[God – that hurt]


Some facts which will leave you speechless.

Well – I’ve supped with the Devil – and worked with The Rag – in spite of every lesson I’ve learned and many warnings from my readers.

Tomorrow we will all be able to judge whether I was a damn fool to do so?

Or whether – just maybe – even The Rag can – occasionally – do the right and proper thing?

Readers, who have followed my previous posting and the many comments left, will have a basic understanding of the tragic events of which we speak.

And – by now – a very clear impression that all was not as we have been led to believe.

I must pay tribute to the many brave whistle-blowers who have contributed to my efforts in battling these various scandals. I understand the risks they run of harming their careers in a place like Jersey.

Nevertheless – there are many good and brave people out there who have, over the years, furnished me with important information – and many who still continue to do so.

In the case of Elizabeth Rourke – it is entirely possible that the truth would have remained hidden had it not been for people of conscience.

But now, thankfully – crucial evidence is collated – and will be published – one way or another.

As explained in comments I left under my previous post – I took a judgment-call to work with the JEP in this case.

There are many people – especially older, more vulnerable people – who just don’t use cyberspace. So had I just posited the evidence on this blog, as I would usually do – I would have run the risk that that the facts would never reach an important cohort of the population.

So now – I am given to understand – The Rag will be running important and powerful articles in tomorrow’s edition; articles which expose much of the truth behind the tragedy.

Of course – the JEP could let us all down again. We couldn’t be surprised, really.

But I know they are now in possession of a good deal of evidence – evidence for which the word dynamite is barely adequate.

Let us assume the JEP runs the story as it should – as any decent newspaper would.

If so – you will read a number of articles which will simply leave you speechless.

I’ve been familiar with this material for the last year – and to this day I can only shake my head in horror at the incompetence, self-interest and complete absence of ethics which is displayed.

An impression which has only been reinforced given a number of straightforward lies told to JEP journalists by senior figures from H & SS in recent days.

Of the whole wretched train-wreck – there is only one thing you could say:

You just couldn’t make it up.

Will the JEP do justice to what is a profoundly important public interest story?

Let us hope so.

For the good of the people of this community.


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