from The Rag itself – another Stout example of which we read in its leader comment tonight.

In fact – when time permits – I will recount all the occasions when I have supplied hard, documented evidence to The Rag itself – only for it to bury it and in so doing, betray the public interest.

You see, The Rag has customarily served its purpose as the house journal of the island’s oligarchy – largely by burying the truth.

But now – it can’t do that any more, at least not whilst retaining any kind of credibility – because the evidence The Rag buries just comes out in citizen media.

So – kicking and screaming, it too has to go down the path of, very occasionally, making like a real newspaper – and reporting matters that in decades gone by it would have covered-up.

When reading the leader comment in The Rag tonight, what is revealed is naked terror.

This is a journal that knows it is facing oblivion – along with many other local newspapers – because of the growth of citizen media, such as blogs.

So at every opportunity, it has to try and attack blogs, in a desperate attempt to keep its traditional audience from being tempted away from its brain-numbing, trivial rubbish.

It is, of course, a futile exercise.

In fact – every bit as futile as the plod hacking my blog site.

You can’t stop the tide of history, guys.

Be it revenue from advertisers – or bribes from tow-truck operators – the days of the Jersey oligarchy milking this community as though it were no more than a piece of money-making apparatus – are rapidly coming to an end.

Fortunately for the ordinary, decent people of this community.

Remember, readers – if this blog goes – just search for its replacements.

Dave ‘rocket-scientist’ Minty perhaps believes he can shut down the whole Internet.

But we know better.


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