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I have had some feedback on the blog, for which I’m grateful. I’m afraid readers will have to bear with me whilst I get to grips with the weird and wonderful world of formatting these posts.

I did think I had left paragraph breaks in my last post, as I’m trying to do in this one, but with limited success.

I have (just about) succeeded in installing a site visit counter at the foot of the blog. I guess I will have missed a number of visits so far, but my rather mundane profile section appears to have had about 65 hits.

When I have time I will attempt to add a ‘comments’ element to the blog – which I’m sure will provide some fascinating feedback. Perhaps now that I have my own little ivory tower, I could adopt some of the approach of the Jersey Evening Post – the island’s only “newspaper”? This would involve using editorial “discretion” to ensure the comments published were weighted in my favour – by about 9 to 1 – a la the JEP letters page.

But I mustn’t get into an analysis of the political economy of the Jersey media just yet. That is a topic which will bear repeated close attention in the coming months.

Senator Stuart Syvret

Today’s Book:

Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies, by Noam Chomsky.

Today’s Joke:
Q: What’s the problem with Journalist jokes?A: Journalist’s don’t think they’re funny, and no one else thinks they’re jokes.

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