A Threatening E-mail From the Cops

And my Considered Reply;

This is Getting Serious.

As readers of the previous posting will understand – a great deal of extremely serious events are taking place in the ever increasing Kafkaesque nightmare of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

Freshly recruited UK cops are out to smear Lenny Harper. So much so, they’re refusing to interview key witnesses who may supply testimony which thwarts their objective.

Some of these cops have – with the full support and encouragement of the Jersey oligarchy – mounted an unlawful coup against the incumbent Chief Constable of the States of Jersey Police Force, Graham Power – a man of impeccable record and an outstanding professional.

In a manifestly illegal and overtly political manoeuvre, Mr. Power has been “suspended” by Jersey politicians – who don’t like the historic child abuse enquiry – not one little bit.

This political intervention against the police occurring as though the Crown Dependency of Jersey were some south American banana republic.

The head of Jersey’s civil service – who facilitated the coup against Graham Power – is himself a key suspect in the perversion of the course of justice involved in attempting to conceal the criminally abusive use of coercive and punitive solitary confinement against vulnerable children in custody.

The “new management” of the States of Jersey Police Force have engaged in an overtly political spin-doctoring campaign – mounted in a feeble attempt to rubbish the HDLG investigation.

And I am being threatened with investigation and prosecution for handling leaked information.

UK readers will be familiar with the immense and current controversy surrounding the police raid on the offices of Damian Green, MP – who, it is alleged, may have committed misconduct in a public office – by receiving leaked information.

The action against Mr. Green is madness – and the fact that the raid included his office in the Palace of Westminster has – rightly – caused outrage amongst other MPs, of all parties.

Whilst it may seem an arcane subject to many people – a policing interference with one of your elected representatives is actually an assault upon your rights to be effectively represented.

If such practices were ever to be regarded as acceptable – your chosen politicians – regardless of which party you support – will find themselves fearful, circumspect and intimidated in discharging their duties to the public good; for example – when attempting to hold those in power to account and subject them to scrutiny.

The raid on Mr. Green’s Westminster office has – plainly – transgressed the sanctuary of parliamentary privilege.

Jersey politicians aren’t supplied with such facilities as offices – so I work from home.

Therefore the impending raid on my office won’t be deterred by any consideration of parliamentary privilege.

But the essential point remains – if your elected representatives can be threatened, molested and intimidated by the police – especially when such police intimidation is carried out at the behest of other politicians – your freedom – indeed, the very foundations of democracy – are put in jeopardy.

This fact being widely and instantly recognised by 90% of democratically minded people – Mr. Green is in the fortunate position of having the support of the massed, cross-party ranks of MP’s – and of 95% of the media. And rightly so.

But in my case – down here in the crypto-feudal oligarchic environment of Jersey politics – I cannot look to such powerful support.

But I do have some support – a load from the good people of Jersey – and from MPs – like John Hemming who spoke of me and my situation today in parliament.

The Jersey Establishment Party have at least three, key aims:

1: Intimidate and silence me.

2: Intimidate and frighten my constituents who whistle-blow to me.

3: Force me into revealing my sources.

1 and 3 of those objectives are simply unattainable. I don’t “do” intimidated.

And – without exaggeration – I would sooner be jailed than betray my sources.

My constituents need not, therefore, succumb to that second Jersey establishment objective. On the contrary – the Jersey oligarchy – in behaving in such ways – are displaying just how frightened, weak and desperate they are.

So – I face the very real prospect of raids on my home, arrest, questioning under caution, prosecution – and jail.

I will write a good deal more about these issues in the coming days.

This is a very grave and serious situation – so I want you to read very carefully the top-secret threatening e-mail from the police to me – which I reproduce below.

And then pay particular attention to my considered reply, which follows it.

Like I said – these are very serious times.



—–Original Message—–
From: Newman, Mark []
Sent: 03 December 2008 16:55
To: Stuart Syvret
Subject: Independent Investigation

Hi Stuart,

I am leaving the enquiry and returning to my UK Force tomorrow. I have been asked to pass onto you the following message from DCI NUNN of Sussex Police.

I am no longer going to be part of The Operation Rectangle Enquiry but should you wish to contact me my email back in force is [E-MAIL AND MOBILE DETAILS EXCISED]

Many Thanks


Mr Syvret, Having spoken with Mark, I have asked him to pass on this rather unusual introduction in the hope that we can establish a dialogue. A few weeks ago, I was asked by the Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) David Warcup to conduct an investigation on behalf of the States Of Jersey Police (SOJP). This is standard practice when there is a need to illustrate ‘independence’ in an investigation where the police themselves might be considered to have a ‘conflict of interests’.

The remit of my investigation was to establish how the report from the then DCO Lenny Harper dated the 29th June was disclosed and is now in the public domain. You are more than aware of that report as it appears on your Blog. Clearly, in publishing it, potentially you commit offences under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005 and these are the subject of a separate investigation by the Data Protection Commissioners Office. I want to speak with you as a witness.

In simple terms, I want to ask you about the circumstances in which you came into possession of that report. My favoured way of doing this [EMPHASIS ADDED] would be to meet you in person. Please can you let me know, either by E mail or using the mobile number below, whether you are prepared to meet me to discuss this further. Thanks in anticipation, Tim.

Detective Chief Inspector Tim Nunn Staff Officer to Deputy Chief Constable Giles York

[telephone number excised]


—–Original Message—–
From: Stuart Syvret []
Sent: Wednesday 03 December 2008 23:13
To: NunnTimothy CN800
Cc: Newman, Mark
Subject: RE: Independent Investigation

You’ll never take me alive, copper.

Senator Stuart Syvret
States of Jersey.


  1. Anonymous

    fantastic answer stuart couldn’t have put it any better keep up the fight for what is right. our constitution is broken in the uk and the european courts are begging for this to end up there…

  2. Anonymous

    I realise how bazarr and serious this is, but Stuart I cannot stop laughing at your reply. lol. Now have you barracaded the doors, the windows, more importantly got enough food supplies for the cat cos boy was I right the Key-Stone Kops are a coming.

  3. Adrian

    If there going to be fair and investigate everyone including other States members that have HANDLED leaked emails, memos etc, they’ll have to draught in most of the UK Police force.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr Syvret!!!!

    Have they deposed you of your office of elected representative!!!

    Surely you have the right to be called Senator Syvret

    Parliamentary priviledge is this dead and buried in Jersey

    I believe France is the best place to avoid the shortened arm of the law.

  5. Anonymous

    Still howling with laughter

    I type with tears of laughter rolling down my face. Think you may have upset somebody

    Do you have any suspects?

  6. Anonymous

    Stuart, just for you to read,

    Don’t let them frighten you.

    I was threatened with prison repeatedly over the seven years I went through the secret family courts – it is very intimidating and frightening, but they did not succeed in anything except exposing themselves as the most disgusting nastiest bullies anyone can imagine. I beat them Stuart, and they were ganging up on me, and you’re going to do the same, they will not win, it’s all bluster and gas!

    You have to just remember this – you have done nothing wrong. I just kept reminding myself that I had not only done nothing wrong, but neither would I be bullied into doing anything wrong.

    Be very polite and very co-operattive to these policemen. Don’t resist arrest, play their game. If you are arrested, I promise you there will be the biggest public outcry they have never wanted. It will be the very worst thing that they could do, if they are wanting to hush people up. Please Stuart – take down that last post about not taking you alive, and exchange it for a post that you want all of us to send all over the web – we will make sure you are just as famous as Damian Green!

    You have got far more support than you can imagine – I think you would be very surprised to know how many people are supporting you. Don’t let them intimidate you – stay calm, cool and collected – you were superb the day they tried to push you off your chair, because mardy sulk bum Frank Wa*ker didn’t want you sitting next to him – you are more than a match for any of these crooks. I know you’re not a Christian, but I am, and I’m asking all my Christian friends to pray for your protection – God will not let them harm a hair of your head.

  7. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    You wouldn’t be the first states member to break the data protection act Stuart, (Not that I am saying you have) so I wouldn’t worry about it as the penalty by past example is zilch, but then being as it is you I’d advise looking over your shoulder.

    It is disgusting just how far our banana republic will go to continue with the cover up.

    Take care, remember you have a lot of friends out there.

  8. Anonymous

    Message to the child abusers and those who have shielded them from the Bible:

    “It is not good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the innocent of justice”

    Zoompad (one of the Pindown survivors and rape survivor who has been deprived justice)

  9. Anonymous

    “But in my case – down here in the crypto-feudal oligarchic environment of Jersey politics – I cannot look to such powerful support.”

    Oh yes you can! You’ll have just as much support, possibly even more, because of what you have been trying to do, protecting the rights of children from abuse. Haut de la Garenne has outraged people – if you are arrested there will be pandamonium!


  10. Anonymous

    Brilliant response! By the way, “The Great Escape” is out on DVD and I am sure Santa will pop a copy in your Christmas stocking… if your good… perhaps it will come in useful!!

    They still do not realise that the more they try and intimidate you and shut you up, the more ridiculous THEY look, and the worse it is going to be for them!

    It is odd that they are coming at you re data protection issues yet they appear not to give a damn about their own failings regarding this matter! States HR and the Senior Civil Service habitually misuse and manipulate ‘data’ to serve their own end. Are THEY being investigated???

    JT alias Jersey Truth

  11. Anonymous

    Hysterical reply ,writing this through tears of laughter. Catastrophic failures of the oli’s reaches dizzy new heights of surrealism!Fort regent,gorey castle and the airport to be makeshift prisons!TLM and TLS lead assault on small enclave of syvret supporters holed up in Jersey woollen mills!entire Congregation of St.Thomas Church arrested under suspicion of seeking truth and justice,and caring not only for themselves!

  12. thejerseyway

    The Key-Stone Cops are a coming.
    Batten Down The Hatches.
    You couldn’t make it up, with all the leaked email’s going around at this moment in time, they have to blame someone & that someone hat to be you.
    Come clean & own up, you’ll be out in 3 year’s, just in time for the senator’s election’s. With good behavior. so it won’t be to bad A.
    They will properly but you in with the Child Abuses to shut you up.
    HEY you won’t have to do your Christmas Speech.
    Two Birds with one Stone not bad.
    Old Roger Bara On the Bridget Phone in Show keeps having ago at Bloggers for being conspiracy thesis, he must have a closed mind to think every thing is Rosie out side.
    What I’ve learnt from reading Blogs is 100% more believable then what we here & read in our local media.
    When anyone seams to go against the Government, they get frightened, gaged or prosecuted.
    This is called The Jersey Way of doing things.
    You seam OK with all this going on,you know your rights so I which you all the best.
    I’m Behind you 100% old Bean.

  13. Anonymous

    Great answer! at least you will have time to transfer all your private documents, emails etc, to a safe place before the bent coppers come a raiding …. this is so funny you just couldn’t make it up.

  14. Anonymous

    It is nice to see that you considered your reply carefully! lol! We are all behind you Stuart!

  15. Anonymous

    on channel news last night they said they were in posession of a leaked e-mail regarding the suspension of the chief of police
    will they now be investigated for handling and publishing it

  16. Anonymous

    Reading between the lines of Professor Thorburn’s report it does not look as though our childrens’ services are world class at all.
    The report does not make us look that good. Of course, its all because of a lack of staff – do not think so.

  17. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    Whilst i agree that the e mail from the Jersey police to you is a joke, i am not amused. And for the first time in my life, and having no direct contact with Jersey or you, I find myself moved to act. I had hoped the police would have been more intrested in pursuing the criminals who abused the inocents. and continuing the great work of lenny Harper. Not joining in the state of Jersey,s atack on democrecy, what the hell did my two uncles give thier livres for for in the second world war? the where young men when they died and gave thier lives so we can all have freedon of speach. dont let the state police win people of jersey! I live in the UK ,Jersey and manyof its people are tainted with the blood of the inocents, the margority had the opotunity to change thinge at the elections, and did not. I like many othes on the mainland support your effots, In fact you are insparatinol. ( i am dyslexic, forgive any spelling errors) I would not want to set foot on jersey given the stenth of coruption. but. If you find your self under threat of arrest , or worse, i along with many other supporters of freedom, will come to Jesesy to stand bu your side, stand between you and the forces of darkness that is now corrupting your beautful island. And i am sure i am not alonne when i say, they will not win.

    I am just an odinary guy, who got caught up in the horror story that is the child abuse on Jersey, watched Lenney Harper and your self on the BBC, and was moved. I am not a nutter, i am not politically motivated, but i do hate bullies, and and your bravery humbles me. If you need help ,if you need bodies on the ground to help you survive, just ask . we stand by you. Take strenth in the fact that you are not alone Stuart.

    Keep the good work u and your spirtis up, you actions have inspired many and things will change, time & Justice is on your side. and to the so called “leaders” of Jersey, arrest Stuart, and you wil have thousadns of protesters on your island. and to the ploice on jersey, i beg you £ bring justice to Jersey’s inocents, and maintin the freedom of its people,

    God bless you stuart

    The Oak

  18. donchais

    Oh my God! Every time I think this can’t get crazier – it does!

    Obviously Stuart, your “transgressions” are far more serious than those who are responsible for the child care system failures or those who committed the actual abuses.

    It would be comical if it wasn’t so pitiful.

  19. voiceforchildren


    When are our Oligarchy and their media going to concede the game is up?? As I have posted before, as soon as they shut one Blog down, another one springs up!

    Also I agree with a previous poster suggesting we take to the streets, count me in!!

  20. Kraków Crapaud

    The other question is:

    What do other politicians do when they are threatened in order to keep them in line?

    Well done Stuart, someone has to make a stand against this out of control council of ministers!

  21. Anonymous


    I am pleased that you did not send a verbose response!

    I wonder how much this little exercise we taxpayers will have to fork out, cost of one social worker for a year or perhaps two!

    Whilst exercising the full arm of the law against you, people who should be suspended on full pay (!) are still at the helm of a failing system!

    So you are public enemy No.1, Data Protection law broken, allegedly, possibly, maybe………….

    Sacre bleu you have caused a few headaches and you just wont go away, will you! So ‘THEY’ will try to put you away!

    Politicians leak documents left right and centre, almost on a daily basis, always have and always will.

    Can you confirm that you have a good legal beagle to support you?

    I’d guess that you are elegible for legal aid, you’d better get down to the CAB!

    I don’t suppose that I have to tell you this but do not see any cop on your own, look at what has happened with Andrew Lewis and Graham Power…………was he offered retirement or was he not!

    Look at how that man has been treated eight years of service to this island and suspended without access to his files, no real prospect of offering up a defence.

    I think this saga will eventually mobilise the people of this island, the Vernon Tomes affair in pre internet days got the people on theh streets well when they arrest you the same will happen again.
    Meanwhile the paedophiles on this island can carry on their disgusting practices, the brutes who damaged childrens lives forever can carry on with their veneer of respectability.

    Your ‘ in your face’ attitude may be uncomfortable for many within this island but I suggest that the majority are with you and smoke screens merely deter from the actualities of the whole case!

    PLOD on!

    Ms Sherlock Holmes Grouville!

  22. Anonymous


    If they make the mistake of arresting you or ‘inviting you’ in to have a chat, under no circumstances do so without a good criminal lawyer at your side – one who knows PPCE and Code C like the back of his/her hand.

  23. TonyTheProf

    I’ve only skimmed briefly, but you could try looking in general at the Data Protection Law and public interest exemptions, for example at:

    If you decide to share confidential information without consent, you should explain to the
    person that you intend to share the information and why, unless to do so would:
    • Place a child or young person at increased risk of significant harm; or
    • Place an adult at risk of serious harm; or
    • Prejudice the prevention or detection of a serious crime; or
    • Lead to unjustified delay in making enquiries about allegations of significant harm.

  24. Anonymous

    re WARNING
    “Anybody who has ever registered on Planet Jersey is known”

    IP addresses will be known but nothing else unless you have been daft enough to register under your real name while using a psudonym to post.

    I used a false name and set up a bogus email address for the sole purpose of registering.

  25. Anonymous

    Anybody who has ever registered on Planet Jersey is known.”


    I wish these bullies would try to trump up a nonsense charge against me. I’ve got a box full of stuff to clobber them back with if they try any more funny business AGAIN – and I’ve made several copies of everything too, hidden out of this country!

    Sickening bullying – everyone despises bullies.


  26. Anonymous

    Given that your phones are tapped, your house bugged and your emails monitored.

    Now is the time to start using encryption for emails… it will drive them bonkers.

    Version: PGP 8.0.3



  27. Anonymous

    It is blatently obvious they aren’t happy with you divulging things on this blog and will use whatever actions are necessary to try and stop you. I have been very surprised that you have managed to keep going for so long. I had expected this blog to be stopped months ago, well done for managing to keep going.

    Unfortunately I believe too much is now out in the public domain for those with things to hide to be able to convince islanders that nothing untoward has happened over here. I would also suspect many people in the uk also know what has been going on.

    The local media have been very quiet over most of things mentioned on your blog. However they have relished in securing emails to rubbish a non establishment newbie to politics. One has to ask why all this effort to make a mountain out of a mole hill? I would have to say that as much is unreported, for various reasons, they must latch on to insignificant rubbish to peddle as purported news, so that they have something to print or report about. Without these “stories” there would be no news in Jersey to report.

    Hopefully the islanders will now be seeing through this ploy and realise that all is not what it seems or has been reported as. What people off island must be making of this God only knows. I believe it is showing things in a very bad light for the authorities. People have said to me that if nothing comes from the child abuse investigations then this is the biggest cover up since the Occupation. I have to ask does anyone believe anything from the establishment any more?

    I myself am sure those in authority will know who has said what on blogs over here. This is why I try and phrase my comments in certain ways so as to make it hard for anyone to try and sue or threaten me. If I am correct expect to see people being investigated for making commments on blogs, and various other means of communication.

    I myself will not be surprised if I get a visit or communication at some stage, but even knowing this, will not be intimidated from seeking the truth. This is all any decent individual wants. To those whom it may concern I have had experience of bullying at school and in the work place so am well used to these practices.

  28. Anonymous

    As a survivor of HDLG and a witness to things that still keep me awake 40 years on I thank God for your courage and determination Stuart. You are prepared to put your career and personal safety on the line for all those children and young people who have suffered cruel abuse on this beautiful island. In a way the police and the States have played into your hands by concentrating on trying to cover up the truth by trying to silence you and Graham Power instead of getting on with the business of bringing criminals to justice. All this will bring is bad publicity for them and a public outcry which will grpw world wide. “Courage mon brave!”

  29. Anonymous

    No wonder big Frank was laughing all the way to his retirement! And he knew all about it didn’t he? He told Simon Bellwood there was something in the air. Well, the only thing I can smell in the air is another big F**** stink.
    Jersey is completely unbalanced now – something’s got to give, and I don’t think it will be Stuart or we, his supporters.
    Stand up for yourself Stuart, stand up for all of us!!!

  30. Red Rodent

    Good to see that you’ve finally grasped the art of brevity, Senator!

    Well, Terry Le Main has been brazenly flouting data protection legislation for years and he shows no remorse. The information he’s leaked has concerned vulnerable members of the public — States tenents with children, not high-ranking police officers.

    But since when was having right on your side any defence in law, eh?

    I’ll be in Jersey for Christmas, Stuart. Send me a VO and I’ll bring you some cake at La Moye (surely you’ll be allowed that on remand?)

    Yeah yeah, sometimes flipency is the only response to absurdity, no matter how serious the implications.

  31. Anonymous

    It all seems abit Mandelaesque to me.

    The happy ever after bit – Jersey becomes a freeland and a proper democracy. Victims are compensated and enjoying their lives at last, the abusers and cover-uppers are all locked up and the States of Jersey has profoundly apologised and come clean. The oli now live in Dubai and ordinary folk no longer live in fear of speaking out because the Jersey Way no loner functions. The Frankly short sighted population growth strategy was stopped so future generations are spared destruction. Stuart Syvret walks out of prison, and Jersey has a massive party like never seen before.

  32. Anonymous

    DCI Nunn has made a very informal and some might say very unprofessional approach to Senator Syvret.

    One would hope that as a senior officer, contacting an elected Senator of the States of Jersey he would at least extend the professional courtesy of adressing the Senator as such.

    His tone is apparently informal but he does not make clear if he wishes to record a witness statement under caution; the ambiguity of his approach is suggestive of an informal chat perhaps over a pint and a packey of crisps.

    He signs off his e-mail “Tim” much as one would sign a Christmas card to an old friend.

    The man is clearly a puppet and mabme even a total pratt.

    I shall watch this one with interest….

    Kind regards


  33. they treat us like mushrooms

    Frankie does it again!

    “Jersey’s chief minister says the island will never recover completely from allegations of abuse and murder at a former children’s home.

    Frank Walker said islanders were “living under a cloud”.

    Yeah…… because that’s far more important than the victims……..

  34. Anonymous

    I just love the way Nunn uses inverted commas around the word -independance and the phrase – confict of interest.

    Freudian slips perhaps?

  35. Anonymous

    “I want to speak with you as a witness.”

    There is no legal obligation for any person to speak to the police as a witness.

  36. Smokin Jo

    Bring the noise 🙂 even more evidence to suggest we live in a “Hot Fuzz” society … and we all know the outcome of that movie 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    any documents or other related stuff you have that may have implications of a nature that could be used against them pleases feel free to send them to the email I sent you when I placed the sharp report on my site you know there email address ok lots of luck Stuart you an inspiration to every humane human and the ink in the ointment of the oli’s go stalwart Stuart

  38. Anonymous

    if you can copy your entire blog and email it to the same address I will reopen it should it be closed down..

  39. Anonymous

    I’ve just seen the remarks Frank Wa*ker has made on teletext, about being under a cloud ect.

    How shameful! That awful man is wallowing in self pity like a hippo in a lake of muck, and has not got the decency to apologise to the hundred plus VICTIMS of institutional child abuse at Haut de la Garenne.

    How can these dreadful people live with themselves?


    ps I expect I’ll get some more nasty remarks headed my way now from the dirtbags who cover up child abuse and attack child abuse victims – BRING IT ON, YOU DON’T INTIMIDATE US!

  40. Anonymous

    “Code of Conduct for elected members: complaint against Senator S. Syvret

    Presented to the States on 5th December 2008
    by the Privileges and Procedures Committee



    On Monday 1st December 2008, the Privileges and Procedures Committee concluded its investigation under Standing Orders into a complaint arising out of an exchange of e-mails between Senators F.E. Cohen and S. Syvret.

    The e-mail exchange took place in August of this year in the context of an exchange relating to exemptions to the Goods and Services Tax. Senator Cohen then complained to PPC under the “Code of Conduct for Elected Members of the States” about a remark made during the exchange by Senator Syvret.

    The matter was considered by the Committee in accordance with Standing Order 157(1) as a possible breach of the Code. Having decided that there was a case to answer, the Committee accordingly invited Senator Syvret to exercise his right to be heard at its meeting of 1st December 2008. Senator Cohen was also informed of the Committee’s decision.

    Senator Syvret did not attend the meeting, and the matter was therefore adjudicated upon by the Committee in his absence.

    The Committee decided to uphold Senator Cohen’s complaint. It considered that Senator Syvret’s use of language had been insulting and fell far short of the standards of courtesy and respect for a colleague that should be expected between members.

    The Committee did not propose taking any further action in the matter. However, it would urge all members to be aware of the tone and language used in messages to colleagues and remind the Assembly that paragraph 5 of the Code of Conduct requires all members to –

    “treat other members of the States, officers and members of the public with respect and courtesy and without malice, notwithstanding the disagreements on issues and policy which are a normal part of the political process”.

    Ohhh… Bet your suitably reprimanded now!

  41. Anonymous

    To quote: “Mr Harper’s report concerned the collapse of prosecution proceedings against certain suspects and was intended for the chief officer and the attorney general. It later appeared on Senator Syvret’s blog.

    Sussex Police say they want to speak to Senator Syvret as a witness, but he has so far declined to offer assistance.”

    “Declined to offer assistance” ha ha!

  42. Anonymous

    Planet Jersey………….ECHR ARTICLE 10

    Everyone has the right to freedom of expression……………

    This is not Sark!

  43. One Day

    Amazing how they can call upon England now in a matter so trivial in comparison to the child abuse disaster – one rule for one….

  44. Anonymous

    Re… “What people off island must be making of this God only knows. I believe it is showing things in a very bad light for the authorities. People have said to me that if nothing comes from the child abuse investigations then this is the biggest cover up since the Occupation. I have to ask does anyone believe anything from the establishment any more?”

    Well no!-“People off island” are seeing exactly what is going on here,make no mistake!

    They see an average town council pretending to be a government,staffed by a group of wealthy amateurs with hardly a days real work experience who care more about their position and money than any civic responsibility.

    They see that our media is blatantly supportive of the party line and any dissent is given over to ridicule, plausable deniability then finally spin….without any admission of wrongdoing or culpability.

    They look on (and are incredulous) when good honest men and women are hounded from their jobs by people who are protecting paedophiles and other abusers-often people who are actually employed by the states-who then refuse to use best practice and suspend employees who are under investigation for child abuse!.

    They see our police force engage in underhand political manoeuvering at the expense of not only the public purse but also the career of a decent chief copper.

    They see a child abuse scandal that is being covered up to protect the image of a life enriching island without any compassion or thought for the survivors (or future generations)- beyond soundbites from our leaders and yet more spin.

    The are amazed that someone can be arrested in jersey three times for child abuse and yet still be employed by the states….

    ..And they also wonder just how far these paedophiles are up the social ladder to enjoy such wide ranging protection.

    I could go on about so many abuses of people,power,blog closures, bullying,police malpractice and downright criminality here but the point is surely made?.


  45. Anonymous

    New Chief Constable is appointed

    Wiltshire Police Authority has appointed a new Chief Constable.

    Brian Moore, who will take up his new post on 1 January, is currently Deputy Chief Constable at Surrey Police, having joined the force in 1975.

    Ha Ha Ha

  46. Anonymous


    ps I expect I’ll get some more nasty remarks headed my way now from the dirtbags who cover up child abuse and attack child abuse victims – BRING IT ON, YOU DON’T INTIMIDATE US!”

    I sincerely hope that the good honest people of Jersey (and yes there are still some of us around!) will be behind all victims of abuse, either physical, sexual, mental and I also sincerely hope that no one on here will send you any nasty remarks as they are not deserved.

  47. Anonymous

    I have been keeping up with your blog and have not posted a comment before-I just want you to know how much respect I have for what you have been doing and also for the brave people who have suffered through these evil institutions. I am sure there must be so many people like me who support you but have not added there voice yet but would fully back you

  48. ellie

    Sorry, but have to disagree with the other posters on this blog.I think that was a juvenile response to the Police request. Thought you wre better than that Stuart.

  49. Anonymous

    I cried with laughter with your response. (sorry I have just read)
    Busy day.
    I am a regular writer to your blog, but you wont publish this one.
    It is me page two the rag, Union walk out. I have persueing a Person Grievance for ten months against H$SS Management and I have won my case, the sad thing is that they will not accept this, just to let you know Simon Crowcroft was and is the Chairman of The Disputes Committee. Misdirected? I dont think so

  50. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    The data protection act is broken on a regular basis by Housing, the DVS and the Police.

    The DVS sell registration details and owners addresses (note this is for profit), The Police inform the Housing of any incidence on housing estates inclusive of names address and all details of the incidence irrespective of whether or not any prosecution is being made.

    So just what does constitute breaking the data protection act?

  51. Anonymous

    Terry Le Main has blatantly broken data protection laws in the past, do you remember his publishing the confidential financial details of a states housing tenant who had dared to criticise his department?

    Whoever leaked the private e-mails between Geoff Southern and Jeremy Macon has also broken the rules.

    And i’m sure some of the ‘unofficial’ quotes referring to Simon Bellwood shouldn’t have been made.

    But so what? That’s not as important as the precedent of bringing in an outsider to conduct the investigation. What he says or decides is irrelevent in the grand scheme of things. It’s the fact that he has been brought in that is important.

    In future people will be able to refer to this outsourced investigation into alleged impropriety by a States member as a guideline.

    Who knows in not so many years from now a States chamber may decide to allow an outside investigation into some of the concerns we keep bringing up on this site.

    An impartial investigation into ‘the Walker administration’. Detaing who had business concerns with which companies, who said what to who and obviously a thorough investigation to make sure that government power and privilige was not abused. I have a feeling that data protection would be someway down the list of offences on that charge sheet.

    Of course I could be wrong but if anyone would like bet I will be staking large sums of money.

  52. Anonymous

    Juvenile response to police request.
    Sorry I must disagree Stuart’s response was very well suited to the very unprofessional Email sent to him by D C I .TIM NUNN.

  53. One Day

    Bringing ‘outside’ police in is to create the public ‘illusion’ that they will turn to England when they need help. Don t forget as far as they are concerned ‘there was no child abuse’ – therefore they don’t need outside help and our justice system works just fine, especially if your name is Mario Lundy.

  54. Anonymous

    “Bringing ‘outside’ police in is to create the public ‘illusion’ that they will turn to England when they need help. Don t forget as far as they are concerned ‘there was no child abuse’ – therefore they don’t need outside help and our justice system works just fine, especially if your name is Mario Lundy.”

    Oh i’m sure you’re right that this is supposed to be a smoke and mirrors illusion. The thing is, it is a real precedent that the U.K. may one day like to take advantage of.

    Every single outside investigation proves the contention that this island is too small and has too many conflicts of interest to govern itself properly.

    Now even the States are proving this by drafting in U.K. police when something needs to be seen to be fair.

    All it takes is for someone in the U.K. to decide that it would be worthwhile to investigate one of our many “clouds hanging over the island” for the truth to finally come out.

    Hopefully it will happen with HDLG and who knows maybe one day HM treasury will turn up with the boys in blue to investigate the next set of dodgy financial dealings that have passed through here?

    I wonder if the establishment party will still think it was worth trying to stitch up the people who were trying to shaft the island over HDLG?

  55. Anonymous

    This is a complete fiasco!!! A place in the sun where children you expect to do well and leave the care system looking forward to adulthood and working in the adult world, Mostly from very poor background and is some cases undoubtedly abused at their homes, so they’re shipped of to sunnier climbs to get respite from the drudgery of a less than perfect home situation.

    Moms out of their depth and frightened whittles by alcoholic fathers who didn’t have a job and drank what little money the family got and beat the kids for his own inadequacies and frustration with himself and his situation in life.

    These kids then awake to their first morning in a new place and suddenly they are in the first place with a new way of doing things, getting up all at the same time rushing down for their first real breakfast, all dressed the same and supposedly all treat the same!!!!

    Rude awakenings!! The next thing you know some pervert has noticed you and something about you!!! The fact that your new and don’t know the ropes as well as the other boys and girls. It can happen the first day or within a day or too maybe a week depending on the shift system they work at the home but within a few weeks your left with no misunderstandings of what your in for the rest of your stay your new home.

    Abuse! After abuse! At the hands of those bastards who are paid by the tax payers to look after and be mentors to some of the most vulnerable children in society.

    Then the blue lights of shame blink there way down the streets of jersey with their sympathy and give me your details and who done what was done!!! We’ll take them to court and you will have won!!!

    You tell them your tale hidden deep for years hurting yourself in flood of tears breaking your heart against the secrets that you have kept most of your life.

    Then suddenly the world knows about it and you can’t hide anymore in the needle or the bottle that fell over on the floor.


    To staff members accompanied by a so called doctor dive upon a young person crushing them to the floor a third member of staff grabs your feet to stop you hurting one of the staff and the doctors stabs you with a concoction of drugs that could deck an elephant and your left there on the floor till you stop moving, They lift you up and smack the back of your legs shouting you’ll walk to your room and repeatedly slap you until you tried to move your legs whilst drifting into a dark troubled sleep.

    You would lie there until another member of staff came into your room and!!! The rest is too painful and could cause other reader to have flashbacks and I bet poor Zoomy has already been there many times. I feel for you and your plight I also stand taller everyday when I read your comments. You like Stuart are the most profoundly human people I have had the pleasure of reading and the honesty shines through you words like a beacon of hope.

    Now I am a man of 48 and have a family and a wife that was sent to me from the heavens on wings of understanding but still I fight for justice from the establishment in the UK because they are all fundamentally the same people as the oligarchs in Jersey arrogant spineless without their spin and hubris as their nature. Abuser every man jack of them!!!

    Get out on the streets like they do in other countries and let them know the score.

    withdraw your kids from the schools withdraw your labour from the places of work whatever you do Please do something….

  56. Anonymous

    Hypothetical situation,

    A states employee discovers abusive or dangerous practice in a hospital, a nursing home or at Greenfields.

    Do you think they would feel comfortable whistleblowing now?

    And if they did do you think the States would respond appropriately and publicly or try to deal with the matter behind closed doors?

    It is very important that whistleblowers are not victimised because otherwise bad practice (or even crimes) can go on undetected in all areas of life.

    Think about that next time you’re in the hospital and hoping that the person treating you is competent.

  57. Anonymous

    Well I guess this gives a definitive answer to those people who sometimes pop up on here and claim that this site doesn’t matter.
    In fact barely a day goes by where one branch of our media doesn’t mention it.
    Well done Stuart you have achieved what many thought impossible, you have made people interested in island politics.

    You see JEP and CTV it just needs facts and honesty.

    Go on try it.

    I dare you.

  58. thejerseyway

    Come on Stuart we need an up date.
    Or are you already up La Moye.
    Is Terry up there with you, If not he should be. How many time has he brocken the Dater Protection Act in the past & I hear his done it again.
    How come his able to get away with it.

  59. Anonymous

    “I get by with a little help from my friends”

    Just been listening to a load of old stuff mostly late 60s through to mid 70s (the beetles. T Rex, Carly Simon etc). Do you remember? Do you remember? No, of course you cant your dead! But I do! I remember as children how we cried together, as we held one another, children clothed in rags, from ragged homes of ragged people.

    Below that fortress so steep and mighty – hand in hand, you told me a secret. A secret, I promise which I have kept. But, I have told them mine!

    My heart was broken when I heard that you had died. Out of all of this now I wish I had lied, and said nothing. For nearly forty years have I held back the tears.

    But, tonight I cannot fight the pain that is still within. They weren’t listening then and I was a fool to think they would listen now!

    Hand in hand we stood upon that hill, children in our pain I can see us still. Almost forty years ago now but, I can remember wishing that, that moment would never end. All gone now, and I too will follow you soon!

    Old men, old men sat on the park bench like book ends………………

    RIP my love no one can hurt you anymore (for Mandy)

    Writing from exile

  60. Rob Kent

    Re ‘bizarre’ and ‘juvenile’

    The approach to Stuart seemed bizarre, in tone, and jarringly nonchalant given the potential gravity of its consequences.

    However, the introduction from Mark Newman, “I am leaving the enquiry and returning to my UK Force tomorrow,” implies that he and Stuart had been in previous contact and that he was informing him he would no longer be around. Is that correct, Stuart?

    The casually slipping in, “and by the way, you are under investigation – let me introduce so and so”, seems inept or slipshod at best, given the nature of the introduction.

    Given all that has happened (or the little we, the public, know that has happened) in this inquiry, and given the general view that there has been, and still is, a cover-up occurring, it would be natural to respond with incredulity, alarm, and maybe even a black humour to this turn of events.

    Even an outsider can see that it is a sick joke to shoot the messenger and pursue Stuart when we all know that there are suspected abusers still in public employment and getting paid, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of police movement in the inquiry other than to denigrate the efforts of Lenny Harper.

    It has confirmed all our worst suspicions. We, naively (it seems now), thought that Lenny Harper would actually get to the truth and bring people to justice. It seems we were wrong.

    Given all that, is it surprising that someone in Stuart’s position might come to think that justice is a joke and that the police are only intent on nobbling the inquiry? Apparently, that is what a lot of the victims are starting to think, many of who broke a lifetime’s silence to help the investigation.

    So I can understand why Stuart replied the way he did – I’d be tempted to do the same. The whole thing has been turned into a farce, therefore why not expose it as such?

    There are two reasons why you might not want to: one is that Stuart expects serious replies to his ’37 Questions’-type emails he sends to the police, and he bitches when he doesn’t get one. To be honest, the recipient has probably fallen asleep after question three. By not treating their correspondence with respect, he can’t expect them to treat his with respect in future.

    Secondly, a reply like that smacks of playing to the public gallery (the blog readers), which is not going to further the serious aim of bringing abusers to justice and will alienate as many of the public as those who applaud it.

    Also, Stuart is someone paid out the public purse and is expected to uphold certain standards in his public discourse, just like anyone else is expected to if they send an email on company business, for example. Was Stuart sending that email as a private individual or as a States member? It was sent to and from his address so we have to assume the latter.

    Personally, I think that a more serious reply – even a one liner – would have helped his cause more, if only because a reply like the one he did send is likely to confirm his enemy’s opinion that you can’t take him seriously, which is a shame.

    Alternatively, I could easily be persuaded that treating the police approach with any respect at all would be to give your blessing and approbration to a totally farcical process, one that is indeed so sick and ‘Kafkaesque’ that you might as well attend your trial wearing a beetle costume.

  61. Anonymous

    I suspect some on this board are underestimating the extent to which Jersey establishment propaganda (JEP ?!) has been taken on board by the mainland media.

    The day after Warcup’s press conference his line was regurgitated verbatim in Metro (a dreadful free sheet given out on London public transport, a classic example of ‘churnalism’). Since then I have also heard commentators of the left and right repeat the establishment line.

    I was listening to the George Galloway radio programme last night when a caller tried to raise Haut De La Garenne. Galloway cut him off immediately saying it was all a ‘hoax’ (I think that was the word he used), that the police had said no murders had taken place and move along now please. Galloway is seen as a dissenting voice, so if he isn’t in on the cover up it shows how far the lies have stuck.

    Perhaps some of us here can try to put the record straight on his next programme?
    It would be interesting to see what kind of reception we would get.

  62. Anonymous

    Jersey is an isle but the abuse that happened here is not an isolated incident. Similar abuse has happened all over the UK, be it Wales, Islington or Leicestershire.

    This needs a nationwide uproar, keeping it confined to Jersey will help to stiffle the investigation. The perpetrators surely came from all over the UK with their fine yachts and the nationwide scheme of industrialized abuse in children’s homes to supply the needs of the rich, should become THE topic for the next years till the “pure evil” is eradicated.

    Abuse breeds abuse and a climate that sees children more and more as the sole means to fulfil ones dreams, whatever they are, leads to more abuse.

  63. Anonymous

    I wonder how many other emails Tim Nunn sent out, surely you are just one of many suspect Stuart…………I reckon you will be silenced before your Christmas speech. If not and it goes ahead as planned. I will consider any member that leaves the chamber as ‘establisment’…….at least with our new progressives you will have an audience………

  64. Anonymous

    Theyworkforyou .com

    The Home Secretary may be interested to know that, following
    the Government’s example of using the criminal law to persecute Opposition
    politicians for being too effective, the States of Jersey have initiated a
    criminal investigation into Senator Stuart Syvret, which should cause grave
    concern because of the situation in Jersey. Has the Home Secretary had any
    advice as to which elements of leaked information were covered by the Freedom of
    Information Act and the fact that the civil servant would have had a duty to
    reveal that information? Does she find it a little odd that one faces a criminal
    investigation for revealing certain information that one has a duty to reveal?

  65. Anonymous

    Oh Dear,

    Looks like you’ve done it this time, let’s have a quick look at what the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005, prescribes for your misdemeanours….

    Article 55 Unlawful obtaining etc. of personal data

    (1) A person shall not knowingly or recklessly, without the consent of the relevant data controller –

    (a) obtain or disclose personal data or the information contained in personal data; or

    (b) procure the disclosure to another person of the information contained in personal data.

    (2) A person who contravenes paragraph (1) is guilty of an offence.

    Aticle 61 General provisions relating to offences

    (1) Proceedings for an offence under this Law shall be not be instituted except by or with the consent of the Attorney General.

    (2) A person guilty of an offence under this Law shall be liable, except where this Law otherwise provides –

    (a) on conviction on indictment – to a fine; or

    (b) on summary conviction – to a fine of level 4 on the standard scale. (£5,000.00)

    And if you continue to be uncooperative…

    13 Offences

    A person who obstructs a person in the execution of a warrant or who fails without reasonable excuse to give the latter person such assistance as the latter person may reasonably require for the execution of the warrant commits an offence and shall be liable –

    (a) on conviction on indictment – to a term of imprisonment of 6 months and to a fine; or

    (b) on summary conviction – to a fine of level 4 on the standard scale (£5,000.00)

    Sub Figura.

  66. Anonymous

    Oh dear you look like you have done it this time???????????????

    Unless you have personal knowledge to the alleged offences relating to Stuart Syvret one would presume you are a barrack room lawyer.

    Only Stuart knows what, if any, rules and regulations he has broken so it is useless to make assumptions.

    Finally, for a police officer to use a third party to INVITE Stuart to a meeting seems a little shifty to me. It is also not only extremely rude, but very unprofessional to make an informal suggestion that they meet up, this was not “we are coming to get you email”. The Policeman concerned has already made boo boo’s however but what can you expect on your island of tangled webs.

    I find it most amusing that the UK Police, who actually did oversee the investigations by Lenny Harper and the Chief Of Police are now being asked to see if these investigations were carried out correctly.

    Perhaps Senator Syvret could now ask for a further UK Police officer from a different region be asked to investigate the Sussex police relating to their unprofessional approach. Actually writer if you look at this whole case in reality, it all boils down to covering up child abuse whichever way the States of Jersey can.

    Frank Walker started off this whole disgusting mess by opening his mouth on Newsnight, what he did was unforgiveable, uttering those words, “You are shafting Jersey Internationally” he undermined Senator Syvret in front of millions of viewers, then had the front to LIE in front of millions of viewers saying he did not say it, when it was actually recorded what he said.

    This was the start of the whole fiasco by the States of Jersey. Not only has the Chief Minister, the Bailiff joined in on this but also the AG. They undermined the abused people of Jersey in their speeches and continued to undermine the abused by NOT charging the people who they know were involved in some of the instances of child abuse.

    Like him or hate him Stuart Syvret HAS at all times represented his electorate, that is what he is paid to do. He is to be commended for his allegience to his electorate, if only other states members did the same you would most certainly not be in the mess Jersey is in today.

    Frank Walker wanted to be a World Stage Player, he has certainly been that, not for the good he has done, he is a laughing stock, as are many of the other States Ministers. The States of Jersey are being run by a band of local hierachy who have not the ability or the knowledge to run your island. They have lost the respect of many of your islanders, they have made your island into sad reflection of how money corrupts. Their only concerns relate to money, investment and what is good for them. They were elected for the people, by the people, they were most certainly not elected to cover up abused children, civil servants and to line their own pockets.

    You know Respect is not a right, it is something you earn, Stuart Syvret has earned respect for his commitment to the electorate, if only the rest of your States Representatives did the same you may earn international respect.

    As for the Leaks, boy oh boy, there are so many leaks from the States Offices in Jersey that a qualified plumber would suggest the building be condemned, in other words it is time to make all elected representatives of Jersey to be held accountable, not JUST Stuart Syvret.

    PS” How many other Police Inspectors are going to be called in – before long I can see a member of each division of Police in the UK having a representative in Jersey. The world is not laughing at the people of Jersey, it is however wondering how people like Frank Walker, the Bailiff the AG still have the power they have, well Frank Walker this week, when he walks away from it all next week he will look back and realise he certainly did a very good job of Shafting Jersey Internationally.

  67. Rob Kent

    Re the widespread acceptance of the Warcup line.

    Yes, that has become depressingly pervasive. Even last week’s Private Eye mentioned the HDLG story as media hysteria.

    My view of this is that it is not just to do with the differing interpretations of the meaning of the bone fragments and children’s teeth.

    It is also to do with the fact that hundreds of people were interviewed as witnesses and we were told by the police that there were more than 90 suspects. We were also told that some of them were high up in the Jersey establishment and some were still in positions of power.

    That was six months ago but since then we have heard nothing. Nobody seems to have been charged with offences related to HDLG.

    Consequently the media can draw two conclusions. Either there has been a massive cover-up or at least, procrastination. Or it was all hysteria whipped up by Lenny Harper.

    Sadly, most of them seem to have gone with the last interpretation.

  68. Anonymous

    In response to “oh dear you,ve done it this time I would say I think you are missing the point. I,m sure Stuart will correct me if I,m wrong but I belive he has completely orchestrated the turn of events to bring much more attention to the situation.He is a man of great courage and determination and is brave enough to face a prison sentence to highlight the plight of others. To the members of the states and the public who do not back you I say hang your heads in shame

  69. Anonymous

    To Rob Kent: you ignore one fundamental difference between questions asked by Stuart and the request from DCI Nunn.

    Stuart is an elected politician. He represents a the island’s voters. Civil servants are – theoretically – paid to serve those voters.

    They have an obligation to answer legitimate questions raised by a politician, and failure to do so simply highlights the arrogantce and lack of accountablity that characterise our civil service.

    Stuart, on the other hand, has no obligation to respond to DCI Nunn’s request.

    Given the circumstances, who can blame him treating this request with contempt?

  70. Anonymous

    The intent of the data protection law is to prevent personal details being sold/passed on (for example to fraudsters)

    Seems in Jersey it is being used to intimidate for “clearly probable breaches of data protection” Don’t think the law was drafted for such purposes.

    We appear to be living in extraordinary times, the increasing misuse of statutory law to impinge on democratic freedoms should not be tolerated.

    Stuart’s response was exactly right – treat the email with contempt, the investigator has no legitamacy and Stuart obviously knows it.

    What a shame others in office do not.

  71. Chris

    Hi Stuart

    As I’m sure you know, the approach from the police was just filibuster. If they did try to prosecute you, any half decent lawyer in your defense could open up a legal ‘can of worms’ under the data protection law. As others have already mentioned, our press and your political colleagues break the data protection law on a daily basis, I’m sure that Geoff’s e-mails to Jeremy would have carried a privileged information disclaimer, as no doubt would have yours to CTV, that dear Frank subsequently obtained.Any attempt to prosecute you could log jam the courts with other cases!

    Your supporters in Jersey (there are many) know that you will continue to do what you believe to be right for your constituents.

  72. Rob Kent

    Re “you ignore one fundamental difference… Stuart is an elected politician. He represents a the island’s voters. Civil servants are – theoretically – paid to serve those voters.”

    Are the police civil servants, other than in a general sense? The Police and the Civil Service are two different bodies.

    But whether they are civil servants or not is irrelevant to whether they have to reply to every email or letter they receive, even from a politician.

    I was merely pointing out the obvious: how would you begin to compose a reply to an email (’37 Questions’) that long, assuming you managed to read to the end of it?

    “Stuart, on the other hand, has no obligation to respond to DCI Nunn’s request.”

    True, because he was invited to be interviewed as a witness not a suspect, although he could be compelled to attend court as a witness.

    Stuart has already said in that post: “So – I face the very real prospect of raids on my home, arrest, questioning under caution, prosecution – and jail.”

    I wasn’t questioning his obligation to reply or provide information, I was pointing out that the reply he did give is unlikely to help his case when he expects other people (particularly the police) to reply to his emails.

    It also gives succour to his enemies. But he knows the Jersey system better than anyone so maybe it was the right response – I don’t know.

  73. Anonymous

    Stuart. There is no way you will be arrested or should i say found guilty for anything you have said or revealed on this blog. The establishment are desperate to try and silence you, but fear not you carry on. Just think when you stood up in the states the other week and named Mario Lundy re the police disclosure notice about serious abuse claims. Had that not been true the gang would have had you thrown out (again ha ha), no they are scared sh….ess. Its possible they could arrest you to show faith with establishment, and hope to intimidate you but that wont work ,so carry on the good work.Syd

  74. Anonymous

    This was my response to the story in the rag about you and Telboy breaking the code of conduct. they probably wont print it so i cut and paste it here so at least the clan can read it….

    Well on the face of it two members broke the code of conduct of members. Now i reckon Terry Le Mains “offence” was far more serious than Stuarts as it was to members of the public, while Stuarts was in house so to speak, yet i’ll bet if Stuart was the only one to have commited such a henius crime Le Main and co would have demanded his resignation.

  75. Anonymous

    Jason The Maverick

    I know that Stuart does not want a forum or blog war and this is no attempt to start one.
    But pop along to;

    Just who is pulling the strings

    and have a look at posts;

    39 by Sara

    I still think this whole charade is an insult to the people they both claim to represent. If you count up the votes of the JDA and Jeremy Macon it’s hardly earth shaking anyway. It’s the people’s fault. If you dont vote you get this.


    47 by Sarah

    I still think this whole charade is an insult to the people they both claim to represent. If you count up the votes of the JDA and Jeremy Macon it’s hardly earth shaking anyway. It’s the people’s fault. If you dont vote you get this.


    Copying and pasting and getting the signatures right can be really tricky when you have those Saturday lunch time beers inside you!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  76. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The 37 Questions

    I have to say – I’m deeply surprised that some people should think it reasonable that a document the length of my 37 questions would not be read by Warcup & Gradwell; and that, somehow – recieving a long document is some kind of excuse for not reading it.

    As a part of my job – I have to read very substantial reports and other documents. Sometimes these have run into hundreds of pages.

    I find it utter;y extraordinary that people can think two very senior cops – on God knows what salary – should be unrealisticly overburdened in answering a document the length of a blog posting.

    Just what do you imagine you’re paying these people for?


  77. Anonymous

    I agree with you Stuart. It should not be unreasonable for them to answer the questions you posed. However, why should they, there is no sanctions if they dont.

    They have the support of the CM to do whatever they want. The fact that a Senator, on behalf of his constituents, asked should be enough to get them to answer. They have been told to ignore your requests and hopefully it will all go away. You are a nuisance – THANK GOD.

    On another note, do you think you have got a change of being on the COM if Alan Breckon gets it. I hope so – they needs an injection of some intelligence quota – if not, they are doomed. (as are we all)

  78. Rob Kent

    Re “I have to say – I’m deeply surprised that some people should think it reasonable that a document the length of my 37 questions would not be read by Warcup & Gradwell; and that, somehow – recieving a long document is some kind of excuse for not reading it.”

    Given that they’d already made their mind up the other way, I doubt very much whether they wanted to read anything that undermined their very public statement. And they would hardly be likely to turn around to the world’s press and say, “Whoops, hang on a minute, we got it wrong -there’s 37 things we didn’t think of.”

    I agree that all of those questions are cogent and need answering and it was good to put them on your blog. I also think they should be raised when the next inquiry starts into the current, Warcup, inquiry so that they can say to them, “Why didn’t you do this analysis before stating x, y and z?”

    I just don’t believe that given the statements they’d recently made to the press you could seriously expect them to read with an open mind, let alone reply to, your email.

    “Just what do you imagine you’re paying these people for?”

    Naively, catching criminals. Stupid me. Won’t make that mistake again.

  79. Anonymous

    little off subject I know but see today’s Observer page 7 Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor

  80. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    This is the comment I just put on This is Jersey

    Linda Corby
    Posted December 7, 2008 at 1:29 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    As I am one of the persons who Senator Terry Le Main was very rude about in an email and consequently put a complaint into the PPC which they upheld, I feel it is quite disgusting that immediately after the PPC report was made public he saw fit to show complete contempt for the PPC by sending out yet another childish email inclusive of a copy of his original rude email in which he called me ‘That Woman Corby’ and insinuated the I and a number of others were totally Mad.

    I have now put in a further official complaint into the PPC about his continuing offensive behaviour, obviously he hasn’t taken any notice what-so-ever of the report from the PPC and has stuck two fingers up at the PPC metaphorically speaking of course, and in doing so is showing contempt for the whole Ministerial system. I have notified the States Members and the media and am waiting to see which ones will reply to me as I feel he has let all concerned down by his behaviour.

    If anyone wants to read Terry le mains latest email I have popped it up on The Jersey forum link to the thread is:


    If anyone wants to read the Pope article here is the online link.

    Nerds please do your link magic, thanks I love nerds!

  81. Anonymous

    police-chief-hits-back/comment 27 jep
    Posted December 7, 2008 at 1:51 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “I think people need to realise that despite Stuart’s assertions, the police need to demonstrate a level professionalism.”

    So when are they going to start demonstrating a level professionalism?

    All I have seen so far is the victimisation of some very good well intentioned people and an establishment who have acted appallingly.

  82. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Gotta do this the Mail on Sunday on Page 26 have published a cartoon on and they have nicked your reply quote for the caption, someone is reading you blog! ROFL

  83. Anonymous

    “little off subject I know but see today’s Observer page 7 Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor”

    No doubt frank will be informing us that the pope has been misinformed or is a deluded enemy of the island or maybe both.

    “Blah blah blah, signed up to international agreements…., level playing field…,well regulated etc…”

    I know that Jersey makes all the right noises about financial regulation and so on. But can any one tell me how competent we are in actually catching tax dodgers and money launderers?
    How many dedicated staff do we employ to regulate the billions that flow through here? How many cases have they made independently? By that I mean, without being directed to a problem by an outside source.
    And do we have the capability to conduct a large scale investigation?,on one of the major banks for instance.

    Because if we dont have that sort of ability it really doesn’t matter what the authorities sign up to or promise. We just can’t back our guarentees up.

    As i’m sure the rest of the world realises.

  84. Anonymous

    Corruption revelations
    According to the Guardian, the SFO is looking into accounts in the tax havens of Jersey and Guernsey, from which more than $30m were allegedly transferred to a company called Apex Finance between April 2002 and February 2004, at the request of Kenyan nationals Rashmi Kamani and Deepak Kamani.

  85. Anonymous

    The ink in the ointment will display every news groups take on jerseys child abuse scandal amd does not take comments from either side however is in full agreement with the stance that Senator Stuart syvret has taken and continues to take today… Thnak you and respects to all those who are victims and those who support them… your all the best…

  86. Anonymous

    Jersey needs more women to stand up and be counted, they also need the ordinary person to stand up and be counted. The majority of the States members seem to be the product of Victoria College, supposedly educated but lack the vital ingredient of common sense. They all seem to be in each others pockets.
    An excerpt from Lady Jane.

  87. Anonymous

    Its amazing what u can find on the internet, a little reseach and ive come up with the name david cockup warcup!! well we can see why our local mobsters have gone and got this guy? just google david warcup and its interesting reading , no smoke without fire, and now his one of the boys, just the same way of thinking, this island is so corrupt? oh and frankie boy , what can u say u have done as cm? apart from lie on tv and deny it in front of millions of veiwers, nothing but look after the banks and your own pocket and those of your clan, to represent the people of jersey and lie on tv looks great on your cv. To say u didnt lie is a disgrace, but then again u protect child abusers dont u frank , cos your in the same club, the frank walker club , and i say good riddens, but then again u will be replaced buy another muppet le sewer , i hope im so wrong, just cant see it , to many old guard still left

  88. Anonymous

    the unfortuntate thing is that Alan Brekon is part of the cover up he has been bought in on the TLS thing more to lose I hope nought i VOTED for him a s a man of integrity

    As part of your COM I would like to see Stuart, if u cannot see that he would be afvantageous you alan are lost

  89. Anonymous

    “little off subject I know but see today’s Observer page 7 Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor”

    So now it’s the establishment party against God, the pope, the U.S.A., the E.U., the U.K. treasury, Vince Cable and Stuart Syvret.

    I bet those weenies still think they’re in with a chance.

    Seriously though, does anyone still think we will have a finance industry for much longer?
    This is a genuine question.

  90. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Teflon Terry spit the dummy out at me, so I have produced a little blog for him due to the fact he accused me of already having done this, lol.

    I have quoted you and put links to your blog in my blog so you might get a few extra readers? You describe him so well I didn’t feel I could better your description, lol.

    Do you think they will let us have computers to use in our prison cells when they lock us up?

  91. Anonymous

    Re the dick who cut & paste some of the DP Law.

    “if you continue to be uncooperative”…

    That article of the law only applies to an obstruction of the warrant being served numb nuts. Stuart can otherwise be as unco-operative as he likes with the police.

    As I earlier mentioned Stu, make sure you talk to someone who knows Code C and PPCE – the police aren’t always that hot on it!

  92. Kraków Crapaud

    I have a question for all states members.

    Would you agree that a vote for Senator Le Sueur is a vote for the continued taxation of the ordinary people of Jersey in order to protect 1(1)K residents & financial institutions from paying their fair share of or indeed any tax at all?

  93. Anonymous

    “I was listening to the George Galloway radio programme last night when a caller tried to raise Haut De La Garenne. Galloway cut him off immediately saying it was all a ‘hoax'”

    *I’ve also had the distinction of being cut off mid speech by Mr Galloway when I was trying to tell him how the secret family courts have been influenced by an American psychologist called Richard Gardner (now deceased, having apparently repeatedly bludgeoned himself to death with a butcher’s knife) whose lifework was used in a government consultation titled “Family Justice – the operation of the family court”. I have been trying to tell Mr Galloway that Richard Gardner was very much pro pedophilia and on many occasions expressed quite openly that the rights of pedophiles must take priority to the rights of their victims, and that I have shown evidence of this to Parliament.

    Getting cut off mid flow by radio presenters, even those who have a reputation for being pro civil rights is a badge of honour for all genuine civil rights campaigners.


  94. Anonymous

    “But, tonight I cannot fight the pain that is still within. They weren’t listening then and I was a fool to think they would listen now!”

    Listening and feeling both, keep holding on for justice, please never let go of that hope, there will be justice, please never let the abusers subdue you into silence (HUG)


  95. Anonymous

    Loaded against change

    A predictable result, I must admit that I though Alan Breckon would get a few more votes but he offered change and on the whole turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.
    So a big no to electoral reform, Terry will not want to see the end of the barely elected Constables that are so useful for pushing establishment policies through the House.
    And a big yes to the return of Pip Ozouf, Al McLean, Fred Cohen, Tel, le Main et al who will be sitting in the new Council Of Ministers.
    And a red letter day for Harcourt Developments who will be happily digging a huge trench down the Esplanade area in the near future.

  96. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Zoompad, I am listening and so are many others, keep your chin up, you deserve better!

    I have just posted a comment on planet jersey you might like:


    Congrats to TLS, but if this vote had been taken by the people of the island on a referendum TLS wouldn’t have won and it would have been AB for new Chief Minister. Proved by Time for change organized Peoples vote.

    Now lets see if we can guess who the new Ministers will be?

    I just hope TLS has the common sense not to give Senator Terry Le Main a ministerial position as he is too much of a loose canon and shows total disrespect for the ministerial sytem.

    I personally could work with any of the other States Members establishment or otherwise, but TLM is such a rude obnoxious man that I just couldn’t put up with his childish bully boy tactics, and the fact that he doesn’t know when to apologize or shut his mouth, working with TLM who has the manners of a hog in a muddy hollow is not something I would envy any States Member including TLS.

    I thought AB’s idea of having JM & PO as joint ministers for the housing department was an excellent one, as this would give good balance.

  97. Anonymous

    Well good people of jersey! it just gets worse from one muppet to another for cm! now cm can u please get get this child abuse scandel sorted? surely that will be your first job? or is jerseys image more important? and the wait will go on and on, and the abusers in states jobs just get on with there lives ?

  98. Anonymous

    Change and Terry le Sueur

    Any one expecting change or anything like an imaginative policy initiative from Terry le Sueur is going to be severely disappointed.
    He is a fairly dull bean counter so the next three years wil be a continuation of Frank’s policies with added influence from Pip Ozouf who will now see himself as Crown Prince.
    As little as possible will be done to resolve the child abuse scandal in the hope that it will eventually just go away.
    If the island’s economy shows signs of slowing down due to world events then it will met with Mickey Mouse measures like Terry le Main’s initiative on qualies over the weekend or blind panic.

    Anaconda le Cornu

  99. Anonymous

    Well so much for common sense in the house, it will have to be plan B Stuart………

  100. Sarah K

    Facebook man dies.

    Wonder why JEP have removed “have your say” link from this article.

    Any ideas what’s going on?

  101. Anonymous

    So TLS is Chief minister.
    Like that was never going to happen.
    Should have saved us tax paying fools the cost and just by-passed the mock election.

  102. Anonymous

    TLS as CM was a forgone conclusion, the majority of members are conservative and he got a majority vote. I can’tsee anything dynamic about TLS and his appointment should ensure an even greater level of apathy. One can only hope that the new members give the establishment a tough time!The balance of the house sways deeply right, still!

  103. Anonymous

    From the Bridget Broadcasting Club
    “Senator Le Sueur said he and Senator Breckon had “always been the best of friends”.

    He said: “I’m sure we’ll continue in that vein to work together.

    We have much in common, and there is much more than unites us than separates us.”

    Oh F***!

  104. Anonymous

    I’ve just written to George Galloway, to tell him that the institutional child abuse at Haut de la Garenne and other laces is not a hoax but really happened.

    Don’t know if he’ll listen, but it’s made me feel better anyhow.

    I hate it when folk say “it didn’t happen” it feels like they are saying you didn’t happen – it makes me feel invisible, like a ruddy ghost or something!


  105. Anonymous

    Terry’s Christmas List

    I would not worry too much about Terry le Sueur saying nice things about Alan Breckon, normal sneering service from the Establishment Party will be resumed after Christmas.
    Currently Crap TV and the Vile Rag seem to be concentrating on Jeremy Macon but they will have Alan in their sights after Christmas.
    When he moves a proposition to take GST off food and looks like winning every right wing cockroach in the island will come out of it’s hole to attack him.
    And looking through Terry’s list of nominations for the Council of Ministers it contains two accountants and is the usual mix of neo Thatcherites, right wing businessmen and rich clots.
    The full list for your delectation is; Senators Philip Ozouf, Paul Routier, Ben Shenton, Freddie Cohen, Terry Le Main, Ian Le Marquand, Alan Maclean and Deputy Ian Gorst.
    Maybe there could be a small prize for the first person to spot something inclusive, new or innovative about it?
    I would suggest a boat ticket out in the morning 😀

  106. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Anonymous said…

    Terry’s Christmas List

    About right.

    Now about that boat trip: If I had the money I would be one the first on that boat out myself!

    How about sorting out a refuge boat to Australia for all of us Stuart? I am sure you wouldn’t have any problem filling it up, please reserve my family’s space now because I have had enough.

    I am sure that the States would give a majority yes vote to paying us all to leave, especially if it resulted in their being successful in being able to complete their cover ups.

    Sure they wouldn’t want the embarrassment of a load of Jersey people asking for refuge statues on the Australian shore, lol, just imagine that if you can?

  107. Anonymous


    I thought you might be interested in this remark someone made to me on Facebook – I’ll find out some more about this, but seeing that Surrey Police were involved in the Haut de la Garenne investigation.

    I had told the lady that the Staffordshire Police had refused to investigate my allegations of child abuse and this is how she replied:


    “Surrey police told me the same, they can not investigate child abuse.. They even asked me to come to Parliament and to request a change in the Law. It is all in the hands of Social workers….”

    I thought it was the duty of the police to investigate child abuse allegations? I’m sure people would rather they did useful stuff like that than investigating Senators and MP’s for ALLEGED leaked letters!


  108. TonyTheProf

    Regarding the boat, I fear only one person can afford to leave in the next few months, and that will be in his luxury yacht, along with his second wife.

  109. Anonymous

    Terry’s Final Final List, promise!

    Terry is like my nephew, he just cannot make up his mind about those Crimbo gifts!
    One day he wants a train and the next he wants a video game.
    But my nephew has an excuse, he is eight while Terry is sixty-six.
    Anyway after a long talk with Pip Ozouf on how the island should develop over the next few years; city state with a proper financial district etc, a bit like Singapore.
    He has finally decided on the following;

    Philip Ozouf – Treasury
    Alan Maclean – Economic Development
    Paul Routier – Health and Social Services
    Deputy James Reed – Education, Sport and Culture
    Ian Le Marquand – Home Affairs.
    Deputy Ian Gorst – Social Security Minister
    Constable Michael Jackson – Transport & Technical Services
    Freddie Cohen – Planning Minister Terry Le Main – Housing

    Note the absence of any even slightly pinko material like Ben Shenton or Alan Breckon.
    Gasp at the way neo Thatcherite Pip Ozouf and his lackey Al Maclean are neatly perched on the commanding heights of the economy.
    The really clever bit is how he is trying to put James Reed and Michael Jackson at Education. Neither of them faced an opponent in the latest round of elections and are unlikely to do so in the next set.
    So no danger of incinerator cock ups or child sex abuse scandals finishing off their careers like Guy de Faye or Mike Vibert.
    They are not the brightest bulbs on the States Christmas tree but you can’t have everything.
    Anyway, onwards and upwards as Moley le Sueur would say.
    Are the States going to be supine enough to give him what he wants tomorrow or will they insist on a more balanced team?
    This boa’s money is on him getting most of what he wants but there are many in there that can see their political careers disappearing into Harcourt’s big hole down the Esplanade so they may get uppity.
    So tune in for the next session of the gas factory tomorrow!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  110. Anonymous

    The fact that the police are from the UK means nothing to the victims

    The truth of the matter is well known and only officers who will conform to what the establishment’s maintenance of the status quo like the (tooth fairy) Warcup.

    Getting rid of Lenny Harper spoke volumes to the victims then to employ Warcup was just a kick in the teeth for the victims.

    Graham Power was the victim’s best chance of justice and Frank Walker and chums knew this only to well so they plotted against him.

    The old school of corrupt police still cast their dark shadow across Jersey and any potential victim or witness know not to say a word after they see others further victimised and threatened.

    The consensus across the UK is that these things did happen and those who are in power in Jersey are the people to blame.

  111. keep up the good fight

    If I may add to your ‘quite vile blog’ as Frank calls it…. 🙂

    Mr Walker come up with another good one, in a speech “not written by Jeremy Macon’s mother” (!) : “if Jersey is not careful it will get the government it deserves.”

    That gets better and better the more you think about it, hehehehe – do we not deserve good government?

  112. Anonymous

    Reed at education. Its beyond surreal. Look at the problems caused last time we had a deputy as minister. There is the small question of does he actually know anything about education, learning, the role of the corporate parent….

    Given how much help he has to have just to get a speech made, questions without notice is going to be impossible.

    If Reed is made minister, I guess the seniour officers would be running the show in that deaprtment.

    Please States members put him out of his misery, and spare us the ignominy of another failed deputy as minister. Nominate someone credible.

  113. Paxman 3, Frankie nil

    and there’s more from Frank :

    “We got more retirement cards than Shona Pitman got votes.”

    hehehee…. but if we could have voted for him to retire early he’d have seen how many votes THAT would have got!

  114. Anonymous

    Alan Breckon was offered two posts but declined both. I think he will go for Education which was offered to Shenton, who accepted and then decided he didn’t want it after all.

  115. Anonymous

    Trust us abuse victims assured

    The victims of abuse in Jersey Don’t trust the police!!! They do trust Lenny Harper, Graham Power and Senator Stuart Syvret.

    They don’t trust the government in Jersey and they don’t trust the press who in the pokets of the government.

    They know this because this have your say resprticts comments made by people who they dont agree with and I expect this will not be posted too but I’m sure I will find somewhere else that will post it online.

  116. Anonymous

    I can not believe the jersey care leavers are saying they have faith in warcup. If that is not a kick in the nuts for you lenny harper and graham power then tell me what is. The care leavers have been suckered in and in my opnion will never get any justice my sympathy is shifting from the abuse survivors to those who have put there arses and career on the line for them. In my opinion if it is left to the jersey care leavers there will never be any justice and for that they can take responsibility.

    Mario bundy.

  117. Anonymous

    Final witness appeal for the historic abuse enquiry

    Wednesday 10 December 2008


    States of Jersey Police today held a final witness appeal urging anyone with information about the historical abuse enquiry to come forward.

    The briefing was taken by the SIO for the case, Det Supt Mick Gradwell, and was supported by members of the Jersey Care Leavers Association and the dedicated NSPCC counsellor Ray Alexander. The deputy SIO, Det Insp Alison Fossey, was also at the briefing.

    Det Supt Gradwell said: ‘Firstly, I would like to reiterate that the States of Jersey Police are dedicated to fully investigating the allegations of historical child abuse which have been made about the Jersey’s care system.

    ‘We are here today to ask for your help in making a final appeal to witnesses.

    ‘I am aware some people have not come forward for a variety of reasons. These people may have information that would assist with the ongoing historical abuse enquiry.

    ‘We would like to stress that we are trying to establish the truth. It is important that people who were in the care system, or people such as staff who may have worked in the care system come forward, if they have information that may be relevant to the enquiry.

    ‘We believe this will be the last appeal we can make and so we would urge anyone who feels they have information for us to come forward.

    ‘We do understand why people may not have come forward before now. This has been a high profile enquiry and that may have deterred people. However, if people do choose to come forward, we would like them to know that they can have access to a dedicated NSPCC counsellor, and will be dealt with respect, courtesy and confidentiality by the enquiry team.

    There are two numbers people can call to get in contact with us, which are staffed between 7 am and 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. The numbers are:

    Incident Room: 612642

    NSPCC counsellor number (In Jersey):

    0800 735 7777.

    ‘As you can see, we are working in partnership with the Jersey Care Leavers, who will speak to you shortly. They support this appeal for people to come forward. We are in regular contact with this group, who offer support for anyone who has been in care in Jersey.

    ‘The majority of officers working on this case are from the UK with no links to Jersey. We know that there are people out there with information and we would urge them to come forward to us. There is no deadline on this appeal, but we do believe this is the final appeal we can make, unless information comes in which means we would have to try again to bring people forward. We are not closing the door.’

    Louise Journeaux
    Press Officer
    The States of Jersey Police


    Right then. I hope all the people who have been abused at Haut de la Garenne will come forward to this site, NOT to be interrogated by any of us, or asked any questions about the abuse, but just so that we know who you are, wether you are being treated properly by the people heading this investigation ect. We would all like to make sure that you have your voices listened to (you’ve waited long enough, after all!) and that you are not subjected to even more abuse on top of what you have already suffered.


  118. Anonymous

    “my sympathy is shifting from the abuse survivors to those who have put there arses and career on the line for them”

    I hope the abuse survivors will take no notice of this crappy remark, there is support enough for ALL the survivors and ALL the people who have lost their jobs in support of them – we’ll not have any of that masonic “divide and conquer” crap here, thank you very much, go and take it to one of the many Masonic sites, where they thrive on that sort of thing.


  119. Anonymous

    Trust us abuse victims assured

    The victims of abuse in Jersey Don’t trust the police!!! They do trust Lenny Harper, Graham Power and Senator Stuart Syvret.

    They don’t trust the government in Jersey and they don’t trust the press who in the pokets of the government.

    “They know this because this have your say resprticts comments made by people who they dont agree with and I expect this will not be posted too but I’m sure I will find somewhere else that will post it online.”

    Notice how they have edited my comments!!! The bit they did not like!!!

  120. Anonymous

    I am sorry to say this, but there are some of us from Mothers for Justice and Justice for Families who are unable to trust the NSPCC either.

    There are a lot of people who have been abused as children who have found themselves being accused of having a supposedly rare syndrome called Muchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy, and had their children taken away from then in forced adoption following secret family court trials. The NSPCC have been as helpful as a bag of stale donuts to every one of these families, so alarm bells are ringing in my head at the thought of the NSPCC’s involvement in the Haut de la Garenne investigation.

    There was a helpline when Lenny Harper was in charge, I rang the helpline 3 times, they were very good, even though I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown children the police officer tried to help me get justice by ringing up Staffordshire Police to jolt them into action. He kept ringing me back to see if Staffordshire Police had contacted me, as they kept promising him that they would do. Sadly, Staffordshire Police were unable to keep their promise, they never rang me at all. Nevertheless, I remain very impressed at the diligence of the Jersey Police investigation under Lenny Harper.

    It remains to be seen if the NSPCC will show such concern, I am very doubtful.


  121. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Nope – I won’t be going for any Ministerial post.

    I simply have no respect for TlS as a person given CoM attitudes to the child abuse disaster – as exhibited during the last 20 months.

    And as far as his supposed financial competence is concerned – rather like Big Frank – it’s another case of emperors new clothes.

    Had Allan got the job – I would have been ready and willing to take a Ministerial post.

    Allan, incidentally, may have been offered Ministries – like TTS – and he rightly turned them down. trying to foist a job like that on someone who has just been a candidate for CM is, frankly, an insult to the intelligence.

    Big Frank beat me last time around – yet even he had the courtesy to offer me the post I wanted. TlS has not done the same with Alan.

    Though I’m pretty certain that if Alan goes for a Ministry for which he feels he has something genuine to offer – such as Housing – he will get it.

    Can the States be that crackers as to vote for Tel Boy – over a far superior candidate who also comes with fresh political endorsement and credibility?

    Err – quite possibly, yes.

    But I’m optimistic about Alan putting that particular dinosaur out to grass – hell, even The Rag agrees with me on this.

    Ben Shenton is displaying all of the customary “playing both ends against the middle” approach – in what looks like a rather “convenient” means of avoiding shouldering any responsibility or doing too much work.

    The funny thing is, all sides of the House have been predicting for weeks that this is exactly what he would do.

    So, I’m destined for a life on the back-benches – where I will be doing work of real value to the community – like launching a credible political party.


  122. Anonymous

    Jersey’s Loyal Opposition?

    I believe Alan Breckon’s stated intention shortly after the election was to work with the JDA to build a credible opposition.
    I believe the only way to challenge the Jersey establishment is for some members of the House to dedicate themselves to framing a credible alternative policy and arguing for that in the House.
    Maybe you can put forward a case for members to join the CoM despite the fact that it is dominated by the right and work for reform from within. But I think the tendency is for members who do this to become isolated.
    I forecast that two big issues will polarise the House next year.
    Another attempt will be made to take GST off food, it will be bitterly contested by TlS et al but it will prove succssful.
    Freddie Cohen will bring the Esplanade Quarter plan to the House in the spring, there is bound to be a huge battle between those who believe that this plan is key to the island’s future credibility as a finance centre and those who think it is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Best of luck with your new party!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  123. Anonymous

    Brilliant reply to the email, it made me laugh and cry all at the same time!

    But no blog since Dec 4th? PLEASE blog and let us all know you’re ok – you’ve got loads of support here in mainland UK – or visit us at and let us know.

    Respect and regards to you, Mr Syvret, a man of immense courage and integrity. Keep on keeping on!

  124. Anonymous


    Sorry to go off message a bit, but I know you are a “Vue des Isles” supporter. I have to say I am very disappointed that they have chosen only to allow ‘registered’ persons to view their forum.

    I will not register – one of the reasons I post here is because I can do it anonymously (and I trust you), but I do not want to leave an email address or other traceable information. Such is the paranoia of living in the Channel Islands – (oops sorry, think I got that wrong, paranoia is an irrational belief that they are out to get you)

    Anyway, if you have any sway with them, perhaps you could suggest that they let unregistered viewers access the information on Vue des Isle?

    Thank you

  125. Anonymous

    Am i the only one who thinks the wording of the police’s press release that this is the FINAL appeal for witnesses to come forward re HDLG. To me this sounds like “this is your last chance, dont pluck up courage in say 3 months or 6 months cos it will be too late” case closed.!!!!

  126. Anonymous

    From today’s Times
    ‘An investigation has been opened into 32 anonymous graves at a Florida reform school after claims that young orphans and tearaways were flogged and tortured to death by guards.

    Former residents of the Florida School for Boys in Marianna believe that the shallow graves, which date to the 1950s and 1960s, contain the crushed skulls and broken bones of fellow inmates, and that staff meted out brutal punishments to boys as young as 8 for “crimes” such as singing or eating an extra pancake at breakfast

    They have told of being dragged screaming to a whitewashed building in the grounds known as the White House, chained to a bed encrusted with the blood and flesh of previous victims and thrashed so violently with a metal and leather strap that their bloodied underwear was left embedded in their buttocks.

    “Just even the slightest frown on your face or the slightest word out of context could cause you to be sent down to the White House and be viciously beaten to the point that you would become unconscious and bleed profusely,” said survivor Bryant Middleton, 63.
    Related Links

    Dick Colon, 65, recalls looking through the steamed-up window of a tumble-drier in the school laundry one day and seeing a black boy inside, churning round and round. He has been haunted by it for the past five decades. “That particular kid was never seen again,” said Mr Colon, who was sent to the juvenile offenders institution in the 1950s.

    He added: “I feel guilty. I felt as though I could have walked over there and opened the door and tried to give him some help, but then what the hell was going to happen to me if I did?”

    The investigation, ordered by the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, is expected to lead to the exhumation of the graves at what is now the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. Most of the staff who worked at the institution during the period in question are now elderly or dead, but “justice always cries out for a conclusion”, Mr Crist said.

    “If there’s an opportunity to find out exactly what happened there, to be able to verify if there were these kinds of horrible atrocities … we have a duty to do so,” he said.

    The reform school opened in 1900 and thousands of young offenders passed through its doors over the next 108 years. Many of those who ended up there did so simply because they had run away from home, some to escape domestic abuse.

    Roger Kiser was hauled there in 1958, at the age of 12, for trying to escape an orphanage where he had lived since the age of two. He underwent a whipping in the White House that left him mutilated and his face looking like a “monster”.

    “The men grabbed me and held me to the floor. I was yelling to God to save me, begging for someone, anyone, to help. There was blood all over everything,” he recalls. “But it didn’t do me any good. God didn’t hear me that day. Perhaps he was smart enough not to enter the White House, even to save a child.”

    Only afterwards was he told the reason that he had been beaten — for saying “s***” when he slipped on the school diving board.

    In recent years, Mr Kiser, 62, and three others tracked each other down through the internet and formed a group called the White House Boys to bring their childhood horrors to public attention and hold the state accountable.

    “I will never forget for as long as I will live that vicious beating that was done to me without even knowing why. I will never forget the monster I saw in the mirror that day. I will never forget what adults are capable of doing to a child,” he says.

    “I will never forget that the State of Florida was behind what happened to me and to many, many other boys — just for running away from an abusive orphanage.” ‘

    Nah never happened – guess they’ll be drafting in Frankie boy now he’s got a bit of time on his hands to set the record straight!

  127. Anonymous

    “The really clever bit is how he is trying to put James Reed and Michael Jackson at Education. “


    Is this a sign of the incompetence to come?

    That one day in the next few months there is a chance that a Jersey official called MICHAEL JACKSON could be addressing the worlds media regarding child abuse in the islands instituitions.

    Were senator Fagin and deputy Herod unavailable?

  128. Anonymous

    Does Ben Shenton have some sort of split personality?
    One day he’s a loyal minister with his nose welded to franks y-fronts, the next he’s damning the council of mini-steers as the cretins they are.
    It’s too confusing either he’s doctor evil or he’s not.

  129. Anonymous

    The final appeal.

    It’s probably a good thing. It’s now time for the police and authorities to put up or shut up.
    We know they have enough evidence and witness statements for a number of prosecutions. If nothing more happens than the couple of cases they have allowed to go to court it will show the outside world that this place is too corrupt to handle these cases.

  130. Anonymous

    “@ anonymous

    Re Belfast Telegraph article of November on Lenny Harper.

    There are apparently no comments on this article. I have just commented on the site on my amazement at this.”

    I’ve commented twice on this site, today and when it first came out. Other people have too. I can’t understand why they are censoring the comments.


  131. Anonymous

    Roger Kiser was hauled there in 1958, at the age of 12, for trying to escape an orphanage where he had lived since the age of two. He underwent a whipping in the White House that left him mutilated and his face looking like a “monster”.

    “The men grabbed me and held me to the floor. I was yelling to God to save me, begging for someone, anyone, to help. There was blood all over everything,” he recalls. “But it didn’t do me any good. God didn’t hear me that day. Perhaps he was smart enough not to enter the White House, even to save a child.”

    God, please please please give justice to all these people and also the people who were abused at Haut de la Garenne and Greenfields and all these other horrible places where they tortured children.


  132. Les Dirouilles

    The unexplained death of facebook campaigner Martyn Roberts.

    How on earth is it possible that the ‘vile rag’ mentioned a past conviction in their report on this man’s death?

    Is there really no decency left?

  133. Anonymous

    A week is a long time in politics

    On Monday Terry was elected Chief Minister Designate by 36 to 17 votes.
    Happy days as far as he was concerned and as Big Frank pointed out at his IoD speech a convincing 2 to 1 majority.
    Today he is almost a King Lear like figure scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends and candidates for his Council of Ministers.
    Michael Jackson for TTS, a painful joke.
    James Reed for Education, not even the Vile Rag can whip up any enthusiasm.
    Terry le Main for Housing; the Vile Rag disagrees, it has its readership to look to and probably most of the island wants to see the back of him.
    Terry’s administration has not even begun yet and already it is looking like an incompetent farce.
    Walkerism was a complete failure. It will be hard for Terry to plumb the depths that he fell to but it is a promising start!

  134. Sarah K

    Mike Jackson, is a fantastic, hard working, honest representative of this Island. Give the man a chance to show just how good he is before you start attacking because of his name.

  135. Anonymous

    re: death of facebook campaigner Martyn Roberts.

    On Save Jersey Builders, JEP reporter Lucy Mason says :

    “I was one of the journalists involved in writing the story about the death of Martyn. I felt it necessary to take this unusual step to post a comment on here to answer some of the questions made about my story and the JEP.

    “I had spoken to Martyn on many occasions over the last few months in relation to his website. We had a good working relationship and produced some good stories, which strengthened his campaign to protect building jobs for locals.

    “In the reporting of his death, everything which appeared in the paper is factually correct. We felt it was very important for us to mention the fact that he was the person behind the Save Jersey Builders site because, on a few occasions, he had expressed fear to me about his personal safety. He had received direct threats because of the site. Information about these have since been passed on to police. We have not ‘judged his personality or character’ as some people have said. It is not our place to do so.

    “We have reported the facts, and in doing so, hopefully encouraged as many people who had information about his death to contact the police.

    “If anyone has any information about his death, they should of course call the States police on 612612 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

    “If anyone has any issues with the JEP coverage of Martyn’s death, then please call the newsdesk on 611640.”

  136. Anonymous

    Have you seen the new blog

    It shows a photo of a statue in a St.Martins garden by the main roadside (just down from the Royal, near the top of the hill down to St. Catherine). The statue is of a child appearing to be engaged in an act of fellatio.

    I wonder how this can be acceptable to the Jersey public, even if the figure is amusingly garnished by an ever changing assortment of novelty hats?

    I don’t even know if it’s legal to have a photo of it, given that it’s not only an offence to have ‘kiddie p*rn’ but it’s also an offence to make pictures to simulate such things (photoshopping things around, etc). I presume that anything from pencil sketches to oil paintings of indecent acts involving minors would be illegal to possess or intentionally download, so surely that includes sculpture too?

    In fact, I’m not even sure it’s 100% safe even to visit that blog!

    Is it time for someone to make a complaint or take action, perhaps?

    As the guy in the ‘Sun, Sea and Satan’ video says, it’s only a mile away from H d l G, and doesn’t do the Jersey public any favours.

  137. Anonymous

    Odd how the British government will bring to justice British child abusers in asia but, will do nothing about those still roaming the streets in Jersey!

    Two British men have been arrested during a child sex abuse investigation in Thailand.

    The arrests were made in the tourist resort of Pattaya following a joint operation between the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) and the Royal Thai Police.

    Thai police also arrested an American and a German in the beach town.

    Police said the suspects, aged between 45 and 66, were caught with hundreds of photos and videos of abused young boys in a joint operation.

    If found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in jail.

    Police said Ceop had provided a list of 50 suspected paedophiles who might be hiding in the southeast Asian nation, long regarded [along with Jersey in the channel islands] as a paradise for child sex abusers.

    “We are appealing to the victims of these paedophiles to come out so we can press more charges against them,” chief investigator Police Colonel Suvichpol Imjairat said.

    Ceop chief executive Jim Gamble said the arrests sent a message to European paedophiles who think they can evade capture by travelling to countries where law enforcement is thought to be weaker.

    “Britons who travel abroad to abuse children in the belief they can evade justice are a UK problem and we have a duty to protect every child, everywhere,” he said in a statement.

    Thailand made headlines last year when police arrested “swirly-face” Canadian paedophile Christopher Neil, whose digitally scrambled picture was unravelled from images of abuse found on the internet.

    Looks like Jersey child abuse victims do not count and, that everything here is rosy!

    As you say Stuart “you just could not make it up”.

    Writing from exile

  138. Anonymous

    Lets keep the jersey education system in focus! For, it is a very unique form of education that the Jersey authorites endorse (the abusive treatment of children) but for reasons known only to them, they wish to deny and keep quite about.

    However, we as a civilized advanced people have a duty to ensure that the following names live on and are kept in the public domain!

    In the early 1980s McKeon was the Head of the then child secure unit, known as Les Chennes; this place having gradually taken over child imprisonment responsibilities from the infamous Haute de la Garenne, which closed in 1986.

    While McKeon was the Head of the “school” – as it was euphemistically known – his Deputy Head was Mario Lundy.

    McKeon, miraculously, worked his way up the Education hierarchy to become its Chief Officer – a position from which he retired only last Christmas.

    And – wouldn’t you know it – his side-kick, Lundy, followed the same career arc – and replaced McKeon as the Chief Officer of Education at the beginning of this year.

    Tom McKeon and Mario Lundy were both in the habit of routinely committing savage, violent assaults on the male children in their care.

    And so ‘normalised’ were both men to this criminal conduct they thought nothing of blithely carrying out such assaults on an open basis – in front of other witnesses – children and adults.

    And we are not talking about the occasional slap on the wrist or tweaked ear.

    McKeon was known as “The Pinball Wizard” because such was his calculated propensity for violent child abuse – he even had the furniture in his office at Les Chennes arranged in such a way as to afford a nice, clear run-up to the walls of the room.

    He was then able to grab children by the arm, take a run-up – and swing them –wrestling-fashion – so that the child would smash savagely against the walls.

    Bouncing children off the walls and furniture in this way gave rise to the nick-name “The Pinball Wizard”.

    I hope you don’t mind but I coppied this from another blogger!

    Writing from exile

  139. Anonymous

    What a childish reply to a reasonable request from an independant police force. You are losing the plot Syvret.

  140. Anonymous

    Poll: “Do the victims of jersey child abuse investigation trust the new police officers in charge?”.

    LOL!!!…Would they be the SAME “police officers in charge” who know the names of 2 former SJP officers that were knocking off a pair of underage girls during the officers time at HDLG?…at one of the coppers’ mums?.

    Why is it that these 2 police officers havent been arrested yet?..the investgating officers know the names of the girls, the address where offences took place,where the 2 former cops live…and have detailed witness statements!….

    Trust them???…..about as far as I could throw Guy de Faye!

  141. Anonymous


    You had a great go at Home Affairs
    (you kept that quiet)
    I think you knew you would not get it, but you rattled a few cages.
    Just prooves that the establishment are still just about in control, but only at this moment in time.

  142. Anonymous

    Ian le Marquand

    Having managed to listen to part of Ian le Marquand’s speech I don’t think he is the “hang ’em, flog ’em, lock ’em up and throw away the key” establishment patsy that some of his Establishment supporters were expecting.
    Early days yet but I will definitely read that part of the State’s Hansard carefully to compare what Justice Cockle Carrot and yourself had to say.

    Anaconda le Cornu

  143. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Death knell for H&SS Perchard now in control. How did that happen???

    Routier may have been an establishment figure – but perhaps having had direct experience of the deficiencies of the service was too great a risk.

    I guess the true establishment clique knew this and decided on the poodle as he truly is a master of spin. I think the anti establishment may have been wrong footed here and also voted for Perchard so as not to make Routier look like a shoe in. Backfired badly in my view.

    Pollard will think he has died and gone to heaven as he has Perchard just where he wants him.

    Shame, shame, shame

  144. Anonymous


    Just thought I would let you know that Sara, Sarah and JTM on thisisjersey comments pages are all the same person, namely Jason The Maverick. He has even mistakenly signed a post by Sarah with the initials JTM, you couldn’t make it up;-)

  145. Anonymous

    Mario, I take serious offence to your words, I am my own person and I have not been suckered into anything by anyone. I am one of the victims of the couple who were arrested on three counts of grave and criminal assault with enough evidence to charge them and put them behind bars but they were allowed to walk free. I was angry and bitter, not at the police but at the politicians of this island as I strongly feel that in some way they stopped this case going ahead, but I have no proof. I could have easily walked away and say to hell with the rest of you, why should I bother anymore, but I care, for all the victims I truly care. I am absolutely appalled at the way Lenny Harper and Graham Power have been treated but we must move forward and the only way we can do that is through the correct channels and that means going to the police whether you trust them or not, there is simply no other choice. The more people that come forward the better the chances are of getting the convictions we all desperately want and the more evidence we have will make the cases stronger for an independent enquiry further on down the line.

    Who am I, I am the lady in red who attended that meeting to try and help!

    Carrie x

  146. Anonymous

    Sarah that was a very maverick comment.
    Do you honestly think anyone without an island mandate should be a Minister?

  147. Anonymous


    Pollards 5 year contract is up in May next year has it been renewed? Yes or no?
    Just write y or n next time you write, if you cant print this.

  148. Anonymous

    Has your cat go your tongue Stuart or have you been gagged? Maybe you have saved it up for all your loyal follower’s for Christmas??
    Or maybe we are all F**ked

  149. Anonymous

    “Mike Jackson, is a fantastic, hard working, honest representative of this Island. Give the man a chance to show just how good he is before you start attacking because of his name.”

    Er, O.K. will do.

    But if you re-read my post I didn’t make a comment
    about Michael Jackson the man. I was pointing out that unfortunately our chief minister has chosen someone to work in a child welfare position and happens to share his name with the internationally suspected paedophile.

    The Jersey Jacko may be a saint who walks amongst us but surely he could work elsewhere in government?
    I know this seems petty and nit picking but as potential PR how would it look if he had to give statements to the press?

    It would be similar to Gordon Brown raising an unknown backbencher called Harold Shipman to minister of health.


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