“I wouldn’t shut your eyes just yet

I wouldn’t turn the lights down yet

Because there are things you got to see here

There’re things you’ve got to believe with me.”

The quote above is from the song ‘En Diablo En El Ojo’ by Tindersticks – a marvellously lugubrious English group who, through singer Stuart Staples and his baritone delivery of accounts from the front line of drunken misery and ennui, deliver a grown-up commentary on real life.

Actually, that song is one of their more up-beat numbers – even though it does deal with the subject of unknown horrors.

I quote it – because as I work quietly and determinedly on my main task – preparing for the London Courts – those words keep running through my mind.

And those preparations are my main task.

Which is why I’m just doing this very brief post to let you know that I haven’t been terminated, gagged or arrested yet – though that could happen tomorrow – by all accounts of what was said in court today. I can’t say more than that at present, because of reporting restrictions.

No – if I appear to have gone quite on the blogging front – it’s because I’m instead immersed in what is the most important task I’ve undertaken in my life.

As I remarked in the previous posting – we only get one shot at this.

Win in London – and we, as a community, take the first, faltering steps towards the functioning administration of justice and effective checks and balances.

Lose in London – and its business as usual for the Jersey oligarchy.

That’s how important it is.

Which is why I have to put everything into it – everything – if you understand my meaning?

I cannot elaborate any further on these issues until we get to Court.

In the mean-time – bear in mind those words:

“I wouldn’t shut your eyes just yet

I wouldn’t turn the lights down yet”


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