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Child Abuse in Jersey

And the Response of the Island’s Only “Newspaper”.

This evening it had been my plan to share with you various mind-boggling revelations concerning my battle to stop the Jersey oligarchy neutralising me by sticking me in their jail; this for the unpardonable sin of allegedly breaking the data protection law – by making public interest disclosures concerning dangerous criminals.

Tonight I was going to post part 2 of our experiment in legal advice from a web-based community.

However, I’ve decided to make you wait for that particular report back from the front line of Jack-Straw-Labour-Party approved insanity – otherwise known as the “administration of justice in Jersey”.

Instead – I thought I’d do a brief post in response to the almost unbelievable propaganda and spin from Jersey’s only newspaper – the Jersey Evening Post – or The Rag as it is more usually known on this rock.

Look – most readers of this blog will be very familiar with the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster – so I needn’t rehearse all those issue now; instead – let’s cut to the chase.

After over two years of very serious and dedicated work by the police, survivors, witnesses, and campaigners like me – we now have three of the child abusers convicted.

Much to the undisguised rage and fear of the local spivs.

Today, one Claude Donnelly – 69 years old – was sentenced for 13 counts of indecent assault – and 5 counts of child-rape – all against young girls.

He has received a well-deserved 15 years.

Yesterday, another Jersey child abuser – one Gordon Wateridge, was convicted of 8 counts of indecent assault, and one of assault.

He awaits sentencing.

These abusers being just two – of a very, very limited number the Jersey establishment has had to prosecute – because they had no choice.

At least 15 others have escaped justice – not even being charged – even though in the case of some of that number, I know for a stone fact they’re guilty.

But – for the moment, let’s just focus upon these two – Donnelly and Wateridge.

It has been obvious for a very long time that the Jersey oligarchy were getting down on their knees every night – and praying, praying, praying – for “not guilty” to be the verdict against Wateridge for every charge he faced.

The Jersey Evening Post almost certainly had its pages ready to roll – something like this:

“Wateridge is Innocent! Lenny Harper is THE Anti-Christ! See! We told you so all Along!”

However – much to the undoubted devastation of the Jersey oligarchy and The Rag – the jury returned “guilty” verdicts on many of the charges; this notwithstanding determined and desperate last minute attempts by the Jersey oligarchy and its Rag to prejudice the Jury’s deliberations.

However – The Rag has not allowed such trifling details as the fact that Lenny Harper was right – and that he was the cop who initiated and led the investigation which has brought these disgusting old perverts to conviction – to deflect them from their objective – which is – attempting a quite despicable smear-campaign against Lenny Harper – in a text-book propaganda attempt to divert attention away from the real issues.

The real questions.

What The Rag is doing is a text-book propaganda and spin device.

There is a big, nasty, story happening – which is very inconvenient to you or your bosses – so what do you do?

Why, of course, you manufacture a fake, diversionary story – or over-inflate a tired, old re-tread of obsolete ‘news’.

Yesterday and today – with more to come – the Jersey Evening Post has striven mightily to turn the story on its head.

The Rag is trying to diminish public focus upon the conviction and sentencing of these two child abusers – by trying to draw public attention on to a load of dishonest, obsolete, smear-campaign garbage – against THE police officer who led the investigation which nailed these two bastards.

Why do you think that might be?

Why should Jersey’s only “newspaper” be almost certainly the only newspaper in the entire Western, democratic world – which would focus more effort, vitriol – and lies – against the police officer who brought these two disgusting criminals to conviction – than it does upon the foul abusers themselves?

There are several, equally valid, answers to those questions – answers we’ll explore in the coming days.

But just as a brief post – I thought I’d pose a few questions for you to think about – and raise some issue that all decent people should be focusing upon – rather than falling into the JEP trap of being diverted by irrelevancy.

These are just a very few of the questions that any self-respecting journalist – and any decent human being – should be asking.

And – of course – these are the very, very questions that The Rag doesn’t want you to be thinking about.

How come it has taken so long for these abusers to be exposed, charged and punished?

How many others like them are there out there in this community?

How were Wateridge and Donnelly – 78 and 69 years old, respectively – able to have spent decades unpunished?

Why – for decades – has the entire edifice of public administration in Jersey failed to discover, expose, stop and punish these abusers – and dozens of others like them?

What the bloody hell – for all those decades – in days gone by – were the police force of the day doing?

Why were so many complaints of abuse – made to many different agencies in Jersey over the decades – simply ignored – or, more accurately – pro-actively concealed – by the very people who tax-payers employ to, in theory, stop these dreadful crimes happening?

If Jersey – and its ruling establishment – are so perfect and respectable – how come all of these monstrous abuses were able to be concealed for at least seven decades – and only – finally – be exposed and punished by a straight, tough, belligerent Ulsterman?

Why should the Jersey oligarchy now be expending more effort upon attacking Lenny Harper – than they are in addressing these type of obvious questions?

What – in truth – does that say about our ‘traditional’ notion of what our community represents?

Instead of being diverted by the lies and garbage of The Rag – think about the real questions – and later next week we’ll engage in a close analysis of the local reportage – and the motives that lay behind it.


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