Forthcoming attractions!

It’s been a few days now since I began to blog. To those who have found my writings too ethereal and removed from day-to-day existence in the Microcosm – otherwise known as Jersey – thank you for taking an interest in this stuff, and thanks for your patience.

In the coming weeks I will be writing about some specific political issues in Jersey.

So watch this space!

I think people will find it pretty interesting to be able to read a politician’s views – directly delivered and free from the various “filters” imposed by the traditional media.

For example – I have given some dynamite stories to the media in Jersey over the years – only for the story to vanish without trace – or, at best, gain some heavily mediated and constrained reportage. Well, in the coming weeks I will be conducting an experiment. I will be breaking some news items on this blog.

Straight – from me to you – free of the mediation of the traditional “news” outlets.

In addition to giving you news – I am going to produce an occasional column which I will call “Anatomy of a Spin”. Each of these postings will take an unfolding news story in Jersey – and analyse the accompanying spin; the influences on the story, the power behind its structure and delivery, the agenda of those involved – and in particular – the agenda of the local Jersey media – which can be readily demonstrated with a little analysis.

I will begin with some fairly simple and low-key issues. For example, if you are resident in Jersey, you may have read a few weeks back a story in the Jersey Evening Post which “reported” that I had “withdrawn two complaints I had made concerning the Jersey Data Protection Office”.

What was particularly fascinating about this story was that – I had not, in fact, made as much as one formal complaint concerning the Date Protection Office – let alone two. There were, therefore, no “complaints” to “withdraw”.

This is a small and comparatively unimportant issue – but it does serve so well as an example of the public being lied to and conned by the Jersey media – and, in this particular case, just how startling is the co-operative intermeshing between the Political Establishment and its media.

I will explain in detail tomorrow – so make sure you don’t miss it.

As to the blog generally – I’m still taking those first faltering steps – but improving slowly. I have added a “comments” element to the blog – so don’t say I’m not fair. John Averty – power behind the throne at the JEP – and his editor poodle Chris Bright – can even post some of their famously deranged & fulminating “editorial” comments if they like – though, naturally, as an independent media – this blog “will not be dictated to as to its content.”

So thanks for reading – and watch this space!

Senator Stuart Syvret.

Book of the Post: PR! A Social History of Spin, by Stuart Ewen.

(Incidentally – this book is so important I plan to write a review here at some point.)

Joke of the Post: Q: Why do Marxists like fruit infusions?

A: Because all proper tea is theft.

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