The Transition Gathers Momentum;

Decadence and Anarchy

Begin to Yield to Civilisation.

Though I have been spending days ploughing through legal books, web-sites and case-law – I thought I should make a brief appearance on the blog.

All kinds of anarchy, decadence – and, frankly, stupidity – increasingly grasp the Jersey oligarchy.

Tragically, the decline of a once good health service remains un-arrested by Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur – who has neither the back-bone nor ability to hold a mouse to account – let alone his manifestly lightweight Health Minister – nor all of the senior civil servants he is surrounded by.

Pollard and Co. remain unsuspended – even though their incompetences have killed people.

Senator Le Sueur remains too weak to instruct Bill Ogley to furnish me with key evidence concerning the illegal solitary confinement regime as used against vulnerable children in Jersey – evidence including the Political efforts made by Ogley and Pollard – and other senior civil servants – to engage in political action against a democratically elected Minister.

The Education department seems incapable and unwilling to furnish me with a 1971 report into child “care” in Jersey.

And I’m still waiting for a response to a request I made to the Jersey coroner’s department for the inquest reports into the death of a child in foster care in 1978.

The inadequacy of “The Jersey Way” becomes ever more obvious by the day.

But let’s be positive; the rise and rise of citizen media is truly shaking things up in Jersey – unlike any other occurrence in 800 years.

Blogs, YouTube, FaceBook – all kinds of web-sites have – suddenly – snatched power away from our entrenched oligarchy.

But – of course – it’s up to the people of this community to seize the opportunity.

Why not make a start by checking-out Voice for Children – who’s blog is now added to my links list (I know – my site’s a mess and needs sorting out, but it’s a step in the right direction.)

I strongly recommend the two-part YouTube interview with Dr. Gil Blackwood – recently retired Consultant from Jersey’s Health service.

It makes fascinating viewing.

I also (and this is starting to become a disturbing habit) recommend you purchase a copy of The Rag tomorrow.

Sadly – another slew of evidence of the breakdown in the management of Jersey Health & Social Services.

The time is coming when decent people will act against these clowns.


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