Jersey’s Only “Newspaper”

Exposed by Citizen Media!

Well – wouldn’t you know it? I said I’d be intermittent with my blogs – but here I am already – writing another, less than 24 hours later.

But I just couldn’t resist.

In my last posting, we had a mini Readers’ Quiz called:

“Spot the Fake Manufactured “Letter” in the Jersey Evening Post!”

This will be a continuous quiz, so readers can send in any examples they think they’ve spotted of fake, manufactured letters; organised campaigns run by spin-doctors and embarrassing biases in the JEP’s letters’ page.

But to start the ball rolling, I asked the question with specific reference to last night’s Rag.

Could my – extremely well-informed, extensive and erudite readership spot the fake, manufactured letter in yesterday’s JEP?

Within moments, the first answer nailed it.

And the accuracy of that finding was added to and expanded upon by further readers.

Even to the extent of sending in an example of another fake letter “written” by the same non-existent “author”.

But – it gets even better, as I’ll explain shortly.

The “letter” was – purportedly – from a “B. Riantz”.

This “B. Riantz” being a rabid, pro-oligarchy, anti-poor, pro-the millionaires, hard-Right market-fundamentalist – notwithstanding the fact “they” – supposedly – “live” at 29 Belmont Road – poverty-stricken bed-sit land not far from the chippy and handy for a few of the back-street pubs.

A curious paradox of – apparent – very working-class living conditions – and political and economic views which would make Augusto Pinochet seem like a member of Fidel Castro’s fan-club.

This is an illustration of just how utterly lost, obsolete, out-of-their-depth, incompetent and desperate The Rag is.

For as I explained in a comment – the whole – very traditional – practice of the Jersey Evening Post in lying to its readers and manipulating them via the “letters’” page was investigated, exposed and dissected on certain web-sites months ago – even to the point of “B. Riantz” being outed as non-existent.

You know – if I was the owner of The Rag I’d be firing Chris Bright and Rob Shipley; I mean, you own this “newspaper” – essentially, the sole purpose of which is to act as the house-journal and propaganda rag for Jersey’s corrupt, entrenched oligarchy.

And they can’t even get their opinion-manipulation, spin-doctoring and lying – their core-function – to work in a faintly credible manner.

Instead, using not only a tactic – but a specific, non-existent “author” – which was exposed as imaginary by citizen media months ago.

So – naturally enough – this particular Soviet Union-style example of propaganda and opinion management was exposed by readers within moments of me doing the post.

But – as I said – it gets even better!

The person who actually manages 29 Belmont Road, and who is a part-owner of the property, happens to be one of my readers.

This is what they’ve said in a comment:

“I think I can nail this one, Stuart.

I happen to manage 29 Belmont Road! I It has 4 flats and I know all the tenants and none of them or their partners are called B. Riantz!”


Finally – overwhelming and conclusive proof of The Rag lying to its readers.

The Jersey Evening Post – caught-in-the-act!

The oligarchy’s propaganda-machine – exposed!

The reader – who I spoke to this morning – is not a happy bunny – given the purported “letters” “from” the supposed “B. Riantz” – apparently “resident” at his property – are utterly fake and mere establishment spin and lies.

He’s spoken to The Rag – and naturally enough, got the predictable brush-off.

But – hey! – The Rag just doesn’t matter any more – as this episode shows.

We can expose the truth here – where more people will read it than read The Rag!

And whilst so doing – deliver savage blows to the Jersey Evening Post’s “credibility” – well, what little – if any – The Rag has left.

Don’t buy the Jersey Evening Post.

Don’t be a mug.

Don’t hand over your money – just to be lied to.

The Rag is dreadful – in so many ways, there just isn’t the space to go into them all. The JEP has always been, simply, an enemy of this community.

But – a slight detail remains; was this “letter” one of those they produce ‘in-house’ – or was it manufactured by a spin-doctor and submitted to The Rag?

It could, quite possibly, be the latter – but even if so, in no way can that excuse the JEP – which is responsible for what gets printed on its pages.

There is a reasonable expectation that The Rag would take some rudimentary checks on the bona fides of “letters” they receive

Especially so – given that both Chris Bright and Rob Shipley have been repeatedly warned about fake letters they publish.

But let us – just for argument’s sake, for a moment – assume that the “B. Riantz” “letter” was not an ‘in-house’ job – written by The Rag themselves.

Who could be the spin-doctor behind the manufacture of the “letter”?

We have clues aplenty – just consider how bloody stupid, incompetent and thick this stunt was; being carried out so brazenly at this sensitive time – and by someone who is so dumb and out-of-the-loop – they just hadn’t noticed this particular pseudonym had already been exposed – months earlier.

So – we’re looking for someone really, really thick.

Here’s our prime suspect.

Glenn Rankine – husband of Karen Rankine, the boss of Channel Television – and incompetent, failed would-be spin-doctor to the oligarchy. He and his wife are a pair of utterly rabid social-climbers and inimically toxic to the public good. For example – both are very, very good friends with Frank Walker and Philip Ozouf.

I rarely watch CTV these days – but when I did, I estimated they were breaking broadcasting legislation in the extremity of their pro-establishment bias – about three times-a-week on average.

Glenn still likes to dabble in his fantasy of being some kind of all-powerful media-manipulator and spin-master – so look out for him should you go to any of the present round of hustings meetings. He’s invariable skulking at the back of the crowd – watching how things are going for the establishment candidates he’s supporting.

Why should Rankine be a lead-suspect? Well – he’s ‘got-form’ in using this technique. He used to work – maybe still does – for present Senatorial candidate, Deputy Alan – vote-for-me-for-GST-exemptions – MacLean.

MacLean is a text-book Jersey oligarch; a multi, multi-millionaire estate-agent and property speculator. Now – to be really effective – the whole fake-letter strategy needs to, at least, use real – but vacant – addresses.

And who would know of lots of vacant addresses – if not an estate-agent?

You’re there already.

When times were slack – or some pro-oligarchy case needed making urgently – Glenn – ‘half-brain’ – Rankine would churn out fake letters to The Rag, frequently using vacant addresses on his boss – Millionaire-MacLean’s books.

Lest you think I’m being paranoid about Rankine – consider the following – quite extraordinary – e-mail:

—–Original Message—–
From: Glenn Rankine []
Sent: 05 February 2007 10:26
To: Frank Walker
Subject: FW: The Letter
Importance: High
This e-mail has been received directly from the Internet: you should
exercise a degree of caution since there can be no guarantee that the
source or content of the message is authentic.

If you receive inappropriate e-mail from an external source it is your
responsibility to notify Computer Services Helpdesk (telephone 440440).

The Full States e-mail Usage Policy can be found here:


I send you this in complete confidence so you get an insight to what Stuart’s up to behind the scenes… Hope it helps.


From: Stuart Syvret []
Sent: 03 February 2007 11:57
To: Allan Watts
Subject: The Letter
Importance: High

Though I haven’t bothered reproducing it all, the e-mail from me to Allan Watts on the 3rd Feb 2007, was a message of complaint to CTV concerning some of their heavily-biased – and therefore illegal – ‘news’ coverage.

My e-mail went – not unreasonably – from Allan Watts to his boss, Karine Rankine. But then things go badly wrong. It went on from her to her husband, Glenn – and – as the e-mail evidence proves – from him “in complete confidence” to his friend Senator Frank Walker, by the 5th February.

Frank – not being terribly bright – published in error an entire e-mail folder, simply called “Syvret” – on the public folders section of the States of Jersey Outlook system. Naturally – within minutes of it appearing – I was inundated by messages from the decent middle-ranks of Jersey’s civil service, informing me of its existence.

I complained to the States IT department immediately – after, that is, naturally first taking the precaution of down-loading the entire folder – wherein lay Glenn’s fateful e-mail. Along with a load of other stuff.

And fascinating reading it all makes, too.

Incidentally, this little episode was one of several Data Protection complaints made by me, and Simon Bellwood to the gorgeous, pouting Emma Martins – Data Protection Commissioner and daughter of Bergerac actor, John Nettles. This being Jersey, naturally enough none of the complaints made by Simon or me were ever upheld by her – and 90% of the oligarchy’s complaints against us were.

Funny, that – aint it? You’d think the law of averages would militate against such an outcome.

But to conclude – let all decent Jersey people cherish this moment.

The Rag is responsible for what it prints.

And it’s been caught – red-handed – printing a load of fakery and lies.

So – be it Glenn Rankine, or some other spin-doctor, or an ‘in-house’ job by The Rag itself – it makes no odds.

The fact is the Jersey Evening Post either knowingly or recklessly – simply lies to its readers – as it has done throughout its 118 year history.

But this time – thanks to the networking and community voices as found in citizen media – they’ve been exposed; had their cover blown.

The Rag lies to us – it always has done – and now we’ve finally exposed them.

The Jersey Evening Post – liars by appointment to Jersey’s corrupt oligarchy.

Like I said:



134 thoughts on “GOTCHAAAAAAAH!

  1. Sarah K

    Nice one Stuart. Right in the goolies!!!

    WE will bring them down.

    Piece by piece.

    There is no escape.

  2. Anonymous

    Once again excellent work but the fact still remains the public want to know who is paying people like Glen Rankine?

    We, the public, are faced with two options here – it’s either paid for out of the politicians own pockets or its mine and your taxes; funded I imagine from the Chief Ministers Communication Unit budget.

    If anybody can shed some light on this morally inept behaviour please do as the sooner its brought out into the open the quicker the thickies will be out of a job and public money can be better spent on our community.

  3. Anonymous

    …newspaper headlines still display: “No right to interfere in our internal affairs!” Whereas there are no INTERNAL AFFAIRS left on our crowded Earth! And mankind’s sole salvation lies in everyone making everything his
    business; in the people of the East being vitally concerned with what is thought in the West, the people of the West vitally concerned with what goes on in the East. “

    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel prize address

    Bring it on.

  4. Anonymous

    what a disgrace Frank Walker on CI TV saying that child abuse is no worse anywhere in the world this cannot and will not justify wnat has happened and does not make it acceptable. What must the world and the poor victims think of us ?
    but then thats the jersey way and thats right ?!

  5. Stuart Syvret


    Whilst I’m very grateful to readers for their support – could I ask that the expletives be toned-down a little?

    I know, I know – a good, old-fashioned bit of Anglo-Saxon is what these oligarchy types deserve.

    And I’ve probably let through the occasional strong comment.

    But there’s been a marked increase in the – err – frankness of some of the messages.

    I think “crap” is about as far as we want to be going, as a matter of policy. Anything stronger won’t get through.

    So if you’ve submitted comments with some blunt, honest phraseology – and put speaking the truth over and above “politeness” – but they haven’t appeared here – maybe tone-down the language a bit and re-submit them.


  6. Anonymous

    Get the likes of Ozouf out. I am sick of his mug it is everywhere. Posters should be banned they are a waste of space and money. They are eye sores and I don’t like the rubbish they spout. How can anyone ask for re-election when they have just voted in extra taxes on the poor. It is morally wrong do these people have no shame?

    It really annoys me when finance people say how marvellous he is. Just because he has got more tax avoiders to invest in Jersey from the likes of China they think he is great. I say have you no morals what about Tibet? Money is obviously more important that people’s suffering. It is pathetic, we don’t need this sort of business in Jersey, it is an embarrassment for all Jersey people who have to put up with this type of business.

    The sooner finance goes the better and they can take all their supporters with them, then the real people can have their island back.

  7. Jimbo

    Brill Work Stuart.

    The JEP should now be called ‘Mock The Week’

    Is there anyone sane in that Government ??


  8. Stuart Syvret

    Had a brilliant rant from Glenn – or someone like him – submitted under the previous post.

    Check it out for a laugh, and have a read of my reply.


  9. Frank


    From my position in the UK , it seems that your ‘ powers that be ‘ are out of control . In a relatively small island like Jersey would it be possible to refuse to acknowledge the authority of your Senate and set up an alternative system.

  10. Anonymous

    Hmm this is very interesting indeed -I suppose that I am not alone in noticing B Riantz has many of the letters in Rankine wonder what his middle name is…… could be barking up the wrong tree …..but interesting indeed……………I think the caretaker of 29 should demand a printed apology……….
    I knew someone in cyberspace would come up trumps…………..I wonder if anyone from Claverly ( co that owns Guiton Group ) is aware of the gathering ill will for JEP?
    RE FW’s speech in Edinburgh – just shows what a non entity thi sman i s- he can go to Edinburgh and pontificate but cant address the island……………

  11. Anonymous

    Once again, another fantastic couple of posts – well done Stuart!! You have my respect and support for what you are doing.

    I do worry however, while it is good to expose the ‘goings on’ in our island, and the dubious characters who you name and shame, nothing much will happen as a result. Those that you name and shame, seem to be the brown nosed followers of our Frank. I cannot for the life of me, understand why these people want to creep after this man – what do they get out of it all? Are the crumbs from his table that big? Or is it that it makes them feel important to be seen to be playing in his team?

    I think, while it is great fun to shame and expose these people, it won’t have the desired affect. There is just one way to really break the oligarchs, and that is to discredit and expose the leader for what he really is and has been. Then, and only then, would the whole pack of cards tumble – and wouldn’t it be fun to watch all the brown noses scrambling to get their feet back on solid ground!!! Ha, ha, ha,- wouldn’t I love to see that!!

    You really need to break that man Stuart, if you’re going to get anywhere. It doesn’t matter that he will not be in the States much longer. By discrediting him, you will expose all that have followed him, to be completely wrong and a waste of space.

    Bring him down – it can’t be that hard. People like Frank don’t get where they are by being nice to people. I think you would easily find knowledgeable people who would love to help you.

    Show us who our real leader is….

    Stuart Syvret ….the man in touch with the real people of Jersey.

    Thanks Stuart – you’re a good egg. Keep up your good work.

  12. Anonymous

    isnt it time to name those guilty people

    who play at being poor while living in luxury on our island

    the nearest they have been to this address is to p~~~ on the workers

    well you’ve be found out

    now get off our Island

    weve got enough “loads of money” immigrants like you

    be careful

    you have to be lucky always
    we just have to be lucky once

    we are many you are few

  13. Anonymous

    will the JEP apologies


    it never does

    it never apologised for its Nazi editions or its anti jewish decrees published in its pages

    we suffer lies
    they suffered death

    Remember and honour the Jersey Resistance Movement

  14. Anonymous

    Don’t buy the JEP you are giving credance to their lies. It should be boycotted by every decent person in Jersey. Stuart has exposed them for what they are a spin machine for those in power. How much more evidence do you need? Stand up and be counted don’t buy this rubbish!

  15. voiceforchildren


    Great work, and again you just couldn’t make it up!!

    This B.Riantz of 29 Belmont road is the very same person and address that was exposed on isthisjersey a couple of months ago by Montford Tadier and Nick Le Cornu.

    You would have thought the rag would have learnt by that, to use a different name and address if they insist on such tactics.

    You certainly have hit a nerve with these shysters and if this isn’t proof the Jersey Care Leavers deserve our 45p a day, I don’t know what is!!

  16. Stuart Syvret

    A link has been submitted to the previous exposing of “B. riantz” on ItJ.

    However, as I pointed out at the time an obscene, sabotaging comment had been added.

    I’m happy to post the link – but only ItJ admin remove the obscene comment first.


  17. Sonner he goes the better

    I see Frank has shown his true colours again.
    On the TV piece, once again he had to say that the abuse was no worse than what happens anywhere else.
    He just had to downplay it for the sake of Jersey’s ‘reputation’, didn’t he?
    Instinctively defensive, rather than openly apologetic and understanding.

  18. Anonymous

    just as well I copied the entire pages into Microsoft FrontPage so they will always exist!!!

  19. TonyTheProf

    They do pick uncommon names. There really aren’t many around. Only 2 were born in France between 1891 and 1915. None in the Jersey censuses of 1881-1901.

    Who’ll be next? Professor Quartermass writing to the JEP on the incinerator against the environmentalists, saying how accurare Rosemary Geller is on it.

  20. Anonymous

    B Riantz. sounds awfully akin to Biaritz the methodist group of the masons…… methodits i believe have a strong holding in Jersey……

  21. Anonymous

    B. Riantz does exists thank you very much. He is living illegaly at the address under the floorboards.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr Stephen Trouserpress

  22. Anonymous

    What if everyone was to boycott the paper for one day per week?
    It’s easier to persuade people to give up one day instead of asking them to never buy the jep again. It would also highlight the scale of the boycott if one day a week sales were to crash, head office would have to start asking questions.
    Friday would be the best day to protest as thats when the estate agents place all those expensive ads in the back of the paper

  23. voiceforchildren

    Re Anon boycotting the rag for a day.

    Almost ever since the child abuse diaster came to light, Blogs and forums have been suggesting to ban it completely or boycott it for a day.

    Nothing has ever come from it (as far as I know) Although I’ve not bought one for three years, so effectively it’s not going to affect me. I agree with you, boycotting it for a day will send out a very strong message to them.

    Perhaps Stuart could run a poll for his local readers to see how much support there is for a one day boycott?

    Also if Stuart could let his readers know how to donate their 45p to the Jersey care leavers instead of giving it to the rag?

    Citizen media will soon become the mainstream, Shipley, Bright, Watts and Rankine only have themselves to blame!!

  24. Anonymous

    So you send an e mail to CTV employee,it was passed on internally at CTV to a senior member of staff.

    That person then sends it outwith CTV to her husband who then forwards it to a politician – who then publishes it together with a whole file on the Jersey Gov Intranet – marked SYVRET!

    You then make a formal complaint on the grounds of a breach of whatever and it is dismissed.

    If this episode had occured and the complaint was against you – the outcome would have been completely different.

    How unprofessional of CTV executive to pass it on to her husband, how sickenly bum licking of her husband to pass it on to FW and how geeky of FW to push the wrong button. ( he is good at that tho!!!)

    Stuart you must be squeaky clean because I think that there must have been so many people out to get you over your 15 odd years in office if you were not squeaky clean you’d have been named and shamed and locked up by now.

    You claim not to have any money so there is no point in them trying to bleed you dry, so carry on exposing them………… every opportunity I mention what is in this blog to ensure that the message gets out there……………we need to take Jersey back!

  25. Anonymous

    B Riantz. sounds awfully akin to Biaritz the methodist group of the masons…… methodits i believe have a strong holding in Jersey……

    Saturday, 27 September, 2008

    Wow – now that is what I would call a credible conspiracy theory. This site gets funnier by the minute!

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be a methodist Old Victorian who works in the finance industry, plays golf and is a Free Mason, I would start to feel a little persecuted!

  26. Anonymous

    I ask in the name of all that is just please can people boycott the paper. If you know what integrity and honesty is you will boycott the JEP. The establishment must be made to realise we have had enough.
    Please everyone reading this can you kindly ask everyone you know to boycott the paper. Also ask everyone you know not to place any ads in the paper,use Jersey Insight instead as it is free.

    Can any businesses especially small ones hit by GST also not use the paper for ads. It is now time for the majority to stand up and be counted. Please help me so that together we can make a difference. Things can change if enough people want it to.

    This is my way to help Stuart in his fight for justice can anyone help? See you on the other side.

  27. Kraków Crapaud

    Ref: B Riantz

    So many people still rely on the JEP. Being brought up with it or having no other choice, they simply trust it.
    Printing a letter from a non-existant correspondent, no matter what the subject, is nothing less than a betrayal of that trust.
    I shall never read the JEP again, online or printed.
    I can no longer find the letter from B Riantz in the JEP online version, neither does a searth yield any results.
    If they have pulled the letter, that must be an admission of guilt.
    I would like to know if all the Jersey media support the JEP methods of deception & manipulation…

  28. Anonymous

    You know the funny thing is we try and be democratic about the problem yet nothing will change. In many countries when the majority dont like things they take to the streets with violence, and yes people get killed but the outcome is often to the good in the long term.

    In todays western democratic society it seems the way to do things is to have non violent protests which are just completely brushed asside.

    Now, I am not condoning violence at all but the point i would like to make is that not buying the rag, voicing your opinion, asking tough questions at hustings, even having a feeling of contempt in the comunity for these people – Will change nothing.

    Democracy is about choosing the people who make the promises. Life is them not living up to them once they are in power and repeaping the reward. That is called human nature, everyone out for number one.

    Yes, there are those with integrity etc but they are few and far between otherwise they wouldn’t be in politics, they would be out there working with the people not “for” the people as they like to portray themselves.

    I personally am sick of posters by politician offering integrity and honesty. I want to go out in the night with a black marker and put three words and a dash before those words “Dis-“. I feel that sums up the majority of them.

    For £40k plus a year i could BS and keep a straight face.

  29. Anonymous

    Hustings question: Child abuse

    THE 21 Senatorial candidates began their campaigning in earnest at St Clement’s Parish Hall last night.

    Just over 150 people crowded into the building for the first of the parish hustings meetings.

    St Clement Constable Derek Gray squeezed in six questions into the two-hour meeting by asking candidates to answer three questions at a time in two 90-second sessions.

    Neil McMurray asked what the sitting candidates had done, and what the new ones would do, to support victims of the historical child abuse inquiry.

    Mr Le Clercq said that as a therapist, he felt that independent counsellors had to be used because the victims did not in any case trust the States.
    Mr Walsh said that the States ought to be apologising to the victims, and then sorting out what had gone wrong.
    Deputy Breckon said that he had spoken to some victims but would not play politics with them.
    Mr Pashley said that he did not know enough about the issues to make a comment.
    Mr Le Marquand said that he would ensure that the investigation was fully resourced, make specialist counselling available, correct any mistakes and look at a compensation scheme.
    Mr Wimberley said that the perpetrators should be brought to justice, and then that the Irish Reparations Board model should be considered in Jersey.
    Deputy Ferguson said that all States Members had sympathy for the victims, but that the case should not be conducted in public.
    Deputy Southern said that he had supported a proposal to remove the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, over his comment that the press coverage had been worse than the abuse itself.
    Mr Tadier praised the work of the Jersey Care Leavers Association, saying that people should get behind the victims and not take cheap shots at people like Esther Rantzen who were trying to help.
    Mr Forskitt said that he had been in care in a foster home, and felt that an independent and well-funded counselling and therapy service was vital.
    Mr Le Cornu said that the victims needed justice but that the Island did not need a witch-hunt, adding that there had clearly been cover-ups over the years.
    Senator Ozouf said that he had been deeply saddened by the revelations of child abuse, and fully supported the police investigation and a public inquiry.
    Senator Routier said that he had spoken to some victims who were trying to get on with their lives before the issue went public this time last year, adding that he backed the ‘blank cheque’ for the police.
    Mr Pitman said that the Bailiff should apologise for his Liberation Day speech, and that a full independent public inquiry should be held.
    Mr Perkins said that the States should say sorry, and should reject any legal advice to the contrary.
    Police checks
    Mr Maçon said that the Island needed to be as honest as it could and show support for the victims.
    Mr Higgins said that the Bailiff should ask for United Kingdom judges to hear any prosecutions arising from the investigation because there was a perception that this was the only way a fair trial could be reached.
    Senator Vibert said that the police should be allowed to get on with their job and that no one should be trying to make political capital out of the abuse.
    Deputy Troy said that he was appalled by the abuse, but that current police checks were robust.
    Deputy Maclean said that he had no problem at all with an apology to the victims of child abuse.
    Mr Palmer said that people from outside the Island should handle the criminal cases because the abuse victims had no reason to have any faith in the States.

  30. Anonymous

    “For £40k plus a year i could BS and keep a straight face.”

    “You claim not to have any money so there is no point in them trying to bleed you dry, so carry on exposing them…………..”

    18 years in politics, no kids, no exotic holidays, no flash cars – where did the money go?

  31. Anonymous

    Oh mr Watts! If only I could post on here what people really need to be aware of about you, and the `company’ you keep! One day, yes one day you will get yours!

  32. Anonymous

    “feeling persecuted”


    I don’t think we need to feel too sorry for this commenter and his smug attitude, but unfortunately he does raise a valid point.

    You are doing a great job for the victims, and I think your JEP exposés are brilliant, but many contributions to this site (and your own comments) only serve to alieniate whole sections of the community who could potentially be really useful supporters.

    I’m a Methodist (not very strict I admit), and I went to Victoria College. I support pretty much everything you are trying to do, but I get pretty hacked of each time that where I went to school becomes an object of derision in this blog. Now where I sometimes go to church has joined the list of “non-desirable” social groups. Where will it end?

  33. Stuart Syvret

    Please Note:

    Other than the credible and plausible references to conspiracies amongst our oligarchy – I do not print the more outlandish suggestions.

    I’ve already commented under a previous post that nothing which references shape-shifting space-aliens, secrete devil-worshiping cults, alleged Zionist plots to take over the world, references to “the illuminatae” and garbage like the “protocols of the elders of Zion” – and similar paranoid, hate-filled, racist cobblers – will be published on this blog.

    If you have plausible suggestions – dodgy examples of self-interested dealing by Jersey establishment types – that kind of thing, then fine.

    But those who want to write crazed, irrational fantasies – look elsewhere for an outlet. You’re not welcome on this blog site.


  34. Anonymous

    understand the outpouring but……… Many of us r in the same financial boat with kids also to feed. It is not fair and your work is I believe very hard but as my old mum used to say nobody said life is easy. Warning cliche coming, count your blessings. You r not a victim so please do not write like one. There are loads of people who100 percent support you and could help in non financial ways. Just ask

  35. Stuart Syvret

    Yes – for sure many people are in the same boat as me – or worse. But I was responding to a couple of questions sent in by readers.

    I do, actually, think I’m entitled to the very rare rant about my personal life – especially given how immensely demanding and draining this job has been.

    And I am a victim of calculatedly oppressive and abusive treatment by the States of Jersey and the oligarchy’s media because of my political work – as well as being a victim in other ways.

    Like I said – I’ve just had enough.


  36. Anonymous

    Don’t let them grind you down Stuart this is their number one method to get rid of problems. Keep going you are doing great but only do what you can do in one day and no more. What you don’t do today look at tomorrow. It is not a race to get to the end keep plodding on and you will get there.

    I advise you not to over do it.Take breaks if you need them do not work 24/7 this is no good to you or your health. People who you are helping will inderstand you are not a machine. I can believe this has been very harrowing for you but you have the support of many, many ordinary islanders so you are not alone. It is good to see that at least someone in the government has seen fit to help those in need of it. This has not gone un-noticed.

    Once again thank you for helping people in need. I am sure the people you help are very greatfull and I know they would give you anything you asked for, even though many have very little themselves.

  37. Anonymous

    If Gandhi had said I give up?

    If the spirit of humanity dies within the Breast of a good man then what are we left with?

    If our hero finds his journey to perilous to continue why do we call him “Our Hero?”

    If the first grain of concrete dust had not been chipped from the Berlin wall we would still be behind it?

    If some men can sacrifice themselves for their brothers in adversity and millions had not given up their lives throughout time for the right reason and for the future of others? Where would we be now; how would we have learned?

    Your journey may well be long and hard Stuart but it was all for nothing if you pack it in now!!! Many people have made the same journey and failed, fell by the wayside destitute tortured souls.

    Foundations have been unequivocally laid by you Stuart and for myself a number of external walls and roof where in place on this build of yours however the snagging’s is all that is left to do so don’t give in please. I feel that you are indeed the architect of the new generation of understanding un-blinkered Jersey People and many great things will be said of you in the future Jersey and across the world.

    I do hope you find the requisite strength and maybe some sponsors to keep you going
    I’m sure that collectively your many victims and supporters could just put a quid in a hat and hey presto.

    Then of course there is THE BOOK OF TRUTH!!!! I’m sure you could get a small amount for your book on the subject if you plan to write one that is.

  38. Anonymous

    “Nothing changes if those who can make changes dont!!! or everything they have done and gone through will have been for nothing”

  39. Stuart Syvret


    Whilst I’m very flattered – I’m just an ordinary person – nothing like Ghandi.

    On the contrary, my view has always been ‘avoid the cult of the personality’.

    Rely on rational, intellectual, ethical ideas, principles and policies. If people base their hopes on a supposed ‘hero’ – they’ll invariably be let down. Humans are fallible.

    Could I just point out – the survivors I work with are not “my victims”. I know what you meant – ‘the victims I work with’.

    But even then I would most certainly not lay any kind of “proprietorial” claim to any person or group of people – let alone the survivors. They are their own people – not “my” survivors.


  40. Anonymous

    Ghandi just an ordinary person!!!

    The rest is Semantics as I say your victims in the inextricably linked sense.

    Placing your head above the parapet with a big red bull’s-eye on it has the effect of a tantalising flag to the raging bull and these oligarchs are now giggling at the thought you have been forced to pack up and shut up.

    But hey hoe!! Victims have always been let down in historically and it don’t look like there is anyone with you diligent nature and death of understanding from both sides of the fence so to speak.

    I wish you well in your future and hope that you can get back into making fine furniture.

    If you found my previous post somewhat patronising I can only apologise to you as you are in fact a HERO to me and I believe too many, there is little you can do to stop it even if you are forced to give up We all know that was because you were forced to take the only way left open to you.

  41. corrupt camden council


    I can only but offer my support and good wishes to you and all the good people who are trying to bring about change to the Island of Jersey.

    I understand totally through my own experiences here in the LB of Camden the affect having to deal with these soulless creatures has on ones emotions and well-being.

    At times I have felt unclean and polluted and tormented by their mere existance. This may sound dramatic but its real emotions of repulsion they bring up in me and the inate sense of the wrongness in how they behave.

    They will never take from me my soul and my sense of what is right and what is wrong – in how they treat people ‘not of their kind’. You are strong Stuart, but you do need to at times step away from the rot and recharge yourself.

    Ps…Have you thought of putting ginger mog up as a candidate in the upcoming election? (I’m kidding of course … would he even be eligible? perhaps not as he’d need to be over 18 … ) He’d hunt out all the vermon thats for sure.

    Take good care

  42. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    What would it take to keep you going, I wonder?
    Those of us who regard you as a David v. Goliath hero would dearly love to see you continue to shake things up and keep up the good work. It’s no wonder you’re tired, but such a shame to see someone turn their back on what appears to be their vocation.
    Whatever path you choose Stuart, you can look back with pride, anyway.
    Good luck

  43. Anonymous

    Many victims and survivors don’t get any money either. Many have been so profoundly damaged that working in many jobs is a none starter and I bet you Stuart if you held a consensus amongst all the victims you have come across or in the wider population you Will find that the great proportion of them or on income support, invalidity benefits or some other state hand out or homeless drug addicts, Alcoholics
    With no pension to look forward to for the rest of their pitiful lives.

  44. Stuart Syvret

    “Many victims and survivors don’t get any money either”.

    Damn right.

    I may have the rare moan about my circumstances – but I’m dramatically fortunate compared to very many of the people I’ve met and work with.

    I need no convincing of that fact.

    Oh God! – If only the average States member could or would meet a load of the survivors – listen to what they’ve gone through – how their lives have been broken – frequently because of the corrupt, self-serving criminality of the States of Jersey and its employees.

    Believe me – I know – I understand.

    Which is why I will forever remain disgusted and contemptuous towards the States assembly because of their stopping of my Christmas speech.

    Some people think I make too big a deal out of that episode. They’re wrong.

    I have actually met with many survivors in the private meeting rooms beneath the chamber – where I listened to what they had gone through.

    And so terrible were some of these meetings – as I attempted to say in the speech – I seriously contemplated walking out of the door of that building at their conclusion and never setting foot in the place again.

    So when the States assembly displayed a kind of collective-psychopathy – absolute zero ability to feel empathy – and my speech was unlawfully stopped – I stood at my desk and – I can’t really describe it – it was like the black, icy vacuum of outer-space.

    As I’ve written previously – I came within milliseconds of just punching Peter Troy in the head – when he added insult to injury and came to my desk and started shouting at me whilst other members rushed off to the Christmas lunch.

    Compensation for the survivors? Don’t worry – I understand – not that material compensation could ever be enough for a wrecked life – just how much people have suffered. And even to this day – survivors of abuse are struggling to get housed by the States and appropriate income support.

    I intend to do everything in my power to see that all survivors get their just compensation. To the extent I’m going to the Police to confess – entirely acutely and honestly – criminal culpability on the part of the States of Jersey.

    So don’t worry that Frank Walker will not apologise on the part of the States – because he’s been advised not to by Jersey Attorney General, William Bailhache – who just so happens to also be the person who leads Jersey’s Crown Prosecution Service.

    Their ethically bankrupt efforts to avoid just and proper compensation to the victims will be swept away by my confession of corporate guilt on the part of the States of Jersey.


  45. Anonymous

    ok, lets focus ………… aint fair ………….. you are soooooooooooo right ………..but shake it down and get on.

    You were a victim of the Baillif stopping your speech and your actual human and political rights – often we do not get them – and it feels bad, what do we do … we move on!

    Stuart, if you want a voluntary pa, happy to be of service.

  46. Anonymous

    “I own no assets, property or anything of that nature; don’t have share-holdings. I have absolutely zero inheritance to come to me”

    Surely you’ve got treasure in heaven for the selfless way you have been battling for all of us, Stuart. God bless you whatever you decide to do.


  47. Anonymous

    I love to collect quotations, sayings etc.

    I have one for all the victims:

    ” Every blade of grass has an angel bending over it, whispering … grow, grow”

    And they are growing, aren’t they Stuart? People, many people know now and they care.

    I also have one for you Stuart:

    “when walking, just walk,
    when sitting, just sit,
    above all, don’t wobble”.

  48. Stuart Syvret


    Thanks for your kind words – but as I’ve said previously, please do not regard me as some kind of ‘hero’.

    I’m a human being – and therefore ordinary and fallible.

    I confess, I can’t believe in gods and heavens. Ultimately, my thought gravitates to the rational and logical, at least as far as I can judge. I can’t square my perception of reality with the notion of inexplicable, unverifiable “beliefs”.

    Also – I’ve simply seen too much wickedness prevail in this world to imaging a benign God.

    Especially as many of those perpetrating the worst evils do so – and have done – “in the name of God”.


  49. Anonymous

    Self indulgent, self pitying

    Some hero – nobody forced you to go into politics or to take the Concil of Ministers’ shilling

    Grow up and if you hate it that much retire and start earning You’ve got 20 years of an honest working life in front of you

    But please stop snivelling – you enjoy the power and the attention

  50. Stuart Syvret

    “Stop Snivelling!”

    Hey – rock-n-roll.


    You’re quite right – nobody forced me into politics – but I was dumb enough to enter it – about as bright as jumping into a silage tank. But hey! We live and learn.

    Oh – by the way – as the pro-establishment types on here appear to have a congenital inability to engage with facts – I’ve never claimed to any kind of hero.


  51. Anonymous

    According to an x deputy chief of police officers wife “we are so glad he has gone he has caused so much trouble and every time he makes a statement to the media Power is not there”.
    I think our chief of police is a very honourable man and has let Lenny Harper oust the corrupt police officers and given him cart blanch on the child abuse enquiry. The whole Jersey establishment is quaking. It’s a shame he has gone but I am sure Lenny is watching

  52. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    Self indulgent, self pitying

    Some hero – nobody forced you to go into politics or to take the Concil of Ministers’ shilling

    Grow up and if you hate it that much retire and start earning You’ve got 20 years of an honest working life in front of you
    But please stop snivelling – you enjoy the power and the attention

    Stuart, you are doing a fantastic job, you haven’t taken the easy route no job security, hey you could be earning a fortune as a carpenter at this present time and lets face it compared to working in finance which one is more secure, go get them Stuart and when the cookie crumbles guess who still can find work

  53. Anonymous

    “I’m a human being – and therefore ordinary and fallible.”

    Me too. But as far as I’m can see, we’re all bl**dy heros here! I’m a Christian and I want a massive big pair of wings and golden harp that playe Prog Rock and a shiny halo for all the cr*p and fallout of child abuse that I’ve had to deal with over the years!

    (heh heh heh, and when I pass through thosre pearly gates I’m going to ask God to give all the heavy heavy Dracula type church organ music to all the child abusers for their eternal amusement!!!)


  54. Anonymous

    “when walking, just walk,
    when sitting, just sit,
    above all, don’t wobble”.

    But mind, watch out that Frank Wa*ker and his pals don’t push you off your chair.


  55. Anonymous

    Hey Stuart

    What is this life if full of care,

    We have no time time to stand and stare.

    No time to sit beneath the bough,

    And stare as long as sheep or cow……….

  56. Stuart Syvret

    Search is on for Heroes

    Hmmm…..Take a look at the judging panel. I quote from The Rag:

    “The same expert judges return to whittle down the contenders to a shortlist of nine. They are Guernsey’s former Southampton and England footballer Matt Le Tissier; Advocate Chris Renouf, the chairman of the Association of Jersey Charities; Derek de la Haye, assistant director of Education, Sport and Culture; Ian Taylor, general manager market development of Flybe; and David Edwards, marketing manager for the Jersey Evening Post.”

    Somehow – even if I were interested or eligible – I get the instinctive feeling that my candidacy wouldn’t fair too well in front of this panel. Only Matt Le Tissier do I imagine to not be on the side of the oligarchy.

    As for the rest of them – they’d sooner be water-boarded than vote for me. 🙂


  57. Sarah K

    “There are more Pilkingtons in the Island that Jersey Telecoms would have you believe.”

    Could someone please explain what is meant by this? Thanks

  58. Anonymous

    Craupaud in Exile asks.

    The commanding officer of the Jersey Sea Cadets was arrested for downloading pornographic images including some involving sea cadets.

    As one of the abused, I ask you to name this man.

    Is his initials T.R. ?

  59. Anonymous

    If Frank Walker says he want to protect the victims.’

    He means he wan’t all names blacked out and more importantly all the perps names too.

    I smell a D-Notice coming.

    and all will be done in the interests of the wider society and in the interests of the “Status Quo”

    Smoke n Mirrors.

  60. Anonymous


    CHILD abusers will be brought to justice and their victims will be fully protected, Chief Minister Frank Walker has assured British and Irish heads of state.

    At the first British-Irish Council meeting since the discoveries at former children’s home Haut de la Garenne in February, Senator Walker (pictured) told colleagues from the UK, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments that the Island was determined to prosecute the guilty ‘with utmost vigour’.

    The council met in Scotland on Friday in what was Senator Walker’s last summit meeting as Chief Minister. And he said it gave him the opportunity to lay to rest some of the exaggerated stories in the national media about the former children’s home and assure the leaders of British governments that the Island was taking its responsibilities seriously.

    He said: ‘It was very important for me as Chief Minister of Jersey to be able to say to my colleagues very clearly, and in a very straightforward way, what the true position in Jersey was, and to emphasis the determination we have to bring the guilty to justice, to continue to support a professional police investigation and to protect the victims.’

  61. Anonymous

    “If Frank Walker says he want to protect the victims.’

    He means he wan’t all names blacked out and more importantly all the perps names too.

    I smell a D-Notice coming.”

    Isn’t it funny how many D notices there are about child abuse?

    It seems to me that information about child abuse is much more sensitive than information about terrorism.

    Wonder why that is?


  62. Anonymous

    I don’t think you will ever be that down, lets face it while every job in finance is on a precipice you can diversify, can they

  63. Anonymous


    A few weeks ago someone here mentioned hypnosis. I realised what it meant at the time, but thought there was little that I could do. I now wonder if this mention wished me to post something in reply, but it was ambiguous. If this someone wishes to comment further he/she might do so here or contact Stuart as a link even though he knows nothing about this. I am aware of the major issues of trust, but I know of no other way to state this. Clearly, it could be important even though few here will realise the implications.


  64. Anonymous

    I only buy copys of the rightwing rag on high days and holidays.
    Rolled into a tight bundle, stuck on the end of a bamboo and dipped in paraffin; they make excellent flares to illuminate the garden for autumn barbecues!

  65. Anonymous

    it’ll be Christmas in a few months. I was wondering if you’ve given any thought as to the content of your Yuletide address to the House. Do you think Phil will make the same mistake as last year if, in his view, things get a little too controversial?

  66. outsider

    It was a fun hustings last night at St.Martins, the ollies were made very aware of how people felt. I noticed Karen Rankine and a JEP lady (Steph from the sales feature?) quite obviously there as ollie dollies.

    Montfort T promised to stand down after 3 years, which must surely make him worth a punt for many people – removing the issue of electing a newcomer for 6 long years.

    Afterwards, opposing factions retired to the nearby Pub – ollies and hangers-on social climbers in the Lounge Bar, and JDA in the Public Bar.

    I’ve now got far more idea who’s worth a vote – but I’m eagerly awaiting your sage recommendations Stuart…….

  67. TonyTheProf

    Re: Hypnosis

    One poster mentioned hypnosis. Hynosis is a most unreliable method of determining the truth of child abuse cases, and I would suggest avoiding it as it is largely discredited as far as courts are concerned. The problem is that the subject under hypnotic suggestion may create “hidden” memories and come to believe them as real, even when shown to be false. This can be used by the legal eagles to discredit evidence based on hypnosis.

  68. Anonymous

    I second what Tony the Prof said about hypnosis.

    I would not let anyone fiddle with my brain. People who have been abused might squash painful memories to one side, but they’re still there, and you don’t need to muck around with hypnosis to remember stuff that happened, it comes to the surface in the end, all by itself.

    I sometimes burst into tears for no apparent reason. Sometimes a bad memory can come to the surface when you watch something on TV, or read a book or something. I think the bad memories can come out when you are feeling relatively safe. Sometimes I remember a little thing I had forgotten, like the pattern of the uniform they made us wear, or person’s face. I sometimes have flashbacks of the man who hurt me at the home, his angry face. Sometimes I have flashbacks of just the feeling of terror. It’s good to have someone kind around when you get a flashback of the bad things. If I am on my own I put the radio on very low because the talking in the background is very soothing to me when I get like that. I feel very silly getting like that, but it isn’t my fault, you can’t help it.

    I would never like to be hypnotised – it would be like letting someone have power over you again. I would not want that to happen again.


  69. Anonymous

    hypnosis – right on the money there DT

    so many thanks to SSS for offering us some way of even hinting at our stories

    with abusers long dead & buried, Jersey being such a TINY island & justice being what it is here, what point is there in talking on the record?

    personally, I’d simply like the vast majority of local people to wake up to how dark it was for some of us, regardless of background

    their collective denial &/or disinterest is the most painful part of all of this

  70. voiceforchildren


    Are these “journalists” going to the same hustings as the rest of us?

    I was at the St Martin hustings last night. The sitting States members were boo’d and jeered all night long and just about every other candidate were applauded and cheered.

    Not only were the “establishment” boo’d and jeered but so were the JEP. It was like witnessing a terrible kicking but without feeling the need to save the recipients.

    As you know I do not by the JEP and only read the online version out of neccessaty, but there appears to be absolutely no word about this “beating” suffered by the establishment and its media.

    Here is my “have your say” to the link below.

    Not sure why you didn’t see fit to report on how “anti establishment” the electors were at the hustings? From where I was sat it appeared they took a hell of a beating.

    But you guys being the “journalists” don’t seem to believe that might be something worthy of being in the public domain, can’t think why!!

  71. Pete

    The online rag put up a PRO CET letter yesterday from Roger Bale (who a really nice person NOT! in a ‘PIP’way)

    Thing is it was over a week old and had been previously published.

    As I refuse to buy that rabbit hutch floor rag, I have no way of knowing if it was printed as well.

    It has ‘dissapeared’ today.

  72. Anonymous

    Noun 1. preponderance – superiority in power or influence; “the preponderance of good over evil”; “the preponderance of wealth and power”
    power, powerfulness – possession of controlling influence; “the deterrent power of social stigma”; “the power of their hate killed the child”; “his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade”


  73. Anonymous

    The rags ‘odds’ by Honest Nev defy belief! All sitting polititans will be returned….

    Not according to the St Matin’s hustings!

  74. Anonymous

    St.Martin’s husting were very good. The establishment were left in no doubt as to peoples feelings as regards GST, HDLG and finance. I hope the rest of the hustings are as lively as ours.

  75. Anonymous

    What is becoming clear from the hustings meetings that the EP is becoming increasingly reluctant to report on in full or truthfully is that the Rag’s preferred candidates; Ozouf, Routier, Vibert, du Faye, Ferguson and le Marquand are getting an increasingly rough ride.
    GST, broken election promises, and in the case of le Marquand years on the bench in which he had no suspicions about child abuse at all, might finally sink their ships.
    It does raise the question of what the Constables and a lot of Deputys will do without a whole block of their betters to pull their strings.

  76. Anonymous

    “hypnosis – right on the money there DT”

    I am prepared to help, but I have no idea how to link up; I can only think of going via SS who doesn’t know me!

    I have worked with abuse and survivors since the seventies so I suspect I have seen or heard everything.

    Nowadays, my main aim is prevention. I have always been unimpressed with SS, police, shrinks – the lot!


  77. Anonymous

    A statesmanlike quote from Frank Walker last week to assembled British leaders Re:Child Abuse at HDLG –

    “We will bring the guilty to justice effectively and be seen to do so and we will do everything in our power to protect the victims”

    Sadly a rather more pragmatic view from a police officer involved in the investigation to an abuse survivor this week –

    “To be honest I cant see there being any more arrests,even what we have we cant make stick…and he(the abuser) knows it,it wont go to court-but at least he wont be working near kids anymore,everyone knows hes guilty so hes finished in the island!”.

    So thats alright then?..a paedophile gets away with it(yet again)and his victims are supposed to feel what?…thankful that their abuser was nearly pinched this time?..or sick to their stomachs KNOWING that the scum that haunts their nightmares has slipped through the net?


  78. Stuart Syvret


    Sorry to hear that you’re “unimpressed” by me.

    I don’t claim to be perfect – but I can say with some confidnec I’ve done more for abuse survivors in Jersey than every other island politicina combined.

    Oh well – it’s a free society.


  79. Anonymous

    Re Honest Nev – I think that generaly his forcasts will be proved correct.

    Working on the asumptions
    * that there will be a turnout of the usual 30% on polling day
    * that the majority of those politically engaged are pro establishment
    * we have a blatantly partisan press
    * and that turkey don’t vote for Christmas

    I think Nev has nailed it!

    What we need is a huge groundswell to rise up and VOTE THE ESTABLISHMENT out!

    I will vote for anyone who is not a member of the establishment – I don’t care who gets in, I just want the apple cart well and truly upset.

    Stuart I hope you will soon post a blog giving your suggested tactics for getting Pinoccio Ozouf, Mike ( I can Read and Write) Vibert, Paul ( Exit Right) Routier and assorted cronies out.

    No doubt you will word it in such a way that your dear colleagues can’t punish you!

  80. Anonymous

    The Rags Apology!

    A small victory in getting the partisan rag to eat humble pie – I hope they choke on it!

  81. Anonymous


    I think you are an OK guy. SS are those people who destroy by statute. SS is just about the worst inhumane organisation that I know of – they destroy by statute, most of which they write themselves. If you wish I could become vitriolic about social workers, but I hope you get my drift!


  82. Anonymous

    Recently your commentors to this blog have compared you to Ghandi and previously Jesus.
    They are almost as mentally ill as you!
    If you are saying you are going to give up – good, we (Jersey) are better off without you, you sad,pathetic little turd!
    I’m sure you will either ignore this, or print a ‘witty response’, but to be honest i don’t care either way – you say that everyone is behind you… well I’m not, people I work with think you are ill, my family would prefer to be able to vote you out rather than vote anyone else in – in fact i’m yet to meet someone who supports you.
    and before you begin to write “hello Frank, Mario, Pedophile, Hitler” etc etc I hate to let you down. I am just a regular Jo blogs. Not rich, not in banking or law. Just a regular member of Jersey community.
    And you make me sick.

  83. Anonymous

    The following appeared on the letter of the JEP tonight


    On 25 Sept the JEP published a letter critical of former deputy police chief Lenny Harper and purporting to be from a B Riantz of 29 Belmont Road. Since then, it has been drwan to our attention that no such person lives at that address. The same warning should have applied retrospectively to several letters from the same source, all of which were published in good faith and in ignorance of these apparently false details about the editor

  84. Rob Kent

    Re “I have always been unimpressed with SS…”

    I took that to mean Social Services, not Stuart Syvret, but I can see why you’re paranoid.

  85. Stuart Syvret

    Re: I’m “a pathetic little turd”.

    Hmm…….I oppose the Jersey establishment – therefore I’m mentally ill?

    Your name, in a past life, wouldn’t be Joe, would it? Originating from East of the Caucuses?

    A word of advice – always get your facts right first – if you’re serious about an argument.

    I have never – ever – claimed that “every one is behind me”.

    I know – facts – their a bitch, aint they?


  86. Stuart Syvret


    Social Services – understood.

    But you’ll understand why I’m paranoid – err – no, hold on a minute – I just said I wasn’t in another comment.

    Oh what the hell – I’m a politcian for Christ sake – you can’t expect consistancy – surely?


  87. Stuart Syvret

    Honest Nev and election odds.

    Sorry – but I think you – like him – are way, way off-target this time around.

    We for sure need a large turn-out to get real change.

    But even if that doesn’t happen – I still feel things are so clear-cut that the sitting members are all in danger – in great danger in some cases.

    Even the those who traditionaly do turn out to vote – and all credit to them – have been kicked in the head by the States.

    That’s why I feel a vote for the sitting members to be put back in is remote in most cases.

    For sure – if there is only the customary low turn-out – it’s unlikley those voters will vote for radicle candidates. But even so – if it means the public electing establishment candidates – they’ll be new etsblsihment candidates – not the old lot.

    Sorry – but Nev’s lost the plot one this one.



  88. Anonymous

    So how about leaving the jep in the newsagents this friday?
    A one day a week boycott as mentioned before. The day that the estate agents spend the nost money on advertising. Tell your friends and family and hit them where it hurts.

  89. Anonymous

    Just a thought on our ‘regulated’ financial services.
    So, we shouldn’t worry about our savings disappearing, as Jersey only allows the top 500 banks to take deposits in the island. None of those fly by night jobs.

    And where in those rankings does the Kent Reliance Building Society stand?
    They are the people who own the Jersey home loans company. That’s the mortgage provider that has been handing out 100% mortgages on this island for years.
    What happens if they go under?

    What happens if there is a run of mortgage defaults at one of our high street banks(jersey)?
    Would the parent company bail them out?

  90. Anonymous

    FAO “Regular Joe Blogs”-

    Stuart Syvret may be a “sad, pathetic little turd”-everyones entitled to an opinion mate!-however,he is the ONLY polititian in Jersey with the balls to stand up for the survivors of systematic child abuse in the island!

    Say what you like, the fact is the majority of right minded decent folk applaud the guys efforts and are disgusted with every new revelation that comes out about the arrogant clowns that govern this island!

  91. Elaine

    FAO “Regular Joe Blogs”-

    I have not seen or heard anywhere Stuart claiming that everyone is behind him. However, you may have read and heard many such comments FROM the many people, including me, who are not only behind him, but with him side by side all the way.

    I suggest if he makes you so sick, go take some tablets, and stop coming back to read this blog. Simple remedy. bye bye

  92. Anonymous

    I doubt the Kent Reliance Building Society stands in the top 2000, let alone the top 500 banks in the world.
    It is a UK deposit taker so if it goes belly up then the UK government will take care of the UK depositers.
    Jersey borrowers will be left in the brown stuff usually found in septic tanks unless the States decide to help them out…

  93. Anonymous

    A sad little turd is a person who stands by when young children are being sexually abuse.

    A sad turd is someone who writes into a blog in support of those who would stand by while kids were being tortured.

    A sad little turd is a man who claims to be an ordinary joe when its obvious that your not!!! You are indeed A sad little turd as you can not even be constructive with your purile comments that neither take anything away from stuarts valient strident effords nor sad to say add anything and you should talk with Walker Im sure there are some bottoms to lick for you somewhere.

  94. Anonymous

    To regular Joe Bloggs

    15,131 – that is the number of votes that Stuart Syvret received in 2005!

    Enough said!

  95. Oily Ollies Out!

    “people I work with think you are ill, my family would prefer to be able to vote you out rather than vote anyone else in – in fact i’m yet to meet someone who supports you.”
    Please let me know which gold-plated planet you’re living on, because that’s the complete opposite to what I find.
    Seriously. Tell us where we can find these misguided people, I’d be fascinated to see what they look like? Are they humanoid?

  96. Anonymous


    This morning on Radio Jersey Walker was commenting on how we will ride the ECONOMIC storm because our ECONOMIC growth has been good. This is all due to our ECONOMIC strategies by ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

    If that is not blatant advertising for ‘Head Stoker’ Ozouf I don’t know what is.

    What he was effectively saying is that the world’s economy is collapsing all around us but we won’t be affected too much because of Ozouf.

    It seems to me that the Ollies know they are getting a deserved kicking and so need to whip up a good news story to support their boy.

    What Frank leaves out is the fact that our pensions (i.e. your money which is invested world wide) will be worth very little now. That our bank deposits are not safe. That the cost of food and energy is spiralling upwards and that ALL these things are out of the control of Jersey – and Ozouf.

    This is how the economy works to the man on the street Frank.

    I will wait now to get that job done on my property, or buy a new sofa because food and heating are getting more expensive. I will not be the only one to put off non-essential jobs or to put off buying non-essential or luxury goods.

    I call the builder (or retailer)and tell him the job is off. The builder (or retailer) starts losing work left right and centre as the public cancel the work or purchases. Their profits go down so they lay off their apprentices or staff juniors. They promise to take them back on ‘when work picks up’.

    Unemployment begins to rise.

    More benefits have to be paid out to the unemployed meaning less tax payers money in the pot.

    Oh my god is that a bigger black hole I see….

    Let’s raise GST up to 10% to fill it.

    Food and heating goes up…

    Get the point Frank. Jersey is not immune. And making such announcments to keep your mate in power is an appalling lie.

    Does he really think he can kid us all that Jersey is some kind of mini super-power that is immune to the troubles of the rest of the world?

    Little man syndrome?

  97. Derek

    Re “Regular Joe Bloggs”

    Your “family” must be a nice lot if they think that someone who is willing to stand up for another person’s rights is “ill”….

    You must also think all us other fair minded people are “ill” as well…

    What about those that have dedicated their lives to charities such as Childline etc. are they “ill” also…

    Really pal, we could keep going till the nth degree until were up there calling the likes of Mother Theresa “ill”…

    I’ve met people like you before…they’re usually sporting tattoos on their knuckles and dragging an Alsatian called “Sultan” around.

    If you’re “ill” i think you may have started a pandemic people will be very happy to be infected by..(dinnae worry “Joe” won’t know what that means..)


  98. Nick Palmer

    Re Stuart’s reply to “regular Joe Bloggs”. No doubt you did not understand his reference to “Joe from East of the Caucusus”. He is pointing out that the Soviets too had a tendency to regard political dissidents as mentally ill and to send them to the “gulags”. Joe is Josef Stalin – he wasn’t very nice…

  99. Stuart Syvret


    Yeah – that’s right. It was old “Uncle Joe” Stalin I was alluding to.

    I think your phrase “he wasn’t very nice” must be a strong contender for understatement of the year.


  100. Anonymous

    Those in charge need workers to run the tread mill for them. They are just upping the amps to see how much they can extract from the system. Everything will go up substancially in the future they don’t want people to have free time to think. Thought is the enemy of those running the planet. They want everyone distracted by problems so that they can get us under tight control. Expect to see more disasters and wars as the elite step up the smoke screen for what is about to happen. Remember there are too many people on the planet and those in charge know this and something will have to be done about it! Are you ready for the cull?

  101. Anonymous

    Regular joe bloggs.
    That’s it you engage on those issues, show the world where Stuart has gone wrong with your reasoned rebuttal.
    Jeez, everything but ‘theres a boat out in the morning’, (you’re not helier clement are you?)

    Now i’m on the subject, can there be a more small minded phrase than ‘theres a boat out in the morning’? It’s the old guard mantra. ‘If you don’t like the way things are leave’. ‘Where do you think you are, in a democracy?’


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