A Statement by the States of Jersey Police Force.

Read it below this post.

After the mildly entertaining diversions of the last blog post, we need to return to more serious matters.

As many of you will have seen, determined attempts to rubbish and undermine the present police investigation, and to undermine Lenny Harper in particular, have been made by the Jersey establishment and its allies in Whitehall and the UK press.

Newspapers like the Daily Mail – and an attendant small grouping of journalist child-abuse deniers – who appear to have carved-out a profitable little contrarian niche for themselves – have been attacking the investigation.

In Jersey itself the attacks have been remorseless.

Jersey’s Chief Minister, Frank Walker delivered a speech on Liberation Day – Jersey’s national holiday – in which he attacked the investigation, abuse survivors and people like me who have supported them.

Even more extraordinarily – the head of the island’s judiciary – Jersey’s chief judge – the ‘Bailiff’ Sir Philip Bailhache – made a speech on the same day.

A speech which was even more extremist, ignorant, stupid and perverse that that delivered by Frank Walker.

You think I exaggerate?

Let’s consider a couple of quotes from Phil’s speech. He said:

“Yet many journalists continue to write about the Island’s so called child abuse

So the message from this man to all Jersey child abuse survivors is – that it is merely a “so-called child abuse scandal.”

He went on to say – and you couldn’t make this up – :

“All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal.”

You’re a thinking, compassionate, decent person?

Ask yourself – which is the “real” scandal – child abuse – or exposing child abuse?

One really doesn’t need to be a colossus of ethics and philosophy to arrive at the correct answer to that question.

But what is – by some margin – the most horrifying feature of Phil’s speech is that this man is the chief Judge of Jersey’s judiciary – and, crucially, the person who will appoint any other judges who may be co-opted into hearing any of the cases – civil or criminal.

Tell me – just how long ago was it that most respectable, democratic societies realised – and ensured – that the judiciary had to be a completely impartial arbiter of facts and interpreter of laws?

Quite a long time ago I think you’ll find.

The judiciary – the courts – are supposed to be the crucial check and balance on executive power. Yet here in Jersey we have both a prosecution service and a judiciary so crazed with megalomania and arrogance – that they will intervene politically in a matter as profoundly disgusting as the Jersey child abuse disaster in a clear attempt to defend the Jersey oligarchy.

And this attitude – this politicisation – this naked bias – this unlawful hi-jacking of the good name of the Crown – would have been crushed in the UK a hundred years ago – had any of the judiciary – even then – had the sheer stupidity and ignorance to have conducted themselves in this way.

And in case you’re not aware of this fact – the UK authorities in London do – oh yes they do – have legal, constitutional and foreign policy locus standi and power – and are actually obliged – to directly intervene in such a breakdown in the good administration of justice – as we are seeing in well-documented form in Jersey now.

Now – what response, do you think, we’re getting from “New Labour”?

From the politician with the above-described duties and powers – Jack Straw MP?

We are getting nothing but pro-Jersey oligarchy obstructions and interferences from Straw’s minions.

It is as though they actually like our collection of shysters and spivs – and actively want to support them.

But thinking about it – what can we expect of a government that has engaged in a manifestly illegal – un-winnable – and murderous war against the people of Iraq?

Jack Straw voted in favour of that madness – so we can’t really be surprised that he would want to assist and support the Jersey oligarchy in its desperate efforts to carry on concealing appalling child abuse.

It’s pretty much what we would expect from this Labour government.

Straw’s position really is literally incredible. It is not as though my constituents are seeking anything radical, revolutionary or extreme.

All they – and I on their behalf – are seeking is a completely non-conflicted, de-politicised and neutral prosecution service – and an equally objective judiciary.

One which could be relied upon to come to objective decisions – without giving a damn how those decisions may look for the government.

France and America had such effective checks and balances in place over 200 years ago – yet here in Jersey, those of us who seek similar safeguards are labelled “political extremists”.

Let us hope the Jersey victims can get support to take Straw to Court in London to seek a judicial review of his handling of the Jersey child abuse disaster.

But returning to the Jersey authorities – as though more evidence were needed of their stupidity, culpability and ignorance – what, then, are we to make of the “confidential” e-mail written by Jimmy Perchard – Assistant Minister for Health & Social Services, with direct responsibility for child protection – to Frank Walker?

The e-mail in which he makes an astonishing attack on the States of Jersey Police and Lenny Harper, and his boss, Graham Power, in particular.

Let us have a read of Jimmy – ‘child-protection’ – Perchard’s e-mail attack on the Police investigation into child abuse.

And remember when you’re reading this – Jimmy Perchard – and his political boss, Ben Shenton – are THE politicians with responsibility for child protection in Jersey.

And, by the way, unlike me – he had a very expensive education – and he wasn’t taught by Mike Vibert – so he can have no excuse for his illiteracy; me? I’m just a victim of my environment.

But seriously – remember as you read this – this is THE politician with responsibility for child protection. And then try – though it certainly takes an un-achievable leap of the imagination – to think of any functioning, respectable society where you would find THE politicians with responsibility for child protection – pro-actively attacking an investigation into child abuse?

I know – God, do I know – what a number of the present survivors think of it.

Christ knows what any little victims of today will think of it – when they come to know of it – as they most certainly will.

E-mail from Jersey Health & Social Services Assistant Minister – with special responsibility for child protection – Jimmy Perchard to Jersey Chief Minister Frank Walker:

From: James Perchard []
Sent: 26 May 2008 06:44
To: ‘Frank Walker’
Cc:;; ‘Ben Queree’;;;; Christie Tucker; Denzil Dudley

Dear Frank,
I request that you immediately arrange for an INDERPENDANT investigation be held into my claim that either the States of Jersey Chief of Police or his Deputy knowingly misinformed me and others regarding the alleged find in late February at Haut de la Garenne of so called “human remains”?
Either the States of Jersey Police Chief or his Deputy knowingly lied to me and others – a fact that can be effortlessly confirmed by noting the dates and content of emails and correspondence from the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit to the States of Jersey Police and the 5th May email sent to me from the Chief of Police.
I consider it unacceptable that the Police should make wild unsubstantiated claims and peddle untruths in an effort to deceive the people of Jersey and their elected representatives.
I trust that you will be arranging that an investigation be held immediately. An investigation which I confidently predict will prove that a senior officer from the States of Jersey Police knowing deceived me and the people of Jersey and I request that appropriate action be taken thereafter.
Senator James L Perchard

So there we have the prime concerns of the Social Services Assistant Minister – laid out in all their appalling and horrifying stupidity.

Should anyone think I’m being excessive in bringing a vote of no-confidence in this Council of Ministers – just reflect on the above statement to Big Frank from Jimmy Perchard.

Meanwhile – to regain touch with reality and decency – read the Police statement on their investigation which I reproduce below.

Statement by States of Jersey Police Force
In Respect of Current Investigation of
Historic Child Abuse at
Haut De La Garenne.

Senior Investigating Officer. Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper
Deputy Senior Investigating Officer. Detective Inspector Alison Fossey
Forensic Services Manager. Mrs Vicky Coupland
PolSA Inspector: Alan Guy
LGC Forensics Team Manager Miss Julie Roberts
Forensic Canine Search Consultant: Mr Martin Grime



In April 2006 States of Jersey Police became concerned at the number of carers who were being accused of involvement in offences concerning the abuse of children. This was particularly highlighted when the commanding officer of the Jersey Sea Cadets was arrested for downloading pornographic images including some involving sea cadets. The attitude of the Sea Cadet authorities of that time caused great concern. Accordingly, police began to examine a number of previous cases and during this review were continually referred to abuse which had allegedly taken place at Haut de La Garenne. This covert phase of the enquiry went on until November 2007 when the investigation was made public. Because of the concerns of victims about any involvement of the Jersey caring agencies it was decided to seek the assistance of the NSPCC in London. Within a week seventy victims had come forward, most detailing abuse at HDLG.

Among the victims were a few who said that children had been dragged from their beds at night screaming and had then disappeared. Two others said they had knowledge of human remains at the location but were not specific. A local advocate also came to police and said he had a client who knew there were human remains buried at the home. The collation of numerous complaints of both sexual and violent abuse of children led to the decision being made to enter the home to carry out a screening search for human remains and evidence in support of the allegations of abuse. The advice and assistance of the NPIA in the deployment of UK specialists was secured.

The abuse enquiry parameters are presently set at events that took place from the mid 1940’s to 1990.


Haut De La Garenne was built in 1866 as a privately run home and industrial school for destitute and orphaned children of the Jersey population.

In 1900 the name of the property was changed to the Jersey Home for Boys.
In 1953 the Education Committee took responsibility for the home renaming it Haut De La Garenne when it became a mixed home in 1960.

With the appointment of a Children’s Officer in 1970, the number of children in care gradually dropped in numbers and by 1983 HDLG ceased to be used for the purpose it was built.

The building and grounds were then administered by the Public Services Committee during which time it was used as the set for a BBC television series ‘ Bergerac’.
In 1970, Aviemore, a new two storey wing was built to the western part of the site which was used principally for staff accommodation. In recent times this building has been adapted to provide respite care for children.

In 1992 the Department of Property Services took over administration of the site from public services. Until 1999 the building was used to accommodate visiting groups requiring low cost accommodation.

In 2003 an extensive refurbishment of the building was completed and since that time has been administered by the Youth Hostel association as an accommodation and activity centre.

The building is of granite stone construction with four main wings, north, south, east and west which form a central courtyard. The grounds and building occupy an area of approximately 220 m X 130 m. Hedgerows bound the perimeter fields, playing fields and open areas.

The building was originally built on several levels. The north wing being two storeys, the south wing as two storeys with the west and east as two storeys except for the southernmost ends which were only one storey.

Several major renovations throughout its history included the addition of two further floor levels to the southern ends of the west and east wings.
In 1925 the east wing was converted to two main floors leaving the ground floor enclosed as ‘cellars’.

Archaeological excavation has revealed five stages of historical groundwork:

1. Victorian
2. Early 1900’s
3. 1940-1950 (Including German wartime occupation)
4. 1960-1980
5. 2003

These staged renovations have been identified from archive planning so as to prioritise areas of search and identify precise locations of relevant to this enquiry.


On 5/2/08 a briefing was held at LGC Forensics Oxford Chaired by the SIO Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, States of Jersey Police. Mrs Vicky Coupland the SOJP Forensic Services Manager was also present.

In addition to the briefing a document was distributed which had been prepared by Karl Harrison, lead scientist LGC Forensics. This document was a desk based study of the “Haut de la Garenne grounds, and identified potential areas of interest to the investigation.

Martin Grime of The Forensic Canine Search Consultancy produced a canine deployment brief encompassing the entire site to maximise assurity. The canine assets would be deployed both in a wide area screening and detailed search capacity.

On 19 February 2008 the “Haut de la Garenne” site was visited by a reconnaissance party including States of Jersey Police SIO and Forensic Services Manager, NPIA homicide search advisors, FCSC canine search advisor and LGC Forensics staff representing forensic archaeology and anthropology.


• The search of HDLG employed numerous complementary assets that were deployed as required. The systematic approach was adapted to produce high assurity in any possible scenario including sub-surface deposition, dismemberment and destruction by fire. It must be stressed however that there was no direct evidence of homicide at that time and the search was to include the collation of evidence of both sexual and violent abuse.
• The assets were deployed in a logical and systematic manner applying best value and best practice guidelines.
• The canine assets were deployed in the first instance in a wide area screening search to contact role prior to detail targeting.
• Geophysical and Ground Penetrating Radar assets were deployed to identify anomalous areas for further investigation by other assets.
• Gridded probing techniques of identified anomalies allowed the canine assets easier access to sub surface scent.
• Forensic and archaeological assets were deployed upon the reaction of the canine assets, GPR anomaly and/or when anecdotal witness evidence applied.
• Forensic assets were deployed to secure evidence of sexual and violent abuse within crime scenes declared upon canine reaction and anecdotal witness testimony.
• The human blood search dog was deployed in a detailed close supervision search role within declared crime scenes to locate human blood deposits that may be explained at a later date as being accidental or suspicious.

The system of deployment was recorded in the Standard Operating Procedures and policy documents. The policies and procedures were applied consistently throughout the search to conclusion.


The Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog (EVRD) ‘Eddie’ was deployed in a wide area screening capacity within the outer boundaries of the HDLG with no alert indications or behaviour changes evident. The search was recorded via GPS data logging equipment attached to the dog’s collar to ensure complete area coverage.

Geophysical anomalies identified by other assets, were probed and subjected to EVRD screening. No alert indications were forthcoming.

A large amount of animal bone historically deposited in the grounds of HDLG as refuse was ignored.

The EVRD was deployed tactically within the ground floor of the premises where a continuing alert indication of varying strength was given in the western aspect. The weakest being in the south-western corridor, the strongest and most significant being in the north-western stairwell.

The reactions of the dog are explained as scent travelling through ‘chimneys’ such as conduit, electric cable ducting, which transects from the north west stairwell along the western corridor in a southerly direction.

Anecdotal witness evidence was suggestive of juvenile human bones being recovered from the area of the north-western stairwell during recent building renovations in 2003.

Human remains deposited within the ground in that area would contaminate the ground, and any porous material within it. The dog’s reactions were therefore consistent with this scenario. The area was therefore subjected to intrusive archaeological excavation.

A fragment of what the forensic anthropologist describes as being possibly human juvenile skull was recovered from within a Victorian context of the excavation. The fragment was shipped to the U.K. for confirmation of substance, species, carbon dating and DNA testing. The laboratory conducting the analysis reported confused and conflicting findings therefore no conclusion is available at this time. Other burnt bone fragments were also recovered from the context within this area. The dating of the context is Victorian, outside the time spectrum of a homicide enquiry at this time.

The EVRD gave a number of alert indications in the eastern wing of the building. Holes were drilled through the 3 inch thick wooden / insulated clad flooring to allow the dog scent access to the voids below. He identified areas of interest which supported anecdotal witness evidence. This prompted the complete removal of the flooring in 2/3 of the east wing.

Removal of the flooring revealed the original ground floor of the building including a large brick and rendered bath, original sinks and toilet area. Renovations had enclosed the areas below the modern flooring which resembled ‘cellars’.

The EVRD was again deployed in a detailed search of these areas. Alert indications were forthcoming which, where appropriate, were confirmed using ‘Keela, the human blood search dog.

The EVRD alert indications were confirmed by intrusive archaeological excavation and sieving. A significant number of bone fragments and teeth have been recovered which have been corroborated as human both macroscopically and microscopically. The remains are at the present time undergoing forensic testing including carbon dating procedures. We have received various dating indicators which require clarification.

Three indications by the human blood search dog were given in cellar one which, when subjected to presumptive testing, proved positive.

Two indications by the human blood search dog were given in the cellar entrance hall which when subjected to presumptive testing proved positive.

The EVRD provided alert indications in support of the human blood search dog.

Forensic samples were recovered and conveyed to the UK for further testing.

Other deployments of the EVRD were based upon the blind screening of soil samples and other areas from which suggestive intelligence is supported:

The EVRD was deployed to screen soil samples from certain contexts of archaeological excavation. A positive reaction was forthcoming from a context where it is reported possible human remains were uncovered and removed by builders in the area of the main electric feed in the north-western wing. There is some witness evidence to suggest that these remains were also human juvenile. Although the remains were examined by a pathologist they were not positively species identified. In fact the pathologists report lists at least one bone that was ‘UNIDENTIFIED’. Measurements of the bones would tend to suggest that they would have been consistent with being juvenile human.

It is important to note that a substantial amount of animal bone has been recovered from the site as a whole. The EVRD has ignored all such material whilst alerting to confirmed human remains. This tends to support the scenario above.

Both the EVRD and Human blood search dog are presumptive screening assets. Any alert indications must be forensically corroborated to be conclusive.


A team of archaeologists and anthropologists from LGC Forensics under the supervision of Miss Julie Roberts were deployed to excavate areas of interest identified by search assets, geophysical survey or anecdotal witness evidence.

All anomalies and areas of interest were intrusively investigated to conclusion.

The spoil from contextual hand trowel excavation, cellar floors and other anomalies was sieved by hand or with the use of mechanical device. (100 tons plus).

Comprehensive records of excavation were completed including the approximate date of context and exhibits recovered. Items of interest include;

• Fragment of possibly human juvenile skull recovered from within a Victorian context of the excavation of north-western stairwell.
• Burnt bone (pending species identification) from the context at the north-western stairwell
• Burnt fabric and toys from anomalies within the grounds.
• Lime at the base of a large hole that had been dug previously and reinstated for no apparent reason.
• Human deciduous teeth from cellars three and four (sieving)
• Human burnt bone from cellar 4.
• Human bone from cellar 3
• Human deciduous tooth from water cistern (sieving)

In addition, numerous bones were discovered within the search area both through excavation of anomalies and when investigating anecdotal accounts of previous finds by witnesses. These were identified by the resident anthropologist as being of animal origin.

Detailed archaeological analysis of the building and its structure, in conjunction with archive plans, has provided time lines for historical renovations within the building.


Police search teams under the direct supervision of a PolSA Inspector Alan Guy were tasked to search the north and east banking of the southernmost field to HDLG (boundary to search areas 4,5&7). The search was conducted with the aid of mechanical earth moving equipment.

The banking had been identified by witness testimony concerning the deposition of bones the origin of which was not known whether to be animal or human.
A large amount of bone was recovered and examined by the on site forensic anthropologist. The bone was identified as animal.

Clothing was recovered and has been retained whilst the investigation continues.
The team was also deployed to conduct a search of the attic within the confines of the building.


The States of Jersey Police forensic examiners with the aid of UK based personnel provided the following services:

• Mrs Coupland, the States of Jersey Forensic Services Manager provided day to day management of the search venue and supervision of forensic scene examination.
• Provision of multiple scene management.
• Provision of multiple scene examination.
• Provision of photographic support.
• Provision of exhibit management at HDLG.

Six crime scenes were declared in relation to the abuse enquiry and identified as cellars 1-5 and the cellar entrance hall.

All scenes were subjected to meticulous examination.

• Floor joists taped to recover hair, fibre and skin cells.
• Floor joists and floor boards subjected to chemical treatment to identify and recover fingerprints.
• Walls taped to recover hair, fibre and skin cells.
• Light source search including quasar.
• Ultra violet light search.
• Floor swept using gridding system.
• Items of interest recovered and exhibited.
• Sweepings sieved.
• Human blood search dog screening.
• Chemically treated (Luminol) to highlight areas of interest for further testing.


Gradiometer and Resistivity techniques were carried out at 7 different locations within the grounds of Haut de La Garenne in order to detect likely remains indicating clandestine burials. Two areas were chosen for control purposes (Test Pits 3 and 7) to determine the underlying responses from the soils and geology of the area. These were located in the north east corner and southernmost point on the promontory respectively of the site.

The results indicated some significant anomalies possibly representing pit-like features (F1, F2, F3, and F6-8). The majority proved to be of recent origin and associated with rose bed planting immediately to the south of the house. Other anomalies indicated modern services or features of geological/natural origin.

Ground Penetrating radar was deployed on two separate occasions within the grounds and the interior of HDLG. Detachments from HOSDB and 58 Squadron Royal Engineers identified a number of anomalies both within the grounds and the interior of the building.

The anomalies were numbered and their locations plotted on building plans and site maps. Although some could be explained as pipe trenches and known features identified by witness testimony, unexplained anomalies were subjected to screening with the EVRD and intrusive investigation by forensic archaeologists.

Finds of interest from identified anomalies are:

• Burnt bone (awaiting further examination)
• Burnt clothing
• Burnt toys
• Burnt bed sheets
• Coins (provided indication of dating of anomaly)

Of particular interest were anomalies that were identified by GPR, Geophysical survey and by witness account.

Approximately 20 years ago two large holes had been dug with the use of a mechanical digger at the request of staff at HDLG. The following day the staff caused the reinstatement of the ground without any explanation or obvious reason for the ground intrusion. These holes have since been excavated by the resident forensic archaeologists who discovered at the base of the hole hardcore and lime. Lime is a well known addition to deposition to aid the reduction of decomposition scent. Its inclusion in this scenario may be suggestive of suspicious activity although no human remains were found.


Remains identified by the resident forensic anthropologist Miss Julie Roberts as human, and items of interest to the enquiry, have been submitted for forensic analysis.

Laboratory confirmation of origin of teeth and bone as human has prompted further testing.

We are presently awaiting various test results from carbon dating and DNA analysis etc to try and confirm identity, age of victim and date of demise.

The number of victims and cause of death are not currently known but the prevailing information would suggest that the circumstances are suspicious at this time.


To date the meticulous search of Haut De La Garenne has produced supportive evidence to the abuse enquiry and suggestive evidence that the remains of at least one child are present within the structure of the building.

In the past few days there has been some controversy over the origin of one of the exhibits recovered from the north western stairwell. Despite the media suggestion to the contary, the identity of this item has not been confirmed. The item has been excluded from the enquiry as it was recovered from a Victorian context within the ground.

Several fragments of bone recovered from cellars 3 and 4 have been confirmed as being of human origin.

Other bone fragments suspected as being of human origin are yet to be examined.

Several teeth recovered from cellars 3 & 4have been confirmed as being of human origin and are in the process of forensic examination.

The SIO has stated that the results of all forensic testing will be completed prior to any release of information with regard to a homicide enquiry at this time.

27 thoughts on “CHILD ABUSE IN JERSEY.

  1. Advocatus Diaboli

    Hmmmm, Jack Straw, the man given to making ‘Citizen’s Arrests’. I look forward to him paying various Jersey stooges a visit – NOT!

    New Labour = Old Lickspittle.

  2. Steve

    Perchard,you are a bloody discrace!I do hope that you read Stuart’s blog and that you are quite happy with your abysmal performance.As a father of two beautiful kids it fills me with utter horror reading the police statement.For an elected politician to actually take the time to tap out such a pathetic e-mail is absurd.Surely,the most logical action would have been to give our coppers a morale boost:no-doubt this investigation must be pretty traumatic in the least,so some support from the top might have helped.I wonder if Perchard and some of the others who form the collective of bafoons,aka ‘The States’,have something very serious to hide.Can you give us a hint Stuart?
    They seem to be good at only two thigs these days.Keeping very quite and making total fools of themselves.
    In the words of the song – “The more I see,the less I belive”.

  3. Anonymous

    I think Jim Perchard should be investigated for telling Community Care magazine that the Jersey Govt had been in discussions with the Commission for Social Care Inspection for 4 years, in order for there to rigorous scrutiny of standards of childcare in jersey.In fact no such discussions had taken place and Jim had said he got mixed up!Or lied depending on your view point.
    (From Ex jersey social worker)

  4. Anonymous

    Suicide, severe depression, psychosis and substance abuse are a common result of abuse. It would of interest to discover the antecedents in such misery. What are the stats for Jersey? Any ideas?


  5. Anonymous

    The full truth unabashed is what is required and not some guy deciding what is the truth.

    The brother of Home Secretary Jack Straw has been found guilty of an indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl.

    William Straw, 47, of Bramcote in Nottingham, will be placed on the sex offenders’ register for the next five years.

    Straw had denied the charge at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

  6. Anonymous

    Why oh why is so much energy concentrated on the mistaken ‘coconut shell’ which only takes the emphasis on the real known crime of child abuse, with or without bones. Perchard & co should be putting his energies into more worthwhile disputes instead of trying to rubbish the police for trying to do their job. Ok, so the 1st part was’nt bone, but there have been subsequent finds of bones & teeth, so they were right weren’t they. Perchard do keep up & pay attention.

  7. Anonymous

    What an excellent point about the bayleaf – how can we expect justice over here in the forthcoming trails when he, as head of the judiciary, has so appallingly demonstrated his biased views in that ill-placed Liberation Day speech?

  8. Stuart Syvret

    Re: a submitted comment concerning the “demon headmaster”.

    I haven’t posted that comment because IMO it comes too close to making, or at least, imputing, child abuse allegations against British politicians.

    I do not allow such comments through for several reasons.

    Firstly – I don’t mind getting sued – as long as it’s for something I’ve written.

    Secondly – if serious allegations are submitted to me as a comment – I have to do two things: decide whether they should be relayed immediately to the Police; or whether I have been supplied with sufficient evidence to publish them – and do so without hampering prosecutions.

    Thirdly – I think it very unwise to suggest or impute child abuse allegations against people unless there is evidence. False claims – even if made in a spirit of satire or political dissent – can only damage the credibility of genuine abuse survivors – and the chances of their abusers being successfully prosecuted.

    By all means submit robust comments – but please bear the above points in mind.



  9. jim browne

    First of all, thanks Stuart for a very good and informative posting.

    Jim Prichard like the rest of them must now be paniking by now, the Email he sent to Walker reads like ‘Get us out this shit Frank and fast’.

    Again I notice that there is really no mention of the 160 victims from the email and only talk of bones or bodies. As Stuart has pointed out already, how are these victims ever going to get any form of Justice when they are fighting the alleged judiciary who are fighting against any truths which may come to light.

    Any Court Cases either Criminal or Civil MUST be dealt with from an outside body.

    The Labour Party are not interested in our fight for Justice, I have a large number of letters proving that point, so what chance have we got with Jack ‘I let them out early’ Straw, but at the end of the day WHAT party is interested unless they get something out of it for themselves.

    Can we not bombared Mr Straw with letters of feelings of how Lenny and Staurt are being treated, and ask him what if anything he is doing to help this investigation, we can only try. We are only strong in numbers, we cannot fight alone for Justice, we have the power of voting, use it.

    As Stated by Steve another poster, ‘The States have something very serious to hide’.

    160 victims can make a lot of noise , so start shouting and try and use the mainland press and not that Mickey Mouse newspaper The JEP until they start telling the truth.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  10. Anonymous

    As a member of the jersey public who has followed the police investigation at HDLG closely, I have to say that I don’t feel misled by Lenny Harper.
    These are the key issues as I see them
    As a result of witness statements the police suspect that systematic organised sexual abuse has taken place at HDLG, some information suggests that a child or children may possibly have lost their life.
    The police use a sniffer dog who indicates a particular location
    Excavation reveals something that may be a piece of a child’s skull
    After painstaking and methodical investigation further child remains are found along with corroborating evidence regarding allegations of abuse.
    It turns out that the original piece of bone may not be bone after all but tests are not conclusive, what difference does it make to the bigger picture?
    What more could we ask of the police?
    What other options were available to them?
    Not to bother to take concerns seriously and not to investigate or after the first find to wait until conclusive test results were available or that they go in with hob nailed boots and miss or destroy evidence.

    The investigation had to go ahead even if it found nothing, but it has found significant finds so even if the skull fragment turns out to be false what difference does it make?
    There are police from other forces in the UK, several senior experts, the ACPO, the local team of independent advisors and the world’s media focussed on the investigation and yet another inquiry is asked for into the police handling of the case
    Let the police get on with the job that’s what I say
    Sniping at them is an unnecessary diversion to distract attention away from the main issues.

    However I do feel misled by the JEP which I have stopped buying and by our political leaders and senior civil servants
    If only one had confidence in their integrity and professionalism.


  11. Anonymous


    Just to say that in the last week or so this site has been classified as a ‘hate speech’ site by Ealing Council’s internet filter service (Synetrix Netsweeper?). Until last week I had been able to log on at the library but now access is barred.

    I wonder who was behind that, and I wonder if they have been in touch with other councils to limit access?

  12. Anonymous

    Synetrix Netsweeper, who the hell are they to be allowed to block sites, Ealing Council also, are they scared of the truth coming out, have they also got something to hide.

    Stuart your site always speaks the truth, keep yer chin up mate and carry on.

    jim browne (Survivor)

  13. donchais

    Synetrix –
    “Thousands of schools and millions of children in the U.K. continue to rely on Netsweeper to deliver safe Internet access.”

    Synetrix’ largest customers, the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) was responsible for protecting over 1.5 million students plus faculty.

    Unlike other filtering systems which allow inappropriate new URLs to be accessible for days, categorize-on-demand was able to block any new sites that were recently categorized and deemed inappropriate.
    Ealing –
    One of their top three priorities is “safer communities”.
    So, let’s filter out Stuart’s blog, keep the truth hidden – yep, that leads to a “safer community”.

    Makes one wonder if former Jersey politicians or child care workers now reside in Ealing?

  14. Anonymous

    Tougher sex-crime register after Jersey abuse case
    Judge from outside the island may be brought in
    Up to 70 people have been linked to alleged abuse at Haut de la Garenne

    Frances Gibb, Legal Editor

    A far-reaching register for sex offenders – much wider in scope than that in England and Wales – is to be set up on Jersey after alleged abuse at a former children’s home, the island’s chief law officer has told The Times.

    William Bailhache, QC, the Attorney-General, also said that if a police inquiry led to lengthy trials a judge from outside the island was likely to be brought in to handle them.

    In his first interview since taking up his post in 2000, Mr Bailhache, 54, who would be responsible for any prosecutions arising from the investigation, predicted legislation in the autumn for a sex offenders register.

    A consultation paper would be issued shortly, he said. This would go farther than the register in England and Wales by allowing offenders convicted before the legislation took effect to be placed on the register on application to a court. “This is a matter we have had under review for some time,” he said.
    Related Links

    * Third person charged in Haut de la Garenne case

    About a hundred people have claimed to have suffered abuse at the children’s home Haut de la Garenne between the mid1940s and 1990. Seventy suspects, or people “of interest” to the police, have been identified.

    Mr Bailhache rejected suggestions that justice could not be seen to be done if handled locally and said that it was for Jersey and its 800-year-old independent legal system to tackle the problem.

    If, though, there were trials that involved several defendants who pleaded not guilty and were going to be lengthy the normal practice would be to bring in an outside judge, he said.

    A trial involving a guilty plea would not take place at the earliest before six to nine months.

    “I don’t think there’s any doubt that justice can be done,” he said. “The Jersey Royal Court is very well respected. When any community, wherever it is, has this sort of problem, the community must deal with it.”

    The problem could not just be “shovelled off to anywhere else”, he added.

    The decision on whether to prosecute falls to the Attorney-General.

    Critics point out that his brother, Philip Bailhache, QC, is the Bailiff or senior judge on the island, creating a conflict of interest.

    To deflect that, the Attorney-General has instructed two external Crown advocates who have also practised extensively in London to conduct the prosecutions. The question of conflict is not just an academic one. Within months of Mr Bailhache becoming Attorney-General, a prosecution brought in his name (although started by his predecessor) came before his brother. Defence barristers brought a challenge on the ground that there could not be a fair trial. The Bailiff did not step down and his stance was backed by the Court of Appeal.

    — A 45-year-old man is due to appear in court in Jersey this morning, charged with sex offences against boys at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home. Michael Aubin, originally from Jersey but now living in Southampton, is the third person to be charged as a result of the police investigation into allegations of child abuse on the island.


    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  15. Anonymous


    it is becoming increasingly diffucult to reach your blog,error keeps poping up and try again. when one does same thing, its taken a round about route to get here. any one eles sufring this?

  16. Anonymous

    Guilty pleas from Haut de la Garenne suspect
    Monday, 02 Jun 2008 12:19
    45-year-old man pleads guilty to three charges in connection with Jersey police’s historic abuse enquiry Printer friendly version A 45-year-old man has this morning pleaded guilty to three charges in connection with Jersey police’s historic abuse enquiry.

    Michael Aubin admitted one count of sodomy against a male child and three counts of indecent assault against two other male children.

    All of the alleged offences took place between 1977 and 1980, police said.

    No bail application was made and he will be detained at HMP La Moye until June 30th, when he is expected to appear at Jersey’s royal court.

    Jersey-born Mr Aubin was arrested in Southampton by detectives on Thursday.

    Police are investigating the alleged sexual abuse of hundreds of children in Jersey following the discovery of bone fragments believed to be part of a child’s skull in February.

    Although he is the third person arrested over the historical abuse enquiry, Mr Aubin is the first to be held directly in connection with the Haut de la Garenne investigation.

    Earlier this month police on the island said they could launch a murder inquiry over milk teeth and bone fragments found at the former children’s home.

    Their historic abuse inquiry began when bone fragments believed to be part of a child’s skull were found in February.

    The investigation led to the arrest of former warden Gordon Wateridge, who has been charged with indecent assault upon teenage girls in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Another man, Claude James Donnelly has also appeared in court charged in connection with the historic abuse enquiry.

  17. Anonymous

    Jersey to get first sex offenders registerDavid Batty and agencies, Monday June 2 2008 Article historyJersey’s chief law officer today outlined details of a new sex offenders register aimed at strengthening child protection on the island after recent abuse scandals.

    William Bailhache QC, the island’s attorney general, said the register, would be retrospective, covering offenders convicted before the legislation was passed.

    “This is a matter we have had under review for some time,” he told the Times.

    This will be the first time a sex offenders register has been set up on the island.

    The UK sex offenders register contains the details of anyone convicted, cautioned or released from prison for a sexual offence against children or adults since September 1997, when it was set up. The register, which is run by the police, is not retroactive, and so does not include anyone convicted before 1997. There are around 29,000 people on it.

    The Jersey register will be set up under a new law covering sex offenders, which the island’s parliament is expected to debate in September.

    Bailhache also addressed concerns that any court cases arising out of the major child abuse investigations under way on the island would be undermined by conflicts of interest. His brother, Philip Bailhache, is Jersey’s baliff, the senior judge on the island.

    Allegations of abuse at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home would be handled mainly by Jersey’s legal system, the attorney general told the Times; but if several defendants pleaded guilty, a judge from the mainland could be brought in.

  18. Steve

    Re web problems.I also got some error messages this afternoon whilst trying to get onto Stuarts blog and AHITS!Is this a coincedence?

  19. Anonymous

    I just can’t help coming to the conclusion that Mr Perchard is not the full shilling. Can there really be any other logical conclusion? You really could not make this up, talk about shooting the messenger( or in this case messengers!)Why can’t the man maintain a dignified silence until the due proces of law has taken place. If Jimmy Perchard is so upset about being duped that is his problem, he does not speak in my name, will never get a vote from me again and I think my opinions reflect the majority of the decent people of Jersey, genuine people who to quote Lenny Harper are supportive of him. support him.

  20. voiceforchildren

    I think it was more of a problem with google. I tried getting on this one, simon bellwoods, AHITS and my own.

    I had no trouble getting on any other internet sites, it just appeared to be blogspots. This has happened a couple of times in the past, maybe too much traffic or something.

  21. Anonymous

    Great news about guilty plea. This gives complete justification for lenny harpers dilligant approach. Just keeps reminding everyone that this is an abuse enquiry which may turn into a murder enquiry and not the other way round! just maybe the guilty party may have corroborating evidence about accomplaces and more arrests may follow.
    ( From exjersey soacial worker)

  22. Anonymous

    Below are some questions tp be asked at the States sitting tomorrow:

    for more: Google: States Assembly: (enter, and look at order papers for 3 June)

    The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Senator J.L. Perchard – “Will the Minister inform the Assembly who informed the States of Jersey Police that the fragment, found in February 2008 under a stairwell at Haut de la Garenne, was not bone and the date that this information was received by the Police?”

    The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Senator J.L. Perchard – “Will the Minister advise whether the Deputy Chief Officer of Police is under investigation by detectives from Devon and Cornwall Police for alleged abuse of authority and if so, when did the investigation begin and when is it expected to be concluded?”

    The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Senator B.E. Shenton – “Can the Minister describe her political role, with particular regard to the relationship with the police, and the concept of political and public accountability?”Can the Minister confirm t

    The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy G.C.L. Baudains of St. Clement – “Would the Minister advise members whether she believes that statements made in the media by the Deputy Chief Officer have always been accurate and proportionate and, if not, does she consider that he should be suspended from duty whilst investigations into his conduct are carried out?”

    The Chief Minister will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier of St. Saviour – “When will the Report on the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Mr. S. Bellwood be published?

  23. Anonymous

    I cannot believe that there is a question to be asked in the states by a certain deputy suggesting that Lenny Harper be suspended from the investigation, the mere suggestion beggars belief.Is this basic incompetence I ask myself or a plot to discredit the investigation.We should be begging Mr Harper to delay his retirement for a few months so that he can complete the investigation not taking pot shots at him.
    If this suggestion is given any credence,people of Jersey unite,
    pitchforks in the Royal Square, the French did it on 14th July .
    But seriously Stuart is there any way you can let us know the response to this question?

  24. Sarah K

    The whole waterfront fiasco really is the final straw.

    And yet Terry le Darlek says tonight ” I will share all due dilligence reports on Harcourt from now on until we give them the contract to go ahead”

    I’m sorry…..WHAT!!!!!?????

    How on earth can you be thinking about giving them the contract now?

    Unbelievable. I am so ashamed of our so called “Elite”.


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