A rumour reaches me to the effect that “Big Al” McGuire died at some point during the last two weeks.

I have broken this news to survivors – who will now try and get the Jersey cops to confirm or deny the story.

This will, of course, require the cops to actually do some work – as they’re most unlikely to have had him under surveillance. Let’s face it – it took BBC Panorama to track him and his disgusting, psychotic monster of a wife down last time.

But – I have to say – I could only be confident in the accuracy of the story once officially confirmed. I don’t doubt the honesty of my sources – but I just can’t stop myself from thinking ‘wouldn’t it be terribly “convenient” all round – if he “died” just now?’

It’s feasible that that his “death” could just be a lie that is being fed to unsuspecting people, who are then contacting me in good faith.

Let us remember – when he and his wife were on trial in 1998 – he collapsed in court with – allegedly – terminal bladder cancer, claiming then to have 6 months left to live.

That was a complete lie.

A lie that the Jersey oligarchy – in the person of Michael Birt – gratefully seized upon as part of the excuse for corruptly abandoning the prosecution.

And – quite “remarkably” – McGuire wasn’t actually independently tested to see if his “illness” was genuine.

I mean, why should the prosecution bother with such mere details – when they’re as desperate for the trial not to go ahead as he is?

So – here we are again – but this time it is – allegedly – death.

As I said – whilst I’ve no doubt my sources are sincere – it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the story of this States of Jersey approved and protected maniac having met his end were just another fiction – another example of the Culture of Concealment.

Sorry if that seems paranoid – but in truth – it is no stranger than many other examples of “The Jersey Way” we have had to become familiar with.

The McGuires were big time Jersey Catholics – and thus had a good deal of protection and support from the island’s Catholic establishment – which goes some way to explaining how they were able to get away with their foul and monstrous crimes.

If he is dead – he has escaped human justice. But – let us console ourselves with the thought that if his religious beliefs are well-founded – and there is a God – McGuire will have now begun a very much deserved eternity – burning in hell.


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