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For my Christmas Speech.

Regular readers of this blog will be very familiar with the disgusting spectacle of the States assembly & Phil Bailhache shouting-down and halting my Christmas speech at the end of 2007.

As readers and I have remarked frequently in recent months – wouldn’t it be fun to engage in some speculations and discussions as to what should be the subject, purpose and nature of my Christmas speech this coming December.

So – as promised – here is your opportunity to make suggestions as to what you think I should say this year.

But – for those not familiar with the history of the wretched saga – a brief recap.

At the conclusion of the last States assembly meeting before the Christmas break, it has long been custom and practice to conclude with speeches marking the end of the political year and the approach of Christmas.

There are usually five speeches, these being from the senior Senator, the senior Constable and the senior Deputy, the Dean and the Bailiff.

The senior Senator – which is me, believe it or not – is ‘Father of the House’, so is the first to speak.

Usually, these speeches are a round of smug, self-congratulatory, mutually-glorifying banalities – which are of little or no relevance to the community we represent.

But during the course of 2007, the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster erupted into public and political consciousness. For the first time ever – decades upon decades of the most appalling child abuses had finally been exposed.

The response of the Jersey oligarchy to these events was – and has continued to be – uniformly disgraceful.

Having spent much of 2007 networking amongst whistle-blowers, witnesses and survivors – people whose age ranged from 13 to 75 – I knew all too well that the States of Jersey had engaged in a shameful, disastrous and sustained failure to protect vulnerable children.

So – I decided back then that the community – and the survivors – needed to hear some kind of expression of empathy towards the victims – an acknowledgement of the decades-long failures of the island authorities which had allowed, permitted – and in many cases condoned – and carried out – these atrocities.

Such an open acknowledgment having never before been uttered by a politician in the Jersey parliament.

So – I took the trouble to write a speech, and when the moment arrived, attempted to deliver it.

I got about a quarter of the way through the speech when – in another brazen example of the culture of concealment at work – I was barracked and shouted-down by a number of States members, for example Peter Troy, Terry Le Main, Frank Walker & Mike Vibert.

The Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache – unlike any other speaker of a legislature in the respectable, democratic world – instead of telling these barbarians to sit down and shut up – agreed with them and joined in with the prevailing mob-rule.

He ordered me to stop the speech. Having taken the precaution of ensuring that what I had written was ‘in-order’ – and therefore knew the intervention of him and his oligarchy colleagues was simply an anti-democratic act of oppression – I declined.

So he cut my microphone and adjourned the meeting – allowing the assembled States members to rush off to their tax-payer funded Christmas lunch – from which I’d so rudely detained them.

I have previously blogged the speech in question, on the 14th April, 2008. It is archived under the title, “The Speech the Jersey Parliament Refused to Hear”,

The first – and so far only – occasion on which a Jersey politician stood to speak words of acknowledgment and empathy to abuse victims.

And the States assembly – in its majestic hauteur and hubris – disgraced itself by actually stopping the speech.

In a major article on the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, in the Sunday Times magazine of the 4th May, 2008, the journalist, David James Smith wrote this concerning the halting of my speech:

“The suicide of Michael O’Connell had first been drawn to the attention of Syvret by a friend of Michael’s. Syvret had discovered the dates of Michael’s death and his subsequent inquest, and attempted to introduce them in a Christmas speech to the States in 2007. He had been shouted down by Frank Walker and others because he had broken with convention by not making a routine speech but choosing instead to talk about victims of child abuse in Jersey care homes.

“When he refused to sit down and tried to carry on – even as some members came up and practically screamed in his face – the bailiff, Philip Bailhache, switched off his microphone.

“It seems only fair to point out that the Jersey politicians weren’t to know then what you have read here, about Michael’s tragic history of abuse. But, even so, it might seem like a somewhat unedifying spectacle – a group of grown men, or mostly men, shouting down a speech which was, in part at least, about a boy who hanged himself.”

That is a very diplomatic description of how those events appeared to the real world – as opposed to the parallel-universe, “Groupthink” environment of Jersey.

You know, one of the reasons I feel so pessimistic about the future of this community is that – to this day – notwithstanding everything we have learnt about the concealed atrocities inflicted on vulnerable children in Jersey – still 90% of Jersey politicians and their oligarchy supporters see me as the villain of the hour –and their conduct to be perfectly respectable.

But – let us try and set aside such multi-faceted tragedy and sadness – and instead turn our attention towards Christmas 2008 – and my speech as Father of the House.

I could easily think of several apposite themes – and a few particular phrases – which might inform the speech.

But I thought I’d try and introduce a little democracy into the process – by inviting you, dear readers – to submit your suggestions.

What do you think I should be saying this year, as the assembly finishes business and looks to Christmas?

Though – do not be in the least surprised if, as I’ve remarked previously, the oligarchy – with indecent haste – try and rush through a change in the rules somehow, and scrap many, many decades of custom and practice – simply in order to stop me from speaking.

Yeah – I’m afraid they really are that dumb.

The words of Jesus Himself – such as “suffer the little children” – are obviously out of contention – as these were not allowed last-time; being deemed somehow “inappropriate” – even though we were approaching the celebration of Christ’s birth.

And Biblical quotes in general will be forbidden, as even the Dean, when e-mailed by me after the incident to ask what he thought of events – took a decidedly pro-oligarchy position.

Though having said that – I guess he may have changed his mind – given that he used the very same quotes that I had attempted to deliver, a few months later when the cause of the suffering and misery of children had become “fashionable”.

So – even though it’s a Christmas speech, Christian themes appear to be out-of-bounds – well, at least any Christian themes which are embarrassing or inconvenient to the oligarchy.

Though I’m quite sure that some Old Testament stuff about homosexual people being “wicked” and in need of being “cured” could be rustled-up by Ian Le Marquand. I’ve no doubt that that kind of thing would go down a storm with most States members if delivered by said ultra-conservative religious fundamentalist.

So – what are we left with?

Quite a lot actually

Being an anti-oligarchy States member, one has had to develop quite a good line in irony – so we could subtly – or not so subtly – take the mick.

Or – I could seriously address a subject which would appeal to the assembled herd – such as just how marvellous our ultra-low and regressive taxation system was – given that it gives such free-reign to the “wealth-creators” – whose efforts then allow a little “trickle-down” to the poor in Jersey and abroad.

Perhaps I could talk about the brilliant intellectual skills, leadership and vision of the retired Senator Frank Walker – and point to his many, many achievements – such as the vast, concrete excrescences which adorn St. Helier’s Waterfront; one of which was so fantastic an achievement it’s just won the “worst new building in Britain” award. Or maybe how – after decades of countless billions flowing through Jersey – we’ve accumulated a Strategic Reserve which is almost so large as to able to meet one year’s public expenditure.

Perhaps I could speak a little of all those members who are retiring?

Maybe pass a few words on the legacy of departing Bailiff, Phil Bailhache?

Perhaps I could confess the error of my ways? Hmm….Don’t think that’ll work either – as the Assembly made it clear they didn’t like ‘confessional’ material last time out.

Perhaps I could recite an appropriate poem? I like poetry – so that could be a runner.

Do send in your recommendations.

Or the lyrics from a song by Rage Against The Machine? A few appropriate titles spring to mind.

Or maybe you have in mind some other lyric? If so – please share your ideas.

But, instead of such frivolity – perhaps you think the occasion merits a serious and straight speech?

Well – if so, I really need your guidance because that’s what I tried last year – and it got shouted-down.

You see – only Phil Bailhache is allowed to make “political” speeches – like on Liberation Day – when the real world needs it explaining to them that the “real scandal” of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster is “the bad publicity”.

But I can certainly think of several serious themes – which I’m actively considering.

Not least simply a straightforward, honest and unambiguous apology from the States of Jersey to all the victims.

You know the kind of thing? An apology of the kind Frank Walker has been advised NOT to give – by Jersey’s Attorney General, Bill Bailhache.

You know – I just don’t know where Bill finds all the time needed to determine all prosecutions in the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – whilst at the same time giving legal advice to the executive as to why they must avoid any expression of culpability in an attempt to minimise compensation claims. It must take a very special talent to wear both hats simultaneously.

Nevertheless – an apology to the victims remains my favoured option at the moment.

Now – in your suggestions, we need to observe a few rules. We don’t want to make it too easy for the Jersey Establishment Party to shut me up – by delivering a speech which is “out of order”.

So whatever I say has to comply with the rules, the standing orders, of the States – just as my previous speech did.

So – “imputing improper motives” to a fellow member is out of the frame – as are obscenities.

Curiously, there is a traditional range of words and phrases which are deemed “unparliamentary” – most of which have been proscribed by the House of Commons and adopted by other legislatures.

It’s quite weird really – but in a legislature – a chamber full of politicians, of all people – the word “liar” is strictly forbidden. As is the word “hypocrite”.

Bizarre, no?

Direct, personal abuse is also usually frowned upon – unless, of course, it’s being used by an oligarchy member against some rancid, uppity pleb like me – in which case it’s just fine.

The use of “big words” is also usually greeted with open hostility – which, being a dictionary nerd, I find a little disappointing. So anything with excoriating existential inchoate proschemata in it – is out – if you get my drift?

And we need to be careful, too, with quotations. You see – if one tries to be “too clever” Terry Le Main is allowed to shout “bloody know-all!” at you.

So that’s Goethe, Chomsky, Ghandi and Holub out of the running. Though one might get away with a little Shakespeare, though not sure about W.B. Yeats, given the presence of the Lieutenant Governor.

So, in general terms – we’re looking for a subject for the speech – and various points which might be included in it – which doesn’t break parliamentary rules by being abusive or telling the truth.

It should also – in order to “be relevant” – have something to say on the year gone by – what the States and its various titans have been doing – and look forward to the year ahead – whilst thinking of Christmas and what it is supposed to mean.

So come on, readers! Suggestions! Get your thinking-caps on!

But – as I said, we need a Plan B. The oligarchy will try and prevent me from making the speech.

They’ll embarrassingly rush through a decision which overturns decades of custom and practice so that it is not me who speaks.

Or – no matter how carefully crafted our collaborative missive – insisting on cutting me off again on some spurious ground – just like last year.

So here’s my Plan B.

I have a platform ladder which fits in the boot of a car. I’ll get a friend to take it to the Royal Square, outside the States building – and we can use it as a platform on which people can stand and deliver their various Christmas messages to the States.

We can even make the event a poetry slam.

And maybe a rap competition too.

But I don’t have a public address system – speakers, cables or microphones etc. Anyone out there who could help by supplying these?

So – no matter whether the oligarchy stop me from delivering a speech which the public have contributed to – whoever wants to join-in can meet-up in the Square where we can hear some pithy ‘Christmas speeches’ from the public.

In fact – the more I think of it – the more fun it sounds.

We’ll firm-up dates and times later.


115 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS SPEECH 2008:

  1. Lizzy


    IF you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    ‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
    if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

    (You might have to change lies to fibs so as not to offend)

  2. mac

    If it wasn’t for the link in Mark Forskitts post you would he think he was calling States members monkeys and with all the howlers that come out of the States chamber I can’t think of a better description.

  3. Anonymous

    Anything you need Stuart just let us know we can help, from electrics down to leaflet distribution. Carpe dieme. Citizen Smith.

  4. TonyTheProf

    How about how the Prime Minister of Australia made a public apology THIS YEAR on behalf of the Australian authorities for the racial policy of segregation of aboriginal peoples which was in place up to the 1970s(shown in the film Rabbit Proof Fence)? If he could do that, why can’t the leaders of a small island?

    (“The time has now come for the nation to turn a new page in Australia’s history by righting the wrongs of the past and so moving forward with confidence to the future.
    We apologise for the laws and policies of successive Parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians.
    We apologise especially for the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, their communities and their country.
    For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.
    To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.
    And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.
    We the Parliament of Australia respectfully request that this apology be received in the spirit in which it is offered as part of the healing of the nation.
    For the future we take heart; resolving that this new page in the history of our great continent can now be written.
    We today take this first step by acknowledging the past and laying claim to a future that embraces all Australians.
    A future where this Parliament resolves that the injustices of the past must never, never happen again.”)

  5. Anonymous

    Stuart, won’t you need to apply to the Bailiff’s entertainment panel for a licence to set up your PA in the Royal Square…?


  6. Anonymous

    The message of your 2007 Christmas Speech will still be as valid this Christmas as it was then.
    Why not do it all again – WORD FOR WORD – and see how far you get !!!

  7. Anonymous

    You need to congratulate the States on:-
    The waterfront project.swopping Island land assets for an underground road that’ll cost millions to maintain and cost a fortune to dig out. That’s before we get to the traffic disruptions for several years.

    Continuing to spend to ensure we don’t go into a recession

    Maintaining the duty of care to employees.

    Making sure Lenny Harper’s replacement is not of the same mould

    A big thank you is also due for ensuring that we continue to be a beacon of democracy and an egalitarian society.

    The Bailiff for his Liberation Day Speech.
    Perhaps you could recommend that he is appointed as Chair to the forthcoming Art Gallery.

    Background music – adapt the lyrics to New York Christmas
    Think the chorus is

    You scumbags, you faggots, you cheap talking maggots. …..

  8. Anonymous


    I have 2 suggestions – more in fun but perhaps not.

    Between now and xmas you could get yourself ordained by the catholic church, learn how to do an exorcism, in latin (of course), and start performing one when you stand up to give your speech. That would go down well I’m sure.

    Failing that start offering up prays to lucifer (again in latin) and wait and see how many of those in attendance drop to their knees and join in. Make sure though that you catch it all on a tiny cam you have sewn into your tie.

  9. Anonymous


    I am non-religious, but know that the prevention of childhood suffering is love. In your transparent eloquence may I suggest you develop something simple around this, especially as the oligarchs have no concept of this essential nutrient … neither did the disempowered survivors; or many others of the human race.


  10. Debbie

    Perhaps during your speech you could announce that you’ve decided not to retire from the States after all. Ooooo I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see their smug smiles drop if you were to do that.

  11. Anonymous

    Can we set up a soup kitchen next to the Public Address system for the poor amongst us who have been fleeced at every opportunity by these “well to do” scumbags who make up the states, excluding your goodself. I will ask my farmer friend for some eggs to pelt the buggers as they retreat. Onwards, fellow Islanders!!

  12. Anonymous

    Is the public gallery open to the public when you give your “Father of the House Speech”. If so, we need to make sure it is full and perhaps we could invite some high profile people (who are supporters of the cause). It may make it a bit more difficult then for the ollies to stop your speech.

    However, I am sure that they have already set their spin doctors to work on conjuring up some reason why the F of the H speech cannot go ahead this year.

  13. ratleskutle

    What we need is a paradigm shift. Imagine jersey with forward-thinking politicians, an island developing renewable energy, a leader in social sustainability, etc. Why not use the enlightenment as the context to your speech?

  14. voiceforchildren


    I am all for you delivering your Christmas speech in the royal square. You have been offered the P.A. system and I would like to offer to film the occasion where you could publish it on here and youtube.

    First of all you can give your “politically safe” speech in the States and be ever so politically correct. In a very satiracle way you can take the p1ss out of the performing monkeys in there.

    You can then move to the royal square and deliver a speech the people of Jersey and possibly the world NEED to hear.

    You must be carefull you don’t get served with a “notice of disclosure”, ah! no you don’t, the States of Jersey have a “duty of care” to there employees and the local media won’t publish your name so you should be safe on that one!

    This Christmas speech is going to attract a lot of media and citizen attention, the oligarchs arses are going to be twitching, so make it count!

  15. Anonymous


    Democracy in Action?

    You are a self-serving hippocrate Senator, you drone on about democracy on this WebLog (Blog)like a deluded schoolboy attacking your fellow politicians using any and everything you can magically conjour up from your own self-serving delusion, and in this, expect people to blindly read your words and agree just because Stuart says so (after all, as god, is he now incarnate as a Senator and looks down on his fellows). No, your words do not wash!

    And why?

    Because you hide behind such constructs as this website, and many others…

    You attack the man and not what he stands for…

    And in this, you use false constructs in place of truth…

    How can anyone have even one grain of faith in a man who is not true…

    A little story I have constructed (made up) for you:

    The body of the Spartan mind, broken and laid slain beneath the progress of its enemies, with its dying breath will mock and place the seeds of doubt in its enemy’s mind, the enemy that now faces the closed Spartan shields and spears.

    For every Spartan knows, an enemy’s worst enemy is himself…

    The weak minded, will always fall, Darwin’s natural selection, it is the natural law of cause and effect…

    Do not understand what I am telling you, oh, I think you do Stuart, if not, you should…

    Will you have the guts to publish this reply that you did not wish to hear? Better still, will you have the guts to look your own enemy right in the face and mock him?


  16. Anonymous

    If it were me making the speech I would remind everyone of the massacre of the innocents, King Herod’s attempt to kill Jesus Christ by the slaughter of all the baby boys under the age of teo years old. Judging by the burnt bones in the celler, something similar happened at Haut de la Garenne, or much worse. The innocents were merely slaughtered, not fiddled about with.

    I would remind them that Jesus Christ was also persecuted by ruthless men whose hearts were too hard to respond to the thought that abusing and hurting innocent little children is wrong.

    Then I would kneel down in front of the whole assembly and pray for the stone hearts to be melted.

    That is what I would do.


  17. outwit the ollies

    Stuart, I don’t think they were right to shut you up last time, but in a way I can see their point that if it’s just a custom to give a simple speech then it really isn’t the time or place for anything more than that (just as the Bailiff was out of order on Lib Day), no matter how little respect you have for the whole sordid setup. You’ve already made the point last year, no need to go over old ground in that respect.

    Keep it customary like they want and expect (but with messages between the lines!), but hold the event outside where The People can voice their support. Sounds like a good plan to me.

  18. Senator Stuart Syvret


    I really haven’t the foggiest idea of what you’re taking about.

    Maybe I’m just being thick – but all these pseudo-mystic philosophising riddles just go over my head.

    Spartans? What the hell’s all that about?

    Notwithstanding the best efforts of the Jersey “education” system, I am vaguely aware of such events as the battle of Thermopylae.

    But, somehow, I never saw myself as some kind of Brad Pitt character – charging into battle with a sword – wearing nothing but sandals and a loin-cloth – my rippling muscles on display.

    Again – the evidence is clear in the archive of this site; I’ve repeatedly warned people against the “cult of the personality” – and instead base their thoughts on rational, factual discourse. So far from holding myself out to be any kind of “god” – I’ve repeatedly stated that I’m an ordinary, fallible human being.

    So – no, I’m not possessed of some “self-serving” delusion.

    The facts I report on this site are not “magically conjured-up” – on the contrary, the vast majority of what I report is made known to me by whistle-blowers, survivors and witnesses.

    Nor have I ever expected people to “blindly read my words and agree” with them.

    Again, on the contrary, I’ve frequently encouraged people to think for themselves – and to that end have often pointed out the devices of propaganda and spin we see used on a daily basis by the Jersey oligarchy.

    I do not “hide behind this web site” nor “many other constructs”.

    This blog is written openly, by me, under my real identity. And when I contribute to other forums I, likewise, always do so openly under my real name.

    So I don’t “hide” behind anything.

    But – notwithstanding your inaccurate and rather disjointed and cryptic comment – let’s try and get to the sub-text, shall we?

    You’re a strong Ian Le Marquand supporter? Also – I get the impression – someone who shares to some extent his religious views?

    You just can’t tolerate it when I criticise him on this blog.

    And – actually – it is “what he stands for” that I’m attacking. As a person, he’d be just another run-of-the-mill Jersey oligarch.

    But because he is an ultra-conservative, authoritarian, anti-rationalist – with a deeply disturbing line on Old Testament hang-em-and-flog-em attitudes – especially when it comes to the routine imprisonment of children – I feel obliged to criticise him.

    And – though you may not have grasped this – the free ability to criticise politicians is one of the very key-stones of functioning democracy.

    So – my blog? Democracy in action?

    Yes – it certainly is – and you are at perfect liberty to not agree with what I write.


  19. Senator Stuart Syvret

    A Simple Speech?

    I hear what you’re saying, but I’m afraid I don’t agree.

    The events of 2007 were of seismic significance – for the first time in decades – the people who had been abused under the watch of the States of Jersey were finally getting their truth out there.

    It was an extraordinary occasions which required an unusual response.

    It should also be noted that there is a truly remarkable contrast between my speech – which was barracked down and stopped – and the speeches of Walker and Bailhache – which – no matter how gross and despicable – they were able to complete.

    In the States I listened to Walker’s diatribe – without interruption – even though it actually made me feel nauseous.

    Because of what Big Frank had said – and what I predicted the Bailiff was going to say – I didn’t joint he procession down to Liberation Square in protest, instead taking some time to speak to people, and then go back to work.

    Bailhache’s speech, which I heard on the radio – was mind boggling in its extremity – far worse than what I imagined it was going to be like.

    But – had I been seated with other States members at Liberation Square as he spoke – I would simple have stood up and left; walked away in protest.

    I wouldn’t have shouted him down or try to stop him.

    The point is – one either believes in freedom of speech or one doesn’t. You cannot credibly assert – as most States members would “oh yes, we believe in freedom of speech – unless of course someone says something we don’t like, or we disagree with. In which case were allowed to stop them.

    So as repugnant and ill-judged as the speeches of Bailhache & Walker were – I wouldn’t have tried to stop them from speaking.


  20. Anonymous

    You are a self-serving hippocrate Senator, you drone on about democracy on this WebLog (Blog)like a deluded schoolboy attacking your fellow politicians using any and everything you can magically conjour up from your own self-serving delusion, and in this, expect people to blindly read your words and agree just because Stuart says so (after all, as god, is he now incarnate as a Senator and looks down on his fellows). No, your words do not wash!

    Stuart is far more liberal when it comes to publishing criticism than the Vile Rag.
    This operates a strict policy on its Letters page of what is publishable and what is not.
    The same strict policy is applied to its online version.
    None of its Comment or Opinion sections are now open to online comment and stories about the Baliff etc are also protected.

    A certain air of self importance tends to go with the job when it comes to politicians.
    Stuart is a lot less puffed up than some States members but he has the advantage of occasional attacks from the Vile Rag to keep him down to size.
    Ian le Marquand is blowing up nicely on their constant feed of sycophancy.
    Just wait till he contacts the reptiles that make up the upper strata of Home affairs and the real world problems like the mobiles and skag floating around the La Moye Hilton, then we will see what the man is made of.

  21. outwit the ollies

    The question is, just because you find yourself in a position where you are ABLE to make a speech at Christmas, is it right to break away from what’s expected (the whole point being a jolly “Merry Christmas everyone” and little more than that) and make a political point which is out of place? That’s no better than what the Bailiff did on Lib Day.

    Surely there are better moments to pick, EVEN IF you feel that the topic matter IS relevant to the time of year. It’s still not what the Father of the House’s Christmas speech is all about. If you have a point to make, you have plenty of other opportunities.

    I say that as someone with every respect for you and your work. I reckon that’s also how a majority of other people feel too.

    But we EXPECT you to go your own way and plough your own furrow nonetheless, so I know I’m wasting my time!

  22. Senator Stuart Syvret

    “How About “I quit” – and then sit Down?”

    I’m expecting quite a number of suggestions along these lines – many of them helpfully proffered by my “esteemed” colleagues, no doubt.

    But it is a course of action I’ve repeatedly given serious consideration to.

    One couldn’t just “sit down”; though – as the moment you resign – you’re no longer a Stats member, so have to leave the chamber. But – that too could be quite a relief.

    Having thought about jacking-it-in so frequently – I’ve often thought what speech or words one should sign-off with?

    A carefully crafted valedictory speech – I may have considered giving some years ago.

    But, these days, there’s no escaping the fact it would be casting pearls before swine.

    Instead – I’m tempted by what must surely be one of the greatest political speeches of all time.

    In 1969, the American novelist, Norma Mailer, as a protest candidate, contested the Democratic Party primary for the position of party candidate for the post of Mayor of New York.

    During the campaign for the Party nomination, Mailer had to address one of those USA style political rallies.

    He crossed the stage and went up to the lectern.

    He spent a moment looking around at the assembled party apparatchiks, media and assorted hangers-on – then uttered these immortal words:

    “F**k you. F**k you all.”

    Then he left.

    As political speeches go – it possesses a Haiku-like economy – minimalist – but carrying whole volumes of meaning with its concentrated brevity.


  23. Anonymous

    Stuart, I’ve been thinking! Why bother with giving the speech to the 90% of cretins that go to make up the house at all. Instead, why not address the people of the the Island directly, by giving your speech in public? The royal square would be a the ideal venue where I am sure many, many people and supporters of your’s would come to listen.

    It is clear that the majority of states members are suffering from a highly contagious sickness of the worst kind. I therefore feel that what ever you say will be received with utter contempt along with the usual baying that normally follows from only fools and horses!

    No, instead address the people direct! I am sure that this gesture will be warmly received by many, many people. And of course, give it on a day where the vast majority of your supporters, their family and friends will be able to attend. Why not give it as an acknowledgment of the suffering that many children in Jersey and across the globe have experienced and continue to experience today

    Use it as a time of remembrance for those who suffered and who died in HDLG and other States of Jersey Institutions. I am sure that there are many, many people who, would like to hear your words and, would also like to show their personal support of you along with their disgust with the authorities who have not even bothered to offer a Christian burial for the children that died, let alone any form of recognition of the suffering by those who had been entrusted into their care.

    With regard as to what to say? Well I’m sure you will find the words – if you don’t have them already!

    Why not invite Esther to take the Stand with you?

    Writing from excile

  24. Anonymous

    An ideal gift for the aspiring Minister

    I would suggest that a friend or relative buys the following for any politician ‘lucky’ enough to become a Minister in the December selection of new prefects.

    Yes Minister

    I have quite a bit of experience of UK local government and it provides an excellent insight into the mind set of the average pinstripe.
    Jersey is no different and probably a lot worse given the machinations of some of the rolly trouser brigade in Stopford Road and the discreet meeetings over drinks in the Victoria and Union clubs.
    It should also be mentioned that the Church exerts a substantial and conservative influence over Jersey politics through people like ‘Cowpat’ Vibert and ‘Bongo’ Reed in St Ouen.

  25. Anonymous

    Oh! Dont get me wrong Stuart, I love what you stand for, if I did not, do you think for one moment that I would not waste my time seeking you out and speaking my mind to you here…

    Think about it?

    Anyway, it is true, you are your own worst enemy!

    So why?

    Why do I bother?

    Because I care, yes, I know it is hard to believe, but none the less true, I actually care.

    My advice, forget about attacking your fellow politicians (obviously it is a waste of your time), use them Stuart…


  26. Anonymous


    A place in the sun blog has gone … they either got to the writer of the blog or got to Google. Apparently the voice for children blog is next for the chop.

    If it was Google who caved into their threats then shame on Google!

  27. Paul

    Why all this negative talk? All of you including Stuart appear to think the same old “establishment” people will get back in in the forth-coming Deputy Elections. There are 29 Deputy seats available and if all went to non-establishment add in Alan Breckon and yourself and maybe one or two others then the non-establishment will be in the majority and can demand a vote for the continuation of your FotH speech.

    So less of this negativity; we will have a successful Deputies Elections and form a “Majority Opposition” against the Establishment. So then you can read out your Speech of last year and then ANYTHING you want to say this year (use your priviledge to the max hehe)

  28. Linda Corby


    They wouldn’t like my ideas too much. I have a a little thought piece you are welcome to use.

    It was written in 2001 but is just as relevant today if not more so. You could even download its mp3 and just play it for them, lol.

    Anyone want to read of hear it just go to this link and help yourself.

  29. Anonymous

    “The body of the Spartan mind, broken and laid slain beneath the progress of its enemies, with its dying breath will mock and place the seeds of doubt in its enemy’s mind, the enemy that now faces the closed Spartan shields and spears.

    For every Spartan knows, an enemy’s worst enemy is himself…

    The weak minded, will always fall, Darwin’s natural selection, it is the natural law of cause and effect…”

    I understand it perfectly – I knew the Greek lessons I took at High School (before my education was wrecked by sexual abuse and subsequently being put into a Pindown home as a “place of safety” which was being run by pedophiles) would come in handy some day.

    Natural law, is it? Which natural laws are those then? You could quote Greek philosophy – why stop there, why not a bit of Egyptian thinking, oh yes, what about the musings of the ancient Mexican people, while you’re about it?

    God’s laws are good enough for anyone, I reckon. Do not murder is one of them, to take someone’s life and destroy it is taboo in any civilised society. We would not want to offer human souls to the “gods” any more, would we? Surely not! Natural selection, humbug.

    The Spartans were brainwashed savages. It’s a great pity they have been held up as ideals to the people who think of themselves as the elite for so long.


  30. Anonymous

    Wake up, the last senatorial elections proved that voter apathy is as strong as ever, you all whine about whats wrong with the island on this forum, attack each other, but for what?

    You chase each others tails like the poor fools you all are.

    How long has this blog been going?

    A month, two months, six, more?

    What has it achieved…

    What has all the character assasination of fellow States members on this forum actually achieved, think about it?

    What could a highly intelligent mind achieve if it gave up attacking States members who really do not have the intelligence to know any better?

    Another story I made up:

    “He who chases two chickens catches neither”

    Stop chasing too many chickens Senator…

    You are your own worst enemy, you know what I am talking about, dont you!

    So what?

    You are a politician, not a prize fighter, one of the few in the States who actually has a brain, in fact, a damn fine mind.

    Wake up, and use it, goverment is all about people, help them to help yourself…

    Sitting at home in front of your lap-top screen reading my crap is a real waste of a fine mind…


  31. Anonymous


    the postings by your enemys are getting more menacing by the week – predictable so.

    I think this ‘jack’ person thinks he and his kind are gods chosen ones who have a divine right to do as they please – he sounds like a nazi to me with all this darwinan survival of the fittest (eugenics perhaps?) bullsh*te …

    Too much inbreeding I think!

    I think ‘jack’ called you a hippopotamus or something as well -shocking!

  32. Anonymous

    “What has all the character assasination of fellow States members on this forum actually achieved, think about it?”

    There has been no character assasination on this blog. It is not assasinating anyone’s character to simply tell the truth.

    As for achievements, well, Stuart probably won’t realise the true extent of what he has done, by his selflessness, in devoting himself to defending those who are unable to defend themselves. Stuart won’t thank me for saying this, as he is a modest man, but there are rewards in heaven for people like him. Sorry Stuart, but it’s true.

    There might even be people who have decided to keep going because of this blog. As an abuse survivor myself, I know only too well what it is to have beacons of light like this in the darkness. Stuart might be responsible for stopping the hand of some people who might have been tempted to kill themselves, we just can’t tell. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he is doing this. That’s the main reason I come here and give my tuppence hapennyworth. That, and a deep desire for justice. All civilised people have that desire, I think – I don’t know if the Spartans felt that desire for justice – they might have done!


  33. inchoate proschemata

    One thing’s certain, you **do** have a golden chance to make a point in your speech if you wish. If you’re quite sure you want to **use** Christmas to show up the ollies……

    …..You could publicise the fact that you will repeat last year’s speech, and give the media a chance to be there to record a repeat of the shutting-up fiasco, or let us see the ollies sit there and take it on the chin. That would be priceless TV either way!

  34. Anonymous

    “The victims were not going to lie down and go away”. Some staged protests and even started up a victims’ justice group. In cases such as this there is often great feeling and emotions can run very high. When victims who have come forward to seek answers or redress for the abuse they suffered to have the door shut in the face by the authority responsible is a terrible thing, and they say it is like being abused all over again. Victims are often motivated by a sense of justice, and wanting the truth to be heard, which can make for uncomfortable listening at the other end. They are brave to come forward and tell their stories of abuse, bullying, and neglect.

  35. Anonymous

    OH MY GOD!
    You heathen, communist/spartan traitor!

    An elected politician asking the voters what they care about!

    Encouraging the public to meddle in the elegance of a States tradition.

    This time you’ve gone too far!

    No wonder captain Jack seem to have had a psychotic episode. (Between you and me though Stuart,If I were you I’d be a little worried that he has somehow made a connection between you and men who are traditionally portrayed semi naked and covered in oil)

  36. Anonymous

    Maybe you could read a statement from one of the victims who have come forward to the police.
    One representitive story and then ask if anyone would like to join you in apologising (on behalf of the executive) to this one victim of abuse.
    Hopefully it will be possible for someone to record the speech, even if it’s just on a mobile, and post it to Youtube.

  37. Elaine

    Re: Zoompad

    There might even be people who have decided to keep going because of this blog. As an abuse survivor myself, I know only too well what it is to have beacons of light like this in the darkness. Stuart might be responsible for stopping the hand of some people who might have been tempted to kill themselves, we just can’t tell. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons he is doing this.

    Such fine words from one couragous man to another. If I were a man I would take my hat off to you both.

  38. Anonymous

    No, not a Nazi, and never will be.

    Extreme politics are the result of extreme minds of ruthlessly deluded or mentally unbalanced men, and as such, political history throughout the centuries has proved this countless times.

    I have no such unbalance, and hope that I never will, and as such have no leanings, right or left; I try and keep a balanced political point of view, and treat people how I wish to be treated myself.

    And what is that?


    Sometimes it’s not what people want to hear, and in these times, you have to speak your mind even if people around you disagree, if you truly believe what you are saying is true, you should never be afraid being criticised for speaking out.

    And why?

    Because truth is all there really is in life, all else is the twisted constructs of the deluded, criminal, and perverted minds of men to hide behind and shield themselves from truth.

    So now you know, and that is why I stated that “I love that which you stand for Senator”, it is simply truth, this simple tool is the sharpest weapon that no force in this universe can defeat.

    So what?

    Use your fellow politicians, most are sympathetic and I am sure, most are right minded, and in this, equally disgusted by what is going on. You are a politician, instead of attacking them; use your powers of persuasion, win their hearts and minds by logic, reason and truth.

    Give up the meaningless attacks here, it does you no favour.

  39. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Persuasion & Diplomacy?

    Ah – Jack, if only it were that simple.

    Facts, rationality, logic – it may as well be Greek to the average States member – if that isn’t too Spartan.


  40. Anonymous

    Then I am truly sorry, for both yourself and the people you politically represent in our government, you are your own worst enemy Stuart.

    And as such, by your own will, you will always be a back-bencher, the man on the outside looking in, and in this, the votes of the people you represent will also remain alongside you.

    For as you should well know; hearts and minds do not mean just the electorate, but your fellow elected as well…

    Good luck Stuart,


  41. Anonymous

    Quote from Sarah Ferguson
    Jersey is a large village coping with various conflicting pressures and trying to balance them. Social justice – absolutely – but social justice costs money. If you haven’t got the basics right then you don’t know what you can afford. Our big problems come when we get English appointees who try and convert Island institutions into English clones.

    When asked about Haute De La Garenne,she thought it inappropriate for politicians to get involved in the process whilst investigations are underway

    If child abuse is NOT a political issue (at the moment) WHY was Stuart Syvret voted out because he had the AUDACITY to speak out about care issues. Child abuse is most certainly a political issue. It’s the taxpayer’s money that is paying for it, and they want not only value for money but also they want to see those responsible charged.

  42. Anonymous


    I assume the speech is to ‘the house’ and not to the island, however due to your high public profile, and past events, your 2008speech is a good PR opportunity.

    Denegrating the gangsters and halfwits is an ongoing process, so why waster your speech on them.

    An appropriate time will come to expand on the child abuse system, however the speeech should askniwledge that the good people of Jersey are still with them.

    I have already asked you to consider leaving us a legasy of reform – I would use your speeech to illustrate what is wrong with the present set up of the states – not the personalities within but the complicated process that keeps them there.

    If you start rambling on about crooked politicians etc etc you play right into the hands of the establishmnet.

    All that said I think they will try to stop the speeech and even get you ousted before then… your back!!!

  43. Anonymous

    I think I see what Jack is getting at Stuart – for you to stop publically critising the Jersey powers that be

    …. and then quitely and behind the scenes set about, with the support and help of your allies in the senate, the much needed change in the ‘working practices’ and attitude of the jersey elite….

    In a way I can see that jacks point does make sense but …..

  44. Anonymous

    We have had how many years of polite discourse and appeals to the better nature of the house?

    Victims and their families went through the proper channels to complain in the past.

    That didn’t work.

    Stuart stood up in the states, as a minister, and warned that there were major problems with our child protection policies and practices.

    That didn’t work.

    The local press has gone out of it’s way to stifle any investigation.

    They do not work.

    The legal system as represented by the Bailiff has tried to thwart the prosecution of people identified as suspects by the police.

    It is not working.

    So to re-cap, Social services, the Government, the media and the judiciary have all failed to do their duty over hundreds of allegations of child abuse. Not only have they been passive they have all helped to stop the truth from being revealed.

    So to anyone who would like to argue that Stuart shouldn’t use this site or his right as father of the house to speak out over this, I would like to say “take your head out of your colon! There are no other options left on this island.

    Stuart, please keep on fighting on all fronts.

    Or maybe you could just recite the lyrics to “killing in the name of”

    (calm down JEPpys it’s just a protest song)

  45. Anonymous

    Jack is nimble Jack is quick he makes valid points and hes’not think.

    He lays his traps along the way knowing you’ll stumble upon them some day.

    He walks behind you yet he is ahead the eye of the niddle the words are the thread.

    Let Jack be, in some ways he’s right, to use the round table is the place of the knight.

    So folly may be at the end of the line but stuart has known this all of the time.

  46. Anonymous

    Jack is nimble Jack is quick he makes valid points and hes’not think.

    He lays his traps along the way knowing you’ll stumble upon them some day.

    He walks behind you yet he is ahead the eye of the niddle the words are the thread.

    Let Jack be, in some ways he’s right, to use the round table is the place of the knight.

    So folly may be at the end of the line but stuart has known this all of the time.

    Hot diggerty dawg, a bit of poetry based on eye rhymes, how advanced 😀
    I am looking forward to your textual analysis of Wind In The Willows as an endorsement of post industrial capitalism in the context of an offshore centre!
    Sleep tight sweetie.

  47. Anonymous

    If I were you I’d be a little worried that he has somehow made a connection between you and men who are traditionally portrayed semi naked and covered in oil

    Spartan men and women competed completely naked and oiled in separate games.
    Male competitors used a ribbon to strap up their penis.
    The Spartans believed in education and physical exercise for women so that they would give birth to vigorous warrior sons.
    Spartan women kept the home fires burning and the slaves under control while the men were away at war so I would reckon that they could behead a servant with the same casual regard that most modern country women would bring to cutting a cabbage.

  48. Anonymous

    Stuart – modest? Don’t make me laugh!

    This is the man who is so puffed up with his own self-importance, that he thought he could influence the election results by advising people how to vote.

    Except they either all ignored his advice, or he is completely deluded about the numbers of people who read this blog because they support him.

    He also boasted to the Jersey Care Leavers that he would hand himself into the Police, for being one third of the “Corporate parent”. And did he?

  49. aLISTAIR

    Thank you for removing that comment about who is to blame for blogs being closed.

    I would like to state that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

  50. Anonymous

    A selection of quotes from “concerned an well meaning friends”.

    “And as such, by your own will, you will always be a back-bencher, the man on the outside looking in, and in this, the votes of the people you represent will also remain alongside you”
    Hmmm, so don’t protest, play along, make friends and allies. Then at some indeterminate time in the future you will be able to bring the rest of the government onside.
    Or you can stand up and tell the truth now. Support the victims now.
    Would the supporters of timid patience as a strategy like to suggest this tactic to other legal systems? “O.K. so you’ve been raped and the person you are accusing denies it.Don’t forget he is very powerful. Maybe if you were to stop publically criticising the man you might win over hearts and minds. Then we might, one day, charge him”.

    And this one

    “Jack is nimble Jack is quick he makes valid points and hes’not think.

    He lays his traps along the way knowing you’ll stumble upon them some day.

    He walks behind you yet he is ahead the eye of the niddle the words are the thread.

    Let Jack be, in some ways he’s right, to use the round table is the place of the knight.

    So folly may be at the end of the line but stuart has known this all of the time.”

    …..OHHKAY, that’s, well it’s an original response. Still a steaming pile of horseshit but it’s original.

    I would like to suggest a couple of changes if I may.
    “Jack is nimble, Jack is quick, (when compared to the average house brick)”
    ” So folly may be at the end of the line (or maybe the guilty will be doing time)”
    See, much more optimistic.

  51. Anonymous

    “When asked about Haute De La Garenne,she thought it inappropriate for politicians to get involved in the process whilst investigations are underway”

    However, to reword, ever so slightly…

    When asked about Roy Boschat, she thought it appropriate for politicians to get involved in the process whilst investigations are underway

  52. Anonymous

    At last, I hear the sweet song of birds…

    And now, for those who truly did not understand the little story about the Spartan mind that I “made up!”

    Who is your enemy?

    Yourself of course!

    How do I know?

    Because your enemy is the same enemy I had to face, my own enemy, and the weak minded fool fell at my feet, in front of the shields and spears of my own minds formation, the Spartan mind, the mind of the triangle…

    Nice bit of poetry by Anon, very nice indeed! 🙂


  53. Linda Corby

    Senator Stuart Syvret said…

    Me, semi-naked and covered in oil?

    Nah – wouldnt be a pretty sight.


    Oh I don’t know Stuart? I can think of a few perv’s who would disagree with you on this, lol.

    Like you this is something I wouldn’t even consider doing personally, but it did fleetingly cross my mind to produce a spoof one for you, using one of those Greek God statues or some body builders well oiled body with your head on it could be funny, lol.

    I can just imagine a line up of States Members, all with the wrong bodies, you with your Greek God one, and the others with bodies that represented what people think of them, be it that of a pot bellied pig, a sheep or whatever?

    This would make a great basis for a Christmas youtube video, like animal farm gone wrong, lol.

    I am stopping at this point for I can feel the screenwriter in me coming out, and some people would not find what goes through my mind a pretty thing either.

  54. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Look – enough Spartan sparing, OK?

    I’m getting a little bored with crypto-classics analouge.

    As the editor of a Rag might say, ‘this corrospodence is now closed.’

    A new theme please.


  55. Senator Stuart Syvret

    I don’t know what comment yr talking about re blogs being shut down.

    If anyone wants to contact me with evidence as to what’s going on, I’ll certainly take up the cudgels.


  56. Anonymous

    You could possibly mention that opposition is not treason.

    Just because someone disagrees with the way things are done on this island does not mean they are out to destroy the island Frank.

  57. Anonymous

    Is there any truth to the rumour that at least one other member of the states has had his testicles reattched?

    Either way, well done Roy Le Herrisier, it’s good to be on the goodies side isn’t it?

  58. Senator Stuart Syvret

    How secure is

    Well, it’s against the law to interfere with private e-mails – and the States of Jersey are bound by the same laws as everyon else – you know? Just like the child protection laws – err – oh crap.

    But – hey! The authorities could only legally monitor someone’s e-mail if Bill Bailhache, the Attorney General, thought it was neccasary – umm – oh Jesus.

    But – we’re safe! Such monitoring of communications can only lawfully take place with judicial consent – you know? From someone like Bill’s brother, the Bailff, Phil Bailhache whi…. – err – well – oh Christ! Look, just adress everything to them, OK?


  59. Anonymous

    Many people think that JTM is responsible for shutting down two bloggers over here. It is funny he has now gone quiet. What link is there between the man of spin Ozouf and Jason? Indeed JTM spent all day online till recently who paid him to do this? What is Adrian Walsh’s part in all this? Why is Mr.Walsh now trying to sell a forum that had probably 50% of the posts made by JTM or one of his hidden aliases?

    I think you should look into this. Have people in authority been throwing their weight around? People are sick of censorship. We have rumours that Mr.Ozouf is after people who have made comments about him online. No one I know has made any comments about him that were not relevant to his role in politics over here. Indeed if he can’t take some criticism for his part in GST and Radisson’s etc he should give up politics, go home and stay indoors. UK politicains get a hammering all day everyday and don’t bleet about it. Does he think he is above all this criticism because he is one of the landed gentry?

  60. Anonymous



    If this is true, make political use of it, catch them off balance, you have seen what setting traps can do, set old Billy-boy Bailhache and “THE” A.G. up for a fall.

    How, well….

    Use mis-information, add a few tasty truths, pad it out with a lot of old cobblers, add just enough truth to motivate them to act in a certain way (let them think they can finish you off, thats a good motivator), keep leading them on until they stcick their scrawny necks out just far enough on your chopping boards to “lop off” with one quick blow!

    Oooh, that I would like to see, ha, ha, ha, ha! 🙂


  61. voiceforchildren


    Will you be throwing your hat into the arena for Education Minister?

    I believe you would be the ideal candidate. Where some people’s “duty of care” lays with their employees, I think it is safe to say yours lays with the kids.

    You have the experience of handling a big budget with H&SS which also gives you the experience of already being one third of the corporate parent.

    I’m sure you know your chances of getting voted in are about as slim as our local media publishing the names of any senior civil servants under investigation for alleged child abuse. But, again, if nothing else, we the electorate, will have an opportunity to see how our “representatives” “represent” us with their votes!!

  62. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Puffed-up with Self-Importance.

    The affidavit concerning corporate guilt of the States of Jersey is being written by me – right now. It is actually a complex subject which is requiring substantial amounts of work; but – be assured – it’s on its way.

    As for being “self-important” I think you’ll find that’s a far more apposite description of our establishment minnows – floundering around in the bird-bath that is Jersey politics – imagining themselves to be whales.

    Another great display of pro-oligarchy hypocrisy.

    In making election recommendations, I was – as were a lot of other people using citizen media – simply trying in my own small way to combat the Jersey oligarchy’s media – which – de facto – “advises” people how to vote on a pretty continual basis.

    But – oh dear! I’d forgotten – as per that recent whining Rag editorial comment – that only they, oligarchs, their supporters and the other Jersey media are allowed to do such things as criticise and attack people.

    Only they are allowed to hurl abuse and damnation – on any stroppy pleb who’s getting above their station – but we simply can’t tolerate it when the proles fight back.

    I guess the same thinking must apply to seeking to influence voting patterns.

    Perfectly OK for The Rag to spin for pro-oligarchy candidates – including such things as publishing fake, manufactured letters – but for ze untermensch – is absolute verboten! Dummkopf!


  63. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Will I throw my Hat in the Ring for Education Minister?

    A number of serious obstacles arise to such a concept.

    Firstly – and most significantly – it would mean me being willing to work in a cabinets under the leadership of Terry Le Sueur – and which had as other Ministers, people like Phil Ozouf, Paul Routier, Ben Shenton (unless he finds an excuse to drop-out of executive work) Jimmy Perchard, Alan MacLean etc, etc.

    So no – I will – categorically never- ever work in a cabinet which contains any of these people.

    All have shown themselves to pretty wretched – in one way or another. These days I’m going to be very choosy about the political company I keep.

    So, unless there is a political Earthquake in the Deputies election – and all but about 12 (who are good) of the 29 got slung out – there’s no prospect of me joining the next CoM.

    Nor would I work within an Executive which contain amongst its very senior and very expensive civil servants – a number of proven, demonstrable liars and ethically bankrupt self-interested spivs – not to mention certain child abusers.

    There is also the small matter that I would only get about 7 votes on the present make-up of the assembly.

    So – sorry to disappoint, but, no, I won’t be a candidate.

    So what am I going to do with my time?

    Essentially – two things.

    Firstly – carry on with the child protection war.

    Secondly – hopefully early next year, launch the Jersey Charter Party – and begin the task of bringing together a cohesive, organised opposition.

    The Jersey Establishment Party has already caused the future of the island – and themselves – to crash and burn.

    There will be a certain schadenfreude in watching these shysters, spivs and morons standing at the controls when the forthcoming excrement/cooling-device interface occurs.

    But the people of Jersey are going to need committed people who will attempt to salvage the wreckage.


  64. Anonymous

    “Jack is nimble Jack is quick he makes valid points and he’s not think.”

    Means he has a right to say what he feels and he in my opinion is not an enemy he is a friend with some well thought out advice.

    Jack maybe a little raw and be offensive by calling folk fools and such however I believe this is only a measure of his frustration which I believe is shared by most people on here.

    “He lays his traps along the way knowing you’ll stumble upon them some day.”

    Jack has been careful about what he has wrote and it looks like he has posed early rooted suggestions and known the outcome on this blog and he is simply saying it is far easier to move forward with the traffic than it is to walk facing the oncoming traffic. He just can’t see that it’s not that easy to turn around in that traffic mid flow

    However I believe Stuart has understood that there are those in the government and civil service who when the time comes will stand along with him if he just asks them outright flat to their faces.

    He walks behind you yet he is ahead the eye of the needle the words are the thread.

    Once again Jacks use of words has a far greater meaning than first meets the eye and he writes with a well formed plan.

    “Let Jack be, in some ways he’s right, to use the round table is the place of the knight.”

    Stop attacking people and attempt to work with them or it is lost!! If you can’t see that then maybe he is actually right as it would be inconceivable to think that the whole of Jerseys 800 years would change overnight.

    So folly may be at the end of the line but Stuart has known this all of the time.

    Stuart knows most of the actual factual of this matter and at best we don’t know half of the things that went on in the children’s homes of Jersey and other places across Jersey, Ireland and the UK as a whole.

    I do know that I went through some of the worst cases of sexual torture as a youngster and I know many others who went through the same. In fact in the House Lords 30th Jan this year we have won the right to a hearing in court when the Noble Lords made changes to the 800 year old Limitations Laws.

    Slagging people off arguing amongst each other serves no purpose and Jack’s writing may well offend some but at least he is honest and forthright his hearts in the right place and maybe just some of the frustrations manifest in his writing. Who isn’t frustrated with the lack of justice for the most vulnerable and deeply wounded people on Jersey who have been through hell at the hands of those who are meant to be caring parental mentors?

    Why not stop the arguing and attempt to be constructive? Stuart has a lot on his plate with the coming Christmas Speech, “Did you see that?” Christ_mas?

    What would he do?

    Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
    Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake

    P.S “Horse shit is quite useful”

  65. Anonymous

    The online community are fed up with the J Troll M.
    His sole purpose in life seems to be destruction and chaos.
    If you could do somthing about him Stuart,you would be doing us all a great favour.
    Maybe a word in Adrian’s ear?

  66. Anonymous

    News from the economy

    I was counting the estate agent signs on the way into town the other day and they are definitely on the increase.
    Not only that but new ones are popping up next to the old ones and some properties are now in the hands of several agents.
    I am wondering if there may be some sort of prize for the first person to spot three in a row, the Pip Ozouf Deck Chair Shuffling Medal 😀
    A friend of mine is looking for a shop and she says that commercial rents in St Helier are dropping like the proverbial, up to 30% down on last year with agents looking hard for tenants.
    There are pages of property in the Vile Rag and I reckon some estate agents must be looking at the cost.
    If January turns out to be cold and quiet on the trading front then staff will be ‘let go’.

  67. Anonymous

    how about Isle of Man today jersey tomorrow

    dont put all your trust in big business

    or like Iceland once they have bought the electorate, made their money and as soon as a crisis leave for somewhere warmer

    leaving you to pick up the bill

    also praise migrant workers who do many of the low paid jobs on our lovely island

  68. sign me up for charter party

    Maybe it’s time the online community just ignore Jason Troll Maverick Roberts then? Send him to cyber-Coventry. Don’t rise to his bait, don’t even discuss him.
    Maybe he’ll get the hint that we’re sick of his bullying ways and get a life.

  69. Anonymous

    Taxpayers money to support private development

    First time buyer scheme in trouble
    One has to question the use of taxpayers money to take an equity stake in the purchase of houses from a private developer.
    The States seem so keen to see developments go ahead that they are prepared to bet large amounts of taxpayers money on a succesful outcome.
    What will happen if the economy slides into recession, house prices drop and these people cannot keep up the mortgage payments?
    Thanks to the good offices of Freddie ‘One Candlepower’ Cohen the good old taxpayer will be there to step into the breach.
    This government believes in the free market except when its mates are involved then large amounts of public money can be freely applied to grease the wheeels.

  70. Anonymous

    If Jason thinks the local bloggers are in trouble with his “friend”, maybe he should also think, is he, Jason, in trouble with Lenny Harper? On PJ he was constantly snipping at Lenny Harper over the child abuse enquiry. I myself thought it was in poor taste. Why did he do this?

  71. voiceforchildren


    As you may be aware I have been trying to find out if your allegations about a “pinball wizard” and his alleged accomplice hold any merit.

    To my complete dismay and horror I have only ever come up across brick walls as (soon to be) citizen Vibert and others have a duty of care to their employees.

    After just chatting with a couple of strangers I met in a local takeaway I was suprised to learn they’ve never heard of your Blogspot, and although they believe the JEP is full of sh1t it’s the only source of “news” they get.

    If your allegations of this senior civil servant are correct, this is something that simply has to be in the public domain. More so if he remains without suspension.

    Without falling foul of any laws I intend to get it in the public domain. Could you or any of your readers advise me if I were to print your allegations off from your Blogsite and were to ditribute them either in town, schools, public events would I be breaking any laws?

    I know you have a readership of in excess of 70,000 but there are many people over here in Jersey that don’t know of your sites existence, and these are voting people and more importantly parents!!

  72. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    Isnt it strange when certain trivial items are given airtime on the local media and others that have undoubted public interest are “missed”?.
    See if you can guess which of the following the Jersey Media broadcast tonight-

    1-DJ Caz saves Xmas song.

    2-Former policeman arrested (for the third time) on suspicion of child abuse.

    Mmm…perhaps its just that I have no concept of what is news eh?

    Life enriching or what!.

  73. Anonymous


    I am quite concerned about the state of mind of this Jack who has posted a few quite confusing and disturbing posts on your blog.

    What is he actual saying? and why would he seek you out?

    One minute hes attacking you “You are a self-serving hippocrate Senator”

    the next he is praising you, “Oh! Dont get me wrong Stuart, I love what you stand for” ,

    the next he is offering you advice “forget about attacking your fellow politicians (obviously it is a waste of your time), use them Stuart…”

    and finally he says “until they stcick their scrawny necks out just far enough on your chopping boards to “lop off” with one quick blow!

    Oooh, that I would like to see, ha, ha, ha, ha! :)”

    I think this Jack has a broken mind. Do not trust him for one second.

    I suspect there are more like him within the Jersey establishment who really have lost their minds, lost their grip on reality and lost any empathy for others they may have once possessed.

    Perhaps Jack is another victim – one who has choosen to cross other to the dark side?

    The thing with pain is it either makes or breaks you, it leads you to either be strong and fight againt those who have inflicted the pain or it leads you into becoming one of the abusers.

    I think he envies you Staurt, possibly wants to be like you – because you have shown time and again that you have a strong mind and a strong will and that even though you do get down about things you can and do bounce back and still continue to fight for what you (and many many others) believe is right and just.

  74. Anonymous

    How about starting with
    ” We are supposed to be a parliment of individuals. But when I look around me I see a flock of sheep being led by pigs.”

  75. Anonymous

    Going back to your Christmas speech, Stuart.

    Allow me this analogy first. Did you ever see Poltergeist ? Not exactly my cup of tea as a genre, but film technically I thought it was brilliant. At one point, the boy has to go to bed, there is (yet again)a very wild storm outside, thunder, lightning, right in front of his window is a scary looking tree, … and then there is this scary looking clown doll in his room. Spielberg really plays the technique of assumption very well here. The clown has been shown many times before, every single time you’re made to believe the clown is going to attack or something, but of course, he doesn’t … And the next time again your fear seemed unfounded. Until you get to a point where you think : “Yeah right, nothing is going to happen. Been there, seen it, know better !” And that is exactly when the viewer is caught off guard; the clown attacks and the viewer – along with the little boy – gets scared out of his wits.

    So going back to your Christmas speech, Stuart.

    Why don’t you give them what they want to hear … at the beginning of your speech. They will expect you to be critical, will be waiting for you to “cross the line” (at least in their opinion) and that’s when it is perfect NOT to give them what they expect, but simply what they want. Slowly the thick ones among them will slouch back and breathe more easily, thinking you are bowing to the Bailiff’s and Walker’s wishes of keeping your speech politically correct. And THAT is when you hit them ! If you hit them hard in the last few minutes of your speech, before they even manage to stop you from speaking any further, you will have finished of your own accord. And hopefully with a loud bang ! One that will resonate for a very long time.

  76. Anonymous

    Crapaud in Exile says.

    I have heard a rumour that Bridget (can I sit on your lap Frank W.?) Murphy
    is in love with Senator Terry ( Call me Sir, you plebe) Le S. And will elope with him, once he is Chief Minister,
    reason given I believe is that they are to take over Jonathan Rosse´s job at the BBC and have their own Phone in.
    Roger ( It´s MY PHONE IN so; Bridget can be on all day if she likes) Bara, says that Bridget is soooo popular on the BBC Jersey´s phone in that it has been decided by the BBC in London that her vast experience should not go to waste.

  77. Anonymous

    I am falling off my chair laughing reading posts such as:

    Anonymous: “I think this Jack has a broken mind. Do not trust him for one second.”

    Anonymous, I was waiting for voices such as yours to start appearing in the wake of my advice to Senator Syvret.

    What voice is yours?

    The voice of the mind which is ruled by Ignorance, superstition and fear, these three things above all others has held mankind back more than any other constructs of the human mind.

    Broken, maybe, maybe not, but it is true…

    Have you learned nothing…


  78. Anonymous

    Just to say your naming of Mario Lundy has been accurately reported in Hansard. What is abhorrent is not the naming but the response of Sens. Frank and Mike and others to this issue.

    On a totally different point wasn’t Alan Maclean one of the original “Angry Men” who made a lot od noise about keeping States’ costs down? And wasn’t he the same Assistant Minister for Economic Development who have run up this enormous consultant bill over the past 2 years? And isn’t he putting himself forward for the Minister for Ec. Devel.? I hope when the nominations are disclosed someone in the States will mention this point. As both he and his current boss Phil have lots of personal money perhaps they think it’s OK to spend lots of everyone else’s.

    By the way don’t get too carried away with your Christmas speech in the States; it wont get reported, you wont be allowed to finish it and it might not be a politically astute move. Set up a Hyde Park Speakers Corner in the Royal Square and open it up to anyone who wants to say something. Get it videoed and distributed, that will be much more effective.

  79. Anonymous

    May I suggest not to do a speech as a protest against things over here. Or maybe you could do a mime instead about the Chinese invasion of Tibet? It might help States members think about who they are happy doing business with.

  80. Anonymous

    New price

    Leafing through a discarded copy of the Spivs Journal last night I discovered that the estate agents ( Slippery Al of the not true at all manifesto and his mates ) have found a new way of signalling that prices are being discounted without actually saying so.
    Property that has been hanging around for some time has a bit chopped off the price and is labelled ‘New Price’.
    I am waiting for the frantic spinning that will take place the next time some house price statistics are released.

  81. Anonymous

    The great thing about the world wide web is that if blogs that expose the sordid goings on of an organisation/corporation or any other body, are shut down other blogs will simply replace them.

  82. Anonymous


    Something the Jersey media have not reported – too busy supporting the Seigneur of St Ouens against the Serfs no doubt!

    “The Family Protection Team has received a total of 285 referrals relating primarily to the neglect, physical or sexual abuse of children. This compares with just 113 such referrals in the first nine months of 2007, representing an overall increase of 152%. Cases connected to the ongoing Historic Abuse Enquiry are not included in these figures.”

    From States of Jersey Police Performance Report – supposedly embargoed until Friday 31 October but strangely already on their website.

    Children are safe in Jersey?

  83. Anonymous

    A blogger posted:-
    Something the Jersey media have not reported – too busy supporting the Seigneur of St Ouens against the Serfs no doubt!

    What the hell is wrong with the politicans – noise is pollution. The Seigneur is making a noise and the neighbours have complained. This is a business that is making people’s lives a misery. Frank Walker should come and listen to what residents have to put up with before he attempts to get his mate off from breaking the law.

    Without fear or FAVOUR

  84. Anonymous

    How about,
    Christmas is a time to reflect.
    When I first joined the states, Jersey had three main industries. Tourism, finance and farming, which still made a significant contribution to the islands economy.

    Farming and tourism created 20th century Jersey, they were the engines that powered the post war society that we all grew up in.

    Sadly Jersey farming has effectively died of neglect.

    As for the tourism industry, we gave it no real support and have watched it fade away over the last decade. It was once the island’s main source of income but has become our nostalgic cottage industry which ocassionally reminds us of how things once were.

    But they had to go.

    They had to go because they distracted us from our primary aim, to become a world class finance centre.

    And as we all know the finance industry is our golden goose. It keeps the island afloat, it keeps us all in work and pays all our bills.
    If the finance industry were to collapse it would be the end of the island (goes the modern saying).
    It would be awful. We would have to try and live in the sort of society we all grew up in.
    Is that even possible any more? Is there anywhere left on this planet that still earns a living in those old fashioned ways?

    Just look at what finance money has given us.
    Housing, lots and lots more housing. Hotels, farms and tourist attractions have evolved to become some of the most expensive real estate in the world.
    Our property prices have skyrocketed thanks to finance wages, of course islanders can only really see a true profit if they sell their homes and emmigrate to somewhere cheaper. But that’s often the case these days as whole families are leaving the island when the younger generations find that they cannot get onto the property ladder.
    Rising house prices have also lead to massive rent increases over the years. This is undoubtably good news for landlords and estate agents.
    Large mortgages and rents obviously remove money from the general economy.
    This kills off small local businesses, for proof of this just count the last few independent shops on Queen street.
    As the number of established local companies decrease it restricts the opportunities for new companies to grow (start up companies rarely emerge able to do business with chain stores).

    But hey it’s all worth it because…

  85. Anonymous

    The most beautiful setting for your 3rd wedding venue
    Frank and Fiona tied the knot and had their wonderful reception at the manor, I do hope they didn’t disturb the neighbours to much.

  86. Anonymous

    Not one property sale went through the royal court last Friday
    Never before has this happened.

  87. Anonymous

    From channelonlinetv:

    Work for us!
    Were looking for a News Editor.
    ITV Channel Television.

    So the 9 year old who checks the spelling has been give detention then?…read the news item about Princess Anne…its almost in a known tongue!

    “da geezer woz probly ejucated in jersii”

  88. Anonymous

    Still no mention anywhere about Danny Wherrys’ arrest- (for the THIRD time) -on suspicion of child abuse yesterday!.

    Readers of this blog may argue that im mistaken or simply making this up-surely the local rag would report something like that,or at least investigate the authenticity of such a claim?

    Perhaps Mr Wherry himself would like to take me to court if he thinks my posting is in anyway inaccurate or simply false?..I am more than happy to provide Stuart Syvret with my details….or will I get “no comment” as the investigating officers did yesterday?

  89. Anonymous

    With regard to the decline of our tourism and agriculture industries, does the commentator not realise that it is the European Union and its massive subsidies (to both farmers and holiday resorts) that have made Jersey unable to compete?

    They stole our ability to compete in tourism and agriculture, so we came up with an offshore finance industry. Now they want to kill that too.

  90. Anonymous

    “With regard to the decline of our tourism and agriculture industries, does the commentator not realise that it is the European Union and its massive subsidies (to both farmers and holiday resorts) that have made Jersey unable to compete?

    They stole our ability to compete in tourism and agriculture, so we came up with an offshore finance industry. Now they want to kill that too”

    So those damned foreigners forced us to bulldoze hotels and farm buildings did they? Followed by an E.U. ruling that landing fees and transport costs must be raised.
    Was it the E.U. that pompously decided that Jersey tourism would no longer be chasing the mass market but would be looking for higher worth tourists?
    Did Brussels remove the lack of funding from fort Regent?

    We are about to give a £100million tax cut to finance, do you think a similar subsidy could have helped tourism and farming?

  91. Anonymous


    Why not invite any sympathetic journalists over for your speech? I appreciate they will already be aware of what happened last year but if they were actually there to see you being barracked and shouted down, they would perhaps gain a deeper understanding of how Jersey’s ruling elite works?

    They would certainly have an interesting story to report back.

  92. Ana


    You write and question what Senator Syvret’s blog has achieved.

    For myself, it has allowed me to have an understanding of what is going on within Jersey. I stress again, an understanding.

    If I was to only have the Jersey Evening Post as my information and reference point, I would still believe that all is just perfect on the good island, and that the “Jersey Way” is the best way.

    Senator Syvret has done an incredible service, not just for the victims and survivors, but for all the people of Jersey, by confronting a way of doing things that served a few, at the expense of the many.

    My personal appeal to Senator Syvret for his Christmas Speech, is keep it simple and short. Something along the lines of having made the decision to continue to serve in the States would be the greatest gift to the people of Jersey, even if not a welcomed speech on the day.

  93. Póló

    I worked for British Rail in St. Helier in 1961 and stayed in St. John at that time.

    I foolishly suggested, in a letter to the JEP (4.11.61), that the fortifications at Noirmont Point be turned into a museum with replica German soldiers etc.

    I was promptly shot down by a G.C.H.LE COCQ who pointed out that an alternative use for the site had been suggested by the then late Senator Edward Le Quesne: a large cross to commemorate the suffering of the islanders in 1940-45.

    If the site is still available, you might suggest an appropriate use for it in your Christmas Speech: a detention centre for the rag tag and bobtail who are snapping at your heels.

    May the force be with you in your efforts to bring that poor rich feudal island into the 21st century.

    Unfortunately this sort of task usually requires the attrition of generations to accomplish.

    It would be nice, however, if you could assert the superiority of the clameur de haro over the droit de seigneur.


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