The United Kingdom Care Leavers Association Comes to Jersey.


This Wednesday. 30th April. 7.30pm.

Committee Room, Town Hall.

Have You Survived the Jersey Child “Protection” System?

Come to this meeting.

Amidst the publicity and controversy of the Jersey child abuse disaster, sometimes the people who matter most – those who suffered the system and survived it – get overlooked.

People imagine politicians to be powerful. But unless you’re in with the established power cliques – if you oppose them – your powers are very, very limited.

So there is not a huge amount I can do as a marginalised politician. But something I can do is help survivors of Jersey’s child “care” system to get organised and become empowered.

To that end I am extremely grateful for the support of the United Kingdom Care Leavers Association.

This group is run by care leavers – for care leavers. It is an organisation of integrity and experience.

Three senior figures from the Care Leavers Association will be in Jersey this Wednesday. They and I are hosting a meeting for those who have been in the Jersey child “care” system.

The CLA leadership are here to advise, help and guide Jersey “care” survivors to establish and run their own Jersey Care Leavers Association.

It’s obviously important that I say what the purposes of Wednesday’s meeting are – and what they are not.

The meeting is open to those who have personal experiences of the Jersey child “care” system.

The meeting is not open to general members of the public who have not had personal experience of the Jersey child “care” system.

Whilst we know there is tremendous public support for, and interest in, these issues, we respectfully ask that the attendance at Wednesday’s meeting be confined to those with personal experiences.

The meeting is not open to journalists.

Obviously, many people who may come to the meeting will wish their privacy to be maintained. We would not like to think that there are people out there in the community who have experienced the system – and who are isolated and disempowered – but who would be put off attending because of concerns for their privacy.

This meeting is for those who need to unite for effective representation for themselves.

We trust that journalists would respect the privacy of the meeting.

The meeting and the subsequent activities of the Jersey CLA must not jeopardise prosecutions. Therefore, to avoid accusations by defence lawyers that collusion has occurred, the meeting will not discuss individual cases.

It is important that any person who either has, or thinks that they might have to make formal statements to the Police understands that their witness testimony – should they have to appear in court – must remain uncontaminated.

But should any people who have gone through the system wish to speak with someone about their experiences, they can speak privately with Mary, Jim or Will.

Hell – even me if you’re desperate.

Below is the press release of the UK CLA which announces the Jersey meeting.

If you know what it was like – if you went through it – please spread the word of this meeting amongst those who have had the same experiences.

The fight-back begins here.

Be strong.


Announcement from the United Kingdom Care Leavers Association.

Care Leavers’ Association Meeting on Jersey: Wednesday Evening, 30th April 7.30 p.m Committee Room, Town Hall.

The Care Leavers’ Association is run by adults who were in care as children ( We have called this meeting to discuss how to improve the child care system on Jersey and how care leavers can get the support they need. We are inviting all care leavers to attend. It will be hosted by Senator Stuart Syvret, who has helped to expose the problems with child care on Jersey. If you were in care and want to come along, then feel free to bring along a supporter if you need to (perhaps a partner, other family member or friend).

We want the care leavers of Jersey to decide what should be done. At our meetings in the UK, several issues are often raised. These include: 1) abuse in the care system; 2) accessing your social services files; 3) the problems of leaving care; 4) improving the current care system. If you can think of other issues we should discuss, please bring them with you.

If you have made allegations to the police about past abuse, or are thinking of doing so, you are very welcome to attend. However, you need to be aware that sometimes defence lawyers in such cases will use evidence of possible ‘collusion’. This means that they could try to say that your attendance at such a meeting helped you to ‘get your story straight’ with other care leavers that you met there. If this would make you decide not to attend, but you would still like to meet with us, please do get in touch (via Senator Syvret) and we will happily meet you individually. For the above reason, at the meeting itself we will also NOT be discussing the details of anyone’s individual case.

We are looking forward meeting you. Our meetings are always great social events, too, because there is nothing quite like meeting other care leavers who know what it is like ‘from the inside’.

Best wishes, Will McMahon (Chair), Mary Clear (Treasurer), Jim Goddard (Secretary)

Mary is a care leaver, mother of 4, granny of 7, and qualified social worker. She spent most of her childhood in a large number of institutions; some good and some she would happily forget. She looks after the CLA website and over the years has welcomed hundreds of care leavers.

Will is a care leaver, having spent 13 years in children’s homes and foster care. He is now Acting Director of the Crime and Society Foundation, a policy unit at King’s College London.

Jim was in care between the ages of three and 17, in children’s homes on Merseyside. In one he was a victim of child abuse. He is now a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Bradford.

Will Mcmahon (Chair)
Suite F113, 23 New Mount Street,
Manchester M4 4DE
Telephone: 0161 953 4047 Email:
Care Leavers Association is a not-for-profit company, registered in England and Wales and limited by guarantee: company number 5204243
Care Leavers Association is a Registered Charity in England and Wales: charity number 1111988


  1. Anonymous

    You could have told us a bit sooner and maybe some of us survivors may have had the chance to go over too.

    Jim Browne

    Fire in Ice 2005

  2. Anonymous

    well done stuart
    and not before time
    where is the “without prejudice” fund for care leavers – at a minimum shouldn’t the States be offering free long term counselling to anyone involved in the abuse cases currently under investigation in Jersey.
    Amongst the media furore little has been said about a genuine attempt by The States to offer those most damaged by endemic and systemic failure of the child care system an olive branch.
    Could not Mr Walker and his fellow ministers not at least admit that? Without getting into the rights and wrongs, guilt or innocence of individuals could The States not offer a comprehensive and independent counselling service for the long term aftercare of those that claim to have suffered at the hands of those paid to care for them?

  3. Stuart Syvret


    Sorry about that. But for the time being we need a meeting just for the Jersey survivors.

    But your idea is interesting. How about a rally in Jersey later this year? For those here – and those who wanted to come and express solidarity?

    Any views?



  4. Anonymous

    It would be nice for a big meeting for all the other Pindown survivors, as well as those in Jersey. I bet there is a lot of us out there.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.

    News is reaching us of an arrest in jersey, any isea whom that might be and will there be more, the ball is rolling and keep pushing it.

    Jim Browne

  6. Advocatus Diaboli

    Nice to see that the ‘official’ clients are getting together, a united front is much harder for the ‘real’ service users (those who get the most material benefit from services’ existence – fools, frauds, pimps, perverts and social services bureaucrats). I trust that the survivors group will be putting in a big bid for funding :-).

    All the best.

  7. jim browne

    Well I can just see it now in court with the guy the arrested, his defence saying its an Abuse of Process as it happened many years ago and my client has no evidence to defend himself, just the word of 1 or two alleged victims, who no doulbt have spoken to each other to make up this story’

    ‘Oh and yes my Lord, my client has a sick note so he can’t go to prison.

    Social Services records will have now started to go missing, victims will be offered a couple of hundred pounds (without Predudice) and issued with a ‘Gagging Order’.

    How dare they not allow Lenny warrants to search places, are they scared that he may find something, what are they hiding from him.

    We can see Deputy Sean Power looking for exuses now to stop Lenny from doing his work, where he should be helping Lenny to leave no stone unturned.

    Why didn’t the JEP print this story, as far as I know they haven’t. As said by another poster, Jersey needs another form of Press outlet so the mainland can follow the truth and not what the JEP want us to read.

    Have the survivors found a Legal Team to help them ???, if so will they get the FULL support from their Legal team??.

    Will the survivors be allowed to have a ‘Class Action’ to fight the sytem that hurt them in the first place, Will the Legal Aid Board pay for any actions ??. Maybe a legal team from the mainland would be better

    These are things they need to be looking at now and not later.

    Don’t let them beat you

    Jim Browne

  8. Anonymous

    The members of the fixed state who stood in the way of the detectives investigating allegations of child abuse should all be arrested along with the perverts who abused them.

    Those who have been obstructive during the police inquiries, retired police officers who’ve tried to cover up their own failure to investigate complaints of child abuse, should face the same sentence in prison.

    Good guy Lenny said the arrest was just the first of a number he expected in the coming weeks and months, he said he had been so “severely and wilfully obstructed” in his investigation that he had come within “hours” of resigning.

    Someone must pay for this obstruction and Lenny also must know who it was that was putting the spanner in the wokrs.

    Keep up your astonishingly honest empathetic way of dealing with what at the end of the day when all the pigeon’s are in the loft, this is a gross systematic failure at its bare minimum to humanities most vulnerable children being tortured for the pleasure of some of the islands bullies , paedophiles.

    Jersey should be taken into the British justice, financial, and social system as Jersey is either french or British.

  9. Anonymous


    Is it true that the AG refused to issue search warrants to the police during their investigation of the child abuse scandal?

    If so Frank Walker’s “we will leave no stone unturned” rings rather hollow. No surprise there really.

    And they think we make up the conspiracy theories!

  10. Anonymous

    But the British soi called “child protection” system is no better, I can assure you. They are just better at covering the abuse up and gagging loads of people!


  11. TonyB

    “FORMER Health Minister Stuart Syvret was present at a 1999 meeting when abuse allegations against a couple who ran a States children’s home and who are now the subject of a police investigation were discussed, committee minutes have revealed” (JEP)

    It is a pity they don’t have the text of those minutes so that we can see the substance of what was “discussed”. It may have been no more than a mention, and no in depth details given. Do you have a copy still of the minutes?

  12. Stuart Syvret


    Yes – got it in one. The JEP article simply serves as yet further proof that The Rag is absolutely desperate – desperate – to serve the establishment cause.

    Yes, it’s true I had forgotten about this one, small agenda item. It was 9 years and many hundreds of meetings ago.

    And, yes – you’re absolutely correct.

    It was an extremely short ‘oral’ report – so no written reports were given to the Committee.

    Even the oral report itself – as described in the minute – was profoundly dishonest.

    Yes, I have the minute, which I will post in my next blog – along with a detailed explanation of what the minute actually demonstrates – and that sure ain’t good for the establishment.

    Someone from the establishment gave them this minute – and they just couldn’t restrain themselves from rushing to use it.

    Had they paused for thought – they might have recognised that it was powerful evidence of a further Perversion of the Course of Justice – moreover, one which brings into the frame a former very senior civil servant who I had not previously had any hard evidence against.

    I’ve already sent the minute along with a written explanation from me to the States of Jersey Police.

    All will be revealed


  13. Teresa Cooper

    I have been going through a similar experience here in the UK for 16 years now and do you think MP’s will stand up and fight for the girls at Kendall House who were severely abused? Of course they wont. It is happening here on the UK’s doorstep and we can’t even get that situation acknowledged let alone any MP’s fighting our corner. Why? because our situation involved people in high places here in the UK and its suffered a major cover up because of the people involved. Eric Pickles is my MP and he wont even talk to me or acknowledge the abuse at all nor will he reply to my calls or emails. Is that how MP’s should behave?

    An alarming factor with the KH abuse is… every girl that has come forward so far… the girls not drugged at KH have healthy children. Every single girl that has come forward so far and was drugged at KH, every single one has children born with serious birth defects associated to those drugs. Chemo was also admitted too as being used on the girls and KH also advertised chemo as part of its drug regime to social services and in a newspaper article before I was sent there it states that social workers were the most receptive to the drug regime failing to admit they had tried anything else.

    The church of england in 1980 refused an enquiery into the abuse and drugs at KH.

    How far did Kendall House’s legacy go?

    The government,MP’s, church of england and royal college of psychaitry knew and done nothing to stop the abuse

    My heart goes out to the Jersey survivors and I fully understand how they must feel xxx


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