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Ever More Absurd.

A brief post.

Ever get that feeling, like in Groundhog Day? Where everything just seems to repeat itself indefinitely?

Another day – yet more proof of my thesis concerning the Jersey Evening Post – and how it would use its letters’ page to do its dirty work in attacking and undermining Esther Rantzen.

No matter how absurd such tactics appear to thinking people in the real world – just so long as The Rag can keep its core – that’s local – audience brainwashed into believing the polar opposite of the truth; that Frank Walker is some wise and great leader – and Esther Rantzen is some kind of anarchic threat to society.

As I said in my previous two posts – The Rag’s tactics are as palpably absurd and self-discrediting as the out-put of North Korean state media.

Check out The Rag’s latest letters’ page offering. Here’s the address:

And – wouldn’t you know it! – The Rag isn’t allowing reader comments on its propaganda.

Now there’s a surprise.

But if you really want a stark contrast, visit the next two addresses. These will take you to two editorial leader comments of the newspaper of Jersey’s sister island, the Guernsey Press.

(Computer Nerd – if you’re out there, could you stick all three as active hyper-links in a comment, please? Thanks.)

These comments – in dramatic contrast to the propaganda Jersey’s population gets fed – actually address the stark reality of the crisis gripping Jersey – and its implications for Guernsey.

So if you’re a Jersey reader of this blog – wistfully contemplate the superiority of Guernsey’s newspaper. For even though owned by the same company – it has the great good sense to not be merely an uncritical cheer-leader for the resident oligarchy.


28 thoughts on “IT’S DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN!

  1. voiceforchildren


    The shamelessnes of the rag is actually getting embarrassing.

    The same must be said about all our local media. When do we ever get ANY in depth un bias news story’s with any balls to them?

    A real Journalist would have a field day with all the potential news stories over here, there’s loads of stuff for a journalist to get stuck into. What do we get? a couple of letters slagging Esther!

    Is it any wonder why people believe we are backward, peado protectors when they read our “newspaper”?

  2. donchais

    JEP – From Jeff Le Caudey
    “Something else which is sinister and wicked, and also downright insulting, is the continuous and facile mutterings about ‘cover-ups’. Also the suggestion that Jersey cannot be trusted to administer the law and that judges and lawyers should be brought in from outside.”

    – Ummm sorry Jeff, there is evidence! What’s insulting is the continued cover-up!

    “It implies that every Jersey person is at least corrupt, and possibly worse.”

    – Ummm sorry Jeff, I have not seen anyone, anywhere imply that!

    “No doubt the world is watching. I would hope that by now it is beginning to see the truth.”

    – Ummm Jeff, oh we are watching, for sure! We’ve seen the truth for a long time. Perhaps you should open your eyes and maybe you will also!

  3. Anonymous

    The Guernsey Press editorial is what I would call an independant and unbiased view from those who have nothing to gain politically.

    It is spot on.

    Are the oligarch’s spin doctor’s on overtime in case this is somehow ‘leaked’?

  4. semi_nerd

    Doesn’t that just prove that there is no great cloak and dagger conspiracy, but that the rag is just badly led by the editor and upper management (and maybe supported by some butt-licking social climber journos, but not necessarily all of them?) – ?

    The net effect may be the same, but the reasons behind it aren’t as as bad as the paranoia some people believe you suffer from. All it takes is a small number of the right kind of sycophants in the right place to do the Oligarchy’s bidding……. and the rest of the sheeple get brainwashed.

  5. jimbo

    Hi Sue.

    I wonder if the JEP will print my comment on their reply board, don’t think so.

    Anyway, how is it we are not getting any information here on the mainland regarding the progress or non progress of the abuse cases, are they still digging, anymore bones found, when are the good people of Jersey going to get rid of the leeches who run their Island.

    Jimbo (Survivor)

  6. Anonymous

    It is refreshing to read articles from the Guernsey paper. When I asked a friend in Guernsey whether they had similar problems with Care Homes in the 60’s and 70’s she told me that they sent most of their more “troublesome” kids to HDLG and other Jersey homes. Does anyone else know if this is true? If so then Guernsey should have a vested interest in the Jersey Abuse Disaster too!

  7. Stuart Syvret

    Kendall Situation.

    I have received a comment in which the reader refers to the “Kendall” issue, and accuses the Jersey survivors and campaigners of somehow harming the Kendall campaign.

    I’m sorry – but the meaning of the comment escapes me. So far as I’m aware we in Jersey are in complete solidarity with survivors wherever they may be.

    Perhaps the reader could explain in a little more detail just what point it is they’re making?



  8. Anonymous

    The first is to ensure the most thorough police investigation possible and that the police have all the resources they need both from within the Island and from further afield.

    “Are these the very same police investigation the AG has consistently interfered with to the point of intentionally causing schism with the prospect of his medalling being the reason why he will eventually claim these people can’t get a fair trial?”

    So Mr Walker your talking crap again and anyone with a modicum of intelligence can, and has been able to read your intent like a penguin book.

    “The second is to ensure that the judicial process is robust and impartial, and that all guilty parties are brought to justice.”

    How can any judicial process take place when the majority of those who would enact that process are indeed allegedly implicated in the cover-up of a vast number of criminal and civil crimes? And when you say: “All guilty parties are brought to justice.” That does mean all those who have hidden and manipulated the facts and interfered with investigation as well as those old boys who put pressure upon victims and the police alike?

    The third is to do all in our power to protect and to support all identified victims. Those priorities have not, and will not change.

    “Support all identified victims” Where? If there is any evidence that you can point to Mr Walker to show either your own support for the victims or the States support or indeed political support. You could show the victims as they have seen very little to no support.

    I feel saddened to have to make this response but your ill-informed and misleading comment has given me no alternative.

    It saddens you that both the Government and press on an island close to you can actually get it right and you are on the back foot. It shows that you can’t control things that go on externally to your little group of fiends oops! Friends.

    I would remind you that speculation or unwise comment by anyone could jeopardise the judicial process, seriously let down the alleged victims or prejudice the fair trial of those against whom complaint has been made.

    The truth will eventually emerge and it will be very different from the picture you have sought to present to your readers.

    And how do you know that “it will be very different from the picture.” You have insight eh? You know of things that the Jersey people don’t know. Is that it?

    “I believe you owe the States and the people of Jersey an apology.”

    I believe you Mr walker owe the States and the people of Jersey an apology.

  9. Anonymous

    States rejects toxic ash inquiry

    “Calls for an inquiry into the dumping of toxic ash at Jersey’s Waterfront have been defeated in the States.

    A total of 37 States members voted against the motion, proposed by former Health Minister Stuart Syvret.

    Just 13 voted in favour of an inquiry into how waste from Bellozanne’s incinerator was used as landfill at the St Helier development.

    Assistant Health Minister, Jimmy Perchard, said an inquiry would be a “useless witch hunt”.

    Or in other words, no-one in the States must ever be accountable for monumental cock-ups. Cover it all up. Same as usual!

  10. jimbo

    Dear Frank Walker, how can you say that you are going to investigate all alligations of child abuse while it is YOUR own government who are trying to cover it all up. Why have your so called Legal Teams been allowed to not charge people with these offences whilst a super truthful man like Lenny Harper had the proof to convict these people, even your legal team AGREED to convict until someone ‘Got at them’.

    Too many of your Government members have too much to hide for the truth to be brought out in the open, remember that these goods people of Jersey and the victims of these crimes pay your wages.

    Remember Mr walker one thing, there are more of us victims than your government and WE hold the power to cut you down and bring you to your knees.

  11. jimbo

    States rejects toxic ash inquiry.

    Sorry but my sides are splitting while I laugh at this one. Why would the government of Jersey allow an investigation into the toxic waste on their Waterfront after being paid to hide the fact in their fat wallets. Its time for the people of Jersey to have a new government, get rid of these old men who think they are a modern day mafia, bring in a younger and truthful government who will allow the people a free vote and a free voice.

  12. Anonymous

    States rejects toxic ash inquiry. A few observations:

    Prior to burning our waste in St Helier, we interred much of it under world class habitats in St Ouen’s Bay. Since the Bellozanne incinerator began work in 1979, ash has been disposed of in our town’s waterfront land reclamation sites. All of these modern era shoreline dumps have been established on Crown property, with requisite Crown approval. HM Solicitor General, HM Receiver General, HM Attorney General, HM Bailiff, one would have thought?
    From sources West and East of Albert, toxins are entering the marine environment. Tides are getting higher. An enquiry? Thank you for trying Stuart.

    Again, our government proves itself unfit for purpose; unable to put the well-being of its citizens ahead of political expediency. Child Protection, Airport Firefighting Foam, Mobile Telephone Masts, the list goes on, and on.

    Well at least there’s Jersey Hospice.

    If you see me getting smaller, it is because I am leaving.

  13. Elaine

    to computer nerd, if it was you who put the hyperlinks for Stuart, I have to say bravo!! I see you are a clever chap and put a rel no follow. That really pleased me as I would hate for the rag website to pick up any google juice from Stuart’s great work.

    Maybe you could email details to Stuart of how to put hyperlink, and make it no follow, so that his links on the main page won’t get picked up by google in favour of the ‘other’ website. Please.


  14. Elaine

    Love the parody website! Thanks for posting, will forward that one round everyone in my address book (Jersey Voters) before it gets pulled.

  15. Rob Kent

    Actually, the GEP editorial, Walker’s response, Lenny Harper’s response, and the editor’s reply constitutes an amazing exchange, doesn’t it?

    It reveals that the AG wanted a lawyer to have access to all intelligence coming into the investigation even before the police could decide whether it was relevant, supportive of other testimony, or likely to lead to prosecution.

    It’s true that CPS lawyers are now always present in the police station in the UK but they are there to ensure that the police do not jeopardize a possible conviction by failing to collect the right evidence and ask the right questions.

    According to the initial review of the CPS’ pre-charge advice role published in 2003:

    “Because lawyers and investigators at the pilot sites have worked more closely together in the early stages of a case they have been able to ensure either that cases in which there is no possibility of conviction go no further or that the right kind of evidence to prove a criminal offence is gathered early, and that the charge first selected is the most appropriate one.”

    Lenny Harper says:

    “However, that is not what was being asked by the Attorney General in Jersey. What he wanted was a blurring of the role between investigator and prosecutor. He wanted a lawyer sitting in the incident room where raw data in the form of intelligence and information was coming in.”

    Why wasn’t the role of the special lawyer clearly defined by the AG? If it was to be a CPS-type role, he would have had his own office in the police station and would have been consulted by the investigating officers as they progressed their case.

    Was his real role as an early-warning device for the establishment? given that, as Lenny Harper says, “some of the intelligence provided contained allegations against members of the legal establishment.”

    I don’t suppose that the AG has left a written audit of his thinking on this matter or his instructions to the special lawyer, but if he has, maybe it will be eventually revealed if there is ever an independent inquiry into the handling of child abuse allegations.

    Frank Walker’s promised independent inquiry into the institutional child abuse itself would not encompass such matters and would just be a convenient way for the establishment to say, “the independent inquiry found no evidence of a cover up or complicity”.

  16. Computer Nerd

    links added here automatically get nofollow tags added.

    I put link instructions in a comment a few stories ago, but it was obviously too complicated!

  17. Elaine

    Thanks computer nerd. I am pleased that the rag online won’t benefit from the links. I know most people probably won’t have a clue what I’m referring to, and they shouldn’t need to, but I think you do. Its part of my job, and it makes my blood boil to think that lying toe-rag-online can benefit from Stuart’s very popular website. I hadn’t realised it was an auto thing with blogger. I use wordpress mostly. Thanks anyway, just thinking about the tiny little things that Stuart shouldn’t have to.


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