Replacement Cops Join Jersey Oligarchy

And Try to Put the Lid Back On

Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

Well – it had to happen, didn’t it?

Leopards don’t change their spots – and so it is with the Jersey Police.

Following decades upon decades of appalling child abuse – during which the Jersey Police were plainly a significant part of the problem – to the extent that they went beyond merely perverting the course of justice by covering things up, to actually having amongst their number several child abusers – Danny Wherry, for example – it looked as though things had changed.

For a few brief months, maybe a year or so – it looked as though the culture of concealment had been broken by the decency and commitment of Lenny Harper.

But Lenny’s retirement date arrived, and he departed Jersey’s shores.

A very substantial number of the survivors, whistle-blowers and campaigners like me were filed with trepidation at the prospect of Lenny leaving – fearing that things would rapidly revert to the Bad Old Days.

But, nevertheless, hope remained; perhaps the changes initiated by Lenny had been so great that there was no reversing them. So the replacements were given a chance.

Sadly – yet, I guess, predictably – the co-ordinated back-peddling being displayed could have won for Britain a gold medal in going-in-reverse cycling, had the Olympics had such an event.

Notwithstanding the clear impossibility of the task – the Police and their customary Jersey oligarchy friends and allies – who they’ve kissed-and-made-up-with – are attempting to get the djinn back in the bottle.

Such a vast, carefully co-ordinated and heavily media-managed attempted cover-up is a wonder to behold.

I’ll try and explain some of what’s going on.

Truly – you just couldn’t make it up.

Firstly – the States of Jersey Police Force are holding a major press-conference tomorrow.

This will be followed by a wonderfully choreographed second press-conference which will be given by Jersey’s Chief Minister and the Home Affairs Minister at 2.00.

I’m going to be available at about 3.15 in the Royal Square if any journalists (not the local hacks, obviously dur!) wants to get my take on things.

A little quiz for regular readers of my blog:

Why do you think these two press conferences are happening tomorrow?

Why the sudden panic?

Why the burning need to manufacture a hi-profile story right at this particular moment?

You don’t need to be a senior player in Burson Marsteller to figure it out – do you?

The Jersey oligarchy need – desperately – really, really need – a big diversionary storm to marginalise and distract attention away from the publication of the independent report of the Howard League for Penal Reform – which, it just so happens, is to be launched by the Howard League at a press-conference in Jersey this coming Friday.

Clever, no?

No – actually; pretty thick. This kind of spin-doctoring works, of course, with the Jersey hacks – who will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

But so crassly obvious is this stunt that some UK journalists who have contacted me are already falling about laughing at it.

Why the need to marginalise and distract attention from the Howard League report?

The Howard League has undertaken a detailed, independent investigation into youth justice and child custody issues in Jersey. A study which has examined the evidence, looked at the law, spoken with victims and whistle-blowers – and – particularly problematically for the Jersey oligarchy – the era they’ve been examining is comparatively recent.

The late 1980’s, 1990’s and up until 2006 and the present day.

An era, in fact, which is so recent that many of the key figures involved – for example many senior civil servants – are still in post.

But even more problematically for the jersey oligarchy – amongst the issues the Howard League have examined are the concerns raised by Simon Bellwood and me – which were the central feature of the Jersey child abuse controversy when it first erupted early in the summer of 2007.

From those days – up until the present – people like Frank Walker, the senior civil servants and his oligarchy colleagues have repeatedly – rabidly – asserted that the victims of the punitive and coercive solitary confinement regimes, and people like Bellwood and I were wrong.

And that the so-called Grand Prix policy – and even worse practices which preceded it – were perfectly acceptable – and not, in fact, criminal acts.

Even though this stance was manifestly ignorant, immoral, bloody stupid and ethically bankrupt – nevertheless, the Jersey oligarchy carried on asserting that black was white – because they always get away with that approach in Jersey.

Unquestioning and uncritical deference is all they’re ever offered by the local media – which they “own”, in any event.

But, disastrously for the Jersey oligarchy – real journalists have been involved in covering this story – who never swallowed the spin and lies.

So the publication of the report of the Howard League this coming Friday represents a terrifying and profoundly damaging prospect for the Jersey oligarchy.

Because the Howard League have concluded that people like me and Bellwood were right – and, axiomatically, it follows that – all of the tirades of lying assertions made by Jersey establishment politicians and civil servants over the last 20 months were wrong.

Oh dear! Crises and disaster! What do we do about this?

First trick in the spin-doctors’ manual – create a bigger, diversionary story.

Damage-limit the consequences of the Howard League’s findings by making sure they get lost in a blizzard of other controversies.

That’s why the two press conferences are being held tomorrow.

And being held extraordinarily prematurely – as I will explain later.

So – having established that – we then have to ask:

“What could the Jersey Cops and their Friends Reunited – the Jersey oligarchy politicians – do to manufacture a sufficiently significant media-storm to divert attention away from something so fundamentally crushing of the Jersey oligarchy position as the Howard League report?

Another little quiz:

Who does the Jersey oligarchy hate the most (apart from me, obviously)– and what major issue has that person been involved in?

Again – it ain’t difficult, is t?

Lenny Harper – and the Haute de la Garenne investigation.

Controversial figure – and a controversial issue.


What could be a better spin-doctors’ diversion?

So then we come to the content of tomorrow’s press-conferences.

The obvious purpose of both carefully co-ordinated conferences is to smear Lenny Harper – and attempt to dismiss and marginalise the investigations into the possibility of child killings at Haut de la Garenne, and to pour doubt on victim witness testimony in respect of some of the serious abuse claims.

But that isn’t the only purpose.

This strategy delivers the Jersey oligarchy two birds for the proverbial one stone.

They divert and distract attention away from the Howard League report – published this Friday, remember?

And they can rubbish and marginalise the whole Haute de le Garenne investigation and their nemesis – Lenny Harper.

But what is the Jersey oligarchy going to say?

Well – I don’t know for sure – but I very strongly suspect it will be something along the following lines.

Firstly – a guess at what the Police are going to say:

The Police have spent weeks briefing against Harper – doing all they can to rubbish him and his methods in the most aggressive of ways.

As this approach filtered back to me, it became clear that UK journalists were simply not swallowing it; the new Police approach simply screamed “cover-up!”

So the SOJP have rowed-back from many of the ludicrous assertions they’ve been making – and toned down their “message” for tomorrow’s press-conference.

But – being a bit thick – they appear to have forgotten that the extreme and hostile briefings they’ve been giving against Harper are firmly noted and lodged with the national – that’s real – journalists they spoke to.

So – somehow – I just get the impression it’s the original recent Police smear campaign – in all its ugly extremity – and the motivations for it – which the nationals are going to bear in mind.

Nevertheless – the States of Jersey Police “message” to be delivered tomorrow – although dramatically toned-down – will still be fully capable of being interpreted as a condemnation of Harper.

You see – that way – the Jersey Police can appear to have moderately clean hands – and leave the real battering of Harper – and the crowing over the “inconsequential” HDLG investigation – to politicians like Frank Walker when he gives his press conference in the afternoon.

But returning to the Police, they will criticise Harper’s approach, his methodology, his transparency in being too open with the media – all will be criticised by the States of Jersey Police – but in a gentlemanly “professional” manner – if you get my drift?

The Jersey establishment have always been desperate to find excuses for not extraditing, charging and prosecuting many of the significant suspects – so they’ll blame Harper’s media strategy for making trials “impossible” – though such pre-charge publicity rarely ever interferes with charging and prosecution in the UK.

They’ll assert that the forensics were never clear enough to make comment about the putative human remains.

They’ll assert that the voids under the floors at HDLG – because they weren’t high enough for an adult to stand up in – could not have been used to imprison or abuse children.

They’ll assert that items recovered – such as the shackles – had “innocent” uses.

They’ll assert that the HDLG investigation was ‘badly flawed’.

They’ll assert that the serious and historical Haute de la Garenne allegations are insubstantial, unclear and/or insufficiently evidenced to be taken seriously – so, conveniently, that part of the enquiry is being shelved.

They’ll assert that they want to do this – so they can – oh-so considerately – focus attention, time and resources on covering up the recent abuses and conspiracies to pervert the course of justice – err – no – sorry – I meant spend the next 12 months prevaricating in their attempts to bring the guilty to justice – before finding that that’s all a bit too difficult as well.

And senior Officers will get their Jersey ‘Housing Qualifications’, their full pensions, won’t have their wives told about the affairs they’re having – and who knows – maybe a big “performance bonus” as well?

Then we turn to what Big Frank and his various troglodyte Jersey political allies will be asserting in the afternoon.

They’ll be crowing about how Lenny Harper cocked it all up.

How useless he was.

How there never – ever – were any realistic grounds for believing that child killings may have occurred at HDLG.

That they were “right all along”.

How this isn’t even their view – “It’s actually the States of Jersey Police who say the whole thing was a mess”.

Though quite how this assertion can be made without the summary dismissal of the Chief Officer Graham Power remains a total mystery – as it was his Force – and Harper worked under his direction and oversight.

They’ll assert how “all of the denigration of Jersey and her people has been “proven” to be rubbish”. (That’s the “patriotism” card, you see.)

For appearances sake – they’ll make a few sympathetic noises towards the “genuine” victims of abuse – though almost certainly forgetting that they shouted-down my Christmas speech of empathy for the victims at the end of last year.

They’ll assert that “now all this “erroneous” and “distracting” HDLG stuff is out of the way, the Police can now concentrate on dealing with the “real” cases” – err – except, obviously, Lundy, Wherry, McKeon etc, etc, etc; well – it goes without saying, yeah?

And – there you go!


“Harper’s a useless bastard.”

“Never any possibility of child killings at Haute de la Garenne.”

“The Jersey oligarchy are wonderful.”

“The national media are peddlers of fiction.”

“And a nice big juicy political and media storm to distract and divert everyone’s attention away from that oh so pesky and inconvenient Howard League report.”

Do you reckon Burson Marsteller will give me a job?

Look – I know it would mean working amongst scum – but I kind of get the impression the last 18 years has prepared me for that.

But – But – But – ?

There are, at least, one or two serious flaws in the above described co-ordinated spin campaign.

I’ve all ready mentioned the very determined efforts made to discredit Harper by the Police in secret briefings to journalists – and how some of it was so transparently dishonest and absurd as to have journalists falling off their chairs laughing.

I’ll come back to an example of that absurdity when I conclude – just to give you a flavour of the “you couldn’t make it up” syndrome.

Michael Gradwell and David Warcup were already setting about trying to rubbish Harper and his work from the instant they got involved in their new jobs with the States of Jersey Police.

Indeed – so quickly – it cannot be viewed as anything other than a pre-meditated plan.

But – there are two hugely inconvenient and deeply problematic obstacles to their objective.

Firstly – as already referred to – the Chief Officer Graham Power.

It simply is not remotely credible to condemn such a major and deeply significant investigation – without looking at the man who was in charge of the Police Force whilst the enquiry was in full-swing – who Harper was working to, and was under the direction of – his boss, Graham Power.

Significant problems with the Haute de la Garenne investigation?

Then Power has to go.

His position as Commanding Officer is simply untenable.

Secondly – and of far greater importance – the three ACPO reports.

ACPO is the Association of Chief Police Officers – and amongst other functions, it acts as a kind of peer reviewing mechanism for major investigations.

I have not seen those ACPO reports – though I have asked the Jersey Police for copies, but they won’t give them to me.

But the impression conveyed was that ACPO – and Lenny’s boss, Power – were satisfied with the quality of the investigation.

Not once – but three times in the case of ACPO.

Hmmm……Big problem for Gradwell & Warcup. Thinking caps on!

They alight upon the idea of going to some friends of theirs in the London Metropolitan Police in order to get the HDLG investigation “reviewed” by them.

As is well-known amongst journalists, the “findings” of this “review” by the Met are already “written”.

However, two problems remain. Firstly, how do the Met produce the goods needed to stamp on the credibility of the HDLG investigation – without going flatly against ACPO – and attempting to overturn the three previous reports?

I’m really not sure just quite how they’re going to mange that.

But I’ve no doubt they’ll have a damn good try.

Secondly – and profoundly problematically for the Jersey Police and their Friends Reunited in the Jersey oligarchy – the Met – even though its “findings” have been very widely touted around national journalists – have not yet interviewed the key figure – Lenny Harper.

I’ll just repeat that – in case it’s just too extraordinary to sink in on first reading.

Lenny Harper has not yet been interviewed by the Met review team.

Indeed – he hasn’t even been interviewed by Gradwell or Warcup.

So let’s get this straight – a very carefully structured and co-ordinated campaign of media-manipulation, “official” smears, spin, lies and omissions – has been cobbled together for rushing out tomorrow – without any formal interview of Lenny Harper having been undertaken.

The national press-pack have been summoned to Jersey to listen firstly to the States of Jersey Police – and then Frank Walker and others – condemn Harper, his methodology, the investigation, the witness testimonies of victims – and bellow on about what rubbish it all was – and how Jersey’s oligarchy is the finest administration in the world – on the basis of a set of “conclusions” – for which no completed, prior report exists.

For no such report could be remotely taken seriously without full interviews with the key figures.

And they expect national – real – journalists to take this cobblers seriously?

Oh well – that’s the Jersey oligarchy for you.

Always were a bit thick.

And they get noticeably even more stupid – when the panic sets in.

It having been pointed out to the Jersey Police that if they expected to be taken even faintly seriously in their efforts to rubbish Harper via the Met review – they would at least have to go and interview him.

So – with great reluctance – a date has been set for one of the Met “review team” to go to Lenny’s home and interview him.

But – disaster!

That interview will not take place until around the 17th of November!

But that’s NO BLOODY USE!

The Jersey oligarchy need to manufacture their media storm NOW!

NOW! Do you hear!

They simply MUST have their diversionary and distracting spin delivered a day or two before the Howard League report is published!

How else would they divert attention away from it – and its conclusions?

Conclusions which show that people like Big Frank, Bill Ogley, Ozouf, Pollard, Baudains etc were totally wrong – and people like Simon Bellwood and me were totally right.

That the use of punitive and coercive solitary confinement regimes – which would see children held in cells in isolation for weeks – and months – at a stretch – was simply a corporate act of criminal child abuse.

An unlawful practice – which the Jersey oligarchy desperately tried to cover-up by firstly oppressing Bellwood – and when I believed him – oppressing me.

So – the Jersey oligarchy – in desperate need of one big, diversionary media storm – right now.

But – act in haste – repent at leisure.

Launching the attempts to rubbish Lenny and the HDLG investigation – disastrously prematurely – before the Met team have even interviewed Lenny Harper – in an act of simple and transparent desperation to keep attention away from the Howard League report – is the very height of folly.

You know – I just get the feeling that this could yet be the greatest PR cock-up by the Jersey establishment during this whole, wretched episode.

Oh, for sure – the Jersey media will all kiss Frank’s rear-end – and go along with the farrago; the oligarchy will have their couple of days hi-profile spin.

But somehow – I just don’t think this particular, brazen media-management stunt is going to prove to have been effective in the medium and long-term.

Like I said – thick.

I said I’d conclude with an example of the kind of remarks that have been made by the Jersey Police in recent weeks in their efforts to rubbish the investigation and Harper – and it really has been this absurd.

You couldn’t make it up.

You remember the 60 teeth found amongst the rubble in the voids beneath the floors at Haute de la Garenne?

“No killings” – remember – so that’s pretty weird – isn’t it?

How would all those kiddies teeth have ended up there?

It was the Tooth-Fairy.

No – really.

Amongst other garbage, the Police have been telling serious journalists that the teeth were largely milk teeth from other children – which kind-hearted parents donated to Haute de la Garenne – so if a kiddie needed cheering up – you know, maybe after something like getting punched in the teeth by one of the staff and loosing a few – this stock of teeth could be drawn upon so that they could be placed under the child’s pillow – and the Tooth-Fairy would visit in the night and place sixpence – or 5p – under the pillow.

So – you see!

No mystery at all!

“It was the Tooth-Fairy what done it, Sarge.”



  1. corrupt camden council


    As a Londoner, I for one will be very disappointed in the met police if they publish a report that rubbishes Lenny Harper and his findings – the met police have enough problems of their own at present and really don’t need any more bad publicity…. and should do the decent thing and publish the facts as opposed to dribble and whitewash.

  2. Anonymous

    Spinning like a demented chicken in a tumble dryer me thinks.

    I have to ask a question that has been bugging me since I first heard of the child abuse investigation earlier this year. Since this is the biggest thing to rock Jersey since collaberation and Jerry Bags, why wasn’t the Chief of Police in charge of the investigation? Why was it handed to his deputy in the first place? I find this odd to say the least. Not that I don’t think Lenny Harper didn’t do a great job. Amazingly evidence of abuse was found, unfortunately a piece of skull turned out to be a piece of coconut. However there is still all the other bits they found!

    Also since Mr.Harper’s departure things have gone very quiet, another bad sign in my book. I have spoken to many people they all expect nothing to come of this at all. I have also heard much about HDLG and other care homes yet no of this warrents any reporting by the local media. It is if there is a total news embargo on the island and we have to get our information from palces like the UK and Australia. All this is a bit reminiscent of the occupation is it not?

    I myself don’t think we will never be told the truth. Someone said to me when you are caught with your pants down deny it for as long as possible. If you don’t get away with it minimise the issue when ever it arises saying it was historic blah blan, then finally distract people so that they forget about it, getting all evidence hidden as best as possible to help with the forgetting process. Then go back to step one and deny it ever happened. Hopefully by then most people will have either died, gone senial or lost interest.

    I wait with interest to see how they manage to rubbish the report out on Friday. Perchard has already started this evening by saying this group is too liberal for Jersey. What type of speak is this? Is it code for we don’t agree with it because it doesn’t exonerate our position therefore it is cr@p and don’t believe it?

  3. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Why would the Met want to cover-up child killings?

    Well – hopefully they don’t – and they will act professionally and thoroughly.

    In which case – Gradwell & Warcup & Walker are going to be reputationally toast when the Met report is actually completed.

    But – you never no.

    Why would the Met want to cover up child killings?

    Maybe for similar reasons as gunning an innocent man through the head – and then trying to cover that up.


  4. Anonymous

    Interesting times eh Stuart?

    Will Jack Straw have any option but to intervene in this fiasco when the Howard League Report is published on friday?.

    It will be facsinating to read the ‘coverage’ from the local rag and,more importantly,the real journalists from the UK.

    I cannot accept that the establishment in Jersey believe for one minute that they will come through this scandal unscathed-but as you have said many times-hubris will be their undoing!

    Methinks this is the beginning of the end for these clowns!!

  5. Anonymous

    That is the biggest piece of nonsense I have heard for a long time – it’s so bonkers that it is almost funny! The tooth fairy! That will certainly come back to bite them on the bum!

    Jesus said, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed”, and these wicked bad men are just digging themseves a deeper hole – they are wasting their time, because they will certainly not get away with this – the whole comedy of errors is being played out in front of too big an audience. Stuart, too many people know, the Government know, the media know, and a good many ordinary people know too – people are talking about Haut de la Garenne in Staffordshire – it isn’t because of me, because when I talk to people about theses things, they already know most of the time, and many people do realise that it has been glossed over without me telling them! Pindown has largely been forgotten, but Jersey is very much alive in people’s minds.

    I will be praying at 2.00pm tomorrow and I am going to pray for these awful people. They don’t respect anyone’s rights at all, and they certainly do not respect God, so I am going to pray to God to ask Him to give them a little shake to remind them that they do indeed have a Creator and that they have not been doing the right thing, far from it, in fact. Don’t know what will happen, but that is what I’m going to do, anyway.


  6. Anonymous

    Obviously, the Police Chief knew that Harper was going within a year, so putting him in charge meant that Harper would get the inevidable bad press when it went bad, leaving him to appease the politica.

    Well done Graham – you have achieved!!!!!!

    How do they all sleep at night.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, well, well – thats it all over then and before Frankie leaves the House. His honour from the queen is now in the bag then.

    Perchard and Shenton – they know the truth about HDLG and Greenfields and yet, what are they doing at the moment, calling Freddie Cohen (who deserves it)all the names under the sun for the Waterfront cover up . That cover up with developers is bad but in comparison to the HSSD cover up at Greenfields, it does not even measure . Jim and Ben should be shouting about that and clearing out the civil service gutters. I am ashamed of them all.

  8. Anonymous


    What, oh what, can we do?

    There is no higher place to turn to for justice. I despair.

  9. Smokin Jo

    “Amongst other garbage, the Police have been telling serious journalists that the teeth were largely milk teeth from other children – which kind-hearted parents donated to Haute de la Garenne – so if a kiddie needed cheering up – you know, maybe after something like getting punched in the teeth by one of the staff and loosing a few – this stock of teeth could be drawn upon so that they could be placed under the child’s pillow – and the Tooth-Fairy would visit in the night and place sixpence – or 5p – under the pillow.”

    WTF!!! Side splitting LOL … please say this ain’t so?

    Oh no, hang on a minute, I was meant to say “of course, should have known it all along, murder and severe child abuse at HDLG – absurd. The Oligarchy rock!”

  10. Anonymous

    Regards the milk teeth. Do they expect us to have forgotten Lenny Harper stating that the milk teeth could not have been naturally shed (presumably because they still had the roots attached?).

  11. Anonymous

    I knew I should not have trusted the States of Jerseyor, Jersey cops. And, I was right! They assualted me as a kid and now they doing it all over again!

    I’m so glad I left and that my children don’t live on that godless paedo paradise!

    Writing from exile

  12. Anonymous

    It’s amazing how cheep souls can be brought for these day’s!

    I can’t imagin Frank would pay big money for another bent cop when the Island is full of them anyhow!

  13. Anonymous

    Heard on the BBC that Jersey’s suicide figure was up in the first 6 months this year. Any connection to HdlG?

    I’m sure I read somewhere that when pedophile rings are un-covered, suicides amongst suspects rise.

    Does anyone know anything on this?

  14. Anonymous

    In your blog you have failed to mention the veiled accusations Frank Walker will make about ‘CERTAIN POLITICIANS’ which we all know mean YOU, I also wonder how many times he will use the words CATEGORICALLY and ABSOLUTELY’………that aside I have hope because I do not beleive that all police officers are tainted………….Lenny Harper was not a rookie cop, he had served in the poilice force for decades – he was a professional cop – and that is why he did not fit in here, the authorities that hired him had not bargained for an officer as tenacious as Lenny Harper.

    Even before the child abuse investigations ( lets not forget this is not JUST about HDLG)……..Lenny Harper had upset the establishment………eg politicians Ferguson and Egre seeing the AG re the car bodyworks saga, eg the suspension of crooked cops and the reintroduction of professional policing as opposed to policing in the Jersey Way – Did Lenny Harper leave the force in better shape than he found it – yes I think so.

    You are only one of 52 politicians in this island, and you have done all you can to keep this case open, you will not give up becase it is not in your nature, this was always going to be a long struggle…..the next few days are just another couple of battles to contend with.

    I have been boycotting the JEP on a FRiday but have decided after tonights leader to cease purchasing it all together…………the leader tonight is merely the editors personal gripe against you, any decent local newspaper would have interviewed you and the inarticulate Terrry Le Main and given an objective appraisal of the matter and a modicum of histoy about the origins of Father of The House Speech…….what do we get a tirade against you………………

  15. Anonymous

    stuart, whether you are right or whether you are wrong I really feel it is time that Frank Walker got the biggest kick in the teeth from the electorate. He is hoping that he will be awarded a Queens Honour for his role as Chief Minister in the States of Jersey, a role which he has introduced deceipt, corruption, cover ups etc., etc.,

    I suggest all of those who would be disgusted with any award even the CDM email ceremonials@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk

  16. Senator Stuart Syvret

    True enough that suicide rates go up when paedophile rings are uncovered.

    But – also true that suicide rates go up when victims of abusers – when they’ve finally been given hope – only to see it disappearing under yet another cover-up – and they just can’t take it any more.

    It’s the final degradation and insult to them.

    To my knowledge, there have been five suicide attempts amongst Jersey victims during the last 14 months.


  17. Anonymous

    I have emailed the cabinet office stating my objections to why FW should not be honoured. I feel a bit better……… but not much.

  18. Anonymous

    Stuart, i hear that the cops and others will also critisise your blogg because the 2 cases in court will be thrown out because they now cant get a fair trial because of all the things you have revealed. What do you say about that?

  19. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Fair Trial & My Blog.

    If the Police – or anyone else, such as walker or the Bailhache Brothers make such a claim – they’re either fools or liars.

    The two cases you refer to have not been dealt with on my blog – because charges were laid against them a long time ago – and the sub judice rule only kicks in when people are actually charged.

    Which is why the inevitable Abuse of Process applications we hear of up and down the country fail in 99.9% of cases.

    But as I’ve always said – even before I was aware of the covert police investigation – there was simply no conceivable way the Jersey prosecutory & judicial apparatus could expect to deal with these matters.

    Indeed, I wrote to the oligarchy in November 2007 making these very points – only to receive the predictable haughty brush-off.

    I told you so.


  20. Anonymous

    Stuart make that 15 attempts!

    Thankfully i am still here and hanging onto every word you write in the hope of justice… not just for me but for all – we are real, telling the truth and still feeling the pain. God won’t someone hear us and stop the suffering unto our little children

  21. TonyTheProf

    From what I can tell Jack Straw in October suggested he didn’t see any cause to intervene in any way. Have you tried the shadow Home Secretary to see what he thinks?

  22. Anonymous

    I forecast this when I began posting here …. it was inevitable. There needs to be a total paradigm shift as the police, social services and shrinks know nothing as was exemplified by Laming and Butler Sloss. The answers are with survivors as I wrote to the police agaes ago. A caveat: there are many who say they know what to do, but they don’t!


  23. Anonymous

    What a fabulous development – just when interest was dying down, the Jersey politicians introduce a festival of comedy.

    I wonder how Jack Straw views the latest crown dependency development. The UK Government will not be pleased. Let’s hope they take another local comedian off the stage

  24. Anonymous

    Anyone fancy a quick game of PR bingo?
    It’s very easy to play, you just have to make a list of at least half a dozen words or phrases that f-rank will use in his press conference tomorrow.

    1. elements (it’s always troublesome elements with franky)

    2. Hardworking (as in social workers and care staff)

    3.Historic (everything is historic after it’s happened frank but that doesn’t mean that it’s all in the past and best forgotten)

    4.Reputation.(Nothing matters more. Certainly not children)

    5. “Council of ministers” (Because i’m CHIEF minister and everyone must be reminded)

    6.”The genuine victims” (as opposed to all those phonies that came forward with similar accounts)

  25. Anonymous

    hi again Stuart. I made a mistake in the email address should read


    come on you guys and girls get emailing, let the government know what you think of Frank Walker, what he has done to the Island, his rule of fear, corruption, his lack of freedom of information and above all his total failure to support the abused of Jersey.

  26. voiceforchildren

    Isn’t it sad when nothing you have posted suprises me?. It is all becoming oh so predictable, and you are right “you couldn’t make it up”.

    Surely the time has now come where we must take to the streets? All this alleged spin and cover up is almost impossible for me to take in and I am not a victim of HDLG how must they feel?

    Something like “the white march” will have to be organised? as it was in Belgium for something very similar to what we are experiencing.

    The “good” people of Jersey owe it to the victims of HDLG and their own children to make sure this doesn’t get spun under the carpet, where will it end if we allow this to happen?

  27. Anonymous

    Frank Walker, like Bush is soon to be history……………he has enough money to ensure that he gets some award or other, it will reaffirm his positive notions of himself – I doubt his peers are genuinely fond of him, I doubt the majority of people on the island revere him, croneyism springs to mind…………the next few days will be the summit of his political career..like Bush he is a lame duck politician…unlike Bush he has another lame duck politician eager to step into his shoes…………good riddance, let him have his last few days of fame, let him read the press release his 100k a year Communications Office have produced, let him get his award from the Queen………….and let him set sail one way in his gin palace…………

  28. Anonymous

    When experienced forensic scientists are sure that the dozens of teeth (mainly milk teeth)found at HDLG could not have been shed before death we know that young children lost their lives in there. When experienced forensic scientists report that scores of human bone fragments (albeit charred)found in HDLG included specific bones of an infant then we know that young children have lost their lives in there.There are some people out there who know this only too well.

    I don’t remember the tooth fairy visiting little children in HDLG in the 1960’s. Unfortunately the only people to visit children in the dormitories after dark in HDLG had much darker motives.

    As Zoompad says there are people all over the islands, the UK and all over the world who believe the victims and it is just a matter of time until this farcical cover-up is blown right out of the water. The national press are waiting. Bring it on!

  29. Anonymous

    The below is the criteria for being awarded a queens honour

    * made a difference to their community or field of work
    * brought distinction to British life and enhanced its reputation
    * exemplified the best sustained and selfless voluntary service
    * demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship
    * carried the respect of their peers
    * changed things, with an emphasis on achievement
    * improved the lot of those less able to help themselves
    * displayed moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices

    Me wonders how many of these ‘honours’ are actually given to people based on merits – – not many I reckon.

  30. Anonymous

    No Stuart you couldn’t make it up.


    Who’s head is going to roll?
    Who was appointed by the Powers at B in Jersey to ‘AGAIN COVER UP THE ABUSED OF JERSEY’

    He was employed for that sole reason, probably with the promise he would be promoted.

    How much longer will the people of Jersey allow this farce to carry on?

    They ought to be out on the streets demonstrating. It is an absolute disgrace, insult to injury to the abused of Jersey. Insult to the electorate of Jersey, insult to those members of the Police teams that spent hours and hours sifting through the rubble of HDLG.

    It is time that the public knew the truth, time for a General Election in Jersey, time to get rid of those Yes Men and Women who have supported Frank Walker.

    I am very very sad and very very angry.

    The bailiff should be sacked today, along with his brother, Frank Walker and the rest of the Walker gang who put money before people.

  31. Anonymous

    Off the top of my head i can think of at least 20 people i know that has been the subject of varying levels of abuse in ‘care homes’ in Jersey from the 60’s to the present day, from hitting to rape. I think it is absolutly disgusting this cover up. How can a government be proud, it should be asking for forgiveness.

  32. Anonymous

    Well all it really means is that the investigation is going to have to go to a higher level outside of the island .

    Because evidence was discovered of the allegations, physical evidence and witnesses.
    The allegations were based on a system of institutional incompetence and/or apathy in child care which allowed abusers to commit crimes with impunity.
    So even if the states police and judiciary claim there is no case to answer it merely suggests that the same problems are occuring today.

    Lenny Harper (unusually for Jersey) had no great ties to the island and know need to cover anything up. ACPO approved the investigations (why three times I wonder, surely that can’t be the norm). The fact that they were called in repeatedly makes it look like people were trying to undermine the process long before any evidence was found.

    Both child abuse cases, HDLG and Greenfields, could only have taken place due to a failure in organisational policies and procedure.
    The same organisation giving itself a clean bill of health proves nothing, outside, neutral groups, appointed by a third party, are the only way to achieve an objective outcome.

  33. Mark Forskitt

    I woke up this morning to news that really I couldn’t have imagined. From the horrors of baby P to the managed press over local child abuse to the (almst not reported) news that world’s largest oil fields are depleting at 9% per year.

    It feels like the sort of depraved decadence that happens when empires are in terminal decline. Barbarians at the gate and all the powers that be can do is think to cover their own backsides and tell us its all fine, nothing to worry about.

  34. Anonymous

    “To my knowledge, there have been five suicide attempts amongst Jersey victims during the last 14 months”


    Please, keep going – we want you to see these bas*ards who hurt you so much get their come uppance – and they WILL get their come -uppance, there is no escape for them this time. They are like big fat netted fish, wriggling and struggling as they get reeled in. They won’t get away this time – it won’t be like the other Institutional abuse investigations which have been covered up – this time things are very different – this time, people are aware of the crooked way the investigations have been conducted, and they are not so naive.

    Please, please keep going, you will not regret it – these child abusers are going to be brought to justice and the ones who have covered up their tracks to try to help them escape justice will be well and truly shamed!

    Some of us are working like the clappers to look at what these people have covered up – there are not enough hours in the day for all this! Will someone please help me, I want a list of all the people who were in charge at Haut de la Garenne, plus their CV’s. I would really appreciate it if someone would help me here. Thanks.


  35. Anonymous

    This is getting like that skit off the TV where the two ‘polititians’ make up bullshit excuses for their incompetance and criminal connections….only this time its real and just not funny.

    These people expect us to believe that thoughtful parents took pity on the unfortunate kids in care and donated – along with hand-me-down clothes and toys at xmas -their childrens milk teeth so the poor sods wouldnt feel left out by the tooth fairy???

    So thats that cleared up then…thank god for that-there was me thinking awful thoughts about child abuse on the island.

    This will come back to bite these paedophile hiding clowns on the ass – keep fighting folks cos they are running out of gags!!

  36. spin stabiliser

    I love playing Spot The Made Up Spin Letter, and I wonder if I’ve found one (how can possibly have become such a cynic?!)…..

    A pro-ollies rag letter from Alan Anderson, Côtes de Rozel, Mont de Rozel, St Martin.
    (How convenient that this person isn’t in the phone book 🙂
    I wonder if he exists?)

    “ANNA Plunkett-Cole’s diatribe (JEP, 8 November) against the so-called parking perks of the Crown Officers is an example of that mean self-serving spirit that has begun to permeate, nay poison, Jersey society.

    These men occupy a crucial position in the judicial hierarchy and I am content to regard their free parking not as a privilege but as an appurtenance of their important office.

    To compare her difficulty in finding a parking space is farcical. She is relatively unimportant. For you to publish two large photographs of the Crown Officers is at best padding and at worst an insidious attempt to criminalise the Crown Officers in the eyes of readers akin to those recent photos of British fugitives being sought on the Costa Brava.

    If Ms Plunkett-Cole wrote for a UK paper, one could imagine her demanding that the Prime Minister contribute to the cost of his bodyguard. In common parlance, Anna, ‘chuck it, and get a life!’

    On the other hand, at least they printed this good letter about you!

  37. Danrok

    Could there be any connection between the latest stories in the newspapers and the States of Jersey announcing a new £1m spend on advertising Jersey as a holiday destination?

    Surely some of the newspapers will be getting a cut of that money.

    As we all know, money influences newspapers.

  38. Anonymous

    well there you go Stuart, another cover up, another bent copper. They might as well have a placard at their press conferece this afternoon stating
    “Welcome to the Banana Republic of Jersey” Wealthy peodophiles more than welcome, enjoy government and police protection.”

    After this fiasco Lenny Harper has been used as an escape goat as expected. Its an utter disgrace. I was expecting them to claim the bones and teeth originated from a medieval burial ground. You must certainly couldn’t make it up.

    The sad thing, most of the residents of Jersey will believe everything they here, they no not the true story, they know not the suicides etc., etc.,

    Yes there is a boat in the morning, I suppose some people will give up in despair and catch it, however hopefully there will at some stage be Justice, how long will it take, who knows.

    With an appointment of a new minister in the offing no doubt it will be more of the same with the yes men in the cabinet, the yes men on the floor too afraid to speak out because of retribution.

    My thoughts are with the abused.

  39. Anonymous

    No matter what’s said here NOTHING CHANGES.
    Jersey is as corrupt as ever.
    What is the f*****g point?

  40. Anonymous


    If what you prophesy actually happens today, in the way that you suppose, then that would be absolutely brilliant wouldn’t it?

    Wouldn’t that put all the bastards involved in this cover up, in a very vulnerable, stupid and exposed place of their own making? Isn’t this just what you want? Now you can get the lot of them in one go!

    So how are you/we going to go at it Stuart? We must attack the root of the tree and stop wasting our time bashing hell out of the leaves.

    I heard Perchard (a leaf)on the radio this morning moaning about his claim that The Howard League didn’t bother to look at the records of the care homes. I would guess that they knew that this was pointless as they had probably all been doctored to suit anyway, preferring to speak to residents and past residents from whom they would get the truth. God, they’re clutching at straws aren’t they?!

    I think the establishment are doing a very stupid thing today, if your predictions are correct.

    Go get ’em boy….they will all be between the same rock and hard place together….ripe for the taking!!! Smack ’em hard.

    And remember….go for the root of the tree!

  41. Anonymous

    Re Alan Andersons made up spin letter.

    There is a phrase that exposes the author of this letter for the establishment toady that he is.

    He writes ‘she is relatively unimportant..’

    Thats one of the main problems with the Jersey ruling elite-people are unimportant,they dont matter and if they disagree with the party line then woe betide them!.

    News just in mate-the feudal system is over!…EVERYONE MATTERS!

  42. Anonymous

    May i make a suggestion that they had better look for these kind parents that donated the teeth as it was reported that they would have had to come from a dead child/ children as a result of their condition – has anyone a list of donations?

  43. spin stabiliser

    Apologies to Mr Anderson for implying that he doesn’t exist – I’ve checked in an almanac and he does.
    But as I said, is it any wonder I’m such a cynic?

    Todays “No Murders” headline (like they can even be 70% certain!) has such a timeless lack of urgency that it’s obvious to the entire world that is has been deliberately timed to deflect attention from Friday’s report release, so unfairly criticised in advance.

    Sadly, this time we could make it up!

    (amused that the Word Verification for this comment is shister! Only the Y wrong, LOL)

  44. Anonymous

    Graham Power – suspended.

    They clearly read your blog and needed to hang someone out to dry.

  45. Anonymous

    At least according to the BBC Mr Power has just been suspended… So much for that argument

  46. Steve.

    Well, there you go! What can anyone say? Stuart is dead right when he refers to this island as a ‘Microcosm’. It is, without doubt, a microcosm of all that is evil and wrong with our world.
    We are fed an illusion, a smoke & mirrors lie in order to keep us conforming. The manipulated masses are fed the b******t and they lap it up without question and it applies on this forsaken rock as well as anywhere!
    Can we blame the electorate on their apathetic voting habits? Our duly elected ‘politicians’ are cowards of the first order and should be hugely ashamed of themselves. To allow big business/civil service/police and political collusion against the survivors of evil abuse is abhorrent in the extreme!
    But, and this is a big BUT, it is to be expected in such a decadent pit of filth as Jersey. Something smells very, very, very evil at the moment. There is something extremely dark at the root of all this cover up and deception. In a place that puts money and its acquisition above all else what do you expect?
    I hope, even though I am an atheist, that perhaps one day we all have to account for our time and actions on this planet.I hope that those that are now keeping the truth from us will have to answer to a greater awareness one day! This is a sad day for the people of Jersey.

  47. Anonymous

    Craupaud in Exile says:

    Are you all thick or something?

    I´ve told you before what
    Jeff Le M. said to me after he tried to fondle me.
    Keep your mouth shut!!, my mates at the Town Hall and Shaky George will get you in the end.

    And after hearing about the cover ups at Jersey Police HQ and what I have read here, I think Jeff Le M. HAS somehow WON.

    This could only happen in Saddam’s Iraq and Jersey Channel Islands.

    Don´t you all feel proud of your Island? What a wonderful place to live in where Justice is seen to be done, where children can sleep safely in their beds(Paisnal is long dead) where a wonderful Police force patrol at night safeguarding your welfare, where everyone is treated fairly and where the politicians have your best interests in mind , according to Bridget (pain in the A*SE)Murphy you have “The most wonderful Chief Minister back handers can buy” OH what a lovely Island, I´m glad I left when I did.

  48. Anonymous

    I laughed my ass off when I saw some of Lennie Harper’s evidence on TV today, especially the bedspring used as a restraint. Er, how exactly? What a clown that man was. On a slightly different tack, thank god for this blog. Whenever I’m feeling slightly depressed it never ceases to make me laugh. Rock on, Senator. You paranoid goon!!!

  49. sigmund

    Posted November 12, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Great words from great people!!!

    It is about time the JEP started to back peddle on this issue or disassociate the paper from the scandal however this is not realy possible as the water has gone under the bridge and the flood has happened..

    Time to pay the ferryman me thinks

    your say or Don’t!!!

  50. Anonymous

    Yes it probably was the tooth fairy and actually no murders were committed – strange but true

    False memory syndrome anyone?

  51. Derek

    Just read ‘the rag’ (and no i didn’t buy it)…

    Stuart, you nailed it almost word for lying word.

    Makes you want to weep….or thump Frank!

  52. Anonymous

    Good Old Frankie Boy. A quote to the B.B.C.

    Jersey’s Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker, said he felt “let down” by the revelations.

    He said a third of the investigation’s estimated £4.5m cost had been spent solely on digging at the site.

    “It would appear there have been certain sums of money that did not need to have been spent,” he added.”

    Ok, so even if the Police now say there hasn’t been any murders surely this money still needed to be spent to make dam sure

    Does he ever listen to what comes out of his mouth……

    Frank you are a T**T

  53. Anonymous

    Like I said – fat floundering fish, and they don’t like being reeled in.

    They won’t get away with it this time, no matter how much they lie and struggle.

    Please get us those CVs someone – if you want to see these child abusing idiots brought to their knees – we need those CVs.


  54. Anonymous

    Just like Gotham City ‘cept no Batman, only Two-Face, Joker & Penquin.
    Comic book stuff from comic book politicians!

  55. Anonymous


    Please note that I did not say “alleged abuse” – I know what it’s like to be abused and then to be called a liar. I know that you must be feeling absolutly devestated about todays news – but PLEASE keep the faith – you are going to have justice. Please don’t commit suicide – that is what they want you to do, don’t you see?

    PLEASE can someone help me here – I want those CV’s – we have found things, let’s call them skeletons in the closet, which will send those old bas*ards running for the nearest port – but we need the CV’s of those who worked at Haut de la Garenne. PLEASE help me to get them!


  56. a qualified proffesional

    They have just spun the story into one about the police ‘wasting money’ on the investigation, meaning if anything else comes up most people will just think ‘oh the jersey abuse thing, that just ended up being a big waste of time and money, nothing happened’. Quite clever really, especially now everyone is worried about the financial crisis. It is absolutely disgraceful. Things obviously happened and will not be investigated because of where and who the investigations lead to.

  57. Anonymous

    Sen. SYVRET,

    As posted on your blog on 18 October, 2008…

    “In relation to the alleged child abuse, many communities in the UK have had similar ’revelations’ usually with no resulting prosecutions, that’s not to say that some abuse has been perpetrated locally and naturally any sensible person would not condone such activities, but let’s not over-egg the pudding and keep these allegations in perspective”.

    This is a great day for the Island and a victory for common sense.

  58. Anonymous

    I think I counted Eleven pages of common sense plus solid giant headlines.
    Methinks someone doth protest too much…

  59. Anonymous

    A great day for the Island, what planet are you living on.

    If you study the statements you will realise what an unprofessional Deputy Chief Inspector you have to state publicly “I have ripped up the evidence” since when did the Police rip up evidence, does this not contravene the law especially when Power has stated he will fight his oorner. You obviously are elated with Warcup and Walker, sadly your eletation will be short lived. As Stuart said, You could not make it up, your Island is now being polied by prats, led by an even bigger prat, may their evils come back to haunt them.

  60. Anonymous

    Re: This is a great day for the Island and a victory for common sense.

    You may well think it’s a great day for you & your “Islanders” You may think you have now managed to preserve the credibilty & stability of your offshore tax haven status.

    It is however a great day for true Jersey people as you have finally & irreversibly exposed your rotten core for the whole world to see.

  61. Anonymous

    Also in the Jolly Eggy Pudding, a half page of venom about virtuality and blogging. Just a little extra egg…

  62. Anonymous

    How long can you people stay in denial? The evidence that your beloved Lenny Harper gave in the Spring has been rubbished.

    Accept the facts, your argument is now dead.

  63. Anonymous

    A few years ago a senior civil servant told me how a certain politican managed to get a certain persons medical records removed from hospital. This was done with the full support of the hospital managers.

    So here we are a few years later listening to a few senior managers telling us that the investigation undertaken to date is flawed.

    Lenny Harper a police officer of many years standing made it all up and manipulated the media.

    Bellwood also lied?

    The Bull Report never happened

    Sharp Report – unhelpful and unnecessary criticism of Jersey

    I am delighted to hear G Power would not take the offer of retirement. Take them to constructive dismissal Graham and lets get Upex over

  64. allan

    I give up, Yet again we will not see justice done. Why have I bothered giving 2 very sustantial statements and reliving the pain and heartache again some 30 years later. For what, for them to call me a liar yet again.
    An angry and dismayed HDLG Survivor.

  65. Advocatus Diaboli

    C4 News has just reported the news conference where the new stooges rubbished Lenny. They also discussed the report due on friday and got Lenny to say a few words. A fair report I think.

    We’ll see on friday’s episode.

  66. ekcol

    Derek said

    “Stuart, you nailed it almost word for lying word.”

    To be honest, I’m not sure where you’ve got this from. I went through each assertion Stuart claimed the police would make, and they didn’t make any of them. Click my name for my blog post on it.

  67. Anonymous

    Just a thought…would Wendy Kinnard have agreed to suspend our Chief of Police, if she had remained in her position at Home Affairs?

    Could the planning of today’s events had anything to do with her resignation? And then, immediately after she resigned, Frank Walker proposed Andrew Lewis to take her place for the short remainder of her term.

    Is Andrew Lewis merely another one of Frank Walker’s puppets? Was he given that position solely because he would do what he was told to do, including suspending the Chief?

    It seems to me that we don’t have an effective government at all. We just have Frank, who controls everything.

    I said in an earlier comment, that we must attack the root of the tree, not waste time bashing hell out of the leaves. Well, I think Frank is the root.

    Cut him down and the rest of the government will fall as dust. He is your problem Stuart.

    We all know what he is like, we saw it on Newsnight. He puts money before people.

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

    You know something?…we all know that Frank is a rich man, but the people who write on this blog, some of whom have had wretched lives as the result of being abused, are far, far richer than him. These people have their souls intact, Frank sold his years ago.

  68. Anonymous

    I predict that frank walker and co in their next line of attack will invent some obscure motive as to why Lenny Harper has ‘invented’ his findings, can’t wait to hear what it is!

    Why doesn’t little frank just come out with it and call Lenny a liar – massive law suit comes to mind as to why he won’t.

    Calling into question Lenny Harpers professional integrity is also a law suit in the making I reckon.

  69. Anonymous

    OK I s’pose the question is now what do we do? The oligarchy and there very friendly media have come out with an all out assault on lenny harper and in not so many words you stuart.
    They have done well we have to give them that so do we sit back and take all this shi-? if not what do we do? Where are the care leavers in all this? are they happy with what’s going on?

  70. Senator Stuart Syvret


    As I’ve already described in a comment on your blog – your assertions are simply wrong.

    I made it plain in the post that I was guessing about the generality of what would be said in the two press-conferences.

    And in those general terms – i got it pretty much on the money.


  71. Anonymous

    Obviously positive evidence ridiculed?

    Other evidence ripped up?

    Police chief sacked by a politician?

    I have no faith in the law or justice in this island.
    Be afraid, be very afraid!
    Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth, please help your islanders, something’s very horribly wrong. S.O.S.

    and Jack Straw, you’ve got some explaining to do

  72. Anonymous

    So to date we can conclude that it is highly unlikely that any children in the care of HDLG were murdered, that if true is good news, we do know that one child in the care of the authorities committed suicide, Michael O’Connell, that is very sad, it woudl appear that if he had been treated with care and compassion whence removed from his family he mmay of lived, we will never know.

    It is reported that there are around 100 allegations of abuse including rape being investigated, this figure is not solely based upon HDLG but other ‘care’homes.

    It follows that the investigation is very much an on going concern and we must await the outcome.

    Why have the authorities decided to go public today?

    Why was Graham Power offered early retirement?

    Is that how the authorities deal with under performers – clearly our very angry Chief Minister and Home Affairs Minister must think so – Good on Graham Power for taking the suspension option,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope he will sing like a canary!

    I do not particularly beleive in a huge conspiracy theory, or that murders and satanic practices have been at play – like other people of inteligence I do not beleive everything that I read in the papers.

    I do however beleive that there are guilty men and women squirming like hell and pulling out all the stops to prevent their names being sullied by this investigation, I beleive that people that should have been arrested months ago are walking free and I do believe that the victims of abuse will get justice.

    Lenny Harper acted in good faith, Graham Power will tell the truth and the guilty will be punished.

  73. Anonymous

    It’s all a question of funny handshakes! You know, the old boy’s club helping one another out!

    We were warned about Warcup months ago! It sure did’nt take him long to go native! It’s obviouse that Mr Power does not belong to same funny handshake club!

    Well, the world now knows the truth about what the `Jersey way’ actually stands for!

    I live in France and I can tell you that the French have been following the whole thing with great interest. And, are genuinly dismayed at Jersey’s third world political and judicial corruption!

    I personally believe that between , Walker and his cronies (you can now include Warcup as one of them), they have signed the Islands death warrent on an international level.

    In fact to use his own words, Waker has just `shafted Jersey Internationally’!

    A word or two to walker’ supporters. You may mistakenly believe that this is the end? However, this is just the begining
    of a very long and expensive course of events, that will keep the `Jersey way’ in the public domain for many, many years to come. And, you have Walker and his cronies to thank!

  74. Anonymous

    Oh Lord Obama

    Deliver us from evil

    And shut that nasty little island of Jersey down

    You have more power than Frankie – please use it

  75. Anonymous


    Warcop (spelling mistake intended) clearly couldn’t wait to get his fat sweaty hands on Power’s post. Didn’t even have the decency to bide his time (after all the job was his) – no honour among policemen then! Still perfect credentials for working in Jersey – greed, spin, and blind allegiance. He will fit in perfectly.

    Look back at some of the very early posts about this man of the ministry.

    He’d already gone native before he even arrived – (radio interview after he was appointed) was sooo looking forward to coming to this bootiful island, was not going to pre judge anything and everyone had made him sooo welcome. Clearly wanted to ingratiate himself with ruling elite and the everything is wonderful brigade.

    God or someone help us.

  76. Anonymous


    Keep going friend, don’t give up. We’ll get to see justice, don’t worry. They have so many skeletons in the closet and all we have to do is open the closet. That’s why we must have their CVs – we can nail them with their own CVs!


  77. Anonymous

    “Lenny Harper a police officer of many years standing made it all up and manipulated the media.

    Bellwood also lied?

    The Bull Report never happened

    Sharp Report – unhelpful and unnecessary criticism of Jersey”

    It certainly makes you think doesn’t it? All those so called “professionals” hell bent on destroying our community and way of life with their evil lies. Jealous no doubt.
    I also wonder about the joy some of the poison spreaders that pop up on here now and again are feeling. “Nah na na nah nah there were no murders you were wrong” seems to be their considered message.
    Any suggestion that something is not right in Jersey is enough to have one branded a trouble maker. The media and our politicians are making unhappy noises about the costs of the investigation. Grumbling about the cost of police travel and overtime as though they were sent to Spain for a weeks golf.
    Investigations cost money.
    Sometimes you get a result sometimes you don’t. Will all serious crime investigators now be pressured to make a case before the expenses build up. How much money does frank feel should be spent on investigating child abuse and murder? What’s the cut off point?
    If we want to have an independent police force it must be able to conduct investigations to their endpoint. Financial crimes are very complicated, they can take years and lots of specialist people to put a case together. Would the states be prepared to mount a complete investigation of a financial crime?
    If they think HDLG is expensive i’m guessing they wouldn’t.

  78. Anonymous

    “You know something?…we all know that Frank is a rich man, but the people who write on this blog, some of whom have had wretched lives as the result of being abused, are far, far richer than him. These people have their souls intact, Frank sold his years ago”

    Well then, he sold something that did not belong to him. He is a very arrogant man, and he ought to have read the parable of the rich fool, Luke 12 v 20.


  79. Anonymous

    All this proves is that we are a slightly larger and colder version of Pitcairn island.
    The authorities there also denied there was a problem, it was all just lies spread by people who didn’t understand the “Pitcairn way”. The abused left Pitcairn over the years as they had no recourse to justice on their island.
    Until the British government became involved.
    It’s been said on this blog by many people but there’s no justice in Jersey.

  80. Anonymous

    How can this be a proper report on HDLG if Lenny Harper was not interviewed for it?
    The head of the investigation is probably someone you would need to talk to I would imagine.

  81. Anonymous

    “So to date we can conclude that it is highly unlikely that any children in the care of HDLG were murdered”

    But you see, we don’t know that, do we?

    As I have said before, I was not at Jersey, I was at Lichfield, but I feared for my life in that cell – I knew perfectly well that I had been placed in the hands of evil people, with no access to anyone who would help me. They could have done anything they liked to me in that place – who was there to stop them? If I had had an “accident”, no-one would have disbelieved anything those monsters would have made up – they have said the most disgusting things in my medical records, but you see, I was never meant to have those records at all, I was never meant to survive – they certainly gave me enough pills over the years for me to commit suicide, and I was prescribed stuff to painlessly spirit me into the next world even though I had expressed to my GP that I was suicidal. It is also very odd that although there had been a massive investigation, I was not given key information which the Parliamentary committee advised should be passed on to people like me. In other words, they all knew, I kept telling them for one thing! and they tried to cover it up, they did not help me at all. I am quite sure that they would have preferred it if I had committed suicide.

    Well, by the grace of God I didn’t.

    I don’t find it at all difficult to believe that children were not murdered at Haut de la Garenne at all, knowing what I know. I don’t know if anyone was murdered, but it would not surprise me at all.

    I think it is sick that there are people coming to this blog, where there are survivors of the most hideous abuse, to jeer and sneer at us all, and at Stuart. You are not just offending us, you are offending Almighty God. You ought to be very sorry for what you have done. You will have to face God one day, and explain to Him what you have done.


  82. Anonymous

    To any off island reporters who might be reading this blog.

    Here’s a little recap of what we know for sure.

    The standard of care at Greenfields has been shown to be deficient by two reports. Children were being kept in solitary confinement by the states social services just two years ago.

    We have heard about the abuses that the Maguires committed against children in their care, the states knew what had happened.

    We have heard about the covering up of sex abuse at victoria college, the states knew about that.

    Two people have been charged with sexual abuse at HDLG, the police would have liked to charge more people but the Bailiff has blocked those prosecutions.

    Over one hundred people have come forward to say that they were physically or sexually abused in the care of our Government.

    The islands media and most of it’s politicians have been offended and damning of the investigations from the start (see frank walker on newsnight)

    I would say there is something worth investigating here.

  83. Anonymous

    Keep it up Stuart, you are doing a fantastic job. I used to live in Jersey and none of this suprises me, the lengths that they will go to so they can keep all the little people down. Its very sad to see it unfolding like this, how utterly heartless the people in charge really are. The best of luck to you.

  84. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Well my heart goes out to all those who have been abused.

    There of plenty of people on the street who feel as I do that we must all fight on to get justice for them, obviously not many of them are actually members of the States of jersey, who it is obvious will sink to the lowest to cover everything up in preference to doing what is right.

    I for one will not give up the fight, in fact this disgusting episode has made me want to fight harder, and it has made me feel physically sick.

    We don’t need weed killer for the root of that tree we need a nice big dose of acid and fast.

    Maybe all those abused and everyone who wants to escape from this hell hole of corruption should get the F****rs to sponsor a refugee boat and pay the Australian Government for our pensions or whatever and give us a safe place to live in? Let’s face it, it would be a cheap option for getting rid of us all, obviously this is what the elite Establishment Party want. I wonder how many would jump on the boat out, bet it would have to be a massive one.

    You can check out what I have to say in full here.

  85. Anonymous

    Re: Good on Graham Power for taking the suspension option,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope he will sing like a canary!

    Are you serious!? Graham Power is playing out the planned role for his stage exit and huge pay-off. It’s quite clear that this wsa the best way to bury this whole thing. He will play out a role to make it look convincing, then he will disappear to his new life and luxury properties, huge bank account, courtesy of Jersey Tax payers.

    Guaranteed all the media, especially jersey media will report on every little act. They want all the media to see this played out. Then a few arrests thrown in, nothing major, a token gesture, and everyhing will be fine and dandy and buried for good.

    Graham Power sing… ha ha, watch him act out his final very very highly paid role, then disappear into the sunset with a smile on his face. Everything is in place, the evidence has been ripped up, bring up the curtains.

  86. Anonymous

    The review of the investigation seems to have benefited everybody except the HDLG children.

    Did the Chief of Police know his new deputy was reviewing the case?

    Will the deputy now become the Acting Chief?

    Has any permanent housing qualifications been granted to the reviewers

    It’s like a Shakespeare Tragedy
    Duplicity, advancement, treachery and abandonment.

    What a shame we never seem to have a happy ending

  87. Anonymous

    Rt Hon Ed Balls MP to speak at the Howard League’s AGM

    The Howard Leauge Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 19 November 2008 at Abbey Community Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU

    Guest speaker

    Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, Secretary of State, Department for Children, Schools and Families

    Find out more and book your place

  88. Anonymous

    I don’t think Jimmy Perchard will be going along to the Howard league meeting, after all he thinks they are a very liberal kind of organisation.The Rt Hon Ed Balls will be guest speaker. So he’s only secretary of state what the hell is he doing mixing
    With that liberal lot.

  89. Anonymous

    Don’t give up hope we are many they are few and they are like Rabbits caught in the headlights. We have to organise a white march we must.
    When I attended the care leavers meeting at the Mayfair hotel a while back I remember a lady that spoke so passionately, she was from Belgium her message seemed to be clear she talked about the white marches in Belgium and how the people marched, they knew cover-ups were happening.
    The lady I speak about said she had not known abuse personally or any of her family had suffered abuse, she just felt empathy for the victims and wanted to help.
    I attended that meeting with a friend both of us from very different backgrounds neither of us thankfully ever having experienced abuse but still felt we had to attend that meeting. Please believe me when I say you are not alone It looks bleak at the moment but good people are out there wanting to help they just need a bit of organising so if the lady from Belgium’s reading get in touch.

  90. Anonymous

    How can this be, they are children are they mixing with the regular prisoners or are they in solitary.
    Please someone HELP!

  91. lara luke

    My mum was one of the first girls to be sent to HDLG. My aunts were there too, many horrific accounts i have heard. Mags ran the place at the time and P Thornton was I think the first children’s officer. Well one thing is that when my mum tried to gain files held by the ‘social services’ they simply do not exist. They spent all their childhood in homes, orphaned in Guernsey and sent here as babies. Perhaps someone can explain why there are no records of so many children that they ‘looked’ after?

  92. Anonymous

    No, sorry zoompad I don’t know the names of the two 15year olds incarcerated at la moye prison but I have since learnt that they are not kept in solitary.
    Which is as worrying, who are they mixing with.

  93. Anonymous

    now that lenny harper has been branded a liar amongst other things im just wondering how the elite of this island,will get rid of the written statements of those poor adults that suffered abuse, will those be discredited too, u bet they will!!!!!!!!!
    the people of this island amaze me, they have got more worked up about what a nightclub owner said to a couple of over weight women then what is going on right now,but then abuse is not a nice thing to think about is it so lets pretend it never happened ,i hope and pray victims get the justice they derseve, but i have a bad feeling they wont,which is tragic

  94. Anonymous

    Not exactly surprising that such a large quantity of teeth were found under the floor boards in that part of The Home ,when you consider that those areas are under what was the main play area for generations of kids.

  95. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Teeth

    It’s a good deal more complex than that.

    Many of the teeth display anomalous wear patterns.

    Many of the teeth could not have come out naturally.

    Many of then are not milk-teeth.

    And the police will not radionuclide date them – which is pretty damn strange when you think about it – given that the tests could be done cheaply – and are a standard method in forensic anthropology.


  96. TonyTheProf

    Rob Duhamel got in anyway! But a pretty good evening, and I was present when Montfort got in. The JDA made a good sweep of St Helier. And Celia didn’t get in.

    Anne Dupre got in; from her election.je entry:

    “GST on children’s clothes and food should not have happened. I know that there is a ‘black hole’ but I feel sure there must be other ways to fund this, as GST affects the Island as a whole, but especially the low paid and pensioners.”

    So that looks like a good result there.


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