A Liar and a Crook

David Warcup – a liar and a crook. There was no “damning Interim Met Report”.

The “document”, as described – peddled – and used – by Jersey’s public authorities to undermine the child abuse investigations – and suspend the good Police Chief Graham Power – did not exist.

The supposed “damning criticisms” – did not exist.

Chief Executive Bill Ogley, Attorney General William Bailhache, Chief Minster Frank Walker, Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis – and Deputy Police Chief David Warcup – all lied.



That all of Jersey’s relevant public authorities should have engaged in such a criminal conspiracy to pervert justice – and deprive the vulnerable, weak and abused of proper and fearless protection, is such a startling collapse in the very rule of law,  as to be without precedent in the modern, peacetime democratic  world.

Another remarkable fact – and it is a tragic fact in so many ways – is that the necessary work to expose the rampant corruption of all aspects of public authority in Jersey, has had to be done by amateurs, by concerned good citizens.

Not one mainstream media in Jersey,  not one traditional journalist – I repeat, not one single traditional journalist in Jersey – has even touched the task of examining the evidenced corruption of the very rule of law in the island.

Even though many of them have been – at various times during the last four years – handed  evidence on a platter by me and other whistle-blowers.

There is no excuse – there is no hiding place.

And it is even worse than that.

The press-conference given by Warcup and Gradwell  – and all of the attendant spin – that corrupt exercise, now exposed to have nothing but a pack of lies at its centre – was not merely passively reported by Jersey’s failed mainstream media. The island’s media were active participants – along with the Chief Minister’s “Communications Unit” – in the development and build-up to those events.

Although most residents of this island will not know, or understand this fact yet – the community of Jersey has been fortunate, in that there were  “a few good men” – who have stood firm, done the right thing, and have striven to defend justice and the rule of law. Men like Graham Power, Lenny Harper and Rico Sorda. I’m very proud to stand amongst such company.

I publish below the e-mail I sent on behalf of my constituents to the corrupt cop  – the child-abuse concealing criminal – David Warcup, in September 2009.

Let the truth prevail.


E-Mail by Stuart Syvret to David Warcup – 9th September 2009.

—–Original Message—–
From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: Wed 09/09/2009 11:04
To: David Warcup
Subject: The Corrupt Conduct of David Warcup

Mr. Warcup.

I listened to the BBC Jersey radio news this morning, which – belatedly – was reporting the guest posting written by Mr. Lenny Harper, and published on my blog.

Mr. Harper, being the recently retired former Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force, and the man who led the historic child abuse investigation.

Mr. Harper wrote the blog posting in response to the concerted and co-ordinated attempts by Mick Gradwell, who has just retired from the SOJP, to rubbish the historic abuse investigation, undermine its credibility, attack the credibility and integrity of abuse survivors, and in doing so, assist the Jersey oligarchy in concealing the true and full extent of child abuse in Jersey.

Mr. Gradwell’s comments were riddled with lies, distortions and misleading omissions. It was that catalogue of falsehoods to which Mr. Harper was responding.

What has prompted me to write to you was the astonishing comment attributed to you by BBC Jersey, which consisted of words to the effect that, “The arguments and personal disagreement between the two former officers of the SOJP – Mr. Harper and Mr. Gradwell – was nothing to do with you.”

This was plainly a desperate attempt on your part to distance yourself from the controversy – as though it were, in fact, nothing to do with you.

Mr. Warcup – it is everything to do with you.

You and Mr. Gradwell have failed to secure prosecutions of a significant number of very well-evidenced child abusers.

In fact – it is worse than this; you and Mr. Gradwell pro-actively supported and worked with Attorney General William Bailhache in minimising the cases that came to court.

You – Mr. Warcup – are a pro-active member of the Jersey establishment’s cover-up.

You have, for example, pro-actively supported and assisted in the concealing of the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice which was committed by senior civil servants and the then Council of Ministers, in engineering my dismissal as Health & Social Services Minister in 2007. That conspiracy was made a formal criminal complaint by me – against these demonstrable conspirators, who were striving to conceal the criminal conduct of the States of Jersey in respect of institutional child abuse.

You have failed to investigate the matter fully, no charges have been brought, you have refused to give me copies of my many formal statements given to the police – and you have failed to keep me – the complainant – informed of “progress”.

You have also – in a further example – shown yourself to be content to carry on being employed by the SOJP – notwithstanding the evidenced, provable fact that the Chief Officer of the Education Department – Mario Lundy – is a very serious child abuser – having spent much of the 1980’s – along with his predecessor, Tom McKeon – savagely battering and torturing vulnerable children in Jersey’s child secure unit, which they used to run.

Are you proud of your “achievements” Mr. Warcup?

Are you content that Jersey’s Education Department is led by a man who is a child-torturer?

That example – as you well-know – is but one of dozens of abusers who should have been brought to justice.

You and Mr. Gradwell have been content to assist the Jersey oligarchy in minimising the scope and scale of charges that should have been brought.

I think you need reminding of the infamous and notorious press-conference you gave – along with Mick Gradwell – in November 2008 – in which you issued a five-page press-release, which contained several demonstrable lies – and during which you both – both – set about doing all you could to rubbish the integrity and credibility of the prior two years of police work in conducting the investigation.

I repeat – you were then – and have been since – a pro-active participant in the Jersey oligarchy’s cover-up.

It is – therefore – totally dishonest – and simply literally incredible – for you to attempt to now distance yourself from Mr. Gradwell’s remarks.

Mr. Gradwell, in his extraordinary diatribes of lies and abuse directed at fellow officers, made reference, however inaccurately, to certain things being “unprecedented”.

I will tell you what is unprecedented, Mr. Warcup, because I took the trouble to research the matter following your infamous press-conference.

It is unprecedented for two senior police officers, to come into a major police investigation, which had been on-going for two years – and then to call a press-conference for the express purpose of undermining, attacking, destroying the credibility of, and ruining the effectiveness of the previous two-years hard work.

The actions of you and Mick Gradwell were “without precedent” in British policing.

And let us recall another extraordinary feature of your actions. At that press-conference you publicly stated – to a national press presence – that you had destroyed certain evidence – because ‘you’ didn’t consider it ‘credible’.

Are you not aware – Mr. Warcup – that destroying evidence is a very serious criminal offence?

It is a criminal offence that you have committed.

Mr. Warcup – let me spell it out to you – as it apparently eludes you – you are in a situation in which you are leagues out of your depth.

You find yourself as a pro-active member of a criminal conspiracy to conceal child abuse and other crimes.

You may have imagined that selling your “integrity” to the Jersey establishment would be a safe option – given they control all power in Jersey.

You failed to take into account the gravity and magnitude of the situation – all of which will now be exposed fully – in microscopic detail – before the Commons Justice Committee – and in court in London during the civil action against the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw.

If there is any justice and decency in this world – you will – in the coming months – find yourself without the protections of the Jersey authorities – as they too will be held to account.

At the end of your career, Mr. Warcup – you are a criminal.

You have engaged in numerous conspiracies – with the Jersey authorities – to pervert the course of justice. You have also committed misconduct in a public office.

At least two-thirds of your officers despise you, and regard you as a component in the establishment’s cover-up.

You have twisted and perverted your job as a senior police officer from what it should involve – enforcing the law, and protecting the weak and vulnerable – and turned it into a role in which you abuse your powers to protect powerful and influential criminals.

You – Mr. Warcup – are a bent cop.

You were a pro-active participant in the plainly unlawful, improper and Political suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force, Graham Power. An exercise which is another example of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

You have betrayed my vulnerable constituents.

You have betrayed many, many victims of child abuse.

You have shamed the office you hold and the good name of the police.

Mr. Warcup – you are a liar and a crook.

My constituents and I require your immediate resignation.

You are disgusting – and an utter disgrace to the uniform you wear.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Stuart Syvret.

States of Jersey.

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