Decades of the Most Foul Child Abuse;

Nearly all of it hidden;

How did it Happen?

“The Jersey Way”:

“Measured”, “Respectable” and “civilised”.

I hope many of my readers will have been able to see the Inside Out programme which was broadcast by regional BBC television last night. It will be on their web site for a week or so I guess.

Could I also recommend that you try to see BBC Panorama, which will be broadcast this coming Monday. It focuses entirely upon the Jersey child abuse disaster.

If you have been following this crisis in the national or international media – you will be deeply puzzled as to how such monstrous abuse could have been concealed for so long? Why did every ‘check and balance’ in Jersey fail to protect these children?

Why did those in “authority” in Jersey permit this to happen?

To discover the answer to that question, check out a letter published in today’s Jersey Evening Post, Saturday 29th March.

I would post the web address – but The Rag, being so archaic, the letter isn’t on their web site yet.

The letter in question is written by one Philip ‘Pip’ Le Brocq. I do suggest you acquire a copy as it serves as yet further evidence of how intrinsically decadent, stupid and hypocritical the Jersey oligarchy is.

The letter is titled “Senator’s words discredit the island he claims to love.”

It is another assault upon me for speaking the truth – a commodity in profoundly short supply amongst the Jersey establishment – indeed, something they appear to have a nasty allergy to.

I suppose I should be grateful for Pip’s letter – it illustrates so perfectly the very points I make in trying to expose the debased and ignorant self-interest that grips Jersey’s elites like a cancer.

And there is, I should add, an additional advantage in that whilst he’s writing this cretinous and ethically bankrupt nonsense, he doesn’t have time to write the truly appalling ‘sonnets’ he is want to churn out – labouring under the delusion he is some kind of ‘poet’.

As many of the greats have said – the first requirement to write good poetry is a grasp of the truth – not something we see on display in Pip’s letter.

Just how dishonest and stupid is his missive?

Well, let’s have a quick stroll through its nether regions in our quest to understand the monstrous failings and abuses of power in Jersey.

The letter is an attempt to defend the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache – chief judge – and Speaker of the island’s parliament.

Phil gave a political interview to The Rag a while back – which I wrote about in my post “A Last Desperate Throw of the Dice.”

Pip portrays Phil as some kind of towering beacon of wisdom and leadership – a mighty figure we ignorant and frightened proles can cling to in this time of storms.

Well – let us recap the actual – evidenced – “performance” of Phil Bailhache.

This is a man who was Chair of the Victoria College Board of Governors for much of the 1990s – when complaints of child abuse were being made. Complaints which were not reported to the police.

The same Sir Phil Bailhache, who – when I was facing a dismissal debate in the Jersey parliament for having honestly answered a question about child protection failures – prevented my official comments and supporting evidence from being published.

The self-same supposed judicial expert – who was content to allow the political ‘trial’ of me take place – with only the case for the ‘prosecution’ being published.

The same Phil Bailhache who failed to declare a ‘conflict of interest’ given that some of the evidence he was oppressing related directly to the child abuse at Victoria College – when he was Chairman of the Board of Governors.

The self-same Phil who condemns the international media coverage as “scurrilous” – it apparently not occurring to him that the UK media have reported – entirely accurately – such things as his anti-democratic and foul actions in preventing me giving a speech which was the first ever expression of recognition and empathy for the abuse survivors by a member of the States.

The same man who – by frightened and rabid dictat – recently had me thrown out of a members’ room in the island’s parliament building whilst I was in the middle of an interview with a French TV crew.

As I said in my other post – essentially an inadequate, ignorant and foolish little man.

A person utterly out of his depth and possessed of the “wisdom” of a Moss Side alcoholic.

But – I titled this post “How Jersey Works”.

I wanted to explain to you the breathtaking incompetence, decadence, self-interest, greed, megalomania, mutual protection and startling invulnerability of the Jersey oligarchy.

By understanding “How Jersey Works”, we gain some insight into how this island can have had within its midst’s – and under the very noses of its authorities – generations of the most foul concealed child abuse. Because, let’s face it, concealing generations of systemic and appalling child abuse is so clearly the “civilised”, “dignified”, “measured” and “statesman” like thing to do.

So – How Jersey Works:

You see – what Philip Le Brocq neglects to mention in his epistle is that he once was a teacher at Victoria College.

He somehow also forgot to mention that he is a personal friend of Phil Bailhache.

And – very forgetfully – he fails to inform readers that he is the husband of one Sally Le Brocq – formerly Sally Harrison – multi-millionaire scion of the family which owned the Guiton Group – parent company of Jersey’s only “newspaper” the Jersey Evening Post.

Remember the Guiton Group? Its boss and chair of the board was one Frank Harrison Walker – now Jersey’s Chief Minister. A man who attaches greater importance to defending senior civil servants than he does to child protection.

Pip also neglects to mention another fascinating example of How Jersey Works. He fails to tell us that his multi-millionaire wife, Sally Le Brocq, is one of the 12 ‘Jurats’ – lay-judges – of Jersey’s Royal Court.

Now – regular readers of this blog will remember – even if Pip doesn’t – the name of another of the 12 ‘Jurats’.

That being one ‘Jurat John Le Breton’ – the man who had to resign in disgrace as Vice-Principle of Victoria College for having failed to inform the Police Force of complaints of child abuse – and who even went so far as to attempt, with the Principle, Jack Hydes, to intimidate and humiliate two of the victims in to withdrawing their complaints.

So – there we have a quick lesson in How Jersey Works.

How its entrenched, nepotistic and incestuous power-claque ruthlessly work together at the merest hint of a threat to their lucrative grip on power in the island.

Pip moves towards a close by bemoaning the fact that I am returning to my “immature” days of an enfant terrible – rather than being “admirable” in “gaining the wisdom and dignity of an elder statesman.”

These fascinating assertions require a few questions.

And I really need answers to these questions, Pip, as – obviously – I am clearly so out of step with the “reasonable and polite” conduct of Jersey’s traditional establishment.

Admittedly, about 95% of the rest of the planet seem to share my views – but, of course, it is simply axiomatic that the Jersey Establishment is Never Wrong.

So most of the world, most of my readers, and I have clearly become profoundly confused; we’ve lost our way, Pip. And we need your guidance to regain touch with the truth.

So, tell me, Pip, I take it that your definition of “dignified” includes the terribly, terribly “respectable” “elder statesmen” who raped orphans in Haute de la Garrene?

Would that be the kind of “wisdom” and “dignity” displayed by “elder statesmen” who have repeatedly attached greater importance to the “image” of their oligarchy and the size of their bank accounts than they have to the battery and torture of vulnerable children?

Pip, would the “civilised and measured” behaviour of which you speak include the peddling of lies and oppressions against those trying to protect vulnerable children?

Do you, Pip, include in your definition of “civilised and respectable” behaviour, the unlawful preventing of the publication of evidence which demonstrated the truth of the Jersey child abuse disaster?

Pip, do you consider it “statesman” like to assault democracy and justice in this way, as your friend Phil did – whilst failing to declare a ‘conflict of interests’ – namely him being Chairman of the Board of Governors of Victoria College when that institution was concealing child abuse?

Do you mean the “civilised and measured” behaviour exhibited by Phil when unlawfully stopping me from making a speech in the island’s parliament in which I was attempting to express some empathy and compassion for the Jersey abuse victims?

Well, actually Pip, you needn’t bother replying – your answers to these questions must surely be “yes”. Why else would you have written such cretinous and despicable rubbish?

And, even though your answer is “yes” – well, I’m sorry – but I’m just going to have to carry on being – and choose your appellation according to your tastes – “reprobate scum”, “a communist”, a “McCarthyite”, an “anarchist” or – famously – someone who is “trying to shaft Jersey internationally.”

I’ve been called all these things – and worse – in the course of the last 12 months.

My “offence”? Trying to root out and stop the abuses of power that enabled child rape and battery to remain concealed for generations.

So – in fact, being opposed so totally and rabidly by people like you, Pip, your mate Phil and the rest of your Jersey oligarchy friends, actually makes me feel pretty good.

For if I was regarded by people like you and the rest of the Jersey crypto-fascist feudalists as “one of us” and a “respectable elder statesman” – I would develop a compulsive disorder which would require me to go and shower every 30 minutes in an effort to cleanse myself of the sensations of filth and rot.

Pip concludes his missive by likening me to the protagonist of ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’ – destroying myself through self-delusion.

Let me invite readers of this blog to decide for themselves.

Given what we know about the child abuse disaster in Jersey, who, do you imagine, has been unceasing in their efforts over the years to maintain and project a healthy and desirable “image” to the world – whilst the decay, rot, festering canker and corruption boiled out of the picture hidden away in the attic?

Me – or Philip Le Brocq’s beloved Jersey establishment?

The answer is self-evident – so – as I said in a previous comment – give me honesty over “politeness” every single time.

Stuart Syvret.

15 thoughts on “HOW JERSEY WORKS:

  1. Anonymous

    Speaking as Chairman of the Moss Side Alco$#*lcisocs [ associttion – we are not pleased Mr Syvret, that you impguned our reputation adn want you to withdraw yor sertion taht Phil Bailhaitch is as wize as uS. He ain’t! GIOTTIT!

    Chs – oooooops.

  2. Anonymous

    I presume you wont publish this. Just in case you do, and as you seem very pro-police, I wonder how you can defend them? Police everywhere are totally incompetent in protecting children (SS are even worse – politicins have no interest as children dont vote)), and will continue to to be so. They might be doing a good digging job at the moment (and Mr Harper is talking the talk) as they did in the West case in Gloucester when the important stuff was avoided.

  3. Stuart Syvret

    From Stuart Syvret.

    Re: The Police.

    I can understand why some people are suspicious of the Police. Let’s face it – in years gone by, many police forces exhibited incompetence and corruption.

    But if you’ve followed the Jersey child abuse investigations closely, you may remember that the leadership of the Jersey Police Force, in the person of Lenny Harper, have publicly said that a serious part of their investigations will be the cover-ups – and that they are, indeed, looking at the past “performance” of the Jersey Police in this regard.

    And I can confirm that bent ex-coppers have been trying to smear the current investigation.

    So, whilst no institution is immune from failings, stagnation and human frailties, I have come to know the senior officers undertaking this investigation in Jersey – and take it from me – these people are good, honest, straight – and absolutely implacable in their determination to identify the guilty and bring the bastards to court.

    In fact, before the Jersey police told me of their investigations early last November, a number of complaints had been made to me concerning the past performance of the Jersey police. I was taking these concerns seriously and this is why I was accumulating a file of cases to hand over to the police – the idea being that if they were reluctant to re-examine past deficiencies, I would present to them material of sufficient strength that would leave them with no choice other than to take it seriously. But today’s force needed no persuasion – they are on the case, make no mistake.

    So whilst I can’t go into details about specifics, I can say that these questions about the past performance of the police are, indeed, going to be thoroughly examined.

    I have striven to persuade many of the victims who I have established contact with to speak with the police if they hadn’t already done so. Many of them were suspicious of the police force, and felt they hadn’t been taken seriously in years gone by.

    But take it from me – the police of today are very – very – serious about sorting these issues – so do trust them; do speak with them if you have anything at all you wish to communicate.

    And be assured – Lenny Harper is not only ‘talking the talk’ as you say – he’s walking the walk as well. As I said in a previous comment – anyone so utterly hated by the Jersey establishment has got to be doing something right.


  4. Stuart Syvret

    From Stuart Syvret

    Re: Moss Side Alcoholics.

    Yes – please accept my apologies; to liken you to Phil Bailhache was a most unreasonable slur. I like Manchester – and would quite happily share some booze with the citizens of that great city.

    I hear you even have a great football team?


  5. Anonymous

    I came across a copy of the rag today while I was at a social event. I won’t buy a copy and thought twice about picking it up and reading while in a public place.

    However it served a purpose of not having to engage in some boring chit chat so I gave it a whirl.

    It was just as full of the shite as I remebered it to be and so pro Walker and anti Syvret I almost felt embarrased for Shipley and Bright. It just appears these two collabirators have no sense of shame whatsoever!

    I take it this “Saturday Interview” is a regular feature. That being the case, in the interest of its readers getting a fair and balanced story I take it they have contacted you and asked you to do next Saturdays interview?

    If they haven’t maybe myself and any other readers of this blog could e-mail them and ask them for you to be next Saturdays contributor?

    One thing I can’t understand is why you try and encourage people to go out and buy this shite.

    One of my neighbours buys it and if need be I can ask her for it once she has read it and post or type any part of it you want people to read, let me know if that will be helpfull but please don’t encourage people to buy it!

    Another thing that slightly alarms me is in the Walker interview they plugged this Mondays Panorama, do you think they know something you don’t? It is un heard of for the rag to publish anything that might expose Frankie Boy and his collabirators, it just smells a bit to me.

    Well keep up the essential work you are doing and if there is anything I can do to help just say the word!


  6. Anonymous

    Re: the police. A good reply and I believe you genuinely think they will do a good job. Indeed, I expect them to apprehend most of the the minnows. I expect the legal people to make a fortune and the survivors will feel a little better, but will always be scarred. Please dont let the usual sophistry win over. BTW, have you the mental health figures for Jersey? One can extrapolate much from this seemingly innocuous data.

  7. Anonymous

    Freemasonry has cropped up time and again, usually in connection with conspiracy theories which may or may not be true. Checking the Jersey Year Book, 1998 (the most recent I have available), I note that that not many Jersey politicians were freemasons: D.G. Filleul, C.J. Hinault, B.T. Binnington, R.R. Jeune (CBE), P.J. Rondel, M.K. Jackson, L.G. Downer, F.E. Cohen.

  8. Anonymous

    Freemasonary is a bit of a red herring. The key is the linkage of power people, their, sometimes, associated paraphilias, and through this, their ways to cover up paedophilia. Disempowered children, i.e. the Haut de la Garenne, have no place to go and no place to hide … and are too disempowered to tell. If they do, no one believes them. It is the same all over: UK, USA, Canada, Oz, Belgium, etc. Look at Marc Dutroux and the amazing cover up there!

  9. Anonymous

    Stuart, you have been enlightening and have opened a critical eye for many people like myself, who may have taken little interest in the island’s leadership before.
    I’m so glad you have been communicating with people here regularly and honestly. The more people who read your blogs the better.It’s no wonder the ‘old boys club’ are trying so desperately to undermine you. The bullying and ostricising tactics are transparent. They criticise you for a lack of politeness in order to deflect from the truth of what you are saying. They belittle and insult you through ‘the rag’ hoping the gullible masses will buy it. How can this possibly help the cause you are fighting for. But lets face it, it was never going to be an easy task.
    I am really disappointed that the JEP can be so obviously biased and unhelpful by printing ridiculous letters from disgruntled old men clearly protecting each other. It is the sort of media manipulation that sociology students would have a field day with. But at least these letters help support your argument.
    Keep up the good work. X

  10. Anonymous

    One area, to my knowledge, that has never been visited by any of our local “Journalists” is, the difference between “we are trying to promote Jersey internationally” and “you are trying to shaft Jersey internationally”

    Walker has gone to great pains to tell everybody how the BBC “sticthed him up” and how Jeremy Paxman “misquoted him”

    My understanding is, both quotes really mean the same thing, that is he doesn’t give a sh-t about “dead children” and puts jerseys reputation on the international stage as the priority.

    We all know Shipley and Bright among many other local “Journalists” read your blogs, so could one of you let us know why none of you have ever explained publicly to Senator Walker that the two quotes mean the same thing?

  11. Anonymous

    I see the “Stuart has lost the plot” gang are on overdrive.
    ‘Planet Tory’ for example.

    Why are these people so scared of you?
    Oh, silly question!

    BTW/ Celia is in my voting area. I would look forward to her visit, but she has NEVER knocked on my door.
    Maybe I should ask her at the hustings why she knifed you in the back.

  12. Anonymous

    Philip Le Brocq – the OAP.

    ‘Pip’, as I digested your mordant wit, it is clear that your internalised beliefs are transparently portrayed throughout your ‘vitriolic’ dialogue. How much more time will you and the other minions waste, verbally criticising those who are able to distinguish good and evil, truth and lies?
    In your fulminated script, your intellectual perception of the increasingly absurd and infallible ‘idiots’ that run this ‘tax haven’ can be easily summed up, ‘Well, for them, I’d die’. You stumbled across the truth and your understanding directed you, like the others, to take “the sweetie” and protect the failing system, so – truthfully – you are ‘heartened’ by the Bailiff’s Saturday Interview in ‘Das Reich’ and I am sure that such calculated, rhythmic, throwaway linguistic communication, which is unfit for the purposes of thought or action, certainly has ‘brought back many nostalgic memories’ of the Temps Passé.

    “Live not for your tomorrow but for the tomorrow of your children.” – Unknown


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