The Jersey Oligarchy’s

Latest Desperate Diversionary Tactic.

On the 12th April, in Part 3 of my series of postings titled, “Blanche Pierre – The Anatomy of an On-going Atrocity” – I began with this: –

“At present, Jersey is not capable of governing itself.

It is an utterly lawless jurisdiction.

Jersey is an environment under the grip of a wholly criminal regime.

So absolute – and absolutely corrupted – is all meaningful power in Jersey – that the island possesses less scrutiny and fewer checks and balances than a Balkan state.

In the former Yugoslavia, there are at least, organised oppositions – and the scrutiny of human rights organisations – and the close oversight of the U.N.

The broad population of Jersey possesses no such protections.

Lawlessness – overt criminality – and political oppression – all are openly practised with absolute impunity – taking place, as they do, protected from acknowledgment by a kind of emperor’s-new-clothes exercise in collective denial.

A climate of fear exists to ensure the public don’t state the truth. And that terror is maintained through the exemplative harassment and oppression of their occasional ‘renegade’ elected representatives.

And rather than there being any arm of the state to which people can turn – or even any less formal check and balance, such as might be found within the Fourth Estate of most countries – all such embodiments of power as exist within Jersey – and even those external to it, within British governance – are bent instead to the protections of the status quo.

Consider – in which functioning democracy do you find the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, the media and the prosecution system – all working so closely together in cahoots – against the common interest of the public good?

Where else would you find – in the democratic world – all such institutions striving collectively to conceal decades of child abuse – as is happening so evidencedly in Jersey?”

I could think of no more appropriate words with which to begin this brief posting – in which I publish the latest statement issued by the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force, Graham Power, Queens Police Medal.

I recommend readers to revisit that posting – it is to be found in my archive – and reflect upon those facts whilst contemplating the sheer gangsterism we are about to observe on the part of the Jersey oligarchy media and their pay-masters, in respect of their presentation of the ‘Wiltshire Reports’ – the long-awaited and manifestly incompetent and ethically bankrupt reviews produced at the behest of the Jersey grifters, in answer to their need to trash the historic child abuse investigation.

Mr. Power has issued the press-release – which I reproduce below – and in it he speaks for himself.

In general, the utterly contemptible and immoral nature of the Jersey oligarchy exercise will be self-evident to any thinking person who has taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with the facts.

As the statement so correctly states – the Wiltshire reports – and – most certainly, the Jersey oligarchy media coverage which will follow – only represent the case for the “prosecution”.

The contemptible methods pursued by Ian Le Marquand and the rest of the Jersey oligarchy have been calculatedly designed to deny Mr. Power the forum in which to present the case for the defence.

But – worse than this – the Jersey oligarchy and their media have followed the customary spin-technique of using diversion, diversion, diversion.

Make a diversionary – and spurious and illegitimate fuss and controversy over the slightest of matters – thus preventing people from observing and focusing upon the real scandals.

The scandals – the many gross criminal offences – caused and committed by the Jersey oligarchy.

For example –

Many decades of child abuse.

The knowing, criminal concealment of child abuse (of which the oppression of Mr. Power is merely the latest example.)

Many highly evidenced and stark conspiracies to pervert the course of justice.

The pro-active involvement in such crimes by senior politicians, Crown Officers and senior civil servants.

Mugabesque police-oppression of opposition politicians.

The unlawful and anti-democratic obstruction of a Minister by senior civil servants.

The criminal concealment of serial killings.

The unlawful oppression and intimidation of witnesses.

The corruption of the administration of justice.

Large-scale planning corruption.

And so it goes on – and on.

Well, some of us have read the Wiltshire reports – and they are every bit as weak, shallow, frankly criminal (in the sense of being components in a broader conspiracy to pervert the course of justice) – and as diversionary – as we expected them to be.

And as many of us have known for a long time – the publication of these reports is not going to be the end of the matter – the line drawn under the whole episode – that the Jersey gangster syndicate hoped it would be.

On the contrary – this is the beginning.

And all of those many – many – criminal actions of the Jersey oligarchy – all of those malfeasances they were hoping to divert everyone’s’ attention from – are going to be pursued – ruthlessly and implacably.

Men of the calibre and principle of Graham Power have no intention of letting these matters lie.

Those who have allied themselves to the Jersey oligarchy would be well-advised to consider that fact.

None of this is going away.

And the Jersey crooks are on the losing side.



“While I have been provided with little information in relation to the matter, it is my understanding that reports prepared by the Chief Constable of Wiltshire in respect of the management of the Historic Abuse Enquiry are to receive some form of publicity in the near future.

It is known that the reports contain some criticism of the management of the enquiry. In effect they represent aspects of the “Prosecution Case” in the disciplinary enquiry initiated by the former Minister for Home Affairs in 2008. As well as the Prosecution Case there is also a Defence Case. Draft details of both cases are known to have been in the possession of the current Minister for Home Affairs since November 2009 at the latest, and possibly sooner.

At every stage it has been the position of myself and my defence team that there was nothing in the Wiltshire Reports which could not be successfully defended at a fair and impartial hearing. Had such a hearing taken place we expected the defence case to succeed.

In the event, the Minister has contrived to ensure that no hearing can take place and in consequence our case cannot be heard. In these circumstances we must settle for victory by default.

Nevertheless, the recent abandonment of the disciplinary case means that all allegations are effectively dismissed and can therefore be presumed to be false.

The Wiltshire reports are part of what is now a failed and discredited disciplinary investigation in which every deadline has been missed, every budget over-spent, and not a single charge has been brought after almost two years.

While it may be possible to provide some comment in response to whatever the Minister chooses to publish, I hope it will be understood that having successfully defended myself once against these allegations, I see no need to repeat the exercise for a second time.

I am pleased to be retiring from the Police Service having been totally exonerated from all allegations in respect of the management of the Historic Abuse Enquiry”

Graham Power, Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force.

Sunday 11th July 2010.

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