Jersey Evening Post, Thursday 1st May, 2008.

The above quote is taken from a headline in Jersey’s only “newspaper”, The Jersey Evening Post, commonly known as The Rag.

Throughout its 118 year history it has been the unfailing house-journal and mouth-piece of the island’s oligarchy. It is, frankly, an enemy of this community.

So much so that, rather than smashing their presses, they spent most of World War II cheerfully churning out diktats and propaganda on behalf of the occupying Nazis whilst some islanders were deported to internment camps in Germany, and in some cases their land & property descended upon by the remaining Jersey oligarchy like a pack of vultures.

No doubt it was during this episode that The Rag developed its immense propaganda skills to such a high degree. Given its performance from 1945 to the present, Goebbels would have been proud of them.

OK – so the quote I attribute to The Rag above – “Its All Syvret’s Fault!” – is not entirely accurate, and something of an exaggeration – but only a very little bit.

And in reporting it this way I’m merely borrowing a technique from the JEP.

Their story concerned a brief “oral” report given to the old Health & Social Services Committee – back in May, 1999.

Nine years ago.

I was a member of that Committee, and present when this “oral” report was given by the then Chief Executive, one Graham Jennings.

The significance of it being an “oral” report lays in the fact that no supporting paperwork or written reports were provided to the Committee.

I had forgotten about this “oral” report. Hardly surprising given that it was 9 years – and many hundreds of meetings ago – and will have taken all of a few minutes to hear. But someone in the Jersey establishment clearly did remember – and enthusiastically produced the minute of the meeting for the Jersey Evening Post.

So what is the significance of this issue, you ask?

The “oral” report given to the Committee by Jennings was to inform us of the fact that a disciplinary hearing into the conduct of a certain Jane Maguire had concluded that she should be dismissed – but that she had already resigned.

I reproduce the relevant Committee minute below this post.

Maguire and her husband “Big Al”, being the couple who ran the Blanche Pierre Group Home for much of the 1980’s – throughout which period they tortured and abused the children in their “care” in the most appalling ways – until “moved on” in 1990.

After 1990, the psychopathic atrocities of the Maguires lay concealed for the next eight years – until, through pure happenstance, their reign of abuse against vulnerable children came to the knowledge of the Jersey police, leading to some narrow charges, which were themselves abandoned in 1998.

Back in 1999 – post-abandonment of the prosecution – no actual decision was put to the Committee. The “oral” report merely asked the Committee to “note” that the disciplinary hearing had already occurred – and Maguire had already resigned. We were simply informed of this – post-fact.

So – according to the JEP – the fact that I had forgotten about this, brief “oral” report from 9 years ago means that I am to blame for the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster. Well, OK – they haven’t been quite able to pin culpability on me just yet for child protection failures prior to 1965 – as I wasn’t born then – but it’s surely only a matter of time? Perhaps I forged my birth certificate – and I’m really 75 years old?

The Jersey establishment – having alighted upon this Committee minute from 1999 – thought, ‘eureka! – This is great material to use against Syvret.’

I have often said that one of the absolutely fundamental defining characteristics of the Jersey oligarchs was the sheer stupidity they so frequently exhibit.

And, yes – they’ve done it again.

So thick are they that they rushed into using this minute – without pausing for a moment to reflect upon what it actually demonstrates.

And what it demonstrates is – most certainly – not good for the Jersey establishment’s position – as we will examine, below.

The minute – far from being some kind of cudgel with which they can assault me and the other Committee members present – is actually an unusually powerful piece of hard evidence for Jersey polity corruption.

Evidence which greatly reinforces the increasingly inescapable conclusion that the senior levels of Jersey’s civil service are self-interested, corrupted, mutually supporting, dishonest and simply out of control in a welter of incompetence and concealment.

So – it isn’t often I will do this, so make the most of it; I’d like to say a big thank you to The Rag for uncovering the minute and drawing it to my attention.

The very day they furnished me with it, I wrote an explanation of its significance, and forwarded it to the States of Jersey Police Force so that it may go as further evidence towards the complaints of criminal conduct made against a variety of senior Jersey civil servants – past and present.

It is most certainly important evidence which adds to the case against Anton Skinner.

And it also – for the very first time – brings the then Health & Social Services Chief Executive, Graham Jennings into ‘the frame’. I had always suspected that he too must have played a role in the culture of concealment – but I never said so, because I never had any evidence.

That is – until Thursday.

Before dealing with the 1999 minute, some explanation of the chronology of events is needed.

For much of the 1980’s Jane and Alan Maguire ran the Blanche Pierre Group Home; a group-home being a kind of extended family-scale small orphanage provided by the Jersey government.

The Maguires lived in the home, and had in their “care” a number of children who lived with them over the years.

I won’t go into details – if you want an indication of the nature of the appalling abuses engaged in by the Maguires – watch the BBC Panorama documentary of March 31st 2008, on the Jersey child abuse disaster: –

These abuses were permitted to carry on unchallenged for most of the 1980’s.

But – very disturbingly – not entirely unchallenged.

In fact, visiting, part-time members of staff had repeatedly noted in diary records and log-books deeply concerning examples of cruelty and dysfunction. And notwithstanding these recorded concerns – no appropriate action was taken.

The children continued to suffer – and the complaints steadily accumulated – until 1990 – when one Anton Skinner of the Children’s Service was finally forced to investigate the complaints when they became too significant to ignore anymore.

In his “investigation” he was assisted by one Geoff Spencer, the acting Homes Manager.

Remember that name – Geoff Spencer – for future reference.

So in 1990 – several years too late – Skinner & his friend Spencer investigated the accumulated complaints.

Contrary to assertions by Skinner – and even the present Social Services boss, Marnie Baudains – there was, at that time, more than sufficient evidence to immediately suspend and dismiss the Maguires.

Indeed – more than sufficient evidence to inform the Police Force.

But – Skinner didn’t do this. Let us be charitable – and assume his reasons for concealing the abuses were simply related to keeping his job and his pension. Because had he gone to the Police in 1990 – what would have been a significant consequence of that action?

Skinner himself would have been asked “What the bloody hell were you doing, receiving these complaints from staff of cruelty and abuse being committed by the Maguires – for several years – and you failing to take the appropriate action?”

So Skinner wrote a report for the then Education Committee, which had responsibility for child “protection” back in those days, when it was led by one Iris Le Feuvre.

I have read that report – along with the other evidence – in October last year (2007), after having it drawn to my attention by whistle-blowers.

I alerted the Police to this evidence – all of which is now in their possession.

I paraphrase, but, in essence, what Skinner’s report, written in the year 1990, said was: “Well, yes, the conduct of the Maguires has been unacceptable. Not of a standard appropriate for this day and age. But by way of mitigation, it’s a stressful job. But, hey – no problem. Mrs. Maguire has agreed to voluntarily retire from running the group-home – and, instead she will come and work in our Family Development Centre”.

As I said to the Police last year, ‘did that involve taking her bottle of Dettol with her?’

So not only did Skinner fail to sack the Maguires in 1990 – and not only did he fail to inform the Police of their behaviour – he even let Mrs. Maguire carry on working in a social services environment – that is, with direct access to vulnerable people & children.

You couldn’t make that up.

But – it gets worse.

One of the younger children, a female, was left in the Maguires’ “care” by Skinner & his team for a further two years – during which she continued to suffer – appallingly.

Remember – the Police were not informed of the Maguires’ conduct in 1990.

Now – after eight years of the Jersey culture-of-concealment – our narrative moves forward to 1998.

One of the profoundly damaged victims of the Maguires, during an episode of great personal turmoil, threw a brick with an abusive note wrapped around it through the window of the place where the Maguire’s were then living. Remember, this is in 1998.

The Maguires – exhibiting all of the arrogance and stupidity we’ve come to associate with the Jersey system – took the note to the Police, said they thought they knew who had thrown it – and wanted the person prosecuted.

The Police, looking at the note, thought ‘hmmm – there’s more to this than meets the eye.’

They interviewed the person who had thrown the brick – and in that interview – the full horrors of what had occurred to the children came into the knowledge of the Police for the first time.

To cut a long story short, the Maguires were arrested, charged, and brought to court.

There was one committal hearing in the Jersey magistrates’ court.

Then things become even more despicable.

Many of the victims were called to an utterly bizarre evening meeting at the Social Services’ headquarters – where they were confronted, as they describe it – “with a table full of adults”.

This assemblage of Social Services finest was led by one Danny Wherry.

Remember that name for future reference as well – Danny Wherry.

At this meeting the young victims present were told that the case against the Maguires was having to be dropped for “lack of evidence”, and that “the trial would be too stressful for the victims to endure.”

This was, of course, a total and despicable pack of lies.

A pack of lies, the motivation for which was concealing a scandal – and protecting senior civil servants from some hard questions as to how the abuse was able to continue unchecked for so many years – and why the abusers hadn’t been charged eight years earlier.

And had these young victims had even remotely competent – and even faintly ethical – legal representation, they would have been told it was lies, and that they could – and should – insist on the case against the Maguires continuing.

But they were not told this. They were not correctly advised.

Instead they were utterly & cynically betrayed by their “own” lawyers.

Now – I’m going to ask you a question, and when answering, remember – we are dealing with “The Jersey Way”.

Which law firm was representing these young victims back then? Back in 1998?

An outfit by the name of Bailhache Labesse. (These days going under the name Appleby Global; remember that City of London syndicate’s name  – for future reference, too.)

Now – can we guess who was the Senior Partner at that time, and as listed on that firm’s stationery?

Yes, that’s right – one William Bailhache.

Brother of the Bailiff, Philip Bailhache – and presently (2008) the Jersey Attorney General, the sole prosecuting authority in Jersey.

And guess what?

In a legislative change driven forward by William Bailhache and the Solicitor General – they, as Crown Officers – were recently excluded from the complaints and disciplinary procedures of the Jersey Law Society.

Perhaps one of m’learned friends could let us know whether this law change applies retrospectively?

If so – it would be quite unusual, would it not? Retrospective legislation?

If not – then when time permits I’m sure Mr Bailhache can dream up a disciplinary defence for himself for this gross and ethically bankrupt betrayal committed by his then law firm.

Obviously, only after all of the other – err – “interesting” questions he’s going to have to answer.

Perhaps even one or two concerning conflicts of interest?

And just how, precisely, avoiding them is merely, “a state of mind”? (W. Bailhache.)

Isn’t it just amazing – how all these coincidences stack-up?

Obviously – there are higher priorities right now – but eventually this gross, professional betrayal by Bailhache’s law firm – the staggering betrayal of the victims of the Maguires – will be examined – very closely indeed.

It isn’t difficult – is it – to see now just why Lenny Harper’s team have faced so much obstruction from this Attorney General?

And we mustn’t pass over this point without reminding ourselves just who the Attorney General (the sole prosecutor in Jersey) was in 1998?

The then Attorney General who improperly abandoned the prosecution of the Maguires?

One Michael Birt – now Deputy Bailiff.

The same Attorney General who failed to prosecute a number of people for concealing the child abuse at Victoria College.

And the same man who – towards the end of last year – actually turned down applications by Lenny Harper’s Police team for a warrant to search, and remove evidence from the headquarters of the Jersey Sea Cadets; the Sea Cadets being a major focus of the historic child abuse enquiry.

So, naturally – one turn’s down Police warrant applications under such circumstances. Right?

In 1998 – at the time of the attempt by the Police to bring the Maguires to justice – Birt – after the victims had been conned and deceived into the abandonment of the prosecution – stood in Jersey’s Royal Court – and informed the Court that the charges were being dropped “for lack of evidence”.

This is what the Court record says:

November 1998 Criminal proceedings Against the Maguires.

The Act of Court records that the prosecution was abandoned 20th November 1998.

“Her Majesty’s Attorney General declared that he abandoned the prosecution against Alan William Maguire and Jane Marie Maguire on the ground that there was insufficient evidence to support it.

The Court therefore discharged the said Alan William Maguire and Jane Marie Maguire from the prosecution and, by virtue of Article 2(1) (c) of the Costs in Criminal Cases (Jersey) Law, 1961, ordered the payment out of public funds of the costs of the defence”.

When the whole episode and the case files were drawn to my attention in August 2007 by whistle-blowers, I sat in the H & SS office and read through two very substantial lever-arch files, and one smaller ring-binder, of evidence.

Having read this horrifying catalogue of foulness – so sicking I had to repeatedly take breaks from reading it, so as to recompose myself – take it from me, the claims by the Jersey oligarchy that there was “insufficient evidence” are about as credible as their reputation now is.

So, returning to the chronology, and the moment at the beginning of 1999.

As far as the public knew, a prosecution had been attempted against the Maguires – and the case never even got off the ground in 1998 for lack of evidence – let alone there being a trial and them having been acquitted.

It was round this time, and in the wake of the perverse prosecution abandonment, that Graham Jennings, then Chief Executive of H & SS, commissioned Dylan Southern to review the whole Maguire episode.

And – believe it or not – Mrs. Maguire was still employed by Social Services at this point, – notwithstanding everything which was on-the-record against her.

Mr. Southern, being a man of professionalism and integrity, examined all the evidence, and wrote a clear and succinct report to Jennings.

He unambiguously concluded that Jane Maguire should be sacked.

And he also wrote a number of other things; deeply disturbing things, in his report.

Things I will touch upon later. And explain the relevance of.

Mr. Southern’s report was sent to Jennings, dated 23rd February, 1999.

Mrs Maguire resigned rather than be sacked – and this resignation was accepted by Jennings.

On 5th May 1999 – about two-and-a-half months after he received the Southern report – Jennings raised the Maguire episode with the then Health & Social Services Committee, of which I was a member.

No decision by the Committee was required; we were merely asked to note that a disciplinary hearing had taken place, Maguire’s dismissal had been recommended, but she had resigned already instead.

As you can see from the minute, in addition to explaining these brief facts, Jennings’ ‘oral’ report went on to defend Anton Skinner; essentially claiming that ‘well – Skinner took the appropriate action back in 1990 – given the extent of his knowledge at that time. So no blame could be attached to him.’

So, let us summarise the state of the Committee’s knowledge at this moment in May 1999.

The vast majority of facts concerning the conduct of the Maguires were not known to the Committee or the public – they were merely two low-grade employees against who a criminal allegation had been made – but which allegation must have been baseless because it had been thrown out of court before a full trial had even commenced. An attempted prosecution of the Maguires had not even got beyond committal stage, this for “lack of evidence” – according to no-less an authority than Jersey’s then Attorney General. So they were, as far as the public and the Committee knew, innocent of any criminal charge.

There had been a disciplinary hearing which had concluded that Mrs. Maguire should still be sacked. She had resigned before this action could take place and her resignation had been accepted by Jennings.

And, according to Jennings, no possible blame could be attached to Anton Skinner for failing to take the necessary action back in 1990, as he didn’t then know of the true nature of the McGuires conduct.

Now we get into the really interesting parts of this episode.

I mentioned earlier why the Committee minute re-produced below was so important.

Allow me a little digression.

British readers of this blog will be familiar with the TV comedy series “Yes, Minister”. It was, essentially, a parody which depicted just how the relevant politicians in government were kept in the dark and heavily manipulated by the senior civil servants “advising” them.

But that program just didn’t go far enough. In reality – the truth is beyond parody. And far darker.

And the episode I describe above proves this point.

I have learnt that civil servants are always meticulous in covering their tracks. Making sure that no record of any malfeasance, incompetence or lie on their part can be found ‘on-the-record’ to politicians.

Indeed – so ruthlessly do civil servants pursue this particular “insurance policy”, I personally have never been able identify direct lies to politicians in an official written record – even though I’m aware – and would attest to – being fed maybe hundreds of lies during twenty years in politics.

No written record, that is – until now.

To back-track a little; let us remember that Jennings had commissioned Dylan Southern to produce a report into the whole Maguire episode.

Southern duly produced his report, dated 23rd February 1999.

Two-and-a-half months later – Jennings finally got around to mentioning the Maguire case to the then Committee – merely for it to note, as everything was done and dusted by this point – or so the Committee was led to believe.

But the true chain of events – as revealed in the Southern Report – was profoundly disturbing and of far greater seriousness than that indicated in the ‘oral’ report to the Committee by Jennings.

Remember this – because it is a rock-solid, evidenced example of the Jersey ‘Culture of Concealment’.

The then Committee were not supplied with the Southern report.

Indeed, the Committee were not even told of the existence of the Southern report.

Jennings deliberately concealed the truth from the Committee in order to protect friends and colleagues – and himself – and to avoid a scandal – and generally seek to protect the “image” of the Jersey establishment.

Sound familiar?

To explain the situation in plain English:

The Committee was the relevant political authority of the day back in 1999.

Yet the Committee was conned and manipulated in two, profoundly disturbing, ways.

Firstly – the Committee was misled by omission. The wilful concealing of the Southern report from the Committee by Jennings was to mislead by omission.

Secondly – Jennings actually lied to the Committee. His ‘oral’ assertions which exculpated Skinner for his failure to act in 1990 were simply untrue.

How do we now know Jennings’ claim was untrue?

The hitherto concealed Dylan Southern report proves it.

Let me quote what the dissembling ‘oral’ report of Jennings said, as described in the Committee minute reproduced below.

And remember this point – as we will be comparing and contrasting it with what the Dylan Southern report says.

According to Jennings’ ‘oral’ report:

“The Committee was advised that Mr. and Mrs Maguire had been Investigated by the department in 1990. The situation in 1990 arose from complaints made by staff, and the action taken by Mr. A. Skinner at that time was to move Mr. and Mrs. Maguire out of the residential home on the basis of the complaints received. The evidence available in 1999 was different to that which had been heard by Mr. Skinner at a hearing in 1990, as more information had become available over time as the children who had been resident in the home reached adulthood and made information available. (emphasis added.)End of minute.

So, let’s understand fully what the Committee were being told here.

And it was – and remains – appaling sophistry; not quite brazen lies – but dishonest dissembling.

It is first claimed that “more information had become available” than that which was available to Skinner in 1990.

Essentially, the Committee are led to believe that merely some minor issues concerning the Maguires’ conduct were known to Skinner back in 1990. Who knows? – Perhaps just having an ‘old-fashioned attitude’?

Because – if all that had occurred was the acceptance of the voluntary retirement of Mrs. Maguire from running the group-home – and for her to be re-deployed elsewhere in the organisation – continuing to be employed in a social services environment – what conclusion would be reached – other than that merely some very trivial issues had arisen back then in 1990?

But – what was Skinner’s true state of knowledge back in 1990?

The evidenced answer to that question is to be found in the Dylan Southern report.

The report which was withheld from the Committee in 1999; indeed, the report that the Committee were not even told existed.

The Committee minute records Jennings as stating that, more information had “become available” since 1999 – and thus, by implication – no blame could be attached to Skinner for not acting appropriately in 1990.

So – that is what the Committee were told.

What – by way of contrast – does the concealed Dylan Southern report in fact say of Skinner’s state of knowledge?

Let me quote a few key passages:

“Paragraph 4.5:

Having received Mrs Ingles’ report Mr. A Skinner and Mr. Geoff Spencer arranged to see both Mrs Doyle and Ms. O’Hara. This meeting occurred on the 27th April 1990. The record of the meeting between Ms. O’Hara, Mrs’ Doyle, Mr. G. Spencer and Mr. A. Skinner is enclosed as appendix 4.

“Paragraph 4.6:

In summary this record matches the report made by Ms. Dorothy Ingles and outlines instances of psychological and physical abuse to named and unnamed children.”

The Dylan Southern report goes on to inform us, when speaking of abuses which involved ramming soap into children’s’ mouths and making them drink Dettol:

“Paragraph 4.9, sub-paragraphs (b) and (c):

(b) The Maguires admitted it had been employed by them to Mr. Skinner (appendix 5). (emphasis added).

(c) Mrs Doyle and Ms. O’Hara reported this kind of punishment to Mr. Skinner and Mr. Spencer. (appendix 4).” (emphasis added)

So, to distil the essential features of this episode.

The Maguires were abusing children in a variety of appaling ways throughout much of the 1980’s.

Skinner and Spencer – eventually – investigated the complaints. This after having failed to act for some years.

They failed to report the conduct to the police.

They even failed to take any appropriate disciplinary action.

Most sickeningly and unforgivably – they allowed a young, vulnerable child to remain in the “care” of the Maguires for a further two years after 1990.

Skinner & Spencer committed this gross dereliction of duty – notwithstanding the factual evidence which was known to them at the time of 1990 – as the above quotes from the Southern report show.

Notwithstanding the efforts of Skinner, Spencer and the rest of the senior management of Social Services to bury the issue – the Police get hold of it – by accident – 8 years later.

The Jersey establishment – exhibiting its customary distaste for a scandal – made sure that the efforts of the Police in 1998 came to nought.

The Southern Report is commissioned by the then Chief Executive of Health & Social Services (probably expecting the “expected” whitewash; unfortunately for him, the report states some of the key facts.)

He then withholds the existence of that report from the Committee, instead delivering a perfunctory ‘oral’ report – two-and-a-half months later.

At a meeting at which Skinner is present.

As was one James Le Feuvre – Director of General and Acute Services – and son of one Iris Le Feuvre who, in 1990, was the President of the then Education Committee, the public authority for child-protection at that time – and in 2007 – until I sacked her – Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee. I sacked her when I discovered the truth of the conduct of Jane and Alan Maguire  – and read in the files of Iris Le Feuvre’s 1990 cover-up, and  disgusting letter of “thanks” to the Maguires.

And in 1999, Jennings lies to the Committee concerning the state of Skinner’s knowledge back in 1990.

As I said – a particularly powerful and highly relevant example of the Jersey “culture of concealment” – displayed in all its nauseating immorality and sophistry.

The withholding of crucial information, dissembling – and out-right lies.

But – you ask – did all this horrifying ethical bankruptcy, moral turpitude and decadence within the senior reaches of Social Services end in 1999?

Sadly, no.

In following up the story concerning the Committee minute last Friday evening, Channel Television – passively and without challenge – quoted Jersey Social Services as asserting the same lie – namely that Skinner’s failure to act in 1990 was “justifiable given the then state of knowledge”.

We know from the Southern report that such assertions are yet more of the shameless lies churned out by Social Services and people like Marnie Baudians.

Such practices are not – as the Jersey establishment would have you believe – some distant relict of the past.

Instead – they are displayed in all their revolting horror as recently as last Friday.

So – what actions will the two relevant politicians take?

They being Senator Ben Sheton, the Minister, and his Assistant Minister, Jimmy Perchard.

Will they – having had the great advantage of having the issues investigated and explained for them – take the necessary action?

Will they – in May 2008 – knowing what we all know now – be content to allow the culture of concealment to continue – as it did last Friday?

Let us see.

The time has come for these two men to decide whose side they are on.

The people of this community?

Or an entrenched claque of self-serving, over-paid, lying, incompetent and dangerous civil servants?

Watch this space.


Health & Social Services Committee Minute, May 1999.

AHH/TN/134 536.


(18th Meeting)

5th May 1999.

All members were present, with the exception of the President,
from whom apologies had been received.

In attendance –

G.E. Jennings, Chief Executive
A. Skinner, Director of Community and Social Services
Dr. C.R. Grainger, Medical Officer of Health
Mrs. A. Homer, Director of Finance and Information
Mrs. A.H. Harris, Committee Clerk.

Present for a time –

M. Le Fèvre, Director of Estates
R. Bass, Personnel Manager
M. Entwistle, Strategic Planning and Legislation Manager
J. Le Feuvre, Director of General and Acute Services.

Minutes 1. The Minutes of the Meetings held on 27th January, 3rd
March, and 7th and 13th April 1999, having been previously
circulated, were taken as read and were confirmed.

ITEM 13.

Strictly Confidential. 13.


Staff: Disciplinary Hearing.

The Committee received an oral report from the Chief
Executive Officer regarding the findings of a discplinary
hearing to consider the position of a Residential Child Care
Officer, Mrs. J. Maguire.

The Committee noted that the complaints against Mr. A. and
Mrs J. Maguire had been the subject of a police investigation.

1 however, the Attorney General had decided not to proceed with a Royal Court case as this was not in the public interest. The Committee then instigated an investigation into Mrs. J. Maguire (Mr. A. Maguire followed his own occupation) in
relation to events in a residential home.

The Committee noted that it been found that there was a case to answer, and Mrs. Maguire had been called before a disciplinary hearing, where she was accompanied by her lawyer. The hearing found that Mrs. Maguire’s behaviour amounted to gross professional misconduct and it was accordingly decided that the department no longer had confidence in Mrs. Maguire and would recommend to the Committee that she be dismissed. The Committee noted, however, that in the meantime Mrs. Maguire had tendered her resignation.

The Committee was advised that Mr. and Mrs Maguire had been investigated by the department in 1990. The situation in 1990 arose from complaints made by staff, and the action taken by Mr. A. Skinner at that time was to move Mr. and Mrs. Maguire out of the residential home on the basis of the complaints received. The evidence available in 1999 was different to that which had been heard by Mr. Skinner at a hearing in 1990, as more information had become available over time as the children who had been resident in the home reached adulthood and made information available.

The Committee noted the position.”

End of relevant minute.


  1. Dan

    There is a display in the Jersey War Tunnels which shows a painting of a child’s face and a sign next to it which reads:

    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

    Must have been there some years now.

  2. Helen

    Yes it is time to take sides!! These people can not carry on feeding us packs of lies I have emailed Mr Shenton asking what he is going to do… Lets see!

  3. Anonymous


    This is all very unsettling.
    We have the information in regard to the Maguires and Anton Skinner’s behaviour.
    We have the Times report indicating that the suicide of young people was accepted without too many questions being asked.

    The involvement of lawyers “acting” for children.

    The Chief Officer of Health manipulating information and withholding a report. Is this the same officer who stopped exhumations following deaths on a hospital ward?
    Is not in the public interest for the public to know that a maverick nurse had been employed in the hospital? The Royal Court found the nurse guilty of theft. The public will be reassured to know that the nurse was allowed to resign rather than be disciplined. The nurse is still registered an able to practise.
    Public safety doesn’t ever seem to be a priority.

    Officers in social services continually failing to act to protect children. Their only action a biazarre mechanisms to deal with complaints of abuse. Isn’t this an example of duress? There isn’t a problem because we say so and we don’t believe you.
    Has Danny Wherry any training in investigations of this nature.

    Is James Le Feuvre who was at the Committee meeting any relation to Iris Le Feuvre? Is there a conflict of interest there?

    Last year you were criticised by the unions for your behaviour to civil servants. These organisations of free speech and workers’ rights. How many union officials are entangled in these events? Were the Maguires part of a union?

    Stones are now being unturned but still little changes.

    People are named but I don’t see anybody given marching orders.

    Justice needs to be available for the victims of these grim events.
    Many officers have alot to lose but they have helped to steal childhoods and this needs to be addressed.

    What are the solutions to this issue? The whole of the Island’s public service seems to be involved. How on earth are we going to set things right?

  4. Anonymous

    Morning Stuart,

    Good work.

    So, we know the few self-serving half-wits that truly run our Bailiwick are rotten to the core.

    Recognising that they also have much control over how we collectively go about our daily lives & exert undue influence over the socioeconomic direction the Island is taking.

    How can we overhaul our government?

    Pitchforks & cudgels to the Royal Square?

  5. Anonymous

    What an absolute outrage and all too familiar chain of events enployed by our disgracefull goverment.

    What is very interesting is the Ballaiche and Labbesse law firm. They were appointed to me through legal aid concerning a complaint I was making about a certain minister who’s responsible for the welfare of our children.

    The complaint I was making invovled possible cover up and corruption involving him and his department.

    It wasn’t long before I realised my appointed lawyer was not acting in my best interests and more importantly my childs.

    As ludicrous as it may sound I believed my lawyer was doing more for the minister and his department than he/she was doing for me.

    It is all making sense now Ballaiche and Labbesse had a conflict of interest and were protecting the oligarchy.

    This island is rotten to the core and thanks to your blogs I am learning all these ludicrous possibly paranoid notions are actually fact.

    Sorry I can’t ellaborate more but the States of Jersey, for the time being have me gagged.

    Keep up the good work it really is priceless.

  6. Anonymous


    This is the kind of investigative reporting that the JEP should be reporting. Of course it never will. Your account makes devastating reading, and accurately reflects how the civil service operates. I remember being told of a conversation with Grahamm Jennings where he said his job was to “protect” the politicians from what was really going on. The McGuire case is only one of many cover ups and scandals that persist to this day. But you are absolutely correct that the senior civil servants – although incompetent in the jobs they are employed to do – are adept and masters at concealment, leaving no trail. I think the term is “Teflon coated”

    Your blog is the most informative forum on this island because you allow the facts to come out, and allow the public for the first time to be aware of how Jersey really operates. Keep up the good work. There are other issues that need exploiting, hopefully you will in time be able to to expose these, equally appalling crimes, because crimes they are.

    I fully support your challenge to Shenton and Perchard, the latter has all but moved into Social Services and has become like one of the staff. What he doesn’t realise perhaps is that he, like the abused children, is being groomed. I hope he wakes up to the reality of what they are doing before it’s too late.

  7. Anonymous

    Free speech in Jersey

    The Jersey Evening Post could start the process by withdrawing the last paragraph of its editorial 19th May 1945 which not only condemned informers and collaborators during the occupation, but also stated that

    “Better known residents, whose subversive activities against our own authorities is another shameful story and deserving of the strongest condemnation”.

    A direct statement condeming (Norman Le Brocq and others) of the Islands, small but honourable Resistance movements attacks on the Authorities for implementing German rule during Nazi occupation

    Norman Le Brocq was systmatically harrassed, denied work for daring to stand up to injustice on Jersey

    all the best to those fighting today against power and injustice on Jersey

    To quote Norman Le Brocq “Let the spotlight shine on Jersey ”.


  8. Anonymous

    “The involvement of lawyers “acting” for children”

    It is still going on! I can’t tell you what I am going through right now, except in general terms, but I can tell you that in the secret family courts children are appointed lawyers from a list. The parent has no choice at all over this lawyer, neither does the child. Lawyers who are supposed to be acting for the child often never even meet that child. I know someone whose child has had a lawyer representing them for 18 months yet the child has never met the lawyer, despite expressing a wish to do so.

    What happened at Haut de la Garenne is now happening under the cloak of the secret family courts. PLEASE listen, don’t let it be another 20 years before you realise that Zoompad was telling the truth, please hear me and stop the abuse that is happening right now, we have to stop the abuse that is happening right now!


  9. TonyB

    James Le Feuvre is one of Iris Le Feuvre’s sons. I think he’s now at the Highlands “administrative empire”. He is also chief commissioner for scouts in Jersey.

    I believe Danny Wherry used to be a policeman. Had he ever received any training in child care? Or is it another Joe Kennedy situation, of someone unqualified importedt o look after child protection?

  10. Anonymous

    On ‘Inside Out’ didn’t it say the Maguire had terminal cancer and that’s why the prosecution was dropped? If true, funny how he is still polluting our planet!

  11. David Rotherham

    Last year, I was sharply critical of your failure to deal with these issues, on another website.
    Now that the full picture of what you were up against is being revealed, I withdraw and apologise for my comments, which were rooted in the assumption that the power structures in our Civil Service would be correctly functional.
    Instead, I have come to share your disgust at what has been made known, and to admire your tenacious
    fight against the mandarins.

  12. Anonymous

    With all the evidence of recent cover ups surfacing, is it too much of at least one of the trusted and elected members to take some action. The silence from the Senate is staggering!

    I feel that you Stuart should be reinstated as Health Minister however intolerable that would be to his opposers. At the very least he should be exonerated and praised for his recent action to protect children of the island .

    Senators Shenton and Perchard, in particular, I look to you to prove that you are men of integrity. Lodge a proposition to exonerate Stuart at the very least.

  13. Jim browne

    Just Sent this to the Rag, I think we should all show our feelings about this paper.

    Dear Editor.

    Do you know not think that it is about time you starting telling THE TRUTH of what is or happened on your Island, and start to support Senator Stuart Syvret in the actions he is taking to bring this child abuse to the public domain.

    You should be ashamed for the non truths you are printing in that so called ‘Rag’ of yours and support the people who have been abused on your Island for many years. You should be printing stories about the people who stood up for the truth only to be sacked from their jobs, you shoulsd be telling the truth about the whole history of the McGuire case and NOT just skirt over the top of it.

    Where is the story of the Islands Bent Lawyers who will not fight on behalf of the victims, ‘Not Enough Evidence’ my backside. over 100 victims of YOUR Islands abused and you are trying to cover it up. No chance its now in the public domain where it will stay until the truth comes out.

    Leave Lenny Harper to get on with his job, allow him to bring out the crooks and lairs in your Government, including the reporters whom will not print the full untold story.

    If you can’t tell the truth to the public about cover up, you should now start thinking of packing up your printing machines and going elsewhere and allowing a proper newspaper tell the news.

    I’m sure you will forgive me for standing up for what I believe in, and that is the truth, and newspapers that only print the truth and NOT what they are ordered to do.

    Jim Browne

  14. Anonymous

    This dreadful situation keeps getting worse.
    Has anyone else,noticed the recent public announcements in the Rag from Health civil servants in relation to Nurse suspensions ?Could this sudden revelation of “transparency” be a direct result of your recent comments here on your blog?
    Another forum reader mentioned that there was a lot of activity going on with Anton skinner and Mike Pollard covering their web and trails of deceit.
    Keep up the excellent work.Must be a great strain on you,but please believe that others are out there spreading the word and doing what they can to bring justice for the victims and to find out the truth about these shameful activities from our Civil servants and the Establishment.
    Can and or will the case of the Maguires ever be reopened to bring the whole dispicable business to light once and for all ???

  15. Anonymous

    I’ve had a great idea, thanks to Jim’s letter!

    Seeing as to how that useless paper won’t print the truth, what about all the abuse victims getting together and donating some cash to get a publication started?

    I don’t know how much it would cost, but surely we could get some sponsors, I am sure we could raise some money to do this.

    I think people from the mainland would also chip in, because if what is happening in Jersey was exposed all the other dreadful abuses on the mainland would start tumbling out as well! It’s all connected, you know.


  16. Advocatus Diaboli

    Hello Stuart, hope you are well.

    It seems that the rats are squeaking in the bilges ;-). That minute damns them and exonerates you and the rest of the committee by demonstrating everything you have stated ever since you realised your role was to be a dupe. Clearly they weren’t able to grasp that you meant what you said until it was too late.

    I hope that the rats’ next move is to leave the sinking ship and start slinging mud at each other.

    Know any good mainland QC’s?

  17. Anonymous

    As one of your posts stated
    The JEP editorial condemed Norman Le Brocq
    condemned informers and collaborators during the occupation

    However the collaborators and informers fared better than poor old Norman

    not one was ever charged for war crimes

    not one

    to the shame of Jersey

    Dont let it happen again


  18. Anonymous

    Know any states members with integrity? – or are they all in it for their own ends…. thats the way it appears.

    stand up and be counted.

  19. Anonymous

    I have to ask ‘what will hedly le maistre think of all this’.

    I will be disappointed if he does not think it is an outrage, in fact more than an outrage than GST, Hedley, over to you,

  20. Anonymous


    After reading your recent blogs and from the story unfolding it is clear that there are people in Jersey who are and have been denied access to justice.

    This barrier has been constructed by the very people who are paid to be resposible for children.

    How is this tolerated? Sadly the information you post suggests that there is a determined movement to conceal. The most chilling aspects I have read is the Sharp report, specifically Francis Hamon’s decision to keep quiet when confronted with child abuse.

    It really is awful and even more disturbing is that it seems that you haven’t finished with your revelations.

    All of this shows how amoral thinking becomes normal to a culture which can flourish without checks and balances.

    You were accused of having mental health problems last year, that manager owes you an apology but you will not receive one.

    The current health minister and his assistant have been remarkably quiet in recent weeks.

    Minister Shenton has distinguished himself by ridiculing the lead police officer. Given this serious lack of judgement why is this man still in office?

  21. Anonymous


    It will be very interesting to see whether the rag will print Jim’s letter, somehow I doubt it.

    Interesting coincidence that in tonights rag, Frank Walker is reported as saying that Jersey is less secretive than lots of other places. What planet does this man inhabit? Perhaps we may be a little more open than North Korea (though it’s a close call) but to try to convince us that the government here is less secret than the UK is ridiculous.

    He sits at the head of a government (though in reality it performs to below the standard of a Parish Council) that refuses to pass a freedom of information law, elects its chief minister by secret ballot and from your account earlier today condones senior civil servants concealing serious crime from elected representatives.

    How deluded can he be?

  22. Anonymous

    Re: the McGuires

    Whenever I hear that a woman is also involved I wonder a bit more along the chain as often the joint abuse is worse. However, my reason for this posting is to wonder if some of these kids were rented out? If true, maybe the McGuires will have a little more power/influence if some of the users were part of your oligarchy. It occurs in the UK so why not in Jersey? The abused usually dont tell because, paradoxically, they erroneously think it was their fault. Just a thought, Stuart, as you may have heard whisperings?

  23. Anonymous

    Stuart, as you know this story was well covered by the Panorama programme. It’s clear that Skinner knew that the children were being physically and mentally abused by the Maguires in 1990. Indeed the Ms Ingles mentioned in the Southern report has confirmed that she and others challenged Skinner’s decision to give Jane Maguire another job in a staff meeting; Skinner apparently reacted very badly to having his authority challenged and made it clear that he would not be changing his mind.
    Another member of staff told me that Skinner was “furious” that his authority was challenged. Furious indeed! Nothing compared to the fury felt by MS.X, the child who spent two years suffering at the hands of the Maguires, after Skinner et al KNEW they were abusers.
    She has been betrayed – the JEP should be featuring HER story and calling for Skinner’s head – is he still on the board of Silkworth Lodge, still in charge of Jersey’s mental health charity – SHAME, SHAME ON YOU.
    I agree that Jenning’s dissembling to the committee, far from tarring you, Stuart, with the same brush, makes it very clear that the senior civil servants in the Education/H&SS departments colluded to protect themselves and their own.

    Shenton – what are you going to do?

  24. jim browne

    Well shucks and horror, would you believe that the JEP NEVER mailed me back, not even thanks Jim for giving us advice on how to do proper reporting. I can see them all now in the boardroom throwing darts at a picture of me.

    I’ll tell you what, the truth must hurt them, I’m sure they read this blog, Cretins the lot of them who can’t work out the truth from the lies. Can’t they tell us the whole truth about the behaviour of the Maguires and Anton Skinner, or are they working on their new advert for the holiday period, Come visit the lovely Island of Jersey, bring the family, bring the kids, our medical care is the best in the UK as long as you don’t get too sick.
    Visit our wonderful beach, but don’t play in the sand.

    Visit the Maguires bed and breakfast, child minding included, see the differance in your kids in one week. Our crime levels are on an all time low, as its only the Government who committ crimes, but thats perks of their job.

    I think its about time we ALL mailed the JEP to tell them our discust in their actions, fill their ‘In Box’ with mail, tell them how you feel here on the mainland, tell them how we support Stuart in every move that he makes to bring out the truth and not what they the JEP want to feed us, we may look stupid but take it from me, some of us have been fighting for Justice for years and once we get our teeth in we won’t let go.

    Keep up the work Stuart

  25. Res nullius

    Danny Wherry is a former police officer.

    That, in my view, makes it worse. He will have known exactly what was going on through his former colleagues, with which I know he had regular contact with. He has experience in investigations, and will have some knowledge of the laws of evidence.

    He cannot sit back and legitimately claim to have been ignorant of the facts or the process.

  26. Anonymous


    It beggars belief how many abuses have existed and for so long. To me, it indicates that there must have been a high level conspiracy to ensure they escape any sort of exposure, or action.

    To comment on items on other posts:

    1) Legals, solicitors etc.

    People should find out if anyone acting is a Freemason. Ask if need be. This needs to be established before approaching anyone for help too.

    Engage a solicitor who is a mason and they will act on behalf of their brothers if necessary. The client will be fooled into thinking they are acting for them but the reality is the reverse will occur should they risk any danger of a brother being “damaged” by the action.

    2) DIY publications, Zoompad suggested this. The only way that news, truth, will be distributed to others and a wider population.

    These are simple to do on computer, just print off and hand round. In campaigns against the masons, we have found that no newspaper will print stories and DIY is the only way of getting these into the wider domain.

    Someone did a leaflet titled, “Paedophile Freemasons run the Vulnerable Persons Unit at Reigate Police”. That is another story but he distributed them round to great effect.

    See also and
    These sites set up by another campaigner.

    3) Mainland QC.

    Has anyone approached Michael Mansfield?

    Also, the likes of Birnberg and co and Bindmans. These are Human Rights specialists.

    Mason Buster

  27. Res nullius

    “Crown Officers were recently excluded from the complaints and disciplinary procedures of the Jersey Law Society.”

    Unfortunately legislation appears to go through on the nod without any scrutiny or questions. See for instance the recent draft law, currently awaiting the Queen’s stamp, which will effectivly remove the 800 year old right to a trial by jury under many circumstances. (recent letter to the rag from a local lawyer)

    Not a single question asked in Chambers and the law was approved!

  28. Anonymous


    Editorial in the rag tonight is bleating on about the “many perplexing lies which continue to be told about us in the national and international press”. Typical bloody JEP, everybody else is wrong and we are right – poor us being misrepresented. Wake up Chris Bright, your journalistic friends in the rest of the world can’t all be wrong, look to yourselves, ask the important questions and start to make reparations, perhaps then you can salvage some professional credibility.

    To begin with you should apologise to Stuart Syvret for the appalling way you have misrepresented and vilified him and then start to undertake some real investigative journalism. Perhaps then the ‘national and international press’ will give you some credit. Until then forget it, you are just a puppet of the corrupt establishment and everyone here and elsewhere knows it.

    I would have sent this as a letter to the JEP, but I didn’t for two reasons, firstly they wouldn’t print it and secondly they would probably send my details to Frank Walker and others so that I would be yet another marked man in Jersey.

    Keep up the good work Stuart, at least there is now an alternative to the JEP and somewhere safe to express our frustrations and concerns. You are providing an invaluable service to the island.

  29. Anonymous

    Love the last poster, I wonder if the email I sent to them has hit them a wee bit hard, it may not be my mail, but at least we are all getting to them.

    They are the liars and people who cover up the news, not us, we tell the truth the way the truth should be told, in the Raw. Are they now running away looking for excuses, have they all gone to confession to confess their sins, lets hit them where it hurts until they start printing the truth, hit every survivors website telling them whats going on in Jersey, as said before ‘There are more of us than them and we are Survivors’

    Jim Browne

  30. Anonymous

    Walker defends ‘secret’ agenda

    By Harry McRandle

    JERSEY’S government is less secret than many others elsewhere, says Chief Minister Frank Walker.

    The Senator spoke out to defend the approach adopted by the Council of Ministers in discussing matters in private session – of the 12 items on tomorrow’s order paper, ten are on the part ‘B’, or secret agenda.

    Senator Walker argued that the Council’s approach actually protects the public interest in many instances.

    ‘We never keep things secret any longer than we have to,’ said the Senator.

    ‘I know there is a perception that we work behind closed doors too much.

    ‘However, the press and public have much more open access to government information in Jersey than in many other places, including the UK.’

  31. Anonymous

    That newsletter idea, we could start it ourselves!

    We could put it together every week in the form of a microsoft publisher panphlet, that way it wouldn’t cost too much to produce. Then, those of us who live in Jersey could distribute it in doctors and dentist surgerys, town halls, shop foyers, librarys and other public places.

    Lets do it!


  32. Anonymous

    These Plutocrats who rule or attain power through wealth or by having wealthy influential friends in high places don’t seem too be capable of ever learning just the basic understanding what democracy means.

    ‘We never keep things secret any longer than we have to,’

    Hang on a second just what reason would you need to keep secret of any kind at any time that the public should be told about?

    Why does Feckless Frank think that it is somehow ok to keeps secret some of the most appalling cases of abuse likened to that of Auschwitz or Treblinka?

    Some of the stories rising through the ether could be read in evidence given at the Nuremburg trial after the Second World War at a time of prosperity for the Jersey Zeitung. When the printers ran hot with Nazi propaganda I suppose they will say this was under sufferance but we all know better.

    Start up some new websites: dedicated to jersey abuse victims stories and videos and a full forum specifically for the victims. Charities could provide lap tops and connections for the victims to get what they want to say out of the clutches of the oligarchs.

    Keep up your fight against some of the densest ignoramuses I have ever had the displeasure of hearing about.

  33. Anonymous


    Perhaps in Anton Skinner’s defence and to paraphase the bailiff:

    “not much was known about the effect of abuse in the early

    I’m sure his priority was the protection of children. The effect of given evidence in court would be worse than having your arm broken, being subjected to prolonged and sustained threats of physical assault.

    The Maguires have never been prosecuted, isn’t it time that this is rectified?

    Skinner and his chums also need to be dealt with.

    Jennings is the former chief officer at health. This means he is retired. The Jersey way is to give a golden handshake and a voluntary role which will provide a path to an OBE or an MBE.
    So what charity is he now working for – let’s hope it isn’t the Jersey branch of Save the Children?

  34. Sigmund Fraud

    “Not much was known about the effect of abuse in the early 1990’s”

    What kind of crap is this? Children have been abused consistently since the dawn of time.

    What the Bailiff means is that because we all ignore the abuses that occur then we can claim that nothing is known about it. Because of the stigma attached to victims of sexual abuse victims do not rush forward for many years and indeed decades, Fact!!!

    The reasons for this are so simple that even the oligarchs could get their grey matter around it.

    It’s as a direct result of the behaviour of people like Skinner, Walker and Philip Martin Bailhache that these events are now giving Jersey the reputation for being like the island out of the wicker man instead of a beautiful paradise where you can take your kids on holiday and know they will be safe.

    This will never happen again as every person who I have met or spoke to share the same opinion about Jersey and its people and I don’t mean the ordinary folk…

    People may have been an ill fitting word and perhaps I should say it for what it is spineless, degenerate, animals that see use and abuse as the same thing and use both at will.

    Then when they are in the sights of media they run around hoping to create a confusion to hide behind, blaming everyone but themselves, shooting the messengers.

    No more Mr Walker No more pip old bean.

    Your kind is an ancient cancer that has riddled society for long enough with your palacious homes and opulent lifestyles.

    Decent people just can’t afford you any more you’re too much of a strain on the resources of the island.

    Time to go to prison, I dearly hope…but the powers that be will not let that happen so time to step down and have your assets frozen and investigated.

    Which is no more than would happen to a criminal who deals in drugs and organised crime, and if what has transpired in Jersey’s past is not Organised Crime I don’t no what is…

  35. Anonymous

    As the dust settle over the tranquil landscape that Jersey used to be known for underneath the smokescreens and in kitchen’s public houses and amongst the spring flowered dresses of the women shopping in the sunshine.

    A bleak cloud does approach, a cloud so dense in its construct that rain looks to be coming across the land with an ominous foreboding, bringing with it a sense of deep shame and a moral crossroad.

    This is the time for change. Not just a reshuffle or bottom to top of the current system, but a complete overhaul of the civil service, their leaders and the media that perpetuate the veil of secrecy, however innocuous those secrets are judged to be, by those whom have the most to loose incidentally.

    Jersey is a rich place where powerful people play at being god, as the ultimate of power corrupts ultimately.

    People who look down on the poor and impoverished in the communities of Jersey when they are the very people who have supped at the trough for decades sucking the wealth in with relish, sick bastards who get onto a board of directors of a children’s homes with the soul purpose of abusing the children, their positions and the trust those on the have looked to them for good judgement, honour and respectability and of course Culpability for errors made and or crimes committed.

    The betrayal of a serving Senator, the sacking of one of the most conscientious social workers I have heard of and I went through the care system here in the UK.

    Shooting the messenger is only every done when the intended recipient of the message is mighty pissed off with those who send the message for some reason!!!

    That reason is so simple that the obvious complexities of the investigations into the recent events have somehow blurred the edges of everything.

    The media frenzy and inaccuracies flowing from the world highly speculative press, have taken people down many pathways to nowhere or to some conspiratorial theory, it won’t be long before we have lizard people everywhere and Bin Laden lives in St Helens next door to Elvis.

    Let us please stay focused. It is as plain as the nose on your feckless Nazi looking face you pretender to the thrown of a real man, all you need is a twat hat with a stitched down peak and your there.

    I hope those black eyes of yours are looking at the inside of a prison very soon along with the other excrement of Satan you did spawn from.

  36. Nick Cockayne

    What disgusts me about this entire affair is the blatant concealment and coercion that has gone on to keep child abuse a secret. I was a student at Victoria College from 1991-1998 and I know all too well the Jervis-Dykes story. Fortunately, I was not in the Navy section under the “tutelage” of Baker and Jervis Dykes. What hasnt been mentioned in the media at all is that it was a pretty much open secret around Victoria College what was going on on those trips. People used to laugh about Jervis-Dykes in the morning giving boys a lift to school in his Maserati. Everyone knew he was a paedophile it was obvious, this isnt a case of being wise after the event. I just cannot believe none of it was taken seriously by the teachers and people in authority. We never grasped quite why Hydes and Baker were sacked at the time. Now we know. Disgusting. If half the students at the school had figured it out after five minutes, then what was going on in the minds of the upper echelons? I have an utter loathing now for Piers Baker. Its incomprehensible the warped mind of someone who could watch those videos and remark on it that it was “teachers perks”. This entire government needs to be brought down as it is clear something is wrong and corrupt within the system.

  37. Anonymous

    Sorry I digress from the blog’s real thread of child abuse and cover up etc but the last comment posted by an ex H&SS manager now on the mainland crystalises pretty well the rot in the civil service and how the genuine ‘good’ staff have no chance against the politically steered corrupt senior management. Unfortunately what he says applies across the board to many other departments, just change the names. I left because I was so disullusioned at all the nasty, back-stabbing, underhand and devious practice that went on and that public funds could be spent on paying the staff members perpetuating such horrendous behaviour such extortionate salaries. I was not the only one by far who felt the same but for many I appreciate it is perhaps essential to keep one’s job and pension and keep your head down and keep quiet. Maybe Stuart we need another blog thread running on ‘tales of the civil service you never knew’ (and maybe wished you never had by the time you find out some of the horrendous scenarios). Ex and current civil servants could shed light on various goings-on bearing in mind libel law! The whistleblower policy is a waste of space. Go there and lose your job and any future promotion. However much they tell you it’s ‘safe’, how can it be when it is administered by scheisters? Who is there to talk to in the civil service when you know shit happens at the highest level, who are you going to go to – Bill Ogley? The head of HR? One of the politicians? Suicide. So it’s leave or put up. It’s like a rotten apple. Stuart, you don’t know the half of it. That’s why those of us who have seen cover up first hand SO know what’s led to this appalling state of affairs and why it is so sad that apart from you seemingly – well which other politicians have even come out in support of the point you are making about the oligarchy – no one else wants to root out the corruption.

  38. Anonymous

    here here to the last two comments on this section of the blog Stuart.

    It is imperative that the island is enlightened as to those in a position of power who should never be there.

    It is apparent that the culture within H&SS is one of deceit. Surely there should be a formal investigation?

    I urge staff, past and present to come forward and tell the true story of life in H&SS.

  39. Anonymous

    A previous poster mentions Lynne Swiatczak as being one of the few senior managers in H&SS who tried to turn the service around.

    She was, of course, sacked for such egregious behaviour following a remarkably spiteful campaign against her by an unholy alliance of consultants, senior managers and union representatives – all of whom resented being called to account for their crap performance.

    Readers might like to know that the very same Lynne Swiatczak is now the very highly regarded chief executive of a major health authority in the UK. Since she has been in post, she has turned this authority around from a failing organisation to one of the best performing trusts in the country.

    We, on the other hand, have Mike Pollard.

  40. Anonymous

    A previous post asked what life is like in the hospital.

    It’s a world class service of course.

    You only have to look at the evidence.

  41. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Lynne

    Yes – Christ what a bloody poisonous and awful scene that was.

    But how many times do we make decisions in our lives – which, when looked back upon – with the benefit of experience and knowledge – we can see were wrong?

    Lynne was treated foully – and I – I confess – was foolish and naive enough to be dragged along with it.

    Lynne – if you’re reading this blog – I’m sorry.

    You were done-over by “the system” – the very entrenched and ingrained culture of naked self-interest on the part of an entrenched oligarchy that I too – perhaps with poetic justice – have been stamped upon by.

    By way of mitigation – I would say I’m just a carpenter – who happened to end-up in high political office. When faced with dozens of barracking medical consultants, lying civil servants, including a corruptly self-serving bastard of a chief officer – it’s very difficult to know how to respond.

    If one enjoys schadenfreude – we can console ourselves with the thought that all these corrupt clowns at the top of the dung-heap have finally destroyed themselves.

    They just don’t see it yet – but there’s no way back for them.


  42. Anonymous


    You have spoken at last about the sacking of Lynne Swiatczak. I am glad you are contrite

    Who were the medics who orchestrated a campaign against her. Do not let them off the hook.

    Provide the full facts on your blog and let the island know.

  43. Anonymous

    Interesting reading Stuart – many things are coming out on your blog.

    I agree with previous bloggers that the intention is not to detract from the real issue/reason for the blog – the terrible child abuse that has been allowed to happen within the services that are supposed to protect those most vulnerable.

    However, as your contributors have shown, it appears to be down to a culture of lies deceit and incompetence with H&SS. It is obvious that H&SS has been corrupt to the core for many years – you having been lied to by many senior officers within the system.

    If this can be proved, and I think that there is enough evidence to support this, then suspension of all those involved should be made immediately. Who has the power to action this Stuart? Surely you as a Senator can table this?

    If there is nothing to hide I am sure that Mr Pollard would welcome this suggestion with open arms…….and show what a first class service he is steering. However I would suggest that he has no involement in selecting a review panel……..perhaps that honour should go to Lynne Swiatczak? Perhaps she would be able to undertake the review herself….WOW that would be something and gosh I think that we would see many people sweating, possibly even jumping ship at the very thought of it……even “jersey beans” working within the system…..I am sure that they know who they are. I wonder how they sleep soundly at night? I guess they do as they have no conscience afterall.

    On a separate note – wasn’t Iris Le Feuvre given a UK honour recently? The only reason I ask is that I wondered if she has relinquished this?

    Should she have accepted this knowing what she had happened in services she had responsibility for? I guess no-one has informed the UK of her possible knowledge of this scandal – I would imagine that she would be stripped of this honour.

    I also wonder how her son managed to obtain a position of such seniority within H&SS with little, if any, H&SS experience under his belt?

    I believe that this is a common thing within the service.

    I understand the wife of Mike Pollard secured a job shortly after arriving on the island in HR….hm.

    I also understand that the “partner” of the Rosemary Naylor was given a job within H&SS without any experience what-so-ever…..interesting when I believe that the husband of Lynne Swiatczak did not secure a job on the island despite having more than suffient experience and knowledge of the service being advertised. However, this should not have come as a surprise to Lynne (or John) as this was at the time the bastards (Mr Pollard and cronies) were planning Lynnes downfall.

    Now there is justice…….not!

    Keep up the fantastic work Stuart – you have many many people behind you.

  44. Anonymous


    H&SS is a large public funded organisation attracting significant amounts of the tax payers’ money. So what are the checks and balances to prevent the corruption alleged on this blog.

    Ideally transparency measures and greater financial accountability can help minimise the risk of corruption.

    But it is difficult to have transparency if you don’t have systems for monitoring for irregularities. There is a need for an antifraud service in Jersey.

    In the UK the NHS Counter Fraud Service (CFS) was created in 1998 with overall responsibility to
    protect the NHS and its resources from fraud and corruption.

    Perhaps this will help restore faith in H&SS and keep senir managers on their toes

  45. Anonymous


    Despite the publication of Bull Report, Anton Skinner (the man who led the disgraced service) was promoted acting chief officer.
    This meant before he took early retirement in 2004, his final salary pension would have benefited

    Can we have some details on this please?


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