Read its leader comment below this post.

I suppose, in a tragic kind of way, one could find it quite entertaining – watching the Jersey oligarchy walk down the path of its own destruction.

It was, after all, going to happen – one way or another – sooner or later.

But if only the engines of that demise were one, or several, of the many other corruptions which possess the ruling elites here – one could indeed indulge in a degree of schadenfreude.

Creative accounting? Embezzlement? Bribery? Racketeering? Blackmail? Fraud? Tax dodging? Corruption of the planning process? Money laundering? Misconduct in public office? Perjury?

Okay, that last one, perjury, is, I concede, long-shot. For such an offence to be prosecuted, we would first require a functioning judicial apparatus.

Any of these cultural ‘features’ of “The Jersey Way” could have been the cause of the inevitable implosion.

But of all the rancid toxins which course through the veins of our stagnant ruling elite – it is the battery, torture and rape of children – and the concealment of such crimes – which has – finally – boiled to the surface like some metastasising canker.

Even now – after 20 months of becoming reluctantly familiarised with this awful subject – I cannot think of what so many of these children must have gone through without being gripped by a cold black dread; like some kind of icy vacuum.

Under normal circumstances I could have observed the corrupt shower who form our Glorious Leaders, being the author of their own destruction with a certain degree of satisfaction; perhaps even smiled a little at each new self-administered train-wreck.

Instead – I just want to shout at them “in the name of Christ – enough! For God’s sake just stop.”

But instead, with a seemingly endless stream of amoral absurdities, those who rule us descend to ever greater bathyspheric depths of moral turpitude.

For example, even in recent days, we have seen a Jersey oligarch begin the process of eliding from the judiciary to the legislature – largely on the grounds that today’s police force are exhibiting too much independence and need to be brought under greater direct political control.

This is one of those examples of the final stagnation of the Jersey establishment.

In which other established democracy would you find elites possessed of such stupidity and arrogance as to seek election on the grounds that the police force needs to be brought under direct political control – at the precise time the same police force has been sufficiently free of political interference to – finally – expose many decades of the most appalling child abuses?

Only that sense of invulnerability enjoyed by the terminally stupid could lead people to exhibit such folly.

And it is not as though we’re considering only a few embarrassing eccentrics.

The entire panoply of power in Jersey – most politicians, all institutions of the state, and the entire local media – all participate in the faintly deranged Groupthink which grips public life in the island.

The Jersey establishment and its media, through a blindingly obvious succession of omissions, distortions, half truths, perverse emphases and out-right falsehoods strives – with the obsession of the crazed – to maintain the fiction that The Atrocity – The Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – is some minor, passing controversy – as opposed to a final, signifying definition of what our community has come to.

So marginalised, slandered, and attacked have I been throughout this wretched episode that I have had to constantly gauge my perception of reality along side that of other people; people outside the crucible of Jersey.

For in Jersey, during the last 20 months, I have been labelled a communist, a thug, an anarchist and generally some kind of off-the-wall, lunatic-fringe extremist. I have, in all seriousness, been accused of engineering the entire controversy in order to “shaft Jersey internationally”; I have been depicted as being mentally ill; dammed as “not a team player” (I guess that means not joining in with the teamwork needed to maintain the culture of concealment) and “using the situation for my political purposes” – as though it could be imagined that my actions have been, even faintly, beneficial to me in any way.

As I have already remarked, I look at the conduct, the behaviour – the simple stagnation of the Jersey oligarchy, and I just want to say “in the name of God, enough!”

For in truth, the Jersey establishment serves as a warning to the world.

A warning of just what such arrogance, hubris, megalomania and sense of invulnerability can possess those who rule society when their power is near-absolute.

In the year 2008, in the eyes of Jersey’s ruling elite, it is as though the French and American revolutions never happened; as though unquestioning deference to one’s “social superiors” – as through they were infallible beings – is simply the natural order of things.

But time and again, the verdict of history has been cast upon those who indulged in such untrammelled power.

The words of John Dalberg-Acton remain as powerfully relevant today as they were in April, 1887:

“I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption, it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Jersey’s traditional ruling establishment would have you “judge them unlike other men”; as though they were ‘Popes or Kings’ of centuries gone by.

Were this not the case, this island’s leaders would have acted with wisdom during this disaster.

The worst peace-time crisis in the island’s history.

Instead, we are forced to witness and endure the smug complacency, the arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, the venal self-interest, the moral vacuity and the faintly deranged belief that it is the Jersey establishment which marches in step – and it is the rest of the civilised world which has got it wrong.

The truth, of course, is brutally – and tragically – different.

And no amount moral dereliction, distortions and lies by the Jersey Evening Post will change that fact.

Should you ever be tempted to believe the Jersey oligarchy spin, which would have you believe that survivors, whistle-blowers, the Police Force and campaigners are merely some kind of marginal and extremist irrelevancy – set aside what I say.

And instead read the leader comment – reproduced below – from The Times newspaper of Friday, 1st August 2008.

The Times is a very traditional, centre-Right conservative newspaper. Not a journal whose motivations are the anarchic de-stabilisation of respectable democracies.

The Times has covered the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster from the very outset; nearly a year ago – before most other media knew where Jersey was.

So this is a newspaper that knows of what it speaks.

A centre-Right, conservative publication – who’s views are unambiguous.

Read the comment below – and fix it in your mind.

And recall it – next time you see the Jersey oligarchy implying that the Child Abuse Disaster is some kind of Lefty plot.


Leader Comment from The Times Newspaper:

1st August, 2008.

August 1, 2008


Jersey’s Government should take a more robust stance over the child abuse investigations, and should prevent closure of a murder investigation
There was a note of resignation in the statement yesterday by Lenny Harper, the deputy chief officer of States of Jersey Police, that there may never be enough evidence to mount a murder inquiry into the partial remains of five children found at Haut de la Garenne.

As a policeman who has been central to the painstaking efforts to sift and analyse bone fragments and teeth found in the cellars of the former children’s home, Mr Harper is clearly eager to bring to justice anyone responsible for whatever crimes took place. As an employee of a government whose commitment to this investigation has been at best lukewarm, however, he knows that the case appears, for the moment, to have reached a dead end. His job, and that of the Jersey government, is to ensure that this case remains open and that the inquiry goes on.

To the public, things appear straightforward. Dozens of Jersey residents have testified that, as children sent to Haut de la Garenne, they suffered physical and sexual abuse and knew about punishment rooms in the cellars. A police investigation, the biggest mounted in the Channel Islands, has uncovered underground rooms and found disturbing evidence: a shallow concrete bath with blood on it and the words “I’ve been bad for years and years” scrawled on a wooden beam, the letter K written in black on a wall with whitewash covering the rest of the word, a total of 65 milk teeth and more than 100 human bone fragments, one coming from a child’s leg and another from a child’s ear.

In addition, a member of the public said that he had been told by staff to dig two holes near the boys’ dormitory, and police have found in one of them a large amount of lime at the bottom. That is certainly enough to prompt the reasonable suspicion that horrific crimes, including murder, have been committed at the home.

Bringing specific charges may prove to be much more difficult, however. First, the timeframe being investigated ranges from the late 1940s to the 1980s, and the remains, which were burnt, cannot be carbon-dated. Secondly, there are no reliable reports of missing children during this time, as those sent to the home were often illegitimate, unwanted or were listed as simply having left for the mainland. And thirdly, although some 97 allegations have been made of abuse dating back to the 1960s, and more than 100 people listed as suspects, several potentially key witnesses are dead and there are no clear links between the abuse and murder.

The frustrations of the case have also been reflected in public attitudes. Many people in Jersey, especially at the start of the investigation, have been angered by what they see as attempts in Britain to disparage their system of justice, force the pace of the investigations and impose independent judicial control. A former health minister, a trenchant critic of the Jersey government’s attitude, was sacked and Mr Harper himself is known to have been close to resignation over official reaction to the abuse inquiries.

The Jersey government should take a more robust stance over what has happened. For Britain, this is a delicate matter. The island, a Crown dependency, is not part of the United Kingdom and not subject to Home Office regulation. Ministry of Justice officials have held talks with those involved in the case and although there are ways of intervening – either directly or through the Privy Council – the British Government is extremely loath to do so or pre-empt the findings of an investigation still under way. But it should not be necessary. However baffling the case, it remains a homicide investigation. There is no reason to curtail or curb it. What happened in the dark cellars of Haut de la Garenne must be revealed, whatever the financial or political cost.

The Times

1st August 2008


  1. Anonymous

    From The Times
    August 1, 2008

    Jersey children’s bones may never give up their secrets

    Human remains at Haut de la Garenne proved only that the children lived from between 1650 and the 1960s, police said, making a murder conviction impossible
    Fragments of bone and children’s teeth found during the search of cellars at a former children’s home in Jersey may be too old to justify a murder inquiry, police said yesterday.
    A five-month search of the Haut de la Garenne home in the east of the island found the partial remains of five children. The officer leading what is still an inquiry into child abuse said that radiocarbon dating of the bones had failed to establish when the children died. None has been identified.
    Stuart Syvret, the Jersey States senator who drew public attention to the allegations of child abuse at the home, called yesterday for the British authorities to intervene. The island’s former health and social services minister claims that the close-knit Jersey Establishment helped to establish a cover-up for fear of a scandal.
    He said: “The only hope for justice is if London intervenes and it sends a completely independent judiciary, prosecution and courts, without any prior connection with Jersey.”
    Remains found at the home include 65 milk teeth and more than 100 fragments of bone. The only two fragments that have been identified positively are a piece of shin and a bone from a child’s inner ear.
    Detectives believe that children were dismembered in the basement room, where former inmates have alleged that physical and sexual abuse took place, and incinerated in a boiler.
    Lenny Harper, deputy chief officer of Jersey police, said that despite difficulty in dating the remains, a murder inquiry could be started if further tests on the unidentified young victims were more conclusive.
    Radiocarbon dating of the bone fragments at a laboratory in England has been inconclusive, confirming only that their owners had lived between 1650 and the 1960s. Without specific dates, investigators have no way of knowing who was in the home or who was running it when the children died. Mr Harper, who is due to retire this month, said: “If the dating remains as inconclusive . . . a homicide inquiry is unlikely.”
    There is evidence that bodies were burnt and buried at Haut de la Garenne, he said, but it was possible that the children died accidentally or through natural causes. “I believe that it is very likely that children died here. What I cannot say is how they died,” he said. “We are highly suspicious of the circumstances of how we found bones and the teeth burnt and buried.”
    No decision will be made until after the results of further forensic tests, according to Jersey police.
    More than 100 former inmates of Haut de la Garenne, which closed in 1986, have alleged that they were sexually abused there. The police investigation has concentrated on the period between 1960 and 1980, although allegations of abuse have been made dating back to 1945.
    Six people have been arrested. Three have been charged with offences relating to the abuse of children and three others have been released on bail pending further inquiries.
    Jersey police started searching the building in February, two years after allegations by former residents initiated an investigation into abuse.
    Mr Syvret said that it was important to remember the abuse that occurred at the home, even if there was no murder inquiry. He said: “The abuse aspect was quite appalling enough without children dying.”
    The Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming also called on the British Government to intervene to ensure the “rule of law” in Jersey.
    There is little enthusiasm in the island for a murder inquiry. One resident said: “The local attitude to the investigation is that it is all a storm in a teacup, that that sort of stuff went on then, and the sooner that Harper goes and stops embarrassing the island the better.”

  2. voiceforchildren


    I wonder if any of our local “Journalists” ever read any of the national newspapers. I wonder if they believe Jersey residents don’t read national national newspapers.

    Whenever I read a news item from the national press, it covers the subjects and brings up the questions I would like answered or considered regarding our dictatorship and the seemingly very dodgy goings on with the HDLG case.

    A couple of days ago I was in my local corner shop and I seen the headlines of the JEP which read “bones could date back to 1650” The next day Lenny Harper is on national radio saying he has been shown “hostility” by our politicians, they have attempted to discredit and hinder his investigation. Something which I and EVERYBODY I know agrees with.

    Surely that is more worthy and more accurate than the bones dating back to 1650 as a headline. and deserves some local “journalistic” scrutiny.

    In fairness it’s not just the JEP who appear to be either absolutey incompedant or share the agenda of our “ruling elite”, it is our entire local media.

    I see you have more than 44,000 unique visitors to this site world wide. Surely there must be someone out there that can see how much the Jersey people need help and outside intervention. Our goverment can’t be allowed to carry on as they are and have been. Our children deserve better, they deserve some kind of human rights. We as parents need some kind of hope that somebody is willing to give us that hope.

    If our goverment and media are allowed to carry on, our future is bleak. We and our children do not deserve the goverment we have got, we need an independent media WE NEED OUSIDE HELP!!

  3. Jimi Takes A Stroll

    I’ve noticed on a few occasions you use terminology along the lines of “watching the oligarchy walk down the path of its own destruction”. In any other democracy – especially one without a media in the pocket of the goverment – that is probably what we’d be witnessing.

    However, the sad fact of life in Jersey is that these events of “self destruction” are really never anything more than temporary embarassments for the guilty…who are so smug about the safety of their positions, that they seem to think nothing of publically appearing more annoyed at being made to look “foolish” than having a primary concern for the issue at hand.

    And that ain’t gonna change until our political system changes and (equally as importantly) the atittude of our media changes – neither of which will happen any time soon.

    Come the next election the majority of those who should now be hanging their heads publically in shame will still be sitting smug and comfy in the States chamber….no matter how much the real world can see that they SHOULD have self-destructed.

  4. Anonymous

    It seems that in the island’s past there has been a very active ring of paedophiles operating in Jersey within the care system.
    Such practises have flourished because of poor record keeping, lack of external monitoring, potential involvement of senior figures.

    So in the modern care system what has changed to ensure the early detection?

  5. Anonymous

    Quotes from Lenny Harper on the BBC

    “What has made this one significantly different from my perception and from any similar enquiries of this nature that I’ve been involved in before is the political hostility that it has engendered from amongst politicians who one would normally think would be crawling over themselves to offer support to the inquiry and the victims.

    “And with a very few notable exceptions, that hasn’t happened here.

    “On the contrary the only interventions most of them seem to have made is to criticise the investigation, to make comments about us being out of control – because we’re acting as if we think we’re a politically independent organisation, which always struck me as the very backbone of proper policing.”

  6. donchais

    There is little enthusiasm in the island for a murder inquiry. One resident said: “The local attitude to the investigation is that it is all a storm in a teacup, that that sort of stuff went on then, and the sooner that Harper goes and stops embarrassing the island the better.”

    WHAT THE HELL??????????

  7. Anonymous

    Temps Passe JEP 1st Aug 2008

    From 1983

    In the past 12 months, only one local school has used the cane but the president of the Education Committee, Senator Reg Jeune, is keen to maintain its use in the Island. Following recent EEC recommendations against corporal punishment, the United Kingdom are considering giving parents the option to forbid a school to use the cane on their child. But Senator Jeune believes that schools acting “in loco parentis” should have the chance to use the cane at their discretion, as at present when either the headteacher or senior teacher may administer it. “We are very free of severe behavioural problems in the Island, and there are many reasons why our discipline is good, but in the background there is always the threat that corporal punishment could be used, and the fact that the cane is there is very important,” he said.

  8. Anonymous

    Good old Reg! Even whilst jersey is under the spotlights of the worlds press with regard to how it treats the most vunerable members of its society. You can always count on the Jersey old Guard who continue in face of public oppinion and hostility to its world view, continue to advocate violence and torcher against children!

    My god will they never learn! I prey God to deliver us from the evil of these entrenched monsters!

    Oh almost forgot! I also prey that there is a `hell’.

  9. Anonymous

    From thinking about a totally different matter, today I began to wonder about a controlled trial? If I was going to pick a similar set of oligarchs I would look at Rock, Cornwall … there must be significant paedophilia there, surely? How can one find out from the local disempowered people?


  10. Krakow Crapaud

    I was back in Jersey for 10 days in July and did not notice any greater interest in politics than there has ever been.

    People only spoke of the certainty that no matter who gets voted in on 15th October and 26th November, nothing will change.

    I don’t blame them either, the SOJ don’t listen, don’t appear to care either. GST 🙁

    The press have an agenda, who knows what that is, but it’s not about informing the public, nor is it about rooting out wrongdoings.

    The only thing that the SOJ seem to be genuinely afraid of is the FREE PRESS.

    They don’t have to worry in Jersey anyway.

    I’ll be back in September to see if there is any more interest and find out if I’m eligible for election as Deputy, I can’t sit here in Krakow and do nothing any longer.


  11. Anonymous

    From Mark Steel – The Indeendant

    Whereas what we do determines what they can get away with.

    The vast march against the war in 2003 defines our times, partly because it showed what is possible, but also because it led many who participated to conclude there’s nothing we can do.

    But there must have been many people who marched behind Martin Luther King who, six months later, said, “We had our march and they still didn’t listen – there will never be an end to segregation.” Maybe the next answer to “What can we do?” is recognising that opposition is far more effective if it’s organised collectively.

    The sentiment against war and big business is so disjointed. It consists of a vast number of local groups, websites, gigs, individuals producing posters, poems and postcards, and many more quietly seething. It’s an opposition that would be so much more effective if these actions were, even loosely, connected. At least then people could seethe together.

    But the first and most important answer to the question “What should we do?” is to take the monumental leap to do “something”, to participate in the continuous rumble against injustice, to donate the pound, respond to the bullying remark, write the letter, harangue the woman with a clipboard who’s shut down the tea bar, draw up the petition against the next Tesco Express, boycott the fruit or decide to stop a war.

    This article is an edited extract from ‘What’s Going on? The Meanderings of a Comic Mind in Confusion’ by Mark Steel, to be published on Monday by Simon & Schuster, price £12. To order your copy at a special price (including free postage and packing) call 08700 798 897 or visit

  12. Anonymous

    So far the Jersey pollice have descovered the remains of at least five corpses at HDG of murdered children!

    I wonder how many more child corpses are waiting to be unerthed in other locals accross the Island?

    There are many other sites that deserve investigation, particularly one where children from HDG were taken on camping trips!

    Of course, no one will ever know the full horror or scale of the crimes committed against children in Jersey. As is the case with most paedophile rings, children are loaned out and taken to other locals for abuse and, are usually killed wherever the sexual crime was committed.

    I for one do not believe that the monsters who committed these crimes, actually returned the children to HDG for butchering!

    I believe that in time, the remains of other children will be descovered!

  13. Anonymous

    The British government still do play a part in the hushing up of the ongoing horrors.

    Why has the British government not invoked the European laws on torture?

    Why will Jack Straw not do anything?

    Who in the uk are the counterparts of those in Jersey who are in the government, police, health service, schools, scouts and churches?

    Why has the churches and ministers from every church in Jersey not been out marching like they recently did in the uk?

    Why are secret societies and secret family courts needed?

    What is it that the governments are afraid of?

    If a pervert is writing law then the law at its foundation is perverted, this must not be allowed to continue.

    If the politicians are writing the laws then they will be politically motivated thus not balanced, this also must never happen.

    However only the good people of Jersey can change this and now that the UK has been inextricably linked by children who were sent there by British social services then we as country are duty bound to our own citizens and their children to take action.

    Were waiting Jack Straw Minister for injustice, manipulating the world of the legal beagles and hiding the things the elite don’t want the public to know.

  14. Anonymous

    Oligarchy….. surely the word is Freemasonary. You only have to observe the intricate design, decoration, geometry and placement of the architecture, furniture and fittings in the States chamber.

    Look carefully at your surroundings next time your in the chamber, do a little research, you will soon realise exactly where you are sitting…….

    Its all there, you only have to understand what you are looking at!

    Reading page 16 of Saturday 2nd August’s JEP you will observe the article on Paul Nicolle’s guided tours, which include that of the states chamber. In this article, and I quote “However, the Baliff, Sir Phillip Bailhache, has ruled that visitors will not be allowed to take photographs of the inside of the buildings, even though the tours will take place when the courts and states will not be sitting”.

    unusual request, why should he rule this?

  15. Anonymous


    What proportion of your oligarchs are ex-public/boarding school pupils? Particularly, those who could have been sexually active paedophiles within the time-frame of the investigation.


  16. donchais

    Besides doing what we can do in covering this story…last night, Geraldo Rivera on Fox – sistering with Sky News – did a segment and included some “Stuart” video.

    Also, video has been showing a piece called Tourism in Jersey. Yup tourism is ok, but all interviewed were well aware of Haut de la Garenne, are terribly sad and only wish for justice for the victims.

    It IS getting out there folks – keep hope!

  17. Advocatus Diaboli

    ~~~~~Why has the British government not invoked the European laws on torture?

    Why will Jack Straw not do anything?~~~~~

    Jack will do as much as he has to, no more. This is because a root and branch reform of child residential services will demolish all the cost controls that were brought in by the Community Care Act. It will also be difficult to justify adult residential services stinking of piss if childrens’ services are substantially improved.

    The policy of harnessing peoples’ “talents” rather than training them in humanist care practices is also far cheaper, even if it does imply sketchy background checks and employing questionable people, because you can get more money delivering pizza than by looking after vulnerable people.

    What’s a few dead children when the ‘care system’ is delivering such economical results? After all 200,000 babies a year go up the chimney and the public don’t bat an eyelid.

  18. Anonymous

    Regarding the previous comment from Devil’s Advocate: “Why will Jack Straw not do anything”?

    Think about it……

    Jack Straw would first take advice before acting (or not); who is Straw’s adviser on all things “Bailiwick of Jersey”?

    So, its back on Frank’s magic roundabout for some more “Jersey way” spin by those busy fraternal hands of the “Square and Level”!

    Will there ever be enough politicians representing the people with “the right stuff” to fight for democracy to ever exist in Jersey?

  19. Anonymous

    Stuart – please let us know if you agree with the frequent texts which state that the whole establishment cover up is masterminded by Freemasons.

    And what on earth are you doing posting this piece of nonsensical stereotyping?

    “What proportion of your oligarchs are ex-public/boarding school pupils? Particularly, those who could have been sexually active paedophiles within the time-frame of the investigation”.

    As you are the sole moderator of your site, surely you shouldn’t be encouraging such nasty innuendo? I am sure if this commenter was referring to an ethnic minority as opposed to public schoolboys, you would either not post it, or lay into him bigtime for displaying such bigotry.

  20. James Cranch

    There used to be a periodical magazine in Guernsey, the Guernsey Attic Press. I don’t know if you ever saw it.

    It wanted to be some kind of Guernsey version of Private Eye, which is an excellent motivation to have, and it did a reasonable job of exposing some of the things the Press doesn’t print.

    There was some kind of libel threat, as I recall, and it folded. It’s much missed here, and it seems to me Jersey could use one too.

    Perhaps the islands could share one?

    I live in the UK at the moment, so I’d be of little use setting one up. But I have keen friends!

    James Cranch

  21. Anonymous

    There are currently some 6,000 individual cases of abuse at the hands of employee’s of the government’s various department, mostly within the care system, education and other institutions.

    85% of inmates within the penal system have been sexually abused prior to entering the prison.

    72% of them came through the care system and 68% are either alcoholics, Drug addicts and or homeless.

    Powerless in the society we all refer to. in way some victims feel let down because of how they are currently being treat than how they were treat historically as these events took place a long time ago whereas current system today were expected to listen to them after all these years of suffering and deal with it in a better way then yesteryear.

    Had the Jersey politicians been astonished or horrified, maybe even apologetic in anyway or even offered the merest concern for the victim’s things maybe be different today.

    We would have had the arrests, started the trials the victims would have some support and those involved would have been put in prison or face other sanctions depending of their level of culpability.

    Jersey could breathe the air of free fair minded people with those who have been entrenched in the foulness gone. Who knows there may just be some fair minded folk in Jersey who could give the plutocratic scum and run for their money in the next elections? Even if that does not happen there WILL be fundamental changes in Jersey!!! Of that you can be sure!!!

  22. TonyTheProf

    “Radiocarbon dating of the bone fragments at a laboratory in England has been inconclusive, confirming only that their owners had lived between 1650 and the 1960s”

    It would seem more likely that contamination took place with burning of wood with bones, for instance, as no one would move bones from pre-1650 into the cellar of a Victorian building that wasn’t even built then.

  23. Anonymous

    Re: Public schoolboys

    Old bean, if you researched the subject you will find that many public schoolboys were sexually abused …. I expect it was amost de rigueur a few years ago. For instance, many celibs write about this pandemic in their autobiographies. I know from my own work with survivors that the perps were often these empowered cancers, who – because of their power positions (with a paedophila developed from their childhood experience), needed victims who were so unempowered they would never tell. I even know of one “high up” who shot himself as he couldn’t cope with himself anymore. I am on the side of the victims — what about you, dear chap?


  24. Anonymous

    Re – public school……Well there has been talk for some time now on many internet sites that a high ranking Jersey official (ex-public school of course) was the gouvernor of HDG for part of the period currently under investigation!

    Not only this but the very same is also mentioned as being a masonic senior as has his brother (another high ranking Jersey offical) And, so I am led to believe thier father also!

    A bit of a coincidence don’t you think, given how the masons have been linked to so many paedophile cases! Or is it just the imaginings of an over reactive public?

    After all according to some of our seniors, ` the real scandal is not child abuse’!

  25. russell labey

    Agree with ‘the moving finger’

    Bewildering “Robespierre” letter.

    Even more bewildering that someone thought it print worthy? Devalues the currency of the letters page. Perhaps in their confusion they assumed it intellectual. Or do you just need to knock Stuart to get printed?

  26. Anonymous

    Re: Public school

    Interesting! I googled a few days ago to see a old royal in the photoframe with an ex-Charterhouse old boy. The royal was (or still is?) the big boss of the UK’s freemasons – ?Grand Master. And I believe the “old boy” is the main man in Jersey? Probably just a coincidence ……


  27. Anonymous

    In Reply to RL.

    Sorry Rus, but you certainly do not have a lot to shout about in terms of `garbage’ free reporting!

    It’s still a democracy you know..we are not under the full controle of Phil, Bill and Ben yet! And whilst we are still free we will exercise our right to free speech!

    The same as you do!!

  28. Anonymous

    Re RL

    Does he think he is the only one allowed to report! I’m sorry that certain poeple feel this way, I was just reporting what is beaing said on other sites (the international mens club for instance)!

    You may not like what is being said, but, you cannot get away from the truth that many people across the globe are saying it!!

    Similarly, there have been many people on this site who have implicated the `masons’ with regard to thier abuse as children!

    Obviously there are those who find this to distastefull for public viewing! To impolite perhaps?


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