“18 weapons and 183,000 rounds of ammunition – enough to shoot Jersey’s population. Twice.”

“On the floor were 7.62mm rifles, machine guns, Magnum revolvers and a large quantity of ammunition. A Sea Cat missile launcher – usually carried on warships – was kept outside the home.”

You Couldn’t Make it Up.

The Madness Lenny Harper Fought Against.

The Madness Protected by the Jersey Oligarchy.

Given the relapse of the Jersey Evening Post into propaganda-rag syndrome – just when it looked like it was taking its first, faltering steps towards being a proper newspaper – I had planned to write an analysis of the factually wrong and calculatedly dishonest editorial leader comment The Rag published on the 16th April.

And reflect upon the startlingly obvious contempt The Rag has for its readers.

However, other events being more topical – I’ve decided to leave such grim entertainments for later in the week.

Instead, I thought we’d take a look at the following issues.

The lawless, corrupt and dangerous state of Jersey as describe by Lenny Harper in his affidavit, and the reporting of some of its content in today’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The Damien Green Affair – and the likely response of the Jersey oligarchy to the qualitatively identical police action against me.

And – what the cops were looking for when they turned over my home – without a search warrant – at the behest of Jersey Attorney General William Bailhache.

The Mail on Sunday carries an excellent article in today’s edition about the corruption rife in Jersey – and the near-impossible task decent men face in trying to challenge it. It features Lenny Harper – and various observations of his on the wretched state of the rule of law in this island.

The interview with Lenny is drawn from certain parts of the affidavit he prepared at my request to use as evidence in court in London. So when reading it – bear in mind the fact he remains willing and able to stand in a court of law, be cross-examined and testify under oath as to the accuracy of his account.

In truth, Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache should have resigned – or been sacked by London – a long time ago in consideration of the various well-documented perversions of the course of justice he has engaged in.

As more evidence emerges, such as the information in The Mail on Sunday, Bill Bailhache’s position grows – and will continue to grow – more untenable by the day. If the man possessed an atom of integrity or humility – he would simply resign.

Following my unlawful arrest, detention and the searching of my home without a search warrant, a number of us will be signing a letter of complaint to Jack Straw – demanding the sacking of Barking Bill. Straw won’t act, of course – but his inaction will be added to our next attempt to make the UK Justice Secretary answerable to a UK court – for failures to carry out his UK legal duties – resulting in the UK being in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Who knows – next time we may even get two judges who aren’t, (a) a flasher – and (b) a friend of Phil Bailhache.

The material revealed in the Mail on Sunday today shows to ordinary, decent ‘middle Jersey’ – just how stagnant, corrupt, unethical, lawless, unchallengeable and, frankly, dangerous – our present power structure is.

Dozens of gun-obsessed individuals, in possession – illegally – of a horrifying arsenal of powerful weapons and many, many thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Just consider this passage from the Mail on Sunday interview:

“Some arms licenses had been granted in the knowledge that the applicant had criminal convictions, and Harper launched covert surveillance of some colleagues. Following a tip-off, he raided the home of a police civilian employee.
“I recovered a huge number of firearms lying unsecured in a bedroom, including an RPG7 rocket launcher,’ recalls Harper.’Among the weapons were some that had been handed into the police previously for destruction. On the floor were 7.62mm rifles, machine guns, Magnum revolvers and a large quantity of ammunition.’ A Sea Cat missile launcher – usually carried on warships – was kept outside the home.”

Yet notwithstanding Mr. Harper’s efforts – it was virtually impossible to get serious action – if any – taken against many of the individuals in unlawful possession of such weapons.

The obstructions to the proper rule of law were engaged in by figures at all levels of Jersey’s traditional ruling grouping – from the political honorary police forces of each parish – all the way up to the Attorney General, William Bailhache, who controls them.

When Jersey has a Columbine or Dunblane-type massacre carried out by one or more of these nutters – you or your family could be the victims.

Other people cannot be responsible for the actions of psychopaths – and no system of regulation could ever guarantee complete protection from them.

But respectable, law-abiding societies do all they can to militate against such risks.

However, William Bailhache preferred not to upset the traditional establishment power-base upon which people like him depend – instead, effectively placing political considerations – over and above the safety of you and your family.

One can only wonder at the murderous bloody carnage the maniacs who have carried out these atrocities in the past would have wrought – had they had possession of RPG 7 rocket propelled grenades – and a Sea Cat missile launcher?

You know, it’s quite remarkable – or not, if you believe in common decency – that I, an underclass centre-left, Green politician – should have found common cause with Mr. Harper – a conservative, highly experienced, former RUC police officer.

Perhaps he too is a “closet anarchist” – out to destroy civilised society – as the increasingly insane Jersey establishment would have the world believe of those who criticise them?

Turning to the emergency meeting of the Jersey parliament called for Tuesday.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the democratic, civil-liberty and political implications of my unlawful arrest and detention, the searching of my home – without a search warrant – and the stealing of privileged information concerning my constituents.

Now – you’re a reasonably intelligent person – so you will have readily grasped the fact that the meeting and the debate is not really about me as an individual.

Instead – it is about the very serious implications for representative democracy in Jersey.

You will have seen TV news and read newspaper articles concerning the arrest and detention of Damien Green MP, and the consequent taking by the police of privileged communications between him and his constituents and campaigners.

You understand what an immense controversy this episode has caused – and you understand why.

As Mr. Green himself has said:

“This was the first time since we became a democracy that an opposition MP had been arrested for political work. Of course MPs are not above the law, but by any standards what I was doing was political work of the kind that has been done by politicians for years, notably and very successfully by Gordon Brown. Arresting opposition politicians is something you associate with police states.”

Mr. Green is a Conservative MP – and much like Lenny Harper – not a person you would readily associate with supposed anarcho-commie plots to overthrow the state.

The issues are, I might suggest, readily grasped by any thinking democrat.

However, Jersey Senator Ben Shenton would not appear be in that category.

In yesterday’s edition of The Rag – we learn from the Senator that he will boycott the States meeting on Tuesday – the topic of the privileged relationship between elected representatives and the public – not to mention the more general civil rights issues – being, apparently, nothing more than a “waste of time” and a “circus”.

He says:

“I won’t be attending the States on Tuesday. I was elected to represent the people of Jersey, not errant politicians who believe themselves to be above the law.”

And to think – this intellectual colossus intends to be Jersey’s next Chief Minister.

Just imagine – a modern, democratic state led by a person who believes that tyranny by the majority (ask someone to explain it to you, Ben) and the unlawful oppression of minority politicians and the theft of privileged communications between them and their constituents – is perfectly OK?

The politically motivated police action against me – and the action taken against Mr. Green are qualitatively identical.

And as we see in the Damian Green affair – all shades of the respectable political spectrum are united in their recognition of the dangers to representative democracy which arise out of the action against the MP – and all are united in condemnation of it.

Look, Ben – I’ll try and illustrate the problem for you, OK?

Now, this is nice and simple.

The debate is not about me.

The debate is about the fundamental freedoms and democracy won for us by our grandfathers on the beaches of Normandy.

Let us assume, for arguments sake, that I am 100% wrong in my political battles.

Let us assume that The Rag and the oligarchy it serves are correct.

Let us agree, as the Jersey Evening Post would have us believe, and for the purposes of this debate, that I am, in fact, some conflation of the anti-Christ, Stalin, Bakunin – and, just for good measure, a really serious threat to civilized society, such as an investment banker.

If all were true – it would not make one atom of difference to the principles involved.

Quite regardless of the fact that the oppressed politician happens to be me – it would still be a threat to representative democracy to have politicians hounded by the police and the prosecution system, be arrested and detained for 7 hours, have their home ransacked – without a search warrant – and their privileged communications stolen.

It would be unacceptable against any politician.

Even you, Ben.

But for all his pseudo Man-of-the-People shtick – when the chips are down, Senator Shenton is an establishment man – through and through. Remarkably like Terry – ‘man-of-the-people’ – Le Main.

Who knows – he may even have been asked to make a fool of himself on the pages of The Rag by other oligarchy representatives – who are looking for excuses to boycott Tuesday’s States meeting in the hope it won’t be quorate.

Yes, there’s a Jersey Establishment Party ‘three-line-whip’ doing the rounds, in the hope that the meeting will be inquorate.

You see, at the moment, they’re wrestling with the decision as to which path of action would be the less embarrassing – obstruct the debate simply by not turning up? Or obstruct the debate by turning up – and voting not to debate the proposition that day?

Sadly – they are that stupid.

It plainly not occurring to these clowns that the most embarrassing outcome – the action which would inflict the most damage on the reputation of the Jersey oligarchy – such as it is – would be to not debate the proposition.

Such an event would simply prove that the Jersey parliament was alone – amongst the legislatures of all respectable, western democracies – in being quite happy for its members to be politically oppressed through unlawful police action.

Hey! It would be so damaging to the oligarchy I’m tempted not to attend myself!

But no – I will be there to do my duty – though quite why I should be participating in a debate that furnishes the establishment with a damage-limitation opportunity – I’m not really sure.

Now – I’m sure there was something else I meant to mention?

Ah yes – I remember now.

The information the police and Bill Bailhache were looking for.

They didn’t find it.

And, you know, you really wouldn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to have deduced that it wouldn’t be here.

The really – really – important material I have accumulated in the context of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster during the last couple of years – has been dealt with – in exactly the same way as all of the most fascinating documentation I have carefully accumulated during the last 20 years.

Which is to say – never held in any electronic format – hard copies only; multiple duplicated – and carefully safeguarded in at least three different jurisdictions – Jersey not amongst them.

So, Bill – your storm-troopers had a wasted trip – in their efforts to find such things as my full copies of the McGuire files.

Those particular files shall wait – like a time-bomb – for you and your oligarchy allies to finally confirm to the victims of those two maniacs that no action will be taken.

We shall wait for you – or whoever succeeds you – to assert that the McGuires will not be extradited from France – “because it isn’t possible” – in Bailhache world – for two criminals to be extradited from France to the UK.

Just as soon as your cruel and abusive prevarications end – then the world will be able to see the supposed “insufficient evidence” by which Michael Birt – and now you – adjudged yourselves able to bury the truth.

The rule of law is broken in Jersey.

In the hands of our oligarchy – the criminals are let off.

And the victims of crime are betrayed.

Again and again.

But the fight against this stagnation and rottenness will continue.

Perhaps next time Bill Bailhache sends his cops around to raid me, they’ll be using RPG 7s and their Sea Cat missile launcher – mounted on the back of a pick-up?

Frankly – I wouldn’t be surprised.


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