Historic Abuse Investigation

To be Ended.

Once Again the Survivors

Are the Last to Know.

Just a very, very brief posting – as my time has been – and will be – today consumed with speaking to Jersey abuse survivors – and trying to think of some positive words that can be said.

Said in the face of the stark, brutalising – yet inevitable fact that the Jersey oligarchy has done it once again.

Misused and abused their monopoly of power – in order to protect themselves – and betray the weak.

The historic abuse inquiry is to be formally announced as “over” – by Gradwell, Warcup and their puppet-master, Bill Bailhache.

Many victims of abuse – and many other people who have made formal complaints to the police – like me, for example – have not even had the vague courtesy of being kept-in-the-loop.

Survivors out there have been labouring under the delusion that the crimes committed against them were still under investigation – that the still living people who abused them – and those who concealed that abuse – were going to face justice.

Instead – as was easily gauged from the ethical and intellectual bankruptcy of Warcup and Gradwell – as evinced in their wholly unprecedented PR, spin-doctored press-conference – in which they did their best to trash all of the prior police work – they’ve decided that it can all be wrapped-up now.

These two men have plainly thrown aside whatever professional and intellectual credibility they may have once possessed – back in the distant, early years of their careers.

I doubt very much whatever paltry reward they’ve received – for becoming a part of the cover-up apparatus – approaches adequate compensation for having destroyed their souls – and reputations.

Because know this – the memory of this horrifying, decades-old history of foul and monstrous abuse – and the memory of those who contributed to the concealing of that abuse – is not going away; will never be hidden – will never be forgotten about.

So this is not the end.

On the contrary – we live in the 21st century – when those who were weak have now become strong.

The war simply moves into its next phase.

The abusers, those who have failed to prevent that abuse, those who have concealed that abuse, those who have contributed to the barbarism and criminality of the suppression of the truth – are going to be beaten.

Even those who have latterly joined them – like Mick and Dave.

This issue has not gone away.

It will never – ever – go away.

Those who have failed to do their duties in properly enforcing the law – and properly enforcing justice – know this.

Henceforth – you – each and everyone of you – will live the rest of your lives looking over your shoulders – for the approaching hand of justice.

One day – you will be in the dock – standing along side the child abusers you’ve supported and concealed.

It may take two – or five – or ten years – but this conspiracy by the powerful and wealthy against the week and vulnerable will be exposed – and it will be beaten.

There is no hiding place.

There is no rest.

Those who have participated in the betrayal of the survivors during the last two years – are now in the same team as child rapists, psychotic torturers, murderers and abusers.

One day – justice will catch up with you.


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