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On 6th April Mark Forskitt, a children’s rights campaigner, research engineer and environmentalist wrote a posting on his blog, Jersey Today, which will be of interest to regular readers.

So interesting is Mark’s article, I’m reproducing it in its entirety below, but the original can be viewed here: –

Mark was researching some important questions concerning whether Jersey’s proposed new hospital was being designed taking account of the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In the course of his research he made some interesting discoveries concerning the cv and career-path of the Jersey Hospital’s managing director, Helen O’Shea.

The questions that arise are legitimate public interest concerns, given the evidenced history of the concealment of catastrophic governance-failures  – including the murder of patients by a rogue nurse – by Jersey Health & Social Services.

As Mark say’s: –

“Is it possible that the hospital, knowing they had problems with a rogue nurse, as exposed by Stuart Syvret, thought they had found someone who could protect them and ‘tidy up’ from the fall out? I have no idea. There is nothing of any substantive fact to show Mrs O’Shea to be anything other than a professional in her field. And yet there are those annoying coincidences and little questions that nag away at one’s confidence.”

Mark is an interesting and thoughtful commentator on many issues, and always worth reading at his blogs: –

I remember an appointment-processes at Jersey Health & Social Services in which I was, as the Minister, a member of the interviewing panel. Unbeknown to me at that time, it was a charade – the appointment of the disaster that was Mike Pollard as Chief Executive having already been rigged with the involvement of Jersey’s so-called “Independent Appointments Commission”.

Mike Pollard then became a pro-active participant in a criminal conspiracy to engineer my dismissal, as witnessed by Police Chief Graham Power, who – in-turn – later became a victim of Jersey’s self-protecting, crime-concealing polity-mafia.

It’s good for the public interest that observant, inquiring people such as Mark Forskitt ask questions.  As history shows, we cannot rely solely on the “official systems” to protect us.

Stuart Syvret

A Coincidence or Three, by Mark Forskitt

I’ve been doing some reading around our proposed new hospital. It is not my usual arena, but recent events have highlighted some aspects that should be input into the planning of the facility, which we can easily image should last the Island a generation or more. Intuitively one would expect population and demographic models to be central. The reticence of the Minister in laying out the details of the models used is troubling. But it is not the only area of concern.

The recently published IPPC report is quite clear there are expected health, including mental health impacts on small island states. The summary can be found at . Unlike previous reports, this one explicitly identifies current impacts are occurring “Local changes in temperature and rainfall have altered the distribution of some water-borne illnesses and disease vectors”. A few other pertinent quotes are:

“The key risks that follow, all of which are identified with high confidence, span sectors and regions. Each of these key risks contributes to one or more RFCs.33
i. Risk of death, injury, ill-health, or disrupted livelihoods in low-lying coastal zones and small island developing states and other small islands, due to storm surges, coastal flooding, and sea-level rise”.

“Impacts from recent climate-related extremes, such as heat waves, droughts, floods, cyclones, and wildfires, reveal significant vulnerability and exposure of some ecosystems and many human systems to current climate variability (very high confidence). Impacts of such climate-related extremes include alteration of ecosystems, disruption of food production and water supply, damage to infrastructure and settlements, morbidity and mortality, and consequences for mental health and human well-being. For countries at all levels of development, these impacts are consistent with a significant lack of preparedness for current climate variability in some sectors.”

I have written to the health minister to ask what extent these changes, both present and future have been considered in the planning of the hospital.

However I came across something else while looking for information. The hospital managing director is of course a pivotal person on the future of the hospital. So I did a search. A brief cv for Mrs. Helen O’Shea is on the States web site at . I used to do a lot of technical recruitment interviewing when I was running a rapidly growing software business. I’ve seen a lot of cv’s. Two things about that online piece stood out to me immediately. While all the other positions held had accompanying dates, the time at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust does not. The other is the repeated occurrence of acting or interim office for what look like exceptionally long periods. This naturally raises the question of why she did not become the actual chief? It might be as straight forward as a glass ceiling effect.

Perhaps that temporal absence is simply a stylistic choice by a content manager. However we can infer that Mrs O’Shea was there between 2004 and 2011, rather longer than the other establishments. A very long time to be an acting chief, so I assume some other roles and positions were omitted. Her public profile on LinkedIn is even less informative, listing only the current position. More useful is zoominfo Here we can identify that in 2006 Mrs O’Shea was director of performance (not an executive director however).

A bit more digging and this came up from the 30th October 2008. Mrs O’Shea it seems did not put herself forward to be Chief Executive, despite having been acting chief for six months according to that article. (So that clarifies one of the points above). Perhaps it is not too surprising that she didn’t pursue the opportunity when you read this: I’d say that was the right decision to make for the acting Chief, but you have to wonder what responsibility the former director of performance and director of operations had for being in such a position of failing to meet standards and the public’s expectations.

That wasn’t the only problem the Trust had that year. In April it was all over the national press after a bogus nurse was in court. See–treating-hundreds-qualifications.html and Whether the recruitment, appraisal and performance checks up to that point came under Mrs O’Shea’s directorial responsibility I cannot say, but it cannot have sat comfortably given her immediate prior title.

Did the HR department and interviewing staff go to the bottom of those irritating and stand out cv points? Is it coincidence that in 2012 Jersey appointed a new hospital managing director who had experience of public glare due to a rogue or bogus nurse and a hospital failing to meet targets? Is it possible that the hospital, knowing they had problems with a rogue nurse, as exposed by Stuart Syvret, thought they had found someone who could protect them and ‘tidy up’ from the fall out? I have no idea. There is nothing of any substantive fact to show Mrs O’Shea to be anything other than a professional in her field. And yet there are those annoying coincidences and little questions that nag away at one’s confidence.

By Mark Forskitt

First published on 6th April, at Jersey Today: –


  1. DenverElle

    This is yet another example of why independent citizen blog journalism is the only defense against erosion of enshrined democratic values and accountability.

    How far would one small Crown Protectorate go to prevent honest scrutiny and exposure? Much, much further than the local mainstream media would dare to investigate. This ties so clearly to the investment the oligarchy have made, and continue to make, in their extreme persecution of whistleblowers.

    Consider too, how the grave failure to prevent or to even fully investigate suspicious hospital deaths could lead to the “necessity” of placing someone who had previously failed to meet quality or safety targets, in a position of Hospital Managing Director. If this is indeed what has occurred, the future implications for Jersey’s health care and public safety are potentially compromised by the cover-up as well as by the initial failures.

    Deeper and deeper is the hole these Feudalists dig to save themselves from accountability to those they govern.


  2. Anonymous


    In an interview with the J.E.P political actvist/comedian Mark Thomas, performing in Jersey later this month, is “keen on islanders to send him a few ideas” on what politically is going on in the island, or what can be “changed or exposed”.

    Maybe you or your readers could drop him a line? I’m sure you can think of one or two things!

    The contact form is at

  3. Anon@anon-o-mouse

    Dear Ex-Senator Syvret,

    You may recall many years ago, with the best of intentions you kindly tried to help Mr Martin Hacon.

    Mr Hacon was the man who on the 1st of August 1985 fell off scaffolding whilst working at Bellozanne; (yes, that’s right) at the time of the accident, the scaffolding was improperly erected and did not have a safety certificate prior to its use.

    The building contractor responsible for the scaffolding was Mr John N. Bailhache, Mr Bailhache was also the brother-in-law of the deputy Bailiff Vernon Tomes, who was also the judge presiding over the court case dealing with the accident (the same disgraced Vernon Tomes whom seven years later was also removed from his post at the request of the Bailiff Sir Peter Crill).

    As you may also recall, the brother-in-law Mr John N. Bailhache was not called to appear before the court, in fact, he and his building firm mysteriously were never called to give any evidence in court regarding the scaffolding (use, cause or permit).

    Needless to say, poor Mr Martin Hacon whom was left badly disabled from his fall has still to this day not received true justice in this island. Not only has true justice been denied to Mr Hacon, he still has not received any form of compensation from the building contractor Mr John N. Bailhache who was responsible for the scaffolding, Vernon Tomes’ brother-in-law or his building company were never summoned to appear before Vernon Tomes’ court of law to answer charges or pay compensation…

    How far did you get with Mr Hacon’s case Mr Syvret? how far before the islands Judiciary closed ranks and the politicians of the day turned their backs on you?

    Furthermore, how is it that this case was never reviewed, after all, such a dangerous precedence was set by Vernon Tomes which to this day also has not been put right?

    Yours in truth,


  4. Anon-o-mouse

    Dear Mr. Syvret,

    Just a short note to say “thank you” for taking the time to speak to Bob Hill regarding Mr. Hacon, it is much appreciated.


  5. Is Rochdale Jerseys 13th Parish ..... ?

    A week ago [Cyril Smith researcher & Westminster MP] Danczuk dismissed the inquiry as a “bogus review” that lacked the necessary independence.
    He said: “It’s well known that Rochdale council are knee-deep in litigation over claims of historical physical and sexual abuse and their so-called independent review is nothing more than a defence of the council.

    “I don’t know why they’re calling it an independent review because the council commissioned it, they’ve set the terms of reference and the council leader is busy calling round people connected to Knowl View asking them to come and speak to him.

    “There’s nothing independent about it and I think it’s wrong that the council should be investigating serious allegations of abuse that they had responsibility for preventing.”

    Your old blog was so aptly headed “thoughts on the microcosm”.
    Jersey is not so different from any mucky little “Rotten Borough” on the mainland.

    Any further observations on the Jersey CoI since your warning at

    1. DenverElle

      Thoughts on the Microcosm, indeed.

      From what can be gathered, the UK pattern of conflicted (or even implicated) investigating themselves and their crafting of too-narrow terms of reference are just part of an ongoing recipe for continued concealment to protect those who should be held most accountable.

      Eventually, some uniquely low-level offender, often himself a victim who became complicit with his abusers, may be sacrificed to appease those calling for exposure, or a higher level, but dead, perpetrator is offered up for the sake of perceived “justice.” That doesn’t get to the bottom (top) of anything much, so another inquiry into prior inquiries is proposed. Rinse with whitewash and repeat.

      1. Anon
        “A former detective who worked on the original investigation into [Sidney] Cooke told the Sunday Mirror that the minister was among those alleged to have been ­photographed in a 1986 police surveillance on premises where boys had been dropped off. Others allegedly included Jimmy Savile, MP Cyril Smith and top judges – though none of them were ever arrested.”

        Sidney Cooke and a few of his accomplices were jailed for the gang rape and murder of schoolboy Jason Swift. This paedophile ring has been linked to the disappearance of dozens of children. The investigation of high ranking associates seems to have been a no-go area. Cooke was released from prison after just 9 years.
        Cooke organised “parties” and boasted of having himself seen 15 children killed
        BBC Panorama, April 1998

        Luckily in jersey these things were in the honest and capable hands of people like Frank Walker

        and the Bailhache Clan
        All this and more happened on his watch.
        Child abuse and failure follow him round like a bad smell

        Why the reticence about who was governor of HDLG

        Hiding in plain sight. Aided and abetted by Jersey’s filthy rag.

          1. Leigh LaFon

            I’ve not read behind the Times paywall, but have seen numerous anonymous references to P. Bailhache having once been a governor at Haut de la Garenne. I’ve not been able to verify that with any official record.

            In itself, that is a rather suspicious thing, though. Why on Earth would the general public be unable to easily access records of who served as a governor of Haut de la Garenne? Why would anyone who held that position leave that fact of their involvement unverified? As this was a publicly funded institution, should the list of previous governors be subject to some FOI type record request?


          2. Anon

            Here is the full text of the article. There is a reference at the end, maybe that link still works. It is very basic journalism, there is no evidence about anything at all, who was what, who knew what, for example, what the term “governor” means with respect to HDLG. Was Philip B one of several governors, the only governor, or the head governor. However it is a useful list of some officials involved, and no doubt the COI will investigate all this thoroughly??

            Senior island officials are caught up in abuse inquiry

            The Times

            February 29, 2008

            A number of high-profile names in Jersey society have been caught up in the child-abuse scandal.

            Channel Television suggested yesterday that among those people who should perhaps have known what was going on at the home was Reg Jeune, once one of the island’s most powerful politicians.

            Mr Jeune, a retired former senator and Finance Minister, was president of the education committee from 1971 to 1984, when police claim abuse was at its worst.

            Former staff at the home include the island’s current director of education. Mario Lundy, who worked at the Haut de la Garenne before its closure in 1986, is one of a number of States of Jersey employees connected to the home.

            Mr Lundy declined to comment.

            Frank Walker, the island’s Chief Minister, said that no current government employees were the “subject of any police recommendation”.

            Mr Jeune declined to come to the door of his pink granite farmhouse on the outskirts of St Helier yesterday.

            Others who should perhaps have known the facts were named by Channel Television last night as John Le Marquand, education committee president in the early 1960s, Herbert Wimberley, the director of education, and Patricia Thornton, the children’s officer. At the time, Colin Tilbrook was a headmaster at Haut de la Garenne.

            Mr Jeune was replaced as education committee president in 1984 by Phil G. Mourant.

            Charles Smith, the assistant children’s officer since 1964, succeeded Mrs Thornton in 1973. In 1974 John Rodhouse succeeded Mr Wimberley as director of education. Jim Thomson, now dead, became superintendent at the home in 1979.

            Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne) during the 1970s and1980s was the island’s current Bailiff, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache KBE.


        1. Anon

          No action was taken against the carrier (Russell Tricker) or the cabinet minister and the material was aledgedly handed to MI5

          Russell Tricker had links to a number of paedophiles and conviction for paedophilia (one overturned on appeal in Holland because the boy’s fake documents claimed that he was not underage)

          Convicted child snatcher and party organiser Sidney Cooke liked to strangle or half strangle the boys while he raped them

          Is this the same Russell Tricker mentioned in the Guardian by Nick Davies as being a traficer of children for the sex abuse industry and possibly even for snuff movies ?

          Operation Fernbridge articles and updates:


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