A Brief Speculation on What I Might Write Next.

Apologies for not getting a fresh post up for a while. But, in mitigation, I do get the impression most people appreciated the previous post, so that kind of makes up for its longevity.

I’m mega-busy with a variety of things – essentially, I’m trying to fight a war on approximately four fronts.

I’m battling a variety cases for my constituents.

Whilst I’m trying to fight off various assaults by the Jersey oligarchy.

Whilst preparing and writing-up my personal legal action against the UK Justice Secretary, Jack Straw.

Whilst occasionally wondering around the, now, tidy workshop and trying to meld bits of tree into something people might want to buy one day.

Sadly, this latter activity always comes a distant fourth. Though having said that, I did buy two wonderful pieces of Douglas Fir recently – following an epic excavation through the largely unimpressive timber stock of a Jersey merchant.

And – I’ve even managed to get a mirrored, razor edge on the blade of my Lie Neilson No. 8 try-plane using my 8000 grit Japanese waterstone.

Not an easy ask – with a blade made of A-2 cryogenically treated tool-steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62.

But no – I must restrain myself from going into woodwork-nerd-mode – for the time-being.

I’m saving that as a ‘special treat’ for my loyal readers.

No – I thought I should just provide you with a bulletin as to what I’m planning to try and write in the coming days.

Firstly – I will be writing about the prosecution of two non-oligarchy Jersey politicians – for the heinous offence of helping disabled ex-servicemen apply for a postal vote.

To be clear – not, as the Jersey oligarchy have portrayed it – something akin to ballot fraud as seen in certain UK elections in recent years. Instead this “crime” was simply helping the elderly, the infirm, those who do not have English as a first language to merely apply for a postal vote.

I’ll save all the surreal, crypto-fascist absurdity of the situation for the substantive post.

Then I thought I would write a post concerning governmental reform in Jersey; the only jurisdiction in western Europe actually heading back towards feudalism.

And – I thought I might write something concerning the sheer mind-boggling stupidity and ‘Groupthink’ we see manifested in the Jersey polity.

Actually – I may well combine the above two subjects – so well do they compliment each-other.

Then – in a few days time – I want to produce a post about a subject that still fills me with bitter anger.

Tomorrow – Wednesday 27th May – a trial begins in New York city.

On trial are the oil company Royal Dutch Shell.

Effectively, this western transnational corporation was complicit – and thus guilty – in the 1995 murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Ken was a leader of the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta; he was an immensely brave campaigner for the rights of Delta people and against the environmental genocide which was being inflicted upon them by the military regime – with the backing and complicity of Shell.

The murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and his co-campaigners happened in November 1995. It so happened that, shortly after, the States of Jersey were debating a proposition to sell some land at the airport to Shell.

When the debate began, I stood and strenuously opposed the sale – saying that Shell had blood on its hands.

The resultant political fire-storm had to be experienced to be understood. It attracted international media attention – and, when the States inevitably agreed the sale – left me feeling appalled and sickened.

I will write a detailed post on the subject – but only when I feel strong enough.

When I look back and try and contemplate the attitude of most States members during that episode – I find myself thinking of lyrics from a Nick Cave song.

‘People just ain’t no good.
I think that’s well understood.
You see it everywhere you look –
People just ain’t no good.


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