The Jersey Establishment Hi-Jack Liberation Day.

Child Abuse Survivors and those campaigning for them –

Denigrated and Insulted on Jersey’s Day of Freedom.

Today the community of Jersey celebrates its liberation, on May 9th 1945, from the occupying Nazis.

This annual celebration of freedom usually passes pleasantly and unremarkably.

At this point I might be tempted to ask ‘what do you think, then, distinguishes today’s events from a normal celebration of Liberation Day?’

But somehow – I get the impression such questions are increasingly redundant.

Today – as you will have guessed by now – we saw the nauseating spectacle of the Jersey oligarchy wrapping itself in the flag and, essentially, denouncing child abuse survivors and those fighting for the truth – all in the name of “patriotism”.

You know – I frequently arrive at the conclusion that the Jersey oligarchy cannot – surely – sink any lower? But, somehow, they always manage to plumb new depths of utter moral bankruptcy. And so it was today.

The Bailiff of Jersey, Sir Philip Bailhache, and the island’s Chief Minister, Frank Walker, hi-jacked the island’s national holiday – Liberation Day – to attack the investigations of child abuse in Jersey.

Those who denounce, expose and challenge the clear and appalling systemic failures by Jersey’s public administration – failures which have led to the concealment of decades of child abuse – are, apparently, engaging in the “unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey”; this, according to the Queen’s personal appointee and direct agent Sir Philip Bailhache.

Phil Bailhache being the man, let us remember, who was a member of the Board of Governors at Victoria College when child abuse was being concealed at that school; and the man who, when Attorney General, failed to challenge the appointment of a known and convicted paedophile to the post of an honorary police officer. A criminal who went on to commit further crimes against children.

But – apparently – anyone who states these facts is being “unpatriotic” – and ‘an enemy of Jersey’.

At this point, I would like to invite you to consider some famous and very perspicacious remarks concerning “patriotism”.

“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”

Edward Abbey.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”

Samuel Johnson.

“If patriotism is “the last refuge of a scoundrel,” it is not merely because evil deeds may be performed in the name of patriotism, but because patriotic fervour can obliterate moral distinctions altogether”

Ralph B. Perry.

“If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag; wash it.”

Norman Thomas.

“The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny; flattery to treachery; standing armies to arbitrary government; and the glory of God to the temporal interest of the clergy.”

David Hume.

“Patriotism is often an arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.”

George Jean Nathan.

I actually doubt very much that the above-quoted wise words are known to the average Jersey shyster and spiv – err – sorry – Elder Statesman and Glorious Leader. Especially the George Nathan quote – which could have been written with the Jersey establishment in mind.

Which is why, I imagine, they can so shamelessly promote their own interests in the name of “patriotism” – and likewise, denigrate those who oppose establishment interests.

For many decades after World War II, Liberation was a day of private reflection and celebration for the people of Jersey.

But in recent years, this day has been hi-jacked for propaganda purposes by the Jersey oligarchy. There is now a brief meeting of the States assembly, the island’s parliament, after which we process a short distance to Liberation Square where members of the public – many who remember the occupation years – are confronted with the wretched spectacle of serried ranks of politicians.

And after the self-serving propaganda of a speech from the Bailiff, Phil Bailhache and a service led by the profoundly confused head of Jersey’s Anglican Church, Bob Key, the assembled pensioners are insulted by States members joining in with the singing of patriotic war-time songs – the irony apparently lost on the politicians that as they promote themselves in this way to these voters – they have agreed to introduce a sales tax which will be charged upon the bread, fruit, milk and meat on these poor people’s tables.

I would normally join with other States members in going down to Liberation Square – even though I have always been greatly discomforted by the political hi-jacking of Liberation by the oligarchy.

However, after listening to Frank Walker’s speech – and predicting – correctly – a similar disgusting display of self-interest and of calculated insults to the victims from Bailhache, I had had enough. When the meeting of the assembly ended, I left and returned to my home.

So I didn’t take part in the procession to Liberation Square. I left proceedings in protest at the self-interested hi-jacking of our national celebration of freedom.

When I began to write this post, I was seated at my desk listening on the radio to people like Phil Bailhache, who – in an approach both profoundly cynical and ignorant – used the emotive themes of ‘liberation’, ‘freedom’, ‘pride’ and ‘patriotism’ to – ?

Yep – you’ve got it:

Denigrate and insult those who have fought to root-out the decades of concealed child abuse in Jersey.

Actually – the kind of child abuse he was involved in concealing back in the early 1990’s.

And during the short States meeting before walking down to Liberation Square, the assembly and listening members of the public were treated to a speech by Jersey’s Chief Minister, Frank Walker – in which he too, in addition to the Bailiff, used the opportunity to attack the campaigners against the child abuse cover-ups and the national and international media who have reported the saga.

This afternoon I have had telephone conversations with abuse survivors who were in tears having heard these two speeches broadcast on BBC Jersey. People who were shocked and disgusted at Walker and Bailhache’s cynical misappropriation of a day of freedom.

In essence, both men were proclaiming that anyone who took a critical view of the political establishment which had permitted all these dreadful things to happen was – “denigrating Jersey and her people.”

This approach being, of course, one of the most well-known and contemptible devices of propaganda.

You’re part of the ruling elite?

Your deficiencies are under attack?

Therefore denounce your critics as attacking the community and wrap yourselves in the flag.

So tired and, frankly absurd, is this type of spin, that, really, only a group of halfwits could use it in the West, in the year 2008, and expect to attract anything other than utter derision.

The speeches of these two men, Bailhache & Walker, were absolutely brilliant – albeit in an unintentional fashion. Truly – you just couldn’t make it up.

I re-produce Bailhache’s speech below, for you to judge.

As soon as Walker’s is available, I will re-produce it too on this blog – with a commentary – just to make sure you can grasp the entire, disgusting, magnitude of the self-serving sophistry of these two contemptible creatures.

Walker’s speech in particular was absolutely fantastic; I mean real, laugh-out-loud stuff. I was sat at my desk in the chamber, trying to write a letter on behalf of an abuse survivor, and it was all could do to not just throw back my head – and roar with laughter.

Just wait until it appears on the Jersey Hansard and I post it here. You’re just going to love it.

Some people – the impression I get is of a very rapidly diminishing number – think I’m too harsh in my condemnations of the Jersey oligarchy. I expect another great wave of converts to the truth after today’s disgusting hi-jacking of Liberation from the Nazis by an establishment merely desperate to carry on concealing its malfeasances, dishonesty and incompetence.

To illustrate just what I mean, let me invite you to cast your minds back to the public rally which took place a while ago in St. Helier. About three hundred people turned out to express support and solidarity with abuse survivors, and to demand change.

Indeed – many abuse survivors were present at that rally.

Now – let us remind ourselves what the reaction of Walker and the rest of the Jersey establishment was to that grass-roots protest?

Walker actually issued a press release which denigrated the organisers, mocked the numbers of people who had come along, and insulted and dismissed the abuse survivors who were attending.

He accused these people of “using the child abuse disaster for political purposes”.

Now – you think I’m too harsh when I describe people like Walker as simply thick?

Well, this is his approach:

‘Oh-no – we can’t possibly have members of the public speaking of the Jersey child abuse disaster at a public gathering called for that sole purpose’

But –

Apparently – it’s OK for him and his ally Bailhache to politically abuse Liberation Day in order to denigrate and insult abuse survivors and people like me who are campaigning for them?

Truly – you just couldn’t make it up.

Some people ask me not to give up politics. But – really – when confronted with such cretinous, stinking, decadence – can you blame me?

These days, pretty much no States meeting occurs without me feeling an overwhelming need to go and have a shower afterwards.

As I sat in the States assembly this morning, I looked around at the assembled worthies. And what creatures there were to behold!

Let’s have a look at some of the terribly, terribly important people who were to be seen this morning – either in the chamber – or in the public galleries.

The Bailiff, Phil Bailhache – one of the people who failed to report and stop child abuse at Victoria College; the man who failed to challenge a convicted paedophile who had become an honorary Police officer; the same man who had illegally blocked the publication of my official comments in response to the dismissal debate; the self-same man who joined in with mob-rule and unlawfully halted the Christmas speech I was attempting to deliver on behalf of abuse survivors.

The Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt – the man who, when Attorney General, failed to prosecute those who had concealed child abuse at Victoria College; the man who abandoned the prosecution of the Maguires; the man who blocked Police applications for warrants to search the Sea Cadets headquarters, where abuse was known to have taken place.

The Chief Minister, Frank Walker – the man who has consistently fought on behalf of the corrupt and dangerous civil servants to help them suppress concerns about child abuse; the man who considers criticising institutional child abuse and in so doing “undermining staff moral” to be a worse offence than lying about the battery, torture and rape of orphans; the man who gets more worked-up if anyone is rude to his precious senior civil servants than he does about paedophiles being allowed to resign, rather than be sacked; the man who can slag-off a genuine public rally for abuse survivors as being “political” – yet then, without apparent embarrassment – hi-jack Liberation Day for his political purpose of attacking anti-child abuse campaigners.

The Attorney General, William Bailhache – brother of the Bailiff – and the man who wilfully obstructed me and my old Health & Social Services Committee when we were attempting to carry out post-Bichard reviews of child abuse cases in Jersey; the man who has ventriloquised the Jersey Data Protection Office into waging an oppressive campaign against whistle-blowers; the very ‘clubbable chap’ who has gone out of his way to wilfully obstruct the current States of Jersey Police investigation into historic child abuse – this by obstructing charges and prosecutions, and attempting to interpose one of his Crown Advocates into the Police enquiry team;

And – quite fascinatingly – in 1998, the then Senior Partner in the law firm – Bailhache LaBesse (now Appleby Global) – which was representing the victims of the Maguires – when those victims were betrayed by the system and conned into believing the charges against the Maguires had to be dropped.

One Francis Hamon – presently a judge in Jersey’s Royal Court, formerly Deputy Bailiff – and the man who told the headmaster of Victoria College – whilst they were playing a game of squash – to do nothing about the complaints of child abuse.

Indeed – one of the men who should have been jailed for Perverting the Course of Justice for his actions as a Governor of Victoria College; but who wasn’t even prosecuted by his friend, then Attorney General Michael Birt.

Also in the gallery, one Charles Woodrow – ADC to Jersey’s Lieutenant Governor – and all-round fixer for the island’s oligarchy. Linchpin of communication with the infamous “Friends at Court at Whitehall”, the protections of which seem to confer utter immunity upon the collection of crooks and morons who run this place.

And, naturally, the Lieutenant Governor himself, one Andrew Ridgway – the official representative of Her Majesty in Jersey – and a man who insulted me and treated me with contempt when I went to see him last year with my concerns over the child abuse disaster.

The self-same representative of the powers-that-be in the UK, who has worked tirelessly in recent months to persuade Whitehall that  I and the victims I’m representing are all just a load of trouble-making scum-bags – and, ‘really there’s nothing wrong with Jersey’s establishment’. ‘All fine chaps – so don’t take any notice of these muck-raking maggots’.

The very man who has been participating in a pro-establishment smear-campaign against me – and who was an enthusiastic supporter of their latest bonkers spin strategy – which was to accuse me of “emotionally abusing” the survivors.

You know – I really wonder if Her Majesty knows what these clowns get up to when they’re sent down here. They invariably become instantly co-opted by the very oligarchy they should be overseeing in order to protect the good name of the Crown.

Indeed, one of Ridgway’s predecessors – Sir Michael Wilkes – performed a very similar service for the Jersey oligarchy when assisting them to oppress me in order to cover-up the corrupt actions of Reg Jeune.

He was – within weeks of leaving office – rewarded with a very lucrative seat on the board of one of Jersey’s major businesses.

Perhaps Ridgway is hoping for similar reward for services rendered?

Oh dear – there goes the ‘gong’. Bugger.

Jurat, Sally Harrison Le Brocq – along with her halfwit husband, Pip – the man who believes in ‘politeness’ over the truth; she being a multi-millionaire scion of the Guiton Group – the company which used to own the island’s only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post – you know? The one that made a very tidy profit indeed by churning out Nazi propaganda during World War II.

Cousin of Frank Harrison Walker – Jersey’s Chief Minister, and another multi-millionaire scion of the Guiton Group.

In fact – whilst I’m on the subject – I wonder if The Rag would care to subject itself to some independently appointed forensic accounting – just so that we can all gain a clear understanding of just how much money it made when the island was under Nazi occupation?

Whatever the amount – it was certainly enough to buy the proprietors – and their descendants – a few very expensive gin palaces.

Jurat John Le Breton – I confess I didn’t actually see him, thank God or the urge to vomit might have been overwhelming. But he was probably present. He being the man who, along with the then headmaster of Victoria College, attempted to humiliate and intimidate certain of the victims of child abuse into withdrawing their complaints.

So – sat there – gazing dazedly around this gathering of living, breathing decadence – thinking of the victims – and struggling to coin a new word that goes beyond Kafkaesque – I looked at most of the creatures I name above – and occasionally caught them staring at me with an undisguised mixture of fear and loathing.

Michael Birt, William Bailhache – both men who, notwithstanding their age, are probably experiencing for the very first time in their lives a serious challenge to their casual abuses of power.

Pip Le Brocq – with a strange amalgam of smile and hate painted upon his features.

Charles Woodrow, the ADC – who I caught looking at me in an unguarded moment, and I could read his features as he was thinking, –  “what are we going to do with this bastard?”

And his boss, Ridgway – clearly a man all-at-sea and lost when faced with an uppity prole who has the temerity to challenge his pseudo-credible authority and defy the natural order of things by disrespecting a social superior.

Indeed, so confused and frightened did this particular clown look I thought ‘it’s hardly surprising Britain has lost most of its wars since 1945.’

Ah – the British Establishment – in all its ‘glory’: thick, ignorant yet arrogant, in-bread, incompetent – and still – in the 21st century, waging Class War against the scummy lower orders.

Especially in regimes which are essentially governed as colonialist, banana republic back-waters – as Jersey is.

You think I exaggerate?

Look – tell me where else in the democratic world ( apart from Guernsey – obviously) dozens of child abuse survivors would be having to fight for an impartial, non-conflicted prosecution service and a neutral judiciary; one which was only interested in the Rule of Law – and didn’t give a monkeys about how that might make the government look?

In the year 2008?

Instead – we have the comically stupid spectacle of the chief judge of Jersey – making yet another nakedly political speech.

And, like, we’re supposed to take the Jersey judicial apparatus seriously?

Well, we have to imagine that Ridgway must have some particularly brilliant and novel arguments to use with the “Friends at Court at Whitehall” – arguments of such brilliance they can overturn over two centuries of the established acceptance of the need for a separation of powers.

But, I really must return to the subject of Phil Bailhache and his crypto-fascist speech, which I reproduce below.

These observations are so bleeding obvious, that you probably won’t need them explaining – but for my Jersey establishment readers here is a nice simple account of several clear defects in Bailhache’s speech.

Firstly – several of the assertions he makes in his speech are simply lies.

For example – he claims “it all started with the discovery of a fragment of a child’s skull.”

Err – no it didn’t. Long before there was any suggestion of human remains – of possibly murdered children – we were still facing an apocalyptically bad sustained child abuse disaster.

The Police knew this from late 2006. I knew it, through my own researches, from February/March 2007.

The scandal had attracted national media coverage last summer – again without any suggestion of possible child killings. Community Care Magazine broke the story, which was picked up by The Times and The Guardian.

This also led Andrew Brown of the BBC to take an interest in the whole situation. His first regional TV piece was broadcast before any suggestion of a search for human remains.

And it is these facts which reveal the true colours of the Jersey establishment.

Bailhache and Walker were content to hi-jack Liberation Day to crow about the possibility there may have been no killings – yet shamefully ignoring the awful fact that even in the hopeful circumstances of no child deaths – we are still facing a child abuse disaster of world-scale.

And it simply isn’t true for Bailhache to assert that “there is no evidence of cover-ups by government.”

Yes – there is. Look, Phil – I suggested a while ago that you were so out of your depth it would be better for you to just retire- not to mention it being better for the rest of us as well.

But, Phil – there is evidence of government cover-ups. You are a part of those cover-ups.

How else would you describe your blocking of the publication of my defence Comments in response to the dismissal debate?

Do you not think your quite unconstitutional and anti-democratic halting of my Christmas speech was an example of cover-up?

Still not persuaded?

How about the concealment of the Sharp report?

Or the wilful – and most likely criminal – concealing of the Dylan Southern report from the H & SS Committee in 1999?

Or senior civil servants – and establishment politicians – getting together to oppress and silence people like Simon Bellwood and me – this in order to try and keep hidden the simple illegality of the regime of coercive and punitive solitary confinement as used against children in Les Chennes and Greenfield’s.

Or how about the very well-evidenced cover-up of the abuses carried out by the Maguires – as reported on BBC Panorama?

Or maybe the perversions of the course of justice that saw the victims conned into believing the prosecution had to be abandoned – and this being cheerfully announced in court by your now Deputy Bailiff Michael Birt when he stood to withdraw the charges?

And perhaps the ethical and professional betrayal of the victims by their legal representatives – Bailhache Labesse (now Appleby Global) – the senior partner of which firm was your brother – now Attorney General, William Bailhache?

And so it goes on.

You know, it’s quite bad enough being ruled by ethically bankrupt shysters – but the fact that they’re simply so thick adds insult to injury.

In this speech, Bailhache refers to “freedom” – and, indeed, “the flame of freedom”.

Well – I’d like to invite Phil to answer a few questions.

Tell me, Phil, would this be the kind of “freedom” that saw you – quite illegally, and in an open assault upon democracy – have me suspended from the States for six months because I had caught your friend Reg Jeune engaging in a straightforward act of brazen corruption?

Was attacking my 15,000 voters by excluding me from the assembly your idea of supporting their “freedom”?

Was your unprecedented, illegal – and deeply personally conflicted – decision to prevent the official publication of my Comments in response to Walker’s dismissal action against me supportive, do you think, of the principles of “freedom”?

You think – do you – given the two acts of oppression described above – that denying a man an opportunity to defend himself from the oppressions of the powerful is compatible with “freedom”?

Perhaps you consider – and if so, I’d be most interested in hearing your reasoning – that siding with mob-rule and unlawfully halting the Christmas speech I was attempting to give on behalf of abuse survivors was somehow conducive to “freedom”?

We won’t get answers to these questions, of course, because Phil is a weak and snivelling little coward; a text-book example of the bully who is ready to abuse his power over the less powerful, oppress them; tyrannise them – but runs away just as soon as someone stands up to him.

You know, taxpayers fork-out something in excess of £300,000 per annum in salary and pension to this disgusting little maggot.

If you live in Jersey – if you’re a poor pensioner – perhaps someone who survived the occupation – think of that money.

Think of it as you pay tax on your bread and apples.

And ask yourself did you endure the war – and work hard in the following decades – just to be taxed on your food – so the States can employ – at vast cost – stupid and immoral little worms like Bailhache?

Last September, when I was facing the dismissal debate which had been engineered against me by a corrupt and self-serving civil service who wanted to carry on with the culture of concealment, I produced a substantial dossier of evidence in response to the “91 page dossier” Walker & Ogley produced against me. As I said above, Bailhache blocked publication of my document.

He did so for two, clear reasons.

Had my comments been officially published, they would have attracted parliamentary privilege – which means the whole world could have read them with impunity.

And – a significant part of my evidence related to the Victoria College child abuse scandal – and was thus deeply damning of Bailhache himself.

When I received word of his utterly unprecedented blocking of the publication of my defence comments, I responded to him in an e-mail.

After today’s disgusting spectacle, I think a few of the choice phrases I used will serve to conclude with.

The tragedy for this community is – all these remarks are true.

And remember – the unlawful blocking of my comments was carried out by a man who – without apparent shame – stands on Jersey’s Liberation Day – and speaks of “freedom”.


Select Quotes From my E-Mail to Bailhache in Response to his Blocking the Publication of My Defence Dossier.

“When I think that my grandfather fought the Nazis at Dunkirque, I know he would be spinning in his grave to see such a contemptible, disgusting, corrupt, self -interested perversion of the level playing field of democracy.”

“You are anti-democratic – a gangster – and a spiv. But perhaps more fundamentally than this – you are simply thick.”

“You are a disgusting and silly little man – with the ethics of a Bangkok pimp – and a grasp of democracy that wouldn’t be out of place in Zimbabwe.”

Have a nice day, Phil.


Sir Philip Bailhache’s Speech

9TH May 2008

“I am sure that many of those who were here in May 1945 will remember
the old saying that one of the first casualties of war is the truth. This year
we have learnt that even in peacetime, once a media bandwagon starts
rolling, it is difficult to distinguish what is true from what is fictitious.

“Liberation Day is as good a time as any to take stock and to shake
ourselves free of the misinformation to which the child abuse inquiry has
given rise. It is extraordinary how quickly it all happened. It all started
with the discovery of a fragment of a child’s skull and a sniffer dog who
showed interest in six different sites. Within days newspapers and
broadcasters had converted that information into stories of finding six or
more bodies of children, and within two weeks those stories had crossed
the world feeding a frenzy of righteous indignation and further wild
speculation. A cover-up by government was suggested, and there was
incredulity that local people had not noticed these sinister events.

“Unjustified smears about wholesale collaboration during the occupation
led to suggestions that the Island was full of dark secrets and that ours
was a community that cared nothing for vulnerable children.
Now we know that the fragment of skull is at least 60 years old and
possibly very much older than that. There are as yet no bodies, no
evidence of any murder, and no evidence of cover-ups by government.
Hardly any of this has been beamed across the world. Yet many
journalists continue to write about the Island’s so called child abuse

“All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the
unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is
the real scandal. The truth is that we do not yet know what happened at
Haut de la Garenne or in other places. What we do know is that a rigorous
investigation is taking place and, in due course, a balanced judgement
will be possible. A brave writer in the Guardian earlier this week was the
first journalist in a national newspaper, so far as I know, to confront this

“Confronting the past, which is one aspect of confronting the truth, is of
course not always easy. After all, it took us some time to confront the
uncomfortable truths about the occupation; to acknowledge publicly the
elements of collaboration and profiteering that took place; and to
remember the suffering of the slave workers and the hardships of the
deportees. It also took time to acknowledge the heroism of those who
rebelled against the occupiers in ways large and small, and the courage of
those who sheltered escaped prisoners at great risk to themselves. It was
easier to try to forget the painful memories of enemy occupation. But we
have now confronted the gremlins, and this annual celebration of
Liberation Day is a means of remembering the lessons of the past. Of
course, it is also the opportunity for those who were in Jersey on 9th May
1945 to recall the jubilation and intoxicating excitement that people felt
when the nightmare was over and freedom was restored. This celebration
is also the chance for younger people to learn more about the occupation,
and its significance in the story of our Island race, and to honour the
perseverance and courage of their elders.

“Confronting difficult situations is sometimes no easier than confronting
the past. I was struck recently by a letter in the Jersey Evening Post from
someone who was comparing her own experience in the Island with the
appalling report of a man in the north of England who collapsed and was
dying by the roadside, and who was ignored by numerous motorists
including one who drove over the poor man’s leg and broke it. Our letter
writer had also come across an injured man sitting on the side of a
country lane and had watched as a driver in front of her carefully
negotiated his car around the man and drove off. She stopped and called
an ambulance, but was lamenting that such callousness could happen in
Jersey. Sadly, such stories are as old as the hills. If only one person drove
around the injured man, we are in fact doing rather better than the men in
the biblical story where both the priest and the Levite passed by the
injured traveller on the other side of the road before the Good Samaritan
came along. The letter writer set a fine example. Confronting the
situation and showing personal responsibility for one’s actions are
qualities to which we can all aspire.

“I do not believe that Jersey is an uncaring society. On the contrary, there
is a strong political will to protect the poor and vulnerable in the
community and to correct any mistakes of the past. Of course Jersey is
not Utopia, and there are many problems to resolve. But equally we have
much for which to be grateful.

“Today our guest of honour is His Excellency Dr Alberto Jardim, the
President of Madeira and I extend a very warm welcome to him and to
Mrs Jardim. Our own Musical Original singers have just returned from
Funchal where they were royally received. I am delighted to say that we
have a group of young visiting musicians from Madeira in Liberation
Square today. I hope that the President’s visit will lead to many more
cultural exchanges of this kind between two Island communities which
have more in common than one might think.

“I also extend a warm welcome to Colonel Alexey Korkach, Air Attaché
from the Russian embassy and to Señor Alveraz Gamido, First Secretary
to the Spanish Embassy, who will both be at Westmount this afternoon
but who are also in the Square for our celebration this morning. And
finally may I thank all the senior citizens from the parishes who have
made this annual pilgrimage to Liberation Square. Whether you were one
of those in occupied Jersey or one of those evacuated to the UK, you
collectively kept alive the flame of freedom and worked to create out of
the ruins of 1945 the vibrant and successful community we now have.”

Phil Bailhache.


  1. Anonymous

    An even sadder day for Jersey.How much lower can these people go?
    I can see a day soon we will have two Liberation days,one from the Germans,and one from the present force that is currently occupying OUR Island.
    What a wonderful day that will be.!!

  2. Anonymous

    they need to go but how can the poor overrule the powerful

    it is bathed in history.

    i want a solution but maybe I am part of the solution by supporting this blog site.

  3. Dan

    I tried to watch Philip Baillache’s speech on the BBC website, but it was just a bit too sickening especially with Walker’s smug face at his rear.

    Having now read it, there’s not even a single mention of those who have been abused whilst in the care of the States of Jersey.

    The whole sorry affair simply leaves me wondering if the Nazis ever left.

    You keep saying that Baillache is a bit thick, and today certainly acts as proof of that.

  4. Anonymous

    So,who was there to stop him making his comments?
    Did the (Queen’s Represntive)try to stop him? NO.
    So who can control him?
    Stopped Stuart at christmas.

  5. Anonymous

    Succinctly put Stuart. It’s all enough to take your breath away, the sheer contradiction of the Bailiff’s stance, some freedom… some freedom of an opposing viewpoint… some freedom to voice the truth….

  6. katie stevens

    As you say Stuart, talking about truth is Ironic !
    If Mr Bailhache cannot see it then he is indeed in denial, ” confronting the past ” ? what is this man on ?

    Does he not realise yesterday , last month, last year ‘is’ the past too ?

    Those who continue in denial only serve to make matters worse for themselves,you,the perpetrators of crime & of course the victims.

    The entire episode & the handling of it , is an unmitigated disaster.

    I would like to have heard a more humble speech on Liberation day, but as we all know, the bailiff et al , don’t ‘do’ humble.

  7. To Zero


    They are in the dock, and their speeches are pleas for their defence.

    It’s worth recalling part of the Early Day Motion signed by 45 UK MPs (a high number for such motions)

    “….take steps to ensure that independent judges and prosecutors, with no prior connection with Jersey, are appointed, without delay, to deal with any criminal or civil cases which may arise from the child abuse controversies, to ensure the necessary impartiality of the judicial processes, and that there is a judicially empowered independent enquiry with an outside Chair into child abuse and the concealment of child abuse in Jersey on the grounds that the political authorities have failed to deal with the problems and are seriously compromised by their repeated failures to act properly and their publicly stated concerns to protect the reputation of the island, so that were they to undertake the wide ranging investigation required, they would, effectively, need to put themselves on trial as well.

  8. voiceforchildren


    I am an avid reader of your blog. I believe if it wasn’t for you I would have gone around the twist by now.

    I have experienced almost everything you publish. From cover ups, gagging, oppression, the list goes on. If you weren’t blogging about it and providing the substantial evidence to prove it, then I would be thinking what has, and is, being done to me is pureley coincidental because any other type of explanation would be too far fetched, conspiracy theorist and tottaly unbelievable.

    Unfortunately as things stand I don’t even know what I’m allowed to say let alone publish on the internet.

    I think I am safe in saying I have attempted to expose gross failings and cover ups in our goverment. Ministers protecting staff, no checks or accountability to the detrement of a child.

    I have persued every avenue available to me by the states of jersey and lots more avenues besides and have only come up against “closed doors”

    Now if it wasn’t for you and your blogs and the ever growing number of people having the courage to stand up to this tyranny I wouldn’t have the courage to tell anybody of what has and is happening to me, in fear of being laughed at.

    But for all my efforts trying to bring a child and family some justice, I am the one who has, and is, being dragged through the courts as “the accused”

    I am hoping to get the chance to expose my story but as things stand the states of jersey are doing everything in their power to prevent this.

    I have already had one blogsite closed down by them, something admitted by the Solicitor General in an open court where I was standing as “the accused”. The Solicitor General is monitoring my new blogsite, no doubt scrutinising it for any breaches of “agreements” that might have been “forced” on me.

    I would appreciate it if you could put my site on as a link on here as I have yours.

    Keep up the vital work you are doing. I believe the balliffs days must be numbered now, yesterdays speech was utterly deplorable among many other things is hypocritical, after stopping you addressing the abuse victims in your christmas speech, he hijacks liberation day to spout propaganda.

    I’ll not go on about the media coverage on here as I have blogged about it on my site.

  9. Res nullius

    “Liberation Day is as good a time as any to take stock and to shake
    ourselves free of the misinformation to which the child abuse inquiry has given rise”

    Is this the same insidiuos, staged and officially leaked misinformation that attempted to smear you recently in the rag Stuart? – i.e. that you “knew” of the Maguires case having been at a meeting but had ‘forgotten’ about it – despite it only being an oral report of the result? Sloppy spin – more of a wobble.

    “The truth is that we do not yet know what happened at Haut de la Garenne or in other places”

    Given his position as the islands chief judge, is he not nailing his colours to the mast here? An injudicious remark if ever there was one.

    Is he suggesting that over 150 witnesses have lied in statements to the police?

    Phil, we (society) do know exactly what happened at Haut de la Garrenne and ‘other places’ such as Blanche Pierre. It does not folow logically that an event did not happen simply because a conviction does not follow from a prosecution.

    It is of course up to the police now to prove it beyond reasonable doubt – I am sure you understand that phrase, being a judge and all that.

    “There is a strong political will to protect the poor and vulnerable in the community”

    This is truly either an unbelievable lie or a comment of utter crassness.

    The establishment protect the finance industry and their wealthy,back slapping friends to the death – because they have their own money tied up in it.

    On the other hand they tax our bread and milk. Frank et al can easily absorb an extra couple of pence on these items. Pensioners can’t so easily – if at all.

    Some protection of the poor and vulnerable in the community Phil.

    Or do you live in a different society to the rest of us Phil. A society where you think it appropriate to sentence a person to a longer term in prison for offences against the finance industry than you would a rapist?

    Which is thr greater evil? Which has the deeper personal impact?

    Was the island liberated in order to have a government exist where a guy can be secretly voted in as the islands leader by his cronies in return for the other most powerful seats in office?

    I sometimes wonder whether the Liberation was a good thing, or indeed whether it was actually acheived.

    At least least the Nazis didn’t dress themselves up as respectable.

  10. nancy

    Another outstanding performance from ‘The People’s Bailliff’, so much so that I would like to nominate him for this year’s Marie Antoinette Award (presented for surreal levels of contempt, a sheer jaw-dropping lack of empathy and general two-fingered salutes to the already-more-than-sufficiently-oppressed human beings who pay one’s way).
    My reasons for nomination speak for themselves, firstly the ‘ingenuous’ bewilderment expressed at calls for his resignation over the Roger Holland affair and the misuse of the Liberation celebrations in order to take a swipe at his critics, however I think the piece de resistance came with his attitude towards the GST rally…
    Let the Wretched Proles be silenced whilst I dine!
    Let them eat cake!
    Or similar
    …and in the face of the fact that one of the many aspects of the matter about which the Wretched Proles were protesting was that the tax is to be levied on FOOD!
    An awe-inspiring contribution and all in such a short space of time, Marie Antoinette would be truly proud.

    Thank you Stuart for your clarity and continued strength.
    Best wishes.

    P.S. I am renting a first floor flat in Vine St. and have taken up knitting.

  11. A Holiday In The Sun

    I’m at a complete loss to understand how Bailhache could have thought a speech of this nature would be a good idea.

    Frankly I found it offensive. That speech was an embarrasment to the people of Jersey, a disgraceful exhibition from a shameless individual.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.

    Remember this lovely Email I received from the one and only Frank Walker.


    There has been no interference with the flow of information to the media whatsoever. The Police and only the Police have control over press statements issued on the investigation. There has been no news because thankfully there have been no new developments.

    From the political perspective I have given interviews to the Today programme, broadcast on Good Friday, Panorama which will be broadcast next Monday and I am doing both the Saturday Interview in the JEP on Saturday and Talk Back on the BBC on Sunday.

    My theme is that Jersey has to accept that something terrible has happened and that we won’t be able to look forward until we have brought the guilty to justice and given victims every possible support.

    There is no cover up in Jersey today, and I repeat my statement, that there will be no hiding place for those who have committed these horrendous crimes or who may in the past have let victims down by not reacting to complaints and cries for help as they should have done.

    I will shortly be announcing an independent enquiry to be headed up by a leading QC from the UK to investigate all aspects of the way Jersey has dealt with this crisis, both historically and currently. This will commence as soon as the police investigation has been concluded. I am determined that any impartial observer will have to conclude that we have handled every aspect of this horrible situation thoroughly and transparently.

    I hope this gives you peace of mind.


    Frank Walker

    Oh it gives me peace of mind alright, I would love to go over and give the lying Nazi toe rag and give him and his ‘Goose Stepping’ idiots a lesson in how to be truthful. It would have been good to turn on them at the Liberation day rally with banners from the survivors and shout them down, they just can’t get away with trying to ‘Brainwash’ the people of Jersey any longer, how do these Nazi swines sleep of a night.

    One bright and sunny morning there will be a knock on their door, standing there will be a policeman from the Mainland ‘Your Knicked’

    Or maybe some poor survivor who has had enough standing their with a shotgun saying ‘Remember Me’

  13. jim browne

    Hi Stuart. Just sent this to our friend Frank Walker, lets see what he has to say.

    Hello Frank.

    Remember me and that lovely email that you sent to me below.


    There has been no interference with the flow of information to the media whatsoever. The Police and only the Police have control over press statements issued on the investigation. There has been no news because thankfully there have been no new developments.

    From the political perspective I have given interviews to the Today programme, broadcast on Good Friday, Panorama which will be broadcast next Monday and I am doing both the Saturday Interview in the JEP on Saturday and Talk Back on the BBC on Sunday.

    My theme is that Jersey has to accept that something terrible has happened and that we won’t be able to look forward until we have brought the guilty to justice and given victims every possible support.

    There is no cover up in Jersey today, and I repeat my statement, that there will be no hiding place for those who have committed these horrendous crimes or who may in the past have let victims down by not reacting to complaints and cries for help as they should have done.

    I will shortly be announcing an independent enquiry to be headed up by a leading QC from the UK to investigate all aspects of the way Jersey has dealt with this crisis, both historically and currently. This will commence as soon as the police investigation has been concluded. I am determined that any impartial observer will have to conclude that we have handled every aspect of this horrible situation thoroughly and transparently.

    I hope this gives you peace of mind.


    Frank Walker.

    Well it looks like you were also telling me a load of shit like you did at the Liberation Day Rally. How dare you try and railroad a rally like this and try and tell the people of Jersey that this abuse is all just a media outburst and and you and your good Government have nothing to do with it.

    You should be ashamed of yourself and go with the rest of your Goverment and bury your heads in the Toxic sands of your beach. Why can’t you be a man and stand up for what is right and support the survivors of your Island instead of pretending that it never happened, can’t you get it through your thick skull that it DID happen and you are trying your best to cover it up.

    You will not cover it up, we will not allow you to cover it up, there are many of us out here who will not let it happen.

    We have beat bigger fish than you in our fight for truth, the internet is a wonderful tool for getting information out, and you must remember that WE do it the LEGAL way, and not force people to forget what happened to them. Survivors have now learnt to stand up and be counted, gone are they days when we hid in rooms terrified to tell people what happened to us, it was your Islands fault and your leaders fault not ours.

    Come on Frank I dare you to reply to me and tell me which side you support, the Victims of the abuse or the abusers, are you going to fight for justice for these victims or will you stand along side the filth of the Island and allow them to walk free.

    I await your reply

    Jim Browne

  14. Anonymous

    How unbelievably two-faced our bayleaf is. He stops Stuart making his Father of the House Christmas speech along political lines (i.e. not “the right time and place”), then goes and does exactly that at Liberation!! How dare he use this occasion for such nonsense?!

    Jeeez, it’s scary that her maj allows her crown posession to be run like this.

  15. Anonymous


    Remember, “All that evil men need to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke.

    The speeches made are horrific in the context of the Liberation celebrations. It is an abuse of power and of the child abuse survivors to make public announcements of this kind on such an occasion. Can we construe this to mean they are running scared?

    On a legal footing, apart from considerations as conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, to make pronouncements of this kind in these circumstances constitute contempt surely?

    I fear that Jersey is the microcosm to the mainland as the macrocosm and this is why there has been silence from the British Establishment. I mean that the happenings as regards child abuse on Jersey have also occurred in the UK and been covered up largely too. This is because the same people are involved and by that I mean the Brothers and their paedophile friends in high places.

    Look at North Wales and the child abuse in the care homes there. North Wales is run and controlled by Freemasons. Politicians, local government, Police, all in the lodges there. Even little villages like Penmaenmawr have a huge masonic lodge which caters for some high degrees of masons. Llandudno is known as Masonville. The children in the care homes were abused not only by staff but by others too. These included some senior Police officers and all manner of paedophile “establishment” members, drawn from a wider field than Wales. Some of these are named on a website, they include a prominent politician who sits in the House of Lords. It is reported that videos exist showing the torture and rape of children by this man. These, so horrific that people who have seen them have been sick after viewing them for a short time.

    So, take it that in the UK establishment, there are paedophiles in high places (well most of these types have been to public school and been corrupted there)who are intent on covering up this abuse in the UK, or elsewhere.

    The type of speeches by the band of Jersey Brothers indicates that they are arrogant as believe they can succeed in avoiding justice. They must be made aware that they are mistaken in their smug contempt for the abused and people who support them. Can we take it that these individuals named are all in the same Lodge?

    It needs a group of people to get together and launch the Resistance NOW! The Nazis ruled by tyrrhany and dictatorship, they practised eugenics. The faces and names are different but they still run Jersey from what these corrupt whores say.

    Don’t forget, Orwell, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

    Mason Buster.

  16. Anonymous

    Mason Buster.

    You are right my friend, the amount of cover up’s in the UK are just as bad.

    This is part of my case.

    ‘Victims’ sue care society Jul 25 2005

    Liverpool Echo

    MORE than 60 people who say they were subjected to sexual and physical abuse at Merseyside children’s homes will have their compensation claims heard.
    The alleged victims are suing the Nugent Care Society, responsible for the long closed St Vincent’s home in Formby, and its sister establishment, St Aidan’s in Widnes, for substantial damages.

    The case is due to go ahead at the high court early next year.

    Cheadle Hulmebased solicitors Abney Garsden McDonald say the group were traumatized by their experiences at the homes between the early 1960 s and the mid-1980s.

    They claim management “should have appreciated what was happening” at the homes and “failed to heed or act upon” young residents’ complaints of widespread physical and sexual abuse.

    In a hearing at the high court, Mr. Justice Holland directed the trial of the claims should start on February 21 with six “lead cases” on the result of which about 60 others will depend.

    The judge set the trial date despite a plea from Edward Faulks QC, for the Nugent Care Society, that defense lawyers needed more time to cope with the enormous amount of evidence generated by the case.

    He said 15 boxes of documents from St Vincent’s alone had to be gone through and it had taken four people three months to review the “deluge” of paperwork.

    The judge directed the claimants’ legal team to focus all their attentions on precisely setting out their case against the society, adding: “We are now coming to put up or shut up time.”

  17. Anonymous

    our lovely local media….

    BBC and Channel TV – do mention that the Liberation Day speeches were controversial..


    JEP – no mention at all – just establishment mouthpiecing as usual.

    Channel 103 – no mention either.

    It’s the one thing everyone I’ve bumped into is talking about, yet you wouldn’t know it from those clueless “investigators”.

  18. Anonymous


    I am not a political person, I rarely get worked up about the State of the Island.

    Yesterday’s debacle cannot go without me asking questions from the chief judge on the Island.

    What on earth gives you the right to comment (again) on what is a police matter?

    How can you remain objective if and when this matter is brought to court. You have given a Satarday interview in the JEP and now this speech.

    You are implicated over the Holland scandal – you should have done the honourable thing and resigned on this matter but instead you have chosen to use a public event to voice a politically charged speech.
    Pray tell me why a judge, with no political mandate can advocate on behalf of the current council of ministers. this is a monumental lapse of judgement. It is clear that what ever happens with the police investigation, this Island cannot provide an objective and fair process for either the victims or the perpetrators.

    As I state, I am not a political animal, I can vote a politician out of office but you are an incurable disease that this Island has to suffer. You provide a veneer of respectability that covers unacceptable behaviour. Please resign at least you will demonstarte some integrity by this action. You can then stand for political office. Alternatively stay in the sure knowledge of the Island’s contempt for you.

  19. Anonymous


    Who advises the Bailiff?
    Surely a judge running amock as a a pseudo-politician can be held in check?

    If a member of the public acts to prejudice a court case or a police investigation action can be taken?

    Let action be taken, this man has used the local media to defend his poor decision making. He has withdrawn the right to expression from an elected member of the states. He as allowed a paedophile to access a police force. He has failed in his role of school governor. Why in God’s name do we think he is capable in the role of judge.

    I agree with the last blogger – he is a disease – the disease of apathy and ignorance

  20. Anonymous


    Who does one report a baliff to for invetiagtion of misconduct.

    Is there a States disciplinary process for dismissing a baliff on the grounds of capability, if so how does one go about invoking it?

    Or is it as I suspect, he is above any processes, above the law perhaps?

    Seems to be one rule for Stuart Syvret and Simon Bellwood and a completely different one for Phillip Bailache – oka Ballsache
    Why does this island accept such maladministration?

  21. Dan

    Talk of propaganda and irony…

    Anyone who may have picked a copy the local JEP newspaper, out of the gutter today 10th May 2008 will surely see the blatant propaganda printed on the front page.

    No-where at all does the Jersey Evening Post mention that a good number of local people are extremely unhappy with Baillache.

    The irony being that the JEP printed all the Nazi propaganda in Jersey during the occupation.

  22. Anonymous

    Sick that’s what it is. That man (and I use man with a million apologies to all other man) But he is one sick puppy who needs to be put down.

    To use a day of liberation which is meant to be a day of celebration I would imagine being similar to victory in Europe day, is not only an effrontery to all the people who fought in 2 wars but is as shameful as what Frankie’s hero’s did to the Jewish people.

    Not a day goes by in Jersey without me hearing about our illustrious leaders and their buffoonery, basic lack of even the merest glint of empathy for the hundreds of victims and survivors of Jersey’s concentration camp children’s homes.

    The false judiciary and his pontificating about the good people of Jerseys of which we in the UK still believe there are many, however he was saying this as though we and most of the crowd were not the good people and those of his ilk were.

    Not a good day for politics and law in Jersey and if Bungling Bailhache thinks for one second that he speaks for the majority of the people of Jersey he is sadly mistaken as he will see when it comes to the elections.

    Stuart! Get yourself up on your rostrum and campaign to get rid of these letches. Stand for election and you will win. Create a poll on your blog and see for yourself, people are sick and tired of these sick perverts running rampant without being or taking responsibility for their actions or that of others they obviously still support.

    Well done Stuart your doing a great and valuable job.

    Would it be possible for the victims and yourself and maybe Simon to make your own video blog?

  23. Anonymous


    Perhaps the Bailiff would like to express his views face to face with the ex residents of the children’s service.

    I am sure this will help him understand that sexual assualt and abuse by people in power is not a matter of mis-perception. It is a blatant act of savergy on a child and in most civilised countries a crimanal offence. We are -thanks to the Bailiff being judged by the world as the new Pitcairn Islands.
    We may not have a common surname of Fletcher endemic to the Island but I suggest many of your readers could suggest the local surname that would surfice

    Go and go now Bailiff – your ethics are questionable and are rightly being questioned by the taxpayers of the Island.

    Sir you are culpable on many counts

  24. Anonymous


    I have to protest that your site is becoming a Bailiff bashing bonaza

    Do you not realise that this chap is doing Jersey a favour – he is stopping the taxpayer shouldering the burden of expensive criminal procedings

    Do you and Lenny not realise that there is a cost to be borne by turning over stones?

    Shame on you Stuart – anybody would think there is a moral obligation to deal with the matter through the criminal justice system. The JEP has not reported the isuue because there is no issue, the Bailiff and his mates keep telling us we live in an Island paradise where everybody is good and kind and christian.

    Lets hope the horrible masses of outraged people stop reading your blog. Then we can carry on with business as normal – not so good if you are in care of the States but hey -parasites can’t be choosy!

  25. Steve

    “All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the
    unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is
    the real scandal”.
    Can this tiny maggot of a man really be serious? Does he really believe that the systematic rape,torture and abuse of children matter less than the image of us here on this God-forsaken rock?
    I am a father of two beautiful kids and feel totally incensed by the comments made by this excuse for a man and by similar comments made by that slimmy toad Walker!How dare they hijack such an important and locally significant event to insult all those that have suffered either by the hands of abusers or under German occupation.
    I can just imagine my Gran and Grandad now turning in their graves after having suffered during the war.These people and all those rats that hide beneath their skirts,should feel utterly ashamed at this debacle.For our island to have sunk to these depths is truly remarkable and I only hope that one fine day they all get their just deserts!
    Stuart,you are truly a beacon in the darkness that now surrounds us.Please carry on the fight,there are many amongst us that that wish to be the foot soldiers when the call comes.

  26. Frank

    The Jersey abuse case is a microcosm of the world .’Our Leaders ‘ are different from the rest of us-from Jersey to Burma , from Iraq to Zimbabwe . They have a different mindset and agenda from the rest of us and they don’t care about anything apart from their power .Especially not the welfare of the populace .

  27. Anonymous

    Reading those guys speeches bought to mind the christmas fiasco.One rule for Syvret and one rule for those two. Are they morally blind?

  28. Anonymous


    Meant to add Baihache’s name alongside Walker’s regarding their speeches but I did not proof read it well. Would you edit that, please, if you publish it, just adding the name of Bailhache? My comment was the very long one about the shameless writers at the JEP as the mouthpiece of Walker. Thanks!

  29. Anonymous


    There seems to be palpable outrage over the shameful speeches. Let us hope it reaches a tipping point. Anyone who might have hoped the States could ever become humble and self correcting need only look to the Liberation event to know otherwise.

    Kuddos to the anonymous earlier commenter who called Phil the Bayleaf. I propose that as the perfect name for somone who has not yet realized his leaf is smaller than that of a fig. Like the naked emperor of legend, he is obliviously exposed for what he realy is.

  30. Anonymous


    would you mind if my friend and I put up a Forum called Jersey Survivors, on that forum we can show photo’s documents and anything else which will help your fight.

    We don’t wish to take away or disturb your fantastic blog, we would be lost without it, we can even put up news vidios.

    jim browne

  31. donchais

    Phil and Frank just so blew it with their Liberation Day speeches!

    Found this on the site:

    Liberation Day speech criticized

    The Liberation day speech by Jersey’s chief minister has been criticised in a letter to all States’ members.

    In his speech Senator Frank Walker attacked the way an investigation into allegations of historical child abuse has been reported in the press.

    But Deputy Gerard Baudins has written to say he was appalled by the speech and considered interrupting it because it had nothing to do with Liberation.

    Guess we weren’t the only ones who were appalled!

    Keep up the good fight!

  32. Anonymous

    Many Thanks Stuart for allowing us to spread the word over here in the UK.

    With our Forum, it will allow photo’s and any documents to be viewed out in the open, it will also help you in your fight for justice. We now have the word going around in Australia and Canada, the further we reach the better, listen for the rumble and the black cloud that comes over Jersey.

    Any posters who wish to see the forum please use the link below, and please remember we are not trying to take the shine away from Stuart, but helping him to shine even brighter.

  33. Anonymous

    What mention of the BRAVE Jersey resistance movement to the Nazi’s on Liberation Day

    What mention in the JEP of its role during the occupation and its role in allowing the Collabarators to escape justice (not one person convicted)

    Yet nearly every Jewish person on the Island sent to consentration camps…many to die in the final solution.

    Our resistance movement should be national hero’s as in the rest of Europe

    Europe got de-nazification

    Jersey still hides from the truth

    Justice must come…..soon…

  34. Anonymous

    The new site, Jersey abuse survivors, will help the folk who have been abused in Jersey to find other people, and so get support. The awful thing about the abuse is the re-abuse, the way survivors are treated is appalling.


  35. Anonymous

    Even ignoring the actual content, the Bailiff’s speech was staggeringly inappropriate for an occasion such as this. Does he not understand how hypocritical he appears, given his blocking of Stuart’s Christmas speech in the States?

    I believe his speech will have exactly the opposite effect than that intended, and will cause real anger among a large number of the island’s residents.

    I propose that a “One Minute Boo” is organised in the Royal Square as a way of expressing this anger.

    We cannot remove the Bailiff through democratic means, but we can at least make our feelings known in public. If sufficient of us do so, his position may become untenable.

  36. Helen

    Good to hear you on radio Jersey this morning, please please stand for election and don’t leave you are greatly needed.

  37. Anonymous

    As many people before me have already said, the decision of the Bailiff and Frank Walker to use Liberation Day as a platform to make the speeches they did, was deplorable.
    These are experienced, intelligent men. Men who the population of the Island should be able to look up to with trust and respect. Now they have become a joke.
    Their lack of rationality and respect for the occasion on Liberation Day, makes them look to me like two very frightened men. Are they tottering on the brink of their own downfall, do you think? I for one, sincerely hope so!!
    Keep giving them enough rope…..

  38. Anonymous

    “I propose that a “One Minute Boo” is organised in the Royal Square as a way of expressing this anger”

    What a great idea!!! I second that!


  39. donchais

    OMG! Look what JEP just did!

    Liberation speeches stir up a storm
    By Carly Lockhart_

    ISLANDERS were ‘disgusted’ and ‘offended’ by the speeches made by the Chief Minister and the Bailiff on Liberation Day, according to Deputy Gerard Baudains.

    The St Clement Deputy said that his phone had not stopped ringing over the weekend with people calling to voice their anger and sadness at how Jersey’s most important holiday had been ‘hijacked’ in order to blame the international media for embellishing the truth about the Haut de la Garenne abuse scandal.

    Deputy Baudains said that many Islanders had called him in floods of tears while others had said that they were close to walking out of Liberation Square during the Bailiff’s speech when he called for an end to the media’s ‘remorseless denigration of Jersey.’

    Keep it going guys!

  40. Anonymous

    Cellar bones found at Jersey home
    An investigator examines on of the four cellars
    Investigators have been examining the cellars for months

    Bone fragments and five teeth have been found in an underground cellar under a former Jersey children’s home at the centre of a child abuse investigation.

    Detectives leading one of the biggest abuse inquiries in UK history said the remains had undergone initial examinations in the UK.

    The fragments, found at Haut de la Garenne, are thought to be from a child aged four or five.

    They will now undergo tests including carbon dating and DNA testing.

    A spokeswoman for Jersey Police said: “There have now been a total of five teeth found.

    “These items have been sent for further examination in the UK.

    “We are not expecting any update on these results before the beginning of next week.”

    The 18-month investigation into claims of sexual and physical abuse of children at Haut de la Garenne was stepped up in February after police found the partial remains of a child’s skull buried in concrete in a stairwell.

    During the excavation of four underground rooms which have been uncovered, police have found a number of items, including shackles and a bath, which they say corroborate claims from victims.

  41. Anonymous

    The former warden of a Jersey care home has appeared before magistrates, facing three charges of indecent assault.

    Gordon Claude Wateridge, 76, will reappear on 9 June. He formerly worked as a warden at the Haut de la Garenne care home.

    The allegations came to light as part of the ongoing investigation into historic abuse on Jersey. The inquiry was launched more than 18 months ago.

    Mr Wateridge has yet to enter a plea to the magistrates’ court.

    The former warden was born in Croydon and lives in the Jersey parish of St Clement.

    Although he worked at Haut de la Garenne, his arrest is unconnected with the discovery of a fragment of a child’s skull at the former children’s home and the ongoing forensic search there.

    Lock him up in a celler with shackles for weeks on end, then he can wait for Baillache and Walker to join him to rot.
    Better idea, why not have a public burning in the town square.

    Jim Browne

  42. Sigmund Fraud

    One would like to think that those in power would be of the highest calibre in most ways, however it does seem that this is not the case and I don’t just mean in Jersey as this problem is manifest in most countries including the UK. If anyone is waiting for action from Brown and Co you will wait a long time.

    The UK government has its own share of ignorant egotists in power. Dishonesty with its people seems to be the main thread running through all politicians and the question that should be asked is: If you want to be a politician in today’s society then your motives should be seriously looked into.

    The Labour Party is now facing up to the problem you will get when the House of Commons has no “Common” people in it.

    The House of Lords is now acting in the way the Commons should given their decision on January 30th when they acted with honour and ended the astonishing Limitations act in relation to sexual abuse victims who were deliberately abused by those who worked in the care systems.

    I hope this ruling will help those who were abused while in Jersey’s Concentration camp children’s homes.

    Stuart I dearly hope that you don’t leave this Island and indeed take a defiant in your fight against the rot that will bring shame upon those who are meant to be people of impeccable, honest and deserving of people who claim the title of integrity.

    Please Stuart you have this integrity in spades and you should stand for election in the jerseys next elections, not everyone has an internet connection or the wherewithal to afford this facility especially the poor of Jersey whom make up the majority of those who were abused, in turn you are their voice you are their words and their hope.

    I know this places a huge burden upon you however you are still idealistic and there are many in politics of the Island who are most defiantly not…

    Keep it up Stuart you are a saviour…

  43. Anonymous

    who will buckle first the politicians or the JEP

    I would suggest the politicians…but only at the behest of the electorate….

    a number will simply not stand others will feel the electorate wrath

    But its the JEP we need to sought out

    one hundred years of telling people what to think and who to vote for is a hard act to give up

    we must help them look in the mirror

    admit their failings (such as its role in Nazi occupation, its condemenation of the resistance movement and its historical role in protecting the elite against the masses

    we are many they are few…..

  44. To Zero


    Cretinism and Asperger’s are serious medical conditions whose victims suffer a lot. The Bailiff’s problem lies elsewhere.

    Over a decade ago the UK authorities severely curtailed the appointment of white, male, Oxbridge-educated judges, wearied at their breath-taking unworldliness. Jersey is hobbled by having one such specimen in so many varied and conflicted roles.

    Not that I think Jersey should fire him, but rather give him a more useful role. In his regalia, he could greet tourists as they descend from the ferry. On a wet Sunday, it would be the highlight of their visit. Or, with modern wizardry, he could appear from a wall in Gorey castle and recite a compendium of witticisms from States speeches, in Jersey French of course. Or in the museum, pose statuesque, coming to life every hour to present two dead ducks on a plate to some astonished German tourist.

    And I’m not against him and his family living rent supported in some suitable abode, where he can benefit from the wisdom and inclusiveness of Jersey laws. From a well-run and well-maintained lodging house in town, he can listen in the small hours to the merry revellers wending their way home, and, on a morning stroll, absorb the sights and sounds of several scenic car parks.

    With such rehab, and removed from the bad influence of his current cronies, I’m sure a more rounded citizen would emerge, who could one day even be a popular elected States member.

  45. Anonymous

    My parents who are sadly not with us any more were good Jersey people who survived the ocupation and all its difficulties with dignity and and the belief that Great Britain would prevail and rescue them from there ordeal

    They would be so shocked to find that our Bailiff would use Liberation Day to try to salvage his now non existant reputation

    No reconition of the suffering of the poor throuhout the occupation just an attack on outside media over there excellant reporting of the child abuse scandal

    No sympathy for the victims!

    The local media is a disgrace I for one will no longer buy the JEP
    it excist solely to repeat the propaganda of our goverment spin doctors!

    The Bailiff and all existing Crown Officers should resign and non biased Lawyers from the UK shoud replace these disgraceful individuals

    This same clicq has given us a Jersey National Anthem what rubish a few hundred chosen people at the opera house! decided this for all of us !!

    As a very proud JERSEY MAN proud of our Island but certainly not of our Goverment!! There is only one Anthem to be sung that is GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

    With out the stand taken by GREAT BRITAIN in its darkest days following the fall of France and the inspired leadership of WHINSTON CHURCHILL

    And the courage of the few in the ROYAL AIRFORCE, none of us would be alive to-day we would have perished in the extermination camps of Germany

    Can we not present a petition to he Majesty the QUEEN asking for the removal of the Baliff and the guilty crown officers and the restoration of our ANTHEM, all the Islands historic past is to the QUEEN and her ancestors

    We would need a petition to go directly to he Majesty not through her local flunkeys whom are part of the problem!!


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