Bill Bailhache Lets Off

The Blanch Pierre Abusers

To Protect Michael Birt

And The Rest of The Jersey Oligarchy.

Well – although it was inevitable – the news is yet another savage abuse inflicted on the survivors by the Jersey oligarchy.

Jane and Alan McGuire – the two psychotic, abusing maniacs who tortured children for the best part of a decade during the 1980’s – will not be extradited from France – and will not face justice.

Forgive the brevity of this post – but I’m literally too angry to type properly.

I heard from my sources that a press-release, embargoed until midnight, will be issued by Bill Bailhache this afternoon.

I called survivors and asked them how they were.

What follows – you just couldn’t make up.

The survivors didn’t know.

They – the most important people involved in this situation – hadn’t been told of the decision.

Jersey oligarchy media had been informed of the story, and are waiting for this afternoon’s embargoed press release – before the survivors were informed that the two maniacs and thugs who abused them will not face justice.

This is abuse – all over again.

For the Jersey oligarchy – it’s far more important to get their spin-doctoring in-place first – rather than inform the most important people – the survivors; people whose lives have been wrecked by the States of Jersey.

You see – it’s a “convenient” time to make the decision public – as Birt is on holiday – so can’t be subjected to the media fire-storm this contemptible creature deserves.

The words disgusting, contemptible, sickening, disgraceful and dishonest just do not suffice to describe this conduct by Bill Bailhache and the Jersey oligarchy.

The survivors – having been informed by me, contacted the police – who reluctantly admitted that, yes, the McGuires would not face justice, and that their plan had been to call the survivors and inform them this evening.

That’s after the press-release will be in the hands of the media.

Yet the cops – under the “New Management” of David Warcup & co – were far more interested in how the survivors found out about the spin-doctoring of the decision.

The Jersey oligarchy – rotten to the core.

These people who have an iron grip on power in Jersey – have now delivered to the McGuires a hat-trick of corrupt let-offs.



and now we must add to the catalogue of shame and disgrace –


As I said – I’m too angry and upset to write at length now.

But be assured – in the coming days I will write in detail about this stinking betrayal.

In the mean-time – I must do what I can to support the survivors.


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