A Brief Selection of Assorted Ravings

Some more entertainment.

In a comment under my last post, I shared with you one of the delightful ‘perks’ which come as a part of ‘the-deal’ – for battling a corrupt, entrenched oligarchy. No such benefits as a pension provision, company car, health insurance or other such mundane extras accrue as a reward for fighting to expose decades of concealed appalling child abuse.

No – instead my reward is the occasional comedic ‘green-ink’ abuse which arrives from the paeds, the civil servants supporting the paeds, and spotty, trustafarian nephews of the paeds – who sit in sad, masturbatory isolation before their computer screens wondering how long it will be before the family trait grips them.

The entertainment value of these things is wonderful. Unintentional comedy somehow always seems so much more funny than the contrived variety. Some of you may be familiar with the Guardian column of Simon Hoggart. Readers send him copies of those appalling smug and self-regarding ‘family messages’ which some are wont to send to everyone they know around Christmas time – informing them of Leticia’s splendid A-level results and how Darius is doing marvellously at the pony club. Each year Hoggart publishes a selection of some choice passages – and both wondrous and bizarre is the solipsism on display.

The thought occurs to me that I will copy Hoggart’s approach – and every Christmas publish a selection of the various bits of obnoxia which arrive in the course of a year.

But as a teaser for this forthcoming attraction, here are few examples to whet your appetite. I have asterisked the – err – more forthright phrases, but apart from that the selected, Wildean sentences reproduced here are as I received them.

“save (sic) us all the moaning and just hurry up and commit suicide – or get yourself committed you sad little twat!
You wont (sic) be missed.”

My correspondent goes on:


Another, in what one would have to concede, displays a certain economic elegance, simply writes


Though, again, the absence of capitalisation tends to let down this submission.

Really quite splendid, though, is the following epistle:


Not quite perfect, as the absence of the obligatory three exclamation marks lets it down a little. But the full-on, shrieking capitalisation certainly meets the expected standard.

I must check if it’s possible to place a font-colour selection feature in the comments box. I accept that the full, artistic urges of my correspondents are hampered somewhat by not being able to select a green font colour for their belles-letres.

So that’s a selection of my correspondence from the paeds, the child-batterers, abuse-concealers and their various supporters. None, though, I feel, is quite up-there with the piece of obnoxia received by Rod Liddle, when he was Editor for BBC Radio 4’s Today program. One of the very few mementos he took with him when leaving the job was an envelope upon which was scrawled the simple address: “Liddle, Zionist Fascist Jewboy, the BBC”.


Such are the joys of public life.



  1. Davros Le Sueur

    Hi Stuart,
    Have you considered alerting papers like The Sun., Mirror or NOTW?
    Sensationalist I know, but they carry clout in the UK moulding public perceptions.
    I am sure that they would love to lay in to Jack Straw. The game seems to be kick the
    Labour Party whenever possible.

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to see you haven’t lost your humour Stuart, its very important to keep a little humour for the sake of sanity. Gave me a good laugh too! Thanks

  3. Anonymous

    Bailiff faces no confidence vote

    Sir Philip could be dismissed from office by the Queen
    States members will debate whether to bring a vote of no confidence against Jersey’s Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache on 15 July.

    The move follows his speech on Liberation Day when he criticised reporting of the inquiry into historic child abuse in Jersey.

    Deputy Shona Pitman believes Sir Philip “brought his position into disrepute” by politicising his role.

    The motion could see the Queen being asked to dismiss him from office.

    Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader

    Download the reader here
    The bailiff, who is appointed by the Crown, is president of the States Assembly and its Speaker, but he has no political power.

    More than 100 people have come forward saying they were victims of abuse at Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne children’s home in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

    Three people have so far been charged in connection with the police’s inquiry into historic sexual abuse of children in the island.

    In his speech to mark the anniversary of Jersey’s liberation from German occupation in 1945, Sir Philip said: “This year we have learnt that even in peacetime, once a media bandwagon starts rolling, it is difficult to distinguish what is true from what is fictitious.”

    He said a “rigorous investigation” was taking place and a “balanced judgement” would be possible in due course.

  4. Anonymous

    Jack Straw, the justice secretary, has been asked to intervene in the Jersey child abuse investigation after police were unexpectedly advised against charging two suspects.
    Detectives had initially been told by a legal adviser that they had sufficient evidence to charge a 70-year-old man and his 69-year-old wife with serious sexual and physical assaults, but the legal adviser, a barrister appointed by the island’s Attorney General, then changed his mind and police had to let the couple go free.

    Police have previously complained of political interference in their investigation into decades of alleged abuse at the Haut de la Garenne former children’s home and other institutions, and one minister has ridiculed the officer leading the inquiry.

    Although there is no suggestion that the barrister has acted improperly, Stuart Syvret, the campaigning Jersey politician who first highlighted alleged abuse in the island’s childcare system, said it could look as if there was scope for conflicts of interest within Jersey’s legal system and called on Mr Straw to send independent judges and prosecutors to the island.

    Mr Syvret said: “The system is not transparent at the moment.

    “I have already called on Jack Straw to use his statutory powers to appoint independent judges and prosecutors with no links to this island to oversee the judicial process as suspects are arrested.”

    Mr Straw presides over the Privy Council, which examines laws passed by Jersey’s parliament before they are granted Royal Assent. As a Crown dependency, Jersey is autonomous of the UK government, but it remains loyal to the Queen.

    Critics of Jersey’s ancient legal system say it does not pass muster in a modern democracy, as the island’s bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, is the speaker in the island’s parliament as well as being head of the judiciary, meaning there is no separation of legislature and judiciary.

    Sir Philip’s brother, William Bailhache, is the island’s Attorney General. He is also head of the elected Honorary Police force, whose Centeniers are the only officers authorised to charge or bail suspects.

    William Bailhache said: “This case is being handled by an independent Crown Advocate with advice from a barrister from London and there has been no interference by me or anybody else in the Law Officer’s Department.”

    Police are working through a list of 70 suspects identified by 116 alleged victims of child abuse.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    It makes me wonder whether the fake bomb hoax was contrived to take the heat from the Child Abuse case.

  6. Anonymous


    Are there any computer geeks out there who can establish the IP servers of these people? That way, you could find out the location, identity of these people who are harassing you.

    I have a feeling that it is possible to do this but am not up with IT enough to know how.

  7. Anonymous


    I’ve had similar comments left on Youtube video comments ect. Anyone who crosses swords with the pedophiles gets the verbal abuse and threats. Got to the stage now where if I get a nasty remark I see it as a victory token as it shows I’m getting them rattled!


  8. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.

    Love those comments mate, made my day they have. The posters who call you those names must be shitting themselves waiting for the knock on the door from the police.

    Is it true that President Mugabe from South Africa may be taking Sir Philip s job, he may as well co’s he can do it better.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  9. firewall!

    We bloggers don’t get to see IP addresses from the information that gives us (not without installing a 3rd-party counter anyway).

    And even then, most local hits simply show up as either JT or Newtel.. so that’s no help, because we’d need the help of those companies to tell us which actual phone line was connected to which IP address at the time.

    I’m sure the local ‘feds’ have no trouble doing that, and some people with friends in said companies might be able to manage it too, but there’s no chance for the rest of us to tie an IP address to much more than an ISP or perhaps a workplace.

    There may be some devious so-and-so out there on the forums who gets IP addresses from counters or scripts, and is able to hack into individual PCs with that…
    … so be careful out there!

  10. Krakow Crapaud

    Q.Are there any computer geeks out there who can establish the IP servers of these people? That way, you could find out the location, identity of these people who are harassing you.
    A.No, there is no way as they may use IP tunnelling which spoofs the IP address.

    You know it doesn’t matter who there are, they are just about as important as the interview I just saw on Channel TV with Mr Petulant.


  11. Corrupt Camden Council

    Hi Stuart,

    You are doing a great job in exposing and standing up to the nasties who have participated in or tried to cover up this truly disgraceful child abuse – keep it up and don’t let them get you down! You have the support and admiration of a lot of people.

    Best wishes

  12. Anonymous

    I think that the potency of these people (who ever they may be) are reflected in thier ramblings. I for one would not be worried if this is the measure of thier steel!!

    Most sicko’s resort to this kind of verbal attack! But that’s all it is verbal! Like most of those who abuse children, they do not have what it takes take on an adult face to face!

    Keep it up stuart! You are not alone. And remember! When the going really does become tough I think you will be very pleasently suprised at the number standing by your side!

  13. Anonymous


    I suppose you’ve read the JEP tonight about the most recent unsavory 1(1)K resident we have allowed to settle here.

    He has a history of making money through mining diamonds in Sierra Leone (blood diamonds?) and even more worrying perhaps his core business is providing mercenary armies allowing unscrupulous dictators to retain power.

    Interesting timing!

    One does not wish to be paranoid but he couldn’t half be useful to the oligarchy in these troubled times.

    I quote from a web source

    ” With his easygoing nature and ready smile, the former Special Boat Squadron officer fits in well with the Cowes set and the racing fraternity. Delve deeper, however, and a different picture emerges – a picture of a man who can summon a small private army with little more than a few phone calls. And a man prepared to use that army to raise fabulous wealth.

    Through his secretive network of companies, controlled with iron discipline, Mr Buckingham, 46, is emerging as a central figure in the Sierra Leone arms-to-Africa affair. For the past 10 years, Mr Buckingham and his companies have been linked to a series of mercenary military operations launched on behalf of governments in power or exile and multinationals, in return for cash. He has always denied reports that some payments have been in the form of mineral concessions. To unravel his complex web, it is necessary to go back to 1989 when he set up the South African and British “military consultancy” Executive Outcomes (EO) – essentially a highly professional unit of mercenaries comprising mainly South African commandos.”

    It only gets worse and worse – what a nasty little place I find myself living in.

  14. Anonymous


    Have just found another article about Tomy Buckingham our new 1(1)k resident – how lucky we are to have him as part of our community. From Wikipeadia

    “Move to Jersey tax-haven

    In early 2008, Buckingham was secretly granted housing qualifications by the States of Jersey, government of the tax-haven Channel Island of Jersey, as a wealthy immigrant. There is widespread concern in Jersey business circles because of his illustrious past, and because of the possibility that his transition to respectable businessman may not be complete, and that he could tarnish the reputation of the Island. He purchased a substantial residence, Portelet House, in St Brelade, for £6.5m. A part of the deal was that Heritage Oil should be reorganised and its headquarters moved to Jersey in advance of a London Listing. A former Special Air Service acquaintance of Buckingham’s, General Sir Michael Wilkes, who is a recent Governor of Jersey, is a non executive director of the Heritage Oil (Jersey) Limited.”

    Funny we didn’t hear about it until after the event

  15. Res nullius

    Stuart I am getting a bit concerned about you. I had no idea that you were a cokehead.

    Seriously, those fizzy drinks will rot your teeth.

    Try to stick to plain water – particularly if it comes from an undergound stream direct from the Andes…

  16. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    I was wondering about the principles of autrefois acquit and autrefois convict (double jeopardy) and whether they exist in Jersey Law. Can you be tried for the same offence if you were previously aquitted? If no then my supplementary question (!) would be: if the charges were, let’s say, dropped at the Royal Court before there was an actual trial, does that constitute an aquittal?

    All the best!

  17. Anonymous

    Isaiah 29:5-6 (NIV) But your many enemies will become like fine dust, the ruthless hordes like blown chaff. Suddenly, in an instant, 6 the LORD Almighty will come with thunder and earthquake and great noise, with windstorm and tempest and flames of a devouring fire.

    Well thats what is in store for the pado’s and their protectors who simply have no choice but to protect the weakest of their clan as these are the weakest link in the chain and will break under pressure from the police and others.

    By Franky you weren’t loved or respected by decent peole only your yes men and hangers on.

  18. Anonymous

    The issues raised by the failier of the Jersey authorities to protect the weakest members of Jersey society, brings to our attention an often forgoten dimension of Britsh social policy.

    Which is, that since 1945, successive British governments have presided over an imperialistic welfare regime which has remained (despite the rhetoric) commited to the preservation of residualist principles.

    Not only does the identification of the continuation of these policies serve to undermine populare conventions which presume that the universality of Britian’s
    post war social reforms extended to all parts of the `nations citizenry’.

    But, it also serves to bring to our attention that the lives of a proportion of the nations `citizenry’ continue to be dominated by successive UK government policies aimed at the continuation of political, civil and social exclusion!

    When analyzed from a national perspective, the injustices thrust upon the Jersey people as full `British Citizens’, highlight that even at what is argued to be the most liberating level (citizenship level), British society still remains a highly fragmented and stratified society.

    The lack of equality and the inferior position which many `British Citizens’ continue to experience within the borders of the nation state, in the long run must be ascribed to the laws and practices that keep them there.

    In Jersey, the instruments used are archaic constitutional conventions (the legitimacy of which are somewhat dubious).

    These combined with the betrayal of the UK government, have enabled the States of Jersey to undermine what have been argued by many since 1945 to be the political, civil and social rights which were established in `law’ for the nations citizenry.

  19. Anonymous

    With reference to my previous post, clearly I meant ‘if yes’ and the charges are dropped at the Royal Court before there was an actual trial, does that constitute an acquittal? Opps…

  20. Anonymous


    Things are becoming even more sinister. I see the brothers Grimm – Bayleaf and AGHHH….along with Billy Ogley have investigated how Jersey could go it alone. Why stick with a pretend dictatorship when you could have a legitimate one!

    We have a new resident who could conjure up a mercenary army for a few bucks to support a coup d’etat now they’ve worked out how to do it and how much it would cost.

    The parallels with Zimbabwe are getting too close for comfort – are we about to see UDI and have to stain our fingers red in October!

  21. Anonymous

    Stuart – please let us have you comment on independence.
    I am very worried we could become a dictatorship.

  22. Anonymous

    I wonder what all of those investers will do, those who have chosen jersey as a hiding place for their illgotten gains purely because they feel that it is safe in a stable British isle!

    Once independence comes then so does all of the insecurity that goes with it! Similarly, Jersey will not be able to hide behind the skirts of mother UK in her dealings with the EU.

    I don’t think the EU will sit back and let Jersey continue as it has to date. In fact, I am of the belief that should Jersey ever become independent from the UK then it has signed its own death warrent as an offshore tax haven!

    The States of Jersey may have friends at whitehall to hide behind, in terms of the EU. But I wonder if they have anyone in Brussels to shield them against the power of the Union? Somehow I doubt it!

    Talk about out of the pan and into the fire! The French and many, many other EU countries are rubbing thier hands with glee just waiting for such a stupid move!

    They won’t even wait for the ink to dry on the decleration of independence before they slap so many embargos on Jersey that within 24 months the States (whatever is left of it) will be bowing to its new masters in Brussels!

  23. Anonymous

    All of this talk about independence is just a ruse! Just a distraction from the real issues which the States of Jersey hope we are all stupid enough to fall for!

    Don’t worry it aint gonna happen now or ever!

    Otherwise they would have to cancel the Trafalgar ball, and that would never do would it!!

  24. Anonymous

    Don’t suppose the electorate will get a chance to vote on the issue of independence

    Now that child abuse is no longer in the public interest – why bother with the police check for anyone working with children?

    As for our new resident – money buys respectability in Jersey.

    If any of the ruling elite ever bothered to speak to us commoners (who pay their wages/expenses/hotel bills) they may find that there is a great deal of public disquiet and disgust.

    Why is there a lawyer appointed by the AG to oversee the police investigation. Is this normal procedure. Remember the Sharp report/ Holland case – these people did nothing and now they seem to impede the police.

    The establishment and their familars are going to kill the police investigation when Lenny Harper retires.

    How do we ensure that justice is done when the Bailiff and his brother are making a mockery of the rule of law

  25. Anonymous

    “You run but you can’t hide.”

    Forever will the Island of Jersey measured by the evil the men do.

    History is not so east to contrive for the masses and although today’s’ media and political classes will do their level best to bury these events just like the many historic indiscretions of various royals, ministers and other luminaries of notoriety.

    The internet will not let this die in turn the world will not let this die!

    Stuart you are doing a sterling job out there and there are many good folk who are well aware of the horrors and events which are now irrefutable and Lenny will go down in history as a folk law hero.

    Should Lenny leave the Island and a new officer take over the eyes of the world will be burning a hole clean through him for unbiased results remembering that he works for us and not our governments and politicians.

    This will also test the resolve of Jack Straw and will in the end, almost lots of other things be part of his and the labour party’s swansong.

    Those who will take on the mantle are even worse than the worst of those on Jersey and would see the proletariat in back in servitude or slavery.

    Time for change and as fundamental as one could get.

  26. Anonymous

    everyone pretty much feels you are a hero and i applaud you for speaking out against natures sicko’s, but you are forgetting one thing, you obviously did not do your job well as health minister for those 8 or 9 years, you are only bringng all this stuff up now because you were sacked, had you not been sacked you still would have carried on as normal.
    You claimed to not know anything about the mcguires, yet you were on the interview panel.
    Too little too late i feel.
    You and Frank Walker are like two peas in a pod and seem more concerned with out doing one another. i know you wont print this on your blog as i sent a similar one a while back and low and behold it wasnt put up (surprise suprise)
    i used to work in the health sector and to be honest you never did that good a job anyway it is only through all this media hype that you have been able to make yourself look so good even though you never ever did your job properly up until you were fired.
    You are not a hero
    too little too late !!!!
    in 8-9 years or whatever it was that you were in the post of health minister you could have done something and you should be appalled at yourself for not doing this sooner, as if i knew what you did then i would not have been able to sleep at night and it makes you just as bad as those perpertrating and concealing these crimes.

  27. Stuart for Chief Minister!

    Stuart, anyone with a properly functioning brain can see you’re telling the truth, so don’t worry about the idiots who don’t get it!

  28. Anonymous

    Stuart – I really don’t know why you bother giving such verbose replies as ‘My Tenure at H & SS’ in response to a post as subjective as that from Anon, I’d just put it on the blog and let posters reply, why bother to defend yourself – let the bloggers debate!

    People blessed with a modocum of intelligence will judge your performance and appreciate that it is virtually impossible to cure all the ills of a system, furthermore any bureaucratic system is only as good as the total workforce – there are many cogs to a wheel! So let ‘Anon’ peddle his narrow minded views but try to let it ride over your head – it just ain’t worth defending yourself in this forum.

    Good Luck in the debate and try not to personalise it too much – stick to the facts and be polite!

    I should imagine all the old pensioners that ‘do’ the BBC phone in will be gathered around their wireless’s hanging onto your everyword – you may not realise it but you are a one man social service keeping all these people ( well about 10 people) socially engaged ,,,,,,,,the hack at the JEP will be sharpening his pencil, and the young guns at CTV will be hoping for a scoop……..and whey hay there will actually be something to read in the Beano for a change……..I have cancelled all social engagements for the duration and will no doubt be underwhelmed with the pour and contres!
    Bon Chance!

  29. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    Good luck with all you are trying to do, how the baliff and his brother are allowed to behave as they have is quite unbelievable

    They must be made to resign

    Take care of your self

  30. Anonymous

    Keep going Stuart, but I do worry that those in authority, with things to hide, will take whatever steps necessary to keep the truth hidden, and could even remove potential evidence somehow! How does anyone ordinary person know what is really happening?

    I think the authorities believe it is in the islands best interests that nothing is found to substanciate modern day child abuse or murder. It doesn’t sit well with the island’s portrail as a happy holiday home. We can’t have people holidaying in Jersey having the idea that children were raped and murdered at a childrens home run by the authorities.

    Victorian abuse is different, as it is portayed as a common event, so if the problems at HDLG were pin-pointed to this time frame all the better.

    I myself believe the truth will never come out in its entirety, I do hope I am proved wrong, but I don’t have any faith in the islands authorities. Time will tell.

  31. Res nullius


    My best forecast is that you will be lucky to get 10 ‘pour’ votes for your vote of no confidence in the council of ministers.

    My trusted spreadsheet entitled “How they voted” on popular/unpopular propositions shows a clear trend. (a geeky pastime I know but it stops me hanging out on street corners sniffing Blu-tak)

    There is an identifiable trend in the results which shows which members ALWAYS tow the party line e.g. Andrew Lewis, Pryke, Fox, Le Fondre, Reed, Ferguson.

    That said – some of those may well have an eye on the latter half of this year (expect a skate park near you soon!).

    Anyone wanting to run a book on this?


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