A Brief Introduction.

Many people have asked me to post on the subject of Jersey’s general election, the first phase of which takes place later this month.

I’m more than happy to oblige.

In the coming days, we’ll be taking a look at most of the candidates – to a greater of lesser extent – and exploring the real political issues.

We’ll also be taking a look at – where relevant – the personal performance of the individual candidates. To those not familiar with the Jersey political environment, one of the key things to understand is that traditionally, the island does not engage in party-politics. Instead the – albeit heavily propagandised and brainwashed – customary view is that a system of “independent” candidates is preferable.

Of course – and quite obviously – in reality this translates into what is, effectively, a single party state.

The covert, de facto ruling political party is the Jersey Establishment Party. Its Peter Mandelson – its “dark prince” – its spin-master – its power-behind-the-throne -being Philip Ozouf.

And Alan MacLean – multi-millionaire estate-agent, property speculator – and happy owner of a “country estate” in England – is his Tony Blair.

So that’s the first, really fundamental thing to note about elections in Jersey. All of the establishment candidates are pretending to be “independents”.

A few, brief, words of advice to voters – do not be persuaded by glossy, high-profile – giant-postered – mega-bannered – election campaigns.

For such campaigns are organised and run by immensely expensive professional spin-doctors. And, let’s face it – a slick campaign can, indeed, look quite impressive – compared to someone who can only afford a few photo-copied posters and an A5 leaflet.

But – with sufficient money and establishment support behind them – even a complete cretin or a total crook can be made to appear as an “impressive” candidate.

You might look at their campaign and think “Well – they are certainly very efficient and organised; they obviously know what they’re doing.”

Whereas – in truth – they’ll be sat on their butt back at the country estate – a glass of port in one hand – thinking of what they can do next to screw more money out of tenants and poor labour – whilst a crew of lavishly paid spin-doctors will be running their campaign.

Now – some serious advice to all non-establishment candidates. And it is serous.

When the ballots are being counted – each candidate has a legal right to have observers at the count.

Make absolutely certain you take up this right.

Moreover – instruct your observers to keep an eagle-eye on all counting procedures.

It has been suggested to me in several elections that votes were not being counted honestly or accurately.

These concerns have been expressed to me by several different counters over the years. Usually parish staff – who have been deeply concerned at what they’ve seen – but this being Jersey – too terrified to speak out about it.

I repeat – to all non-establishment candidates – make absolutely certain you have your independent observers at every single count.

To those who imagine such things to be too Mugabesque to contemplate in Jersey – remember – the “worlds greatest democracy” – the USA – is manifestly incapable of running free and fair elections.

And if you don’t believe me – just go to BBC iPlayer – and check-out last night’s Newsnight report by Greg Palast.

With those few initial pointers out of the way, I’ll deal with the issues and the candidates during the coming days.

And remember – “people get the government they deserve”.


39 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL, #1

  1. Anonymous

    check out jersey24/7 blog. Link to it on holiday in the sun blog. Good political comments

  2. Danrok

    Re. the marketeers and spinners.

    I can’t help but laugh every time I see Philip Ozouf’s election promo banners.

    Easily misread as “A one track record.”.

    I wonder how much that one cost him?

  3. Anonymous

    It is inevitable when you come to think about it, almost all inquiries into systematic institutional abuse have met walls of silence as well as the odd attempts at debunking witness by certain authors who wrote at some length on the North Wales inquiry in his attempts to draw issue with the many proven cases of child abuse and lighten the burden of shame on those who would perpetrate such crimes on children.

    Witherwack house, Penshaw House in Sunderland and Medomsley Young offenders (historically) where a string of boys were sexually abused by a small but effective group of paedophile members of staff. The centre is now the Hassockfield secure unit in Co Durham, where young Adam Rickwood took his own life, allegedly after he had been assaulted by staff members.

    The dates of many cases all seem to hail from the 60’s 70’s 80’s and some as late as 90’s and 2000+ however it’s by far that the further back you go the worse it seems to have been and its just coincidence that the more you go back the less safeguards there seemed to be for children.

    The 60’s & 70’s and well into the late 80’s through research show’s that more cases of institutional abuse happened throughout these decades than any other however other case earlier are known but many like today go unreported and the tip of the iceberg is all you ever actually see.

    Jersey is somewhat different from most places as it is a place where the law and the body of the faithful to inward thinking are in symbiosis with each other as well as inextricable linked to the media groups and the one and only dare I call it a newspaper (without getting slatted?)

    I read something that went like this “Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.” There is not many a truer statement then that especially in Jerseys structures of government.

    They are now facing a bleak future and I don’t just mean financially like the rest of the planet Once again because “Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.” But that’s another story.

    Stuart Syvret a man of integrity and honour Not a god, Jesus, Buda or mother Teresa, just a man and as he says himself with his own idiosyncratic incongruities moreover an almost inimitable sense of duty and what is right and just.

    I believe in you Stuart as many other do!!! My own words may not be the whole climate of deep thought but surviving abuse of the worst kind as well as the ubiquitous nature of the abuse coupled with a very patchy education left me with a deep hatred of those in power and I mean everyone in power!!!

    My lack of education turned into self preservation and like most survivors I too turned to drink and drugs to hide away from myself. People like you Stuart have given me faith in a person. Not a body of people or political party a person!!!

    I thank you sir for, what must take its toll on you and for being ever present yourself.

  4. Anonymous



    ………..THE Island’s senior citizens are being rallied to attend a meeting to show their feelings about the soaring cost of living ahead of the elections.

    The Senior Citizens’ Association has arranged a meeting at the Communicare Centre in St Brelade on Thursday afternoon to allow pensioners to let politicians know what they think about rising prices and the way the Island is being run.

    The association is the campaigning arm of the charity Age Concern and its chairman is Daphne Minihane
    She wants as many of the Island’s elderly people as possible to come to the meeting so they can show what they really think about difficulties they are facing.

    Among the topics to be discussed will be what the audience think of the States. Today the wholesale price of milk went up by 5p and there is to be an above-inflation increase in the price of bread before the end of this month.
    On top of that, fuel costs have rocketed and large hikes in coal prices were announced last week. Mrs Minihane said that the elderly were the people who really felt the pinch, as they lived on limited incomes.

  5. Anonymous

    With a police enquiry now spanning nearly 2 years surely all staff have now been questioned, and yet only one ‘grounds keeper’ has been arrested. I can’t understand why this is if abuse was occurring as it has been implied. Apart from those couple of staff you have mentioned the greater majority can’t be ‘friends’ with those in power, so it makes me wonder… what if it wasn’t the staff that were abusing the children, but other older children abusing the younger ones??
    If this is the case, and they were children when they abused would they be prosecuted as adults or children now????
    Just wondering.
    Also what is the progress with Lundy/Wherry/anyone else?

  6. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: And remember – “people get the government they deserve”.

    Trouble is in Jersey this seems to bear little or no relevance to elections.

    Media & their bosses COM very quiet about your visit to London & Howard League.

    What happened Stuart?

  7. Anonymous

    The way I heard it Glenn Rankine is the “Peter Mandelson” in all this.

    I was also told he threatened Nellie Macon last night at the hustings. Telling her if she didn’t stop heckeling the establishment candidates he was going to spread literature at the hustings that coud dis credit her.

  8. Anonymous

    The Goebbels Dept, sorry, the Communications Dept have begun their spinning of the Howard League report – before they have even seen it.

    According to Perchard, it is likely to be too ‘liberal’ for Jersey. (i.e. too wishy-washy, bleeding heart type stuff so don’t take it seriously)

  9. Anonymous

    I was at the hustings and the comment about Nellie Macon is true.
    How big of Glen Rankine to bully a woman.

    She was well annoyed and I saw her in discussion with Ozouf.

    Proof that Jersey is a dictatorship.

    Glen Rankine needs to be put in his place.
    cummon Stuart, nail him.

  10. Anonymous

    I have just been to holiday in the sun blog ,and i have read and watched lenny harpers interveiw, it just proves what a bunch of corrupt liars ! maybe we could have a new motto !! instead of the states of jersey !! lets have corruption of jersey!!!

  11. Anonymous

    “what if it wasn’t the staff that were abusing the children, but other older children abusing the younger ones??”


    So now, not only are the Jersey survivors not to get the satisfaction of seeing their abusers punished for what they did, they are also having to fear the chance that they may actually take the rap for the criminal offences which took place at that hell hole, WHERE THEY WERE INCARCERATED AGAINST THEIR WILL???

    GRRRRRRR!!!!! I never heard such cr*p!


  12. Anonymous

    Re Rankine:-

    So the media is now seeking to supress our inherent and fundamental freedom of speech and freedom of expression by the use of threats.

    Disgraceful behaviour Rankine. You have demonstrated without a doubt who you are in bed with. If you lie with dogs you catch fleas you scumbag.

  13. Anonymous

    not sure what he could do to dis-credit her. She is a member of the public not a candidate so who cares what ‘dirt’ he may have on her. I don’t.

  14. TonyTheProf

    I’m not sure that “people get the government they deserve”. I think the kind of voting system also has a lot to do with weight for certain parties in the case of split votes against them.

  15. Anonymous

    While I would not disagree with you that there is a definite Jersey Establishment Party and a ‘slate’ of candidates that they have put up. I think it is a bit off the mark to describe Pip Ozouf as a Mandelson type figure. Mandelson was a senior figure in the national government of a large European power. Pip Ozouf is a major player in Frank Walker’s laughable ‘administration’ but at the end of the day the States have about as much power as a 1960’s County Council with pretensions.
    As for comparing Tony Blair with Alan MacLean, words fail me. Blair was a highly competent and professional politician. MacLean is neither of these things, he is a not very bright individual who thinks he has the right to join the the island’s ruling establishment because he has made millions out of exploiting Jersey’s unique housing situation.
    The general quality of the States’ members is dreadful. If pushed I would say that most would find it hard to get through the party selection process that weeds out the stupid, incompetent or vainglorious in the UK.

  16. Anonymous

    If you want to get a good feel for the general standard of intelligence and ‘savvy’ of the men and women who sit in the ‘House’ just look at Jim Perchard’s proposal to hold a referendum on moving to CET.
    This would move us out of sync with the UK that provides almost all of our TV and radio programming, most of our sea and air connections and the only major industry left has 95% of it’s business connections with London.
    This referendum will have cost thousands to organise, huge amounts of civil service time will have been wasted on setting it up and for what, almost certainly a resounding NO!
    The real horror is that this multimillionaire, potato magnate will end up playing a role in Terry le Sueur’s ‘world class administration’.

  17. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: I was also told he threatened Nellie Macon last night at the hustings.

    I guess that intimidation is acceptable to some, I wonder if Rankine was representing Ozouf or Sandpiper or both?


  18. Anonymous

    comparing Tony Blair with Alan MacLean!!! 33% difference!!!

    Blair is one of the biggest criminals this country has the displeasure to have known.

  19. Anonymous

    The poster who said “Blair was a highly competent and professional politician.”

    Well its obvious Blair conned you then, I suppose there is one born every minute.

  20. Donna D

    You should ask Nellie Macon what Glen Rankine said.

    Its about time he got a taste of his own medicne.

    I saw him joking with Ozouf and other Establishment types.
    Made my skin crawl.

  21. Anonymous

    “Blair was a highly competent and professional politician”

    No, Blair was a highly competent and professional con man.

  22. Anonymous

    Re the 24th October (Wateridge et al). The Jersey police are focusing on the abuse which took place at HDG and not, the remains of the children that were descovered!

  23. Anonymous

    I always thought the hustings was a place to make your displeasure felt.

    If the oligarcy have to resort to petty bullying via media speech writers and spin doctors it says more about them than anything else.

    I think Nellie Macon has made the hustings more enjoyable and to be quiet honest she is only saying what many of us think.

    What about Mike Vibert threatening
    a disabled man, who is only looking out for his child, with the police


  24. Anonymous

    I think some of you are mixing up Blair’s abilities with his policies.
    Blair was a great parliamentarian and a very competent performer on radio and television. Compare his efforts at the dispatch box and on Newsnight with Frank Walker’s efforts.
    Frank is used to a plaint house, very friendly radio and television stations and a newspaper that he once owned.
    And if you really want to get the measure of the Council of Ministers; imagine them transplanted to Westminister running real Ministrys, facing a real Opposition that has a good chance of supplanting them at the next election and shadow secretaries that are well briefed with teams of researchers behind them.

  25. Anonymous

    “Blair was a great parliamentarian and a very competent performer on radio and television”

    But he’s wrecked our country!!!!!

    What does it matter wither these men can stand in front of an audience for hours on end, spouting spin, lies and nonsense and looking like a sainted choir boy from heaven? He’s left Britain is a right ruddy mess!


  26. Anonymous

    May I also respectfully suggest that you imagine the JEP turning into a proper newspaper and going in for some investigative reporting, printing critical letters instead of the current crop of establishment spin and hiring some commentators and reporters that are openly critical of the establishment line.
    CITV could take a few hints from the Paxman style of interviewing and instead of asking patsy type questions and nodding in agreement when interviewing politicians they could try asking some genuinely hard questions.
    But none of this will ever happen.

  27. voiceforchildren

    Re. Central European Time. I question the validity and purpose of it.

    now if one was to credit Ozouf, Walker and co with an ounce of savvy you might think they have played a blinder here.

    They know their candidates are going to struggle to get re-elected, they need their finance workers to go out and vote on mass.

    Start making a bit of noise about changing to european time which could effectively kill the finance industry and their cushy little jobs.

    You better get out their and vote against CET and oh well while your out voting anyway you might as well put an X next to Ozouf and co’s name.

    That is of course if you credit our ruling elite with any savvy.

  28. Anonymous

    He’s left Britain is a right ruddy mess!

    The same could be said of Frank Walker and Jersey.
    However with a few honourable exceptions few in the States questioned his actions and the local media are slavish in his support.
    His one outing on Newsnight was a disaster as he came up against Paxman, a reporter he did not ‘own’ and he could not intimidate.

  29. Anonymous

    So like I said if you have been conned by a consummate actor then that is your fault and there are those who have the advantage of being able to see through spin and those who can not.

    Thankfully when it comes to Pip Ozouf and Al MacLean we do not have to worry about seeing through spin.
    Have a look at Pip Ozouf’s CV, there is not a lot there and I doubt that anyone would be looking to hand him a job if he gets ejected from the States.
    There are more pretentions than abilities there!
    As for MacLean, least said soonest mended.
    He is supposedly an estate agent and one would expect that he had some presentational skills to carry over into his career as a politician?
    Only in Jersey can an estate agent exist that is incapable of stringing more than two sentences together or developing a coherent argument.
    He is lucky though, few people went to hustings and the JEP has not reported the proceedings so he might make it to Senator.
    If that happens the hubris of this overweening fool will be fully exposed in to the public in the next session…

  30. Anonymous

    And if you want further proof of MacLean’s inability to think at all just take a look at his website.
    One of the features is his 2005 manifesto Alan MacLean’s Deputy Manifesto 2005
    Look up the promises in there and then look at his voting record.
    Few of them have been achieved and he voted repeatedly against some of them.
    His views on government are illuminating. He flops hopelessly between various stools in this one, trying to please everyone and harvest the maximum votes possible. I have copied it for your enjoyment to save you wading through the rest of the turgid rubbish to find this particular gem 😀

    Ministerial Government: In December the States will move to the new Ministerial Government which will include the vote on who will become the first Chief Minister. The move to a totally new system of government should be reviewed after the first year to iron out any problems. Any proposed changes would need to be debated by the assembly.

    Government Reform: The Clothier report did not properly address Jersey’s unique democratic style of government. I believe that the Deputy’s mandate is not democratic and that any politician representing the Island should be elected with an Island wide mandate. There are too many States Members but the Clothier proposal to reduce the number to the low forties does not go far enough. Fewer politicians with appropriate pay to reflect their role, success and hours worked (full or part time) would ensure the best possible quality of candidate to represent the Island. I do support the Constable’s role in the assembly.

  31. Anonymous

    Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers. Ozouf is the winner, he will WIN next Wednesday. All you are doing is making matters worse because he will then go for revenge and make you suffer.

  32. Anonymous

    My view is those that the establishment want in will get in and nothing will change this outcome! Sorry but I have no trust in any election systems. You only have to look to the 2000 US elections to know where I’m coming from. This was then repeated in the 2004 elections but it was not as obvious! If you can’t have free and fair elections in the USA where else can you? Anyone who can’t see the potential to affect any elections must be blind or stupid. I do hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t bet a bank on it! Oops there goes another down the tubes. One has to admire the inginuity of the financial markets they are rigged time and time again to suck the masses’ money from them, yet people still carry on with this fools game! Those running the planet must be licking their lips with anticipation of the up coming wipe out! The masses could soon be in soup kitchens again while those in charge think up their next get rich scheme for some time in the future when everyone has forgotten this catastrophe. When will people wake up to this? In my view nothing happens without reason, ever! If you have eyes look and see, you will then realise that you have been fooled, yet again.

  33. Anonymous

    Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers. Ozouf is the winner, he will WIN next Wednesday. All you are doing is making matters worse because he will then go for revenge and make you suffer.

    Unless the politicians that have the real power like Bush and Brown manage to sort out the world economy Ozouf & Co will be up to their necks in the merd in a few weeks. Despite their deluded ‘national’ posturing they have about as much relevance to world affairs as Brighton City Council.
    Jersey is a tiddler in economic terms and desperately dependent on decisions made outside the island, mainly by accountants in corporate headquarters.
    Anyway what is he going to do us?
    Round us up and stick us in Camp Radisson 🙂

  34. Anonymous

    In my opinion if P.O. gets re-elected you will get more taxes so his rich buddies get a free ride. We can’t tax the rich can we? Nah don’t be silly they will move away! What tosh does anyone believe this cr@p? Get rid of the free loaders they use the whole system for personal gain. Why should the poor and elderly pay for the free loaders to have an easy ride. Pay your dues or go elsewhere a sponge off of some other suckers, I’ve had enough of it. I think that anyone who has an ounce of integrity or moral fibre would not engage in this legal method of ripping the poorer off in this society. Indeed I have to ask the question why does any government allow this sort of moral corruption to go on? Is it because they run the show for their rich buddies? I say get rid of the establishment figures or you will get shafted again and again and again. I believe all this stock market turmoil is down to the big boys abusing the system. However it won’t affect them they’ll carry on when everyone else is mired in the financial bog. The likes of you and me will pay for this stupidity mark my words. You got a pension? I don’t think you’ll have one for much longer. You retiring early? Not likely you’ll work to you drop because the plebs have to keep the wheels of industry running for the top guys to make their profits for personal gain. A stock market crash is an excellent way to keep people working because there is no one to blame is there? It was just unfortunate and markets are irrational aren’t they? We’re going down hill and we’re going fast! Luckily the States have caged in their multi-story car parks.

  35. Anonymous

    “Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers”

    Yes, we’ve already been told that we are pointless and that we are losers, many of us, right through what should have been our childhood, except that abused children don’t really have one of those.

    You shouldn’t come here and persecute us even more. Some of us here are Christians, children of the living God. Some of us called out to God in our troubles, and He answered our prayers. I would be scared to persecute innocent victims, I don’t think God likes people doing that very much. I would stop it, if I were you.


  36. Anonymous

    Zoompad ignore these t0ssers they are scum who pop up from time to tiem to try and deflect attention from reality. They could even be the abusers incognito. Don’t worry these creatures will be called to account even if they get away with it this time around! Karma will get them in the end. No one is above the natural order of things if they think they are they are stupid.

    P.S. Everybody else have you stopped buying the JEP yet, if not shame on you, stop now your community needs you to take a stand against this propaganda.


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