Just a very brief note.

I write this at 1.40 AM.

Trying to answer an avalanche of e-mails and telephone messages. I apologise to those I haven’t yet got back to.

From early Monday morning until about 11.00PM Monday night, I have been engaged, pretty well continuously, by the national and international media. And I would like to thank them for the attention they are bringing to bear upon the tragic child abuse saga in Jersey.

Painful though it be – it is only by confronting such issues and speaking openly that the failings of society can be addressed and the vulnerable protected.

Some Jersey politicians and establishment individuals condemn and criticise the involvement of the “external” media. To them I say this: if the authorities of the island, if its local media – had done their jobs properly – had acted with integrity and professionalism – most of these tragedies may well have been averted.

I’m sorry I can’t write more now; I really need to try and get some sleep.

I will just say thank you to all those people who have expressed support for the cause.

The victims, the whistle-blowers, and I really appreciate it.

Stuart Syvret


  1. Anonymous


    I admire your courage and determination to expose the truth about institutional child abuse in Jersey. I grew up in Jersey in the ’50s and ’60s. I was fortunate to have been left in the kind and loving care of the nuns at Sacre Coeur orphanage.

    Haut de la Garenne, however, was a different story. It was generally recognized among kids in my situation as being the kind of place you did not want to be sent to at any cost. I knew the boy whose sad and troubled suicide at 14 years was mentioned in a recent article in The Times on this case.

    At last, victims of child abuse are finally getting a hearing after being silenced all their lives. Let’s hope truth and justice will prevail and that the authorities in Jersey will have the wisdom and courage to take the necessary steps to ensure this never happens again.

    Thank you, once again.

  2. neil

    Just watched the interview with you and Walker with Jeremy Paxman.

    Thank God the national and international media are now involved and Walker isn’t protected by them like he is the local media, who I strongly believe have blood on there hands.

    You are a true inspiration to the ordinary person and a glimmer of hope, for victims and families of these atrocity’s both past and present.

    Hopefully the world will become aware of the cover up culture we are living in over here, and will hopefully bring some much needed scrutiny and change.

    Keep up the good work, you have the support, not only of the whole of jersey but i’m sure Britain, europe and possibly even the world!

  3. Anonymous

    Hang in there. Great work you are doing. Easy to say from a distance but perhaps helps to have outsider perspective: stay focused on the children who were abused; don’t worry about your grievances and the wrongs done to you by dreary reactionaries – they will just get in the way of the message and make people turn away. This is not a criticism – what you are doing is amazing and heroic – but sometimes it helps us all to forget our personal stuff for a while and keep focused on the main message.

    Keep the message simple and clear: many children were appallingly abused by predators and then abused again by a system that failed to hear them. After abuse itself, there is nothing worse for a victim than not being heard or believed. The child’s identity is already hanging by a thread from the abuse and not being heard and supported is often the knife that cuts that last thread.

    There is no doubt you were wronged by a complacent and worse establishment in Jersey but perhaps leave this until after finishing your brave work in bringing the full glare of the light to the appalling wrongs done to those children.

    I know it is asking a lot but you seem to be a person of more than usual gifts so people tend to ask more of you.

  4. Anonymous

    Stuart I have no doubt that Sen Walker does not want too much exposure of the long term abuse and probable murder of children at Haut de la Garenne. I have strong reservations about closed communities and the cultural malaise that allows abnormal behaviour and attitudes to flourish. Once the cover-up and concealment becomes entrenched it is hard to uncover it. Best wishes and glad to know you are not caving in to the Walker-led smears.

  5. Anonymous

    Stay strong. You have great courage and integrity. Always keep in mind the victims of this terrible abuse and that at last you are giving them a voice. I also work in child protection…in the uk.

  6. Anonymous

    Stay strong. You have great courage and integrity. Always keep in mind the victims of this terrible abuse and that at last you are giving them a voice. I also work in child protection…in the uk.

  7. Anonymous

    In response to the Frank Walker remark directed to Stuart Syvret: “You’re trying to shaft Jersey internationally” as seen on Newsnight interview.

    “Jersey Evening Post, the island’s only major newspaper, is owned by Senator Frank Walker, President of the powerful Finance and Economic Committee.”

    “There is nothing when that happens to offer protection to dissenters or mavericks from community ostracism.”

    “Jersey is in effect a one party (the business party) state run by a clique of business interests. An elite which benefits from independence, controls political power, and even the media.”

    “The unfriendly face of the friendly isle emerges when threats arise. In Jersey the worst threat is anything which draws attention to its internal affairs, lax regulation, or anything which might focus attention on the financial and tax perks offered to footloose finance capital. The ruling elite interprets any threat to its power as a threat to the island, its way of life and its system of government and trundles into action a powerful clobbering machine, part legal, part political, part media and in large part community, since it comes down to denunciation, ostracism, personal abuse, even deprivation and unemployment. Some of this has been highly visible as Jersey has been on the prowl for more business, this time from major accountancy firms seeking to escape the consequences of audit failures.”

    “The political system is run in the interests of wealth, followed at some distance by good government and good order, then the interests of the ordinary islanders who enjoy a minimalist welfare state. A small business elite now dominates Jersey politics once dominated by the old landed agricultural interests. The new political elite has close connections with wealthy money manipulators. They are more interested in attracting wealthy people.”
    Quoted from:

    by Austin Mitchell Labour MP for Great Grimsby

  8. Anonymous

    I think what your doing the right thing.Too many bad people in Jersey are being protected when they should be hung out to dry. The best thing for anybody to do is get as much publicity as possible. the only thing that keeps Jersey going is offshore banking, the British government loses about 85 billion a year in tax revenue to places like Jersey. The USA wants places like Jersey shut for business, what America wants America gets when it comes to the UK. You think Jersey is bad now wait until the Finance industry goes.

  9. Anonymous

    Stay strong Stuart, I have always supported you. It is of no surprise to me that Walker wants to wage another war against you, typical of such a man, don’t give in to him. I have complete faith in you.

  10. TonyB

    1. I’d like to know what was significant in the 100 page publication that had not previously seen publication. This is a serious request, not a point-scoring one.

    2. Also, is the Kathy Bull report (outside the edited highlights) available in the public domain yet or is that another half-hidden document? (Incidentally, your immediate releasing the Bull report to the media (against the desire of the education president) surely predates the current inquiry and shows you have always had child care of importance)


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