Jersey Child Abuse Disaster:

The Church Hoves into View.

It was only ever a matter of time.

Earlier today a reader posted the following comment, after some similar correspondence on my comments section:

“Re the Anglican church!

I am only mentioning the Anglican Church, and in particular one `Vice Dean’ (who by the way was also a member of the States of Jersey elite), as I know for `fact’ that he raped and sexually assaulted Island children!

Similarly, I am now of the belief that he was part of a much wider paedophile ring!”

Yes – I know precisely what this commenter is referring to.

Would I be right in thinking it is the Reverend Peter Manton?

Sometime Vice-Dean of Jersey?

Then a Senator in the States of Jersey, the island’s parliament – who had to be ushered out of his seat early because of his attempts to take sexual advantage of a vulnerable alcoholic woman?

The Reverend Peter Manton – rapist of 13 year-old girls?

Yes – tragically – as others have remarked on this blog and elsewhere – even what is in the public domain so far is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps I’ll write in more detail about this issue in a later post.

I have a great failing as a person; I’m too trusting. I take people at face-value – only to be always let down by 99% of them – at least in the world of politics.

And the Church is politics.

I thought, at first, the present Dean of Jersey – the Very Reverend Bob Key – was going to be OK.

Bizarrely, the Dean has an automatic seat (non-voting) in the island’s parliament. A position which enables him to make speeches to the assembly – and have a profound influence on votes.

But then we get to my Christmas speech – in which I was trying to show some empathy and recognition for abuse survivors – which was stopped by Phil Bailhache and the rest of the gangsters.

Key said nothing at the time; nor did he make any attempt to contact me afterwards.

Out of curiosity, I e-mailed him and asked what he thought of events. He equivocated, evaded – and basically failed to back my position.

I was even nearly surprised by this pro-Jersey oligarchy stance.

Especially so when the media storm erupted a couple of months later – and he called and led a service of remembrance for the victims – in which, during his sermon, he used exactly the same biblical quotes I had been prevented from delivering at Christmas.

But having since learned of Manton being a child-rapist – a Vice Dean of Jersey – suddenly, Key’s attitude all makes sense.

He will know – for sure – the truth of Manton. Churches keep their histories carefully.

As we all know.

Maintaining the fictitious facade of such institutions – and profoundly ill-judged attempts to defend their credibility – has always been a higher priority to Churches than defending and protecting vulnerable children.

Just witness the monstrous cover-ups of child abuse engaged in by the Catholic Church – at the highest levels.

So – the time has come in this wretched saga to take a cold, hard look at the Churches in Jersey.

Like I said – it was an inevitability.

Word has reached me of several Churchmen desperately trying to smear me to anyone who will listen; they dismiss me as some kind of communist, anarchist – and general trouble-make – who no one should speak to or contact.

(Incidentally – a similar strategy is being used by many of Jersey’s lawyers. They too have an awful lot to hide – given their atrocious failure to properly represent victims over the decades.)

So – we are forced to conclude that the Church institutions in Jersey must have a good deal to hide.

If, indeed, not a number of individual Church figures who remain around in the island today.

Now is the time for the reckoning.

To expose the truth, deliver justice to the victims – and to make these institutions learn that such foulness can no longer be concealed.

Now is the time for people to come forward.

Could I make a plea for any other victims of Manton – or victims of any other Jersey oligarchy figures – to please contact me in strict confidence?

I know some people are so traumatised; they don’t want to go to the police, and face questioning and court appearances as witnesses. Understandably, they want to try and leave all that foulness behind and get on with their lives.

But it’s crucial that someone in authority learns your truth. Even if it’s only me. The more I learn – the more we can battle to change things and try to prevent these atrocities taking place again.

Here’s my address:

This is the time to expose the truth.

I know it’s difficult for survivors to speak of these things – but the children of today – and of the future – need our unity to deliver them safety and protection.




  1. Anonymous

    I’m not surprised that the Church is involved one tiny weeny bit.

    I am a Christian, but I don’t go to church any more, not through choice but because every church I go into the vicar treats me like a leper as soon as I start talking about my two pet subjects, the first is child abuse and the second (and the most taboo) is the secret family courts.

    It always starts off ok, and then, as soon as I speak to the vicar about either of these two subjects the shutters suddenly come down and I am made to feel as if I have overstayed my welcome. It makes no difference what denomination it is, Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, it’s the same reaction every time. It is wierd!

    You would expect that a victim of child sexual abuse and the secret family courts would get a lot of sympathy from the Church wouldn’t you? Well, I wasn’t asking for sympathy for me personally, but for prayer for other people. When I mentioned Haut de la Garenne it was as if I had said the Lords Prayer backwards whilst swigging a bottle of whisky, spitting tobacco and showing my knickers. I thought the vicar’s eyebrows were going to fly off his head altogether. He tried to ban the time of prayer on Sunday mornng because I kept going in to the side chapel and quietly, silently praying for the abuse victims. People followed me in and started to join me in these prayers. But the vicar didn’t like it, he was scowling at me one day and I asked him why he was so angry with me. I asked him what I had done wrong. He said he wanted to talk to me but he was too busy so I gave him my phone number and email addy, but he never got in touch, so the next week I tried to speak to him, but he said he was too busy. But then he was talking to a woman for ages about cakes, so he couldn’t have been that busy, could he?

    So I am not at all surprised about what you posted Stuart.


  2. TonyB

    I’d never heard that of Manton, and I’d question the source. Manton was sexually compromised with a woman and caught in a sting by a private ex-police detective (hiding in a cupboard), and as a result resigned from the States as Senator.

    However, he should not be confused with the Reverend Peter Manton of Kew who had sexual relations with young girls and who was a baptist minister. Same name, but different person.

    On Jersey Manton’s career see:

  3. Anonymous

    Stuart, just to make sure, in all this affair are you implying that child abuse scandals and cover ups are more prevalent or intense in Jersey than elsewhere? Or is it just because we are an Island that such things seem to loom larger and more ominous? On Pitcairn Island, I believe the abuse was far more systemic and widespread than it seems here. What do you think?

  4. Stuart Syvret

    Re Tony’s comments

    No, Tony. This was for sure the Jersey Manton.

    Yes, as I said in the post, he tried to abuse a vulnarable alcoholic women. Given her conditon, no one would have believed her, so she got his sexually abusive sugestions recorded.

    And it isnt just one source – sadly.


  5. Stuart Syvret

    Re: scale of child abuse in Jersey.

    As I’ve said many times before, the vast majority of people in this community are disgusted at the abuse.

    All communities, sadly, have child abuse within them.

    So Jersey is no diffrent to anywhere else in that respect.

    What singles out the Jersey abuses is the culture of concealment – how it’s all been covered-up for so long.

    We are still seeing that concealment by the Jersey establishment today.

    Will we ever win; will we ever stop them?


  6. Mr Searchlight

    The Revd. Peter Geoffrey Kevitt Manton was Rector of St John between 1965-1985. He was sworn in as Vice-Dean in 1975.

    Surely not the same Revd. P.G.K. Manton that kept other very dubious company as a member of Welsh Irish Scots English (WISE) in the 70s and 80s…

    As if being linked to the Monday Club was bad enough. But the NF?

  7. Anonymous

    Ref. Pitcairn

    Discovered by Philip Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity & Jersey politician (b. January 22 1733, d. July 21 1796)

  8. st-ouennais

    I vaguely remember Peter Manton. He came into school (St John’s) to give a lesson once a week or so. He was very keen on meteorology, if memory serves.

  9. Anonymous

    The Peter Manton that I refured to was the rector of St John of Jersey in Jersey.

    There is no confusion about who he is or the crimes he is guilty of!

    Those of you who know the truth about this monster please, please either talk to the police or Stuart.

    Another victim

  10. Anonymous

    I was physically, not sexually, abused by the Brothers of De La Salle in the seventies.
    This has resulted in my anti-religion stance of today.

  11. Anonymous

    Some years ago I went to a wedding at St John’s church where Manton did a very peculiar sermon that went on about incest. The bloke was strange.

  12. Anonymous

    Is this the same one that used to run a youth club at St Johns? if it is he seemed pretty cool to me an innocent 13 year old but hey, I guess he was a bit creepy.

  13. Res Nullius

    One of the many reasons why I am an atheist. I was raised as a catholic but slowly realised that religion is about one thing only – power.

    Despite wrestling for some time with the entrenched guilt (a powerful tool used by the church) I have never felt so free and happy to know that what I am is all there is. As a consequence I appreciate life much more for what it is – a very short episode – and so make the most of it.

    The church, and religion in general is responsible for the most horrendous crimes this planet has ever seen. The list is endless and is not all in ancient history, it is ongoing. They prey on the weak and vulnerable by convincing them that there is hope of something better at the end – in return for your subservience, money, land, virginity etc.

    There’s no afterlife. When you die you are worm food – end of.

    Sorry about that, now just enjoy the only life you have and be nice to each other…

    ps… I am sure that if I am wrong about this your god(s) will forgive me anyway won’t he? After all religion preaches forgivness and understanding.

    A win/win situation if you were to ask me. I don’t have to worry about supporting the wrong team and I still get afterlife membership if I was wrong…..


  14. Anonymous

    I was also at De La Salle
    in 1960´s was also Physically abused by the brothers….and when I was interviewed by J. police concerning HDG policeman wouldn’t pay any attention saying “that was the education system then” and wouldn’t listen to me…
    I was also sexually abused as a Sea Cadet..Manten was sometimes there taken prayers….link there perhaps????…Question: Would I go again to the police and make a statement? No, I would not…Why not??. Too many wearing the same school tie maybe.

  15. Anonymous

    The difference between the Jersey child abuse investigations and all the other child abuse investigations as far as I can see is that a lot of people are aware of it, and the attempts to nobble the whole investigation. Look how they have treated Lenny Harper! It is incredible to think that they can do these things so openly and brazenly.

    You may think it isn’t doing any good, but these people just want the whole thing to become past history. They hate it being talked about because they have to keep inventing more and more lies, and that is very hard work for them.

    I make a point of bringing Haut de la Garenne into at least one conversation every week. We must not let these victims become past history, because that way the abusers will be able to bury their memory and carry on abusing.


  16. Anonymous

    Glad to see the connection between Manton and the Sea Cadets has surfaced – my husband, and ex cadet, has been asking since the first news reports of Haut de la Garenne were aired “when will the link with Manton be made.”

    It is rare that individuals are able to abuse alone for prolonged periods of time: if those around are not joining in the abuse they are usually at least aware on some level, but in order not to be challenged and accused a figure like Manton would need the collusion of powerful people around, reasons why the average person suspecting his interest in and behaviour towards children would find themselves gagged.

    Many of us had a reasonable idea of some of what was going on, many have friends who have had their complaints fall on deaf ears – we all need to have the mechanisms that collectively gagged us disected.

  17. Anonymous

    super speech from you in the no confidence in the baliff debate stuart.

    it doesn’t really come as any surprise that church figures are involved in this sorry saga, they are, after all, completely loonytunes.

    i recommend reading ‘letter to a christian nation’ by sam harris to anyone who has difficulty reconciling the reality of christian behaviour with how they would like us to believe they behave. nice little book to clear your mind and remove the shackles of religion.

  18. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell us (me)..
    How the investigation concerning “The Sea cadets”
    is still “Going on” ? or is it ?
    The words, carpet,brushed and under come to mind….
    Now that Manton has been mentioned all we have to do, is find the connection to those who may be still sitting in big house…

  19. Anonymous

    The plot thickens! I wonder who else amongst Jersey’s ever so distinguished government and residence will be exposed for what they really are?

    Many, many years ago when aged about 14/15, a well known and convicted Jersey paedophile told me (as he and his sicko friends entrapped me), that he supplied children from HDG and Jersey in general, to well known TV personalities!

    The link between Jersey paedophilia and these `celebs’ was the Jersey `Opera House’!

  20. Anonymous

    Can the person who made the comment `glad to see the link between Manton and the see cadets…..’ Please enlighten us further!


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