Jersey Bloggers Publish Evidence

Of Attempt by Jersey Attorney General

To ‘Fit-Up’ Police Officers.

(A not entirely un-ironic occurrence.)

Rico Sorda:

Voice For Children:

It’s a good thing that the average I.Q of Jersey blog readers is so much higher than that of the audience of the Jersey Evening Post & BBC Jersey. Though Jersey bloggers publish evidence and provide detailed explanations, still our readers have to have that intellectual capacity necessary to piece certain things together for themselves – to take the material we provide, and derive the obvious conclusions. Our readers know-the-score – and can do some self-assembly; are open to a little res ipso loquitur, as it were.
I was speaking of such matters with friends recently, and they were, with chronic optimism arguing that most people had that capacity to put 2 and 2 together – that ability to see the bleeding obvious. As is my miserablist wont, I scorned such foolishness, suggesting that people have the government they deserve, were intellectually lazy, and would readily fall for the most crude and obvious media-manipulation campaigns, even when the propaganda was against their own interests.

And let’s face it, my theory is certainly testable. Well, I mean if I was right, and people weren’t smart, they might fall prey to a spin-doctored astroturfing campaign; one designed to whip-up the gullible and foolish in “patriotic” outrage at a suggestion that Jersey was so backward, even in the 21st century, that it banned books the oligarchy didn’t like. You know? Just like the astroturfing PR campaign of the last ten days whipped-up against American journalist & author Leah McGrath-Goodman? And if there were so many people in Jersey who hadn’t yet understood the true nature of what’s going on, they might even need a full, book-length explanation of the evidence, the history and the facts?

Alas, you shan’t be able to read the book I’ve written – because it’s banned in Jersey.

And ask me not to explain why.

Because that’s banned too.

I recently resumed the discussion with my friends who tentatively asked me what I made of the spectacle of a section of the Jersey population being led by the nose – on a witch-hunt – against an investigative journalist – against an author – in an expensive professional astroturfing PR campaign – funded with their own taxes – designed to conceal child-abuse – fed by internet “outrage” about as real as Donald Trump’s hair – because she suggested the Jersey establishment bans books? I replied saying I’d put a fuller explanation in the book, and promised to try and smuggle few copies in once it’s printed, but to be going on with, I said it was funny. Like Samuel Becket “funny”. On Tuinal.

So, as there isn’t much point in waiting for the books in Jersey – as I’m sure Leah McGrath-Goodman’s will meet the same fate as mine – let’s do a little more intellectual self-assembly via Jersey’s bloggers who happily continue to provide the truth as shown in some recent postings.

And just what dynamite postings they are.

So good, in fact, that even Channel Television plagiarised the story – even though they did actively try to con their viewers by falsely claiming it as an “exclusive”, when in fact it could be read in full on the blogs for the previous 36 hours. Still, I suppose we mustn’t complain; for an operation that usually exhibits about as much familiarity with the truth as a Lance Armstrong deposition, we should be grateful they ran the story.

Thanks to Jersey’s independent media – the bloggers – you can read some sensational key evidence concerning attempts by the Jersey Attorney General to fit-up three police officers as scapegoats in the face of legal doubts over an operation that saw the arrest and conviction of drug-gangster Curtis Warren.

And make no mistake as to the apocalyptic nature of what is revealed to have gone on behind the trumped-up disciplinary-charges against the officers. For example – original, signed witness-statements being “transcribed” – and then only being supplied in unsigned, “transcribed” format. Predictably – serious questions concerning the “veracity” of these copies then arose.

And more sensational yet – an expert witness – whose expert-witness report is – reputedly – damning of the Crown position – being excluded from the process – along with his report. (Now, this seems familiar?)

And it is no small curiosity that the public moneys used to pay this expert witness – cannot be identified, traced and accounted either.

If you want to read the facts for yourself – and let’s face it, there’s little point in waiting for it all to come out in book-form, as it would be banned in Jersey – it is to the bloggers you must turn, and in this case in particular, Rico Sorda, and Voice For Children. The relevant postings can be read here:

And when reading the explanations and facts at those two postings, remember – this is dramatic public-interest evidence that your government and your Crown Prosecution Service has attempted to conceal; conceal from you – conceal from your elected representatives.

This story has yet to run its course. More evidence will emerge. Indeed, it now must.

In the mean-time, things are clear enough already to begin asking some serious questions about the cohesion, direction and health of policing in Jersey.  And – even more so – the very lawfulness of what passes for a prosecution function in the island.

This much can be said with certainty of the States of Jersey Police Force; at present it and its officers are directionless, demoralised, ethically adrift, morally confused, legally ignorant and jeopardized, uncertain of purpose, and have been – plainly – wholly devoid of competent, honest, leadership since the criminally illegal suspension of the fine Police Chief Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.

Meanwhile – for those able to distinguish evidenced facts from astroturfing (see link below) do read Jersey’s bloggers.

And make the most of us whilst you have us. For it may not be long before locally based bloggers are banned – just like dissident books.

That is not a joke.

Stuart Syvret.

Astroturfing: what every user of social media needs to know:

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