Senatorial By-Election:

The First Report.

Citizen Media:

Bringing you what the MSM

Can’t – and Won’t.

I’ve returned home, a couple of hours ago, from the first of the twelve public hustings meetings by which the candidates take their wares to the voting public around Jersey’s twelve parishes.

A fascinating evening – as St.Martins is always one of those parishes in which one can never quite detect the broad mood of its inhabitants; although, one always gains greater insight down the pub afterwards. And a fine hostelry it is, too. I even made a new friend in large and shaggy black dog, who’s name I didn’t quite catch, but seemed quite relaxed at having a mob of semi-drunken politicos milling around, lowering the tone and generally disturbing the usual clientele.

In one corner were Glenn and Karine Rankine – of Rankine Television – chatting earnestly with Jimmy Perchard – whilst Jimmy’s far more discerning brother, Philly, was buying me a drink, as we discussed the wretched demise of Jersey’s diverse agricultural sector.

In fact – at the husting meeting itself, Jimmy, as a member of the audience, asked a question. He wanted to know what the candidates would do to support local business?

After remarking – to some amusement – that there were certain States members who think the best thing I could do for local business would be to “go and top myself” – I responded that I was completely opposed to the introduction of a third giant supermarket chain in Jersey – and all the destruction that would be wrought upon local businesses and our environment by such disastrous policy misjudgement.

Certainly – local businesses must be competitive, and be conscious of the fact that many costs are too high for Jersey consumers – but the very last thing this community needs is another savage blow to what remains of our economic diversity.

So – what of the debate itself? Were any knockout blows scored? Any decisive advances achieved by any of the nine candidates?

I don’t think it unreasonable to say that the candidates represent a mixed field – rather like a horse-race. In fact – I’ve yet to hear the odds which are usually produced for Senatorial elections.

I’d say from my perspective on the platform, it was a tentative first round – with the candidates being fairly cautious – just trying to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents – and – more significantly, the public mood.

However – I’ve no doubt that as the fight progresses, the protagonists are going to start becoming more aggressive in their approach. I expect we’ve all been told by our corner teams what we’re doing wrong, and right – and what we need to do to combat some of the others.

Though quite what one could do to combat Patrick Ryan or Frances Le Gresley – other than swim a few lengths of them, as though they were a swimming-pool – so wet are they – it’s hard to know.

Both were wholly predictable – playing the traditional Jersey establishment card – “vote for me – I’m not right-wing – I’m Mr. Sensible, middle of the road” – yet all the while ensuring their answers did not commit them to any strong non-establishment position.

Most startlingly – both men equivocated heavily concerning the utterly disgraceful maltreatment meted out to John Day and Graham Power.

A question that was not even ambiguous – and to which I was genuinely startled not to hear in response, a unanimous condemnation of the establishment from all of the candidates.

Mr. Day and Mr. Power have been treated disgustingly – in fact, let’s make no bones about it – criminally – by the Jersey oligarchy. O.K. – the casual observer – who relies merely upon such laughable sources as the Jersey Evening Post or Channel Television – could be forgiven for not having a clear understanding of the facts. But if you are a Senatorial candidate – and you wish to be taken seriously – you ensure that you know what the facts are – by following citizen media.

Of Mr. Ryan and Mr. Le Gresley – in addition to that surprising equivocation, each caught my attention in another, separate way, during the evening. Mr. Ryan has obviously been spending too much time and money upon hopeless spin-doctors – probably Glenn Rankine – for the safety of his credibility.

During the opening five-minute address of each candidate, when his turn with the microphone came, he insisted on walking off the platform and casually striding about the front of the audience – in an effort to “bond” with them. Patrick – this is a Jersey by-election – not a sea-to-shining-sea US Presidential debate.

Apart from his support for the current States Employment Board – in its disgraceful treatment of good men such as Mr. Power and Mr. Day – Mr. Le Gresley made one other note-worthy comment all evening – when answering the question about whether the candidates considered citizen media to be making an important contribution to political debate in Jersey.

He recalled the candidates’ meeting with the Connétables, which took place immediately after the public nomination meeting – and he referred to himself as having “mediated” in the argument between the candidates and the Constables as to whether independent media would be “permitted” to follow the election proceedings. Which was a surprising recollection of events – as the only real flash-point of anger in that meeting that I recalled, was when Frances suddenly demanded of Mr. Le Cornu – who was questioning the Connétables’ decision – “is this how you intend to conduct yourself during the campaign?!”

Hey! – with an attitude like that to ‘mediation’, Mr. Le Gresley will be a serious competitor in my job application for the diplomatic service.

So, what else happened?

I told the assembled electors that I didn’t want their votes. At least – I didn’t want their votes – if they wanted ‘business–as-usual’. My fellow candidates – the audience – and the election process – only being gathered and taking place at all – because I have had enough of the customary unaccountable and ethically bankrupt nonsense that passes for public administration in Jersey – and had thus triggered the by-election to place a challenge and a question before the people of Jersey.

I had also had time – just about – to thrash out a few pages of election leaflet, in which I explained the un-ignorable breakdown in governance in Jersey, and to which I appended Chief Constable Graham Power’s July 2007 file-note – in which he had formally recorded the anti-democratic and criminal conspiracy he had witnessed, which was led by Bill Ogley, and designed to engineer my dismissal from Office, in order to prevent me from exposing the gross child protection failures of Jersey’s civil service.

Indeed – expanding upon that point – I took the opportunity to explain to the audience just what a shameless and evidenced crook Bill Ogley is – and – in exchange for which “service” – they pay him around £300,000 P/A.

In fact – it shouldn’t be forgotten that Ogley – as head of the paid service – is also ultimately responsible for the disgraceful behaviour towards Mr. Day.

Oh yes – I also ensured that my leaflet clearly referenced and referred to eleven of the crucial – highly evidenced – investigative blog-postings I have produced.

Blog-postings for which I could only have obtained the evidence whilst outside of Jersey’s jurisdiction – and – most certainly – which I could only have published outside of Jersey’s jurisdiction – without being subjected to another massed raid by Weirdcop’s police, and another oligarchy prosecution.

In fact – I didn’t get around to David – Weirdcop – Warcup during this evening’s discussion; he being the illegal usurper of Mr. Power’s rightful position. Perhaps I will this Friday evening?

Well – if nothing else – an awful lot of people across Jersey are going to have found their way to all of those blog-postings of mine – and all of the rock-solid evidence they contain – by the end of this election.

Which is very heartening indeed; doubly so – because if asked to identify a clear loser from tonight’s political collision – I’d say it was the Jersey oligarchy mainstream media.

As much as I would have liked to hope for such an outcome – I never predicted the ‘vibe’ of sheer cynicism and contempt that was palpable – from what was broadly a conservative and traditional audience – when the subject of the local media was raised. Whilst certain factions in the audience – not least those involved in citizen media – could have been predicted to huff and tut at mention of the Jersey Evening Post and Channel Television – there was definitely a sense of the temperature dropping in the room – like when a vampire appears in some old horror-movie – at the mere mention of the local propagandists. Even middle-class ladies could be observed nodding in weary agreement at the sheer dereliction of duty exhibited by what passes for the Fourth Estate in Jersey.

And – bonus! The Rankines – of Rankine Television – spin-doctors to the Jersey oligarchs – and their “editor” Eric Blakely were present. And so was Ben Quérée of The Rag, and big mate of Phil Ozouf.

So apposite – that such people should be present – when the beginning of the end of the local msm should be so suddenly palpable – and in a conservative parish at that.

Perhaps Jersey is now entering a new era of the truth?

Let’s hope so.

Round two – Friday night – Communicare, St Brelade.

I was told by my corner-people I was too tame during the first round; got to show more aggression in the second.

I’ll see what I can do.


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